Pro-Sharia Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments to CNN on her twitter secret reveal radical anti-western views


Fresh off her victory changing House rules to allow her to follow Sharia Law, Rep. Ilhan Omar is back in the news for all the wrong reasons.

She was tossed a softball in a CNN interview.

But Omar swung and missed when she gave this answer.

In a telling interview on CNN, Ilhan Omar defended her tweet that invoked Allah to defeat the Israel “Evil.”

The Daily Caller reports:

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar defended asking Allah to help the world see how “evil” the actions of the nation of Israel are and how Israel has “hypnotized” the people of the world during a segment on CNN Thursday.

Hosts brought up a tweet the freshman congresswoman posted in 2012: “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”

Ilhan Omar refused to apologize for her incendiary tweet, instead claiming she didn’t know how it could possibly be offensive.

And if that wasn’t enough, Renewed Right reports that in the same interview, Omar took the opportunity to promote and an absurd conspiracy theory about Donald Trump and Senator Lindsey Graham that is gaining steam on the left.

Liberals believe Trump is holding some compromising secret over Graham’s head.

The truly startling thing is, in the wake of these latest outrageous statements from Ilhan Omar, Democrat Party leaders still refuse to distance themselves from the Minnesota Democrat.

But we want to know what you think. Should the Democrat Party censure Ilhan Omar? Should she resign from Congress?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. This country is finished. When they let someone go according to sharia law instead of our Constitution and attack our closet ally, we cannot survive. The goal of Islam is to rule the world and we are letting them do it. There is no freedom in Islam. We cannot remain a free country when we turn our backs on what our founding fathers gave us and cave in to the demands of libs, musims, and non-citizens.

      • This is more serious than we can imagine and I wish their was someway to legally stop these people who hate this country and want to turn it into their private playground with no laws other than their own. It makes you wonder why she did not stay in her native country where they had Sharia law? The idea was to foster immigration and join with other Americans in the great “melting pot”. It was never meant to have people come to this country and self-segregate into colonies and subvert this country and our laws. It has to end. Is she a legal U.S. citizen? It really does not sound like it. If she is, she lied on her citizenship documents, unless she was born here of legal citizen parents.

        • Roy,
          . . . . Actually they are here illegally. It is against Federal Law for muslims to live here, to be here, to come here, or to be helped to come here. This law was signed by President Jefferson during the Barbary Coast Days. He knew that islam is a deadly threat to the US and that it is incompatible with our Constitution and our way of life.
          . . . . She and her friends came here to conquer our country. It is called stealth jihad. This is how they took over London and large parts of Europe without firing a shot. At least the French people are starting to see what is happening.
          . . . . Correct. I am a mutt and a perfect example of the melting pot idea. So true but these people have no intention of assimilating. They are here to conquer our country and destroy our way of life. Just like the communists aka democrats.
          . . . . No she is not a Citizen. She is an invader and an enemy combatant. She and the other muslims are a Clear and Present Danger to all of us. This is WWIII and a fight to the death. Any American that converts to islam must immediately denounce their Citizenship and leave the country forthwith. Where is the FBI??? Why aren’t they enforcing the law???
          . . . . I am a retired Auto Technician that is living on Social Security Disability. I also served in the AF but my disability is not service connected. I am trying to raise the money for me to be able to move back to Texas. I was born there. I am concerned that I may not be able to survive another Wisconsin winter. Here is the link to my GoFundMe page. Please help me out.

          America: Love it or Leave it!
          GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

        • Unfortunately you are wrong, she is a U. S. born citizen.

          Even so with her views being what they are, her outright vulger mouth, and what she said not more then a couple hours after being sworn in against our Pres.

          Her aleginse to the Muslim culture, and again disrespect and hate towards any other nation that is one of our alias, is unacceptable period.

          For her demanding to be able to wear the head dress of our enemies, and to be allowed to do so, NO NOT ACCEPTABLE!

          The fact that she lied about where she lives, so she would have an address in the district she was to served. A condition of holding this position, is that you must live in the district you represent!

          True fact she does not live where she said she does, that’s her father’s address, and he called her out in it, saying that not only does she not live there now, she never has lived there!

          Kick her boney butt out of there.

          She may have been born here but she is no American, she is as much Muslim as she is female!

          • Theresa,
            . . . . It is called stealth jihad. It is how they conquered London and most of Europe without firing a shot. They move a bunch of themselves into an area. They then create an enclave and declare it off limits to the infidels. They enact sharia law and then get one of their own elected in to the various local, state, and federal governments. Now they can get laws that are favorable to them enacted.
            America: Love it or Leave it!
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

          • The Democrats refusal to censure Ilhan Omar will only help #45 win another term. I am shocked the DEM leaders are allowing Ilhan Omar and her hateful Somalian agenda to spread hatred. The DEM leaders must show strength and not let this woman destroy the party’s objectives.

          • Ohhhh LEON? The Democratic Party that was so beloved by our Fathers and Our Fathers Fathers? Honey, It Is GONE? ALL we have left are OMAR types. And we can Thank Obama for the serious demise of the Democratic Party. We may as well call it what it is. “The New Muslim Party” … And Sir? All we have left is the Republican Party which in all actually it is the “New Democratic Party” … What a weird world we are living in. The TRUTH is if we do not VOTE for Trump? Then we will ALLOW one of those MUSLIM’S to become President Again? And this time they will not be hiding their ONE WORLD ORDER AGENDA. If you do your homework? Google how many Muslims and Mosques are in your state, city and town? Google Dearborn Michigan the capital of Islam in America? You will be in for the SHOCK of your life. May GOD help us ALL.

