Rather than save children’s lives, the CDC has one sick, woke obsession


The CDC is supposed to exist to ensure diseases don’t get out of control.

But under the Biden Administration, the agency has some sick twisted priorities.

And rather than save children’s lives, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has one sick, woke obsession.

During a time when real health emergencies are plaguing the nation — including a deadly mysterious liver disease infecting children — the CDC is completely distracted pushing a woke agenda on America’s kids.

Unbelievably, the “public health” agency is using your tax dollars to help Planned Parenthood and LGBTQ organizations prey on teens ages 13-19.

Biden’s crooked health misinformation agency has “partnered” with the leftist organizations to push an online discussion platform called Q Chat Space for “LGBTQ+ and questioning teens.”

Content is geared to attract young teens with content from popular franchises like Pokémon and Star Wars.

No doubt, the socially conservative Hispanic demographic Joe Biden is so desperately trying to pull back into his party will be tickled to find out the site peddling information on all kinds of sexual topics has a dedicated Spanish language version. (Maybe they could run some ads for it in Central America and stop the border crisis in its tracks?)

The site not only collects all kinds of information on each teen’s mental health — it also provides “resources” to help teens with a gender transition.

No doubt, this is all part of a new profitable venture for Planned Parenthood.

The behemoth abortion organization has recently started pushing the idea that children as young as preschoolers can decide if they should change genders.

It’s ironic that a beautifully formed fetus that looks exactly like a baby is merely a “clump of cells” according to Planned Parenthood, but somehow a three-year-old has enough agency to make a permanent life altering decision.

Even the guidelines listed on the Q Chat Space information page should be enough to give parents chills.

One bullet point instructs teens, “Don’t share personal information (like your birth date, phone number, or social media profile) until/unless you feel really confident that you trust the other person.”

Most sites aimed at children drop a period right behind “don’t share personal information.”

The fact that the creators set up an expectation that the children will be sharing personal information with people they come to trust on the site — where the main topic of conversation is sexual desires — is incredibly suspicious.

In recent years some “questioning” young people have been disappearing on their 18th birthday with what appears to be incredibly organized and efficient help from the transgender community.

Parents come home from work to find no sign of their child aside from a letter of explanation and don’t hear from their barely adult child again.

Now it appears a government agency may be helping to promote some sort of twisted formal grooming effort in the name of “mental health.”

The fact that parents aren’t welcome in the conversation is made abundantly clear by the long button at the bottom of the Q Chat Space site which reads, “Click/tap here for a quick escape…”

When kids click on the button they are instantly redirected to Google’s home page to hide the fact they’ve been on a website prescribed by what is supposed to be a “health” agency paid for by their tax dollars.

Apparently, leftists are willing to go to any length to capture and reshape the minds and hearts of our children.

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