Pro-Trump Roseanne Barr announced a comeback that will make Hollywood furious


Roseanne Barr is living proof that supporting President Trump is a death sentence in Hollywood.

After decades as a top star, they took everything away over one tweet mocking Obama’s former Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett.

But now the pro-Trump star is announcing a comeback that will make Hollywood furious.

Since being removed from her own show in 2018, Roseanne Barr has been rather quiet.

She still makes her opinions known, but hasn’t had any big acting gigs since her firing.

But that is all changing with the announcement of the “Mr. & Mrs. America” comedy tour she will go on alongside comedian Andrew Dice Clay.

And in an interview with the Daily Mail about the tour, Barr made her disdain for Hollywood clear.

She explains that the firing was due to a cast-mates’ tweet, alongside the fact that she likes President Trump.

Breitbart News reports:

While announcing a new comedy tour, Roseanne Barr recently hammered her former castmate Sara Gilbert, actress ledt-wing Debra Messing, and Hollywood’s hypocrisy over President Donald Trump.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Barr announced her upcoming “Mr. & Mrs. America” comedy tour with fellow comedian Andrew Dice Clay which is set to kick off on September 19 at the Paramount Theater in Long Island, New York.

Opening up about being fired from her own creation, Barr insisted that it was Sara Gilbert’s tweet that was the catalyst for ABC’s decision to fire her.

“That’s the tweet that got the show canceled, to be honest,” Barr told the paper.

But Bar added that she has suspicions that her support of President Trump was at the root of ABC’s rush to cut ties with her. Barr slammed Hollywood for its hate of both Trump and Israel.

“All of Hollywood, they just hate him, and they hate those of us who like him. There is no way around it,” she said. “So, yeah, I think they took me off because I liked him and I like him because I’m a Jew and he likes Israel.”

Her new comedy tour is her way of telling her former bosses in Hollywood that she doesn’t need them.

And her set is sure to be one that doesn’t conform to their politically correct standards.

Do you think Roseanne Barr should have been fired?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. I commend Roseanne for standing firm in her support of President Trump! Even though she knew she would suffer, career wise. I truly believe there are others as well, but are afraid to speak out for Trump knowing they would suffer the same way… If only the haters would be silent and stop stirring the pot, things would be so much better for our country and us…. TRUMP 2020!

  3. There’s going to be a civil war in this country. When that happens all these leftist Hollyweird idiots will be the first to be removed off the face of this earth. I didn’t know that they could have so many idiots in one place except for the dumbocrats in Washington.

  4. Good ALWAYS defeats EVIL

    Roseanne will be BETTER FOR THIS IN THE LONG RUN.


  5. they only fired her because she won’t take any crap off the leftist hollywood ass holes. she backs president trump and hollywood can’t stand that because most of hollywood are losers and idiots.

    Roseanne: I LOVE you and admire you so much for standing your ground.
    ADC and You! What a pair to bring people back to laughter and fun!
    B.S. to HOLLYWEIRD! From what I read a few minutes ago, the ratings for the Emmys went down like a sack of potatoes! I gave the “new” show about 5 minutes last season, then turned my TV OFF. It is NOT YOUR SHOW! I have not heard or read that anyone liked it.
    Thank you for being YOU, Loving Our President as we do, sharing Faiths and Beliefs makes me smile. I also have Jewish Blood in my veins on my Mother’s side and am a Christian. No longer a catholic for many reasons.

  7. Roseanne should never have been fired. Freedom of speech gives her the right to say what she thinks no matter who gets offended. Even though she apologized for what she tweeted it was the liberals on the show and the people on the board of the channel who quelled her and fired her.

  8. Comedy is not supposed to be political correct it is meant to make us laugh at ourselves and it is too bad we have raised a world full of over sensitive creatures is that gender neutral enough . How is it that people who pretend to be someone their not (actors) can be the end all be all answer to the world problems and comedy is somehow racist and cruel GROW UP and go f*** yourselves Come on people its just words I just can’t imagine how we all survived 40 -50 years ago by the standards of today we should all be extinct oh wait we still have 12 years before the end of civilization but was’t that supposed to have already happened like more than once now. Who teaches you people this nonsense and oh how gullible you are. Anyway pretty soon if they get their way we can live like cave men again and guess what dare I say man will reign supreme HaHa you went down that road not me

  9. I stand with Roseanne! I have not watched that show since she left! Also when they put Sara Gilbert on the The Talk I stopped watching it!! So glad she is gone from The Talk and I can watch again!! Go Rosie love you!!!

