Radical LGBT activists are going rogue at U.S. embassies by doing something unspeakable to the flag


June is “Gay Pride month,” and radical LGBT activists are using the extra attention to sabotage the President.

But they just went one step too far.

In an act of open defiance to the Trump administration, LGBT activists just did something unspeakable to these U.S. embassies.

During the Obama administration, embassies were given the green light to raise an LGBT flag below the U.S. flag.

But the State Department has denied all requests to fly the flag this year.

Despite direct orders from the Trump administration, a handful of LGBT activists have gone rogue and raised the rainbow flag against their orders.

Connecticut Post reports:

Since the State Department began rejecting all embassy requests to hoist rainbow flags outside the mission buildings during Gay Pride Month this year, some U.S. diplomats have been finding ways to defy, or at least get around, the new policy.

The facades of the U.S. missions in Seoul and Chennai, India, are partially hidden behind large rainbow flags, while the embassy in New Delhi is aglow in rainbow colored lights. The website for the embassy in Santiago, Chile, shows a video of the chief diplomat raising a rainbow flag last month for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.

The Vienna Embassy’s website features a photo of a rainbow flag flying below Old Glory on a mast jutting from the building, a statement by Diplomats for Equality and a story about a professor lecturing on the visibility and growth of LGBT rights.

Flying the rainbow flag is not only an act of defiance, but also a public relations tactic to get the media to attack the President.

The White House and State Department are in charge of deciding U.S. foreign policy . . . not the staff inside the embassies.

The embassy staff members responsible for flying the gay pride flag should be fired for their rogue actions.

What do you think?

Should the gay pride flag be flown at U.S. memorials and embassies?


  1. An advertisment to our national disorganization, commercial pressure sensitivity and sexual identity confusion. If we still had national pride, we’d be ashamed.

    • No kidding. To bring the truth to light gets you called homophobic. The truth is, these LBGTQ folks are a mentally ill bunch of evil people who want us to justify their perversions.

      • I agree ! I can’t imagine placing homosexuality or any sexuality before God and country is preposterous . Maybe we should all start flaunting heterosexuality in their faces , have parades and design a flag . Think they would finally realize they’re acting ridiculous about the fact that they are not special , just an embarrassment to every American .

        • Great post Rae! I also believe that someone already tried to get a permit to have a heterosexual pride parade. Of course it was denied by the man. I cannot wait until God does appear and straightens the world out with just a wave of His Mighty Hand.

        • Any one that let the gay flag be flown should lose there job now mater how they went about it they went agents are president orders I don.t care who they are or who they know NO JOB

        • You are very brave, I see. No picture and a fake name. Many Americans do not prance around sexually in the streets like happens in gay cities

          • BUT, maybe WE should. I am heterosexual and only have sex with my husband that I married because I am a woman and he is a man, I think I need an arg at the end. The LORD said let your light shine, they would know you by your reflection of HIM. If WE reflect HIM, WE love our neighbor as ourself. WE love the homo xe people as WE love ourself. GOD is the judge, not us. As long as xe is NOT force feeding OUR children or blatantly screaming/marching it from the rooftops, OR demanding more than human rights, I say leave them alone. What happens between two stays between two, or should.

        • their behavior is certainly embarrassing. Their sexuality should not be an issue or flaunted . They are Americans NOT Americans with Special privilege. Why not fly the flag of Nicaragua? Or Mexico or man boy love? The ONLY flag that should fly is the uniting flag of our country end of story

          • For your information she is the American people wether she is one or one million. You should think before opening your stupid mouth.

        • If everybody would follow the laws God, set out for us and for our good, everything would be great. But NOOOoooo! Evil has infiltrated our society. It has spread like yeast in a lump of bread dough. We are asking for it if we do nothing to stop it. We should hate what God hates, and love what He loves. Keep talking Richard. Maybe someday, somebody will listen. We have to stick together. Never give up.

      • Gay rights, to me is Grotesque, especially for Male/Male Sexual Acts/Relations, this kind/type of Sexual Relations, would be Extremely Difficult to Legally Biologically Produce = Begetting a Biological Baby or a Biological Human Infant, besides it is Astronomically Tedious and Expensive to Change a Male Human Being To Function and Look like a Female!

