“Shout Your Abortion” activist just brainwashed young kids in this disgusting way


It’s no secret the Abortion Lobby wants to brainwash our youth.

Their goal is to make abortion seem “okay” to ensure they always have a pipeline of customers.

But the way this pro-abortion activist just brainwashed these young kids is sickening.

The co-founder of #ShoutYourAbortion, Amelia Bonow, went on a popular Kid’s Youtube channel to talk to them about abortion.

#ShoutYourAbortion encourages young women to boast about their abortions on social media.

In the video, Bonow tells the children that aborting babies is “all part of God’s plan.”

The Christian Post writes:

Abortion activist Amelia Bonow fielded questions from children of various ages when she participated in an episode of “Kids Meet,” a program run by the Seattle-based HiHo Kids. Bonow was the star of an episode called “Kids Meet Someone Who Has Had an Abortion.”

In the episode, a child talking with Bonow in a one-on-one setting tells her that he wrote a paper on abortion in the fifth grade in which he surmised that abortion was acceptable as long as the person getting the abortion was not being “reckless.”

Bonow smirked at the thought of a potential restriction to abortion and questioned the kid’s belief.

“I don’t know. I just don’t agree,” she said. “Do we want people to just have all those babies?”

As the kid shakes his head to indicate “no,” Bonow asks the child what should be done with all the babies that are being born instead of aborted. He answered with “adoption.”

But that response was not to the liking of Bonow.

Bonow questioned if the child was religious. When he said that he believed in God, she asked what he thinks is God’s view on abortion. The child reasoned that God supports abortion because there are plenty of other babies being born into the world.

The boy then asked Bonow what she believes God thinks about abortion.

“I think it is all part of God’s plan,” she stated.

Even the kids know that there’s something fishy with her staunch belief in abortion.

But Bonow uses her stature as the “authority” in the room to manipulate the children to agree with her.

She also lies to the kids saying the baby doesn’t have the ability to think until it is born.

The video lays bare the wicked plan of the Abortion Lobby.

They want to dominate the conversation on abortion and force our youth to agree with them so they keep coming to their abortion facilities for their bloody business.

Planned Parenthood is even getting the camel’s nose under the tent of high schools and middle schools to spew their propaganda.

As we reported, high schoolers were shown a video from Planned Parenthood promoting sexual promiscuity.

You can watch the video below:


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  2. If they told both sides of the story the kids would learn something. Just telling them it’s ok or we have too many babies is wrong. The other side is, not to get pregnant, about adoption, only abortion if it’s medically dangerous for the mother.

  3. It’s a very personal and private matter. Most family planning services that are legitimate provide psychological counselling both before and after an abortion. No matter what, many women suffer depression and guilt after the fact.

  4. This woman is totally sick! To justify the murder of the un-born , and then try to sell it to children is criminal.
    Whoever set up the meeting is as guilty as she is! And not give voice to the affect on women who have the abortion, many end up committing suicide. Abstinence or provention measures same murders!

  5. She thinks it is all a part of God’s plan….wow…I can’t believe this…she certainly doesn’t know scripture and boy is she going to be held accountable. This is sick beyond words…I am so glad I don’t have young kids to be hearing the foolishness of people like this.

  6. Let this women who so willing says abortion is alright see the truth of how God feels about abortion. She will discover in the book of Amos that God destroyed nations which killed pregnant women . She would also find that abortion is an attempt to agree with Satan by offering the un born to Idols and burning the child alive which is what abortion does. She should read Christ’s words in the book of Matthew and find that it would be better for her if a millstone be placed around her neck and her cast into the deepest sea if she harms one of these little ones of mine. All children are given by God and belong to God . When it comes to there being an over population the question is why are we trying to immigrate people into this country. It is because we can not support the financial obligation that the government has made. 70 million aborted children would have solved the problem in a instant if the Democrats had not used the court system to get their own way. Judgment will come and it will be a terrible thing to fall into the hands of an angry just and righteous God.

  7. Disgusting amoral hoe! You wouldn’t need abortions if you were responsible and used birth control. It is ok with you to f..k around and then blame men for being males and doing what they are designed to do. To propagate and endorse your behavior is a crime against mankind and it is not God’s will. You proud aborting females should not even be allowed to have children and that would be God’s will!

  8. The only way to ”shout your abortion” is if your mother was not a good Democrat and did not abort you.

  9. The abortion lobby telling children that murder is OK. Children are supposed to grow up and form their own opinions, not be indoctrinated at a young age. Who does this remind you of? Maybe some German maniac. Doing exactly the same thing to Germany’s youth in the 40’s.

