Radical Leftists lost their minds after a Republican candidate said the five words they fear most


All it takes to enrage a Leftist is to point out facts that offend them.

Simply disagreeing with their radical agenda is enough to set them off.

And the radical Left lost their minds after a Republican candidate said the five words they fear most.

It is rare to see politicians brave enough to stand up to the Left-wing mob.

But in Louisiana, a candidate for Governor was willing to take them head-on in a big way.

Rep. Ralph Abraham, a physician and National Guard veteran, put out an explosive ad for his race for Governor, declaring that “there are only two genders.”

This entirely factual statement is blasphemy to the Left, who want people to believe there are infinite genders and you can simply choose whatever gender you want.

LifeSiteNews reports:

A Republican lawmaker running to become Louisiana’s next governor has a new campaign ad succinctly declaring his conservative stances, including that “life begins at conception” and “there are only two genders.”

Ralph Abraham is a physician, veterinarian, and National Guard veteran who currently represents Louisiana’s fifth district in the U.S. House of Representatives. He’s running for governor against incumbent Democrat John Bel Edwards and Republican businessman Eddie Rispone.

Abraham released the new 30-second ad on Thursday:

I’m Ralph Abraham. I’m running for governor, and here’s the truth: life begins at conception. Government is too big. Our taxes are too high. And our car insurance is too expensive. President Trump is doing a great job. Facts matter more than feelings. The Second Amendment is self-explanatory. And as a doctor, I can assure you there are only two genders. I’m Republican conservative Ralph Abraham. I’m running for governor, and that’s the truth!

Louisiana is largely made up of conservative Americans.

So this ad will surely only serve to help Abraham in his race.

But if it was run in a state like California, the Left would be demanding he face punishment for “hate speech.”

Do you agree that there are only two genders?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Facts and truth are not necessarily the same thing. However in Mr. Abraham’s 30 second ad facts and truth are one in the same.

  3. Of course there are only two genders. Just as GOD intended. Anything else is Satan’s work and I will never go against GOD and HIS word… GOD bless Mr. Abraham and may he succeed in his quest to become Governor…

  4. I agree 100% with Ralph Abraham, but even if I didn’t agree – why tear my hair out and yell until hoarse? It’s just that each one remains at his own opinion, without affecting the other.

  5. I’m 67 now,and so far I have only seen 2 genders in my entire lifetime.If the DEMONRATS want to think otherwise,let’em

  6. There are only two genders, male and female. That’s it. Anyone claiming anything else needs mental health care, quickly.

  7. Nicely done, it’s about time someone stood up to these people, with no morals at all they are a sad bunch. They have to be the worst party representation of all time, and all their concerned with is destroying this country and the people in it.

  8. I ‘woke”up this morning knowing I had to turn over my garden for the winter…imagining I was an eighth male and the rest female, I went to DMV to flip my drivers license…again. Maybe LGBTQRST%#@€ can help me figure it out? The Army? Seals?
    Planned Parenthood? Prison?
    After DMV I never got to my garden? Just say’in…..

  9. Our chromosomes prove there are only two genders. People are either XX or XY, there is no third, fourth, or 57th choice. We are either male or female. Neither is gender fluid, it is fixed. Those that feel otherwise are mentally ill as those who want to chop off pieces of their body due to a body dysmorphia. Naturally, such facts enrage leftists who eagerly desire to undermine the United States of America in favor of their dystopia. If I lived in Louisiana I would certainly vote for this intelligent man based on what I currently know of him.

  10. I think you’ve let everyone know who has the zero digit IQ, and her name is Betty. Too bad you’re such a hater. Get a life!

  11. I think you’ve let everyone know who has the zero digit IQ, and her name is Betty. Too bad you’re such a hater. Get a life!

  12. Betty I have read a lot of stupid post but yours by far is the worst you must be a lib sucking off the government because that’s the only people that will vote for the dumbarats. Everyone else has a job MEGA 2020

  13. Actually, there are well documented cases where some people were born with genital parts from both genders, they are called hermaphrodites. Notice I said “both” genders, because in 99.9999% of the time people are born with either male or female parts. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean they were born with completely functional brains . . . . . . .

  14. Yes, Linda, I agree fully with your statements, which were so eloquently put; thank you. Now, if one reads the comment above yours from Betty, one can be sure she is an uneducated democrat who resorts to spewing foul language and name-calling instead of discussing the issues calmly and coming to an understanding.

