Radical trans activists are freaking out over this one petition


The latest battleground between Christians and radical transgender activists is on sports teams.

Men who believe they are women believe they have the right to compete against biological women.

And now these transgender activists are freaking out over this one petition.

Transgenders have been working to get into our bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams for years.

Most people simply roll over and let them have their way to avoid being called “bigots.”

But a young girl in Connecticut is challenging that after she was denied access to a state track competition due to boys who think they are girls getting in ahead of her.

She is challenging it in court after filing a complaint with Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

And she now has a lot of support, with LifeSiteNews launching a new petition.

LifeSiteNews reports:

A petition supporting a female athlete who now must compete against biological males because of Connecticut’s law requiring that boys who identify as “girls” be admitted into girls’ sports competitions has been launched by LifeSiteNews. The petition supports Selina Soule and her discrimination complaint lodged with the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.

Soule, a female high school athlete from Connecticut, has had her sporting career jeopardized by a state policy requiring that boys who call themselves “girls” be admitted to girls’ sports competitions.

Selina competes in track at Bloomfield High School in Bloomfield, Connecticut. She wasn’t able to qualify for the 55-meter event in the New England regionals because two spots were taken by boys, as The Daily Signal’s Kelsey Bolar documented in a recent video report on the 16-year-old’s situation.

Christiana Holcomb, legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian legal aid group, said the organization filed the complaint to bring justice to Selina’s situation.

The petition is a way for Christians to show they support her in her fight.

Going up against radical trans activists is not an easy thing to do.
So she needs all the help she can get.

Do you support this fight against radical transgender activists?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Wow ???? I cant believe it? I’m from Connecticut sad to say the public school system has sank so far into the abyss. I played high school basketball at East Catholic Eagles #12 against Bloomfield Warhawks high school and pitched little league allstars against Bloomfield. What a gross and negligent misuse and abuse of powers in the Connecticut high school athletics association. That’s what happens when liberals run the show. Abuse white high school girls for reparations that will teach WHITY! God are they sickos I hope that poor girl wins!

  3. There are two sexes and should be verified in competitions. XX is a girl, XY is a boy. No matter what you believe your sex is, see above. No variations.

  4. I fully support petition but I fear they are fighting an uphill battle. I pray that they will persevere in the end.

  5. Hopefully the courts will be in their “Real Birth Gender Normal Minds” and realize that the good lord directed our “Real Birth Genders” for a reason. In due time the Good Lord will strike out those who think that they are above “God’s Law”.

  6. Simple,let all Boys and Girls compete against each other.
    Bus them into the town from all over the region ,let the compotion begin.
    These trans won’t like that. It will go the way Miss Black America went. Into the toilet.

  7. I still have a hard time believing the alphabet people have gotten away with this nonsense. What ever happened to plain old fashioned common sense? It really just goes to show you how far down society will go when you take God out of the equation. If the party of death and the alphabet people ever get back in the majority it will undoubtedly be the end of the United States.

  8. I think the decision to let these guys enter as girls is ridiculous, if they want to dress and act like girls that’s up to them but to let them compete against girls is outrageous. I’m sure this girl and many others are being discriminated against. Just because these guys want to be girls doesn’t make them girls. I hope Selina wins her lawsuit. These liberal run schools and colleges are out of control.

  9. I support her one thousand present there is no place for men in women sports no matter if the think they are a girl god created them a boy with boy parts that what they are that make them stronger not better women should conbete with women not men let them compete against other men how think there women it make me sad that it has come to this this country has kick God out of almost everything this country was founderd on Godly principle and this country is paying for it

  10. Perversions of the flesh ought not be given free reign over how naturally normal heterosexuals abide by Our Godly morals and values…!!!!

  11. i agree- i had to compete against a trans gender in USTA tennis nationals- should not be allowed- it doesn’t make sense!

  12. Jose, it’s too bad you are such a nitpicker! And to the subject at hand, biological status at birth should determine what team you compete on. If these mixed up people want to compete as girls, do it on a boys team.

  13. Our last Muslim President was trying to take down our country. He really assisted these idiots in the alphabet people to jump ahead of normal Americans.

  14. Every day the insanity gets worse and worse and we can’t stop it. Maybe all the girls teams in the U.S. should just stop playing. That way, those trans won’t have any team to play with. However, this has to stop. Women are being set back into the middle ages. We do matter. We do count and we are important.

