Senate Democrats just blocked a bill and now the lives of thousands of infants are in danger


When Virginia State Democrats released their no-holds-barred abortion bill, radical liberals argued that it didn’t go far enough.

Then, Governor Ralph Northam even argued that infanticide is peachy.

But none of that compares to what Senate Democrats just did.

Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) proposed a bill that would punish doctors who did not “exercise the proper degree of care” for infants who survived an abortion.

The bill, titled “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act” (S. 130), would have penalized these doctors and promoted life-saving post-abortion care for infants who have survived the horrible process.

Everyday Americans thought this bill was a no-brainer.

But Senate Democrats stopped it in its tracks.

Sasse, commenting on the nature of bill, stated “You’re either for babies or you’re defending infanticide. That’s literally what this bill is about.”

The Hill reports:

Senate Democrats blocked abortion-related legislation on Monday night in the wake of a political firestorm sparked by a Virginia abortion rights bill last week.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) tried to pass legislation that penalizes doctors who fail to “exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion.”

Sasse’s attempt to pass the legislation comes after Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) provoked outrage among anti-abortion groups, GOP lawmakers and the White House over his comments about a bill that would have made it easier for women to get third trimester abortions if their health was threatened by pregnancy.

“In Virginia, disgraced Gov. Ralph Northam tarnished the American idea of equality under law. He betrayed the universal truth of human dignity and he turned the stomachs of civilized people not just in this country but in every country on Earth,” Sasse said.

Democrats sat with arms crossed and grimaced expressions at the State of the Union when Trump asked Congress to “pass legislation to prohibit the late-term abortion of children who can feel pain in the mother’s womb.”

Senate Democrats have made their voice clear.

By their own admission, they are the party of infanticide and painful mass murder.

And their 2020 frontrunners will be sure to shoehorn these radical abortion policies into law without thinking twice.

60 million babies have been murdered since Roe v. Wade, and if Democrats would have their way, 60 million more will be sure to follow.

Do you think late-term abortion should be banned?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  2. ALL abortions should be banned. I pray that some day the courts will reverse this abominable Roe vs. Wade decision. How can any caring individual murder an infant, and life does begin at conception. These people are just plain murderers and will have to answer to God.

  3. It is a BABY whether in or out of the womb. Life begins at conception. Dems are very sick people. If they want “abortion” after birth, every single one of them should be aborted.

  4. Disgusting! The Democrats are becoming Satan loving entities! No moral compass in these people any longer. This is American Genocide but let’s just protect the ones invading our country

  5. The Devil has come out of hiding with his gang the baby as God as I take it will go to heaven so they will not have the chance to grow up and fight the Devil and his band of killer as it is right now they have become Dems all most ever one working his crap

  6. I’m surprised that a geotine isn’t in a delivery room now.. China does this.. The SS did this during the WWII to jewish babies..

  7. It is NOT late term abortion! It is the MURDER???? of babies! It puts us in a category of barbarians ????with China and Iran ???? STOP THE MURDER of BABIES!????????????????

  8. Remove these baby killing POS NOW. What a disgrace and anti-American. Disolve Planned parenthood NOW. Arrest the filthy doctors commiting murder

  9. So true I came from a Mid western state and strong blue state. I’m so sick of these Dems and their policy that I would never vote Dem. Nancy makes me sick and Chuck is not one bit better.

  10. How can a full term baby in the process of being born be a threat to the mother’s health? This is ludicrous. Let the baby be born and put him/her up for adoption. That is the humane thing to do. Only 7 other nations allow late term abortions . . . This is barbarism . . . we have lost out humanity!!

  11. It is flat about murder and every one of the ones that promote this are guilty of murder death should be their punishment. God I am sorry but I HATE you democrats and glad I moved out of Virginia 5years ago. If those who’re wouldn’t have sex then they wouldn’t need a abortions stop this murdering madness.