          • She was born in Somali. I dont know when her parents emigrated,
            but she needs to be tarred & feathered, then hung by the neck in a ‘public square’. The sorry democrats better wake up be4 it’s too late, or we will be like Germany, England, France, etc, etc. countries that took
            in a bunch of muslims, & now being overrunned by them.
            load them up & fly them over the Atlantic ocean & open the door & kick them out. I’d say, about what we need to do is: PRAY, PRAY & MORE PRAYER. Prayer does not change GOD, it changes THINGS!!!

          • HONEY THE REASON THEY ARE IN AMERICA IS TO TAKE IT OVER. FROM: 1.) CHANGING THE GOVERNMENT TO SHARIA LAW 2.) CHANGING ALL BELIEF’S FROM GOD TO ALLAH 3.) TO OVER POPULATE a town, a city a state then the whole Country! AND STEAL THE VOTE. … THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY is now THE NEW MUSLIM PARTY”. They are here through Illegal immigration: 1.) Chain migration brings in whole towns. 2.) Visa Lottery brings in the worst of the worst. 3.) E-Verify so we know who is in America…..UNDERSTAND THIS RIGHT NOW ….THEY ARE NOT HERE TO ASSIIMULATE. They are here to TAKE OVER using our own LAWS against us! THE BEST THING AMERICAN’S CAN DO IS CLOSE THE BORDERS. “build the friggin wall” TAKE IMMEDIATE CONTROL OF IMMIGRATION.

          • That’s going a bit TOO FAR, Catwoman. If you go back to the Founding of this country, you’d be dismayed to find out that at least some of the most patriotic “Americans” (term in quotes because there was no USA prior to 1783, they originally were called “Colonials” or “Colonists”) were born OUTSIDE OF THE AMERICAN CONTINENT. They were most likely born in ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, perhaps even GERMANY, etc. Why should ANYONE’S place of PHYSICAL birth AUTOMATICALLY disqualify someone from service to THIS NATION (even at the highest level), assuming they have shown (through their DEEDS) that they are LOYAL TO THIS NATION (and otherwise meet any Constitutional requirements, such as those for POTUS)?????? If you are a Christian, you may understand the concept of being “born again” of the Holy Spirit. Why can’t someone who was physically born outside of the USA to foreign parents become a “born again” American in a similar, though more secular manner? Your comment, while perhaps well meaning, reduces itself ultimately to NONSENSE in the final analysis…..

        • they do not stay in their homelands, with their home culture because their stated intention is to take over the world for Allah. It is part of their basic teachings to lie (taqiyah) to achieve islamic dominance and to migrate and repopulate (hijrah) the world for islam. They are brainwashing and playing victim continuously, using our rights and support systems to destroy us, to modify school books, etc. “Hate speech” laws? Well, any truth, fact or observation that shows them for what they are is “offensive to Allah” and therefore “hate speech” – so you can’t call them out on any of their BS.

        • I was born and raised Catholic, this does not make me a bad person, I do not follow the Catholic views, I am an active member of a Bible based Christian Church, who follows the teachings straight from the good book of Our Lord and Savior.

          • Theresa,
            . . . . The Catholic Church is not Christian. It is a cult and it has been co-opted by the communists. Don’t get me wrong there are Catholics that are Christian but usually when they see the light they leave and a lot of them become born again Christians.
            America: Love it or Leave it!
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

      • I agree, the Muslims should not serve in any political position in the USA. Their so called religion does not, and cannot be compatible with the US Constitution. And for those ignorant Americans that want to encompass the Muslims into the American are fully uninformed about the Muslim objectives to infiltrate the US government to change it to their Sharia laws. The Muslims do not accept the Christian values and respect for other non Muslims. The USA must make it nationally known to the Muslims that they will not use the US to spread its hatred to the Jews while living on US soil. Pro-Sharia Congresswoman Ilhan Omar should be listed as an enemy of the US, and should be removed from office. Ilhan Omar is just one small person of a gigantic Muslim movement here to destroy the USA politically at first.

      • All the stupid and ignorant voters who voted for Omar should have their voting rights taken away until they learn about these Satan groups, and get some common sense.

      • Catholics (and Catholicism) should be REJECTED because they are the “Jews” of Christianity for accepting a “law” (Canon Law) which is BEYOND THAT OF THE BIBLE (just as the Jews accept their TALMUD as the main source of “Jewish Law” today). Catholics go even further on their road to perdition: 1) they dare have a MAN who they call “Father” (AKA THE POPE), when Jesus Christ Himself said to “call NO MAN ON EARTH YOUR FATHER”; and 2) they offer up “strange fire before the LORD” (candles out front of worship area — at least in the Catholic church building I was in once). All of these things are UNGODLY.
        If even a PAGAN MUSLIM (as Ms. Omar is) can see through Catholicism (as well as Judaism, a religion which Jesus called its practitioners children of Satan because of their persecution of HIM during his Incarnation on earth) for what it is, surely REAL Christians should be able to get the motes out of their own eyes when it comes to this perversion of the teachings of Jesus Christ and abandon it AT ONCE…..

    • It makes you wonder how so many “progressive Jews” (a large portion of New York and L.A.) who can clearly see that the Democrats are anti-semitic and empower Israel and Jewish haters, still vote Democrat.

      They are insane. I know thousands of Jews that blindly vote for Democrats as if it is a religious duty.

      I have never understood this. It’s almost like they want to be hated.

      However, there are many conservative Jews who understand the truth and reality of the situation and know that their true allies are conservatives and I just hope they can get through to these lost crowds of Jews who blindly follow Democrat liberalism.

