Radical Black Lives Matter activists asked followers to do something that will turn your stomach


Protests over the murder of George Floyd have shaken the country.

Far-left groups have seized the moment to push through their radical agenda.

And radical Black Lives Matter activists asked followers to do something that will turn your stomach.

The peaceful protests in George Floyd’s name turned into bedlam almost instantly.

Criminals and far-left activists used the moment to riot and loot for personal or political gain.

The universal condemnation of Floyd’s murder has also emboldened radical leftists to hector people into agreement on any issue they deem worthy.

Antiracism has now quite literally become a religion, and that became evident when white protesters in North Carolina were made to wash the feet of black protest organizers.

This is a shameful display.

Bowing and washing the feet of another man does nothing to foster racial healing.

The Left’s cultish behavior will only work to further divide the country.

The average person of any race that sees displays like this will be appalled.

The sting of being labeled a racist has increased tenfold, so radical groups like Black Lives Matter have been given a lot of latitude.

What most people don’t understand about Black Lives Matter is that it’s a Trojan horse for radical leftism.

The group’s mission statement includes statements such as:

“We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual (unless s/he or they disclose otherwise).”

Similar rhetoric can be found on other radical Left groups that are focused on gender, sexuality, etc.

All of these groups lead to the same place:  socialism.

That’s the yoke that binds them.

Hopefully, more people will begin to wake up and realize that these leftist movements with benign sounding or even laudable titles are not what they appear to be.

For example, the #MeToo movement went up in smoke after the entire Left went scorched Earth in a failed attempt to destroy Justice Brett Kavanaugh, but went silent Joe Biden was accused of sexual assault.

Is encouraging white people to kneel and wash black people’s feet as atonement for slavery and racism damaging for the country?

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  2. Patronizing behaviors will prove to be unacceptable even to participants when you think that the most enduring expression is contempt for authority they should know no one likes to be told what to do. They will rise in self loathing over their sheer inconsistency

  3. Completely ignore them. They loathe being ignored. Of course that means the media should also ignore them so good luck with them. Anyway they will turn on each other in time.

  4. Seriously? Washing their feet and lowering themselves because of White Guilt ? Maybe they were Racists and they knew it? God, how has this Country stooped so low? If you are in Control, please show your hand and Bless the great Patriots!!

  5. You have got to be f_____g kidding me. Wash their feet? Kiss my southern ass!!! Only thing that this bring is another civil war! BRING IT. I’m ready. No surrender this time!!! It’s do or die. C’mon people, stand the hell up and fight back, they are trying to erase what our ancestors gave their life for. I don’t believe in racism and I definitely don’t believe in backing down!!! C’mon America get a backbone and grow a set. End this BS now!!!!!!!!

  6. I find myself wondering when the black people in the U.S. are going to stop worrying about skin color and just join society. I’ve seen quite a few who’re willing to start at the bottom of a new job and work their way up the same as any other person but there’s one problem. They’re a minority within a minority. There are good and bad blacks. Good and bad whites. Personally, I think it’s time to stop being African Americans, Irish Americans, or whatever else people claim to be and just become AMERICANS.

  7. Michael W: THANK YOU for that video of Former Cop Brandon Tatum. He’s absolutely brilliant and so very right. It should be played EVERYWHERE. VERY MOVING.

  8. I don’t feel guilty about being white or the fact I worked hard to provide myself and my family a decent living. The only feet I will wash are at the end of my legs or within my family. Anyone who bends down to this BS needs their head examined. Clean up the police department from those bad apples just like any company would or should do. It really amounts to the extreme corruption in our country and rich and powerful perpetrating the downfall of it all.

  9. I hope that misery falls upon all these lefties. I wonder, since most are very young people who are looting and rioting, I wonder if their parents are proud of them? I wonder how many parents know what their little child is doing? They should all be shot

  10. Black Lives don’t actually Matter to the BLM crowd.
    18 people were killed in Chicago on May 31st, and not a single BLM protester came out for them.
    BLM is just a radical anarchist group that is exploiting the tragic death of a black man by a white cop to push their agenda. BLM is trash, and anybody that follows them or agrees with them is a useful idiot.

  11. The Illegals are coming! The Illegals are coming! The Illegals are Coming! This is Pure Islamic Behavior! Not welcome in America! BLACK FOLKS NEED TO TURN In ANY (RIOTER) They SEE IMMEDIATELY! It Is Your Cities That are going down in FLAMES! Only YOU can STOP IT! I still don’t think they have ENOUGH ILLEGAL’S to take over AMERICA? UNLESS, We Join Them? Don’t do that? Otherwise, we will ALL BE IN CHAINS!!! I’am Serious people. We need to actively track down any and ALL TERRORISTS!!! TODAY!!!

