Robert De Niro went on an unhinged rant about Donald Trump. And what he said left jaws on the floor


There is no questioning the acting pedigree of Academy Award winning actor Robert De Niro. From Taxi Driver to the Godfather and even Meet the Fockers, it’s an impressive resume.

What’s not so impressive these days are De Niro’s constant screams for attention by attacking President Donald Trump.

Recently, Robert De Niro went on an unhinged rant about Donald Trump.  And what he said left jaws on the floor

Robert De Niro is arguably one of the greatest American actors of all-time.

In all of his movies De Niro plays off of his “tough guy” mobster-like and volatile characters.

The same can be said for him in real life. Not only is he known as a difficult man to work with, he is also becoming well-known for his profanity laced “tough” attacks on President Trump.

And, De Niro telling all who will listen that he believes President Donald Trump cares more about his reelection than he does about Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s appalling. He wants to be reelected. He doesn’t even care how many people die,” De Niro said.

Emily Maitlis, the host of BBC Newsnight, noted Trump’s fan base would take issue with De Niro’s remarks.

De Niro doubled down and raved that he believes Trump does not care about the lives of Americans.

“He doesn’t care for those people and the people who he pretends to care about are the people he has the most disdain for because he could care less about them,” De Niro said.

He continued in his rant, saying, “They might like to tell themselves that or delude themselves, but he doesn’t care about them.”

De Niro also said that the Trump administration’s handling of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic is “Shakespearean” and that Trump is a “lunatic.”

“It’s like Shakespearean the whole thing,” De Niro said. “You got a lunatic saying things that people are trying to dance around.”

De Niro whined how New York City has become a “ghost town” and how other parts of the world look the same way, somehow blaming Trump for all of it.

He continued, “It’s interesting, it’s kind of like a science fiction movie but it’s real.”

New York has, of course, become the state with the most coronavirus cases due to the mishandling of the crisis by both Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there are nearly 344,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and more than 27,000 deaths in New York alone.

De Niro would be a wise guy if he would stop acting like Fredo and actually look to his own city’s leadership for the real jokers.

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  2. Says DeNiro… who has been so abusive to women and acts in real life like his character in The Untouchables.

  3. Hey DeNiro. Have you checked out Pelosi lately? Whose more concerned about the american public than the upcoming election? Pelosi or Trump?
    What are you spending time on her party booze plane? Addle-minded fool.

  4. Maybe DeNiro is suffering from the same mental problem Biden is suffering from now.

  5. It just Amazes me how Trump gets the Blame for EVERYTHING bad and Zero credit for Anything good.Cuomo has the worst state in Every way Including the virus..And He’s the new Hero!!Obama Sucked in Every way And is an America Hating black radical ,And they talk about Him like he’s the second coming of Christ.Amazing how the left can brain wash tens of millions of uneducated american’s into believing their poison.It’s like that relationship we’ve all had where No matter how Good you were and How Bad They were..You were Always the Bad guy and Somehow Always on the defensive.Sound familiar??

  6. Di Nero and Biden are quite similar they are both declining old men. They both ramble incoherently. This is obvious to most people. Sad to see but they continue to make fools of themselves. No one around them seem able to to let them know how pathetic they are. Maybe because they are too vain.

  7. That tough guy talk is only worthy of racketeers interested in intimidation but DeNiro has nothing to gain since there’s no money on the table besides wowing the crowds. Politically this is known as DEMAGOGUERY and debauchery usually only fostered by political charlatans and embezzlers. He shouldn’t embarass himself.

  8. Seems like this deniro is the “lunatic”, can’t understand why what he says is covered on here?


  10. DeNiro is not deep and is profoundly inarticulate. He is a form of speaking monkey. Others tell him what to say, what faces to make and where to stand, never a thought of his own. He of course confuses this with intelligence as do most people on the Communist left wing.

  11. DeNiro is not deep and is profoundly inarticulate. He is a form of speaking monkey. Others tell him what to say, what faces to make and where to stand, never a thought of his own. He of course confuses this with intelligence as do most people on the Communist left wing. Ignore him.