  15. Governor Edwards lied so much a book could be written. He promised no tax increase, but since Louisiana has one of the highest state sales taxes in the nation. Taxes, fees, and any other name they can be given were increased. It really helped the economy which has not seen an upturn in Louisiana.

    Democrats love more taxes as long as they can spend them.

  16. Just like a liberal. You can’t disagree with a logical statement. You have to use poor language and just slam everyone who dares to disagree with you. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  17. All I can say is when you look down, what do you see? Unless someone sees something that is not been documented since the beginning of the human race and then document a different physical feature, there are only two genders.

  18. Hear Hear thank u to all xx’s & xy’s Too the xyz’s, have your privates removed. U r other does it feel good?

  19. well there’s a concept huh? lol, a study done by a university say’s Democrat’s/liberal’s are less tolerant than their counter-part. I’m 57 and I’ve never seen this kind of hatred toward’s a President, make’s me wonder how safe our voting system really is-they act like kid’s that don’t want the new kid in they’re sand box!!

  20. In most part I have to agree with the good doctor except when it comes to gender. The truth is that there are three genders. Male, Female, and Hermaphrodite, that is to say a child who is born with both male and female genitals. This abnormality is very rare but it has been known from through out history. So to claim that there are only two sexes is in fact wrong.

  21. Sonja Sommers: Thank you for your VERY kind words. I appreciate them. As far as Betty, well.. She never discusses the topic. She just comes on these sites and spews her intense hatred for President Trump, in her VERY colorful language. I truly believe if President Trump gets re-elected in 2020, she will probably have a complete nervous breakdown. Because as I see it, she’s on the verge right now.

  22. There ARE only two genders (as per the SCIENCE OF BIOLOGY . . . check DNA): Male and Female. Anything else is pure STUPIDITY! If you cannot figure this out, either you must have the TERMINAL STUPIDS (which is PERMANENT) or are in need of being institutionalized . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  23. You are correct there is an extremely small part of the population born with both male and female sexual organs. However, chromosomally even such people are either male or female.

  24. No, the doctor is correct as even hermaphrodites are either XX or XY, female or male. In short, chromasomally there are only two genders.

  25. Here we go again! Liberals can’t distinguish between “gender” and “sexual identity”! Not enough gray matter to distinguish the difference and have a civil discussion over the difference between the definitions.

  26. One of the best lines I’ve ever read was: “If I had a dollar for every gender, I’d have two dollars and a bunch of counterfeit bills.”

  27. Are you Actually Real Betty !!!
    Get a GRIP BIMBO ! Wake Up MALE or FEMALE / MAN or WOMAN !!! I don’t give a damn how you were brought up or who taught you your Moral Values, that MAN Running For Governor HAS GOT IT ! And He would have my Vote if I Lived In His State – Screw The Damn Political Correctness & Let’s Get Back To The Real World !!!

  28. Really Jim? So, you have been listening to Biden who believes in “Truth over Facts” Right? But dear, once again poor old senile uncle Joe forgot the word “our” Truth…in his bogus statement. Truth and Facts are -In Fact- the same thing. So what did he say that was Untruthful or Non-factual? And remember you must be able to prove they are not true and factual if you are going to say they are factual or true.

    facts (plural noun)

    a thing that is known or proved to be true.


    the quality or state of being true.
    “he had to accept the truth of her accusation”
    veracity · truthfulness · verity · sincerity · candor · honesty · genuineness · gospel · gospel truth · accuracy · correctness · rightness · validity · factualness · factuality ·
    (the truth)
    that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.
    “tell me the truth” ·

    Ralph Abraham”…life begins at conception. Government is too big. Our taxes are too high. And our car insurance is too expensive. President Trump is doing a great job. Facts matter more than feelings. The Second Amendment is self-explanatory. And as a doctor, I can assure you there are only two genders…”

    So while I do not live in Louisiana, and cannot attest to the validity of the cost of auto insurance being too high (it probably is, it is in most places) Which of these Facts did you not find to be True- That you can prove not to be True- Not that you “Feel” or want to “Beleive” they are not True?