  10. Democrats freedom of speech
    Either you do it their way or the highway.
    Go for it Roseanne. Show them who is the boss like Tim Allen did.

  11. I applaud Roseanne for having a mind of her own. She is not a puppet of the left and their hatred of our President. Since when in this great country that you can’t support the person you want. We are America not the A communist country.

  12. I agree about the civil war in this country. That’s what the Dems and others want. That way they can implement martial law. Which has not been lifted since the civil war. As for Roseanne Barr, good for her. At first I thought she was the leftist. But now, I was wrong and I will support her all the way through. It’s time for people to stand up against these people and put them in their places where they belong. This is a free country to say whatever you want under free speech. But that’s not what the Dems want. So be careful with them Snakes with very high venom.

  13. NO, Roseanne should NOT have been fired. I hope her new show will be a huge success. Hope she comes back to tv also.

  14. Give the Hollywood critics a taste of their own medicine. They are not Gods there, in fact they are a Godless bunch that are acting like rulers whose opinions matter. They are actors pretending they are something they’re not in real life. That deserves a joke!

  15. Wish you luck Rosie. Hope I can get to one of your shows. Most of Hollywood is a cesspool. Hope more people become aware of this and turn them off. Bunch of phonies.

  16. The person that should have been fired is Samantha B., with her crass
    Remark and FILTHY word. ( yet, I understand she is/was up for an award) This has always astounded us!! Roseanne has done nothing wrong.

  17. Comedy is funny only against the President. If you say anything about someone else. Your racist, a bigot or Nazi. It is my belief that those who through these words out, are the true racist. For it comes easy coming out of their mouth. And I do believe there a little racist in all people. I do myself. Mine is against ignorance and stupidity. For GOD made us in his image and different colors. But he gave us a choice with a heart and a mind to choose how we should live. Everyday, we have a choice to choose life or death. But it seems many people choose death by the racist and bigoted ways.

  18. I also stopped watching because THE CONNORS would not exist without sweet and funny Roseanne. That ugly Sara is so typical of spiteful lesbians. I hope she gets hurt as badly as she hurt her mother. Roseanne, you stand up and show them. I know it is hard because I have been afraid to voice my support of our President. We are no longer free to express how we feel. I think the people who voted Democrat for Obama the second time were crazy. I still respected the office.

  19. Rosanne please bring your performance to Washington, DC. Would love to see your show. I have always admired your outspoken manner. Many people in this country don’t bother to look behind the scenes when it comes to politics. They just believe everything they hear because it sounds promising not necessarily truthful.

    Keep speaking your mind Rosanne. Your tv show was a breath of fresh air. I miss seeing u on tv.

    God Bless

  20. The demo-nuts say all kinds of cruel and evil things and no one says anything about it. Roseanne should never have been fired and it’s a shame that Hollywood is so closed minded with the truth!

  21. Roseanne should have never been fired! I’ve said it from the time it happened. It’s time the MAJORITY of Americans stood up and said “ENOUGH!” to this politically correct B.S. that has done its best to take over free speech in our nation. We should be free to speak our own thoughts and our own beliefs without worrying about whether they OFFEND someone else. This spirit of offense that has taken over our nation is beyond ridiculous! There is a whole political party going around daily just searching for anything to be offended about… GROW UP! GROW A BACKBONE! Take the chip off your shoulder. Everyone does not have to agree with your point of view! You are not more important than everyone else in this nation. People with differing views than yours ALSO have the right to free speech and should not have to worry about offending your little weak snowflake crybaby selves! The rest of us need to stand up and take our country back from these Liberal Left LUNATICS who are trying their best to destroy it!

