Senate Democrats just killed a no-brainer bill that left Americans up in arms


The one thing Democrats are most united on is abortion.

They viciously defend the right to kill unborn babies in the womb.

But Democrats just took things a step further with what they did on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

President Trump is unapologetically pro-life, and is fighting to prevent abortion.

But it is difficult to make ground on the issue because Democrats have been so successful in pushing their radical agenda on the issue.

The most common sense proposal to come out on the issue is the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which came up for a vote in the Senate this week.

If passed, the bill requires doctors to try to save the lives of infants born alive during failed abortions.

Many thought this bill would be a no-brainer after pro-abortion Democrat Governor Ralph Northam’s comments about infanticide.

But the bill failed due to Democrat opposition, garnering only 53 of the 60 required votes to move forward.

As reported by Fox News:

“Senate Democrats on Monday blocked a Republican bill that would have threatened prison time for doctors who don’t try saving the life of infants born alive during failed abortions, leading conservatives to wonder openly whether Democrats were embracing “infanticide” to appeal to left-wing voters.

All prominent Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls in the Senate voted down the measure, including Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Kamala Harris of California, Cory Booker of New Jersey, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. The final vote was 53-44 to end Democratic delaying tactics — seven votes short of the 60 needed.”

This is Democrats openly admitting they are okay with killing newborn babies.

Currently, if an abortion fails, and a baby is born in the process, it is perfectly legal to ignore the baby and allow the child to die from exposure.

It is hard to imagine how anybody is fine with this, but as it turns out, virtually the entire Democrat Party is.

President Trump blasted Democrats in response to the failed vote.

This is proof of just how far America is from completely outlawing the practice of abortion.

But Republicans are still continuing to push to end this barbaric practice.

Do you think abortion should be illegal?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. .Too bad that the democrats that think it is okay to murder babies Didn’t have parents that felt the same way. There would be a lot less democrats today.

  3. Are not babies born alive citizens of the US? That’s what the Democrats espouse for every child born to illegal immigrants. It’s not a laughing matter, but I think Democrats don’t even realize the irony in their vile support for the abortion industry posing as a woman’s health provider.

  4. Another step closer to making it legal to kill ANYONE that is not in your plans ?Chaos is what evil people want ?This must be stopped.We try to police the world and the democrats are destroying any respect others might have for U S ?

  5. This is well written and truthful people who voted them in should think about what if their parents felt the same way

  6. This is the time to make them complicit in the MURDER of an unborn child. By voting against this bill the Democraps are only showing the American People that they really do not care. If this does not become a debate issue it will only go further to prove the MSM is in the tank of the Democrap party. They make claims about gun control but no gun every killed an unborn child their lack of action did. So looking at it who really cares about the life of any person it would NOT be a stinking Democrap.

  7. Has the entire Democrat party lost their minds??? If they had one to begin with? What is next after murdering precious babies, killing our senior citizens???? The Democrats HAVE TO BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE.

  8. So the Demonrats are advocating murder now! That means that whenever they die they will be answering to a higher authority and wind in a place with a very warm climate!

  9. Abortion is barbaric and should not happen. I have a Biblical worldview; abortion is wrong. Even for those who do not believe it is wrong, there are too many ways to prevent pregnancy for abortion to be available. Abortion is an innocent person paying the penalty for the actions of another person. Abortion needs to stop. Roe vs Wade needs to end.

  10. Doesn’t it resemble what “COMMUNIST CHINA ” did, they killed “FEMALE BABIES”, then they only wanted “ONE CHILD” too a “family”, and now we have OSILIA-CORTEZ not wanting our young adults to not have “ANY BABIES AT ALL” !! THESE “DEMORATS” have become “DICTATORS”, they have forgotten that they work for “WE THE PEOPLE” and now they have become “GOD” choosing to kill BABIES!! First they hid behind the definition of when a “FETUS” was a “HUMAN BEING” and now they no longer care that a “BABY IS A HUMAN BEING” , just make the “BABY COMFORTABLE” and then “KILL THE LITTLE BABY” for “MONEY”, what has happened to these DEMORATIC RATS?