      • The SAME goes for black people, “religiously” voting for them because they are being held CAPTIVE like SLAVES with WELFARE/FOOD STAMPS programs and DON’T even realize that they are STILL being “ENSLAVED” just because they LOVE “FREE stuff/money”, thinking that this is NORMAL or NOTHING can be CHANGED ever because they are NOT willing to HELP bring CHANGE for the BETTER, with JOBS, BETTER SCHOOLS…..They DON’T want to KNOW that holding a REAL paying JOB means REAL INDEPENDENCE, instead of being a GOVERNMENT SLAVE……..!!!!

        • Also they don’t realize that Slavery was brought to this Country thanks to the demoncraps and the demoncraps started the KKK and have absolutely no intentions of ever letting the Blacks, the Mexican’s or any of their party to ever get free of them and that’s why they have all these massive handouts is to keep them dependent on the inflated government

          • Theresa,
            . . . . Hispanic is not a race. It is a culture. Hispanics can be any one of the three races.
            America: Love it or Leave it!
            GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

        • You are just as dangerous as Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar with your racist and false statements. Sadly people like you and FEDUP365, badjones, DNav and others, are part of the problems of helping to destroy America with you’ll BS lies. You’ll are just as dangerous as Omar spreading unintelligent information. You’ll lack of American history of the contributions of Black African American is the seat of your racist BS thinking. Equal opportunities for non Whites still do not exist in the US, no matter how many Blacks have died on foreign soils to give them freedom and democracy, that is denied to them by you’ll here in the USA. Both political parties are guilty of racism equality, and it is getting worst with #45 and you’ll uneducated Whites that are following Satan agenda. The other sad thing is that you’ll get to vote, stupidly.

      • I cannot understand it either. The love of my life was a lovely Jewish girl who I wished that I had married. I am pro-Israel and would go there to defend it if needed. The Republican Party has always supported Israel and will always do so. The Democrats do not, it seems, unless they get the Jewish vote. So much for loyalty, I guess.

      • Your comment was one of the most
        intelligent observations that I have read!
        I also cannot understand the massive
        Jewish backing of the Democrats!
        They are being used just like the Afro-
        American to destroy and control this country!

    • I’m agreeing with you on everything that thing was allowed to do on the proposal that she instigated and I think the people who backed or allowed it to be permitted should be made yes I mean made too resign/quit with and I repeat again to resign/quit the position and their supposed commitment to the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AS RIGHTEOUS REPRESENTIVES FOR THEM, and upon their resigning more preferable KICKING THEM OUT OF OFFICE without any all benifits that they think they should get also repay their salary and benifits ( medical , dental , hospital all and I mean all of their traveling expenses that occurred during their time in office ) from day one to the present they don’t deserve any of . What would you get if you left your job or you done something that the higher echelon of the company where you work didn’t like ? You would be given 5 minutes to gather everything that is personally belongs to you and escorted out of to building with no benefits or retirement… kinda long winded huh.

    • You are right on we need to call the Governors in the states where these ??? Islamics are infiltrating our government? Why aren’t all the members of Congress weighing in on this issue? For the future of our country we need Pelosi & Schumer to resign,As they are for One World Government with Islam the rule! Wake up America!

    • The damnocrats should censure her and demand that she immediately resign. A or any Muslim is totally unfit to serve in Congress or any governing body.

    • Even those people who possess a modecum of intelligence should be able to see, that allowing muslims and or anyone opposing America, into office is or will be, a tremendous problem for We the People! They have a foothold here, and that is the most unbelievable thing I have EVER witnessed! Our Government is giving our country away, right under our noses, and NO ONE is doing anything about it! This is UNACCEPTABLE! There will be civil war, and it will not be throwing rocks, it will be full scale war, and I do not think our armed forces will turn on their own people! This problem needs to be dealt with NOW!!! Get the muslims OUT of OUR GOVERNMENT, THEN, OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!

      • I agree with you. How were they allowed to run for a position in the White House? The people who voted for them are absolutely not Americans, and don’t care about the United States. She should be removed from her position NOW and sent back to where ever she came from. As an American I am offended by her remarks. Israel is God’s Country and the Jews are his people.

    • We should never allow a Muslim be in our Government. They came here with the intention of taking control of our country. They move in to an area in a large group so they will have a large majority. They elect a senator for that area. Then they bring in another large group and they all settle in one area. They now have a majority again. They now elect another senator for that area. There are some areas in the U.S. that will not allow any one that is not a Muslim.

    • Never say this country is finished. We must fight back. Contact your Senators, Congressmen and let them know how you feel. Never cave to an enemy. Eh?

    • I agree 1000%, it is almost imposible to beleive that this devil was elected to congress when we know and see everyday in the news how much hate muslims have for all.that is not their beleives , for centuries this people have always tried to rule the world and it is shameful to see how americans had forgotten that these malign creatures not long agoe decapitated Americans live on tv just because they where just americans, shame on all of those that voted for this devil to be in the heart of our own nation .

    • You are so ‘right on’ Betty … I just hate what is happening to us. When you turn your back on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, you are going the wrong way!
      I do not understand how stupid we are!

    • bj: Yes, the country is finished. But not because of 2 Muslims in Congress, but because of the 44% Jews in the Scotus and 40% in the Senate and don’t forget 100% in the Federal Reserve!

    • Absolutely agree ! If there ever there was a need for an urgent government investigation they need to investigate how this anti American swine got herself into office. aelSo Parduc, you believe that 84% of the Senate and 100% of the Federal Reserve are Jews ? Didn’t know that. Where did you get this statistic from?

    • I cannot believe we have allowed someone like her and her belief serve our country . Allow her to not take the oath of office to believe and follow our constitution and the laws of American citizen. She should not be allowed to serve the this country because she did not swear to our constitution and upholding the laws of the country.

    • Who votes for this person, this is so not America! FBI do your job, you have wasted plenty of time digging for what ever around our President who Thank God honors our Flag, Troops, and all who served!

