Ricky Gervais delivered two lines that shut Hollywood up for good


Hollywood believes they know what is best for the American people.

They use every opportunity they can to attack those who support President Trump.

But Ricky Gervais delivered two lines at a Hollywood awards show that shut them up for good.

As the host of the Golden Globe awards, comedian Ricky Gervais used his opportunity to take on the elites in Hollywood head-on.

During his opening statement, he made clear that he wasn’t going to put up with their political opinions while accepting awards, telling them to “f*** off.”

Gervais told them they are “in no position to lecture the public about anything” and that most of them have “spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.”

He also took aim at Apple TV’s new “The Morning Show,” initially giving it praise “superb drama about the importance of dignity and doing the right thing,” before adding “made by a company that runs sweatshops in China.”

The comedian then went on to ask the entire audience of Hollywood stars, “If ISIS started a streaming service, you’d call your agent, wouldn’t you?”

Deadline reports:

Casting the industry town as hypocritically woke – with a Jeffrey Epstein joke thrown in for good measure – the notoriously scathing British comic advised Golden Globe winners to skip the moralizing. Said Gervais, “Thank your agent and your God and…” The rest was bleeped, but he seemed to say something along the lines of “f*ck off.”

“You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything,” Gervais cautioned. “Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg.”

Apple TV’s woke The Morning Show, Gervais said, was “made by a company that runs sweat shops in China.” If ISIS started a streaming service, he said, Hollywood would call their agents.

Individual stars didn’t get through the opening monologue completely unscathed, if none were as skewered quite so efficiently as Gervais’ former punching bag Mel Gibson. Felicity Huffman, Gervais said, made the license plate on his car, Joe Pesci looks like Baby Yoda and Cats‘ Judi Dench chose that movie because she “likes nothing better than plunking down on the carpet, lifting her leg and licking her [BLEEP].” James Corden, the host said, was “a fat pussy, and he was in Cats.”

They clearly didn’t expect Gervais to take them on the way that he did.

And naturally, Hollywood stars are furious.

It’s probably fair to assume this is the last award show they will let Gervais host.

Do you agree with Ricky Gervais?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. I never watch any of the alleged awards shows where these overpaid, pampered sloths pat themselves on the back and tell the rest of us bumpkins why we are wrong, but I would loved to have seen this one!

  3. Ricky Gervais was quite correct in his instructions to the people receiving an award. BUT, it didn’t shut up Hollywood for good . Or even stop Michelle Williams from giving her disgusting speech endorsing abortions during THIS show! Nothing will stop these radical, deranged Leftists from pushing their agendas down our throats EVERY chance they get! Only they have the right to spread their propaganda. But when Conservatives try to speak the truth, we are stopped. What’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right. The Leftists motto…
    Let’s pray 2020 we will get the justice this country deserves, via the Republicans……

  4. so perfect and so correct,,,Hollywood has no morals no respect or self respect,,Lights are on but nobody is home,,the soul is gone,,,

  5. I wish I would have watched the Golden Globes now just exclusively for Ricky. All of the smug Hollywood elite with their superior snobby attitudes just got knocked off their high horse by Ricky five stars for Ricky Gervais ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Let the elites keep their Golden Globes.

  6. The stars, like other citizens, have the right of their opinions but, just because they come from a celebrity does not make them more valuable or correct.

    Some in Hollywood have no more factual data or insight than be found on TV at most anytime.
    It is a shame that it was delivered with some words that shouldn’t be uttered (yes I have used them so I am a hypocrite). but there might have been kids in the crowd.

    The show is over so let proceed to the drama in Iran.

  7. Thank you Ricky … you said what most of America thinks … I never watch the boring Golden awards who golden showers their bs on us everyday folks .. who actually made them filthy rich
    Sure enjoyed The clips of you roasting all those pompous ass script readers … with the truth

  8. I’m impressed! This is what we want to say to them every time we pay good money to either see or hear them as the entertainers they are…….not to hear their opinions! Thank you Ricky Gervais

  9. Hollywood can’t handle the truth. They wouldn’t know the truth if hit them between the eyes.
    They play the parts of smart people, but THEY are not smart people.