  12. Deniro may have been a talented actor but today he is just a foul mouthed deranged Libtard who is desperately trying to attain some significance to the American public. Now, everytime he opens his big mouth he makes a complete ass of himself. Surely he fits right in with Biden, Pelosi, Waters, Schiff, Shumer, Nadler and all the other miscreants who could not organize a sidewalk lemonade stand.

  13. DeNiro is an idiot who can now only play a demented old man because he is one. I used to like him when he was young and stayed with acting instead of trying to get attention and maybe some work by raving about America’s president. Please send Luca Brasi quickly!!!!

  14. What he said is absolutely true… every word of it; at least for all of us who are not cult members and drink the kool-aid. drumpf is the worst example of a human in the history of the world. Period.

  15. Clara Bowa was considered by many as one of the most talented actresses in the Silent era, but no one accused her of being a fair minded serious thinker, and it appears that DeNiro seems to have fallen prey to simplistic thinking. He reads the left, and can’t fathom anything is amiss, no matter the facts. He is or has become an ideologue, and as such it will be difficult for him to notice let alone acknowledge that he could be wrong. Sadly, it is beginning to taint his talents as an actor. Was he acting or was it who he really is?

  16. Deniro is an overated Whimp.. Liberal loving POS.. Used to like his movies.. Wouldn’t waste a penny watching anymore.. among other Hollywood stars that have lost countless viewers due to their stupidity in expressing their political ideas..

  17. De Niro is a complete idiot, and his rants just coming from his screwed up ideology . We don’t watch any of his films anymore. The fool is demented, and senile. He is a coke sucker in our opinion.

  18. DeNiro is a typical Hollywood actor, An empty blow-up doll with zero content of character. Who and what he is is determined by writers, producers, directors, and whoever is his current minder. Look behind the curtain in the corner to see who is writing his scripts, that is the one that hates Trump. DeNiro is simply evincing the hate that is being fed him.

  19. President Trump has taken this seriously, from January, when he stopped the flights from China, while Pelosi and Democrats, have criticized whatever action he has taken. He can’t be blamed for the neglected homeless, smokers, those with ill health, vulnerable to the COVID 19 and drug addicts, who were counted in the numbers for sensationalism. in the news. Hollywood actors, who condemn this leadership, generally find it reflects on themselves. I wonder how much he has helped to feed the homeless or if he gave them shelter. We generally lose 25,000 a month from smokers and vapors, so are they being included? Are they blaming him for all those who had parties in their apartments, while confined??

  20. I like you as an actor, but when you get away from reading scripts you are acting like a derainged fool. I think you may have gotten too many hits to the head in Raging Bull. Please check yourself into a long term TDS rehab center. I wish you well and hope thry can cure you.

  21. DeNiro is an abuser for sure. I had a dad just like him and he was physically and mentally abusive to us 6 kids. He was also mean to others and beat his wife. DeNiro is just like him. He portrays himself in t.v. world. I can’t stand him. What he says about Trump is really what he is. He ignores all the bad stuff the dems do. He is blinded by the dems. I’d like to know what his problem is or is he just an ass?

  22. I wholeheartedly agree with poster Fred Wallin–Strumpet has ‘ Ulterior ‘ motives, he’s not to be trusted; and doesn’t deserve to be POTUS! I refused to Vote for him, or Looney Hillary in the last Election, and won’t this time either!

  23. Mr. Art Crosby. Your right as rain. I fully agree with your sediments. DeNiro is just a foul big mouth. Those of us with brains and common sense know what a nut case he is. So much for the left, what a bunch of lossers.😀

  24. De Niro sounds a lot like Nero the crazy Roman emperor that burnt down Rome so he could build a new town .

  25. Yea you cant fix stupid all these idiots are pissed because they have invested their money in china. All you democommunist need to blame the person in the mirror

  26. You didn’t vote for Trump last time? well we didn’t need you then and won’t need you vote for the half dead one in the basement

  27. I do not believe I have ever been to one of his movies so much for his talent and reputation, however, one does expect an actor to speak correct English….”because he could care less” is incorrect English…it should be “he could NOT care less….”…

  28. I feel sorry for De Niro as his actions look like someone who is experienced early dementia. He assessment of Trump looks like a Hollywood movie plot that he has been part of. When will people of his ilk awaken and stop this make believe which appears to have taken him. He’s not trust worthy any more, so why is the media still featuring him any more. What a waste of a life.

