Radical LGBT activists secured the release a dangerous and sick pervert from prison. And the reason why will leave you in a state of disbelief and anger.


Recently, the LGBT has used the mainstream media and public schools as their primary methods of indoctrinating children into their belief system.

But they’ve discovered a new target that could be even more dangerous.

Now radical LGBT activists managed to secure the release of a dangerous and perverted criminal from prison.  And the reason why will leave you in a state of disbelief and anger.

Joseph Smith, a 23-year-old man from the state of Iowa, was placed in prison for molesting as many as 15 children.

These children’s age ranged from 1 to 13-years-old and was made up of both genders.

Normally, these kinds of crimes land you in prison for the rest of your life.

But the LGBT movement has found a way to release him from jail.

Joseph Smith is being released from prison because he is transitioning to become a woman and is therefore, no longer deemed a threat to society.

It is unclear if the state of Iowa is paying for Joseph Smith’s sex transformation surgery.

The LGBT movement has successfully wedged their way into the military and forced taxpayers to pay for these sex change operations.

This may become a common new tactic of the LGBT movement inside prisons as well.

But he has successfully convinced the state government to release him and begin calling him, “Josie”, his new preferred name.

Regardless of Smith’s gender and sexual orientation, this individual has proven that he is dangerous to society and likely to become an offender once again.

Changing his sex to a woman will not have any impact on whether or not he molests children again.

The Iowa Attorney General is making a dangerous mistake by letting this pervert free.

Smith will always have a sexual predator registration wherever he goes and be forced to cooperate with parole officers.

But these so-called “safety measures” will not likely do anything to prevent him from striking again.

What do you think? Is it wrong to release this sex offender from prison?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. So HE molested 15 children and the youngest one was a one year old? And the alphabet people are getting him released in prison because he wants to be a Josie now?? If anybody had any doubt these people are not mentally deranged and dangerous, just have them read this story!!! I don’t care if he wants to become a elf, he was found guilty of these despicable crimes and should be forced to serve his sentence!!! Someone like him does not deserve to walk among the general public! Enough is enough with these abominations getting away with their BS !! They must be stopped!!!

  3. It shouldn’t really surprise anyone given the fact that the LGTB group are nothing but sick perverts that has no form of decency in them whatsoever. What’s just as sick is the ones responsible for releasing this sick perverted devil from prison. Now these perverted lunatics will try their best to brainwash our children into believing their sick, twisted perverted lifestyles is acceptable by teaching them in the concentration camps known also as public schools.

  4. Releasing a sex offender is wrong unless it’s for medical treatment. In this case it was, but they should be reincarcerated as soon as possible.
    However, your statement about LGBT indoctrinating children “in their belief system” is total B.S. The belief system is called civil rights and it’s what every patriotic American supports. The offensive indoctrination is teaching children anti-science mythology about gods.

  5. What makes them think , that by having a sex change, he will be safe to let out? He molested both sexes, male and female children. What are the changes that he won’t do it again? He needs to serve out his sentence then, when released, pay for his own sex change.

  6. Is “Josie” AND “Joseph” BOTH listed as sexual predators in the database? ( notice singular IS while referring to IT )

  7. If this is the way things have gone, then we need a swamp cleaning. Ridiculous and disgusting. Just pervert God’s creation for early release? What??? Now it can join the kiddy pervert hour at the library. Let’s pray.

  8. WOW!
    What to say to the above..?.
    When children are raped at a young age. They do tend to go gay later in life. Not all but some do..What better way to flip a person.?
    These people need help.

  9. Back in the day not so long ago. We use to have mental health places..These did do some harm yes. However some also did help. They provide a bit of help an safty for mental I’ll.
    Food clothing shelter. Some people came out healthier and happier than before.
    Not like the Whoopie pie rehabilitation shelters we have today.
    Those days people stayed for a while. Rehabilitation takes Time. Not just 90 days. These are deeply hurting people.
    Probably should have upgraded some of those places.
    We do have a Lot of hurting people.
    A Lot of street people fit the bill. Not All but a Lot.
    Realy quite sad. USA would rather look the other way. As if that will stop the process.

  10. They got this piece of human garbage released because it’s transing to so called female. WOMEN MOLEST CHILDREN ALSO. So move it to a women’s prison, still dangerous and still GUILTY OF CHILD MOLESTATION.

  11. There is NO cure short of an amputation…of his HEAD!!! These people are sick in the head and changing him to a her is not the cure!!!

  12. As a student of psychology, numerous studies have been done regarding pedophilia. The results demonstrate that even with treatment, those individuals that resort to molesting children are 90% likely to re-offend. This person should have to serve out his prison term and then be forced to wear a tracking device to make sure that he goes nowhere near kids.

  13. The people of Iowa should be deeply ashamed of this.
    I offer up prayers of Mercy and justice for all involved.
    Come Holy Spirit Come…soon!

  14. Does anyone in Iowa have a functioning brain? I don’t think so! This pervert has found a way to get out and the idiotic LGTB thinks, it is so nice to have another criminal switch his gender to get what he wants. Because that suits their own perverted way of life! God help us all!

  15. Iowa seems to be a cesspool of DemocRATS running around trying to seduce already compromised people to choose the worst one. All the good and decent Iowans with integrity, where are you this horrible example? Why would you stand for the LBGTXYZ lobby run your prison system?

  16. LGBTQ is just as deadly as cancer is to society. It is astonishing that any gov (including ours) accommodates and gives in to their Immoral and twisted crap.

