Rabid Social Justice Warriors are targeting a new historic statue for take down


The Social Justice Warrior crusade is on the move.

They’re trying to erase any trace of American history that doesn’t fit their radical views.

But their latest target is the most absurd yet.

The SJW crusade unleashed their battle plans on California State University.

Leftist students demanded the university take down a statue of the school’s mascot, Prospector Pete statue and strip away mention of him on campus.

They claim Prospector Pete represents genocide toward indigenous Californians during the gold rush era.

And the school caved.

The Hill reports:

Officials at California State University, Long Beach, have ended the school’s use of its mascot, Prospector Pete, over concerns that the use of a settler-era mascot for the school was racially insensitive.

The school’s president, Jane Close Conoley, announced the end of the mascot’s use on Friday in a letter to students and alumni, citing a 2014 decision to begin moving away from the use of the “49er” and “prospector” imagery on its sports teams.

Prospector Pete’s true meaning is one of striking the gold of education.

It has nothing to do with genocide.

The SJW crusade has become violent in the name of so-called “tolerance.”

They have defaced and vandalized historic statues across the U.S. and destroyed the careers of many professors.

But Trump has revealed their future battle plans on Twitter:

They won’t be satisfied until all mentions of America’s founders are wiped from the record books.

As George Orwell wrote in 1984:

“He who controls the past, controls the future. He who controls the present, controls the past.”


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  2. In Australia we prosecute people who damage statues…(meaning vile leftist vermin)…it is no better than the wanton destruction of antiquities in the Middle East. What will it take for the conservatives in the US to get organized?
    Before the peanut farmer saw fit to hand the keys of the asylum to the lunatics, do you think they thought this (below) would be possible? You are already much closer to this than they were then…..will you finally do something when they decide to destroy Mt Rushmore? Or the Statue of Liberty? If you continue to allow mad people to prosper by their actions…this is what your future will look like…see all of history.

  3. This so-called University is a hotbed of fools! I would never consider allowing my child to attend salled University that tries to change history that made this country great.

  4. Get off the corrupted to the core NAZI Demoncrat Communist KKK plantation treasonous party mobs (RINOs too!!! You know who you are) and on the Trump train to success! MAGA! Vote republican, no RINOs please!

  5. We USE to do the samething but now we let the INSANITY rule the day!! VOTE IN THE MIDTERMS or FOREVER HOLD YOU GUNS NEAR!! The leftist Demon Rats are DANGEROUS!!!

  6. Right on! It will Not stop there next it will be anything black, Asian, Spanish, Mexican, gays and whatever the wave of the liberals are at the time, and it must be Stopped at all cost, there are more of those against this crap than for and it is time to stop it! History is history no matter how you slice it to lower standards to pacify! This is a New world order crap trying to force it on U.S>!

  7. When are you going to stop caving to virtually every protest? You are just encouraging them to do more. If they don’t like it they are welcome to leave the US. Plenty of people will help them pack. Gary


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