  22. Rosanne was treated so unfairly! I totally support her! I still can’t believe they fired her. I loved her show. Keep going Rosanne! Democrats do not rule this country even though they think they do!

  23. I won’t watch anything Sara Gilbert is in. She can go to the blazes as far as I’m concerned. She should focus on her career rather than being political. Nothing enrages me more than for a supposed celebrity using her name to support a political position. It insults my intelligence.

  24. Today’s Democrat party shares more ideology with Karl Marx than Thomas Jefferson. One of the strategies of the left is the concept of the useful lie which is why you can’t believe anything they say.

  25. Cannot wait to see her again, I am sure millions are going to watch. Even people who do not like Roseann will flock to see her just because of what these left liberals did to her and to show their support ofor her and for Trump. The far left has gone too far these past three years and Americans are looking for any way they can to show the left we as Americans want nothing to do with them.

  26. You go, Girl! I don’t think it is right for Roseanne to have been fired; however, I am glad she was. Being fired has opened up this opportunity with ADC. I hope they are close enough for me to go to. They will take their tour on the road and be so successful that Hollywood’s attempt at ruining a President Trump supporter backfired on them!!! That seems to be happening a lot lately…..backfiring on the Democrats…YEAH

  27. Respectfully, the article says the start date of this tour is September 19th. This is already September 24th. Is the date a typo?! I love Roseanne and ADC and think that together they will bring the house down. She had a right to write anything she felt on social media and they crucified her over it because Leftists are a protected species despite not being endangered.

  28. We have never watched that show again after they fired Roseanne and we are perplexed why anyone would like that Gilbert woman and why they renewed it!! Good luck, Roseanne! You should make an excellent duo with Andrew and make their heads explode!! You could never be more disgusting than the Leftist so-called comedians attacking decent Americans and the President!!! MAGA…2020

  29. GO ROSEANNE!!!!! LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE…..You have a PHD in LAUGHTER (COMEDY) and has benefited your fans. I hope this show is filmed and shown on some form of media….or maybe they can be a traveling show……GO TRUMP……

  30. Go Roseanne, teach the hypocrisy of Hollywood that you don’t need them to be successful, that your political views should be respected and has nothing to do with your acting qualities, as a matter of fact, the freedom of speech should be respected for EVERY AMERICAN, no manner your political affiliation, good luck to you and I am sure you will be successful in any field you choose to take, God bless you.

  31. Every president is a target for comedy, which is especially true for Trump who makes a complete fool of himself every time he opens his mouth.

  32. Another comeback for Roseann Barr? The first comeback didn’t work. This one will probably not last too long, either.

  33. You are absolutely right. Kurt Russell, Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight, and many other Hollywood actors support President Trump and have said so. I am sure that their are others who support him also, but just don’t want to get heckled or tormented the way Roseanne was. Tim Allen is also one who let people know that he supports President Trump.

  34. No doubt about it…although “they” can say any damn thing they want to about conservative sorts and people of honour, these small minded ignorant excuses for humanity cannot be censored….Go for it Roseanne.



  36. Stick it to those Hollywood clowns Roseanne! Why do they always think they are morally superior. They are a despicable bunch!

  37. Go for it Roseanne. We miss you! After you were fired I never watched the show again and will not watch the Connors. I do not know how they got the ratings or the renewal. It was called Roseanne and started because of you. Your missing so of course something good is missing. So sad on them but, maybe the Connors if lucky will make this one last season. I do not think it will survive and I definitely will not support it. So many things said and they pick on you because of the President. No respect for him… Such a sad place we live in. Much love to you. 😀 X0

  38. Freedom to think and talk like THEM….ONLY !! Don’t you DARE have a thought that is NOT APPROVED !! That’s why they tried to DESTROY Clarence Thomas and Kavanaugh to TEACH TRUMP A LESSON and AMERICA TOO !! WE ARE THE ARBITERS OF RIGHT AND WRONG they say…….STUPIDLY… best !!