  12. What I find appalling is all we hear is abortion,abortion,abortion but we don’t hear about BIRTH CONTROL which is readily available and has been for a very long time before the pill, IUDs, vasectomies, tubal ligation is the use of condoms. It’s hard to understand that when a woman becomes pregnant, it takes her 40 weeks to now realize she doesn’t want a baby. If abortions are to be allowed, they should be done after missing the first menstrual period. The French introduced a pill RU486 the pill after sex which makes sense. Please note that Muslims don’t abort their children as they are thriving with a high birth rate compared to the US and Europe and even Russia. The democrats will be know as the Party of Baby Killers. God, please help these babies.

  13. I love the posted comments. Finally Americans are waking up to the lies and actions of liberal Democrats. Just watching the faces on the white shirts last night SOTU shows what the thinking of this group.
    Really frightening. Very similar to the Niaz’s thinking of the Jewish people.

  14. Are we really human anymore? Is this really America? How did we get so many deranged people as our lawmakers? Please know who you are voting for and what they stand for! I know that is difficult because they say one thing when campaigning, and something totally different if elected to office.

  15. It’s murder! All who participate in this will give an account to God. It won’t be nice!
    God is not slack concerning his promises.
    Vengeance is mine says the Lord. I WILL REPAY. Wake up people. How can you destroy a precious sweet innocent child!
    God help us!!!

  16. Can you imagine what will happen if we get a Democrat in office as a president. No wonder they’re all against President Trump and want him out of office. Life as we know it now will be over if a Democrat is elected president.

  17. I wonder how much longer God will put up with the hate and murdering Dems. How can you possible look at an utral-sound and see a live baby moving around and then kill it! Do they not have a conscious!

  18. It angers me that people like the dems are destroying our country. How can you not care about a baby in or out of the womb. And we are being destroyed by idiots. I wish they had all been aborted years ago.

  19. So knowing what kind of people make up the Democrat party, how exactly did they get back in power. Even Alabama put a Democrat in a Republican Senator seat supposedly on the word that 30 years ago they were molested by the Honorable Judge Roy Moore? Where were they when he became a Judge for the state of Alabama? That’s kind of like me telling my grandkids that 60 years ago everything was in black and white. That’s why old movies are not in color! Maybe people today are just devoid of any good whatsoever. Murder is murder, when the masses have a problem with that then it’s time to go back to the days of gunslingers and cattle rustlers.

  20. They must not realize they are killing off their future voter base. Most of these abortions are by non-christian lefties anyway.

  21. I am against abortion all together. If a woman has an abortion for other than medical life threatening purposes she ought to be fixed to where she would never be able to get pregnant again. The time to think about not having a child is to take precautions before conceiving otherwise let the child be born. There are plenty of couples that are childless and would be happy to adopt it.

  22. You know when Roe vs Wade was passed they said that if we ever determined when life begins we may have to revisit Roe vs Wade again. Well we know now that life begins at conception. We need to visit Roe vs Wade again. What the liberals are proposing is murder in the first degree.

  23. My faith dictates my view of abortion. At its core abortion is a moral issue, and is what I consider to be the most important moral issue facing our nation. From the time of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, many have argued that the point is a woman should have the right to decide what happens with her body, to include terminating a pregnancy. But the fundamental point is that when a woman chooses to abort a pregnancy, she – and her physician – are destroying an innocent human life.

  24. Nancy Pelosi, and all of these women politicians that are in Congress are the ones pushing this abortion issue and all of these evil women soles will see Satan and they will all burn in hell for eternity. If you women in the world that have abortions are murderers make no mistake about it.

  25. You mean “guillotine?” Spelling of word difficult, perhaps bec. it is of French origin, mostly used during their Revolution on adults who were considered “politically oppressive” (the ruling elite class). I say give the same sentence to anyone who advocates abortion at virtually any preborn stage…

  26. A woman who aborts her baby and claims it is her right and the doctor who preforms the abortion no full well they are taking a life and they do so with no retribution or punishment. In this day and age with contraception and methods of not getting pregnant and she still wants to claim her right to abort should either be given a chance to give up the baby for adoption or serve a time in prison along with the doctor who preformed the abortion. It is no ones right to commit murder and get out of jail free pass and that’s what ROE VS WADE is some punishment needs to be attached to this bill or it needs to be repelled.

