Satanists teamed up with Planned Parenthood only to get smacked down in an epic way


Satanists and Planned Parenthood have at least one thing in common: their strong support for abortion.

Both groups fight strongly to make abortion fully legal up until the moment of birth.

But both groups just got handed massive news that changed everything for them.

The state of Missouri has made great strides toward restricting abortion.

There only remains one clinic that practices abortion in the state, a Planned Parenthood located in downtown St. Louis.

But despite it being able to exist, it has heavy regulations on their operations, something that the Satanist Temple takes offense to.

A member of the Satanic Temple, going by “Mary Doe” filed a lawsuit against the state of Missouri over their informed consent law.

The law requires those attempting to procure an abortion to receive a booklet stating that life begins at conception, and that abortion “will terminate the life of a separate, unique, living human being.”

And after bringing the lawsuit through multiple state courts, it has finally been thrown out at the Missouri Supreme Court, in a blow to both the Satanist Temple and Planned Parenthood.

As reported by Life News:

“The state Supreme Court dismissed the case by “Mary Doe,” a Satanic Temple member who disagrees with the Missouri informed consent laws on abortion, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The case has been thrown out in court multiple times, but each time, Doe appealed to a higher court. The Missouri high court’s ruling puts an end to the case.

The Satanic Temple argued that Missouri trampled on Doe’s religious rights by requiring that she undergo an ultrasound and receive a booklet with information about her unborn baby’s development, abortion risks and alternatives to abortion. The state law also requires that a woman wait 72 hours before going through with the abortion.”

It is telling that the group carrying the torch to reverse abortion laws in Missouri is the Satanist Temple.

These are people who worship Satan, and reject all forms of Christianity.

With no moral compass, it is not surprising they are strong supporters of abortion.

State’s like Missouri continue to try to completely outlaw abortion, but the infamous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling makes that impossible.

President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees are expected to support overturning the ruling, making the prohibition of abortion possible.

Do you think abortion should be illegal?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. The only reason women need to get an abortion is that they’re too damn lazy to use birth control and you can get it at any health clinic for free if you can’t afford it ! they just don’t care they’re low lives they would rather kill a human being than to not have protected sex! When these women come for an abortion they should also be sterilized so they can no longer get pregnant I have anymore babies aborted seems fair to me !

  3. Abortion is murder. I’m glad I live in Missouri where life is taken seriously. Theere is absolutely NO reason for unwanted pregnancies due to birth control and keeping your pants up. If you don’t want a baby, use the tow logical ways to avoid it.

  4. Satanists are Planned Parenthood. Abortion is the updated, ancient Satanic/Pagan Rite of Baby Killing. Get the picture yet? New Fed Law should be that any female getting a gov.-funded abortion must be SPAYED. They are just unproductive reproducers anyway.

  5. I’m sure that a requirement to work at PP is to be a card carrying Satanist. What despicable, evil people

  6. Satanists and Planned Parenthood combine body parts and worshipping on their knees for life results that do not happen in the real world.

  7. Not surprising, people that worship evil will always support all forms of evil and disgusting things! Think of how horrible it would be to be the child of a Satanist couple, anything could and would be done to that child, it’s life would be horrible!

  8. We are so glad that the High Court in MO has made the only Right Decision. We have always maintained that people should use birth control if they don’t want babies. These women seeking abortions, especially late term, should be aware that it is murder of a human being. You should have a choice of sterilization if you can’t be responsible to use birth control, BTW, we thought that’s what PP was for in the first place! We think the Male species should do much more in prevention (yes, we understand that the sex drive is very strong) and they shouldn’t have license to impregnate with impunity.

  9. If all the supporters of abortion had been aborted themselves, there would have been no more thoughts or actions regarding abortion today. So, what is the big hurry to rid the world of these little defenseless unborn babies? They have no awareness of the evil which wants to prevent them from entering the world, and they surely have no way to defend themselves, so shouldn’t it be a criminal offense to literally kill all defenseless babies? What are they if not living human entities once they are born into this world? What else could they be? Could it be that the idiotic idea of “Evolution”, and the teaching of that theory is the real problem since life appears to be accidental, and therefore has no meaning to those who view that mindset. Chuck Adkins

  10. Abortion is murder and it should never be allowed unless it it to save the life of the mother. Since it is legal for now, it should never ever happen after the first trimester, period. I hope that Rowe vs. Wade will be overturned when and if it reaches the Supreme Court. One thing that might help stop or drastically limit abortion is a guarantee that the child will be adopted at no cost to the mother. This should help as there are so many people that want to adopt

  11. I believe abortion should be illegal after 20 weeks, when it is known that the baby can feel pain. The sole exception should be the preservation of the mother’s life. It should still be classified as a homicide, but in this case justifiable homicide. Once the child can feel pain, there can be no reasonable argument that anything other than a human child is involved.

