Robert De Niro could destroy his career and legacy after going ballistic on TV attacking Trump


Donald Trump’s very presence in the White House has driven Hollywood Leftists absolutely nuts.

He’s driven these celebrities so crazy they are even committing career suicide on live television.

And Robert De Niro went nuclear in a recent interview on TV attacking President Trump, and what he said is now threatening to destroy his career and legacy.

De Niro is a well-known Hollywood Leftist and vocal critic of President Trump.

But this time he went too far.

In an interview on CNN, Robert De Niro went on an all-out rampage against Donald Trump and Fox News.

In the heated rant, De Niro dropped two F-bombs that left everyone speechless.

Breitbart reports:

On this week’s broadcast of CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” actor Robert De Niro criticized President Donald Trump and Fox News.

De Niro said, “I think they have but no choice to have an impeachment inquiry. It has to happen. There’s no way around it.”

He continued, “If it wasn’t for you, CNN, MSNBC and some other outlets, The New York Times, The Washington Post, I mean, where are we? This is a crazy world. What is going on? This guy is crazy. We’ve got to get him out.”

Host Brian Stelter said, “When you say that, folks on Fox come after you. I remember the Tony’s when he got up there and cursed.”

De Niro shot back, “F**k ’em. F**k ’em.”

Stelter said in response, “This is cable, so it’s not an FCC violation, but it’s still a Sunday morning. I do wonder why you choose to go that way.”

De Niro said, “In this country where this guy is like a gangster. He’s come along, and he’s said things, done things we say over and over again. This is terrible. We’re in a terrible situation. . .”

Needless to say, Robert De Niro received a great deal of backlash on social media after his trainwreck of an interview.

The actor has lost his ability to maintain composure and engage in a meaningful conversation about the President, or even politics in general.

The reality is, the Left does not tolerate anyone else’s opinion if it does not comply with their rigid set of beliefs.

Which is why Hollywood Leftists, LGBT activists, and feminists are leading the charge to censor free speech.

What do you think?

Did Robert De Niro go too far?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


  1. Early onset of Alzheimer’s possibly. People get angry because they get confused and don’t understand what’s happening to them. Just a guess.

  2. Sad. I used to like Robert De Niro . That is ,before I learned of his unjust hatred of President Trump and the party he supports.
    Oh well, every time one of these radial Leftists celebrities comes out and publicly disrespect our president, unjustly, it just makes it easier for me not to go to the movies, or turn on my TV…

    • Thank you. I am of the same opinion and my list just keeps getting longer and longer. I’ll keep my deplorable dollars, thank you. 😁

  3. Classic #TrumpDerangementSyndrome at its finest… and sorry to say there’s no cure. I agree @Linda M., I turned them off. It just makes me support & pray more than ever for our President, Country and my fellow Patriots. I also pray for the “left”… I pray they wake up & see the light.

  4. I think the lack of tolerance makes me less likely to see a Robert DeNiro movie, or watch it on TV. But was is so sad, is they don’t see that, by being so intolerant they are causing the very evil they say they seek to want to avoid. What do they think the President is going to do, if they seek to undermine him? He has a right to defend himself, just like they do. They are the ones who are causing the craziness. They are the ones who are undermining the constitution by this constant irrational pounding. Hasn’t Robert DeNiro read history? Or was he sleeping? I think if he seriously thanks about what he is saying, instead of thinking emotionally, he will find that what is going on is on his side. Not ours.

  5. As this ass is getting older what was left of his mind has totally gone. As most of these clowns he used to be a c+ actor as long as he was playing someone else but playing (with) himself, he gets an “F”.

  6. The list of movies and TV shows that I sill NOT watch because of the political ignorance of the actors is longer than the list I will watch. Everyone should boycott their movies and let them know why!

  7. The Libbies’ definition of free speech: WE can say anything WE believe, but what makes the rest of you think you have the same right?

