Radical atheists targeted a Christian woman and its proof they want to wipe Christians off the map


Radical atheists have made Christians their number one target.

They’ve targeted everything from simple prayer circles in schools to school Christmas plays.

And now, their reason for targeting this courthouse is proof they want to wipe Christianity off the map.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is demanding the St. Louis Circuit Attorney, Kimberly Gardner, remove a Scripture plaque displayed outside her office.

The plaque is affixed to the wall, just under her name, with the circuit attorney seal.

The scripture reads in large lettering, “Justice, and only justice, you shall pursue …” – Deut. 16:20.

“Justice” as described in that verse is “incompatible” with constitutional principles, according to the atheist organization.

“We write to request that this sign be removed, both because it represents a government endorsement of religion in violation of the First Amendment, and because it advocates a form of ‘justice’ that is incompatible with constitutional principles,” the letter, sent on Monday, reads.

“The Establishment Clause prohibits government sponsorship of religious messages,” it states. “Federal courts have upheld restrictions on religious displays on government property because such restrictions exist to avoid Establishment Clause violations.”

This “request” should come as no surprise.

Christianity has come under immense scrutiny to the point of flat-out persecution.

The leftist mob that these radical atheists are part of seek to wipe our Christianity off the map.

And one way to do that is yank out, stem and root, any reference to God, the Bible, and Christianity from our schools, courthouses, libraries, and so much more.

It’s hard to imagine what our Founding Fathers would say about these atheist organizations’ attempts to silence Christians.

But with the election of Donald Trump, it seems Christians are tired of being politically correct and are taking the fight to the PC mob.

It’s nice to have a president who sticks up for Christians, unlike Obama who admonished Christians and pinned the blame on them for slavery and Jim Crow laws.

Do you think the Circuit Attorney should fight back against this atheist organization?

Let us know in the comments!


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  2. Take the scripture reference off the plaque and leave there. Christians know what it means and the atheist bozos will not know the difference. It is a good saying in a court of law, religion or no religion. I am a Christian and the atheists will not win.

  3. If Christians have no responsibility for slavery, then who does? And BTW, Atheists need to fight back…we are tired of these childish god-king believers forcing their views on us

  4. I always thought atheists just didn’t believe in a supreme being. I never heard anything about them disliking what anyone else believes. This is not atheist-ism, this is hatred or even jealousy of those who do believe. I know several atheists and NONE of them dislike or attempt to change others beliefs in a God – I repeat NONE.

  5. Atheists can KMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The court got it wrong. It says Congress shall not establish an official religion. Nor should it prohibit the religion

  7. they hate God, Jesus, Christianity, but Will be the one’s to say “oh my God” when they are at the end of life. And, Eric, we don’t need YOU people taking away our beliefs, YOU DON’T LIKE it, DON’T listen or look. hide your head in the sand.

  8. Atheists are the Devil’s Spawn.
    It infuriates them that us Christians believe in a higher power then on them.
    They’re completely lost. They claim to be happy but, actually, they’re Not.
    The best thing for them to do is, “Leave us alone”!!!!
    We don’t bother them.
    Do Not bother us.
    It’s that simple…

  9. Wait until the Fundamentalist Muslims are in the ascendant! These fanatical atheists cannot imagine what is in store for them. There is one God, Allah, and his prophet is Muhammad — and they will brook no disagreement. All infidels should be punished and subjugated.

  10. UP YOURS ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jesus knows what the atheists are doing .If they Don’t Beleive in God why are they wanting the Bible Dstroyed? God and Jesus will still be in our Hearts .we love Jesus he died for us .
    They Will find out the Truth some Day

  12. I agree,We need lots of numbers to protest the Evil Ones. Come on Christian’s Something needs to change..Let’s wear our religious shirts and hold our heads high..But one thing they CAN’T TAKE…
    Jesus and God from my Heart, Mind and,Soul….Time to Crusade for our Religion.

  13. Demon helpers,,all those who are blind to the truth. Don’t care if you believe or not..But keep your Demons out of my life.

  14. It’s all Racest to Christian’s,and God,and Jesus.But like Jesus said,,One day every knee will bow before him,for judgement..It’s to late to help some people,and these Demons will Burn for eternity.

  15. I’m sure the Democrat Party will soon be signing on to join the Godless! They’re right up the alley with the atheists. Another fringe group to check the box for.

  16. Really Eric, what views are those? i will pray for you because you are a lost soul. I am also going to Chic-Fil-a for dinner you want a sandwich?

  17. How about the black Africans who SOLD THEIR CONQUERED FOES INTO SLAVERY IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! If you think the european slavers were truely Christians then you have ZERO IDEA what a Cheistian is!!!

  18. I think the Judge should stand up for her beliefs. This scripture bore no offense to anyone except criminals trying to escape accountability for their evil deeds. The atheists are probably anarchists and wish to do away with rule of law.

  19. She should defend her stand leave the plaque up. We Christians need to support her and all other Christians under attack. This country was formed on Christian principles and the Bible was taught in the schools. If the infidels, and atheists, and all other hoodlums don’t like our country and what it stands for, they are welcomed to leave. Go to China….or Russia….I’m sure they would be happy there and we would be at peace here.

  20. May all who are blinded by demons find faith in Lord God almighty before the darkness is all that remains

  21. Just like the old story an atheist tell a Christian pastor that if he is wrong, he will have wasted a lifetime. The pastor responded to the atheist, “If YOU’RE wrong, you will have wasted eternity.” Enough said.