    • Remember Hitler, If the self hating hating jews think that they can cause a major war that will destroy the jewish people, let it be clear to them, that it will not destroy the jewish people, it shall destroy them personally. Remember Tsar, Stalin, Hajj El= Hussainnii Amin were the worst of them to wipe us out before they passed on.

    • This freak should NOT ONLY RESIGN, either be put on trial for treason, convicted and you know what the punishment is for treason OR RESIGN, FIRED AND RUN OUT OF OUR COUNTRY, we don’t need this kind of filth in AMERICA.

  2. . . . . allah doesn’t exist. It is the figment of a delusional mind made up to justify murder, torture, rape, and other crimes against humanity by a monster. islam is a cult bent on conquering the world and converting every infidel or killing them.
    . . . . This muslim and the other muslim invader in the House need to be arrested along with the rest of muslims and need to be immediately arrested on charges of being enemy combatants and in the country illegally.
    . . . . They are here in violation of Federal Law. The FBI needs to enforce this law. The muslims are a Clear and Present Danger to all of us They are here to take over and they have an obligation to lie to us.
    . . . . I am a retired Auto Technician that is living on Social Security Disability. I also served in the AF but my disability is not service connected. I am trying to raise the money for me to be able to move back to Texas. I was born there. I am concerned that I may not be able to survive another Wisconsin winter. Here is the link to my GoFundMe page. Please help me out.
    America: Love it or Leave it!
    GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  3. This is what happens when you allow foreigners especially Muslims into our country and then allow them to be voted into our government the people that voted them in are all Muslims in Minnesota and Dearborn Heights Michigan we got the other Muslim who called Trump a mother Fker She wants to impeach him who the hell is she she’s nobody she’s a radical Muslim bitch she should be deported right along with their goddamn kids where are the minds of our so-called American citizens vote and these two idiots into our government you both should be deported you’re not Americans and neither of these Muslims their radical bitches

    • Omar is from Minnesota will you have one of the biggest populations of somalis in the United States. Why else do you think she got elected. People get what they vote for. So you’re stuck with these people for 2 years might as well live with it. You just better hope Nancy pelosi can rein them in a little bit and not buckle under the pressure political correctness.

    • What’s wrong with Minnesotans who voted her in? What’s wrong with congress to defend her and open the door of the United States to Sharia Law? Where are patriotic women? Do they actually want Sharia Law to take away their freedom? Have they ever read Sharia Law? Have they not seen how it operates in countries where it rules? A man holding a pistol to the back of a woman’s head and pulling the trigger. No trial, no nothing, just a man’s whim. Blow her away, because she turned away from Islam to Jesus. Her husband or father is a hero for murdering her. Wake up people!!!!!!!

      • Good comment Larry Cooper: You are right, & I’ve been saying this for sometime, that the USA should not allow any muslims into our country! They lie to get in, like they have no freedom in the middle east nations they come from, yet soon as they get here, they want to start building mosques, wearing their hajab, & spouting their ”rights”. You know we Americans would have no rights if we went to one of those muslim countries. The first time we mentioned JESUS, we’d be put in prison, then disappear soon afterward!!
        Ilhan needs to disappear w/her idol god allah. That was a name that muhammed made up when he was in Media. There were lots of nationalities living in that area & they all worshiped different gods, so he decided to solve ‘his problem’, by saying they should just worship one god, & he came up w/the name of allah. So it’s kinda like the old saying “Grandma taught it, & we bought it.”

    • As a Michigander, I wanna clue you in. Dearborn Heights is a Muslim enclave, and is a No Go Zone for us Michiganders. Tlaib was voted in because the Muslims of Dearborn have a majority there. Pretty simple why she was elected. I was once proud to be from Michigan, because this state has so much to offer. Now, it is turning into a Muslim stronghold. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

      • These to are not the real problem , the ones that support the bills they put up and not speak against their anti American and Israel comments are the real problem. Now MI has Keith Ellison as the states attorney general MI is doomed.

      • You are right about the flood of muslim in Mich. and the one to thank for this, or as I see it blame is none other than that traitor, in American, Muslim who ran this country for 8 years, and who the Dems allowed to do any damn thing he wanted to, and if they did ever say no to him he just, made an executive decision, and did what he wanted to under the cloak of darkness! Yet the dems still run around with there nose so far up his butt they breath through the same nose!

  4. How can these Muslims honestly swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States? They are so anti-American and should not be allowed to hold any office in our government. Isn’t there some way they can be impeached. Ilhan and Rashida are evil to the core. We need to get them out of office.

    • Eleanor,
      . . . . They can’t and they don’t. They stand up there and lie to all of us. This is acceptable behavior. It is a way to take over a country without firing a shot. It is how they conquered London and most of Europe. We are next. Wake up America. This is WWIII and we had better win it.
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

    • You are so right! I do not believe that any of the Democrats won legally. This election was a farce!
      I believe all of this was planned. These caravans are people putting on a show while terrorists sneak in at other points of entry! People forgot what Al Qieda said, they will not stop until their flag is flying over our Whitehouse! Now look at the shape we’re in! We need that law enforced from 1952 that says no religious groups can enter with the intent of over throwing our government. It is still on the books! Enforce our laws! There should be no Muslim in our government! They are terrorists! This reason is why the Democrats and liberals are so mad that Donald Trump won! It ruined their plans.

  5. There is another way to solve this problem, but I’m sure if I state it, it won’t be allowed.
    I know for one thing, I don’t trust any of them. I also don’t trust that the RINOs & Dems will do anything to stop the anti Constitutional members of our so called representatives.