  15. Perhaps it’s time to set up a special “Trans” class for those misguided girly-men so the real girls can compete without the unfair competition. OOOH, I shouldn’t have said that, it’s terribly Politically Incorrect… (Ask me if I %*%&$# care?)

  16. So true. EVERYONE – born male always male, born female always female. Two sexes – male-female. If you are confused, pull down your pants, see easy!

  17. Jose, I understand your point of view. I saw a saying that said “…silently correcting your grammar.” Please realize that everybody’s brain is wired differently and work differently from anyone else’s. For instance, I am very adept in English and Math. Everything else is horse fodder. History, Social Studies, etc. are of no interest to me. Give me a paper to write and I’m as happy as a lark. BTW, I’m 71.

  18. Yes, I support this young LADY. Young boys that feel their inner feminine selves have my sympathy. But, if they are Biologically and Genetically MALES, then they should participate as MALES! Just because they ‘feel like a girl’ does NOT make them female by any stretch of the imagination. If your BORN MALE then you ARE a MALE! Get over it or begin a long and painful journey to rid yourself of those visible things that make you male. But, unfortunately for you, to my knowledge even then that telltale ‘Y’ Chromosome will always be inside you to tell the TRUTH!
    Go get ‘em young lady. Here’s hoping you win this suit. There is no reason on Earth why you should not, but for Liberal Judges who will dismiss your efforts ‘out of hand’ and not by any true, actual LAWS of MAN. Oops, there I go again!

  19. Ten years ago, maybe even five, this absurdity of biological males competing in female sports events, would have been considered someones idea of a practical joke. Sadly, today it is not. All decent, fair and God-fearing Americans must speak out against this insanity. We should all applaud Selina Soule for her courage and tenacity.

  20. The only reason they claim queerhood is because they weren’t fit, strong, fast, built enough as male. Plus sick sexists. Notice it’s not queer females using male facilities or on male teams on a large basis, but the other way around?

  21. All sex anomalies should only compete against others with sex/gender anomalies, period. They don’t belong competing against real girls/women.

  22. Homosexual sodomites have no right or place in a girls or womans sport or dressing room

  23. These liberal morons are so considerate of trans rights but totally forget about the girls rights. It sounds the same as its my body I can do what “I” want. but cant comprehend a human baby having any rights to LIVE.

  24. I definitely favor “trans” leagues. That’s the only fair way to do it. All sports should have a league for females who identify as males, and a league for males who identify as females. That should level the playing field for everyone.

  25. The muscles don’t know sex change in a person any more than a pet dog does. The being has the same scent just as they have the same muscles and body structure, no matter how they try to deny or hide it. The pet dog will still recognize them; be confused maybe but will know it’s them.
    So knowing the body doesn’t change, how is it considered intelligent to compare women’s muscles and abilities against men’s simply on the basis of their mental state?

  26. So what if he didn’t dot every I and cross every t . He got his message across that’s all that matters.
    If it offends you then do not read the comments section.
    Liberals have screwed up the country string with LBJ who allowed congress to steal from social security

  27. The Left-Democrats have been at war with the American people for decades. It”s time we realize this, get VERY seriously dedicated to firing back & taking the OFFENSE immediately. Or the war is lost by apathy-default. TAKE NO PRISONERS. DAVID HORIWITZ.

  28. I certainly hope she wins her lawsuit. I am thinking that a new category should be created. We have boys and girls now and a new category should be created for the alphabet group. They compete amongst themselves. As others have stated DNA does not change – a males DNA does not change nor does a females DNA change. They are what God decreed them to be. Males dressing as women DOES NOT MAKE THEM WOMEN, and their DNA will never change!

  29. Transgender athletes should have their own competitions. XX men against XX men / XY women against XY women. Problem solved.

  30. John, homosexuality has nothing to do with being a transsexual. Homosexuality is sexual preference whereas transsexual is gender identity. If you’re going to make a comment at least know what your talking about.

  31. Boys, on average, are bigger and stronger than girls. Not to mention faster. Want a recent example?

    Currently, our Women’s Soccer Team is getting ready to play in the World Cup Final on Sunday.

    Two years ago, this team played a group of likely Middle School boys from Dallas, TX. (Offically, they were listed as 15 and under).

    This team of young teenage boys defeated the team that is likely favorites to win the World Cup 5 – 2.