  10. If men could get pregnant abortion would never be an issue. Hoping it will always stay safe and legal but it’s a very private matter and a womens choice

  11. Does anyone need further proof of the sick and perverted thinking of the abortion supporters. What this woman, Amelia Bonow, believes is unconscionable and a form of genocide. The very fact that she would be allowed to infect and indoctrinate young children is outrageous. For the year 2018, abortions worldwide totaled approximately 42,000,000 innocent potential lives terminated.

  12. They also did not read the part where Jesus told his followers to sell their cloak and buy a gun (sword).

  13. I am so disturbed by this women who talked to these children and actually said “It is God’s plan” that babies are aborted. It is not true that there are no organizations to support a women or girl who is pregnant. There are many.
    Does this woman just come to a school and talk to the students? Why is this allowed? Do their parents know?

  14. Wow how confused is that generation going to be??? I wouldn’t let Satan’s bride near any of my kids or their kids to Hell with the baby killers!!!

  15. The powers that be lied… we are not descendants of monkeys, we are the children of The Living God (created in His image, after His likeness) and Scripture clearly states in Genesis 2:7 that God infused part of His immortal Self into us making us living beings (spirits), so… you are NOT just aborting an irrelevant piece of physical flesh, you are (in fact) murdering the physical tent of another immortal living spirit being. And godless uneducated Americans have murdered 61 million of Gods offspring. Brace yourself for the coming impact.

  16. Who allows these insensitive crazies to address our children without permission from parents? Congress, where are you? We can’t even legally stop this crap unless you do what you’re supposed to do. Personally, I agree that abortion should be ok in some cases, but I’m 80 years old. Stay away from our children until they’re old enough to evaluate and understand what is told to them.

  17. This decadence is what you Americans get when there is no true resistance! The so-called gay rights is a perversion of the 60’s civil rights movement is like opening up a can of worms and no matter how they want to slice it and try and force it upon people that this abnormality is o.k. , it is NOT, it is abnormal that is why it has been in the closet for so many years with its, abnormal affects! The lowering of standards to pacify all hurts all!

  18. Abortion MUST remain readily available and save for the woman.
    It can be made illegal, but it can never be stopped.

  19. Because of no resistance by straights and Christians, this is what you Americans get, and everyone thought Hitler killed many Jews huh! Doing it different does no make it any lesser of Satin’s will!

  20. We are not descendants of monkeys. We and monkeys have a common ancestor.
    There is no god. It is just mythology.
    It is not murder to abort a fetus.

  21. The producers of this lying POS.
    This is not Planned Parent Hoods video.
    It is the work of the anti choice extremist trying to smear Planned Parent Hood.

  22. Cindy,
    I agree 100%.
    The extreme anti choice gang may make abortion illegal, but they will never stop it.

  23. A B O R T I O N P E R S P E C T I V E & R E C O N C I L A T I O N

    The popular definition of “abortion” is that it is the termination of a pregnancy, which, obviously, results in the “prevention of life”.

    In an effort at eliminating a discussion as to the definition of “life”, herein, we will substitute “one-month-old babies” for the concept of “life”. Therefore, the result of an “abortion” is the prevention of “one-month-old babies”.

    In the context of “one-month-old babies”, what is the difference between aborting one second after conception or one second prior, since in both instances, one is preventing “one-month-old babies”? If we abstain or use some other form of birth control, we are preventing any possibility of “one-month-old babies”.

    The creation of “one-month-old babies” can be viewed as a process, which begins with the ability of a male and a female to engage in sexual activity and which, sometimes, ends in the creation of “one-month-old babies”. This process may be ended, terminated, truncated, aborted at any point during that process.

    The methods vary from deciding not to engage in such activity, the use of contraceptives, and the employment of physical and/or chemical efforts.

    Each method prevents any possibility of “one-month-old babies”.

    Further (12/31/2015):

    The next step is to consider the concept of how many one-month-old babies a family, a nation, or the world should produce.

    The “tool” to utilize in contemplation of the answer lies between our ears.

    There are many who argue against terminating the possibility of one-month-old babies.

    If the goal were to maximize the number of OMO babies, their argument appears
    to be consistent with not wanting to terminate the possibility of OMO babies.

    Is that goal rational?

    Again, in 1940, there were two billion humans occupying this planet, now there are 7.7 billion.

    How many can be sustained with a decent quality of existence?