  22. Separation of Church and State – Constitution Framers Historical Context
    The “Separation of Church and State” metaphor blurs the distinction between a doctrinal religion and a denominational religion. This places the doctrinal religion we have embraced in the same basket as an organized denominational religion with potential to merge with the state. The documentary evidence of the doctrinal Christian religion origin of this nation is voluminous. The Supreme Court thoroughly studied this issue, and in 1892 gave what is known as the Trinity Decision. In that decision the Supreme Court declared, “this is a Christian nation.” John Quincy Adams said, “The highest glory of the American Revolution was, it connected in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.” The founders were definitely Christian for the most part. At least 90 to 95 percentage of them were practicing, Trinitarian Christians. This and the additional supporting evidence below show conclusively that the concern that motivated the framers to include the establishment clause in the constitution was definitely not fear of the doctrinal religion of Christian Theism. It was understood that Christian Theism was the default state doctrinal religion. As opposed to being something to fear, it was something believed to be vital to the success of our government. Consequently, the framers feared a state denominational religion not a state doctrinal religion! Some additional evidences that indicate Christian Theism was the national doctrinal religion are listed below:
    Emblazoned over the Speaker of the House in the US Capitol are the words “In God We Trust.”
    The Supreme Court building built in the 1930’s has carvings of Moses and the Ten Commandments.
    God is mentioned in stone all over Washington D.C., on its monuments and buildings.
    continued at https://www.allabouthistory.org/separation-of-church-and-state.htm

  23. I read an account of an atheist saying there was no God to a Christian. The Christian said: Suppose you are right. Where does that leave me? Suppose I am right. What does that leave you?


  25. We need to establish Judeo Christianity as the national religion of the USA. It must be part of our Constitution. The Leftist, Atheists, and Muslims are trying hard to establish their religion. There is no neutral ground. John Adams said the Constitution was made for a God-fearing people. But these anti-Christian groups are using the very Constitution we hold dear to force Christianity out of America public life.

  26. Absolutely we should fight against this! We as Christians should not just shrink away from someone who comes after our Christian beliefs.

  27. In reality, Atheism is as much a religion as any other one. They believe in “Mother Earth”, but do not pray to it. How would they feel about Sharia law? That is probably something they would not be able to stop.

  28. I guess I don’t understand the aggressiveness of these people. The Freedom From Religion Foundation does not believe in organized religion and that is their right. But those that do believe in some religion also have a right. The atheists lie about the U. S. Constitution trying to say there is a definite separation of church and state when there is not. They harass religious people especially Christians as if they were religious at one time and fell away and are now so embarrassed at their decision they want to eradicate that from which they came.

  29. No one is forcing them to post this scripture on a wall. A Christian has the right to post what they believe since America is Christain. You are free to practice what you wish so let off trying to do all you can against Christians. You are free to go to another country if you wish, but I suggest you pick a country where the language is easy to pick up since you will have to learn it. Oh, good luck on having freedom to do as you wish. Either suck up or shut up.

  30. William Grealish – apparently you have forgotten that you might still be around when the muslims take over the government – so you too will be in the christian minority and will also be punished and subjugated!! How about that, oh wise one???

  31. Eric and Lucy- you are right on the mark! No matter what they say, what actions they commit, they can never remove Christ from my heart, mind and soul! If they love the Sharia way them please, please move back there. Our Country was built so that ALL religions would be free to worship. If you don’t like this country the way it has been for all these years then by all means – get out – go back to the Sharia way – don’t try to make my country to suit your beliefs. Nobody is holding a gun to their heads making them stay- go! Get out!

  32. “It’s hard to imagine what our Founding Fathers would say about these atheist organizations’ attempts to silence Christians.”

    No, it’s not! Church-state separation is not a myth (see below). A secular society is laissez-faire toward all belief AND disbelief, which protects religious minorities, atheists, agnostics, etc. This country (the United States) wasn’t founded by Christians.

    A Roman Catholic priest, Reverend David K. O’Rourke, said, “Every religious group in the United States is a minority group. Some may be unhappy with this status and wish they had official standing. I am not unhappy with it. The Catholic Church, the largest of these minorities, has prospered greatly in this country where we separate church and state.”

    According to journalist Rob Boston of Americans United for Separation of Church and State: “We have a vibrant, multifaith religious society that, with the exception of a few fundamentalist Muslim states, is admired all over the globe.

    “We have a degree of interfaith harmony unmatched in the world. Our government is legally secular, but our culture accommodates and welcomes a variety of religious voices. New faiths take root here without fear…

    “Americans remain greatly interested in religion and things spiritual—unlike their counterparts in Western Europe, where religion is often state subsidized but of little interest to most people….

    “Children are no longer forced to pray in school or read from religious texts against their will, yet they are free to engage in truly voluntary religious worship whenever they feel the need. The important task of imparting religious and philosophical training to youngsters is left where it always belonged—with each child’s parents or guardians…

    “Some European nations have passed so-called anticult laws aimed at curbing the rights of unpopular new religions. Such laws would not be acceptable in the United States or permitted under the First Amendment.

    “In a multifaith society such as the United States,” observes Boston, “a type of religious marketplace does exist. Religious groups that aggressively seek converts, such as the Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses, are well aware that people in the United States are able and even willing to change their religious beliefs. To these groups, it’s well worth it to enter the marketplace and advertise their goods. Lots of people might buy them…

    “Because the U.S. government is secular, religious groups are left to contend for members based solely on their own initiative. They create a free marketplace of religion that spurs competition and a vigorous religious life. This explains why the United States, which maintains church-state separation, retains a high degree of religiosity among its people.