  12. Once you begin to grovel, you may as well stay on your knees. Getting back up is dozens of times more difficult than staying on your feet in the first place.

  13. Only need to cut off their welfare and food stamps until they go home and be AMERICANS!!!!! Now shut your pie holes and go home

  14. Anyone claiming to be a “victim” is using that as leverage & it seems to be working thx to our media, leftwing politicians/ opportunists & cowards. Next thing you know they’ll be doing more than washing feet! Ann Coulter is right about country becoming Godless, but wrong about Romney.

  15. GOD is in control,and JESUS came into the world as a servant ( John:13) and as Christian’s we are to be like JESUS so washing someone’s feet is a very GODLY act of love and concern

  16. Those white scum who sold their honor and conscience and agreed to wash feet – to fake black scum – they have to agree and drink this water at the same price that the criminal democrats paid them to incite racial hatred, revenge and anger between white and black Americans who do not want to flare up, without the help of bandits and scammers “ANTIFA”, “BLACK LIFE MATTER “and mayors – democrats.

  17. How many of those people who washed someone else’s feet owned slaves? NONE!! So what is the sin for which they should be expected to atone? Wasn’t this just preaching to the choir? I assume the washers were good intentioned, although thoroughly misguided, people. On the other hand, I believe anyone who expected people of another race or ethnicity to wash his feet is a racist.

  18. Wash their feet. You gotta be kidding me. You kowtow to terrorists and you can never turn back because they own you forever. OK libs you get exactly what you are asking for. Kiss you stupid butts goodbye.

  19. It is time white people WAKE up! Not one man or woman alive today is responsible for salveray. What is wrong with you people. The blacks are laughing at you behind your backs. What the hell happened to your pride. The only feet you should wash is your own. If I found my wife or a family member washing black feet because of slavery I would divorce myself of them right then. To hell with Black lives matter, and all that fall of the blm BULL SH*T.

  20. WASH YOUR OWN DAMNED FEET Are these white idiots doing this of their own free will? WTF??? Jesus willingly washed the feet and did so out of love. Not because someone was forcing him to do it. Or threatening standing over him with weapons. F#$k black lives matter!

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  22. Jesus washed his disciples feet (and commanded them to do likewise with other Christians) as a sign of humility. This recent display was done to humiliate. There is a vast difference.

  23. Absolutely degrading and disgusting. So these people doing this must have a pretty low self esteem /self hatred . How many saw the video of the white women and women kissing the black man’s boots?

  24. Speaking of those white guys who groveled at the feet of those black protesters and washed their feet. I wonder if they had to change their panties afterwards? I can’t imagine anyone doing such a thing voluntarily. Do they have no personal pride? Are they such wimps that they have no backbone? Do they have to sleep with their teddy bears and suck on a pacifier at night? You are white men and women and you should take pride in that fact. Don’t let the insane talking media heads convince you otherwise. Stand up proudly.

  25. Pulling the race card is always the excuse.and always have the racist Sharpton to condone it, as long as he get publicity and gets paid.one step forward, three step back.

  26. Someone needs to tell them that it was Republicans who freed them from slavery, and there does not happen to be any slaves today! We do not owe them a damn thing! If Jesus were to return today, the black lives matter group would do a lot of weeping and wailing!

  27. I’ll consider getting on my knees and washing the feet of these Black Supremacist RACISTS, right after the get down on their knees and kiss my ass.

  28. BLM is a communist backed organization. A lot of the blacks don’t even realize that and just jump onboard with them and the whites that jump in jump in blindly as well. All tied in with Antifa and all the other radical groups. It’s gonna do nothing for racial equality or justice…it’ll only lead to more violence and destruction and possibly civil war which they would most likely welcome. Their symbol now is the black raised fist…the same as the Black Panthers from the 60s. If it’s civil war they are encouraging….They better be willing to bleed for their cause, because the Americans that love this country out number them and we are armed.

  29. I don’t wash my own damn feet, so I am not about to wash someone else. What about social distancing? Huh? Idiots, so many are.

    Whites are washing blacks’ feet like Jesus did to his disciples.
    That the white people think of themselves as Jesus and the black people as his disciples!
    All non-racists should be opposed to this!

  31. Pathetic idiots! This is what happens when the left controls the education system. Black Americans have little or no knowledge of American history, and whites have been told their all racists and too, have little knowledge of American history. The left writes our school books, teach our children to hate America, teach that Islam is a peaceful religion, teach that their is white privilege and that everything that is part of Western culture is based on racism. You want to get our country back, then constantly call your Federal congressman and women to pass a bill to eradicate the Department of Education! This, along with a lot more conservative teachers, we can get rid of 80 to 90 percent of America’s problems! It will take a generation, or two, to get where we need to be because we let this go for decades! It’s this or a civil War people! We have two choices people! Take your pick, because voting isn’t going to do any of this. Nuff said!