    No scientific fact there is more than two genders (but there may be 52 forms of mental delusions) while you can argue over when the soul enters the body of an unborn or not, you cannot deny life begins at conception – simple fact- it is growing from the moment of conception- Dead things do not grow- Truth, it may not be viable on its own yet outside of the womb but you cannot prove it is not Living- so life begins at conception- Fact and Truth, the Govt. is too Big- hell yes factual and True- even if you “feel” we need more politicians running our life- that just is not true or factual, Second Amendment is self-explanatory- yet another truthful/factual statement- if there is a part you don’t understand- I am sure we can find a fifth-grader to explain it to you- President Trump Is Doing a Great Job- FACT and TRUTH!!!
    There are only two scientifically provable Genders- not 54 as the LBGTQ community would have you believe- if there is evidence for 52 more let’s see it otherwise this is also- Fact and True!

    So is the only thing you disagree with really the statement that “facts and truth” are the same things- then the dictionary definitions above Prove you are Wrong.

    So while I get liberals may want to believe they can pick and choose which Truths to are true the fact is – truth and fact is the same thing!

  29. Frankly, I think even using the left’s preferred term “gender” is a mistake. I don’t care how many genders there are. Factually and biologically, there are only two sexes.

  30. Gender is just another example,of how the left and Democrats, want to change something that will fit their stupid ideology. There are only two genders, Male and Female. Democrats want you to believe you can be whatever gender you want to be. Gender changing is an idea, not a scientific truth. You cab say you are transgender, multi-gender or whatever you want to be on a specific day. If you want to be something you are not, that may be your choice but don’t expect or demand or force rational people to believe your ideology or else. I hope Mr. Abraham gets to be governor of Louisiana. Then, the conservatives and all others, in Louisiana, can possibly get lower taxes, less government regulation and get someone in the governors office that believes in the Constitution, The United States of America and the freedoms granted to us by God and not the control of the idiotic left. God Bless America and God Bless President Trump.

  31. Gosh Betty…nice talk. Are you always so filthy mouthed! I feel nasty talking like that gets people absolutely NO WHERE!!!! I feel really sorry for anyone who can’t express themselves in a decent respectable manner.

  32. Great comeback Mike, now why not give some true facts to go along with your vague accusations…otherwise, it is just biased hate you are spewing.

  33. Geeze betty are you an angry high school freshmen emo kid or something, don’t you have a hateful Antifa meeting to get to?

  34. Yes, that is true but the chromosomes are one or the other and when they get the test done to find out what the chromosomes are, they know what gender the child is. It has not failed to accurately determine the proper gender unlike letting the parents or doctor choose which is how it used to be handled then the little boy who was raised to be one gets to puberty and grows breasts there is a problem and the kid faces all sorts of emotional pain.
    Chromosomes are the facts/truth of who we are- the rest is just a mental construct that someone wants to believe.

  35. Betty is the typical demorat supporter, and a prime example of what is wrong with this country! People with her off-the-rails mentality bought into the many lies (and endless coverups) of her beloved O’brokeback and refused to accept the fact that he was TRAITOROUS and HATED our country, probably because they were leeching off all the freebies that him and the demorats were giving them for doing nothing.

    They have no conscience, and therefore, do not consider any of their actions accountable. They are truly REPROBATES, as they have given away their ability to reason (and peacefully disagree with those who seek the truth).

    They cried at the sky when their evil HILLARY LOST, and have abandoned all sense of reality, and keep hallucinating things about Donald Trump, in their fantasy-world thinking that somehow, getting rid of Trump will put Hillary in the White House. It doesn’t work that way, psychos! We have a Constitution, and we will follow it. We had a traitor in the White House who thumbed his nose in our faces by stomping on our rights, and idiots like Betty still cheer at everything he says.

    They ALL need to be stuck in a mental institution, away from civilized Americans who believe in the rights our Founding Fathers gave all to give to us!!


  37. Betty, someone should have washed your mouth out with lye soap years ago, but it’s never too late!!

  38. Betty speaks loke a typical leech sucking the government nipple that the Trump administration reduced or cut off likely because she is a lazy slug who won’t work. Is this FACT or TRUTH or BOTH?

  39. The Founding Fathers didn’t give us the right you speak about! We “are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”

  40. OK
    2 comments, 1: even if these people do get their gender reassignment operations there’s still only 2 genders, men & women, or in their case, men operated on to become a woman, or a woman that gets operated on to be a man…in the end though they were not born as the gender they transformed into, there is still just man & woman!
    2: I saw all the replies to that betty creature, do you all realize that responding to these things just takes away from the real issues? Screw these bots, & stick to what matters, don’t feed in to their lunacy, that’s what they want!!