  17. Joseph Smith is JOSEPH SMITH, regardless of what sex he chooses. He needs to pay his DEBT to society and to the children he (She?!?) molested. Put him (yes, HIM! check his DNA and BIRTH CRETIFICATE) back in PRISON – ASAP. This should NOT a “get out of free card” . . . We’re NOT PLAYING MONOPOLY here! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  18. Why does the sex or gender of someone constitute the amount of time one serves for such disgusting crimes. Come on Iowa, don’t continue to show your ignorance in your incompetent leadership. It does not impress anyone or any group of people except the perverts and criminals. There are more groups of people in this country that are totally against Iowas actions than not????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. You are a cruel state. Start thinking about the victims from ages starting at one year old….

  19. Your jail system needs a update, He/she should never be let out of jail. This is a very sick person. If this he/she hurts one more child , then sue the hell out of the State.

  20. Give him a sex change that fits his crimes. Hang him by his b*alls until they fall off then set him free in one of those Islamic countries. That should send a message.

  21. This is why the death penalty should be an option in all states. This vile human specimen is a hazard to all of society, and should be put down.

  22. Pure stupidity in action-, I am sure that this sick-o child molester vile human specimen will attack more children. The GLTB activists who are the ones behind this should be charged with the crimes that I am sure that this vile scum bag will commit in the future !!!.

  23. Unfortunately, we are living in sick times. In this case, a pervert is being released from prison on the flimsiest grounds. It brings to mind how our president is not allowed to push an investigation of a criminal simply because the criminal is a potential nominee for the president’s office. These days, if you want to get away with nefarious activity, you simply come up with some unique, but flimsy, scheme and the law enforcement community caves. If we keep this up, the entire society will collapse.

  24. Eric, I totally agree with you. Don’t just castrate him , rip off his balls, he won’t remember why he is interested in children or other men. Women for that matter.

  25. Smith should pay for offenses then be released. How stupid can officials be?AG should lose his job over this or go to jail when Smith abuses someone again.

  26. How did he even survive prison. Most prisoners would kill him instantly. Many have children at home and would assure that he can never harm one again.
    He had to be given special status in prison to stay alive. Is this guy one of the Smiths from Utah?

  27. How does your gender identity excuse you from convictions? Doesn’t matter if you think you’re a 5 year old, do the crime do the time

  28. The comment posted prior…that LGBQ belief system is American civil rights wrongly equates sexual orientation with immutable realities like race or gender. Gender is fact not imaginary. And to day science is contrary to faith in God is false…science confirms supernatural miracles all over the world, and refutes atheistic dogma. Everything so well ordered came from Nothing? Intelligent design is the logic science is based on! Meaninglessness cannot support any reason to study anything reasonably or with scientific discipline since there would be no reason for reason and order to be studied if it has Nothingness and absurd chaos as it’s origin. No, reason and beauty and a fine tuned universe require a Source- for nowhere is it scietific to observe Anything coming from Nothing!

  29. People like this dirt bag should be shot, the Judge should get fired and the LGBT people should be sent to China on a fully paid vacation for 3 months or until they die from the virus outbreak. America really does need Trump for 4 more years to fix some of these moral problems that are present in America. Iowa, the land of corn and fools, is about to make their selection for Dem president candidate for some strange reason. Why is Iowa first? Why not pick Seattle or Portland each of which has more than their share of fools and lefties to start the Dem selection process.

  30. HCB, you can deny the truth, but that makes you a fool, which you are. God gave us science to study His wondrous creation. And you are WRONG!!!! The alphabet people’s goal is to FORCE the rest of us to accept their sick perversion. We don’t have to and we won’t

  31. JLO, those who deny God will believe anything satan tells them. satan has them very brainwashed. Believing that something just happened takes far more faith than believing that God created it. But they deny the truth because they don’t want Someone that can tell them right and wrong. It will really suck to be them when Jesus returns

  32. maria w. ???? Like we can do anything about it???? It is very sick, but no one asked me what I thought of it. I didn’t get to have a say in it or I would have told them to move it to a women’s prison

  33. Actually Helga, the western half of our state is very conservative as are other areas. But the dems are moving in and causing a lot of trouble

  34. Are these people nuts or just insane? What makes them think that by changing his sex that, that is going to stop him from molesting little children? They are not changing his brain or his way of thinking! Nor will it change his desires or his wants!

  35. Please, please don’t confuse the people who are trying to get a child molester released with regular LGBTQ people. This person is clearly trying to game the system, and that isn’t right, but LGBTQ people aren’t perverts, and they aren’t trying to “indoctrinate” people. That is just one of the lies taught along with the rest of that insane right-wing and religious propaganda. Please, please, PLEASE don’t buy into this. THERE. IS. NO. GAY. AGENDA!!! People are simply people, regardless of whom they love.

  36. Lisa Coston; You are truly confused. Not only a human being but someone who has a distorted view was is acceptable in a normal society. You have the nerve to call us insane right wingers? Do your fully grasp what YOUR party promotes and supports???? And what is a normal LGBTQ person? There is no such thing. ALL alphabet people need mental treatments . And anyone that has a religious background will always stand with GOD. Not with someone like you that really sounds like a flower child throwback from the 60’s.

  37. Lisa Coston.: There is no such thing as normal LGBTQ people. They are all in need of mental help. Don’t you dare refer to anyone that supports decency and morals as insane right wingers! Don’t you fully understand what your demon party stands for and supports?? I will stand with my GOD and what HE tells us what is right and wrong. And your views are not that.


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