Radical activists are about to burn Hollywood down after they turned on them


Hollywood is usually squarely on the side of the transgender lobby.

They work overtime to support each other.

But transgender activists are about to burn Hollywood down after they turned on them.

One would expect no major network television show to turn on the transgender agenda.

But as it turns out, South Park is more than willing to call out their insanity.

The often-vulgar show ran an entire episode about transgender athletes.

It shows the Vice Principle at South Park Elementary, who is named “Strong Woman,” competing in an athletic competition with other women.

Then, a transgender athlete who looks similar to late WWE wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage competes against her.

After claiming that he transitioned to female two weeks earlier, “Strong Woman” then spent the rest of the episode struggling not to protest against the clear injustice to not upset her babies (who the show dubs the “PC Babies” to lampoon social justice warriors).

Breitbart reports:

South Park took aim at the absurdity of male transgenders competing at women’s sport, amid the bizarre trend of biological men outperforming their female competitors because of their obvious physical advantage.

The episode involved the South Park Elementary’s Vice Principal, named “Strong Woman,” compete against trans athlete similar to the former WWF wrestler Macho Man. However, she refuses to protest despite the clear biological and athletic disparity.

Before Vice Principal Strong Woman fights to retain her title at the “Strong Woman Competition,” she is interviewed how she feels about her trans competitor, named Heather.

“[It’s] amazing. I feel honored to be a part of history, says Strong Woman. “I have a lot of incredible trans friends who are athletes, and so we’re all inspired this woman’s competing.”

When the interviewer, named Perry, points out that her competitor is not the average trans woman, calls him “kind of bigoted.”

Perry goes on to ask Heather how she feels about competing as a woman, pointing out the fact she only transitioned two weeks ago.

The left-wing response was swift, with the LGBT website Pink News writing an article titled “South Park sinks to new lows with jokes about trans athletes in latest episode.”

South Park often creates content that infuriates both those on the Left and even on the Right.

But for the Left, making fun of men who believe they are women is just too far.

Do you think biological men should be allowed to compete in women’s sports?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. How many times are we going to comment on the same subject? Of course biological men that are now transgender woman should NOT be allowed to compete in women’s sports!!!
    Let them form their own teams and compete against each other , for pity sake! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this country would get this demented ( thanks to the Demon party) that we would even be debating this subject !!


  4. It is totally unfair to real women to have these snowflake men compete against them just because they are too weak to compete against their own gender so they pose as women in order to win a competition!

  5. South Park isn’t reality anyway. Why allow a stupid cartoon to affect anything of substance? The Me Too movement kinds’ blew up in women’s faces, didn’t it? Just like the women’s lib movement. Total failures.

  6. No matter what the individual calls themselves, they are what they were born as unless they have a
    COMPLETE sex change. If they don’t, they remain what they were born as, no matter what they choose
    to be that week. Its not being anything but based on fact, not the plan of the day.

  7. Truth be known is that IF and WHEN Follyood burns, I won’t lose any sleep over it. I’m waiting for the day that Newsom’s follys forces him to start taxing those rich elitists so hard they go bankrupt. With the tax base, businesses and people, leaving in droves and the homeless and slothful moving in it won’t be long before the collapse.

  8. I think impeaching trump us discriminating too, because he was not a politician and he is a Republican..us Republicans can’t change the impeaching process so why does the trans community think they should get their way…

  9. Truly, this show, being an animated depiction, has hit the nail on the head! Like it or not, that’s the way it is. What is absolutely a sad thing for these male athletes competing against their female counterparts is that their winning a competition has GOT to be such a hollow victory for the transgender. I don’t give a rat’s behind if someone is gay, that’s their lifestyle. However, it is not my lifestyle and I would appreciate it if their lifestyle would not be brandished in my face. The LGBT has been emboldened somewhat and are pushing the ticket especially when it comes to our young children in elementary schools.

  10. It doesn’t matter what the general public THINKS…..The one’s that need to be upset and protesting are the women that are not transgender….until they stand up and SOUND OFF this matter will go on and on…

  11. GLAAD’s Harris Poll shows support from 18 to 34 year old millennials has dropped to 45% steadily from the high of 63% approval in 2016. Now GLAAD, representing the 4% LGBT population, is pushing to have 20% of all scripted characters on prime-time TV shows be LGBT characters. That’s representing 5 times their population, but they gotta jack up their failing rates of approval.
    Even Hillary recently suggested that transgenders are divorced from reality. The transgender WAR on women will continue until more real women stand up for their established rights. Sue these flakes when they invade your sports and female facilities.

  12. I can’t figure out why in hell people still vote for democratics I am sure they are trying like hell to cheat come 2020 for the White House

  13. Biological men should not compete in women’s sports but in sports for their gender. Same thing with women. It’s bad enough Hollywood promotes all kinds of moral filth in its movies and television. South Park had the audacity to sink low like Hollywood. Sodom and Gomorrah burned with fire and brimstone because of sodomy(homosexuality) and other immoral practices. In addition with lesbianism and transgenderism in play Hollywood California has sunk to a moral low. At some point in the future, GOD is not going to put up with the immoral filth in this country. Unless America changes and repents of all the sins committed and gets right with GOD, this nation will be severely punished for all the immoral practices committed.

