Saturday Night Live tried to mock Joe Rogan and it blew up in their faces


Wokeness is absolutely killing comedy.

Only approved messages are allowed from establishment outlets.

Now Saturday Night Live tried to mock Joe Rogan and it blew up in their faces.

Ratings for Saturday Night Live have been abysmal for the past two seasons.

One of the reasons is the sketch comedy mainstay only goes after right-wingers or people perceived to be on the Right.

And their attempts to lampoon are failing hard.

The latest example came in a recent episode where the show mocked Senator Ted Cruz for pointing out the fact that Sesame Street character Big Bird was being used to push vaccine mandates on children.

The Left predictably had a conniption, but if Big Bird were promoting some counter-narrative message, their commentary would be searing instead of Cruz’s mild Twitter remark.

Of course that would never happen because Sesame Street is fully “woke.”

SNL’s Cruz sketch also targeted podcaster Joe Rogan, who was satirized because he took Ivermectin, a Nobel Prize-winning drug that the Left continues to deride as merely “horse dewormer.”

Needless to say, the sketch was a lead balloon.

Even comedians who weren’t looking at the sketch through a political lens agreed that it bombed.

The most astute observation of what happened to SNL is that it has become nothing more than an extension of state propaganda.

After the Left achieved cultural power through decades of propaganda, they don’t even attempt to make it funny anymore.

They cannot be anti-establishment because they are the establishment.

The good news is left-wing comedians are quickly falling out of favor now that everyone can see they’re nothing but unfunny mouthpieces for the global elites.

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