  29. What does he fear that he feels he has toco south cursing, and putting down our President? Maybe someone finally made him realize how stupid he is and informed him that Trump will be President for 4 more years. All of these Hollywood apes are in cahoots with the deep state and they all know their money makers are on their way out and so they will lose big time. Trump 2020!

  30. Well, Stevo–if Strumpet is re-elected, our Country might well be in Dyer danger! This year may be the propitious moment to Vote Independent! ! So, Vote as your conscience dictates, but prepare to reap what you sow!

  31. De NoNo and these other far left liberal asses can rant and carry on like a bunch of loonies. Their showing their weak side, because they can’t find anything to throw our president out of office. Even the lies and the cheating they came up with NOTHING!!! But they are hell bent on taken over and wanting this power to turn our country into a One World Order. Soros is the master mind and they are his flunkies who go out there and raise havoc but Soros pays for it all, pays them to do his dirty work. All these liberals need to really think and realize when Soros no longer needs them they will be thrown away like trash. He has many who work for him and will “do away” with the people he no longer needs around. No witnesses to squeal just like the Clintons never had to worry about. Call it suicide.

  32. DeNiro is so hate filled towards Pres Trump for no good reason that he can’t see straight & his soul is consumed with it. He is a very sad man.

  33. I worked for a big company and every time we were called in to an upper management meeting the people would stand and repeat with right hand over the heart,,,God Bless our president ,and God Bless America “”””
    Were has the respect gone from these idiots .

  34. DeNiro has totally lost it. I think he is now mentally incompetent with his fanatical raving. I don’t care that he “used to be” a great actor. I will NEVER watch any film that he is in again. Demented is demented, and DeNiro that’s your new character part in any movie that I will never see.

  35. That’s not acting if you do the same in real life Dezero. And what have you done to help out during this crisis? You are a decent actor nothing more. The golden age actors would outshine you, including Bonzo the chimp.

  36. Every one has an opinion. Whether you like, you hate, you despise the current president. I believe everybody from president down to whom ever is at the bottom,(above the people), has some blame , and non-truth speeches. The fact is that the common people can’t even sit and stay. My dog does a better job. The point is no matter where you all want to put blame. We need to start with yourself …….first.

  37. Robert DeNiro doesn’t have a brain to think with, doesn’t even know what he’s saying !! That’s what happens when you do drugs. Drugs eat up the brain !!!

  38. We get it DeNiro Hates President Trump but who cares what he thinks or says. He’s totally irrelevant. It’s a shame that DeNiro who was once a respected actor has completely lost it mentally. He’s behaving and speaking as if he’s The Godfather. All he’s doing is just totally proving to the whole world how mentally incompetent he has become. He’s actually become beyond boring.

  39. Scott27-you suffer from inarticulateness. You want so badly to bludgeon Trump with words but your gray matter isn’t up to the task. Your negative post suggests you are still in high school. You might express yourself more ably if you pay attention, increase your vocabulary and live in the real world for awhile.

  40. DeNiro is so consumed with hate for Pres. Trump for no good reason he can’t see straight & his soul is consumed.

  41. I think that one of the Gambinos should push DeNiro out of a 40 storey window. I just hope that the sidewalk isn’t damaged too much when his carcass slams into the cement.

  42. Guess all the Hollywood squares have had to much of Mexico imports..Now with withdraws, turning mean and stupid..sweet dreams Hollywood socialites.

  43. De Niro somehow believes that anyone with a rational amount of intelligence would feel that his profane and bombastic comments have a measure of credibility. like most of the ego-driven, flawed folks who come out of the “Hollywood” culture, this idiotic “personality” feels that you should actually deem that what he says has validity. Sorry Robert, you have never displayed sufficient plausibility to offer anything other than an inane rant which no one, not even ultra-liberals like yourself, is going to take much of an interest in. Anyone with even a modicum of perspicacity will simply understand that your greatest ability is being paid millions of dollars for trying to act like someone you are not. What a wonderful way to spend your life!