  32. Sick, isn’t it? I’m glad you are not a Liberal, if you ever were! They are trying everything in every walk of life now and we won’t have it! Good for this young lady to stand up and fight back!!

  33. These idiots that dont know whether they are Male or female are mental cases and needs to go into an institution

  34. First off, it’s not a Christian moral thing, it’s a boy versus girl thing. You can dress up, start transitioning, take hormones, and fulfill your truths, but you were born a man and have tertesteroin and strength that you have makes it unfair in competitions. I’m surprised that as a feminist women’s right group aren’t standing up for this brave girl and every girl like her. Your taking Eqaulity away? Transgenders need their own fields of competition, so girls can continue to succeed and acknowledgements their due. Sorry for any misspelling.

  35. There’s no point here for me to make because those who are in charge of our country are trying their hardest to unravel it.Take the country apart piece by piece until they can dominate at Will,to their exact Dreams!Man the future is going to suck!!!!!PS Don’t think for yourself,Or Else!

  36. You can’t legislate men into women. DNA will not change and women have come to far for this bs to pass as legitimacy. Where are the women who fought so hard women’s rights? Men and women are equal, yet their physical make up will never be the same. We need to vote the so called liberals out of office and get back to sanity. GOD knows best (make and female)……..

  37. No trans should be able to participate with females.. They need to form separate competition for them. It is not fair period,

  38. Girls are girls and boys are boys. It’s sad to see people too ignorant to know the difference. At some point boys become bigger, faster and stronger than girls. Are we going to let the collegiate sports take all the guys who can’t make the team and put them on the female teams! Soooo stupid!

  39. Dear Mary, I could not DISagree with you more. There is absolutely no reason in this world to cater any further to the alphabet people and their perverted thinking and desires. They have gotten away with much too much already!!!

  40. And gender preference is not sexual preference? Why don’t we just call it what it is PERVERSIONS

  41. Here’s another thought. If the transgender people are successful with respect to using the restroom, it’s only a matter of time before a male voyeur claims to be a transgender person in order to get access to the women’s restroom which is denied to him now. Isn’t this liberal society wonderful.

  42. Forgive me Jim but Common Sense went the way of the dodo. The funeral was years ago – he gave up when people spill hot coffee in their laps even though the cup says ‘HOT COFFEE’ and other things like that. He just didn’t have the will to live.

  43. Perverts and their supporters, are trying to impose their will on EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY. It’s time to put a stop to this insanity and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!

  44. I think some of the “women” on the USA soccer team need to have a ball check. Loud mouth Ripinoe looks like an angry dude. What a shame that now biological women have to fight for our rights to play our own sports. What is this world becoming when a man can put on a dress and claim he is a part of the more delicate sex.

  45. I agree that these Transgenders should not be able to compete as anything other then what they were born. Next thing you know they will want to enter the Special Olympics or the Handicapped Olympics. If they want to compete then compete in a Transgender Event. they shouldn’t be allowed to mess things up for others just because they identify as male or female. As someone else posted above, go according to their born sex, XX is a female and XY is a male…. PERIOD!!!!! Nothing else for competition, its an unfair advantage.

  46. My personal opinion is that if a boy wants to go into girls sports, let him. Vice versa with girls into boys sports. The only thing I don’t like is boys using girls restrooms, locker rooms and showers until they have completed transfer of a matinee. Same goes for girls in boys restrooms, locker rooms and showers. This is why we are where we are today with transgenders. My daughter only goes to the restroom, locker rooms and showers with other 100%girls women. If a transgender comes in they must wait or she will not go in with the transgender person. There are to many fakes people out there and 90%are fake. I believe that if your born a boy then your a boy till you get the full work done, same with a female then you may go into the other rooms without any further problems. So many problems with boys saying they are transitioning to female but they go further than just using girls restrooms. I’m sure it’s different for girls in boys restrooms and showers as boys will be boys..

  47. Then the stooges TAX our Social Security, a “program” we were FORCED to participate in.

  48. I’m with the conservatives on this one! These biological males have an unfair advantage competing against real girls and should not be allowed to compete against real girls!

  49. Matt Atwater: Exactly! And anything less is discrimination to female athletes! Women need to start screaming their heads off and if they do this injustice will STOP!

  50. Men who compete in women’s sports by claiming they are women are really cheaters. Their “wins”, “trophies” and “medals” are worthless.