  12. One & Done:
    If a female has an abortion
    she and her abortionist should both drop dead at the moment they kill her baby.

    Plan your parenthood instead of planning to murder your child.

  13. Why????? It is a BABY from the moment it is conceived. It is the most innocent and helpless human being. A woman has NO RIGHT to murder another human being in or out of the womb. So you think that murder is okay. Very sad. Maybe your mother should have murdered you

  14. I also agree with you. This law is archaic in that birth control methods have increased significantly since it was passed. Never should have been passed to begin with. It is murder, pure and simple, and as you said, women who are too irresponsible to practice birth control should be sterilized!!

  15. perhaps those wanting abortion should have been aborted but too late for that now. their rants and raves are worthless. abortion is murder, period. i do agree with mandatory sterilization if abortion occurs and that goes double for the man; he is half of this equation whether he wants to admit it or not. there is a way to stop spreading of unneeded planting of his seeds and it should be done.

  16. Planned Parenthood has a long and well-documented history of racism beginning with its founder, Margaret Sanger. More African-Americans have died from abortion than from AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease combined. And in America today, a black child is three times more likely to be killed in the womb than a white child.
    Since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by over 25%.
    Planned Parenthood operates the nation’s largest chain of abortion clinics and almost 80% of its facilities are located in minority neighborhoods. About 13% of American women are black, but they submit to over 35% of the abortions.

  17. I believe life begins at conception along with the soul.

    It is pure EVIL to willingly risk the conception of an innocent life only to willingly plan it’s murder later.

  18. It is a completely different person that God has put on this earth it is a shame and disgrace that a woman would do that. Where is the love that women are suspose to have in their hearts for their children women are suspose to protect their children

  19. Are you nuts?!? Abortion should be illegal in every state!! If the woman doesn’t want children, then she should keep her legs shut, and the man should keep it in his pants!! People need to think with the brain in their head instead of the brain in their pants!! Murder is murder no matter what you call it. It is wrong in God’s eyes and that is no matter how you look at it, it is a sin!! The 6th commandment of God’s laws is Thou shalt not kill. Exodus 20:13. You believe in abortion, but I know you are thankful that your mother didn’t!!

  20. Abortion should be illegal. President Trump wants to make it illegal to get an abortion if the baby’s heartbeat can be heard. In that case that will be at 12 weeks gestation. Instead of aborting the baby why not give birth to it and put it up for adoption?

  21. I am not surprised to see that a Satanist is favorable to abortion. Satan was not given the opportunity to receive a body and come to earth. He definitely does not want the spirits arriving from pre earth and their first estate to successfully become a mortal with a body and the opportunity to live in the second estate. He is an angry, jealous spirit that will mess up God’s plan when ever possible. Abortion should be illegal…. However when illegal the butchers take over and doo illegal abortions.

  22. The person who had MORE than 5 abortions should have been sterilized. But PP rather do more abortions & get more $$$. Money is REALLY what this is about. When money is your god, life doesn’t matter much.

  23. I intended to say that the person I know personally had more than 5 abortions. She didn’t want kids, but she didn’t get sterilized.

  24. I was a young adult when abortion became the law of the land. I really didn’t think it would be a problem because it was at the same time as birth control as coming out. What I never dreamed of was that doctors, who take the Hippocratic Oath, would consider it a way to get rich. I’ve lost all respect for doctors for that and a lot of other reasons.

  25. Yes,and just after they have that abortion done,they need to be executed for 1st degree murder!!! End of story..Have fun in the lake of fire!! Thats where ALL demon-possessed pagans belong!!

  26. If you ask any parent, if they will be honest with you, how did you feel the moment you found out you were going to have a baby, they were happy. At what point did they believe there was a human growing inside the mother? If a woman wants to have control of her own body, do it before she gets pregnant.

  27. There is no such thing as a god or satan. You (people?) need to understand your bible is a piss poor fairy tale about a fake sky fairy. I’m happy I don’t have to listen to your idiotic ravings where I live. There are waaaaay too many just like you here in PA and I’d like to ship them all to MO.

  28. Does not matter What you believe! There is a heartbeat in 18 days!
    That is life, and it is a baby!
    They don’t want a baby then take the pill or EVEN USE A RUBBER!!!

  29. Jerry Lynch: I will pray for you. Someone has really done a job on your psyche. Tht brainwashing has made you, simply, evil.



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