    “The more sophisticated and perceptive believers realize that the separation principle is a boon to their faith,” notes Boston. “They see danger in any attempt by government to decide which religion is true and which is false.

    “They know that a faith that is in favor with the government today can be out of favor tomorrow. These believers are thankful for the free marketplace of religion and the secular state that makes it possible. They understand that the way to get new members is through persuasion, not government aid.”

    In 1787 when the framers excluded all mention of God from the Constitution, they were widely denounced as immoral and the document was denounced as godless, which is precisely what it is. Opponents of the Constitution challenged ratifying conventions in nearly every state, calling attention to Article VI, Section 3:

    “No religious test shall be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

    An anti-federalist in North Carolina wrote: “The exclusion of religious tests is by many thought dangerous and impolitic. Pagans, Deists and Mohammedans might obtain office among us.”

    Amos Singletary of Massachussetts, one of the most outspoken critics of the Constitution, said that he “hoped to see Christians (in power), yet by the Constitution, a papist or an infidel was as eligible as they.”

    Luther Martin, a Maryland delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 wrote that “there were some members so unfashionable as to think that a belief in the existence of a Deity, and of a state of future rewards and punishments would be some security for the good conduct of our rulers, and that in a Christian country, it would be at least decent to hold out some distinction between the professors of Christianity and downright infidelity or paganism.”

    Martin’s report shows that a “Christian nation” faction had its say during the convention, and that its views were consciously rejected.

    The United States Constitution is a completely secular political document. It begins “We the people,” and contains no mention of “God,” “Jesus,” or “Christianity.” Its only references to religion are exclusionary, such as the “no religious test” clause (Article VI), and “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” (First Amendment)

    The presidential oath of office, the only oath detailed in the Constitution, does not contain the phrase “so help me God” or any requirement to swear on a Bible (Article II, Section 1).

    The words “under God” did not appear in the Pledge of Allegiance until 1954, when Congress, under McCarthyism, inserted them.

    Similarly, “In God we Trust” was absent from paper currency before 1956, though it did appear on some coins beginning in 1864.

    The original U.S. motto, written by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson, is “E Pluribus Unum” (“Of Many, One”) celebrating plurality and diversity.

    In 1797, America made a treaty with Tripoli, declaring that “the government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” This reassurance to Islam was written under Washington’s presidency and approved by the Senate under John Adams.

    We are not governed by the Declaration of Independence. Its purpose was to “dissolve the political bonds,” not to set up a religious nation. Its authority was based upon the idea that “governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” which is contrary to the biblical concept of rule by divine authority.

    The Declaration deals with laws, taxation, representation, war, immigration, etc., and doesn’t discuss religion at all. The references to “Nature’s God,” “Creator,” and “Divine Providence” in the Declaration do not endorse Christianity. Its author, Thomas Jefferson, was a Deist, opposed to Christianity and the supernatural.

    “Of all the systems of morality, ancient or modern, which have come under my observation, none appear to me so pure as that of Jesus,” wrote Thomas Jefferson. However, Jefferson admitted, “In the New Testament there is internal evidence that parts of it have proceeded from an extraordinary man and that other parts are the fabric of very inferior minds…”

    It was Thomas Jefferson who established the separation of church and state. Jefferson was deeply suspicious of religion and of clergy wielding political power.

    Jefferson helped create the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom in 1786, incurring the wrath of Christians by his fervent defense of toleration of atheists:

    “The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts as are only injurious to others. But it does no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

    Jefferson advocated a “wall of separation” between church and state not to protect the church from government intrusion, but to preserve the freedom of the people:

    “I consider the doctrines of Jesus as delivered by himself to contain the outlines of the sublimest morality that has ever been taught;” he observed, “but I hold in the most profound detestation and execration the corruptions of it which have been invested by priestcraft and established by kingcraft, constituting a conspiracy of church and state against the civil and religious liberties of mankind.”

    Jefferson and the founding fathers were products of the Age of Enlightenment. Their world view was based upon Deism, secularism, and rationalism.

    “The priests of the different religious sects dread the advance of science as witches do the approach of daylight,” wrote Jefferson. “The day will come when the mystical generation of Jesus, by the Supreme Being as his Father, in the womb of a virgin, will be classed with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter…we may hope that the dawn of reason and freedom of thought in these United States will do away all this…”

    As late as 1820, Jefferson was convinced everyone in the United States would die a Unitarian. Jefferson, Madison and Paine’s writings indicate that America was never intended to be a Christian theocracy. “I have sworn upon the altar of God,” wrote Jefferson, “eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

    In his 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptists, Jefferson wrote:

    “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none for his faith or his worship, that the legitimate powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should ‘make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,’ thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.”

    Similarly, in an 1824 letter to John Cartwright, Jefferson expressed anger at judges who had based rulings on their belief that Christianity is part of the common law. Cartwright had written a book critical of these judges, and Jefferson was glad to see it. Observed Jefferson:

    “The proof of the contrary, which you have produced, is controvertible; to wit, that the common law existed while the Anglo-Saxons were yet pagans, at a time when they had never yet heard the name of Christ pronounced, or knew that such a character had ever existed.”

    Jefferson challenged “the best-read lawyer to produce another script of authority for this judicial forgery” and concluded, “What a conspiracy this, between Church and State!”

    As president, Jefferson put his “wall of separation” theory into practice. He refused to issue proclamations calling for days of prayer and fasting, insisting that they violate the First Amendment. As early as 1779, Jefferson proposed a bill before the Virginia legislature that would have established a series of elementary schools to teach the basics—reading, writing, and arithmetic.