  6. We are only as strong as our weakest link. You let these people into our government and they start picking away at it a little at a time.. eventually we will fall. America is and has always been able to defend itself from the outside…but once the inside is weakened it will surely cave in. They know this and have already begun. (Trojan horse) GOD BLESS AMERICA !

    • That Trojan horse was, and still is there mouth piece, and muslim leader obama!

      He let them all in over 200k of them.

      He settled them in Dearborn, Mich.

      He gave each and everyone of them 1k dollars u.s. money.

      Gave them all medical benefits.

      Gave them all housing.

      Gave them all if old enough, social security, which is the one that frost my backside.

      At the time he was doing all this, I was taken out of work due to very serious medical issues.

      The summer of 02 I was diagnosed with six Brain Anyurism.

      I’ve had surgery on both sides if my Brain.

      Yet while I was lying in a hospital bed for six weeks after my first surgery.

      My family applied for my social security benefits.

      I’ll give you one guess what I was told beside no of course.

      Use your wildest imagination, go ahead.

      Wrong my claim was stamped DENIED!
      The letter I received back from them said, and I quote!


      Your not seeing things, it says what you think it does.


      It then took me 7 years, 3 attorneys, and going before a judge to get my benefits!

      I was told by every city, county, state, and federal agency, I knew of or someone told me about to get any kind of assistance.

      They all told me no, because social security didn’t accept my being eligible for benefits, they stood behind that and told me.


      So to say I have my nose tweaked out of joint by what’s going on, with all of the illegals.

      Coming here and sticking out there hands and them being filled, with whatever they asked for,
      would be a gross understatement!

      But hey I’ve stood up to them, fought my fight and won.

      And if any of these people, illegals or dems alike.

      Think I’m going to roll over and play dead.

      They better think again.

      I will stand up to them and fight for my country with my dying breath.

      And since 6 Anyurism didn’t get me.

      They don’t stand a snow balls chance in he’ll of getting me to give up to them!

      I’ve been very blessed, I’ve come through what I have.

      And I’ve done so without any outward signs of having ever been sick a day in my life.

      Unless you are standing right next to me, and are taller than me, you can’t see any of my scars from it.

      I also happened to be blessed with being in the same area where one of the top 10 Nuerosurgeons in the world was, and is Chief of Nuersurgery.

      Well now that it’s 1230 in the morning I need to get off of here, tomorrow is Church, and I need to get up around 5:30

      So good night to all my very strong, and proud Americans, God Bless!

  7. How did she get elected? These are the demographics of Minn District 5
    Distribution. Are all these “white” people Muslims?
    100[2]% urban
    0% rural
    Population (2016) 708,082[3]
    Median income $63,202[4]
    67.39% White
    16.64% Black
    6.05% Asian
    8.81% Hispanic
    1.23% Native American

    • Wonder what the total vote count was? Truth be known, probably more than live there and probably some cemetery voters too!

    • Good post Alan. Sure makes you wonder about the legitimacy of the elections in both minnesota and michigan. It sure smells of demoSCUM activity.

  8. She swore to uphold the AMERICAN constitution, how can Congress allow her to follow Sharia law? She is a disgrace and should be forced to resign. WHo voted for her anyway, kooks and nuts?

  9. This is all a part of their long term plan. Make nice , be friendly, get elected, and take over. People really need to get their head out of the sand. This is nothing new. It is not only a religion, but an ideology and they have been trying to take over the world for centuries, by any means they can.

  10. She should be made to resign as soon as possible. This is the USA. All of her beliefs do not belong here in America. If she loves her beliefs then she needs to go to the Country that believes her way. We do NOT want any part of allah. You know from this how terrible Nancy is to allow this Muslim to make her own rules. Any job i have ever had I have to go by their rules. They don’t change their rules for me. If we want to keep the USA free we have to not let Muslims in our government. Isn’t there a law that says they cannot be elected into our government? Nancy wants to make up her own rules , that’s not how our Government works. If we want our grand children to be safe we have to keep Muslims out of our government. We know God that creates the heavens and the earth. It was not her allah! Her Country is calling her back home so send her there.

  11. First of all, she should be impeached because she has one agenda and one agenda only…., to change OUR Country into a third world craphole!! She not only should be impeached, but kicked out of the Country!! These people will never assimilate to our culture!! She has already proven this to be true by insisting on wearing her native garb in Congress! The nerve of this POC is astounding!

  12. Mich. elected a mus-slime woman to Congress as well. What has happened in the meantime is that a petition has been started and as of yesterday was approaching 250,000 signatures asking for her impeachment. it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to get these anti-American values people out of office.

  13. I just don’t understand who votes for these people. I would definitely like to recount these votes. I guess the people of Minnesota have lost their minds if this is what they would elect. She is absolutely disgusting.

  14. Ilhan Omar should be removed from office, then deported. Defending any idea that is Un-American should be reason enough to take her from the position she holds.

  15. This ogre needs to be removed from our nation period. She is wicked, sinister, and a terrorist at heart. Married to her own brother she is not good for America

    • Now that is not a Christian thing to say. Remember the Bible says forgive and to turn the other cheek. The Quran says to turn both cheeks especially if you are a young boy. And kill them if they don’t.

  16. She never should have been elected in the first place, and this is our country, if they want to serve in OUR CONGRESS, they need to swear on the Bible just like everyone else. I’m tired of these byes for some people, but not others. She needs to be expelled from Congress NOW!!!!!

  17. This muslim dirtbag sounded just as ignorant as pelosi does when trying to justify her insanity. She had zero legitimate excuse except she is a muslim scumbag looking to establish sharia-sh** law in this country. The voters in michigan and minnesota who voted to put such an anti-America POS in office should be hanging their heads in SHAME. None of you should be allowed to vote in an AMERICAN election again. You want to vote America hating muslims into office — move to the middle east and go crazy with your ignorance and stupidity.