      • Totally agree with you … fire all involved and fine the rest. Disgraceful…some countries banish gays and some even kill them…they need to go back into the closet where they belong…or under a big rock….we outnumber them so why do we put up with them?

    • so now they want to be called gay instead of queer. are they afraid of the queer word? it was always queer, but maybe the dims didnt like the word.

    • Exactly right Steve !!!!!! Why was EVER flown — why should it be ????? Making these morons special, giving them unwarranted attention is just adding to their ignorant BS. They should have NEVER started flying the BS flag to begin with.

  2. why on earth was a “gay” flag flown at any US Embassy? people that defied the order & hung the “gay” flag & did other things to promote “gay” month should be FIRED! these people are there to do a job & they know they’re suppose to do what they’re told to do while “on the job”!

  3. Agreed 100%. The US flag represents ALL American citizens. To have any one special interest group’s flag on the same flag pole as Old Glory is the height of disrespect and self centered egotism. Whether you are a normal God fearing American, who believes being gay is just plain wrong, or a member of ANY of the special interest groups seeking special privileges, because you feel you’re something or someone special, or because you falsely believe your group has been discriminated against in the past, you have NO RIGHT to demand “your” flag fly at US embassies around the world, or at ANY government building in the US or anywhere else. Every single person who defied state department orders, directives or instructions should be recalled from over seas and fired, VERY unceremoniously. They lose their job with NO severance pay or pension. Just plain old fired. Who the hell do they think they are, defying the president and the state department, doing as they dam well please. They MUST be Obama holdovers, bleeding heart, left wing radical liberal A$$H0LE$. Fire them ALL. bring them home and kick them out of government completely. Let them look for a new job in the private sector. See how far this type of defianc goes in a private sector job, with a prick boss. MAGA. KAG.

    • Perfectly said Medic Joe. It’s time to stop the madness, now. Old Glory represents ALL Americans and is a symbol of all WE as a nation, collectively stand for, fought for and died for. Give her the respect she deserves and show everyone our American PRIDE we have as a united people that believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness for all.

  4. They should be fired and should not be allowed to keep any salary or pension! That’s what would happen if these people worked a private sector job. If it is good for the private sector, it darn sure good enough for those WE, THE PEOPLE pay with OUR tax dollars!!! It is time to take a stand against all who are out to change our time-honored traditions!

  5. Old Glory is sufficient. Represents all Americans. It is wrong to kowtow to special interest groups. If this is the wave of the future than I want yo see a flag with the cross of Jesus and another with heterosexual pride displayed. Nip this idiocy in the bud and fire those responsible for their thumbing their noses at their country and their President. If they can’t serve under him then they need to go!

  6. these people are SICK, SICK, SICK. Fly the Old Glory and leave the rest alone. OBummer probably fits the LBGT name, so that’s why he let them do it. We need to stop them. They don’t run this country.

  7. The reprobate minded (Romans 1), deranged members of the LGBTQ are Nazis. They use radical Nazi tactics.
    Many, if not all need a radical conversion encounter with Christ Jesus which would change their hearts and minds.

  8. That LBQT, whatever, flag does not ever deserve to be flown anywhere near the Stars and Stripes. These people are wrong in their behavior and their intent. Fire the embassy diplomats, and reduce their budgets/pay. Nobama was wrong. I had no idea that he had given that order. Fire them immediately.

  9. Don’t except respect isn’t hard to do. These people are none of the above and are born that way. No I am straight. I have a family member who is and owns her own business, home, and is respected by all who know her. Perhaps all you crazy people need to have a child or family member who was born that way to know you are all of the above not them. They are also God’s children. There is far to much hate in this world and that is the problem not the people you attack.

    • I agree with you EXCEPT the rainbow flag SHOULD NOT be flown at ANY Government building. If you want to put red and green lights up, you can do it at Christmas time ONLY.

    • Sorry to blow your mind, but people are not born that way. They were either raised that way, they were attracted to LGBTQ teachings, or something evil happened to them as youngsters. God would not send a person to hell for being BORN gay. He created everything. He knows what and how things were created. He lists gays in the bible as those going to hell. He gave every person a free will, to choose right or wrong. They choose wrong, therefore I cannot say they are right. It is what it is! A sin!

