Reverend Franklin Graham blasts House Democrats for this atrocious act


Just when you think the Left couldn’t possibly do anything more ridiculous, Nancy Pelosi says “hold my beer.”

In their never-ending quest to be more “woke” the Left continues to bend and change anything and everything to fit their narrative.

Their most recent act is atrocious, and it has the Reverend Franklin Graham blasting House Democrats for it.

Recently, the House of Representatives changed the rules to eliminate the use of “gendered” terms such as “mother” and “father.”

This act has been met with backlash from the Right and fiery responses from the likes of Reverend Franklin Graham who accused top House Democrats of trying to “deny God’s authority.”

Graham stated in a Facebook post, “If those claiming the name progressive are allowed to have their way, we won’t even recognize this nation in a very short time.”

He also accused the Democrats of “shaking their fists at God.”

The vote came down along party lines with all House Democrats voting for the absurd rule change and all House Republicans voting against.  

Since Democrats currently enjoy a narrow majority in the House, the rules package, which included the removal of “gendered” terms, passed on that party line vote.

House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, echoed most Americans feelings on the matter when he simply tweeted, “This is stupid. Signed, A father, son, and brother.”

This wasn’t the only “gender related” act that kicked off the 117th Congress.

As Culture Watch News previously reported, in a move that only acts to seal the idea that the Democrat Party has truly lost their ever-loving minds, Representative Emmanuel Cleaver opened the first session with a prayer that he closed by saying “Amen and a-woman.”

Graham, in a separate Facebook post, stated “Regrettably, even prayer is no longer sacred to some in our halls of Congress.  One thing is obvious – we need more of it. Amen!”

The Left continues to change facts and science in order to make it fit their narrative for America, which is no doubt a sick and twisted narrative.

The culture wars have been waged for decades in our schools, in our movies, TV and music entertainment, and even now in our sports. 

Well, it seems that they will now rage in the halls of Congress as the radical Left imposes their warped view of the world on everyone.

Culture Watch News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.