    Jefferson even suggested that “no religious reading, instruction, or exercise shall be prescribed or practiced, inconsistent with the tenets of any religious sect or denomination.” Jefferson did not regard public schools as the proper agent to form children’s religious views.

    As president, James Madison also put his separationist philosophy into action. He vetoed two bills he believed would violate church-state separation. The first was an act incorporating the Episcopal Church in the District of Columbia that gave the church the authority to care for the poor. The second was a proposed land grant to a Baptist church in Mississippi.

    Had Madison, the father of the Constitution, believed that all the First Amendment was intended to do was bar setting up a state church, he would have approved these bills. Instead, he vetoed both, and in his veto messages to Congress explicitly stated that he was rejecting the bills because they violated the First Amendment.

    Later in his life, James Madison came out against state-paid chaplains, writing, “The establishment of the chaplainship to Congress is a palpable violation of equal rights, as well as of Constitutional principles.” He also concluded that his calling for days of prayer and fasting during his presidency had been unconstitutional.

    In an 1819 letter to Robert Walsh, Madison wrote, “the number, the industry and the morality of the priesthood, and the devotion of the people have been manifestly increased by the total separation of the church from the state.” In an undated essay called the “Detached Memoranda,” written in the early 1800s, Madison wrote, “Strongly guarded… is the separation between Religion and Government in the Constitution of the United States.”

    In 1833 Madison responded to a letter sent to him by Jasper Adams. Adams had written a pamphlet titled “The Relations of Christianity to Civil Government in the United States,” which tried to prove that the United States was founded as a Christian nation. Madison wrote back: “In the papal system, government and religion are in a manner consolidated, and that is found to be the worst of government.”

    Madison, like Jefferson, was confident that separation of church and state would protect both the institutions of government and religion. Late in his life, Madison wrote to a Lutheran minister about this, declaring, “A due distinction… between what is due to Caesar and what is due to God, best promotes the discharge of both obligations… A mutual independence is found most friendly to practical religion, to social harmony, and to political prosperity.”

    In the early part of the 19th century, a general understanding existed that the government should not promote religion, or favor one religion over another. In 1829, Senator Richard Johnson of Kentucky wrote:

    “It is not the legitimate province of the Legislature to determine what religion is true, or what is false. Our Government is a civil and not a religious institution. Our Constitution recognizes in every person the right to choose his own religion, and to enjoy it freely, without molestation. Whatever may be the religious sentiments of citizens, and however variant, they are alike entitled to protection from the Government, so long as they do not invade the rights of others…

    “Among all the religious persecutions with which almost every page of modern history is stained, no victim ever suffered but for violation of what Government denominated the law of God. To prevent a similar train of evils in this country, the Constitution has wisely withheld from our Government the power of defining the divine law.”

  33. The constitution guarantees us freedom of religion not freedom from religion! The separation of church and state is stop the government from establishing a religious run country or choosing a religion and forcing it upon the citizens.

  34. The atheists do not want to ban ALL religions , especially the one we support with taxes. Zeus worship called Athletics which is thousands of years old and has few changes since it started. Schools have trophy cases with their idols of Athena and various gods.
    But since most atheists support Zeus worship the way to stop their nonsense is to say ;”If we can’t have our religion (whatever it is) , then you can’t have any tax paid Zeus worship anywhere on public property.”
    Remember this includes the Olympics which the last time I watched the opening ceremony was dedicated to Hercules.
    I turned off immediately.

  35. Just children gum flapping. It’s funny to me they get so angry over something they don’t believe in because others do. That IS SMH childish like maybe 5 years old.

  36. Exactly. They have a right to their own opinion but NOT the right to impose it on others no matter how stupid it is and as long as it’s legal. We will ALL answer in the end.

  37. No one is forcing their views on anyone but you!!
    Christian are only stating their views.
    You are trying to eliminate our views and any expression of them.
    Only because you are in a Christian nation are you allowed to freely express your views.
    The Constitution does not prohibit free exercise of religion nor does it prohibit endorsement of religion.
    You should actually read the constitution. The first amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
    If you abolish the first amendment you also abolish your right to free speech.
    A district attorney putting a Bible verse on the door is not “Congress” establishing a state religion but your wanting it removed is a violation of the right of “free exercise”.

  38. Yes, God IS in control.
    However . . . ,

    Hear me now . . . .

    Tis time for every TRUE believer to take their place on the front line and combat what is being done to our country.
    The reason the far left has gained so much traction is because so called “Christians” in this country have hung their collective heads and did NOTHING.
    I include myself in this.
    But I woke up when ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton and his wicked witch wife of the mid-west waltzed into the Oval office.
    W was no better. Like John McCain he was a RINO. No I do not consider the latter a hero. Did my teenage years in the 60’s. So I can remember what this alledged hero and John Kerry had to say after they returned from the war and both these men went to Washington shortly after that and understand this . . . .
    Any politician that has been in Washington for DECADES are, is, was, and still be part of the swamp Trump professed he’d drain but they want US to believe that even though they’ve been in Washington for DECADES they are NOT part of the problem.
    Truth is . . . whenever a politician’s lips be moving . . . they ARE lying.
    Period. But to my point.
    We are at war in this country and we will not Make America Great Again unless we stand up and back our President and help him DRAIN the swamp.
    We need to rise up and demand the Clinton’s, Obama’s Pelosi, Schumer, and anyone else involved in the Mueller Witch Hunt is prosecuted for their crimes.
    Doing so will silence those Muslim ladies in congress and their newest side kick AOC.
    Going to take more than petitions folks.
    The far left has shown they are not going to stop trying to destroy Trump, his family, friends, and OUR COUNTRY.
    We WILL lose if good “Christians” don’t join together and FIGHT.
    I say good “Christians” because truth be told . . . like RINO’S in DC there be a lot of “make believers” in the pews of American churches.
    Like it, lump it your choice.
    But many of you KNOW what I say is true.