  11. Just ask those who are pro abortion how they would feel if their mother had aborted them? And I have yet to get an answer.

  12. Sorry to say but the whole dumbocrate party are a bunch of blood thirsty ,baby murders,nothing less..They will pay in HELL for their actions here..They forgot what happened tp the Roman Empire when they tried to do away with god!!!They ARE NO MORE!!! Thats where we are headind now.The dumbocrats need to wake up before it’s toooooo late!If we fall as a country then the demwits are to blame..I was a democrat but
    i woke up and saw the light..Go Trump!! to hell with Pelosie and her murdering group of baby haters.

  13. It’s too easy for them! They make the laws away from the blood, and guts! It is murder, and the act, should hold everyone involved,accountable in a court of law! States should have the power to convict! We cannot allow the murder of helpless, infants go on!
    The DNC is a criminal Organization, and if the courts won’t do right, by God, the people will.We must treat them all, like the murderers, they are!

  14. A slippery slope they have embarked on. Who will be next? When life becomes expendable everyone is on the table!

  15. They have to be carried out now. Think of all the babies that will die by 2020. We can’t allow this to continue.

  16. Gods wrath is coming! And I don’t care if you putrid people believe it or not, California burns, let them burn, don’t give them money or manpower to put out Gods wrath! The People are supposed to be running this Country! I say we stop paying taxes until these Democrats leave America!

  17. I pray that God Almighty brings His wrath upon these vile, sadistic, heartless, turds! Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You, for Your love, and Your mercy, You see what is taking place here in the United States, You Know Who the guilty are, I pray that Your will, be done, please send a message that is undeniably, from You, just as You did in the times of Moses, Through the Holy name of Jesus, I pray to Thee,and I thank You, Amen

  18. They are flat out murderers!! What is happening to our country? We have to write to all of the democrats and let them know that their days are numbered. At the next election, we need to vote every one of the SOBS out!!!

  19. Revelation says that satan will reign for a time and it falling into place. Dems are in with satan. That is easy to see. Either we strip dems of ALL power or we lose this country.

  20. DNC murders babies for profit! UN-AMERICAN DNC – DNC = HITLER’S CHILD,
    DNC is a foreign-infiltrated organization…….catering to foreign babies while the KILL American-born babies & sell off their flesh…..UGH! Disgusting Pigs DNC!

  21. I certainly would NOT want to be in their shoes when Jesus comes back. All life is sacred to him.

  22. Mary…YES, we need to vote them out. But there are LOTS of very uninformed ignorant people out there who vote dem just because that is what they have always done and they will not change. I don’t think we can get through to them. What they don’t understand is that the dem party has changed drastically. JFK would not be allowed in the dem party today.

  23. Abortion is MURDER…….period.
    If life of unborn and born babies can be taken like this ,where does it
    end?? Who is next??
    We must all vote these people out of office!!
    I know this easier said than done,pray that our Lord will help those
    of us who believe that human life is sacred from conception to get
    this completely stopped.

  24. These Dems are murdering their fellow American citizens, in fact, MY fellow citizens, if they continue until the baby is actually alive. Wherever did these people get their values?? A murder is a murder and under NO circumstances is murder justified, certainly at a baby’s age….

  25. Abortion was decided by the mother/parents for a reason, they were not ready to take care of another human being for life. The newborn fetus/baby has no conscious awareness of life and therefore is merely terminated as a living entity. If the doctor tries to save the baby and succeeds, his expectation is the parents become responsible for raising the child…..the opposite of their initial intentions. Some would say the baby can be raised by the state, but the psychological harm of surviving an intended abortion by both the mother and child will negatively affect both throughout their respective existence.

  26. Funny how an illegal can come in and murder our citizens, but dems don’t want them sent back home or made to pay for the murders. But an innocent US child is ok to murder even after or during birth!!! And Pelosi calls herself a Catholic!!!! Amazing!!!!