  8. De Niro has Combative Dementia Syndrome just like my Mother who is now in a special Combative Dementia Rest Home. She is always very angry, screaming, yelling, tries to punch, kick, beat everyone on any parts of their bodies she can reach, and now at 90 she has no clue who any one of her 10 kids, relatives, anyone is. De Niro acts, looks, is just like her, and we are all mortal enemies to her in her mind, or what’s left of it. Also, De Niro is directly related to Italian Roman Emperor De Nero who played the violin/fiddle while he watched Rome burn from the roof top of his Palace after setting all those fires in the middle of the night. The De Nero’s had to change their name to De Niro or get run out of what was left of Rome at the time. I’ll bet Roberta De Nero eats, sleeps, talks bad constantly about Our Great President, and has the typical Trump Derangement Syndrome too just like all the similar late night talk show hosts, and other idiots have/do just to make a buck and get free publicity for their shows/movies. Even Alec Baldwin who plays Trump on SNL says he’s become a CLONE of Trump and can’t ever get him out of his head, even dreaming about everything Trump in his sleep, and during waking hours too. How sad for all these fools, but I’ll bet their super rich head shrinkers are making a fortune off of them all and Thank Trump profusely.

  9. It’s a disease, they have no god in their life.
    No consequences, running amok lying like never before seen.
    In the Bible it talks of the enemy being confused and eating their own.
    Folks end times are near.
    It’s really hard for one to be godly in a godless world.
    I pray for all the left. They need a touch of Jesus Christ before it’s to late and eternity is to long to be wrong 😇

  10. Robert DeNro is suffering from extreme TDS! I cannot stand to look at him or all the other vulgar, leftist communists in the movie industry!
    I can see why his wife is divorcing him!! How anti-American can
    these leftists be? These loons are all free to move to Cuba or Venezuela!!
    I guess there are no bounds to their stupidity!
    And we all know there is no cure for stupid!
    God bless America and President Trump!
    Trump,2020. Our only hope! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. Ah, forgive them..these loonies just don’t know what they are saying cause their nuts are loose and need to be tightened and screwed right.

  12. The man may be a great actor, but he’s dumber than cow feces. He knows absolutely nothing about the constitution or history. Where was he and all the other Hollywood elitist leftists when Biden and Obama violated their oath of office to faithfully execute their duty to protect and abide by the constitution. Does hypocrite ring a bell?

  13. deNiro is nothing more than a Follywood punk with a big mouth who thinks he’s narcissistically intelligent when, inf act, he’s typical of the ignorant liberal masses. P.S……I was never a fan of his movies either. Too much punk. What we need to be rid of is Follywood clowns like him and Milano and the many others.

  14. Why do media outlets use the feeble brain elderly flunkies to smear The best President in 42 years , ratings must be desperately low

  15. He should stick to acting where he is good and not politics where he stinks, if he can do better than Trump…why doesn’t he run for the office…talk is cheap, specially when you use FAUL language, it brings out the worst of you and most important…your IGNORANCE

  16. I do not go to Hollywood movies anymore because of all these people who think they are owed something by everyone. They embarrass me. DeNiro was one of my most favorite actors and now I can’t stand to see him.

    Also, Cable or not, CNN or any other station (and awards shows) should not allow him or anyone to talk like that.

  17. Zero respect for this guy! I need doctors, teachers, skilled trades but I don’t need Hollywood and the left elitist hate and discontent they spew.

  18. I believe his career was ruined long ago the minute he opened his big ugly mouth about Trump and he continues to do it. I would think it’s time to shut his pie hole.

  19. Interesting fact about De Niro in ‘98 he was arrested for being with underage prostitutes in France. He was also in a certain someone’s little black Peddy File (spelled wrong on purpose) book. It seems his rage is probably paranoia and projection. It’s all coming back to the old lunatic pervert. He knows what he did, and he needs to deflect, because the heat of the flames is at his feet. F U, De Niro, I’ll never see anything your senile old ass is in ever again.

  20. Instead of fading away gracefully like most of golden era stars of days gone by, he would rather crash and burn destroying any film legacy he may of had. Ego + stupidity = destruction

  21. Most of the comments above are from pro-Trumpsters who are willing to throw DeNiro into the dumps. Just because he happens to express anti-Trump feelings, like the majority of Americans, does not make DeNiro ‘the worst actor ever’. Regardless of his current political views, De Niro remains one of the greatest actors ever!!