  44. Isn’t it odd that when stars become old and has beens they start to look for ways to get back in the news. Manly because they are not in demand or their movies are so good lately. So they start to slam Trump more and more. And guess what it works… They are in the spotlight once again
    Take a look Clooney Meryl Streep Barbara Streisand, Cher, Bette Midler and on and on
    If they are so unhappy with the president, then I have a good idea. Why don’t they move to a country who has a president that they will like

  45. Perhaps De Niro is a pedo and knows his time is coming. He’s feeling like a cornered animal before pick-up.

  46. Who cares what comes out of DiNio’s mouth! He’s a lowlife idiot, a has been in every way.. No one wants him..

  47. From what I have heard this person is a good actor and can follow a script but then….it ends…..

  48. DeNiro, like Alec Baldwin was once a great actor. Both of their stars have set and they should just retire and rest on their laurels of past greatness. I fear Robert is suffering from the early on set of Alzheimer’s and has fixated on President Trump as the target of his irrational, brain fevered rage. Sadly the unethical, totally without morals left wing Fake News D.N.C. Propaganda Machine are using this poor sick once great man to forward their agenda.

  49. Why do think the American people should listen to any of you so called elites. I have not figured out what makes you any better than me. I am one of those people who allowed you your wealth. Insulting our President and Americans is not going to go well with you and the rest of Hollywood. You see we are the ones who will be deciding if our money is worth giving to all of you anymore. You all have disgraced Americans. I for one have removed any movies and music from my collection that has your names on them and burned them. You all are good at disrespecting our President which is unbearable. Maybe shut your mouth and do something to help this country instead of encouraging hate and violence. You all better be saving your money you will need it to live on for a long time. You are all puppets of Obama and his goons. Maybe you all better find out what he says behind all your backs. It’s gut wrenching at the least. Trying to get rid of a sitting President that the people voted for is treason. Let’s see how you feel when you all get stabbed in the back by your beloved Obama. Only if you could hear his walls talk. I warned you.

  50. Why does anyone pay attention to someone who makes his living telling lies. acting is lying what makes an actor relivent to anything..

  51. DeNiro Is A Washed Up Has Been And Vents His Anger Just To Get Some Attention. Nobody Cares About His Rants And Raves And He Looks Like The Fool He Is. Go Crawl Back Into Your Hole Because NOBODY Cares About You Or What You Have To Say.

  52. So I voted for Tump and have been for the most part I have been satisfied with his performance. However this pandemic has not been handled particularly well. I had two elderly neighbors that both passed from this and their presumption that this was a relatively benign virus based on Trump’s statements that everything was under control and the virus would pass encouraged them to take a short cruise to Mexico and they caught the virus and had a very bad time with it and died in the hospital. I thought they should have erred on the side of caution but they had confidence that Trump was correct in his assumptions. Plus I have another neighbor who is a doctor and he has informed me that this whole matter was grossly mismanaged and that we should have been utterly proactive based on the data. So I in good conscience I cannot give him good marks on this issue. Having said that De Niro is still a world class jerk.

  53. DeNiro is a foul mouthed dispicable moron! He wouldn’t know decency or truth if it hit him in his ugly face! All of these Hollyweird idiots think they are intelligent and revelant, when actually they are mostly a pack of sexual perverts and immoral degenerates! I have quit watching their filth some time ago! DeNiro can go F himself along with the rest of these degenerate cretins!


  55. I would care less if I picked up the newspaper and read that Robert DeNiro caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Worthless POS….

  56. De Niro is exactly like the characters he plays..a prick. No one wants to hear his tirades and rants. He is just an ugly old SOB and offers nothing to the conversation. Trump will go down in the history books as the greatest president we were lucky enough to have. The Democrats will go down as the worst collection of Americans to ever turn their backs on the people. No one could be any uglier than they are and especially the deplorable ones from California and New York!

