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  2. Prayer is a personal matter and should not be forced on anyone. When someone says you don’t have to say a prayer while everyone else is, sets you out as a bad person. People should be allowed a moment of silence to say a prayer, silently, so others can say whatever they want, silently.

  3. Prayer has always been allowed in public schools, just not directed and mandatory prayer. Students are welcome to meet
    and pray before school and Fellowship of Christian Athletes has always been a voluntary organization appreciated by schools. What
    does not need to happen is school-sponsored prayers where respect for different faiths is often lacking – – like the prayer that represents
    one Protestant denomination ONLY to the exclusion of other faiths. If you want your child to have religious values worked into the school system, then send
    them to a religious school like Catholics do. But to force a Jewish child to recite a Christian prayer, or others who believe differently to pray at all, just
    sets up a background for religious disagreements and battles. To do so, violates the constitutional protection of religious freedom, which can also include
    that the student does not believe in God.

    Leave religious training for the home, allow quiet time for prayer or just daydreaming. Never try to push YOUR faith onto other people and they
    should never push their faith onto you.

  4. When I was growing up we were never forced to pray when there was public prayer. People need to stop throwing tantrums and start acting like grownups.

  5. Allowing prayer in public schools would be a drastic insult to all our “Godless Atheists” our moral guilds for our dying society. It would also insult the new “Godless Socialist/Democratic party” as it would deter their policies of hatred toward anyone who disagrees with them especially conservatives. We cannot insure the future of America without God. So maybe the “Godless atheists and the Socialist/Democrats” will replace God with, who else, themselves. After all, they know more than God. Just ask them, they’ll be glad to reeducate you.

  6. Prayer is very important and the Non Believers should stay out of this. It has been great for years and it was healing this world and now there is so much hatred this world is falling apart, we need a revelation and prayer is where it begins.

  7. H-O-G-W-A-S-H !!!!!!!!! That is so untrue, you are making this stuff up. Christians are not forbidden to pray.
    When I was a teacher, we used to say there are few atheists in foxholes and before comprehensive exams. Mikki
    it does not make sense since IT IS NOT TRUE!

  8. Very Nice politically correct answer, but Jesus is not very politically correct: The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, Rejoice at all times. Pray without ceasing. Give thanks in every circumstance, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.…

  9. Another nice politically correct answer! However, no where does the Bible we are supposed to be applying to our lives restrict religious training to the “Home.” As Christians we are supposed to share our faith wherever we go. I agree that schools do not need to be excluding certain other faiths, however they have no role that should ever be accepted that they can exclude anyone from exercising their right to freedom of religion. So if a child wants to pray or speak to other students about their faith, schools should not intervene. Schools are not a religion free zone.
    Schools did prohibit prayer even by individual students, such as at graduation ceremonies. Until they found themselves in court several times, they would stop students from the exercise of their religious beliefs. After several court cases they came to their senses. No place in America are religious free zones.

  10. The Christians were forbidden to pray until several court cases against the schools. But, why do we never hear of a case against any other religious groups, other than Christians? It is a very legitimate observation. And I taught school too!

  11. People are under the delusion that what they say or think has some bearing on the truth, it doesn’t. The truth is still the truth and nothing or no one can change that; God IS truth, He is the way and He is the light, besides Him there is no other. Whether you believe prayer changes things or not, it changes things. Whether you believe there is a Heaven and a hell or you don’t, there is. Whether you believe Gods word is truth and all men are liars , or not, Gods word is truth and all men(and women) are liars. Pray or don’t, believe or don’t, nothing changes the truth. He is God, He changes not. Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they won’t depart from it. Truth matters. What will we teach our children, Gods ways or the worlds? We get one chance, choose wisely…they are tomorrow’s parents.

  12. Jesus commands that we tell everyone about Him and the first amendment gives us the RIGHT to worship God when and where we want. Our founders were Christians and they themselves attended church services in the Capitol Building and required Bibles in schools.