  39. Eric… Slavery has always been with us and still is in many countries. EVERY country has had it at one time or another and Muslim countries still do. Christians at least treated theirs well. Muslims enslave or kill anyone who does not serve Allah. Maybe you would rather live in a Muslim nation.
    And our founding fathers gave us the RIGHT to worship God when and where we want. They gave us freedom, which comes from God. There is no freedom in Islam. YOU have the freedom to worship God or not. Be very thankful this country was founded by Christians and not Muslims. You would be facing Mecca five times a day to pray and have sharia law, which is what the Muslims are trying to do now.

  40. Does ANY of these screwball requests by the virulent, mindless atheist surprise you? Go anywhere else in this world where people of ANY legitimate faith are persecuted and you get the EXACT SAME ASSININE treatment. Is ANYONE and I mean ANYONE!!! forcing these screwball atheist to attend ANY CHURCH or BELIEVE ANY PARTICULAR SET OF RELIGIOUS OR PHILOSOPHICAL PRECEPTS??? HMMM??? This isn’t like Bolshevik Russia or Maoist China or Nazi Germany where if you EVEN DARED TO THINK ANY DIFFERENTLY THE “DER FUHRER” OR CHAIRMAN MAO OR WHATEVER HIGH SOUNDING TERM THE SOVIETS gave to the madman Stalin that you’d end up on the wrong end of firing squad or hangman’s noose or some other horrific device of death?

  41. You are right on. Atheists do not mind what others believe. I used to know an atheist and he did not care at all that I am a Christian. These so-called atheists are just full of hate and a part of satan’s army

  42. WHEN the Muslims take over our government??? So you are for a Muslim takeover? They are in satan’s army. Satan will rule for a period of time. But then Jesus will come and rescue us from satan for eternity. There will be hate and chaos when satan rules and there will be nowhere safe. Have fun if you are still here.

  43. While it took me a long time to read your commentary, when I finished it, I was so impressed that I had to print it out. Thanks so much Vasu Murti!! Please continue.

  44. Our founding fathers were Christians who fled England and founded this country to be able to worship God as t they chose. ALL of their documents acknowledged God. They required Bibles in schools, attended church services in the Capitol Building and installed chaplains in the military. The ONLY place separation of state is mentioned was in a private letter. You can deny truth, but that does not change it

  45. There is no way atheists can take away God or Heaven. All Christians will go to Heaven where they will never again encounter an atheist. Atheists follow satan and will join him in Hell. It makes no difference if they do not believe in satan or Hell. They are reality. Atheists live in a fantasy world of their own making and it will come crashing down on them the moment they die and know that God is very real

  46. I know all the
    “truth” I need to know and I am doing just fine. Sorry about you though!!

  47. Oh please – stop your foolish comments. The Muslims are in no way taking over the government here.
    That is just a lie dreamed up by folks like you who want to scare people and start a war!! It was the same in the “60’s” when JFK was elected. There were the same threats then that we would become a Catholic country and that the Pope would move here and establish a new Vatican home. That didn’t happen then and it won’t happen now. You are indeed a crazy person to continue to believe such nonsense!!

  48. Nancy…Your ignorance is profound, as always. The goal of Islam is TOTAL word control. And the goal of Islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. That is FACT. It is very obvious that you have no clue what Islam is. PLEASE go to a Muslim country and see what it is firsthand. ALL must serve Allah or be enslaved or die. Women have no rights at all. You will face Mecca five times a day to pray. That is all TRUTH. I did not say that I believe Muslims will take over this country . But they already have a good start in Minnesota and Michigan, and if not stopped, they WILL take over. People like you have no clue that Islam is evil. Wake up and get out of fantasyland.

  49. God wins. Atheists lose. They will all be wiped off the map right into Hell to join satan, whom they serve

  50. Vasu … now try this…
    Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson in August 1776: “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.”
    John Adams …
    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    “The Christian religion is, above all the religions that ever prevailed or existed in ancient or modern times, the religion of wisdom, virtue, equity, and humanity.”
    The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity. John Quincy Adams
    Noah Webster…The religion which has introduced civil liberty is the religion of Christ and His apostles, which enjoins humility, piety, and benevolence; which acknowledges in every person a brother, or a sister, and a citizen with equal rights. This is genuine Christianity, and to this we owe our free Constitutions of Government.
    “We have this day restored the Sovereign to Whom all men ought to be obedient. He reigns in heaven and from the rising to the setting of the sun, let His kingdom come.” Samuel Adams, as the Declaration of Independence was being signed, 1776.

  51. Amen Jim I have been saying this for years. I have wondered where all our Pastors have been. I have seen very little comments from our Godly leaders. If you live in this country than all Christians should be standing up for what is right. This isn’t a fight about men, it is a fight for good verses evil. I am talking to all Christian
    religions. We need to gather the flock which includes Amish and Mennonites. No one likes to kill; however it is our duty as parents to stand up when wrong is shoved down our throats. We need to stand together. You are either with us or against us.

  52. There is nothing in the constitution that gives them freedom from religion. It is freedom OF religion. Two different words with two different meanings. God will take care of the matter.