  39. To hell with hollywood and all demoRats good for you roseanne. PLEASE JAM IT UP THEIR A—-S EVERY CHANCE YOU GET. THEY TRULY ARE THE SCUM OF THIS COUNTRY

  40. You go lady. Everyone should be able to express their feelings without being thrown out! Trump is a good President and stands up for Christians and Jews and thats why libs hate him. I’m praying for you and your success. Gos bless you!

  41. Roseanne was the HUB. Won’t waste my time watching the “new” clan. Actually, they have done a favor to Roseanne and to all those who love her: Now she will take her comedy to a whole new level. It was time.

  42. Roseanne was the HUB. Won’t waste my time watching the “new” clan. Actually, they have done a favor to Roseanne and to all those who love her: Now she will take her comedy to a whole new level. It was time.

  43. You can try to make a come back but there is one problem! How can you make Hollywood mad when we the people decide to watch something else. I will be out doing something that night(sleep thru)

  44. I’m sticking up for Roseanne , You stand behind your principals and the People You believe in. God Bless You on your tour. Thanks for bucking Hoolywood or Crazywood. I quit going to the Movies except for the Disney ones. Go Roseanne and ADC. Screw those idiots in Badwood!!!

  45. We are a 100% behind you Roseanne. You’re being discriminated of your civil rights. How is Hollywood allowed to take away your rights to vote Republican? Isn’t it against the Federal Law? God Bless you and all your future endeavors!!!!


  47. Well said… apparently
    Political correctness ONLY GOES ONE WAY ! Sick & wholly saddened by the incredible hypocrisy of so many Americans. Actually frightened by the affect it all has been having on truly naive young voters. If they fall for the lies, pure hatred & lies …& push the button that WILL BE THE DEMISE OF THE AMERICA WE ALL HONOR & LOVE. What that’ll do… Ronald Reagan said “ …Those who have known freedom and then lost it have NEVER KNOWN IT AGAIN” Truer words were never spoken . God’s Grace

  48. Kenneth, you are the fool. You attack Pres. Trump but do not care that corrupt Clintons and muslum traitor Obama are much worse.

  49. Go for it Roseanne Kick their butts. No she should have never been fired. It’s called freedom of speech and it seems it’s a one way street when it comes to the Democrats. Seems they are getting away with murder.

  50. Roseanne Barr is a great talent, and Sara Gilbert ruined the comeback for the entire Roseanne cast. I cannot wait for the tour! I’ll buy 4 tickets!

  51. Wishing you much success on your upcoming tour. It’s about time the liberals learn that they don’t own America and do not have the right to control everything that goes on in this country. It does my heart good every time I learn of somebody who has been successful in Hollywood who stands up and takes the side of the good people in government who love this country and are fighting for it to return to the God loving country it once was. I am a Christian but I also love and support Israel. I acknowledge that the Jewish people are God’s chosen people. I pray that someday they are free from the persecution of the people that are hell bent to destroy the nation of Israel

  52. They (the Demowits) want to INFRINGE on our 2nd Amendment right and our right to protect ourselves, but yet they
    say it is okay to kill unborn babies, but not okay to execute those that have killed others. ????

  53. They (the Demowits) want to INFRINGE on our 2nd Amendment right and our right to protect ourselves, but yet they
    say it is okay to kill unborn babies and not okay to execute those that have killed others. ????

  54. Roseanne Barr is a top star. I will never watch the show of those others who did not stand with her, but deserted in her hour of need. She made their careers and as a thank you, they turned their backs on her. I cannot say how much I appreciate Roseanne standing by our great President Trump. Hollywood is a sad group of lost people who do not understand and/or have the intelligence to understand the importance of the freedoms this country affords all of us. Instead, they try to take away our choices when we don’t agree with them. The way to be heard by Hollywood is to stop going to their movies and/or events that enable them to continue with their attempt to take away our freedoms. Be adults and agree to disagree. Good luck, Roseanne. I wish you all the very best.

  55. I support Roseanne that useless obama secretary was not a reason to fire her and ruin the show….Gilbert was always my least favorite on the show she was a mouthly demanding character….Roseanne is always right as her character always said….