  18. Yes, she and her Sharia mindset needs to be removed from Congress. How many Muslims does it take to change our laws and make us a third world country?

  19. Non of our laws and rules should be changed to placate one woman. Especially when they are so wrong. This woman was allowed to make her pledge to protect America on a Koran and part of their philosophy is to lie whenever necessary. She should be tried for treason.

  20. It is the EVIL of the muSLIMES that have HYPNOTIZED the WORLD that they are a PEACEFUL “religion”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ALL muSLIMES MUST be removed from the U. S. of A.!!!! They REFUSE to assimilate to OUR culture and plan to take over the whole world and MURDER all who don’t agree with their CULTURE of PIECES!!!!

  21. Don’t know how any Muslim could be sworn in using the Quran. I believe there is something in the constitution the prohibits Muslims from holding positions in our government, especially when they swear by sharia law. That is treason and they should be removed and anyone that follows sharia law deported.

  22. I don’t believe for a second this female wants to abide by Shariah law. I read it and women are not even considered second rate. There are next to slaves and even infidel males get more respect under the vile, disgusting law. Shariah is diametrically opposed to our Constitution and anyone that believes in and/or promotes this garbage should be deported and their citizenship annulled.

  23. This is a very scary woman with power. The world, particularly the United States, is turned upside down. Perpetrators are glorified and victims are blamed, illegal immigrants are given free medical care while our veterans are ignored. Christians are vilified and ridiculed, but people like Rep. Omar are elected and treated like a scholar. I am elderly but I shudder to think what this country will be like when my children are elderly. The hatred shown by the left is staggering and so very frightening.

  24. How in God’s name did these two Muslim’s ever get elected. They have already proven that they are traitors.
    When you take the Oath of Office they are to be able and willing to claim the United States as their country.
    Both of these women should be impeached. I believe it is up to Americans to step up and demand impeachment on these two women as well as Nancy Pelosi and Mueller. These two have instigated from the get go. How can these two be working for the American people and stand for anything but American. Again we have two traitors. We Americans have ourselves to blame because nobody wanted to get involved. Well,
    here we are in a nice mess. We must get the elite of DC out of office. Pelosi has a lot of nerve to go on and on about President Trump. She belongs to the “Deep State” or ” Shadow Party”! Oh yes this evil group does exist with these names as some who got it started: George Soros, the Obamas, the Clintons, and other top officials. I suggest you read, The Shadow Party, Government Zero, All Out War, Ship of Fools and It’s Not Easy Being God. Wake up[ before it is too late. You may not like the President; however he deserves respect. He is the only person who is fighting for the “DEPLORABLES”. I know their have been Presidents before that people haven’t liked. The democrats are so full of s— and can lie to your face without a blink of the eye. People the information is out there. Please read the aforementioned books.

  25. This GREAT country is just about done far with the politicians we have in Washington and the fools that vote to put Muslims in office that want to change our laws, people it’s time to take a stand and bring America back to what it was

  26. In a speech before the UN Nikita Khruschev, the Soviet Union leader, said, “America will fall without a shot being fired. It will fall from within.” What he said is occurring right before our eyes. The final result for America will happen because of factions as George Washington in his farewell address warned the people about. The political parties have become factions when they place their individual desires to obtain and hold power instead of honoring the wishes of the voters. They seek to stop a policy of preventing illegals migrants from entering the country and when they do enter allowing them to vote in elections. Also, legal immigrants who have expressed an ideology that seeks to destroy one of our allies are allowed to enter and vote upon completing their citizenship requirements. Then enemies of our country can initiate the tactic of wiping out our heritage and country. Illegals come in, many carrying flags of their country, without skills or education and many take tax payer money to survive, to the tune of over 300 billion dollars per year. We should question, where is their loyalty? Essentially, they are expressing allegiance to their home country. Do we need a wall and tighter screening of both legal and illegal immigrants?

  27. Send her packing back to Minnesota. I lived in Minnesota for awhile and the cold cold weather has an affect on the brain. She shouldn’t have been elected in the first place. Her utmost plan is to kill all the infidels meaning the American people she was elected to serve.

  28. I believe All types of people should be Allowed into the USA.But,once they get here they should do it our way or go back to where you came from.Learn to Speak English, etc.Stop demeaning our ways of life.Change is good if done properly.Not by shoving it down our throats.Thankyou Dems.

    • Robert,
      . . . . muslims can not be allowed to come here. The quran and sharia law are incompatible with our Constitution and our way of life. That is why congress passed a law and President Jefferson signed it into law during the Barbary Coast Days making it illegal for muslims to live here, to be here, to come here, or to be helped to come here. This law has been reaffirmed twice since then. Also any America that converts to islam must immediately denounce their Citizenship and leave the country forthwith.
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  29. Most people do not realize what they vote for, just that they were promised more. The new appointed democrats in the house, bitch about anything that is American. Look folks, be it money, housing, your own personal opinion about America, or your own radical agendas, when you go to perform personal transactions in this great country, you use American dollars, right. When you get wild eye about all your stupid ideas, look at our currency and shut up……In God We Trust.. Get it!!!!!!!

  30. She needs to realize she is in America and recognize this Country and its values and if she cannot resign and stop the rhetoric she is expounding..Enough yet.. Sharia Law is not accepted here.

    • Reta,
      . . . . She knows that she is in America. She isn’t here to assimilate. She is here to conquer. She lied when she swore to up hold the Constitution. It is called stealth jihad. It is how they conquered London and large parts of Europe. This is WWIII and it is a fight to the death. America had better wake up real soon. Why isn’t the FBI enforcing the Federal Law barring all muslims from being here???
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  31. How can anyone who is sworn to the Koran not the Constitution be allowed to serve in any Political office in the United States of America? These people believe in everything that is against our Constitution (they don’t even try to hid it) and should be removed and never be allowed to even run for a political office in the United States. You swear to uphold the Constitution not the Koran.