  41. Lzib, you may want to reread my post. You’re correct though. When I heard Biden make that statement my reaction was the same as yours, so I did what any red blooded American would do and Googled it. You may want to do the same.

  42. There is no one word term to define how mentally deviant Progressives are Loons or psychotics certainly does not cut it, they all reside on a warped plane of existence.

  43. Sarcasm:
    Truth – I was thinking that there were 3 genders; male, female, and democrat!
    Fact- there are 2 genders; male and female. Democrats just don’t know how to tell the difference!

  44. Until a baby is born other than male or female, there will be only TWO genders. Fredo, you are right on!

  45. The “Governor” candidate spoke the truth pure and simple.
    The only trouble with Democrats is that they have allowed Satan to control their brain and their life.
    They were fine people until Satan took control. They cannot control what they think or believe, Satan has blinded them to the truth.

  46. Awww….find your mommy and pacifier, child, but I doubt even SHE could get you over your childish, ignorant tantrum.

  47. Aaah, was that a breath of fresh air I just read? This guy should run for President in 2024. He’s got my vote. Facts? Truth? Lead on “McDuff”

  48. In one comment there was a post that compared leftist with down syndrome not true, people with down syndrome do not commit the stupid statements that leftist do, so to comment on two or more genders there is only two, you are born either a girl or a boy and it is mostly how they are treated in childhood that gives them a complex with their gender

  49. Rep. Ralph Abraham, Thank you it give a conservative American confidence in some our leadership. It takes men character to lead. I don’t live in Louisiana but if I did you would have my vote.

  50. No, radical Right conspiracy Theorist group. we are super upsey With Ytimp’s Private plan to deport immigrants who have kids so sick that when tRump tells them that they have 33 days to leave That we will protest to Millions of people flooding Washington Close everything including any chance for Trump to leave the White house. We will even close any Military base that can send pilots to try to send copters to help Trump to Escape.

  51. I am 85 and like you in all of my life I have never felt such hatred. My thought is some how the Devil got out of Hell just to destroy our life. It will not effect those of us who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. He will take care of Pres. Trump since his hand was there helping him on his way since the day he was concieved. I believe God sent him to try and help all who wants his help.

  52. How true. We all needed a good laugh before I get of the nut station. All of you have a good laugh no matter definition you declare under. Me I am female.

  53. Thank you for stating the truth and not giving into this touchy feely garbage! Enough already! Hopefully
    you will be the next governor of Louisiana!

  54. Fred Amirault: My heart goes out to every child that is sick and suffering, in ALL countries around the world. BUT, it is not our responsibly to care for and allow this massive influx of illegal aliens trying to storm our borders . Our nation can not support and pay for this. Where do you think this money will come from, if we allow everyone to enter our country ILLEGALLY? Do you think our government has this magical money tree that provides an endless supply of money?. No. It will come out of OUR tax dollars!! And we have our own citizens that need help right now.
    Your hate for President Trump is overwhelming! And if you think our country would have been much better off if Hillary Clinton was voted in, you are truly brainwashed….In my opinion, as well as many others, both her and her husband are traitors and are a disgrace to this country.
    And I must add by your rants about storming the White House and closing all the military bases so Trump couldn’t escape is pure insanity!!! But by your posting you do demonstrate the mind set of Dems. Don’t work WITH the president. Just keep ranting and cause disruption. Regardless of how you view President Trump , show some respect for our sitting president. I had to the 8 long years Obama was president.Shame on you….

  55. Texas: i am 73 years old and majored in biology many years ago in college. And i do recall that there is a genitic mutant with xxy chromosomes called a “super female”. Sexually a female with increased musculature and strength. So there just might be a third “sex”. Maybe another contributor can add to my recollection. Thank you

  56. W. Freds, what you refer to is Kleinfelter Syndrome in which an extra X Chromosome afflicts a male. It is not a third gender but rather a birth defect that presents numerous problems to the sufferer. Among the symptoms are small testicles and infertility. It is even possible for a male so afflicted to have more than two X chromosomes with the Y. Of course, the defect is even more serious with more X chromosomes.