  27. The Democrats, and their like, are RESPONSIBE FOR THEIR ACTIONS! God can/will, if he sees fit, bring judgment on them (God didn’t spare ancient Israel/Judah when they worshipped other gods, and did CHILD SACRIFICE in their idol worship. He isn’t likely to OK it when it’s called ‘abortion’ [CHILD SACRIFICE to the god of convenience])

  28. A major reason the USA is facing the atrocities of murdering babies, leaving border protection to overworked border patrol agents, watching as the new democrats block wall funding and begin investigations in many areas of our President’s life: REPUBLICANS STAYED AWAY FROM THE POLLS in 2018! President Trump warned the country that this is what would happen if we didn’t turn out to vote and defeat the democrats who were running for office. He traveled tirelessly, attending rallies in many states during the period leading up to the election and warned that the democratic party was gaining momentum with their candidates. We now have a Congress whose agenda consists of the scenarios he forewarned us about. The day after the inauguration, the focus turned to the 2020 election by people the tax payers are paying to conduct the business of the United States of America. We are just beginning the second month of 2019 but instead of taking care of the here and now, the focus is on an election that is almost 2 years away. Can any of these potential candidates even assume they will be alive for the next election? Should all of us just remain fixated to our iphones, social media information, and other low-information venues and expect the POTUS to fight all our battles for us? This would be a great time for all Americans to conduct a reality check and find out what is really happening in our country and to give our support to those who actually have our best interest at heart. Let’s face it, folks – if you didn’t take time to watch last night’s SOTU address and if you didn’t recognize the total self-serving, indifferent attitudes of those from the Democratic party, led by the pathetic display by the Speaker of the House, who could hardly wait to get through the speech so they could rush out to resume their bashing of the President, then get ready to join the rest of the country if their agenda succeeds. Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything is certainly an appropriate quote for so many of our citizens right now.

  29. bunch of losers just signed their parties death warrant. I will never vote for a democrat again, I don’t care if they are running for dog catcher.

  30. Murder is murder, I am surprised that they aren’t telling people to have the babies and to strap bombs to them to blow up the President in the white house! The Democrat party has become a completely debaucherous, treasonous, soulless, power grabbing bunch of sheeple, that cant, or refuse to think for themselves, as well as many in the Republican party! Wolves in sheep’s clothing! Our schools are being attacked, our children brainwashed, unprotected sex is running rampid in our middle and high schools… sorry have to stop, I could go on forever. Better wake up America?

  31. If the BABY feels the pain then so shall the MOTHER. No type of meds should be given to the MOTHER to ease her guilt/discomfort of the MURDER of her UNBORN child. Everything the BABY feels so should the MOTHER…that would STOP this abomination.

  32. I think that if the baby is born alive, and the Doctor allows it to die then he should face murder charges and anyone else involved, including the mother, if she gave the permission to have the baby terminated, if the baby is born alive, it is a viable living human and has every right to life, and those involved in its murder, liable to be held accountable, and tried for the murder of an innocent life, after a conviction like that, I believe these Liberals will change their minds pretty quick, and if not keep trying them (any future incidences), and after awhile, and many of the offenders are sent to prison, that law will be rescinded, and if not, keep trying them, and sentence the murders to death for the killing of a human being, after all thats what it is (and a completely innocent, and vulnerable human being, at that).