  14. I say let the alphabet and those who don’t know what they are have their own classification. Maybe some of us could come up with a good name for their division. It could be fun watching an event like the mile run when one runner stops another to take a sniff.

  15. Nobody has the damn right to change their sex period . In my it’s opinion it’s mental illness. And they should be in mental hospitals pumped with thurezine

  16. Put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig. Surgically removing male parts doesn’t change one from male to female. Outward appearances can always be changed but genetics can’t be changed. Make and female chromosomes don’t change. They will be male till the day they die. They shouldn’t be allowed to compete athletically against females but how do you monitor that? Instead of running to a surgical knife they should be running to mental health professionals.

  17. Thanks to the creators of South Park! Kudos for bluntly pointing out the hypocrisy and that it’s blatantly unfair to women to have to TRY to compete against those whose bodies are male, no matter what they think or whether they’ve “transitioned” completely or not. Anyone who thinks a transition cancels out the Y chromosome is just plain ignorant, stupid, insane, or all three.

  18. Unfortunately, a goodly number of said “mental health” professionals will only encourage them rather than try to find the root of the issue to see if it’s an imposed confusion from trauma.

  19. Transgenders declare themselves as a 3rd sex ( I believe). Therefore in an athletic event there should be:
    1. All males
    2. All Females
    3. All Transgenders.

  20. I’m now in the don’t care group. PC politicians, msm and woman pushed for this and now they are reaping their rewards. You wanted you got it, stop crying!

  21. READ Revelations in the NEW Testament,especially the last chapter or two. The Lord is returning VERY SOON to the earth, and sin, wickedness, (all abusers) corruption, (all murders,etc) and evil (LGBTQ’s) will all be burned away! The planet will be clean again!! Again, VERY SOON.

  22. Between the transgender dominance in women’s sports and the woke weak psychologically disturbed youth we are headed down a dangerous path not because we are not inclusive but because they can’t be inclusive they only wish it to be their way and slowly but surely they are achieving their goals.What they fail to see is they are on a path of self destruction and time will prove this true. The sad part is this nation may not survive because we may not be able to keep a cohesive balance .

  23. Absolutely not. What is happening in our society is becoming more ridiculous everyday. When is this madness going to stop?

  24. OK, folks, here is the only FAIR way to handle this:

    Men’s sports events, women’s sports events, and TRANSGENDER SPORTS EVENTS…that way it is giving the trans-gender folks a fair shot and the same can be done in the “bathroom” situation.
    MEN-WOMEN-TRANSGENDER and let everyone have a “safe space” to do their business.


  25. Because that would actually solve the problem, these people don’t want problems solved. That’s why school-aged trans refused third bathrooms and showers. That doesn’t cause turmoil to the rest of the kids. That is all these people want to do and trannies, reading to children in libraries have included sex offenders. We made a mistake when we were OK with “gay marriage.” They wanted civil unions and they got that. Everything after that was flipping the bird to “breeders.”

  26. It is completely absurd for a trans to compete in women’s sports. The physiology of a man is far different than a female’s. it was designed for superior strength and for the LGBT community to deny that is patent dishonesty. They can scream and shout and stamp their feet in tantrum; but reality is that they are WRONG !

  27. Absolutely not. This is just total madness and needs to be stopped the same as these drag queens at libraries, etc. As far as I’m concerned there is man and woman and nothing in between. It is total insanity to think otherwise. The so called men cannot handle losing to other men and need to truly suck it up and be a man. God created man and woman and that will never change.

  28. Absolutely perfect answer. We said this in my house long ago. Men, Women, Other – problem(S) solved. It just one more facet of divide and conquer to destroy USA the last best hope for world freedom. The elites want everything just for themselves.

  29. That would be too easy, and besides, that is not what they want. They insist on invading your space. All spaces belong to them. If we don’t let them do as they will; like an unreasonable toddler, they kick and scream and call everyone homophobic. I for one am fed up with this sh””

  30. I couldn’t be happier. The liberals are going to devour each other like guppies eat their young. We conservatives need do nothing more then sit back and enjoy the show. As for South Park, I have’nt missed an episode yet, even when they piss me off. I’ve kept my sense of humor, liberals never had one. How sad. ????

  31. They can’t have places and sports just for them, that would show everyone just what a minority they really are. If they can’t get together enough people to even fill out a team, that would really put an end to anyone being afraid of them in future and it wouldn’t matter what the Hollyweird idiots have to say about it.

  32. Trans can not have their own teams because there wont be enough of them Lol Next they will shout for equal pay!! ROFLOL Never mind no sponsors, no events, no tv time, no revenue. I have always said the only solution is for woman to refuse to compete with them. When NO ONE watches or shows up and sponsors disappear the situation will fix itself very quick. What hypocrites. If they wanted to be “equal” they wouldn’t be competing against women

  33. Even with a “complete” sex change, they are still the gender they were born as, made up to look like the other.
    There is, so far, no procedure to change the chromosomes that determine gender.