    Will we, collectively, employ that “tool”, before it is too late?

    Perhaps it is already too late, keeping in mind Newton’s Third Law of Motion; Objects in motion tend to remain in motion.

    Those who decry termination have produced how many OMO babies?

    NOTES: (Jan. 27, 2017)
    1. Concept: quantity of life vs. quality of life
    2. Again, there were 2 billion people on this planet in 1940; there are now 7.7 billion
    3. There are very few among the “thinking” few…,
    The others don’t “think” at all…,
    They only “think” they do.

    Food for thought.

    michael zitterman
    [email protected]
    In memory of Peewee

  24. Hell will be profusely populated with leftists, communists, atheists, WITCHES and satan lovers (whether they know it or not). The devil is laughing at these morons and they don’t realize it.

  25. Today’s “liberated” women who are too stupid to take birth control options are never being mentioned. There
    are all means of options open to women to prevent a pregnancy yet they continue to VIOLATE their own bodies by having abortions not only once, but time and time again.

    Seems the majority of females think “servicing” males is their job and damn the consequences . . . .


  26. Sorry about your thinking. Let’s see who is the real judge and what His word says about your choice. Your body is not your own it is bought with a price and that price is the blood of Jesus Christ. You are the temple of the Holy Spirit and are not to defile the temple in any manner. Abortion is violating God and His creation . Therefore think of how God will judge you and maybe you will see the truth and the truth will set you free.

  27. This type of revelation to young, impressionable children is pure and simple child abuse. The people who do this stuff are intent on ill forming youngster’s minds for life to evil behavior. Stop it NOW!!!

  28. I remember when my 8 year old daughter found out what abortion was. She turned her head away and said “Who would do something like that?” It nearly broke her heart


  30. If there is no God then why do you exist? Can yo make an Ocean from nothing or a tree without a seed ? Can you see without eyes or hear without ears? Satan is alive on planet earth or you would not be so deceived that you can not believe the truth. Christ is not an imaginary being. His words challenge you . If you harm one of these little ones of mine it would be better if a millstone were placed around your neck and you be cast into the deepest see. God tells us that he knew us before we were ever born . David the Psalmist you have created my body while it was yet in the womb. Ever child born or unborn belongs to the creator and Christ is the one who made creation and without him nothing was made that is made . You have placed yourself not only in denial but in the position of Blasphemy along with Satan and Satan is not a myth He is a fallen angle who has the power to kill , steal and destroy your relationship with the living God who will one day make the final judgment of all unbelievers .

  31. If a woman does not want to get pregnant she should not have sex, or at least use protection. The choice comes before the act. Once the two cells unite a new life has begun.

  32. This is a real video of a baby, alive when it was aborted, heart beating, fully formed tiny body. It is not a blob of cells. It is a person, at its most defenseless and most innocent. It is murder. At least have the guts to face facts. If you still support it, then do so without hiding behind lies. Be proud of murdering children for your convenience.

  33. Women bear the responsibility more so than men. We can and should take steps before the act to insure a pregnancy does not occur. Being irresponsible is no excuse. If a woman is old enough to engage in sex, she is old enough to protect herself by using birth control or saying no. If her partner does not respect her wishes, he is not worthy of her attention. Wise up ladies! Do not brag about killing a defenseless baby. That is pure evil. Abortion is reserved for situations where the mother’s life is in absolute, imminent danger and the decision to resort to that extreme must be reached after the most sober consideration.

  34. Abortion = Murder! Anyone who promotes and encourages this murder of innocents is inherently EVIL, and is a great argument for abortion.

  35. This is sick! Murder of a baby is murder, and should be punished by law. Anyone who murders an innocent baby should be punished. It is certainly nothing to be proud of.

  36. These crazy feminists are damaging the souls of the young!! There is nowhere in the Bible that says abortion is part of God’s plan!
    “Thou shall not Kill”! Ecclesiastes 11:5 says “Just as you never understand the mystery of life FORMING in a pregnant woman, you’ll never understand the mystery at work in all that God does.” This is an abomination to God, killing innocent life! When we turn our heads or say there’s too many people on the planet, or it’s a woman’s right or refuse to stand or speak up for the unborn lives, we are just as guilty and as sinful as those committing this murderous crime. We ALL will stand in judgement before our Lord God.
    Dear God please help us!!! Evil is taking over!????????

  37. If someone shouted that to me, I would answer with “And you WILL go straight to HELL on Judgment Day, too.”


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