Schools are poised to make one terrifying change to brainwash children


Radical Left ideas are quickly seeping into everyday life.

Resistance to the leftist parasite will only get more difficult as time passes on.

Now schools are poised to make one terrifying change to brainwash children.

Leftists took over universities a long time ago, and now they’re coming squarely for K-12 education.

Grade schools already lean Left, but they will soon be ramping up their efforts in an attempt to normalize radical ideas.

Public schools around the county will see a curriculum change after one survey highlighted a stark shift to the Left.

According to an Education Week Research Center survey, 81% of teachers who participated support Black Lives Matter.

One of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter admitted in an interview that “we’re trained Marxists,” so these are the radical ideas that are blithely being supported by corporations and roughly half of Americans.

Once the poison of Black Lives Matter fully gets into the educational system, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to eradicate it.

John Marshall, chief diversity officer for Kentucky’s Jefferson County Public Schools (these types of nonsense administrative positions are all over education and even corporate America), said he has a picture of Breonna Taylor on his desk, the EMT who was shot and killed during a no-knock raid.

Instead of raising questions about no-knock raids, something of which many gun owners are skeptical, Taylor’s killing was immediately racialized by the Left for political points.

Marshall said, “We’re not just talking about a couple of lesson changes . . . We’re getting to the quintessential work of trying to put race, equity, and inclusion inside of our curriculum.”

This should chill every parent to the core.

Marshall is flat-out using Marxist language and promising to indoctrinate kids with it.

Making the matter even worse, the Left is beginning to militate against private schools, charter schools, and homeschooling.

Germany already bans homeschooling, so it’s not far-fetched for it to be wiped out if the Democrats seize too much power.

They want your child’s mind for eight hours a day until they turn 18.

By then, the propaganda is so deeply ingrained, it becomes incredibly difficult to deprogram.

Conservative watchdog groups have worked hard to expose some of the radicalism on college campuses, but the new frontier is K-12.

Many high schools around the country already announced they will be teaching the fraudulent history of the so-called “1619 Project.”

The Left won’t stop until every public school and every grade is suffused with this nonsense.

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