    • I disagree , he brought this on himself ,how does his foul free speech (TRUMP) every one else’s right to tell the presume majority , speak for yourself please .

    • Anil Kakad: De Niro is just expressing the anti- Trump feelings, like the MAJORITY of Americans do. Is that your statement? Really? Well, you keep backing the Demon party which promotes killing babies, freebees for all illegal aliens, and all the other BS they stand for, and see what you wind up with. It’s called NWO!
      And even if De Niro wasn’t being a disrespectful fool towards our sitting president, he still wouldn’t be one of the greatest actors of all time. He WAS good. But that’s it….And yes it does make sense to throw him in the dumps. Just like any other ignorant fool like him. It’s called standing up for what’s right….


  22. Instead of fading away like most of the golden era stars of days gone by, he would rather crash and burn destroying any film legacy he may of had. Ego + stupidity = destruction

  23. Why does anyone care about what some Hollywood actor/actress says? These people failed at learning to do real work, so they sold their soles to get acting “jobs”. Sure, they make a lot of money, but so do drug dealers!

  24. If you gave me free air line tickets and free movies tickets to see one of dequeeros movies or plays I would burn them. Dequeero needs a good ass whoopin to straighten his act out like a little 2 year old b—h.

  25. DeNiro must think he’s playing in ‘The Godfather’ as he sounds like an ignorant thug. Those who cannot prevail with logic become frustrated and emotional. He sounds like a toddler having a temper tantrum. His wife is divorcing him according to stories. If true, I guess she got tired of his tirades.

  26. DeZero is a Freaking Idiot that believes he’s Don Corleone. What a LOSER !! He does NOT give one reason WHY he hates Trump so much, NOT ONE !! What has Trump done that pisses him off so bad ?? What is the Compelling Motivation that drives DeZero to act like such an ASS regarding Trump ??? What has Trump done to this Jackass personally that is so Irritating to this Deranged RETARD ?? DeZero needs a John Deere Tractor Big Time. So he can tie himself to a tree and pull his DumbA$$ Head OUT of his Rectum if that is at all possible to begin with. Bobby Boy is just another Whining CryBaby DummyRat that acts like some Spoiled Kid throwing a fit who just had his Halloween Candy stolen from him. What a WUSSY and Pansy he really is coming on like he’s SO Tough. Oh Please Mr. Tough guy, Don’t Hurt Me !!! Go up to Trumps Face you COWARD DeZero and let’s see how BAD you are then Mr. Tough Guy Pansy. Total LOSER Indeed !!

  27. Why hasn’t his behavior already destroyed his career and legacy and ended him up in jail? If we would have done that to Obama we would have had the FBI, CIA and SS knock on our door and hauled us off at 5 am like they did to Gen Flynn and Manafort! Even if there is some mental decease going on, there is no excuse for his behavior!!!!

  28. Trump is evil, when your country is led by a madman, a guy who believes in every right wing conspiracy theory, thinks laws don’t apply to him as a businessman, private citizen and as President it is scary, Trump is a disgraceful person mainly out to increase his wealth, get revenge and preen at his rallies. He is a sick egomaniac who needed help decades ago but despite being a rich man, and President who did win with Russian help, with 3 million fewer votes besides and he just cannot accept facts so he is constantly lying, as lying has been his modus operandi his whole life. Despite the power he is a pathetic mobster. DeNiro’s legacy as a great actor is secure, at such an old age he doesn’t have many more great movie roles coming but to deny that he isn’t a great actor, check out all his movies.


  29. At least people such as De Niro make it easy to identify the enemy. It is obvious that if they intensely dislike Trump, they are going to intensely dislike ME also, because I think Trump may be the best President we have ever had. I am sick to the gills of politicians that I supported because they had fire and moxie on the campaign trail, but once elected became pansies in office. I can never forget George H. W. Bush’s campaign mantra — “Read my Lips! No New Taxes!” Then, once in office, he let the Democrats trick him into passing the biggest tax increase in the history of our country.