      • There is NO homosexual gene…there is NONE. The entire genome has been mapped out and it – does – not – exist. People CHOOSE to live like that. If they want to FINE go ahead. DO NOT force it on the rest of us.

  10. The liberals are supplying these people with fuel to go against anything Trump supporters support. I have said time & again, no one cares who is having sex with who…why should this be an issue shoved down everyones throat?

  11. The Stars and Stripes represents all of America. If the gay organizations places their flag under the American flag in a foreign country then so can any other organization. Policies developed for all to follow and you have a responsibility to follow them, if not you need to move on.

  12. Why on earth do we even have a Gay Pride month? What do they have to be proud about? This form of “Cultural” behavior is one of the things that brought the end to the Roman Empire. Let’s not also forget Sodom and Gomorrah.

  13. It is past time to start dealing with these radical leftist groups harshly. I couldn’t care less what these MF’ers do with their lives but don’t push it off on everyone else and DO NOT desecrate our FLAG in any way shape or form. It is time to start dealing out harsh punishment for people who do.

      • So libs dont care about
        Sex trafficking
        Human trafficking
        Illegal immigration
        Drugs pouring in
        Killing babies
        They do care about
        Global warming
        & flying a rainbow flag
        Anybody ELSE see how their priorities are skewed….

  14. I only have a few questions……why do these people have the need to constantly push their lifestyle in everyone else’s face? Where does this pathological need for public notice and acceptance come from? Personally, I don’t care what they do, but when it comes to working for OUR government in any capacity, the only flag we should recognize is the American flag!! Let them fly their gay flags at their own homes and leave the rest of us out of it!! I have never seen such insecure, petty, juvenile behavior as these people exhibit on a constant basis. Grow up and actually make a contribution to something that really matters in this country, like child welfare, crime prevention or protecting animals!!!!!

    • The reason that gays constantly push their sexual deviancy in our faces and seek to destroy everything that is contrary, like real marriage, is that they desperately need validation. You are correct about their insecurity. They know that what they do is unnatural. The same can be said about abortion advocates. The stridency of both results from their knowledge that what they advocate is unnatural and perverse.

  15. Hi, I think that our country was supposed to be set up under GOD just like the flag salute says, you know the one that certain people want to do away with?the LGBQ people I gess do not read their Bible all the way . GOD says that he did not create man kind to be that way in life, he says that a man is not to lay with another man , nor a women to lay with another women, and yet they do it all and think it is OK? remember the story of Sodam and Gamora, they were 2 cities that thought it was ok to live the way of the LGBQ people and GOD tried to warn them not to do it , and they would not listen and he destroyed the two cities, I do not hate any body, but I do not like what some do and brag about it .

  16. If everyone decided to be homosexuals it is just a matter of time until the human race becomes extinct. I had a conversation with a self proclaimed lesbian and she was convinced she could reproduce without a man. LGBTQ should not be allowed to raise children. These kids will be confused their whole life unless some sane person points them toward Jesus and teaches them right from wrong.

    • The science might not quite be there just yet, but it appears to be on its way. Years ago they were trying to use electricity to start an embryo. Watch I Am Mother and see how babies could possibly be made. Aside from that though, LBGTQ or xe people can adopt. The only way to prevent this, would be to take back this nation, not likely to happen, for Christianity and change the laws. Sanity out the window and lost, look up for Your redemption draws nigh.

  17. Surely, if the ambassador no longer responds to the directives of the country that appointed him, then shouldn’t he be replaced?

  18. The trouble is the courts have knuckled under this and so they feel that they have the right to do it. I think they need to read the Bible and see what it says about this type of perversion.. This action defiles the nation and brings its destruction. In Leviticus this action was to be stoned and those practicing it were considered an abomination before God . The Book of Romans declares this act as having a reprobate mind not knowing right from wrong behavior. The Book of Corinthians speaks against it. The book of Ephesians tells us that no one practicing this sexual immorality shall enter into the Kingdom of God. The book of Timothy also deals with sexual immorality. All Scripture is God Breathed. 2 Timothy 3:16 NIV The King James says is given by the Holy Spirit .
    You will find that those who are sexually immoral are the most intolerant society none to the Human race . That is why God says destroy them . If God will not allow them into His Kingdom then we should not tolerate their behavior in our culture or any culture in the world. It is not a hate crime if God Hates this type of behavior , then we are told to hate the things that God hates and love the things which He loves.