  33. If you don’t want abortions to happen then make contraception free and universally available to all regardless of age. teaching abstinence is a pipe dream. Too many of you who fight for teaching abstinence as the only way, and are the oldest child, can count back the months and discover why your parents married. You were on your way and granddad had his shotgun loaded. I don’t know about your parents but mine forfeited their college education and any hope of achieving any of their goals in life. Easily avoidable with proper education and the acceptance of the religious believers in this country. How many less women and children in need of assistance for simplest of basic needs If proper protection was available for all? How much less in taxes would be needed to support these unplanned children born to unprepared mothers? How many women would be able to complete their education and be able support their children no matter what life throws at them? Think about this as you cry for the unborn aborted to make room for the future children who will have a better life for their sacrifice. Think about this as you cry about the taxes you pay that go to care for the unplanned children that did not need to be born just yet. You want fetuses brought to term because of your religious beliefs but then somehow your religious beliefs was you to condemn societies responsibility to care for them when they are living breathing walking children. You’re a messed up bunch of a..holes. I’m an atheist and I adhere to your beliefs even if you don’t. Stop talking about your piety and start acting it out. Yeesh, you all make me sick.

  34. My belief is that all abortions should be stopped. Abortions take a babies life and to me that is murder. In some rare cases where the mother’s life is truly truly at risk it might be ok.

  35. I also have a question: if we have a Republican majority in the Senate, how the hell can Democrats block anything in the Senate?????

  36. Lets kill some democrats and the doctors that do this to a infint kid. Trump is not going to allow this going on under his watch

  37. Ann Walden, I agree with you wholeheartedly, and have said the samething in previous post (about the mid term elections), I don’t know why anyone thinks that the Presidential elections, are the only one that matters, if you don’t support the President with the backing of House and the Senate, the same thing happens, as it did with Trump, he needs the backing of the Government in order to get his agenda to passed. Just thank heaven that the Republicans have control of the Senate, because otherwise the Democrats would start impeachment proceedings against the President, but without control of the Senate also, they can impeach the President, but it is the Senate that convicts, thank goodness.

  38. Democrats wants to thank the idiots that voted them in. Dont vote Democrat 2020…im not., demos can all go to hell.

  39. The Democratic Party can now be known as Baby Killers. Where will they go from there, maybe you are to old or not smart enough or maybe the wrong skin color? They have to be STOPPED.

    The mother’s who agree to kill their babies and the Dr’s doing the murder should be tried and convicted for 1st degree MURDER.

    God Bless America and please God save these poor babies.

  40. Now that the Democrats have made it legal to murder babies I guess old people will be next. They better remember they will be getting old too. I don’t believe they can think that far ahead though. I hope they understand they are going to have to stand before God some day and account for every baby that was murdered because of their actions. Jesus said no one better harm his children. I wonder what kind of person they see when they look in the mirror.

  41. Late term abortion should be illegal unless the mothers life will be compromised and that should be the ONLY reason. There isn’t any other logical reason for it. But then again Dems aren’t reasonable, rational people. They’ve already go against the people of this country. If a women gets raped or there was an accidental pregnancy, an abortion should be done as early as possible. Even an accidental pregnancy should go to full term. Children don’t ask to be born. They’re an innocent outcome of the best thing that can ever happen to them. Give them up for adoption. Give them a chance. How can these irrational so called people want infanticide? That reasoning is definitely unconscionable and painful. I guess you’re like the Tinman & Scarecrow, no HEART & no Brains. It sounds like you are willing to MURDER an innocent child just because you wouldn’t want them. How would you feel if people felt that about you Dems? There wouldn’t be any. You should all be FIRED. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  42. I don’t think they do a birth certificate. It used to be that birth certificates were required in each state for any baby born at age of viability, 20 weeks. Then if baby died a death certificate had to be completed.
    But abortion clinics just count these babies as medical waste…… So they haven’t followed state laws for sometime.

  43. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Grahams,Romney,Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio, Sessions, McConnell, Flake, etc)they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  44. Abortion, especially late term abortion is clearly murder! The politicians are afraid to call it what it is! One day these fools will stand in judgment before our Creator, and they will be very unhappy when they hear the sentence against them! But then they have thrown God out of our society . . . or tried to! They think that they are in control of everything! They are not! They will be held accountable for their actions . . . and there will be no plea bargaining! So sad!