    • Even if they did swear to uphold the articles of the United States Constitution they would be lying. A Moonie Muslime’s most sacred practice other than killing all kaffirs is lying to all kaffirs to get them to believe that they are your friends to kill you into a false sense of security to more easily stab you in the back, cut your throat and then cut or saw your head off, if they do not simply tie your hands behind your back, tell you to get down on your knees and just do the latter, yes, more work for them but also more rewarding to psychotic and sadistic scum like them.

  32. I could care less what anyone says about the United States taxpayer mooching israel they have been nothing but a charity case for over 70 years, we should be more concerned about them spreading like the terminal viral viral plague they are throughout the United States and replacing our laws of the people and for the people and serving the needs of all in the fairest way possible with their biased and bigoted sharia laws, that deadly plague need to be eradicated from the face of the earth.

  33. this country was based on the Constitution—all others who are NOT following our Founding Fathers cornerstone foundation should NOT be running for ANY POLITICAL OFFICE in the USA—just like Jewish person cannot run in any Muslim office that upholds the Koran…What is she doing here except wanting to change OUR Country…Maybe we should stop providing the Muslim countries our taxpayers dollars because we are ALWAYS being backstab by the Muslims anyway

  34. THE NEW MUSLIM PARTY … Why bother calling it the Democratic Party anymore? The honest truth is OBAMA converted the Democratic Party into the NEW MUSLIM PARTY. To answer the question as to how she got elected in MINNESOTA? And another Muslim Congresswoman is MICHIGAN? They migrated through CANADA into AMERICA. THEY HAVE A HUGE POPULATION HERE IN AMERICA!!! MORE COMING!!! Then, they group together in a small town, expand to a city, then they cover the entire State. The next thing you know SPEAKERS ARE GOING OFF 5 TIMES A DAY CALLING FOR PRAYERS TO MECCA. And American’s are not concerned about IMMIGRATION? It’s not just the SOUTHERN BORDER FOLKS. It’s BOTH BORDERS! Then, we need to make laws that will NEVER allow NON-CITIZENS TO VOTE. American’s need to do THREE things ASAP. 1.) CONTROL BOTH BORDERS. 2.) LIMIT IMMIGRATION 3.) LAWS THAT BAN NON-CITIZENS FROM VOTING.

  35. Obama is to be blamed for all these “left radical” democrats. He encouraged Muslims to get involved in government affairs. He never like the USA and sneekly casted a shadow over the Democrats to become the president. Now we have a “big” mess with these new people in Congress. No Muslim should be aloud any office position. They should be made to abide may USA laws or get out of this country and go back to your Muslim countries. All of these new Muslims should be asked to resign or have them recalled

  36. In the past I reserved my teachings to Nancy Piglosi and Pocahontas Warren, but now I’d like to invite this towel head, sorry not politically correct. This Sheethead to my tribe to teach her a few things.
    Chief Kickabitch of the Slap-A-Hoe tribe

  37. Get her ass out of Congress! She is a troubled maker and wants iama to take over our country. I cant believe she was voted in. I smell voter fraud!

  38. Remember Pelosi sold Obamacare to Hamas Group to make the Quota…I don’t know what took place but I do remember her giving her speech on it …So now we know …we have Palestine in our country and Pelosi should return them…then I remembered Madeline Albrecht said to HRC …I Believe it was at the DNC convention that she would convert to Islam and live by the Quran…did this happen …I don’t know…but if all the Democrats have converted for the Hamas Group …they must leave America…
    Bye Bye Democrats !
    Fund the Wall !

  39. Dianne is on point.
    How Do you uphold the constitution holding your hand on a Koran?
    The Koran for the libs is 180 degrees opposed to our US constitution and America.
    Libs need to watch the Hecedic Jews in NY. They don’t want to assimilate nor do the Muslims. They do not welcome you in their communities. They set up their own communities and you would think your in a foreign country entering their villages Kryas Joel, New City, Mt Kisco, NY. They are violently opposed to law enforcement as these rabbis rape their kids. They take advantage of our welfare state and they refuse to fight for our country. They Wiesel their way into local government and move all state school funding to their Yashivis. If you think this is smoke and mirrors ask the people in Ramapo, New York. These districts are at war! Hecedic schools yashivs are fire traps and they pay off the building inspectors making these schools fire traps. Let’s do the same for the muslem community. Let them set up their own committees and decimate our American villages where you are not welcome. Wake up, there are Muslem communities in France where French police don’t want to do there job. I am sure there are Muslem districts in Detroit where American police aren’t welcome. Keep electing and wasting Congessional seats putting radical Islamist in our government.

  40. They lie to get into office then the true motive comes out . . . as obama who claimed he was Christian before being elected.

  41. If the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act which passed June 27, 1952 revised the laws relating to immigration, naturalization, and nationality for the United States was followed, America would’nt be having Islamic problems today… For the Law in that particular act, which became “Public Law”414, states “Aliens” who are affiliated with “Any” organization that advocates the overthrow of our government who distributes literature that advocates the overthrow, and this includes the Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinian movement and support “Fails” to assimilate (The process of adapting or adjusting to the culture of a group or nation, or the state of being so adopted i.e. the American way of life) is “Prohibited” from entering the United States. So how is it they are loud and verbal publicly without any retaliation for them breaking this law and having Muslims seek and win election to the US Government? America must enforce the Immigration & Naturalization laws which Congress created in order to deny recurrence of this nature before we begin to face the same problems as Europe today.