  56. Way too go Roseanne tell those left wing racist that you will continue to do great things. Hollywood’s so far gone that anything that comes out of there is crap and not worth spending the money too see. And in closing let me use one of their lines”you go girl”.

  57. Can’t wait to see Roseanne’s new show. I have loved her act since she started as the hate “housework” comedy act years ago. I’m so glad that she is expressing her views and her comedy in this world we live in that is suppose to have freedom of speech. I have to say that I have stopped watching many of the shows and actors that I watched before for their attitudes that they are the know all of our lives and how we should live and feel. I really hope that it hurts them where it hurts, in their pocketbooks. That is where it needs to hurt them. I refuse to watch them; no TV, no movies,or no to any media that they project themselves. Give me Roseanne and Dice any day. Real people who say what the rest of the world feel. They are sure to prove that they don’t feel they are better or more privileged that the rest of us. I love the Hollywood rules of no walls to protect us, no guns to protect your families, and basically nothing that they themselves would do or have. They have protection of walls, bodyguards with guns, and anything else to make their lives better for them. WOW, it must be nice to be one of the people who deserve everything, instead of us who work for a living. I wonder how long it will last when no one pays for their “acts”. Remember… the best way to let them know your feelings, do not support them in their ventures. No matter what it is. Let them figure out how to survive when no one wants their opinions.

  58. Roseanne shouldn’t have been fired but Sara Gilbert should. She’s a no talent alleged actress.
    Now the leadership at ABC should all be canned.

  59. I think that all President Trump supporters should turn off their TVs except for watching old reruns of Andy Griffith, Gunsmoke, Bonanza and Gilligam’s Island. They should stop going to movies and stop monetarily supporting these Anti-American Hollywook leftists. When these Leftist start feeling the impact in their bank accounts they will change their tune.

  60. Roseanne Barr you rock it girl. It’s about time you get back out there and do your thing. Screw Hollywierdos. I know so many that work for the Studios and they all say they have to remain silent. Of course we’re talking while at the gun range or shooting in the desert. Guess I wouldn’t fit in as i’m proud of my President, Country and who I am. I wear Trump hats and shirts almost every day. Well, on the days I’m not sporting a pro 2nd Ammendment shirt lol. Maybe James Woods and Roseanne in 2024? Ok, maybe for Senate in CA? We need to drain these car swamp creatures that have destroyed this state (CA). Only wish I could afford to go to your show Roseanne. Whatever you do please don’t EVER let the Democrats keep you silent. BTW, the show that replaced you…… SUCKS. I tried watching but quit after 5 minutes. Proceed they couldn’t replace you, the STAR of your show. Kick ass with ADC as I know he’ll have something to say as well lol.

  61. You go Roseanne! Fight for what you believe in. Your correct, they hate Trump and they don’t even know why. He won fair and square and they are still pissin and moaning about it. The Dems are not even doing the jobs for which they were elected. What have they done for the homeless, seniors, sickly, blacks and all the other folks they said they would help. They have done NOTHING since they have been in office but try to hang Trump.

  62. I support Roseanne and will never watch or support the radical left. Stopped football and watching left wing comedians. Way to go Roseanne. Your special.????????????????????????

  63. Sure, she made a comment about Valerie Jarret and I’m sure that made the Obama’s angry but they don’t have the “juice” to pull the plug on not only her show but on her career, what is never talked about is the tweet that she made about George Soros, he is the billionaire money man behind all of the Progressive movement and she made a statement about his activities and his families activities during the war in colluding with the Germans. That is what killed her career because he controls the Democrats and the empire.

  64. Don, have pity on the poor ‘fool’. If he had a brai, he could seriously injure himself. I gave 21 years of my life protecting his right to prove how foolish he is.
    Sean Parnell, MSGt, USAF, Ret.

  65. Snarky little Sara Gilbert is really the one who got “Roseanne” cancelled. Go Roseanne! ADC and Roseanne should be the best non-PC show ever!

  66. “The Conners” won’t succeed. I don’t know why John Goodman agreed to join in. Roseanne was the show, and what do they have now? Laurie Metcalf and two Beckys.