  57. What the F_ _K is ALL of this Hatred going on here! ! ! So, all of you Strumpet Lovers have literally Deified him–so F_ _KING what. ..DeNiro has the same right as you ALL do; come November, Vote your conscience as everyone in this Country will do the same! Don’t HATE, the World has too Much already.

  58. Trump does care about Americans and that’s why he’s wanting them to go back to work. We all can’t have Hollywood’s money. We need to work to pay rent, feed our family, pay our loans and household bills. I know Robert didn’t finish high school so maybe he’s to dumb to read but millions of children are starving because parents aren’t working. Hey mister loud mouth, why don’t you and all you liberal rich friends open there pocket books and help people in need.

  59. People hear what they WANT to hear. De Niro is like most of Hollywood…lacking intelligence and class. Of course, there certainly are some that are smart and not get involved and we all know why.
    Bruce, to correct you, Trump did NOT tell anyone to take a cruise…DR. TONY FAUCI was the one that said that, in the same contest of stating this was the same as the flu.
    People hear what they want to.

  60. Hey De Niro, stick to your day job – oh, you don’t have one! Your glory days are over. You are irrelevant. You’re nothing but an uneducated thug! You are not fit to shine President Trump’s shoes. Or anybody’s shoes for that matter! Crawl back under your rock sleaze!

  61. Just a “little guy” with a “big mouth”, suffering from a huge case of Napoleon Complex! No wonder he was “dumped”. Who can stand this idiot, puppet of the Left.


  63. I have written “2” responces and NEITHER has been posted. If I have been “Blackballed” from responding to ANY of your articles, then let me know so I don’t wast my time!

  64. Well Eric–Truth is, you and all the other Strumpet Lover Neanderthals are ALL devoid of any rational thought process;
    normally, anyone with a modicum of intellect is able to comprehend the truth–you, clearly NOT! Vile epithets are all you’re able to hurl; most detractors I merely consider the source. . .you, I don’t consider at ALL!

  65. Another has been talking BS. De Niro along with Biden are already in some stage of dementia. Every roll he plays in the movies he acts the same. T2020

  66. What most intelligent people know about DeNiro is that he speaks from and with his level of education. What a wonderful day it must have been for his parents when he was pushed from kindergarten to the first grade. The question is, did he reach the next grade? He is still the child seeking attention. Will someone please give him a cookie and a large glass of milk to fit his filthy mouth. Oh yes, the cookie is to stimulate the one brain cell he has; I doubt if he’ll ever have a synapse or any connection to reality.

  67. So Bob is now as unhinged as Rosie and Behar. Amazing how much stupidity can come out of NY City.

  68. Robert the Wallace
    May 18, 2020 at 1:42 am
    What the F_ _K is ALL of this Hatred going on here! ! ! So, all of you Strumpet Lovers have literally Deified him–so F_ _KING what. ..DeNiro has the same right as you ALL do; come November, Vote your conscience as everyone in this Country will do the same! Don’t HATE, the World has too Much already

    I’ll try this again!

    So, Robert, haterid from YOU! You just contradicted YOURSELF! You claimed “All of this haterid going on here”, and yet your doing the same with the foul language to those who don’t like the “IDIOT” from hollywood, and calling us “Strumpet Lovers”! You say he has a right to say what he thinks, and WE don’t?
    His haterid for the President is disgusting. “I WANT TO PUNCH HIM IN THE MOUTH, I MEAN REALLY PUNCH HIM IN THE MOUTH”! That was said on “Live TV” and the network DIDN’T even ATTEMPT to stop it! His attacks against the First Lady and their (at the time) 12 year old son was DISGUSTING! What do YOU think would have happened to him had he said these things to obummer or HIS family? I’ll tell you, the Secret Service would have been at his front door within the hour. If madonna had made HER comment of “I’m really thinking of blowing up the Whitehouse”, she would have been hauled off the stage in cuffs and put in JAIL! If Peter Fonda made his comment about 1 or both obummer girls “I really want to put them in a jail cell with a bunch of PEDIFILES”, HE would have been hauled off in cuffs and put in JAIL! And you DON’T consider THAT HATE? Then you say, “The world has too much hate already”? You better look up the meaning of the word “HYPOCRITE”!

