Pro-Sharia Law Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s true colors were just uncovered in this bombshell photo


Rep. Rashida Tlaib became a darling of the left when she promised to “impeach the motherf****r” (referring to President Trump) just hours after she was sworn in.

She once stated that pro-Israel American Jews are anti-American for supporting Israel.

And now a new photo was uncovered that revealed her true colors.

Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI-13) just posed in a picture with an anti-Israel activist that went viral on social media.

One of the photos shows Tlaib posing with Abbas Hamideh, who regularly bashes Israel and praises the terror organization Hezbollah:

Abbas once Tweeted that Israel “does not have a right to exist” and called Israel a “terrorist entity:”

Tlaib also proudly posed for a picture with “Women’s March” leader Linda Sarsour.

Sarsour is a proponent of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) movement – a movement to punish Israel for defending itself against Palestinian terror attacks.

And Hannah Allam of BuzzFeed revealed Tlaib’s passionate anti-Israel sentiments in a tweet showing a map showcased in Tlaib’s office with all of Israel labeled “Palestine:”

But Tlaib is not the only member of the Democrat Party to be anti-Israel.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) revealed in a tweet that the Democratic Party has infighting over the BDS movement, with Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN-5) and Rashida Tlaib leading the charge for punishing Israel.

Tlaib’s anti-semitic streak toward Israel and her buddying up with supporters of terror organizations has inspired a petition on to impeach her.

As of this article’s publishing, the petition has already garnered over 200k signatures and is growing by the minute.

Do you think Representative Rashida Tlaib should be impeached for her anti-semitic views and improper conduct as a Congresswoman? Let us know in the comments.


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  2. This woman needs to be removed from office. Can only imagine what her constituents were thinking of when they voted for her.
    Go to Change.Org and sign the petition to have her removed from office.

  3. Rashida Tlaib is an evil woman with hate in her heart. She’s also a terrible parent when using such foul language in front of her son. How a Muslim got voted into Congress is beyond me. She hates America and all we stand for, so how is she going to be a contributing member of Congress. She should be impeached immediately before she does more damage to our great country.

  4. Anti American scum that sinks this Country! She must have gotten votes from every Muslim in her district and then some. Remove her NOW!

  5. How did this woman ever get elected? The voters must have been on drugs or drunk. She must be removed from office and deported.

  6. She was elected from a precinct in which people agree with her, i.e. Muslim. They have vowed to take over the world and are now infiltrating this country and its government, thanks to the Muslim Obama. There is no place in America for Sharia Law.

  7. Why do we allow this? There is no way she is for America…..she is a muslim and hates this country. We need some laws changed to stop this garbage before they get their shari law passed. Wake up America before dooms day is here.

  8. I know Michigan is home to many Somali immigrants and so are MANY other cities!! The KORAN says lying is ok if done to an INFIDEL and they want to infiltrate the western democracy’s and this is how they start! Many of the American Moslems do not realize this! The Islamic law states the KORAN can only be read in Arabic, but English version have left many saris are not translated into English. They can claim Islam is a “religion” of peace but IF you get exact translations it DEMAND the death of JEWS even stating the trees and rocks will call out if the Jews hide behind them and to murder them. The black people that converted to Islam in prison mostly knows this! How ever NOT ALL CONVERTS ARE AWARE!!We must remember Islam is an IDEOLOGY not religion! Lok into the HONOR killings GENITAL MUTILATION (Sound like gender ISSUES). Lying is called Tayquia (not sure of spelling) BUT Mohammed used it to conquer Median (his home town) after failing to win the first attack he PROMISED he was never going to attack again then 10 years later RAZED the”holy” city!! We in the west DO NOT HAVE A CLUE in dealing with the RADICALS any more that we do on dealing with OUR radical A.K.A DEMON RATS!!!

  9. God bless Israel the ETERNAL land given by God Himself over 3,000 years ago!!!

    Palestine is a joke of a nation that never existed before PLO leader named them in 1973.

    God’s promise: I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you oh Israel.

  10. NAH!
    let her graze outside on the White House lawn with Ocasio-Cortez!
    Wait until they attack other DEMIs!

  11. She is a true MOTHER Frrrrrrr!
    and an anti-Semite!
    wake up America and Jews in particular!

    She is another Minister Louis Farrakhan!
    He of the Relaxed hair!
    What is wrong with your natural or your FRO???
    Trying to look like a White Boy???

  12. Good GOD fearing Americans this is a example of where our country is headed unless we as hard working Americans who truely care about our country and it’s future and the future of our children and our future generations to come decide to do what ever and I am spot on about what ever it takes to secure their freedoms and their jobs and security and safety from a all out invasion of our country by Illegals and others who illegally come to our country for the sole purpose of living off of the tax money paid into our goverment by hard working Americans and to harm our country and it’s American citizens.jgb

  13. There we go , already have the terrorist in the floor of the congres ,nice picture for the start of the end of fredoom af religion and the american traditions as we know them, amaizing what the left is doing to our country, with the cooperation of the liberal media we will have no more USA the land of the free 20 years from now unless we at some point in time say enough and start fighting to get our country back , I hope wont be to late by then.

