Schools are indoctrinating little kids with something truly disturbing


Leftists are intent on pushing their ideology onto everyone.

In their view, the younger they can brainwash kids, the better.

And schools are indoctrinating little kids with something truly disturbing.

Today’s New York City schools have perhaps become the main repository for “woke” curriculum.

Brearley and Grace Church both came under scrutiny after a parent and a teacher led a crusade against the implementation of the Marxist Critical Race Theory.

Now Dalton has its own radical curriculum scandal.

A far-left educator introduced a lesson on masturbation to first graders.

Needless to say, the parents were upset.

Parents in these liberal enclaves are terrified of navigating the minefield of race, but they still seem willing to stand up to the abhorrent sexualization of young children.

The New York Post

“Last fall, parents at the posh, $55,000-per-year Dalton School got wind of their first-graders being taught sex education lessons that included masturbation. They complained to school administrators, but were told they had simply ‘misinterpreted’ what Dalton’s now-notorious ‘health and wellness’ educator Justine Ang Fonte – who last month led a controversial and explicit ‘porn literacy’ workshop at another elite prep school – was teaching.”

In addition to lectures about masturbation and pornography, the “educator” introduced lessons about kids not consenting to hugs from family members.

The Post continued:

“‘Literally parents are supposed to say to their kids, May I hug you?’ one parent said.
One mother said another parent told her, ‘I’m paying $50,000 to these a–holes to tell my kid not to let her grandfather hug her when he sees her?’”

Hopefully more parents are starting to catch on to what leftists have been doing for decades.

They’ve been pumping these ideas into the soft heads of kids in K-12, then reinforcing them in college.

Conservatives simply threw their hands up in the air, oblivious to what happened.

This is what happened.

The Left took over the culture when nobody was looking.

Conservatives are finally understanding the importance of the culture war and pushing back against this nonsense.

Even liberals are waking up to the blatant indoctrination being force-fed to their children.