  45. Yes Buddy and public hangings, but everyone says it is cruel and unusal punishment, or he was loco , slap them on the wrist and tell them not to do it again. It’s all got to stop.

  46. ALL abortions should be banned. It is murder plain and simple. And murder is illegal. If they allow babies to be killed after they are born what’s to stop them from allowing everyone to be murdered just because we don’t agree with them?

  47. Abortion, as it is set up now, is murder nothing more nothing less. If performed once there is a heart beat there is life. Aborting a living human being is murder by all standards. Inside or outside the womb.

    The legislative branch of our government has not done its job for nearly a century now. Abortion is but one of the things it ignores daily there are many others. If that branch of government were to pass a law determining when life began it would solve the abortion questions. The supreme court has noted that. That would not outlaw abortion altogether just after life began in the eyes of the law. Once that law is put in place then the abortion law(s) should be turned over to the states for adjudication where it should be anyway. As it stands now abortion is the United States of America’s holocaust. Only much much worse! In the holocaust in Germany six million Jews died. In America holocaust sixity million babies have died.

  48. Everyone who reads these articles know what someone means if a person happens to spell a word wrong. Does it make you feel better & more important to concentrate on someone’s spelling rather than just giving a history lesson? Did you ever take shorthand in school and work with it? Spelling went out the window using shorthand. Why don’t you spend your time praising something someone said rather than ridiculing people? Your action did not make you smarter – it made you what is commonly referred to as a “Ms know it all.”

  49. You, make me sick, for you expecting someone else to pay for your condoms, if you want to dip your stick in a vagina, buy your own rubbers, you must be sick in the head, to think anyone else should furnish anything to make sure you don’t get a woman pregnant, that’s between you and the woman you want to screw. Get over it, El Cheapo.

  50. Oh! And by the way murdering an innocent baby has absolutely nothing to do with my religion, murder is murder, and it doesn’t matter if your an atheist.

  51. Oh! And by the way murdering an innocent baby has absolutely nothing to do with my religion, murder is murder, and it doesn’t matter if your an atheist.

  52. I wish pro abortion supporters would witness an abortion, late term, and then vote! If they have a heart, they will
    follow it and if they have any morals, they will know what they are doing is just plain wrong.

  53. The party of many of our parents and grandparents, is a party no more. Democrats are morally corrupt and inhumane. They have proven to be a reckless, vicious, and hate-filled mob. The very fact that they refused to entertain Senator Sasse’s legislation can only be described as evil. They will reap what they sow.

  54. Just because you think it’s right does not make it so The Lord God made children in His Image Gen 1:26 when u Stand before him and the day will come for every creation to do so how will you explain This bill you pushed through, So my answer is still NO I do not AGREE

  55. Joan, I have been saying that for a long time and no-one seems to think it’s a great idea. They will witness it once and when they’re through being sick, hopefully, they will think of what they’re doing and think of their children and….it could have been them!

  56. Pro abortion men and especially women , if you can call them that) are evil murderers. When is this country going to wake up and stop this unbelievable wrong. Women who support this infanticide and baby killing and participate in it are non-humans and obviously have no soul. They will spend eternity in the fires of hell. If they have children, God help the little ones Evil prevails when good men do nothing. SPEAK UP and take action or you are just as guilty as those committing this egregious crime.

  57. And who is next? Toddlers, then raucous adolescents, then young adults and older ones who are questioning the sanity of these Satan loving non-humans. ? God will help us decent humans when we begin to take action against these unspeakably evil Dems and their supporters. Just like they have done to those of us who disagree with them and don’t hate Trump. Stand up folks and kick their sorry asses

  58. I think they need to find a way to abort all the Evil democrats from office. Dear God in heaven plz come now.

  59. ALL abortions should be banned! These 60 million babies that have been murdered is a scourge on our country. The Bible says that murder is a sin, and it does not say that killing an unborn baby is different or acceptable. I pray that our country repents and finds her way again. God, please bless America again.

