Radical left-wing actress Alyssa Milano received bad news that could send her career down in flames


Alyssa Milano is a B-list actress and the self-declared leader of the “resistance” movement against President Trump.

But all of this could end in an instant with this bad news she just received.

That’s because Alyssa Milano was given the worst news possible for her already failing career and it could send her career down in flames for good.

Since Donald Trump entered office, Milano has made it her mission to be a thorn in his side.

She’s rallied fellow celebrities to donate to campaigns, speak at events, and even boycott states like Georgia for passing pro-life legislation.

Milano has likely upset many of the studios and producers responsible for filming and financing movies and TV shows by doing so.

And now it looks like she is finally paying for it.

Alyssa Milano released news that her show, Insatiable, will not be renewed for another season on Netflix.

The show is likely being cancelled for a number of reasons.

Milano’s insistence on courting public controversy and lack of acting skills are the prime suspects behind the show’s shortcomings.

The actress’s career has taken a beating over the last year and the pattern does not show any signs of stopping.

While her antics may earn her likes and retweets on social media, they are not doing her any favors finding paying work in Hollywood.

She’s likely spent too much time in the media attacking President Trump, making outrageous statements in favor of unrestricted abortion and burning bridges rather than working on her career.

The actress will undoubtedly choose to double-down on her absurd behavior and simply leverage her role as the “woke” celebrity fighting for women’s rights and social justice to find work.

What do you think?

Is Alyssa Milano’s career going down in flames due to her political activism?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Alyssa Milano is like Jussie Smollett. Worthless two bit actors that think they’re opinions are like gold to the ears of us mere mortals. Most people don’t care or want to hear about their politics. Why is that hard for them to understand?

  3. GOD is paying attention, Ms. Milano! Perhaps HE wants you to remember the babies you aborted for the sake of your career. Which really has tanked now hasn’t it???? You didn’t choose wisely, did you??

  4. I will pray for you Melissa that you will realize the difference between good and evil. I will pray that you ask forgiveness from the babies you aborted, that you forgive yourself and most important ask for God’s forgiveness.

  5. Leftism is a mental and spiritual derangement. Eventually, like cancer, leftism robs one from thinking rationally. Alyssa is another example of this. She has no career, no legacy…nothing.

  6. She’s a light weight wannabe! Irrelevant, low I. Q., typical of many Hollywooders. Obviously she has little peer support and declining numbers of fans. Not bright!

  7. GOOD
    O F F THE AIR &

  8. AM does nothing but parrot the headlines she reads on MSM. She hasn’t had an original thought in her entire life.

  9. It is Fortunate for her that her parents were pro life or she wouldnt be here now, which is unfortunate for us as a society. Stupid woman.

  10. This baby killer needs to be banned from every show or movie. She is a terrorist and is bad for publicity. I wont watch anything this murderer is in.

  11. All Hollywood bigots here this ….. your opinions are worthless and hold no sway over most Americans. Barbara, Goldberg, Merrill, Alex, Brad, etc….. The list would be lengthy … America and the world would be a better place without you. Please just go away.

  12. Obviously, her career was already in the toilet. Otherwise, why would she have switched “careers” from actress to political activist?

  13. Her career is ALREADY down in FLAMES! . . . Look what she stands for. AND, these worthless actors and actresses wonder why their careers just CRATERED. Hollywood CONTINUES to lose support and $$$. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  14. She could never “Act”. She is on the wrong side of History. She needs to pray to GOD for much needed guidance and repent before her maker. She has openly admitted to having at least two abortions and said that if she didn’t get abortions that her ‘career’ would have been over. Yes, choosing to kill your own babies just so you can continue to not act is a blatant move to appease Satan. Her soul may already be lost!

  15. she is a wannabe
    in fact, she is soooo unknown as an actress, I didn’t even know who she was when she was every where attacking Trump.

  16. Gaze toward the NFL as well. While the team franchises won’t ever cop to “discriminating” against Kneelers and other protesters, You just watch, the contracts are gonna start dying out. It’s the only way the sport can save itself. They’ve alienated a full 50% of their fans. That’s assuming you don’t factor in that it’s disproportionately Republicans/conservatives who can afford the steep ticket prices and transportation to get to events.