    • Louis,
      . . . . It is because the FBI, our press, the judicial system, and the schools have been Co-Opted by the communists aka democrats aka liberals aka leftist aka nazis.
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  42. For a party to bring in a un American to our congress is a slap in the face of all of us. Those type of people will only hurt our nation. Those type of people do not need to be in our place of law setting. We have gone many years against the iron curtain types and now are bowing down to the mid east type. What the Democrat’s have in mind for such crap does not ring my bell. American better wake up or kiss our lives away My days are getting short but to those coming up will have to pay for the free this and the free that that is trying to be pushed unto us To much crap from the left

  43. Richard R. Pope what total nonsense. The Catholics were the first Christians, They gave the world the first formal New Testament. In 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea under Constantine Catholicism came into being. The first Protestants came with the Church of England created by Henry the 8th in 1534. The King James Bible was written in 1604.

    • Gandolf,
      . . . . Since you didn’t reply to my post I can only assume that you didn’t read it. I said that the Catholic Church is not Christian and that it is a cult being run by the communists. This doesn’t mean that their aren’t Catholics that are Christians for I am sure that there are. Yes, the Catholic Church founded a lot of important things but it doesn’t change the fact that is is not a Christian Organization.
      America: Love it or Leave it!
      GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

  44. Dewey stop with the stupidity. The Ultra Orthodox Jews vote Republican. Stop acting like a Neo Nazi. 6 million Jews voted for Hillary and 2 million voted for Trump

  45. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil corrupted liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi’s party at work here!Don’t forget the RINOs(Grahams,Romney,Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio, Sessions, Collins, Flake, Haley)they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp,Pres Trump!

  46. I still in shock! How the USA elected this fanatic muslim to Congress is beyond my comprehension. It seems that they live in muslim communities (districts) where other Americans are minority. That’s the only way they can be elected. It is time to change that. Instead of electing people from districts, they should be elected on state basis; 2 per state as senators. That would make more difficult to elect our enemies to Congress and save lots of money expended by politicians that only serve themselves.

    • Presidents should be elected the same way. Nationwide. The Traitor Trump would not be so called President then, and so would not be able to sell out America to his buddy Putin like he is doing.

      • The “ONLY” problem AMERICAN’S have with Muslim/Sharia Law? Is the fact that: “IF” You Do Not CONVERT TO ISLAM and Choose to worship ALLAH? Then the penalty is DEATH! …. Other than that little tid-bit? AMERICA was founded so CHRISTIANS could Worship GOD in PEACE. It is alarming that this FREEDOM is being challenged. Why can’t the Muslim/Allah Worshiper’s do their thing? And the the Christian/God worshiper’s to do their thing? And allow the chips to fall where they may? Whoever ends up in HELL? It’s on them…INSTEAD OF …. “YOU MUST CONVERT TO ISLAM OR RISK DEATH”? …. AMERICA ACCEPTS EVERYONE! …EVERY RELIGION! EVERY RACE! ISLAMIC folks world be just as alarmed if CHRISTIAN’S SAID Choose GOD OR DIE? See how insane that statement is? Even a real SLOW THINKER can see how wrong it is to push your personal belief’s onto another human being. OR IS THIS A ATTEMPT TO GRAB OUR LAND?

  47. OMAR is a avowed racist and a bigot, should be wearing a KKK hood! totally unfit for any office in the U.S government!! SHOULD BE THROWN OUT!!! NOW!! But with her support of transgenders people is a direct violation of her coveted sharia law, which calls for the stoning or other execution of homosexuals, Jews or other perverts!!! under sharia law. Of course Sharia law is total GARBAGE !!!! Muslims only want to destroy this country!! the sooner we wake up and start protecting our selves and the country form these haters and lunatics !!!!!!!!!! THE BETTER OFF WE ALL WILL BE!!! SAFER TO!!!

  48. She should not be allowed to continue as a Congressional Representative., As the only thing she really believes in is Muhammad the Qur’an and Sharia law. She is all about trying to bring this to America and so many Idiots who cannot use the brains God gave them are letting her. She will use her so called faith as an excuse for anything she can to try and make changes to the American way of life. GET HER OUT NOW FOR THE SAFETY OF AMERICA.

  49. Look, Omar ur not in the middle east ur in the UNITED STATES OF AAMERICA, try to leave the the muslim way, that philosophy only works for them & this country only understands AMERICAN PATRIOTISM get in line with the rest of US, or get out of the way!

  50. Not only should she resign from the House…but she should be banished from America to a place where her loyalties lie.

  51. I have read Shariah law and found it to be the most obscene piece of garbage I have ever read. It should have been relegated to the dark ages. It demeans all gentiles and basically makes us slaves to the tyrannical way of Islam. There is no religion involved just uncivilized butchers.

  52. Muslims should not be able to hold office in America. They have forcefully stated their intent to take over this country. If they went to a bank and stated their intent is to take all the money and kill the workers their that were not Muslim it would be stupid to make them the president of the bank…. we need to wake up.

    • EVEN WHEN AMERICAN’S DO MAKE MISTAKES? … WE have something called “VOTING” that we can use to change out the people that are not good for America. EVERYONE now knows beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt the “OMAR” is one of those MISTAKES we need to VOTE-OUT…. It is our JOB to make sure we have Candidates to run against these people who are BAD for AMERICA. Or we need to run for office ourselves! I hear it pays very well folks! …. VOTE … AND/Or Run For Office Folks! 2020

  53. How in the world is it even allowed that muslims can be voted for in the greatest country on Gods green earth.
    The people of America needs to be schooled in the evil ways of the muslims
    shame on the crusaders for nor completing what they started


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