  67. Amen. And please everyone forgive my typo sbove. I’m having trouble with this keyboard.
    Also please note that my wife came here as a refugee from communism. The first time she heard a Democrat Congressperson, she declared her to be a communist. Sorry, I don’t remember which one it was. Sean Parnell, MSGt, USAF, Ret.

  68. I thought it was stupid from a business point of view to let Roseanne go; she’s the star. I’m disappointed that Sara Gilbert was the cause of the tweet. I think Roseanne and Mr. Clay will be awesome and make a lot of money. God bless you Roseanne.

  69. We stand behind you and support you by watching your show. Stopped watching your other show because they were stupid and let you go. Welcome back. You are a great person, and glad to see you always held your head high. You are so much better than they are. We will not support radical left democrats in any form

  70. You are so right. The young children of this generation will not know about freedoms or the American flag or the star spangled banner nor the Holy Bible. Muslims bow to their man god the same time every day no matter where they are. But we Christians seem to feel like we have to go into a closet to pray. Why is it that way in our country?

  71. Break a leg, Roseanne! That show that fired you (renamed now) is nothing without you.. I don’t know a soul who watches it. You will do wonderfully well because you have stood for what you believe in. And there are plenty of us deplorables who will support you and follow whatever you do! Never back down!!!

  72. The Hollywood elitist PC Liberal Left and the 21st century Democratic Party are out of touch with the principles of what makes America great and what our founding fathers wanted for the new nation they fought for. This New Democratic Party needs to be stopped. They embody all the traits of Nazis and communists.

  73. God Bless America, President Trump, & ROSEANNE BARR! She has the right to her own opinions & faith, as well as, every American “citizen”. I wish you well and much success on your new tour! ???????????????????????? TRUMP 2020

  74. Amen Lola,
    I agree with many of the issues spoken here in this including many hurrahs for Roseann Barr. She tried to put some comedy in her show to lighten up the thinking in this great U. S. A. but the country haters could not accept her humor. It hit too close to home for them. God be with you Roseann and continue to bless you in your future endeavors. Great job!!!!
    Please try to get back on tv. We need you and your honest humor.
    Christian love

  75. I have seen the previews of “Connors” and it is a piece of S##t. The program just does not work with out Roseanne or that type of character and those are hard to fine. I just hope she tries it on FOX.

  76. I have seen the previews of “Connors” and it is a piece of S##t. The program just does not work with out Roseanne or that type of character and those are hard to fine. I just hope she tries it on FOX.

  77. No I Don’t Think She Should Have Been Fired. Hollywood And Television Can Be Very Backbiting And Vicious. The Very Fact That She Liked Trump Was What Got Her Fired As Hollywood Claims Not To Like Him But Hobnobbed With Him And His Money. Hollywood Is Packed Full Of Nothing But A Bunch Of Phonies Living In There Make Believe World Of To Much Money And Drugs.

  78. Firing Roseanne was wrong and a terrible mistake….God will turn on them the way they turn on Jews and people who love them. God is never mocked and no one wants him for an enemy…I will never watch that show without her…or anything else they show…….

  79. Roseanne was the show…..connors will be kept on without an audience because they won’t admit they were wrong. Wishing Roseanne and ADC much success…….hope you bring your show to the Desert, We have great venues for you here and I’ll be there for you!

  80. So glad to hear you are back Roseanne! I still watch reruns of your original show from the 80’s & still laugh my head off. No one as funny as you❤️

  81. I am sure that all of us “Commenting” can think of many Hollywood Liberals who should be fired for lies they tell and the evil they do.

  82. WAY TO GO ROSEANNE! Thanks for standing up for President Trump and the rest of us Americans and for what you believe in! Seems like you’re the only one who has the guts to do it! You should’ve never been fired. The last time that I checked we were supposed to have freedom of speech. You hit the nail on the head! You was fired because you supported Donald Trump. They have shown him no respect since he was elected. If they would put half of their efforts doing what they were elected to do as they have trying to impeach him they may have did something. They’re nothing but a bunch of sore-losing crybabies. I have no respect for them or any of those in Hollywood who continually put our president down and show him no respect. I quit watching after you was fired and I will not watch the “Conners”. I feel like they stabbed you in the back! I have nothing but respect for you! Thanks again for standing up for us as Americans and Christians!!!