  53. GOD wants Christian to be his tool also , they [majority] ] must Unite to stop this [minority ] madness NOW! There are probably 1 atheist for every 50 Christians, come on! Stop this liberal lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all!

  54. I may be a slow reader but I wanted tp memorize every line!! He wrote very well and understandably. It is so nice to read what a truly educated person can write!! I can’t say as much for the rest of you. You all write such hate-filled commentaries that it is difficult to read and harder to understand how people can write such drivel!!

  55. Thanks for the warning bj, but I still prefer my “fantasyland” to yours!! So you are still believing in heaven and hell I suppose? Now that is the real fantasy – so much stuff to take in. It all makes no sense to me how you can hold on to such childish notions.

  56. I would say 1 evil lost atheist to every 1000 Christians! But yes she should fight this and she is in a position to do so! We must do something to rid the Country of groups like these hate mongering atheist! If we dont stand up for GOD and his Word why would GOD fight to keep himself and his Word relevant to the people? We as a people let this happen by not stopping it in the first place and we as a people have to step up and put a stop to it now, but we can’t do it without God’s help. First these uneducated morons need to learn what the 1st Amendment actually says about this and not just thier backwards way of looking at things.

  57. Just because someone is educated does not mean they tell the truth. Our founding fathers were Christians and never mentioned separation of church and state in the Constitution. They themselves did not practice it. What I said about them is the truth. And if you don’t like what you read here, why do you come here??? No one is forcing you to come to this discussion board. It is a Christian board and you have no concept of Christianity.

  58. Nancy…You will know that God is very real the moment you die. You can deny truth. but that just makes you a fool. I have done what you refuse to do. Over two billion people know that Jesus is there for them. YOU have the same chance to come to Jesus and be saved, but you have rejected Him. I personally knew people who saw Heaven as they were dying. Try reading “Heaven is for Real”. It is a true story. I pity you. You have traded truth for satan’s lies. You have no concept of the great love that Jesus has for you. Why do you come to a Christian discussion board?? You are way out of your league.

  59. Well “bj”, that’s just silly!! You have sure written a failed attempt to counter Vasu. Better luck next time.

  60. I am receiving a very good “concept of christianity” from all you folks on here and I am not impressed with how you all treat people that disagree with you. I thought we still had free speech in America, but you don’t seem to want me to express my views here. I came on this message board to see what everyone had to say, and if this is an example, then you all are to be pitied for your hateful and racist views and commentaries. And you in particular, “bj” could stand to be more accepting of others beliefs.

  61. Eric, This has nothing to do with slavery, but since you brought it up, The first slave owner in the United States was Black & Muslim. The DemocRATS are the party of slavery. You should know, your a DemocRAT.

  62. The Freedom From Religion Foundation spouts utter nonsense. Quoting a statement about justice and stating its source has nothing to do with establishing a religion.

  63. Wrong. God is not in control. The Jews are in control. And the scripture here is from the torah, the Jews bible. That means that it will be allowed to stay in place. X-tians R woefully ignorant. X-tian theology is cynically and brazenly manipulated by the guileful Jews. The Jews can do it, because they have the truth, the theology of a Godhead is only ancient mythology. But it is the Jew agenda to keep X-tians woefully ignorant and on their knees before the Jews.

  64. God’s Child, I was just going to bring that historical fact up. Actually there were two different black men who owned slaves here first. Then came southern slavery. It was more for economical reasons.
    The sad part is that slavery is alive and practiced in Africa today. They are usually sold to Middle Eastern buyers. But you don’t hear that ever being addressed. Nor the fact the Christian (blacks) are being murdered by Muslims today.
    All that you hear is how slavery existed here for 160+ years. The fact is every nation in the world has practiced it at one time or another. I’ll tell any atheist they’d better hope they’re right about not believing in Christianity, Hebrew religions. They will find out. God exists and you see it every day if you bother to look. God Bless

  65. Hmmm, seems to me the big bad, brave Atheists, don’t go to Mosques and do their protests, maybe demand they remove any Star and Crescent moon from all sites, better yet demand they stop the irritating Call to Prayer as non Muslims may be offended by hearing it.
    I think it is a case of the old riddle, “what is the difference between snowmen and snow women?”, “Snow Ball’s”. I guess they realize the Christian’s won’t fight back, while the Muslims might take their heads.

  66. The First Amendment clearly states, “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Liberals argue the First Amendment gives us freedom from religious tyranny and theocracy. Conservatives argue (the other side of the coin!) it also means the government (and I would add nonparishioners in general) cannot interfere in ecclesiastical affairs.

    In a 2004 broadcast, Sean Hannity warned his conservative audience of a future in which churches which fail to recognize same sex marriages lose their tax exempt status. Conservatives would never tolerate for a minute the government or nonparishioners interfering in ecclesiastical affairs, and should likewise not electronically eavesdrop and/or interfere in the affairs of minority religions in this country.

    Again, the First Amendment clearly states, “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

  67. Journalist Rob Boston of American United for Separation of Church and State writes:

    The Text of the Constitution Does Not Say the United States Is a Christian Nation

    If a Christian nation had been the intent of the founders, they would have put that in the Constitution, front and center. Yet the text of the Constitution contains no references to God, Jesus Christ, or Christianity. That document does not state that our country is an officially Christian nation.

    Not only does the Constitution not give recognition or acknowledgment to Christianity, but it also includes Article VI, which bans “religious tests” for public office. Guaranteeing non-Christians the right to hold federal office seems antipodal to an officially Christian nation. The language found in Article VI sparked some controversy, and a minority faction that favored limiting public office to Christians (or at least to believers) protested.

