Republican Senators stabbed every American in the back with what they said about Christopher Columbus


Republicans have thrown in the towel.

They’re capitulating to the outrage mob at every turn.

And what these two Republican U.S. Senators just proposed will make you furious.

Columbus Day is observed on the second Monday in October, commemorating Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World.

Now the mob wants to erase Columbus’ achievements from the history books.

Rioters have toppled statues of Columbus nationwide. They see Christopher Columbus as an “evil colonizer” part of the oppressive patriarchy.

Even the city of Columbus, Ohio has taken down a Columbus statue, which only leads us to wonder if they’ll rename the entire town next.

Sadly, in the U.S. Senate, it’s Republicans James Lankford (R-OK) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) leading the charge to banish Columbus.

They’re backing a proposal to replace Columbus Day with Juneteenth.

Juneteenth is a day that celebrates the end of slavery. The abolition of slavery is certainly something worth celebrating.

But in their haste to appease Black Lives Matter activists, Republicans cavalierly took a shot at Americans.

Sen. Johnson stated, “I’m just saying let’s replace it with something. I chose Columbus Day just because it’s probably the most lightly celebrated and less disruptive to anybody’s schedule.”

Senator Johnson wouldn’t be here if Christopher Columbus didn’t set out on his brave voyage.

Columbus wasn’t perfect. There’s only one person in history that was.

But his achievements are worth honoring.

Our country is facing a “Year Zero” moment.

Cultural Marxists are toppling or defacing statues from Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, and even several statues of abolitionists.

They want to erase our history so they can re-write their own.

Do you agree with the Republican Senators who want to get rid of Columbus Day? Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. It is not just statutes, it has now been extended to grave markers in National Cemeteries. BLM wants to deface all Confederate graves along with Union graves because they were “not pro-black enough.” This was the rational for going after Grant memorials. BLM admits they are creating a military arm, there is no appeasing them. The Republican Senators who back getting rid of Columbus, need to be renamed, “Neville Chamberlands.”

  3. The only thing worse than a cowardly, two faced. back stabbing Republican, is a Democrat.

    We need an almost entirely new team.

  4. Senator Langford was a camp counselor before getting into the business of government and knows little
    of history or holidays.

  5. You idiots, the reason BLM wants to rid of Columbus from our history is because they are 100% anti-semetic. Columbus was a Jew and he too shall be erased from history just like Haym Solomon who funded most of the Revolutionary War. But because he was Jewish he has been erased from almost all of the history books.

  6. I gave up on the republican party years ago and this is just one more reason why I am independent

  7. Kenny G…The left has no concept of history. They have been indoctrinated by the satanic public schools which rewrote history to fit their sick agenda. And Columbus was Catholic, not Jewish. He also never set foot on U.S. soil. The closest he came was the Bahamas

  8. Bj, if you google CC you will find that he was actually Jewish by all of his actions, but he tried to hide it because of the Spanish Inquisition. Even the dummies at CNN believe that he was Jewish from a report from 2015 on him. His religion is not that important in this instance since BLM hates both Christians and Jews.

  9. Remove these cowards!!!! There’s not a Paul Revere among them!!! Just assume the position that Democrats,BLM, Soros tell you to!!! I hope they come to your houses since that’s the only way Seattle mayor done anything!!!
    Stop charging citizens taxes because you’ve been paid too long for NOTHING!!!! Ordinary people will die, your security people won’t stop them it’ll just extend you a little time! Let’s segregate and become a world where we seek our own justice! Now people are going to say this is barbaric but politicians will be in their mansions while the mob torches it! You just took our freedom away and submitted to ignorant ppl that schools didn’t educate with American history!
    That’s why they don’t want trump and you cowards are for sale and scared! Remove all these senators from office! Drain the swamp and exterminate house of Congress!

  10. I can’t believe they are caving. Republicans need to grow a backbone and stand up for the Americans they claim to serve. Now more than ever our children need our great history!!!

  11. Republican senators are cowards and a disgrace in supporting a lying, selfish, cowardly, divisive leader!
    He belongs in an orange suit to go with his orange hair! He abuses women and minorities as well as criminals in his deceitful, incompetent cabinet!!

  12. Vote out these two morons if you are in their districts. They don’t deserve to hold elected office.

  13. These two IDIOTS have to go . Remember this when they are up for election , and let it be Columbus that got them kicked out of office !!!

  14. I really think the only things that should be replaced are the two Senators that betrayed the Country and it’s history that put them in power in the first place.

  15. I am the attorney who in 1971 led the legal battle to get rid of Chief Wahoo, the Cleveland Indian Baseball Team racist mascot. So we were fifty years ahead of all late-comers. For Columbus Day, leave it alone. There are many people, including many Italian Americans, for whom this day is important and treasured.