  10. There is sooooooo many award shows to these worthless , talentless ( animals and kids can act) if they ran these on tv they could have a 24/7 series of worthless individuals. I can see them going down the drain.

  11. Good job by Ricky man. The need to go away and shut the f..k up forever. Just because they make movies, which are faked life, they think they are better than us. Well, do what I did years ago, never go to another movie any of them make they will go away, just like Kevin Spacey with his last movie that took in less than 40 bucks. So GO AWAY HOLLYWOOD LEFTIST.

  12. Ricky Gervais thank you… no one could have stated it any better. What all of these hollywood leftists need is for conservatives to stop paying to see their work for the next 10 years or so and give them a taste of what is like to be out of work. This would put a very large dent in all of there bank accounts.

  13. Mr. Gervais took the opportunity to give the decadent Hollywood elite their comeuppance. Well done.

  14. Finally someone in Hollywood with some sense. They think that everyone thinks like they do but we don’t!!

  15. Let’s not forget that’s all they are is a bunch of actors and actresses. They written script and follow the producers The manns big f****** deal. What’s funny is because I know how to read a script and follow a producer’s instructions they think they know more than the rest of us. They’re just like most of the democratic politicians dumber than a sack of f****** rocks.

  16. I agree with everything Ricky said as the host of the awards show! The joke regarding Jeffrey Epstein not killing himself is believed by a lot of people far closer to the case than I, including a former New York medical examiner! The hypocritical Hollywood types will make sure Ricky is not invited back to be the host of the awards show, they are far too thin skinned to take any criticism from anybody! Sad but absolutely true!

  17. I’m very impressed with Ricky Gervais’ behavior! I have always thought this way and am so grateful to find his wit and intellect behind it.
    Thank you, Ricky!

  18. Thank you Ricky!!! You’ve added years to my life bc it was so gratifying to have the Hollywood banal-elitist hear it like it is.

  19. Rickey was right about his comments to the Hollywood “elites” [as THEY call themselves.] Common, everyday citizens are so over THOSE people. The majority of them can’t even come close to decent acting! While common patriotic Americans are concerned if the USA will be bombed by terrorist OR over-run by illegals Hollywood is concerned about making another low-class movie with nothing but the F word in it. Or they take the platform on how “happy” they are that they have killed their unborn child….unborn but very much a living human!! SHAME ON YOU!! So I say “Well said Mr. Gervais”!

  20. Ricky was incredibly gutsy but called it all as it is!! You’re lucky to have this Guy at your award shows. Give him a huge raise!

  21. Didn’t watch the show because of the stupid remarks these idiots usually rant off but now I’m sorry
    I missed it. Ricky covered it very well and am grateful to him for it.

  22. Kudos to Ricky, told it like it is. Have not and will not go to the movies to see any of these nasty liberals. It is about time like Trump that someone told it like it is. Love his honesty. God Bless Him for taking the hits, more of us need to speak out. Stop being afraid of the Demonrats . When “ Cats” is made into a movie, we need to all jump off the clown car.

  23. The old saying. “The truth hurts” seems to have hit the correct target.
    Good for Ricky to have the fortitude to verbalize it.

  24. Before you all hump his leg, I read he IS NOT a fan of PRESIDENT TRUMP’S. Still, he told the smarmy little toads where to stick their awards.

  25. Thumbs up for Ricky gervavis, it’s about time somebody put these arrogant celebrities in their place ! Good job !

  26. For a comedian who doesn’t like Donald Trump…Gervais sure unloaded on the Democrats sitting in their fancy designer clothes with painted faces waiting patiently to flood the bars behind the curtains while taking a couple hits of Cocaine or other drugs after the show…Hey celebrities need their drugs and booze in their efforts to appear “happy” with all their fame, fortune and awards…it all goes along with their “fake” make believe character…most of whom don’t even remember their real names.