  30. Poor Robert! All of those years of drug and alcohol abuse finally is getting to his pickled brain! He’s not dealing with not being all that relevant anymore and is losing contact with reality.
    Don’t you feel sorry for him??
    Yeah…. me neither!!!

  31. My husband and I threw out all his movies. Even The Deer Hunter. And we will not watch any new ones of his coming out in the theater. Until Hollywood gets behind our President or disagrees with him like normal human beings we are boycotting them. Wow , it is nice to have more time to be outside doing things and spending more time with family, not watching TV. After all, back in the day, movie stars were just jesters for the king.

  32. I can never understand why Democratic supporters are accused of “going ballistic” or “crossing the line”; while Republicans, including Trump are never accused of doing the same, even when they have a melt-down in public. Let’s not have double-standards. If we want to have credibility, let the reporting be dispassionate. and factual.

    • Michael: I don’t know where you are getting your information from ,but that’s ALL the Democrat’s and their supporters has done but accuse President Trump of going ballistic and worse !! And please tell me one Republican that has had a ” melt- down” out in public? Besides the ones that have been falsely accused of despicable things they never did. And even ,then they have defended themselves with restraint. But let’s look at ” the squad” and Pelosi and their conduct out in public. Really polite and correct behavior, correct? NOT…
      Yes Michael, let’s not have double- standards. This is what us Conservatives have been saying to you Leftists right along…..

  33. DeNiro is the epitome of the maniacally arrogant Hollywood left, who actually believes that a majority of Americans think as they do because a room full of like-minded cesspool dwellers gives them applause. This shallow validation doesn’t exist in the real world of Americans who do all the working and fighting and living and dying to sustain this country…the DeNiro s of the world see them as cattle, a lowing herd who pays for them to have a star in a sidewalk. He has no more an idea as to how this country works, than Ocasio Cortez. He arrogantly operates under the pretense that he is one of the movers and shakers of society because he correctly reads the words of someone else in a script and we should follow his lead. I’m wondering if the Hollywood child sex playground that he and best friend Harvey Weinstein were playing in, may have some effect on his growing animus toward a president who has promised to expose or eliminate it. Me thinks he protests too much.

  34. We as most people do not respect one another, so why do we expect De Niro to respect our President.
    Let the man have his opinion, one day you’ll want your’s.

  35. I think Robert is a queer/homo that gets so upset he’s not seeing clearly. He gets himself all worked up over nothing. From a number 1 to 10 on TDS he may be a 12. Can’t even talk like a normal human when he talks about Trump. “TDS” affects everyone a little different, this guy’s going to have a stroke just talking about Trump.

  36. Robert who? I don’t know that stupid guy this person who ever he is should go back to school to learn how to speak and to learn respect our president He needs lots of class to learn about education because he hasent any.

  37. The Left Does not like Trump because he is for bringing the country together, making it stronger, more prosperous and respecting all life, which the Left is totally opposite of all this. The Left is for totally destroying America, they are totally unAmerican and seem to be against anything good for people or the country.

  38. The Left Does not like Trump because he is for bringing the country together, making it stronger, more prosperous and respecting all life, which the Left is totally opposite of all this. The Left is for totally destroying America, they are totally unAmerican and seem to be against anything good for people or the country.

  39. He’s a has been washed up low class pos. He never acted. He played low class pieces of crap his whole Carrera. He wasn’t acting. Just being his low class ignorant self.

  40. deniro and the other so called Hollywood stars is the reason I don’t watch movies or TV, all they do is curse and act ignorant of life, Movies used to have actors that was not cast if they used curse words but now all you hear is cursing, my kids know better than to use words like they do in hollywood

  41. Politics is suppose to be a joining of opinions. As so as a republican has a different idea then Trump he says they stabbed him in the back. He has no idea what governing is okay I know the names will follow

  42. Hey Robert just remember your chariture in the Joker as Manny your time is coming Just let me know when it happens I’d love to be there and see it OH thats’ right I did see it in the Joker. Fitting end to your time


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