    As for Juneteenth, I have suggested that another celebration holiday be added to our National list of days to be honored and celebrated.. This could be on June 19th or any other appropriate day.

    This would be a good way for honoring what Juneteenth means while not at the same antagonizing others who should join with us and be invited to join with us. This has been my position for over fifty years of legal practice to find ways in which people can cooperate, coordinate, and accommodate. We need to find ways that we mutually help, support, and love each other, not distort and subvert. The goal is friendship, not antagonism and revenge, which by the way usually leads to further disputes and hatreds.

    Comments welcome. I promise to try to respond. Takecare. Say a prayer. It cannot hurt.

  16. Everyone reading this needs to contact these two back stabbing republican senators, Ron Johnson – OK and James Lankford – WI and tell them to drop this now. Our representatives base how they vote on the mail. I learned this in government class at TCC. PLEASE DO THIS so we can save Columbus Day.

  17. Let us just get rid of all anti-Americans, send them all to another country of their choice.

  18. I’ve always said Nancy Pelosi has more balls than all of the Republicans together. Columbus day is for all Americans. Most people didn’t know about Juneteenth unless the lived in the South. All politicians need to be voted out. They became politician to line their pockets with corporate money. They do NOT care about the U.S. citizens. We pay their salary but that’s nothing compared to what corporations give them.

  19. Agree with Joseph….leave things the way they are and just add Juneteenth as a new holiday like this country did for Martin Luther King
    The two Senators should be ashamed!
    Hey what about taking the Pyramids down…..they were built by slaves!

  20. A politician is a politician is a politician! The party they are affiliated with has no bearing on their lowlife ‘semi-hidden’ characteristics! Anyone stupid enough to hire any one of them for trustful position in their corporation would be an ideal politician themselves. Ali Baba only had 40 thieves! If he knew about the politicians he would have conquered the world at that time!

  21. I think this whole thing has gotten completly out of hand. “Me Too”, Black Lives Matter”, Tea Party ( a sham within the GOP composed of John Birch, David Duke, KKK, Koch Bros & Federalists) and Spineless Republicans who cannot see anything in front of their faces except dollar signs and possibly of losing their jobs. Funny, it’s OK for everyone else to lose their jobs, homes, incomes and lives, as long as the top 1% have everything they want. Our country’s history is not only a part of it’s soul, but part and parcel of each American’s soul. Slavery is over and done with, it’s also part of our history, no matter what color you be. Let’s honor our history and use it to continue becoming what was originally planned for our country. I am a descendant of Samuel Hardy, Isle of Wight and 1st Continental Congress, I am not nor have I ever been a racist. Some of you racists maybe better look back into your own ancestry, you may have blood in you, you never realized! There are way too many Archie Bunkers and they need to be educated. History is a part of this education. C’mon, people. look a little deeper into yourselves!

  22. Here’s an easy solution – we should have both Juneteenth and Columbus Day as national holidays! It should not be either-or, we can have both!

  23. Abolishing Columbus Day is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. However, it would be acceptable to give the holiday a new name, such as Indigenous People Day. There is no reason why we cannot celebrate BOTH Columbus AND indigenous people.

  24. No one is trying to “erase” history, it is an impossible mission. But wiping the red white and blue tint off your glasses is honest and long overdue.

  25. Columbus wasn’t a good person. This shouldn’t be a controversial statement. However, he was a world-changing person, and that is what the statues represent.

  26. To me all this is one big crock of bill dodo, we have lived 200 plus years with all these things around and getting rid of them now won’t change a dam thing. All it does is show what a bunch of week ass people in D C and mayors in the cities bowing down to a bunch of thugs

  27. People should check their history. Columbus landed in the Bahamas. Last I checked-the Bahamas was never considered USA soil. So the statue to me means little to our history. More to the point is-another paid holiday for government and certain sectors of workers. Those paid holidays are paid with taxpayer dollars. I don’t want anymore paid holidays on taxpayers dollars. Johnson has slowed down the process of the congressional vote on another paid holiday by opening it up for debate. Would you rather Congress just voted for another paid government holiday? And my bet is Congress both House and Senate would vote it thru and we, the taxpayers, pay for it. And that would include many Republican congress people who represent many on this site as it’s another day off for them. Johnson is a fiscal conservative hawk. I will back him on this. I want someone who is watching the budget and willing to speak up. There are more pressing issues than this. I prefer to pick my battles and this isn’t one of them. I like Trump’s idea of the garden.

  28. I once thought there was some potential in Lankford. Now they are both RINO’s right in the slime with the Demoncrats and Romney

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