  13. Our founders were Christians and they never meant for prayer to be forbidden anywhere. And God will have the final word in our lives

  14. you people are worse than the right wing radicals, let school kids be at peace without all his indoctrination !!

  15. God is not a religion or church, This nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, If these leftists would look into history at all the “separation of church and state” is for the purpose of not establishing a government religion

  16. Chuck, You are the first person who actually gets it. “Separation of Church and State” simply meant that this country would not have a government religion like England did. They made themselves god and appointed their government bishops and priests. That is what our founding fathers were trying to prevent. When the government appoints church officials, then the government actually runs the church. For years I can’t believe the stupidity of judges, and elected congressmen when they are on this subject. It’s like they have no brains when it comes to religion.

  17. Separation of church and state is not even in the constitution….Since they are teaching Islam in the public schools why not Christianity..????

  18. Yes, Jesus was not and is not requiring you to believe in Him, but why can’t kids who do say a silent prayer and other kids who don’t just pray to whatever they want or just be quiet for a short moment. Believe me, I doubt very much that it would hurt the “little darlings” to shut up for 60 seconds. Their (ahem) “self esteem will not wither and die from being quiet.

  19. Those WHOM oppose “PRAYERS “, need not attend!, WE AS AMERICANS have been born & raised “UNDER A CHRISTAIN NATION “, what allowed our change in time “IS THE RADICALIZATION “, from “FOREIGN COUNTRIES “, whom have decided too “CHANGE “, our “FREEDOMS “, toward “THEIRS”, which are to “CONTROL WE THE PEOPLE “, WHICH is “NOT “, going too HAPPEN. That’s why PRESIDENT TRUMP, will succeed throughout HIS PRESIDENCY, with GODS HELP, through WE THE PEOPLE.

  20. The ISLAMIC world is just that!, they believe in “MEN”, control the WORLD, through a DICTATORSHIP, We in the WESTERN WORLD believe in “CONTROL “, bye “VOICE”, & CORRUPTION!. They whom control the MINDS of the MANY are controlled bye the FEW. Read “History “, from the words from the past in all historical documents, OUR CONSTITUTION SAYS it BEST. Young UNEDUCATED people’s do not want too listen!, they’d rather relive the PAST. God FORBID our Younger Generations!. “FATHER, FORGIVE THEM, FOR THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND “. ????????????????????????

  21. Yes, all students from all religions should have an opportunity for prayer before class starts. I believe that they need to allow (FCA) Fellowship of Christian Athletes to remain in schools. Allowing all religious groups to remain in schools may help slowly get all religions working together, maybe not completely agreeing but working together

  22. As long as there are exams, quizzes, and report cards, there will be prayer in public schools, private schools, and parochial schools, no matter what the courts say.

  23. What are “government schools”? We have public schools, supported by our tax dollars. They should not be run by the government and the Federal department of education should be abolished. We should have a choice as to where our children are taught and what they are taught. Call it a voucher or whatever you want but if “our” tax dollars could support Christian education, Christian schools would grow by leaps and bounds and public schools would fade away and the whole country would be better. Thomas Jefferson said: “this Constitution will only work in a society that lives by Christian principles”.

  24. I said yes to this question. However now days, if we allow Christian prayers in schools we would also be forced to allow muslim/islamic prayers in schools. Now let us look at this from the opposite side of the coin. If there was an enclave of Christians in a muslim/islamic land and the children from this group were even allowed — notice I said ALLOWED — to attend the public muslim/islamic schools, would those Christian children be allowed time to pray? We all know the answer to this question would be NO, NO, and NO WAY under the name of Mo-Ham-Mad would this be allowed. So why, if we allowed in our public schools here in America, would we also allow our arch enemies to do so?

  25. It is insane to let any teacher to teach any thing about the worlds oldest cult islam, but not teach a real religion Christanity. Absolutely prayer should be allowed in all schools. And if atheist protest shut that idiotic group down


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