    Strumpet Supporters!

  69. Hey Glenn don’t forget let’s impeach the mother fu##er by the muslime that hates this country and get in there faces anywhere and tell them they’re not wanted by the biggest racist mad maxine.classy representatives right

  70. Stevo:👍 And did you notice NO DemoRats said ANYTHING about what she said or did! Because they are AFRAID of her! Can you Imagine if ANY Republican, Black OR White, had done what she did? They would have been run out of town! Can you Imagine if a group of Pro-Trump supporters got in HER face and said what she told people to say? They would have been labaled a “Racist”, arrested, and put in JAIL.

  71. De Niro may be a good actor, but as a man he leaves a lot to be desired. Real men do not speak and behave as this aged misfit does. His vulgar tirades have gotten old and even people who support him, are now beginning to question his state of mind and stability. Someone once said, “We tend to hate the ones who make us feel our own inferiority; De Niro would be wise to remember this.

  72. “Anyone recall the marionette strings on Mario Puzos’ ‘The Godfather ‘ opening theme. Well, most of these Hollywood mo-mo’s are naturally equipped with ’em. Signed your neighborhood, friendly Strumpet.

  73. So Glenn–you want to punch DeNiro in the mouth? You want to punch me in the mouth? Violence is your mantra, and you dirtbag are the epitome of hypocrisy! I’d love to see Mr. DeNiro’s warnings come to pass; as POTUS, Strumpet is dangerous–a loaded gun ready to explode. . . and No I’m not against gun ownership, nor do guns make me nervous–” Idiots ” with guns makes me nervous! Also, learn how to spell ‘ hatred ‘!

  74. Robert ~~ Glenn was just quoting DeZero’s violent minded mantra! Its the Demonrats who are so hate filled what with their George Soros founded Antifa terrorist groups i.e. etc! Talk about hypocrisy!!

    Now YOU can knock it off with the trolling of GOP sites!

  75. Eric–Glenn–you Both truly make me Bored with your idle, inane and odious twaddle!
    Peddle your erroneous obtuse and facetious remarks elsewhere; bottom line–as you consider your delusional musings relevant, so Mr. DeNiro is entitled to his opinions! ! !

  76. Robert ~~ And you and your Party ilk TRULY BORE MANY OF US WITH YOUR IDLE, INANE, ODIOUS TWADDLE!!

  77. Robert the Wallace
    May 19, 2020 at 1:37 am
    Eric–Glenn–you Both truly make me Bored with your idle, inane and odious twaddle!
    Peddle your erroneous obtuse and facetious remarks elsewhere; bottom line–as you consider your delusional musings relevant, so Mr. DeNiro is entitled to his opinions! ! !

    So HIS & YOUR OPINIONS are the ONLY ones that matter? Who is “DELUSIONAL”? You and your “Mouth Piece” need to get a life! I thought AND STILL DO believe obummer is the WORST President that has EVER taken the oath! THE most racist, AND has the RECORD for dividing this Great Country! Ferguson Missouri ring a bell? Funny how it took him “3 YEARS” To produce his BC, which he needed to prove a “BORN IN AMERICA AMERICAN CITIZEN! I didn’t, and STILL don’t believe he is! And by the way, how long did it take you to come up with the intellectual wording you used in your remarks, I would guess a long time trying to figure out how the find them on Google!

  78. Erica and Glennda–is trolling these sites your only recreational past time? Assuredly, you must. . .so you can vent your asinine rant that matters to Absolutely no one with a modicum of
    intelligent reasoning; you call me boring! You, two Bozos, are the ones who have to be Boring, and Bored to death to troll these sites spewing your vile hatred! Get a life! ! Oh, by the by, yes I do refer to Google–it just might do your two inbred yokels to avail yourselves of that service, you might not misspell so MUCH!

