Robert De Niro just threatened Trump supporters with one shocking statement


Robert De Niro’s brain has been completely broken by Donald Trump.

The actor who once shied away from the spotlight now spends every live appearance railing against Trump.

But De Niro just threatened Trump supporters with one shocking statement.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has kicked into overdrive even though the 2020 election is over.

Trump is still challenging voter irregularities that occurred in multiple swing states, but Joe Biden appears on track to be the next president of the United States.

Now that Trump is seemingly on the way out, Democrats are slinging their arrows at Trump “collaborators.”

Robert De Niro made that clear in a recent segment on The View.

De Niro was asked by RINO Ana Navarro why Republicans still support Trump, and he replied, “I don’t know what – what logic to use except they’re just afraid because – but they should be afraid of what’s going to happen later when he’s not around, and they’re going to try to crawl back, the ones that would have the gall to try to crawl back.”

This idea that Trump supporters in government, media, and the private sector “should be afraid” is gaining ground among the Left.

High-profile Democrats have called for commissions and blacklists to contend with the 73 million “Nazis” that voted for Trump.

This further proves that the Democrats have gone insane.

The corporate press has tried to paint Trump as a fascist and a bigot for four years, but their lies imploded on election night when Trump got the highest Republican share of the nonwhite vote since 1960.

Trump didn’t spy on journalists, imprison whistleblowers, start new wars, or weaponize the federal government to go after his political opponents.

Those are all things Barack Obama actually did – more than any of his predecessors.

Meanwhile, Trump presided over record-low unemployment, passed criminal justice reform, and brokered historic peace agreements in the Middle East.

Despite his achievements, the talk of him being a fascist continues to echo among the Democrats.

In a previous unhinged interview, De Niro admitted he wasn’t deeply political.

That’s the problem; he spouts off with vile and disgusting language, but he has no knowledge of the issues or what’s actually going on in the country.

He is representative of how out-of-touch the Left has become.