  17. I know a taco truck that could use some help or she can go to San Francisco and pick up poop.I heard it pays good.

  18. Her career is making herself look like the useless idiot she is by her grandstanding and promoting lies trying to be relevant instead of a washed up has been F-list wanna be actress. There is one thing she is successful at though, and that’s turning all the people that truly love the United States of America and want the best for our country while our needs are put first for a much needed change, against her and her America hating liberal idiots she perhaps calls her friends.

  19. She was cute as a child . I guess Hollywood screws everybody’s mind up on top of being a demonrat. She’s ready for rubber walls with the rest of deranged Dems . For any woman to kill their child is immoral and despicable ! You have to be smarter than that instead of killing a child you don’t want why don’t you try birth control r keep your legs shut . If you are and idiot and don’t use birth control there are plenty of women that can’t have children why not give them gods blessing that you want to kill !
    Maybe your mother should of taking birth control before having such an immoral child !
    Get mental help !

  20. First, this is a poorly written slanted and biased article. I shouldn’t need to qualify this statement, because it’s evident in the writing. Second, there is no such thing as the radical left, unless you are determined to undermine a woman for her interest and ability to stand up for women’s rights in this diseased patriarchal climate we live in. I am a male who understands just diseased this presidency and climate actually is. You’re either a female broken by Christianity and your experiences with men in the overall or you’re a man who proves my point by the sheer biased vitriol you have attempted to spew in the form of news.

    I am dumber for reading this article expecting actual journalism integrity. Have a great day.

  21. Her career – such as it was – was over BEFORE she ever started this idiotic BS. I’d never heard of that show before this article. Her career is more likely over with a whimper than down in flames.

  22. Hey Alyssa Milano,
    I hear that Burger King is hiring. I do believe that they do not even care if you are experienced or not. Shall they get InTouch with you?

  23. There Still Showing ( after 20 yrs ) Shows Of ” Charmed “, and She’s Still Getting Her Commission(s) From Producing n Acting As a Fornicator and Showing Off Her Breasts in Almost EVERY Show !!! She’s Been in 38 Movies ( played daughter in Schwarzenegger’s Commando ) and Been On a Whole Bunch of TV Shows and is Worth $10M…Her Husband Worth $2M. I’m Sure If She’s Was Black Listed…They Can Still Live Comfortably…

  24. i have been on milanos ass for months; the heifer is that, a heifer; she is not jack crap, no fn movie star ,actress or anything in between; what the b truly is is a lay, what we hoss dogs back in the younger split hopping days called a piece of ass that any one could have if yu made her think it would heighten her ambitions;;; a putty/ a a putty/ a putty, all girls have one, there all the same, simply a hole in the wall, some been mined, some been dynamited, some smell, some are like pure hell, once yu burst it ,it’ll burst yur ass;;we all can make conversation out of Alyssa Milano, that’s my opinion, my preference, simply stated, shes not a pimple on a dolls ass

  25. “Since Donald Trump entered office, Milano has made it her mission to be a thorn in his side.” I think the author of this article gives her far too much credit. I doubt that President Trump could pick her out of a line up of other Irrelevant Out of Work Woke Celebrities.

  26. I doubt it’s her running out the mouth that’s tanking her career. She’s no different than most of the airhead fluff in Hollyweird. If, however, the article is accurate about her upsetting studios and producers it will mean far fewer job offers.

  27. well i feel sorry for her women still love babies we as we get older love to see our grand babies to love i think when she was inrehab that she lost her self and yes she need to leave hollywood and fine a good man and have a baby to love i know that won’t happen

  28. What has she been in lately? Maybe it’s time for a laundry detergent commercial or something! Won’t be long until she is totally broke and living on the streets!

  29. Yes they lay blame. In reality it was the Dems and Pelosi in on the virus with China to spread it to blame trump. They need to ask God for forgiveness. Before it’s to late. God will have his wrath out on this situation and it’s not going to be good for the corruption in America Praise God


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