  60. These people will burn in hell. Only thing good is that we won’t have to deal with them in heaven. 🙁

  61. Your comment is plain disgusting. That’s like muzzies “killing off” Christians, because they do not believe in any other God than Allah. Minds are changed, by educating, like mine was. NOT by killing people.

  62. Beverly

    I cannot believe that the Democrats have gone so far as to murder babies and that is exactly what it is. I wonder if they would have considered murdering their children. Where are the Christians in the world – there must not be any in Congress. We need to continue to speak up against this horrible crime.

  63. Those demented pro-choice women ought to be sterilized through some kind of natural disaster. Thanks to this evil made visible and palpable, the rest of the would-be killers might wake up.

  64. They’re communist. Communist always kill millions of innocent people. They are Margaret Sanger supporter’s and she even wanted it to be legal for mother’s to kill their toddler up to 2 or 3 years old if they felt too tied down and didn’t want them any longer. They are sick demented inhuman people! Also, the New World Order plans to depopulate the earth down to 500 million people. That means they plan to kill off billions of us. Can’t get sicker than that!

  65. My grandfather would be angry and crying over this one. I don’t think he would even believe the party came to this. I think he would leave the party for good.

  66. Or talk to a woman who is still grieving the baby she aborted years later. To hear her cry so much that she can’t even speak.

  67. I saw an interview yesterday and also a video. They introduce digoxin into the baby and give it a heart attack. So I asked on Twitter, if it is just a clump of cells, how does the baby have a HEART ATTACK? It’s BARBARIC!

  68. Yeah, Republicans were throwing granny over the cliff. Democrats are throwing babies out with the trash!!!!

  69. I am an RN. Full term abortions are murder and any health care giver that does this should be charged with murder thereof. No excuse.

  70. Diana, it just boggles my mind that anyone, let alone a woman who’s pregnant, can actually kill her own child. I still can’t get over that. But now the democrats are going further and further with this whole abortion thing, now they want to decide after it’s born. Margaret Sanger was doing the devil’s work for sure and if any democrats that having gone insanely left they should leave the party because these people are truly sick individuals! I’m thinking that’s why they want all the illegals here, so they can have the babies that they hope will vote for them eventually. There is going to be a revolution because someone has to have the sense they were born with. . . and it isn’t a Democrat these days!!!!

  71. The Governor of Chicago, who I can’t remember his name right now but he was in Obama’s administration and he has a brother that is a doctor. That doctor was on some panel of people talking about medical problems and money one night and he said when you reach age 75 you’ve lived long enough and you should agree to to be euthanize. So, yes they do plan to kill off older people so they don’t have to pay out money for them when they get old and need medical treatments.

  72. Congress should have to actual attend a late term abortion to begin with. I think this should be “mandatory”. Maybe we should add it to all the State’s ballots!!!! If they still want to go with it then obviously they shouldn’t be making decisions for other Americans and they should leave Congress!!!!

  73. Good idea Ron. If you can kill your child after birth where will they draw the line? 2 hours, 2 days, 2 years. Killing a living breathing human being is a crime. Why is it If I murder a pregnant woman I will be charged with 2 counts of murder. How can they justify killing children? There is NO justification, EVER. If you kill your child your penalty should be death.

  74. Consider this: If a woman wants her baby and someone causes the death of it before it’s born it can be considered murder. If a woman decides to kill her own baby by abortion then it just perfectly fine!!!! What is wrong with this picture? Perhaps these women having abortions shouldn’t have been born!!!!

  75. Your Grandfathers democratic party has long been over and done with along time ago, what we have now are filthy animals. In the long run they WILL pay for their lunacy, I certainly won’t be one to say may God have mercy on their souls, they don’t have souls to start with, I can barely tolerate abortions in the first trimester, beyond that is horrific.

  76. Karen if you haven’t read about the New World Order and Agenda 21 and 2030 you should read about it to see what they plan for people. If they ever win back total control of Congress again I think they’ll speed up their plans before they can ever be voted out again. These sicko’s want to Rule forever with an iron fist and that’s why they can’t get over Trump getting in the White House instead of the witch Hillary.