  27. Bravo Mr. Gervais!!!!! I thought you where one of them!!!!! Great job and Welcome to our side. Thank You!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hollywood’s gentry like the DC career politicians are always extolling accolades upon themselves. While chastising others outside their vocation who bestow honorable and meritorious achievements greater than theirs. Their hypocritical envy is always displayed in their annual celebrations of vanity with Hollywood awards shows. They are a pitiful lot deserving of nothing other than disregard.

  29. Yeah Cindy,and adding to your last sentence, ‘and stick them where the sun don’t shine’.
    Hollywood people are so immoral. I don’t think I know any of them that haven’t been with several partners.
    They dress like a million dollars, yet they are nothing but sex minded trash!

  30. Well done Mr. Gervais, you put your words right between their eyes. I could see some in the audience getting all smug & pouty. Leonardo DiCaprio was going to jump out of his chair when he heard the climate change quip. As if he could hold anything to Gervais. That’s what these self-righteous elitist needed to hear & it was so funny. I hope more comedians continue what Mr. Gervais has started.

  31. I did not watch the awards, but I saw Ricky Gervais on Fox News and I could not believe he actually told the idiots off.
    Linda, there exists a way to stop these stupid radicals from speaking their nonsense. We the people have to stop supporting them by not going to see any movies or for that matter watch them on TV shows. My wife and I have had enough of the stupid shows and ridiculous movies. Consequently,
    we stopped watching. We now watch nature’s documentaries. These uneducated morons are way over paid for reading the lines that were written for them. And if you allow them to speak without written lines for them one can immediately realize that they are complete idiots. Case in point Robert
    DeNiro, or however he spells his name.

  32. I was already under the impressing the he wasn’t going to do it – told them he wouldn’t and then changed his mind and said it was his last show. Kept his word ! But truth hurts and he knew that and apparently dislikes the two-faced people that populate “PoppyWood” I was thinking that he also hit them on the quality of the movies and why people aren’t going to see political tirades and having to pay for it ! MOST OF THE MAJOR MOVIES Are crap ! I actually find better movies in the B level with better writing and acting with less money

  33. He was reading a teleprompter. The producers knew what he was going to say. And now, the lackluster award show is in the news…he read his script and did his job…

  34. I’m thrilled that Ricky Gervais told them like it really is. We all know those people are just lizards.

  35. I watched and thought it was great. We don’t care what Hollywood thinks. It is about time for someone to tell them what the American people really think about them. If it was not for us, they would not be getting awards or anything.

  36. I bet they did not like someone using their soap box to lecture them. Now they know how I feel. I figure they got off cheap.

  37. Albert P.:I haven’t gone to the movies in years and I certainly don’t watch these mindless award shows. The only reason I know what happened is because of another story about Ms. Williams here on Culture watch.
    Just like you and your wife, I only watch nature documentaries and occasionally the History channel. And my own DVDs. But that’s about it. I will not support the drivel that Hollywood is calling entertainment or these ridiculious TV shows., now a days. So we are on the same page! Thank you sir!!

  38. The whole speech was printed in the Daily Mail (UK) on Sunday. I had never heard of him, but he was spot on with this speech. I am sure it made some of them squirm, but shut them up? I don’t think that is possible.

  39. I don’t watch any of the “award shows”. There’s not too much in hollywood to be worthy of awards. Most actors and actresses don’t know how to act with quality. Why must everything be laced with profanity?

  40. Well said and we have done the same! Can’t stand to hear the foul language that comes out of their mouths against our president and America! Grrrr!

  41. I didn’t see the original show, but heard so much about Gervais’ monologue that I had to view it on demand. I only watched the 8 minute monologue. IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THIS MONOLOGUE, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO VIEW IT!!!
    It is hysterical!!! Honest to goodness, you’d think Gervais was a conservative!! Hahahaha!!!!!