  19. A little typographical error where the word none to the human race should have been known to the human race . Sorry about the error.

  20. I laugh at the homosexuals that proclaim to be christians. They must be reading a different Bible than me. Its scares the hell out of me to think that we have one running for president. Please people WAKE UP and make sure that mayor homo Pete is not elected. I never thought it could happen but people have elected a muslim president Obama and now muslims in congress. My Grandfather always said that the US would be taken over by a foreign country without a shot being fired and now I’m seeing it happen every election year.

    • Jimmie:Your Grandfather was so correct. As you stated, you CAN see the drastic changes within the government right now. And it’s not for the better!! If the Democratic party gets a president elected in 2020, then heaven help us all. . It is no longer “WE THE PEOPLE”. It’s now “WE THE SPECIAL AGENDA PEOPLE”.And their agenda is to totally destroy our country, as we know it….

    • We’ve already had a queer president named Barrack Obama. You saw what he did to the country. If the voters of the USA elect another, this one openly queer, it will end the USA as we know it.

  21. I don’t care what you enjoy screwing!
    STOP advertising it
    It does NOT make us Homophobic to reject your lifestyle.
    We have the right to say, “We Don’t Want to Acknowledge it”.

    Keep to your groups and stay away from ours.
    Why does your sexual preferences have to be advertised?
    You’re happy about it and we get it.
    You bring this on to yourselves.
    Stop displaying your beliefs unto us.

  22. The Obama administration allowed the flying of the queer flag. Why does it surprise anyone that a queer president would allow that. I remember a queer that said he had proof that he and Obama had shared a homo experience. Strangely he was killed in a hit and run murder. A page out of the Clinton play book?

  23. This rainbow flag BS is wrong in every way. No on needs to know u’r sexual preference, period.

    This is about being an American, we have a flag, the AMERICAN FLAG! …. Being American is NOT about someone’s sexual preference, there are no straight flags etc, we are one people, the American people, so get this damn thing out of politics and embrace u’r sexuality in private, no one needs to know.

    Get on with u’r life and stop making stupid demands, U obviously have selfie issues of wanting to be known, this me, me, me, look at me attitude which says u’r unhappy inside if u need this much attention. If u’r happy with who U are then embrace it and STOP trying to flaunt it in everyone else’s face, we don’t give a hoot, that’s u’r private business.
    Straight people don’t demand a flag, we are proud of who we are and proud to be American and keep our private life, private. So do us all a favor and stop this insanity, no one needs to know u’r gay or straight, just do good, do right and stand by u’r country, enough of this BS… we don’t care who U sleep with, that’s u’r private matter, be American standing tall and proud is all that matters, period.

    • The ACA says Transexualism is completely normal thinking but teaching males to be masculine is psychotic.

      As for our education system the extreme psychosis that had already permeated our institutions of higher learning by the 1930s

  24. Deb. Just because you saw something on TV definitely does not make it so. The only way to conceive a child is with sperm and an egg. I saw a giant ape on the Empire State Building swatting at airplanes but I didn’t believe it to be true. It always has and always will take a man and woman to conceive a child. That’s the way God intended it to be.

  25. I think it has all been said. These people are abnormal and instead of glorifying their sick condition they should be given help to change them into normal human beings and if they reject that, they should be rejected by society,not treated like celebrities. Our flag is to be respected and honored for what it is a symbol of our great nation and should certainly not be shared by some group of perverted individuals looking for special recognition.

  26. I agree with Deb.What happens between two should stay between the two as long as both parties are happy.But when these Gays bring everything from stealing Social security to ruining Marriage between Man and Woman I feel they have gone too far.I wish No harm to LGBTQ+but STOP trying to acquire all that Heteros have gained in many many years,all in a very short time.Its like the LGBTQ+ is Ramming their Agenda down Our throats.

  27. Fire them. Gay activists are acting like a bunch of little dictators now. We get it, you sleep with the same sex. Big deal. Nobody cares. In fact they people have an edge over straights. They are now becoming obsessed with getting their way and pushing their gay lifestyle in everyone’s face. As soon as one of them throws a tantrum the media panders to them and it becomes national news. Embarrassing.