  32. No white washing black feet means their suppose to be above us, next they will want whites to wipe their corrupted blackass……

  33. Actually, Kenneth Bottomly, that would also be unintentionally white supremacist, as it would imply that the whites are taking on a parental role!

  34. I’m an 84 y/o native Texan, Marine vet, whose only WHITE PRIVILEGE has been to work my ass off to get what little my wife and I have. And my wife, who is Hispanic, worked her ass off right alongside of me. We have never asked for anything from our Government except to be left alone to live our lives according to our own beliefs. We will never bow down to anyone other than God and/or Jesus Christ, and God help anyone who tries to force us!

  35. Menoby, it is are GOD GIVEN RIGHT to protect are children by keeping child predators away from them and, to keep those sick minded from exposing their fowl ways on are children. Only their kind will have the odosaty to accuse a parent of being a supremacist, “NO” doing their job. Child molesters want children to be vulnerable and will say or create anything to make it so.

  36. KB, I’m not saying that parents are white supremacists. I’m saying that if a white person bathes or wipes a black person (outside the context of being an actual parent or caregiver), the message they are presenting is that they think of black people as unclean or unable to wash themselves, or that they, the white people, think of themselves as being in a parental role to the black people. Just like it would be a white supremacist move for a white person to go around popping pacifiers into black people’s mouths, or to make a show of feeding black people with baby bottles or even spoons.

  37. I m might be wrong, but it will come to a end when the silent majority says “ENOUGH”. it will come quickly and it will not be slowed by the radical left. Wait and see..

  38. If the quality Americans don’t stand up soon…it’ll be too late. I fear it may already BE. I never thought I’d live to see what’s happening in Seattle. What is the point of having police carry guns if they’re going to stand by while a city is TAKEN OVER???? If this doesn’t justify lethal force, WHAT DOES? What kind of weaklings stand by while their country is taken over? I mean, it would be one thing if we were helpless…but we have a massive, well armed police force, and an incredible military….and, for that matter, a whole lot of civilians who would gladly take up whatever slack that remained….And what do we do? America sits and watches it all on tv. Why not send in men and kill every single occupier? We could clean up Seattle in a matter of hours….kill the rioters….hose down the streets….and Seattle would be back in business by tomorrow morning. We have the means to EASILY solve this problem. What is lacking, apparently, is the resolve, patriotism, or mere common sense.

  39. We should have the names and pictures of those kneeling and washing the feet. I want to chastise them for their behavior in they way they have treated Blacks all their lives. I think to adequately repair the damage they did by their behavior to Blacks-they should really clean their houses and pay their bills, cut their lawns and etc. That’s the only equal reparation as can be done as by doing the work the slaves had to do. Washing their feet is a joke.

  40. I’ll bet you prefer black, you talk betrayal of your own race, there’s no one walking on the face of this earth or has been in years that was around then, and let me bring a fact to your wantabe black control mind seeing you don’t know what the hell your talking about, your just black brainwashed. Over 300.000 white man’s lives were lost in the civil, half sacrificed their lives fighting for blacks freedom. The others most all of them never own a plantation nor not one slave, many good man lost arm and legs. What kinda appreciation has been shown for those great sacrifices, their great grandchildren are told they owe them (the black) what a slap in the face. We don’t owe then a damn thing they owe us. They just use this bullsh_t to get out of thing and a free ride in life. They have the privilege of full use of all whites discoveries/inventions and education, in return they rob, sell drugs to are young, stalk/rape/pimp are women, assault/murder are people. What in the hell is wrong with your head ?????

  41. When are we going to put a end to all violence from the black movement ,them tearing down all our country monuments and defacing property. Let’s get rid of all black rap music , that is about killing cops , drugs ,and black men getting white girls. pregnant

  42. Gary, we have to many WANTABE BLACKS supporting their races attack on us. Blacks have well worn out the race-card, they are clearly and have been the most races race in the country, alway pointing their black finger at the white people calling us races just to gaine grown and cover their black as-es, if you speak out about them doing something wrong to us they call you races to shut you up, THEIR THE ONES…..

  43. I’m just tired of it. I feel the need to wear hip boots when trying to watch the news because of all the s#,+# they are shoveling. I usually end up turning it off because it’s si disgusting. For some reason, these people think they are owed something. They aren’t owed anymore than they are willing to work for, and that includes respect.


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