  83. Kenneth Slowbrain: Famous Obama quotes:
    “Our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today”
    “I’ve now been in 57 states — I think one left to go.”
    “Let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s.
    “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”
    “I bowled a 129. It’s like — it was like Special Olympics, or something.”
    “We’re the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad.”
    “The Middle East is obviously an issue that has plagued the region for centuries.”
    “I don’t know what the term is in Austrian, wheeling and dealing.” [Austrian language??]
    “Come on! I just answered, like, eight questions.”
    “There was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died — an entire town destroyed.” [actually 12 died]
    “You’re likeable enough, Hillary.”

  84. Of course Roseanne should NOT have been forced off her very popular TV show. She owned up to a lapse in judgement, apologized & explained the circumstances of something totally unrelated to the show. But Sarah Gilbert jumped right on the PC train and threw Roseanne under it. She had always been the weak link on the show and obviously was allowed to portray her own lack luster personality. The lack of loyalty on her part was surprising, but the total lack of support from John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf was shocking!!! But the cast and crew of the show was genuinely family to Roseanne. In order to protect the salaries for all of them, she turned over the rights of HER show in order for it to continue and pay everyone the salaries they had been counting on. That’s what true loyalty looks like!
    I have NOT and WILL NOT support the current show that has resulted from this shameful display.

  85. I too love Rosanne!! Welcome back!

    The Democrats and so called Hollywood stars and Television are evil.
    President Trump will rise to the top and will be re-elected, 2020.

  86. And let the leftist a-holes know, I for one , have not watched the show since you left, and won’t in the future either. YOU were the heart of that program, and they ripped it out! their loss!!

  87. No Roseanne should not have been fired I feel the rest of the nation is awakening and the liberal elitist in Hollywood and Journalism can’t grasp it That freedom of speech allows someone with different views to express themselves. The progressives feel the most destroy something that doesn’t think like them. Example. Any reason we can’t have Columbs Day and another day Indigenous People day. Have both. Why should we alter history

  88. Miss the Roseanne show with it’s wittiness, laughter and realistic comedy, but with dry humor of the left, it has turned many of us off from watching the dry comedic approach being provided nowadays, which I believe is dramatically showing up in the ratings. I guess they don’t understand the concept of follow the money because your show was hit and moneymaker. Another left wing tool and fool for letting a prize like you get away. I’m wishing a happy comeback in your endeavors and can hardly wait. Take care and be good.

  89. That’s right… Shane on Sarah Gilbert… she should be fired. All the woman on that show need to go… they are a bunch of loud mouth trouble makers… then see how Sara likes not working caz she’s so ugly what show or movie would take her now…

  90. I hope you and the Dice Man have great success in your new adventure… hopefully you’ll be coming too Phoenix…Rock on!!

  91. Totally agree!!! I’ll go to her new show with Clay if it comes to the Philadelphia area.
    Roseanne being fired and cancelling the show was a disgrace and I refuse to watch it!
    So much hate by the Left!

  92. Many in Hollyweird call Trump a pervert and immoral; yet they adore Bill Klinton and follow the teachings of the nutjob pedophile pervert L Ron Hubbard. There are only two words to describe hollyweirdos; Liberal= Hypocrite.

  93. Go Roseann. They don’t know, the dumb dems. That we control the TV and choose what we watch and its not their lib brain washing shows. As soon as their shows go lib I reach for the control knob. I just don”t understand when they push their agenda they loose half their viewers..But they are democrats. The just dont understand. They just cant reason things out.

  94. I believe Roseanne is not intimidated by the Hollywood leftists and I support her right to freedom of expression. I don’t understand why she was vilified by Disney CEO & other people.
    Good luck on your new endeavor!

  95. Roseanne, if I could say only two words to you and President Trump face to face, I’d say, “Stand Firm!” Love you, lady!

  96. Thanx Roseanne, For having some guts, love you, along with Kirstie Alley and a few others in Hollywood!


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