  28. IF the persons responsible are American Citizens and they acted IN DIRECT DEFIANCE OF A LAWFUL PRESIDENTIAL ORDER while on Foreign Soil the Marine Detachment should immediately take them into custody and arrange for transportation back to the US.

    No need to hurry, sometimes the paper work gets lost in the shuffle. 2032 seems to be a reasonable time frame.
    Especially if ALL the paperwork is permanently lost and the perps can’t be found and may have escaped.

    Maybe hiding in a WATERBOARD Facility somewhere? Diego Garcia perhaps?

  29. congressional representatives bending over kissing gay asses ,so the little faggots get what they want .. SORRY not for me it’s totally disrespectful too fly a queer flag with the US flag at any and all government buildings.. you want too fly your gay /queer flags go fly them on a hill out of sight from all the NORMAL people here ..

  30. We don’t fly a flag because we are heterosexual. We fly the American Flag. Period. Those others seem to think they have extra rights over and above others. They don’t. They have equal rights but not extra.
    So I say fire them. If they can’t follow orders they don’t deserve to work for America. Or turn the Marines on them.

  31. I am a Trump supporter whose love of country runs deep in my mind and soul. However, it is just wrong to say all LGBTQ people are mental ill and evil! I know many LGBTQ individuals whom are very intelligent, kind, and loyal. Many I am proud to call my friends far more than some “straight” individuals full of hate, intolerance, and lack the ability to be honest due to a false feeling of superiority. Our American flag will continue to fly st my home with honor and if someone wants to fly another flag that does not represent violence and hate it is their right because this is AMERICA.

    Stop all this hate and intolerance and stick to the rule of law and humanity. After all only God has the right to judge and we will all be judged on our deeds and words. Proud to be an American and mother of a gay son and friend to many LGBTQ individuals in Minot ND

    • I know people who have stolen things. I am very much against that. Otherwise, these people are wonderful to be around. That doesn’t make what they did right or legal, now does it? It should not be accepted as such.

    • I too have gay friends. My married gay friends do not go into schools and preach their lifestyle. Except for the hyphenated name, no one would know they were a couple. They love each other privately. They have wind dragons and circles in their yard that are considered gay pride as they are rainbow colors, they have others that are not rainbow but blow and twist in the wind. They do not shout they had or have gay sex from the rooftops. I do not shout I had or have heterosexual monogamous sex either. They are also monogamous for more years than they have been legally married, I think in Vermont, though they never lived there.

    • There is nothing hateful about disagreeing with the gay lifestyle. Aside from religious considerations, gay sex is simply unnatural. Our Supreme Court and a number of state governments should not be supporting unnatural sex. We have a right to have our governments respect nature and science and not put the thumb on the gay agenda side of the scale. There are a lot of good Christians who support gays personally, but realize it is their duty to condemn unnatural and perverse sexual behavior by those same persons, especially when they commit the terrible sin of scandal by promoting it. Such condemnation of the act, not the person, is not hate, it’s truth.

  32. Who do these low life’s think they are You can take your pride month and shove it up your asses. If I ever see one of those discussing flags flying under the American flag I will tear it done.

  33. No LAWS, RULES, or REGULATIONS = CHAOS. We are a country with these, to keep our country safe and free. Once they are defied, more will follow suit. Then the patients will run the asylum. You know how that will end! It won’t be pretty!

  34. Did anyone ever mention to LGBTQ+ the fact that if they started this 200 years ago, there would be very few humans left in their community because there were no IVF clinics back then?
    So does it seem like this is a good path to follow?

  35. It’s time for the queers to go back in the closet and stay there. They are a detriment to society and according to the Bible they are condemned to HELL!