    Luther Martin, a Maryland delegate, later reported that some felt it “would be at least decent to hold out some distinction between the professors of Christianity and downright infidelity or paganism.” But, as Martin noted, the article’s language was approved “by a great majority . . . without much debate.” The Christian nation argument just wasn’t persuasive.

    In addition, the First Amendment bars all laws “respecting an establishment of religion” and protects “the free exercise thereof.” Nothing here indicates that the latter provision applies only to Christian faiths. Finding no support for their ideas in the body of the Constitution, Christian-nation advocates are left to point to other documents, including the Declaration of Independence. This also fails. The Declaration’s reference to “the Creator” is plainly Deistic.

    More obscure documents such as the Northwest Ordinance or personal writings by various framers are interesting historically but do not rise to the level of governance documents. When it comes to determining the manner of the U.S. government, only the Constitution matters. The Constitution does not declare that the United States is a Christian nation. This fact alone is fatal to the cause of Christian nation advocates.

    The omission of God in the Constitution was not intended as a slight. Although the action angered some religious leaders, Madison insisted the move was for the best… the omission of God in the Constitution has served to vex today’s Religious Right activists, who insist that the United States was founded as a “Christian nation.”

    Since Madison’s statement and the omission serve as a great embarrassment to them, some have taken to asserting that the document recognizes Jesus Christ at the end, where the date contains the pro forma phrase “in the year of our Lord”!

    Many non-Christians use the acronym “AD” or “anno domini” (Latin for “in the year of our Lord”), and that doesn’t make them Christian! It’s like signing a letter with “Sincerely,” or “Very truly yours…”

    Merely signing a secular political document from which James Madison (“the father of the Constitution”) deliberately chose to omit God with “anno domini” does not make it a religious document. Conservative Christians are grasping at straws!

  68. bj – sure he is. Chuck Grassley is another old white man – and being in Washington for “decades” means he is exactly “part of the problem”.

  69. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  70. Get a life. That is the most ridiculous statement I have seen. What is your problem with the Jews? As far as I can see they are not trying to change our country like these stupid liberals who are all in for infanticide. I would rather have a Jew here than that hateful Muslin who is constantly raging hate. God is the supreme being and you better wake up before its too late.

  71. Yes, GOD is in control and no one else…. We have FREEDOM OF RELIGION not FREEDOM FROM RELIGION under the US Constitution…. I don’t understand if you are an atheist then why would religion bother you…. you don’t believe in it so move on…. or does Christianity bother an atheist because they are empty? Just a passing thought.

  72. I’m a Christian and I don’t force my views on anyone…. I believe in the BIBLE and the US Constitution and I believe anyone has a right to believe or not believe in GOD….. I can’t save or heal anyone… GOD does but I can pray which I do.

  73. There is no separation of church and state in the US Constitution…. Separation of Church and State came from a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to a person questioning separation of church and state and that person was concerned about a national religion like England (Church of England) for America and that is why we have FREEDOM OF RELIGION to worship our own religion or not to worship…. It’s called FREEDOM OF CHOICE…

  74. Actually this was the reason among others that the first amendment was put in first. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion from government control. This amendment has been misconstrued by left wing Supreme Court justices . It was out in place by our founders because we would never allow the government to dictate what religion or church we had to belong to. The Church of England was the church. Here is what freedom of religion is truly about and how the judiciary has gotten it wrong. This separation of church and state simply put never was out in to protect the state from the church. It was to protect the church from the state. The per version of the left is what has taken prayer from the public square and quite frankly the Supreme Court should rule in favor of religion and never for the state. Hell for centuries God was an integral part in the founding and fabric of this country. Today these left wing and atheist nut jobs feel emboldened to persecute Christians on a daily basis. We have judges who absolutely have no clue why this amendment was put in place. It was to protect people from state run religion it was never to protect the state from religion. God was never intended to be taken out of the town square. It’s all a perversion by the left and is enough reason to vote all these commies and Christian prosecutors out of office and definitely off our courts.

  75. Another anti-Semite and one woefully ignorant when it comes to scripture and the constitution. I also see a bit of atheism. Have the Jews been chosen as Gods people. Yes. The Old Testament tells us that. Now God sent his son Jesus (Spiritually and Human Divine, not to change any of the laws of His father but for one and only one mission. To save the world from itself. He sent his son to die for the sins of all mankind. What’s really awesome is that if you yes you were the only person on earth at that time he still would have gone to the cross. If that’s not Agape love nothing is. So listen up through God gave us the 10 commandments through Moses,Jesus always spoke of Moses and Gods laws and how important they were in our lives. But Jesus offered us but 2 commandments. Love thy neighbor as thyself and love Him with all our heart, mind and soul. You see each of us will never be with God unless we go through Jesus. I pray that you someday will see God. It’s through grace that any of us will be saved. No one is guaranteed admission to His kingdom . However we have been promised a way to enter. I personally am sure He will keep His promises. And you? What do you believe? Anti Semitism is not a belief. The only anecdote for fear is faith. What are you afraid of?

  76. Amen. It’s why we need constitutional justices, not left wing politically motivated justices. This idea of the constitution being a living and breathing document is hogwash. The constitutional amendments particularly the first 2 are so clearly written that no justice has the right to use their own interpretation. My God, there is nothing in those that need any personal interpretation. Clear precise and in no way gives any person the right to save the state from religion. The only saving to be done is clearly stated. We the people of faith need to be protected from the state. This is about freedom of religion not freedom from religion. My right to freely practice my religion anywhere and anytime I want. It is up to the state to stay the hell out of my religious life. Nowhere in that amendment does it say that religion must be taken out of the public square. Any public square. School, work, business and yes not the court or courtroom either. Only perversion of our constitution and our freedoms keep God from the public square. Man always believes they are the power but God knows better. God is always in charge. Gods will be done, not mans.

