Sam Alito opinion sparked a jaw-dropping op-ed that exposes just how dark and scary the Left’s obsession with death is


One of the most important questions in politics today is whether leftists are going to destroy the country or themselves first.

The Left came completely unhinged with a recent Supreme Court ruling.

And now the Sam Alito opinion just sparked a jaw-dropping op-ed that exposes just how dark and scary the Left’s obsession with death is.

John Gregg is billed as a “Family Preservation and Harm Reduction campaigner.”

But based on the suicide hotline number editors felt compelled to include at the end of his recent Newsweek op-ed, it seems he’s missing the mark.

In fact, the reason that they even needed to list the hotline number should have been the clincher, convincing editors to jettison the whole thing.

Gregg’s piece entitled: “I Was Adopted Months After Roe v. Wade, I Wish Abortion Had Been an Option for My Birth Mom” seems to be a cry for help wrapped in an attempt to smear the pro-Life Movement.

Gregg, a seemingly successful father of three, is upset he was adopted by people who backed up their words with some serious action by adopting a baby from Catholic Charities.

His adoptive parents even went as far as furthering their commitment to keeping babies alive by attending National Right to Life Committee conventions.

“It’s very troubling to me that my entire existence is because my mother didn’t have access to abortion,” Gregg wrote. “While it’s a cruel question to ask ‘Would you rather have been aborted?’ The answer, for me, is yes. First of all because if I’d been aborted, I wouldn’t know. I wouldn’t exist. But also, it’s very hard to reconcile your own existence when it comes at the cost of someone else’s human rights.”

Actually, it’s hard to reconcile the idea that a “Family Preservation and Harm Reduction campaigner” believes a mother has the right to kill her baby.

“Children like me grew up in an environment where we’re told we were spared from abortion. We were propagandized into thinking abortion is wrong,” Gregg claimed.

“I believe that is a form of violence. I don’t pretend to know what the answer is for this generation of children who are going to be a product of forced birth, but in my opinion, adoption isn’t it.”

With grim reaper leftists “helping” American families our civilization is on the fast track to utter destruction.

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