  36. I remember a news cast that said a women in a business building couldn’t have a standing flag in her office because the muslim’s employed there didn’t want it up. She went on vacation and when she came back to work she found it lying on the floor of her office. Emplorer said she had to dispose of it from her office. Who are these radical people that want to erase our heritage by getting rid of our flag or debasing it with a rainbow flag so mentally ill people can show their pride in their sexual preferance. This is crazy and perverse in so many ways. We as a country are letting these immoral people direct our lives and I am sick of these snowflakes that go along with this trash. Now there having cross dressers and degenerate transvestites read our little kids in school library’s to advance their agenda and make little kids think this is OK as a life style. Its perverse and the schools that say all this sexual lifestyle is fine to subject kinder gardeners too should have their federal funding taken away. This is a communistic agenda to degrade this country and bring it down internally just as the colleges of this country teach nothing but radical leftist ideas. WAKE UP AMERICA AND START REACTING TO STOP THIS PERVERSION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Hopefully, the powers that be in the Department of State will seriously consider this direct disobedience of the Ambassadors in these various locations around the globe, and will recall and/or fire them. If they are truly the President’s voice in their assigned embassy position, then the President’s directives must be followed to the letter. Remove, demote and/or fire them all – immediately!

  38. Open Defiance by a Group of Anti-American, LGBTQ Diplomatic Sponges. The So-Called Ambassadors & Their Insignifcant Others, should be Recalled & President Trump should Place Real Americans in the Diplomatic Corps. Most of those in Residence, are Obama-Types, who never step a Foot on American Soil!

  39. When you are employed by the Federal government you abide by their rules, I am amazed that the Transgender freaks have not found a way to skirt the Trump administration ban on TGs in the military.

  40. I have nothing against LGBT’s if they don’t get in my face, I understand people are different, but what logical reason does flying the LGTB flag on any US Government property? Is everyone going nuts, why not fly the Southern Battle flag at least it had purpose where the LGBT flag is only an in your face genital identity promotion they are trying to promote.

    • These spoiled brats get away with it because we let them. It’s a United States embassy. It gets to fly a flag of the U.S.
      I would have that embassador fired and on a plane back here faster than you could say “oops”.
      An embassador’s gig is a good deal. But let’s not bite the hand that feeds you.
      U.S. flag. Period.

  41. sexuality has nothing to do with our nation or its flag, so it certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with gay pride month,which in itself is absurd, but you really can’t expect anything like normal reasoning from a group of people who practice deviant and perverse behavior. you don’t see anyone putting up a flag that supports a heterosexual lifestyle anywhere because it doesn’t have anyplace in an embassy. embassies are to represent our nation as a people and our government, not what sex acts we practice. it just goes to show you how disturbed these people really are.

  42. President Trump seems to be confused about the whole LGBT issue. He seems to be against some aspects of it, while at the same time “not having a problem with it”. Please decide where you stand on this Mr President. You’re either on God’s side…or Satan’s side.

  43. This is just another effort by the radical LGBTQ movement to impose its deviant lifestyle on the American people, and with its banner placed on a flagpole, desecrates the Stars and Stripes.

  44. If the LGBT flag has been flown by those working in our US Embassies then those responsible should be immediately FIRED for not obeying orders ! There is no excuse for non-compliance of DIRECT ORDERS .
    If the firings clean out all the personnel then so be it … they can be replaced !

  45. The local news had the audacity to air the lgbtq pride parade on the local ABC station last weekend. I wouldn’t watch it. They should not have aired it. Normal people are not interested in this and it should not be forced to be shown on local TV.

    • I will never watch that station again because even though I don’t care about who chooses to be lgbtqxyz Its not my buisness, but that station kept announcing how they were so happy to support gay pride week….I j u st got disgusted & decided that station is history with me

  46. at every embassy where this happened should have a new Ambassador asap: every employee involved should be looking for a new position other than the Gov’t. Just my take!!

  47. I think that since perverts can raise their flag and do violent things to announce their presence, I think that we as Southerners should be able to raise our flags. Make Dixie Great Again.

  48. LGBTS’ should be deported to an island of their own, then they can flaunt their wares on each other, without offending the rest of us.

  49. We were told by the LGBT’s that their way of life is normal. So if it’s normal, why do they need a whole month to celebrate their normalcy?

  50. If a directive to lower level post appointees was blatantly violated . . . immediate dismissal is not only the right choice of action . . . it is the only viable action. Disregard of agency policy holds a termination penalty. For staff morale and crisis control and management, it is required. Rogue actions as a government employee could also call for punitive or criminal action ! Fire their asses !

  51. If as they say, homosexuals have no choice or control on their being homosexual then what
    is it for which they claim “pride”?

  52. Fire all those involved. If they won’t give up those who did it fire everyone till they do. Also stripped them of anything their former job would give them.


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