  77. Yes Lucy Christians have always been persecuted from the time of Christ.They have been thrown to the lions, thrown in the arenas, crucified. Not only Christ. Today we see persecution throughout the world. Would we think it wouldn’t happen here? At least we are in the best place. We know that this life is not where it’s at. Those who persecute us will never see God Unless they accept Hin as their Lord and Savior. We know that the apostle Paul murdered thousands of Jews before becoming a follower of Christ. Yes Lucy we must always stand up for Christ against all those who would persecute us. I to get angry and disgusted with all of satans works but then here is the thing. We have one important thing that satan and his followers do not have. We believe God not just believe in God. Heck satan himself believes in God. What he doesn’t do is Believe God. Through all the noise and inundation with information (most of it useless information) as long as our focus is where it should be(On the Cross)then we have done everything He has asked. I look forward to my savior keeping His promises. May God keep you safe.

  78. Truth is we force nothing on you. It’s you who force their atheism on us. However we always have God in our corner. He always gets the upper hand on satan. Heck Satan is so stupid he thought he was going to inherent all mans souls when Christ went to the cross. Oops wrong again. Christ took all mans sins on that cross . You see I do pray for all of you. Yours is a life of fear. One can have fear or faith but not both. It’s an either or. Mind is faith and yours? Satan never comes in first. I believe in standing with Christ, not against Him. He did give us the right to choose. I choose wisely.

  79. I won’t judge them but I do believe that through Jesus I will see God. It must be a very sad life to believe in no one but yourself. I noticed that those who persecute Christians are really very angry people. Doesn’t seem to be much love going on. Not carnal love though God definitely has nothing against procreation. I’m talking about the kind of love which surpasses all love. What did Christ give us? Agape love? The purest of all. Christ only wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. There are definitely real hurting souls out there. There really are very few legitimate atheists. They may not believe in the God but believe me they believe in a higher power. They just can’t define it. My father served in WW11 and he was with a so called atheist. Avowed atheist. Well the first incoming he was lying on the ground mumbling. My dad said to Him. You a believer now? The man was scared and he definitely was praying to someone. Hopefully it’s not too late for non-believers. I’m concerned about my relationship with God. I know I’m in a much better place.

  80. The very Foundation of the Constitution of the United States of America was set on the Christian Principles. The Ideas of Atheism are unconstitutional since it relies solely on secular Progressive foundations built on shifting sand of societal pressure. Not Rights Granted by GOD but right given a society, and when that society shifts its believes the laws shift with it. The Constitution was not set up by Atheist, but Christians including Ministers of the Gospel. The whole Idea of Atheist is that morals change with societal change so there is no absolute truth.


  82. And now we have tRumpy who has destroyed much of America as we know it. Four years of tRumpy is four years too many. Vote to impeach tRumpy now!

  83. actually this is the establishment clause:
    The Establishment Clause is a limitation placed upon the United States Congress preventing it from passing legislation forcing an establishment of religion. The second half of the Establishment Clause inherently prohibits the government from preventing the free exercise of religion. While the Establishment Clause does prohibit Congress from preferring or elevating one religion over another, it does not prohibit the government’s entry into the religious domain to make accommodations for religious observances and practices in order to achieve the purposes of the Free Exercise Clause. Furthermore, it does not prevent the placement of religious symbols on government premises.

    AND it does not prevent the placement of RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS ON GOVERNMENT PREMISES

  84. @ Nancy Alexander (Pelsosi): Lets compare
    3 years of Trump, hmmm got two raises, 8 years of Obama hmm got three pay cuts,
    3 years of Trump, no longer being fined for no health insurance and now I can afford it, 8 years of Obama, can’t afford health insurance and get fined for not having health insurance.
    3 years of Trump gained 40,000 dollars towards retirement, 8 years of Obama lost 65% of my retirement.
    3 years of Trump lowest unemployment in 50 years. 8 years of Obama 10% unemployment and this would have continued to show his poor executive skills, but Obama’s administration stopped counting those who could no longer collect unemployment compensation.
    I can list many accomplishments from Trump’s administration that you have never seen in the media and you never will because it is all part of the plan, are you looking for the true answers or are you feeding off all the hyped negative feedback from the media. Rule# 21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV & motion pictures, this is the Gramscian agenda of the “long march through the institutions” spelled out explicitly: gradual takeover of the “means of communication”

  85. Nazi Germany did the same thing – gradual takeover of the media and mass communication. And all your other drivel is just “fake news” put out by the trumpsky propaganda machine. The WH controls all the news, statistics and employment information, and only allows to be released what is favorable to them. Any other news that the REAL news media is able to report, is slammed as “fake” by trumpsky and associates. See, I know how you folks operate. The only reason I have more income these past 2.5 years is that I am working more. Any tax cuts that we would have received have been erased by trumpsky’s tariffs!!

  86. You got to be really bored at work to notice something like that.
    Atheists,…have to realize the majority of Americans ARE CHRISTIANS, but still they try to be
    something they are not.
    Atheist usually are profound people of selfishness, and lack confidence in themselves, so they search in vain to
    Discover new comparisons for their lost.

  87. Christianity has been taken over and displaced by Judaic Zionism. It is a horror and a disgrace. It make fools of X-tians and deadens their conscience against the horrors of Judaic Zionism.


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