San Francisco released new COVID guidelines that are so ridiculous no one can adhere to them


The Left loves the pandemic and all the authoritarian mandates that have come with it.

They don’t want it to go away, so they continue to perpetuate a false narrative about this super scary COVID virus.

And now San Francisco released new COVID guidelines that are so ridiculous no one will be able to adhere to them.

San Francisco just announced that very soon they will be easing indoor mask requirements.

That should be great news considering the wealth of information proving masks are unnecessary.

But in typical leftist-controlled-city fashion, San Francisco isn’t just going to do away with masks.

Nope, they’re instituting new guidelines that must be met before you have permission to not wear a mask.

A statement from the Mayor reads:

“So long as case and hospitalization rates remain stable or decline, indoor masking requirements will be lifted on October 15 in certain, limited settings. This includes places where stable cohorts of fully vaccinated individuals gather, and where other safety measures are followed. These controlled settings with individuals who regularly interact are considered safer indoor settings for fully vaccinated individuals to remove their masks.”

“These settings include offices, gyms, and fitness centers, employee commuter vehicles, religious gatherings, and indoor college classes or other organized gatherings of individuals who meet regularly, not exceeding 100 people. People in these settings may remove their masks if the employer or host of the gathering can control access to the setting and verify 100% full vaccination of everyone in the setting. The employer or host must also ensure proper ventilation, no recent COVID-19 outbreaks, and children under 12 and guests are not present, among other safety measures.”

Confused yet?

The demands they’re making in order to let people remove their masks are so absurd that people can’t truly follow them.

And, of course, everyone must prove they’ve been vaccinated or it’s no go on the “unmasking” all together.

To add to the confusion, what happened to the Left yelling about how no matter what both unvaccinated and vaccinated people had to stay masked?

Once again, the leftists are making up information and trying to scare people into submission.

Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t want the pandemic to end – they like the control.

Americans need to wake up and start pushing back before it’s too late.

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