  42. Hey Ricky
    Not sure you will even read these comments. But obviously you hit a tone lots of people agree with. Not sure where you stand when it comes to politics but it was Great to have someone put these Fake, Condescending, Arrogant, Overpaid, Morons in their place. They get paid way to much money and worship from mindless small thinkers for acting out a make believe part and when These lost souls, actually start believing that they are important is when the problems set in. Drugs, Alcohol whatever they can get their hands on to take away the Pain of Reality setting in. Wish you Much Success Ricky G.

  43. Ricky was spot on. It is about time that these narcissists with their protected pedophile friends hear what the public now knows about them. Hollywood is a neatly wrapped Tiffany box that once opened, exposes true hideous sex abusers (like Harvey Weinstein) and many others. Check out who came forward to defend his sick character after he was accused. Hollywood is nothing more than a high-end propaganda machine to destroy your sense of morality, character, your religion and to accept the abnormal as normal so you can be molded to believe whatever they want. I don’t go to the movies, buy their dvds, watch cable (especially Netflix) or support these demonic individuals in their music, plays or concerts.

  44. I agree Laurie. Ricky Gervais was hilarious. He made the show entertaining. They sure like to pat each other on the back. And Williams was sure disgusting on her rant about abortion. She is quite immoral. And those who appauld her have a place in hell with her.

  45. There’s NOT ONE Celebrity…Actor or Actress…Stand In or Double…Crews…Behind the Scenes…Construction Contractors…Writers…Directors, Music Industry or Sports, You Name It, NONE Have the LORD IN THEIR LIVES !!! I Don’t Care What Their Belief’s Are or Claim to Be…EVERYONE’s GOD IS MONEY…They ALL GRAVE GOLDEN GRAVIN IMAGES or POWER…DESIRE TO BE PRAISED n WORSHIPED…Their ALL FULL OF VANITY and SELF-ABSORBED and Think Their ALL ABOVE ALL OTHERS and the LAW !!! Save for 1%…They Do NOTHING To Actually Help Common People and Causes…un less…It Actually HAPPENS TO THEM ( like HIV etc. ) They WON’T Donate to the Government but Love Hating It !!!

    The Holly-NO-MORAL-COMPASS-Wooders and ALL Other’s Mentioned Above ALL Lie n Cheat…Have Children Out Of Wedlock…Commit ADULTRY and FORNICATE…DRINK and DO DRUGS…Jump From One So-called Partner to Another…Flaunt Their Richness With Expensive and Lavish Cars n Houses n Jewelry and Material Things…Spend $1000s and 10s of $1000s On Their Bodies Just To Get LIKES…They Treat Common Folk With NO RESPECT and Think Their Supposed to Be Treated Like Kings n Queens for Their FAKE and MAKE BELIEVE PRETEND WORLD They Live and Act In !!!

    Sure ( some ) Are Good and Mean Well…but…To Make $100M for a Make Believe Pretend Movie, That They Call Entertainment…give me a break

    And Don’t Let Me Get Started With The Power Graving Politician’s…

  46. Thank you Ricky, for having more balls than the Ladies Rest Room at the theater where that awards event was held. You’ve increased your followers by a hell of a lot of people who appreciate the guts you contributed to that evenings event and those who were offended by your comments are just a bunch of ass kissers who are afraid to act like adults and stand up to a bunch of bully’s better known as Liberals.
    Again, Thank You!

  47. Yeah..and ONLY HE could say it with his SPECIAL accent. He almost sounded sweet. These people are just people with JOBS. They know nothing more than we do and are too arrogant to keep their mouths shut. They are FULL OF THEMSELVES and deserve no more recognition than anyone else. So there.

  48. I agree Frenchie. I saw it and it was hilarious to see the immorals jaws drop when Rickey Gervais delivered his words of wisdom. Some just sat stunned face. It was great. I didn’t care who won. I just wanted to see what Rickey was going to say next. I think he should host again. A lot higher ratings.