  27. It is so horrific that the democrats, near as a block as you can get, would vote for infanticide. Yet they are, again as a block, okay with allowing every illegal to come into this country and stay. Even if they are convicted felons. This just goes to show how far down the gutter the democrat party has slithered.

  28. Premeditated Murder requires capital punishment as per law. Any regular citizen convicted of Premeditated Murder knows before they committed the act what the law requires. So, they make a decision to become a murderer with full knowledge of the consequence of said act. Democrats have become nothing more that plain savages. Murder for financial gain, by any individual or any group of people, merely adds to the horror of the act. This should be punishable to the full extent of the law!

  29. WOW In 1973 when people saw me in uniform, they screamed ‘baby killer’ at ME…NOW WHO IS KILLING BABIES FOR REAL???

  30. AMEN!
    we have to take back our country from the DEVIL! reminds me of Hitler! I only approve “abortion” if mother’s life is in danger & that’s only up to certain time of child’s growth & rape especially if girl is 12 or 13! my oldest son came early & I had to have C-section! he weighed 4lb12oz! you could hold him in one hand & jump him up & down! my Grandma, bless her heart thought he was cursed because he had crooked bottom lip, small skin tag on his left cheek & little finger growing out of his left ear! she PRAYED hard for him & made him sweet little gowns to wear! what kind of Dr would MURDER baby after it was born? democrats will one day stand before Almighty God on Judgment Day & I sure wouldn’t want to be them & have to say why they allowed MURDER of some of God’s little ones?

  31. It’s an absolute shame that it was ever legalized to start with…legal murder of the innocent…evil hard hearted.

  32. And I always want to ask them what they would think if their mother had aborted them. My wife was adopted in 1943 at the age of two days. When I see my wonderful children and grandchildren I now know who my true enemies are, and they are our domestic ones. They are much worse than our foreign enemies in Russia, Iran, North Korea, China, Venezuela, Cuba, and Syria.

  33. Americans up in arms over it? If true they can peacefully change it by creating a metaphorical blood bath in the 2020 election. 2018 was a better opportunity for that, due to the Senate seats up for election then, but it can still be done.

  34. If this people doing this killing of humans were laying there in agony without hope, knowing nothing but pain, looking at something looking at them, knowing nothing of life or death, were reversed, what would this people wont to happen then ? And what happens to that child should be the same for the women and “doc” performing the act of torture !! If change for this people don’t accure, the torture is on coming, in CHRIST alone !!!!

  35. GOD send your wrath upon those who choose MURDER over LIFE!!! The babies that “so called doctors” allow to die….would be welcomed with open arms by countless couples that can’t have a baby!!! LORD GOD….send down your MERCY!!!

  36. Not only are they setting the stage for wholesale genocide of innocent babies but the next step will be wholesale genocide on those that don’t agree with their agenda. Next will be persons who are handicapped either at birth or due to age or accident as being ” useless” and “bad for business”. The absolute lack of any morality in this country is becoming astounding. Greed is the driving force in DC and even some State. Legislatures. Common sense has completely left our Government. Time to those of uswho have not completely lost it to recapture our Government by enacting our Constitutional right to reasonable control through an Article 5 Convention Of States. Weare about half way there now. Let’sall sign the petition and push the issue in our state legislatures for radification!

  37. All Democrats who are not outright EVIL are felony STUPID. satan loves laughing at his children. And he HATES the rest of us. (And his children, but they’re too stupid to know it.)

  38. I was once given a choice by a doctor. He said to me while my wife was in delivery…. We can only save one…. For me to pick who lives and who must die… My wife or my unborn son…..I went out of my mind…. I said they both must live….again he put the same question to me. I then picked one…. I said for my wife to live. We can always try again. I prayed and it turned out that both my wife and son lived. Sometimes God comes though if you believe.

  39. I thought anyone POST BORN are U.S. citizens as per the U.S. Constitution. Therefore this is BLATANT MURDER, pure and simple, and the MURDERERS need to be facing PROSECUTION for MURDER charges. That goes for Preborn children AS WELL. Abortion needs to be ILLEGAL, once and for ALL. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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