  77. The DemoCommunist is the Party of Intollerance, the Party of Hate, the Party of Evil, and the Party of DEATH ( late term Abortion, Infanticide, Euthanasia), Drug dependance, and Drug Overdose, and hopelessness. They accept evil as good and good as evil

  78. William,
    The Obama Administration ordered I think it was between 1500 or 2000 guillotine’s I saw in the Government Treasury record book between 2011 and 2013 I think. I’m sure they were for us Christian’s since he was really a Muslim. I first read about them in a blog post someone left that said they saw it in the records and I didn’t believe it but sure enough it was there in the book.

  79. Abortions at any time should be banned unless it is likely to cause the womans death. They can put them up gor adoption and the birth parents records PERMANENTLY SEALED, all parents/grandparents health concerns to be listed on adoption papers but not Named. But like absent parents they should be accountable for the costs while said child is in state care.

  80. Buddy,
    They always get in power with voter fraud. They cheat, lie and kill with no remorse what so ever. The voter fraud in VA was terrible in 2012 but the media either wouldn’t report it or down played it and I am sure it was just as bad in all the swing states and went unreported since Soros bought the heads of the main stream networks and put his people in them too.
    In VA the group I think their called True the Vote came and wanted to check our voter rolls one month before the 2016 election. We have 133 counties and only 8 agreed to allow their voter rolls to be checked and most of them were smaller counties. They found over 1,000 illegals registered to vote in those 8 counties and they had voted in past elections.

  81. I hope we get another Conservative Justice because I don’t trust Robert’s anymore. I am afraid he is with the Democrat’s or they have something on him making him do their bidding.

  82. The American people raised holly hell when the Chinese was forbidding families from having more than one child but here we are with our Democratic Party approving murder of babies here in the USA.

  83. Have you ever thought why they are wanting abortions? I have if you cut down the population by permitting abortions you are cutting the work forces to be able to hire people cheaper from other countries., and weakening our Military forces for it would be much harder to locate qualified people to select from, for they must be strong enough to engage in combat, and carry heavy items, such as ammo, the wounded, and machinery under combat conditions.

  84. this is what I get! they are so power hungry that they want generations of latino voters which can be handled and controlled by the black and white citizens! They are unable to see the destruction of our nation putting this plan into play! Why else the abortion push? Super race like Hilter? So many demo gods! Are they pretending to be controlling world hunger? that won’t fly? Then what is the motive?

  85. I believe that all abortions should be illegal. Those babies are as innocent as you can get. They should not be killed just for being an inconvenience to the parents.

  86. No Sharon, I think she meant geocide. The killing of babies in the womb as was done in Nazi Germany and in China.

  87. It is called murder! These people are too stupid to realize that purposely killing a human, even your own child, is murder. The murderer should be in prison.

  88. Satan is expanding his kingdom with all the help from supporters of babies being murdered. Sadly many Christian churches are silent.

  89. Communism makes as much sense as Ocasio-Cortez and her NAZI Commie Demoncrats liberal minions and RINOs do! That’s why it fails every time it rears its ugly head! Liberalism is a mental deranged disorder!

  90. So often I hear from Democrat friends that you can be a Democrat and just not go along with the abortion issue. Well can you still be a Democrat and believe in the death of a term infant? The more you allow your group to vote in such laws, the more our country becomes like Hitlers reign but now it is just fetuses to term babies. Where does it end. Next you will allow maybe till 6 months old. This is just sick!

  91. Abortion, no matter when it is done, is murder! Why do the parents completely ignore the obvious choice of allowing the baby to be adopted? Instead of legalizing abortion, the government should pass a law to make it mandatory to put the baby up for adoption if the parents do not want it or want to be responsible for raising it. After given up, the parents would not be allowed to change their mind and want it back. All pertinent info about health of parents,grandparents and any other relatives should be taken and given to adoptive parents and health records kept up to date.