  49. Thank you Leo wasn’t sure I was comparing there or not. Sometimes proof reading can lead to mistakes.

  50. Thank you Ricky for speaking the truth! Celebrities need to bring God into their lives because Children need good role models and Hollywood Celebrities truly are lacking in this category!

  51. Kudos to Ricky for telling it like it is !! And, I was gratified that The Irishman and DeNever got shut out !!

  52. I think I love Ricky! He has always reminded me of that Stimpy of Ren & Stimpy. Who knew someone would say something refreshing & honestly funny in a blunt Trumpanian way! At a Hollywood Awards Show no less!

  53. I never watch award shows any more because I don’t want to hear the political opinions of celebrities that live in a fantasy world and know nothing about the ideologies of political parties and make such ignorant statements that it is actually pathetic. They simply follow what one celeb says like a bunch of stupid sheep…Ricky Gervais is refreshing, thank you for your truth.

  54. Can’t stand to see commercials for worthy causes, with a Hollywood spokesperson, begging us to send them money for their project. It is such a turn off. I yell at tv, go ask your butt friends to donate millions! Donate half your worth!! You know their 60’s sexual lifestyle, screams they are peasants, who never had money before. Now they have so much money, anything goes. With that, boredom sets in. With boredom, their inner black, depraved, vile soul creeps out. Then hate lashes out. It’s called…self loathing. Hollywood, keep it. You don’t exist to the real world. Trump 2020!

  55. My daughter recorded this show and told me about his monologue. She rewound it snd we watched with great amusement and satisfaction. His comments were long over due to a pampered spoiled arrogant portion of society. I wish they would have followed his admonition not to give political speeches but sadly they did not. That is why I do not watch these shows! However this was the exception and Ricky was great! So glad my daughter had recorded it.

  56. Thanks for speaking the truth to the Hollywood elites full of actors and actress which translates into actors and actress.
    They need to recognize how the world sees them i.e. actors and actress that’s all.

  57. I applaud Ricky for his forthrightness in telling off the Follywood clowns but to be honest they’re so narcissistic and arrogant it’ll run off like water off a ducks back…..just like all Demonrats.

  58. Ricky Gervais poured hard on Hollywood some hard core acrid French Vinegar into the mouths and stomachs of the Elite actors and poisoned them so badly that their influence is forever ruins. He showed those fools that the American Public always knows best and are always right.

  59. Right on, Ricky Gervais, they won’t listen, but you hit the rusty nail on the head. Hollywood is too stupid to know what is moral and what isn’t!!!

  60. I agree with Gervais ! I also like what Tom Hanks had to say about the elites as far as being where they are suppose to be with out making the crew wait for them or have to go to their trailer to get them. I think being a good actor is hard but so are the jobs for many other good peoples .

  61. Thank you Ricky! While these hollywood actors have talent, it was way past time to tell them that they are lacking in “BRAINS”!

  62. He did a good job. There is one thing that is not brought up about Hollywood that shows that it has always been like this and that is the Nazi spies it was full of.

  63. Mr. Ricky Gervais should be the permanent HOST for the Golden Globes & The Oscars !!
    Fantastic job Ricky. We LOVE you !

  64. He’s not even a right winger. The left simply can’t accept that someone who isn’t right wing can still disagree with the left!

  65. I don’t watch awards shows. I never cared what the Hollywood crowd thinks, after all, they pretend to be someone else for a living. When they do say somethin, you can never be sure who is talking, them or their writers. Didn’t Whoopie say she was moving to Canada?

  66. Millions of hard working American citizens find that Hollywood tinsel town inhabitants fools and morons.
    Being fools and morons they never surprise anyone with their rank stupidity and self entitlement.Pity
    their off-spring, as they too are likely to become replicas of their idiot parents. The real mystery here is not when, but why do some folk still pay to much money for to little quality now found in these jackass’s motion pictures.
    Time to just say NO!!!


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