  79. Mr DeNiro
    I have to admit I liked you in the parts you played in the movies, emphasis on movies and parts you played, you are not the parts you played you were acting and you should stay with your day job. you are no ones hero, you should stop drinking so much and once your sober you can start withdrawing your mouth out of your ass.

  80. Robert ~~ We GOP’ers are NOT into the transgendered / multi gendered / cross dressing degenerates / co gender public restrooms thing! It looks like you’re the troll as for a fool Liberal you hang around GOP sites! I do have a life and one of my hobbies is picking on Liberals after 8 years of Commie Obozo and his Deep State co players crapping on our country!! As for Google I don’t need any grammar help as English has always been one of my top favorite subjects!

  81. Eric–you talk up a Windstorm, but you say Absolutely NOTHING relevant!; you are however, monumentally correct about one truth. . .I’ve wasted WAY too Much time attemptng to penetrate the delusional demonic mindset of ALL you pathetic irrational dolts! So, continue to augment your wasted lives–with one foot in the ” Twilight Zone “, and the other on Banana peels! Oh, also find someone with a brain to show you where to find Google–you can’t SPELL!

  82. robert the wallace, all you do is attack, you haven’t attempted anything constructive, just another TDS victim, yes, you’re Definitely wasting your Leftist time on here.

  83. Robert the Wallace
    May 19, 2020 at 1:52 pm
    Erica and Glennda–is trolling these sites your only recreational past time? Assuredly, you must. . .so you can vent your asinine rant that matters to Absolutely no one with a modicum of
    intelligent reasoning; you call me boring! You, two Bozos, are the ones who have to be Boring, and Bored to death to troll these sites spewing your vile hatred! Get a life! ! Oh, by the by, yes I do refer to Google–it just might do your two inbred yokels to avail yourselves of that service, you might not misspell so MUCH!

    And yet here YOU are 😅 wasting YOUR time TRYING to belittle us? Question:Who is the Dumb Ass here? Answer:Communist Leftist LIBERALS!
    We’re not the ones “spewing vile hatred”, that is what YOU are doing, just read what YOU have written, better yet, have someone read it for you because YOU CANT READ!

  84. Robert DeNIro ,THE OLD BULLDOG has no Class , he belongs in the same Class as Nancy Palosi and Maxine Waters . or as Trump would say Low I Q . `

  85. I do believe that DiNiro needs a learning lesson. First of all President Trump is working for us, you see he donates his salary. Let’s see DiNiro what have you donated to the American people, besides your mouth. President Trump didn’t take six months to do something about it like Obama. I do believe Americans have done our part to protect the elderly. All you Hollywood Obama lovers best remember that we are the ones who helped you get where you are at today in your mansion with food. While we are all in food lines. We are all paying attention right now. I wouldn’t make any bets on any of your movies making to much more $. We see who is fighting for us and we definitely know it’s not you big mouths in Hollywood. Maybe you can sell your movies to China.

  86. Great reply, Patricia! They’d have to pay me a helluva lotta money to watch another one of his movies!

  87. You have to pray for someone like him. I would hate to have that much hate in my soul. Our country needs to go back to loving others and instead of saying bad things about the people that are so full of hate pray for themWhen you say bad things about them you are no better than they are.

  88. In my opinion Trump has been a great President and done things others only dreamed of. And when this pandemic started and he banned travel from China he demonstrated a resolve to combat this virus head on. But then everything unraveled and we failed to act expeditiously and arrest this event before it could gain a foothold in the country. I believe a study recently completed cited that wearing face masks and practicing social distancing proved very effective at slowing the spread and had we implemented these measures immediately upon verification that the virus was on our shores we could have saved thousands of lives. I have lost a relative and two friends and to think that they might still be alive if we had responded more swiftly is beyond troubling. We must commend Trump for his accomplishments but be candid as well that is this particular matter he has not served the country well.

  89. danio is a punk. born a punk, and will die a punk. his mouth is nothing but a cover up of who he really is…..nothing but a loud mouth little punk.if he keeps running his mouth he is probably going to get something in it that he is not going to like. A big fist1111111


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