  51. They can tax our S.S. because they took out our S.S. contribution before taxes. It is essential that one understands what is going on with their retirement, and I hope this helps.

  52. A mandatory DNA test, taken before being allowed on a team, would settle the entire question of gender. BAM!

  53. This isn’t an English composition assignment Jose. Stick to the subject and get a life.

  54. This is a total slap in the face to real women. These panty waist losers all want to be lesbians too. The only way this has even a half ass chance is i f these boys get their little winkies cut off!

  55. ROFLMAO…….too bad you haven’t grown up to comprehend he made his point clear and the two thing we DON’T need are proof readers and spell checkers. No ones perfect, child.

  56. Good for her. I hope she wins because it’s a win for all women who are real women. Because you are not a woman until every body part is a woman. Not just in your head.

  57. Jose, I agree that those who do not know simple English lack intelligence. But his message is right on

  58. Those who don’t know simple English make me wonder about their intelligence, but I usually let it slide.

  59. Marby….BOTH are an abomination to God and I know what I am talking about. God says so in His word. Read the Bible

  60. It happens to me, too, but I just assume I hit the wrong key. It would be nice to have an edit button

  61. Are these boy/girls just trying to win any way they can? There should be no consideration for someone who “thinks they’re a girl” they should not be able to compete.

  62. Do you remember how the Olympic committee used to check a person’s authenticity as to their gender? Did they stop doing this? I would love to know.

  63. This is why they MUST persevere at all costs. The numbers of LGBT across the board are over inflated by about 20 percent, when in actuality their numbers amount to only 4.5 percent of the population. It is to their advantage to inflate the numbers for their lobby. Truth nust prevail. A trans woman is sNOT a female and retains, even with hormones, a male musculature. This gives him a distinct advantage in sports.
    Same with a trans male. Even with testosterone treatments, “his” musculature is female.

  64. These people can scream and pitch fits all they want, women will never be comfortable with men in their bathrooms and if they don’t understand why, it just underscores the fact that they aren’t really women. They can have all the parades they want and wear hats that look like any body part they choose, but the fact remains, if they have never suffered ALL the indignities that life throws at women for just being born women, they aren’t women. I for one resent the audacity of these people demanding to be treated as real women. Anywhere else in the liberal world mind set they would slapped with that ‘appropriating our culture’ label. The entire grouping of gays, trans, lesbians and any other letter they have added amounts to 4.6% of our total population, so why are we being forced to pander to them at all, how do they warrant any special treatment by anyone?


  66. It’s about time that this issue is challenged in court.
    Honest, fair play by true gender is important and men who are becoming. …women should not be allowed in women and girls bathrooms or locker rooms.
    How many women who are becoming men are in mens bathrooms or locker rooms?
    Trans gender men or women should develope their own sports teams and get out….. these young girls and women, who have the right, by law to grow up within their gender belief system should not be forced to agree to or be subjugated to the wishes of any other so called gender

  67. They are still biologically males. They cannot/will not compete with other males. IF they were men they would not be competing in this manner….the trophies they win are ashes. They provide a false and thin veil that they believe to be their true self or identity. Believers need to pray that GOD by HIS Holy Spirit will open the eyes and hearts of these people to receive salvation and life.

  68. In the movie Pumping Iron, a female body builder was given a test to determine her sex. She was so pumped that people thought she was a guy. I think she passed the test.

  69. I am with her. Can’t believe what’s going on in this day and age. That’s as bad as the new law they are trying to pass in California regarding churches forced to admit the alphabet in and stop teaching it as a sin.

  70. Actualky, it is the gays springboard to pedophiia. Peds.will use Trannies to get them into women”s facilities by acting like they are women. Trans are the bridge to Ped acceptance and attacks on women and girls.

  71. There are two types of sexes, XX=girl, XY=boy. They are not to be competitive but complementary. More power to the girl!

  72. This is a crime against every female and must be condemned most vigorously by every parent who don’t want boys in girls locker rooms let alone on the athletic field. One more horrible endeavor by the unholy left.

  73. True, but have people notice that it is mostly sinful Satan MALE followers of the LGBTQ who are invading into female’s physical space.

  74. I understand what you are saying, but we contributed, they took it, earned interest from it and now they tax my social security. It is dead wrong. No one should ever tax our social security. PERIOD


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