  92. Pure logic would dictate that you are correct, sir. Certainly most if not all of Christian women would never even entertain the thought of murdering their own babies, as Father God holds all life sacred and dear. I also write a humble Christian-based Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL, and my email: [email protected] —Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, Huey helicopter ‘door gunner,’ also worked at Chrysler in Kenosha, WI.
    The Son, and my Lord will shortly come back with many powerful angels to ‘cleanse the Earth of all Evil,’ soon after the ‘Rapture.’ —Tom Schuckman

  93. what do you expect, palosilousey and scummerbagger are now known as the Liberty Bell Twins of America, both be proven to be Cracked, and look at palosifaceloser, claims she is a true Catholic, and okay with killing babies, she should have been aborted, in fact maybe she was , take a good look her , maybe it failed ant that is what a failed abortion looks like.

  94. Anyone who kills a baby, living or unborn or about to be born are guilty of murder. May they be punished in hell’s fire.

    I will not be guilty of killing a baby or taking the life of a loving human being.

  95. I cannot imagine anyone low enough to murder babies in a supposedly civilized society. Hell is waiting for these evil murders of the innocent.

  96. Bela Lugosi (Pelosi) is at it again just as mentally deranged as the rest of the NAZI commie Liberal Demoncrat MOBs! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!

  97. so you low IQ dopes think the mother should be killed to let the baby live? Whose idea was that? What if she already has 2-3 kids will the fetus raise the other kids?

  98. How can a senator from West Virginia block anything? There are 100 Senators so why can the W Virginia senators do what they want?

  99. Muslims kill their children when they are two or more years, because then they are human shields.
    The three years old kids are taught in the pre schools to kill the Jews, Christians and all other non muslinms, they ae even given “bomb vests” and the 2teachers” say to then if they kill the enemies of islam, then they will com to allah´s paradise.To come to “allah´s paradise” is like to come to Satan´s kingdom

  100. Still worse Occasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Kamala Harris and Ilhan Omar and all the muslims in the US. They are already now ruling the so called democrats

  101. Treason is a badge of honor for the Godless NAZI Commie liberal Racist Demoncrat Party and RINOs! The party of hate, hypocrisy, lies, deception, Fake News (Russian Collusion and Jussie M hoax) the list is endless! And the clueless minions that follow them!

  102. Joan, there is a movie coming out in March called “Unplanned.” There is a trailer on Facebook. It takes everyone through the steps of abortion. But…dear sweet Hollywood elites decided to rate it R. So if you’re a young person under the age of 17, you cannot see this movie unless you are with an adult. But it is ok for you to get an abortion at 15 and younger in some states. Also, someone bought some billboards in New York and are going to be showing a sonagram of what a baby looks like at different stages of its life in utero. Not sure what else will be shown. Also, this past Saturday was A Daybof Mourning. It was held in Albany, NY I believe. They were streaming it live to several churches, but not all churches were aware of this. They ask everyone to wear black and not buy from any businesses thus past Saturday. They also asked businesses to close to honor the 60 million babies that have been killed. But for some reason many churches and businesses did not hear about it.

  103. It appears we do have another NAZI party that resides in the USA and i believe they are called the Democrat Party. I believe the evidence bears this out. This also includes a few Republicans of which I believe Susan Collins is one of them. Abortion is, without doubt, the murder of the most innocent among us. Remember the Democratic Party was the Party of Slavery which was also evil. I read somewhere all Slave owners were Democrats and none were Republicans. The Nazis murdered millions including babies of which the Democratic Party (and several Republicans) support. I am old enough to remember when Republicans in Congress for years kept trying to get civil rights laws passed only to be blocked by Democrats. The Democratic Party, without doubt, has become a personification of Evil. They have been, over many years, the primary destructive force on American Sociey and the American way of life. This includes their push to minimize the importance of one man and one women in marriage with children not the two homosexuals (two men or two women) raising children they push on Americans. Black families have also been negatively impacted by the type of welfare systems the Democrats have always pushed on them to just keep them believing the Democratic Party is the best for them.


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