Radical transgender activists just said something insane about women


The Left is drifting further and further away from reality.

Accepted biological realities that were understood by everyone have been assaulted.

Now radical transgender activists just said something insane about women.

Far-left transgender activists have been doing everything from altering language to advocating for male prisoners who identify as women to be housed in women’s prisons.

Now radicals came up with a nightmarishly Orwellian term for female anatomy.

Breasts have now been described as “abnormal structures of the body” in order to facilitate gender reassignment surgeries in California.

The radicals have gone so far to the Left that being a woman is now a congenital defect.

This is the battle that Harry Potter author JK Rowling has been fighting for months; the radicals attempted to “cancel” her for simply stating that biological men cannot become women.


Despite being a progressive, Rowling is not left-wing enough for the radicals who want total ideological submission.

The transgender craze has only gotten worse over the past year.

Books and academic studies that are deemed counter-narrative have been suppressed and their authors have been harassed.

Irreversible Damage by Wall Street Journal contributor Abigail Shrier was temporarily pulled off the shelves of Target.

The insanity won’t stop until more people speak out against the “woke” mob.

Classifying part of the female reproductive system as a congenital defect needs to serve as a wake-up call for the people who believe the radicals won’t make further incursions into the culture.