  57. And evidently, Mike has conveniently overlooked the Bill of Rights, as set up by our Founding Fathers, which gave us the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, etc. It appears to me that he is cherry-picking which parts apply and which don’t (to the nutty liberals)!

  58. Robert, the MENTAL CASES that have such a hatred for this President have believed the lies of the democommies, even though it should be OBVIOUS to any sane person that their lies are only empty BABBLE. They blindly sucked in every lie that could come from the USURPER who illegally occupied the White House, sucking tax paying citizens for every freebie they could get, totally ignoring his MANY TREASONOUS acts. They accuse Mr. Trump of being a traitor (like a parrot), when he has done NOTHING that even resembles that. Just because they hate somebody with a rabid hate does NOT make him guilty of any offenses, much less treason. I think it’s time Trump started rounding up the loonies that constantly agitate and spread sedition.

  59. You Sir are absolutely correct! Thank you for that statement. I had a Cousin that was a Down Syndrome, he died a couple of years ago at 52 Y/O. AND he is still smarter than ANY demo-rat Traitors! God bless you

  60. Biology determines sex. Chromosomes determine sex. If you have two X chromosomes you are forever female, nothing changes that. If you have one X and one Y chromosomes you are forever male, no matter what you think. Learn to live with it.

  61. Under President Trump, best economy in decades, lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks,Hispanics,Asians EVER (women in 15years)lowest unemployment ever, The list is endless. Best president ever, President! Keep America Great! The unstoppable KAG train full steam ahead to 2020 and beyond!

  62. Two genders only on this planet. If you don’t like that leave the planet and go find one that has what you’re looking for.

  63. Richard, it should be clear to anybody reading these posts that Betty is just another deranged person who has so much hate inside because HILLARY LOST that they cannot make a reasonable argument with any person who knows the FACTS about the last election. She (and other snowflakes like her who keep spreading hate and smut) needs to be locked away from civilization, as they are a THREAT to our national security and to our peace-loving law-abiding citizens!!

  64. I agree with every word. Republicans should all adopt the same vocabulary as their platform because all Americans with half sense believe the same way. We would walk away with the election and get our country back on course before it’s too late.


  66. CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump Plainly Lost His Mind While He Was Still Growing Inside His Mother! What The USA Needs To Fear Is A Second Presidential Term For That MENTAL MORON, That CONCEITED, STUPID SICKO CRAP!

  67. Also, What Has Occurred under d trump, Backstabbed Our Allies, The Kurds, Trade Wars with China, A Few Thousand Goverment Workers who Suffered A Total Goverment Shutdown When That Presidential PISS ASS PIG Thowing Another CHILDISH, INMATURE, HISSY FIT OVER NOT GETTING HIS SELFISH, SICKO WAY! The List Is Endless, All Right, In So Many Ways, That d trump proved what A BRAIN DEAD, FIRST CLASS FOOL HE IS! There’s Only One Way To KAG (KEEP AMERICA GREAT) & THAT’S BY TOSSING OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE A PAIR OF trump TRASH, mr. WASHINGTON WORTHLESS WORM HIMSELF & mrs. WASHINGTON WORTHLESS WHORE HERSELF!

  68. THE USA Should Say The Words That CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump Would Both Fear & Deserves The Most, “YOU HAVE BEEN LEGALLY IMPEACHED”!

  69. Well, mike, Unlike You & ALL republican RETARDS, I, AT LEAST, Can Tell The Difference Between A PERSON & A PIG, Esp. A Presidential PISS ASS PIG!

  70. Betty Betty Betty When I read YOUR post I see a childish hissy fit. Most people who made it past the 6th grade can at least structure a sentence. You give yourself away!! LOL Now for the sane readers a very true statement.
    Truly stupid people have no idea they are stupid !!
    Trashing the first lady shows your low class !!
    Enlighten us betty.
    Who is your pick for president and why??

  71. Betty you seam to me like a mental giant.
    Enlighten us oh great one.
    Who is your pick for president and why?
    Please give some logic and not drivel.

  72. Betty I forgot to say that I prefer my first lady actually be a first LADY and not have a pecker. If you want to search there is plenty evidence that both the obamas were born male. Also the actual birth parents of their adopted children.

  73. Betty is actually like the Obama family of chimpanzees. The children were purchased at “Chimps R Us”! Betty and the Obama family reside at the Washington DC Zoo, where they sit picking at their asses while crowds toss bananas at them! ???? ????


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