Senator Rand Paul tore into Fauci again and it could spell the end of the lockdowns


Dr. Fauci has been the most powerful man in America over the last year.

And through lies and fear Fauci has been able to keep lockdowns in place.

But Senator Rand Paul tore into Fauci again and it could spell the end of the lockdowns.

No one had ever heard of Anthony Fauci before the coronavirus.

But after former President Trump started the coronavirus task force, Fauci took over the leadership role in determining our nation’s course of action with the virus.

And everything has gone down hill since then.

The nation started lockdowns last year with “fifteen days to flatten the curve.”

But those fifteen days have turned into over a year of lockdowns in many parts of the nation thanks to Fauci.

And over that year Fauci has been wrong about masks, doom and gloom predictions, and just about everything he opens his mouth about.

Then when it comes to the vaccines, Fauci claims that it will not bring us back to normal and in fact you can still get coronavirus even with the shot.

Fauci is by far the most powerful man in the world making American public policy for all of us just by saying it out loud.

But finally, someone is calling out Fauci for his lies and fear-mongering.

Senator Rand Paul has called out Fauci before but not this bad.

Paul went on Fox News and said “Dr. Fauci should be voluntarily removed from TV because what he says is such a disservice and such fear-mongering and almost all of what he says isn’t even matched by the science of his own institute.”

Then Paul took issue with Fauci’s claim that those who have had the vaccine or coronavirus itself may still be prone to catching coronavirus in the future.

He stated, “Some vaccines like smallpox confer immunity lifelong. Some infections like the Spanish Flu, the influenza that was gotten in 1918, they found people with immunity 90 years later. So, there are people that have lifelong immunity. With SARS, which is another coronavirus that came around in about 2004, they found that those people still have immunity 15, 17 years later.”

You can see Senator Paul’s remarks below:

Senator Paul is right.

It’s almost as if Fauci wants his ride in power to continue on forever as he tries to fill the news airwaves with the worst case scenarios for the future of coronavirus.

At this point, the issue isn’t the virus but our nation’s “leaders” like Anthony Fauci who just can’t move on from lockdowns and forced mask compliance.