  34. Alan…the dem party threw God out and embraces satan. They do not want to repent. They live on hate and lies. They have no morals and their goal is to have complete and total control of our government and us. They are in satan’s army, but the good news is that satan loses.

  35. It is NOT campfires. Pacific gas & electric has started 15 of the last 18 fires. Just not in the right places yet. Microwave? directed energy? I saw pictures of a baseball field 1/3 burnt. Green grass and DIRT burnt in a perfect straight line across a baseball field !!! Bull Crap !! Tell me how?? I saw video of a tree burning. The bark on the outside was UNTOUCHED! You could see the tree burning on the inside through the knot holes. No one and I mean NO ONE can tell me how to duplicate this. In a normal house fire it is impossible for toilets ,bricks, and chimneys to melt or disentergrate. Tell me how? Talk to any fireman and they will tell you a car never burns from one end to the other. In Paradise CA a car is surrounded by green grape orchards and green grass but yet every square inch is burnt. Bull In paradise there were housing additions burnt to the ground and entirely surrounded by green untouched forest. Do You Think politics is the only thing the media does not tell you???

  36. Look we have a female sports and a male sports. We now need a transgender sports. The ones that still have their ding dong and the ones with no ding dong determine what team they play on. Not who has the biggest breast ore the longest hair.

  37. We have a anti-Christ for our president, and we are already End time Babylon.Revelation 18 has already declared that We will be destroyed in One hour. Sounds like nuclear war. Jesus will return soon, like about 20 years

  38. fred, Pres. Trump IS NOT the anit-Christ!!!!! If you bothered to check the Bible, you would know that. Quite the opposite. God GAVE us Pres. Trump. He gave us a second chance. If Hillary would have won this country would be finished. She would have continued Obama’s sick destruction of this country. Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a lot of good for it. But just keep hating. God forbids it. And Obama is a muslim traitor who lied his way into our White House. You attack Trump, but Obama is just fine with you.

  39. If you got a dick and balls hanging between your legs, you are a male. If not, you are female. Period. Remember, the synonym for democrats is COLLECTIVE STUPID. Period

  40. I read your posting about the very eerie fire effects and it is all very spooky. But the thing that jumped out at me is the fact that grapes grow in vineyards, not orchards. There is no explanation for how my brain works, either. 🙂

  41. If a biologic male follows my wife, daughter or granddaughter into a toilet they will become gender neutered. With a dull knife preferably.

  42. There is no such a thing as a transgender woman, he is a male and only God can change him into a woman, yet why would he do this after all if God wanted him to be a woman he would have been born a woman and not a male

  43. Didn’t they do blood tests on athletes, female, and if there was testosterone in their blood, they were disqualified????? Feelings, had nothing to do with it……..

  44. There are only TWO genders. Male and female. Look at the DNA and it will give you gender that you are. NO SUCH THING as transgender. If you think there are more than two genders you are a STUPID IDIOT. Stay with what science says, male or female according to the way you were born.

  45. These men can’t make it in sport’s competition with a real man, this transgender thing is a scam to win.
    That’s what happens when everyone gets a trophy. When they grow up than have to earn a trophy. They just don’t have it. So they pretend to be a women an go against them.

  46. To hell with having to build those freaks their own restroom. They use the restroom according to the sex they were born. A transgender that was born a male uses the men’s restroom & the transgender born female uses the women’s restroom. No fricking exceptions!!!!!!
    If they don’t like it then they need to stay home!!!!

  47. Same goes with sporting competitions. If you were born a male, then you compete in men’s sports competitions no matter what. You are what sex you were born, period!!!

  48. They are simply not going to conform, and the chances of them being caught is only one out of ten thousand, as it is all about blending in. No government, apart from a leftist one, is asinine enough to commission a bureau of lavatory police.

  49. Very true ,,please show me a true 3 Rd gender please , in stead of ” this is how I feel today ” person ! I’ll wait please provide a third true gender.

  50. There’s no such thing as a “transgender women”. A man can cut off his tallywhacker and stuff himself with female hormones, but it still won’t change his gender to that of a woman.
    He’ll just be a freakish and disfigured man.

  51. Rise and whine Rob I liked your Daddy but you are a piece of scheit. When you Hollywood elites were forking yourselves it was one thing. When you want tax payers to pay for your pie in the sky? You can stick the whipped cream up your hazz.

  52. I am so sick of you Trans ass-h. GOD made one man and one women, you can say it all you want, it does not change the fact, you are trying to run a sick scam with your crap. Women need to step back and let you morons compete again your self’s. If one of you sick people want to enter a women’s sport, the women need to drop out and fight these imbeciles. Refuse to participate until they are removed, from the women class. Stand up and fight for your rights before their is no women’s sports. Only the friggin corrupt moron’s. May GOD be with you.


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