  14. Anyone who thinks that israel should not reimburse the billions of dollars in charity the taxpayers of this nation were force to pay the israeli since the allies gave them land which was not rightfully theirs are traitors.

    It is through the wicked act of our politicians that any foreign nation that they as our alleged public servants through gifting others when we as a people were suffering gave the people of many of those nations that we are all privileged and living like royalty rather than existing in poverty as peasants.


  16. Michigan’s 13th Congressional District was represented (mostly) by Republicans until 1949. Since then only democRATS have been elected to the seat. The demographics of the District are 56% Black, 33% White, 7% Hispanic. Tlaib won the 2018 General Election with 86% of the votes; no Republican was on the ballot. John Conyers (black – filled the seat from 1964 to 2017) resigned under pressure after multiple charges of sexual misconduct with a number of female staff over many years. Conyers is heralded as a civil rights icon, but used his authority in unethical ways. He was an embarrassment during his entire career in Congress, but, let us be reminded, he was representative of his constituents and supporters. Tlaib has raised “embarrassment” to a new level and no doubt will become more verbally radical over the next two years of her term. Expect more explicit vitriol from this unfortunate collection of atoms.

  17. No, it’s d. trump who needs to be removed from office. Rashida Tliab only spoke the truth about him, he is Nothing But A WALKING, TALKING M-F—KING PILE OF CRAP.

  18. Craig,
    You should study actual history. Believing what your libTURD teachers taught instead of history is dangerous for the human mind.

  19. Hey, roger, how about asking mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM just who exactly he swore allegiance to two years ago, this country & it’s Constitution or himself & His WORTHLESS White House WHORE?

  20. She needs to be escorted out of this country NOW and never again be permitted to live here again. This country was founded on christian values and anyone who is offended by these is welcome to leave and not return. I don’t understand why they feel the need to come to America just to change our way of life to their ways, we welcome all but, assimilate or go away. This country is an example of freedom and many come here to enjoy this and escape from tyranny and dictatorships, in the event one wishes to live this way there are several options available to them, only not here!

  21. If these fools are so supportive of those they call Palestinianss and Palestine they should go and live there are straighten things out…… BTW: There is no place Palestine that I know of, not a country or a people….

  22. I agree she is an evil woman. I have known about evil Muslim’s since 1970’s. They lie to your face if you are not a Muslim. Their Holy book tells them to lie to infidels (NonMuslim). My Aunt & Uncle lived in Saudi Arabia 15 years in 1970’s & 1980’s. In A WALLED American areas people had their hands cut off in the streets when they stole something & more evil things would happen to someone that did something they thought was wrong. GIRLS age 6 & up were forced to marry men 30, 40, 50 etc. A young girl 6, – 9 etc would often die as a result of sex on their wedding night or short time after it. Sharia Law is their RELIGION & their LAW!~If you want to know more Re: KILLING their young (Honor Killing) IF they bring shame on their family, LOOK UP In the early 1900’s presidents would not let Muslim’s people into America. But Dem’s don’t mind letting Muslims take over American AND Muslims WILL Kill Democrats just as fast as anyone that is not a Muslim. You can not TRUST ANY Muslim that practices SHARIA LAW. They don’t use a gun they cut off your HEAD…

  23. Betty, as usual a post CDC from someone who is dumb as a rock, sorry rocks, but it could have been dumber than a box of nails. My question to Betty the dope is give me ONE reason the President should be removed? No liberal talking point just something factual. Oh, I don’t like him is not a reason.

  24. Her muslim constituents voted for her. A “religion” that forbids other religions violates the first amendment and is unconstitutional. Kick all muslims out. Betty is one of the morons that elected her.

  25. Yes she be impeached! She is anti-American, preaching terrorism, not using the bible to swear the oath and getting special favors to wear a hat in Congress..all of this is unconstitutional! Get her out!

  26. Betty, go seek mental health help. You are one sick person. One would assume you are a women but maybe your a new class of ‘X’ but in either case you need help.

  27. Pure Democratic trash! Why would any American be stupid enough to vote for an anti-American Muslim who hates America?

  28. Was she sworn in using The Bible or Quran? Did she swear on the Bible to support and protect the Constitution? Did she lie??

  29. Send them all back where they came from. They hate Americans and our way of life so help them pack and send them back to Palestine or Syria or some other God forsaken country. We don’t need them here.

  30. Betty. It’s a shame that you and Rashida don’t have better language than this. You are a disgrace to the American people and to the Democrats. Remember, GOD is in control of this world, and we all have to answer to Him for what we say and do! Praying for you.

  31. Hell YES,

    This muslim is nothing short of selfserving their agenda to enforce sharia law in this country and at all costs ruin our relationship with Isreal. In no time youll either be kneeling 5 times a day or beheaded.

    This is America jack not mekka! If we need to go to prison over exterminating this virus…..SO BE IT!

  32. Absolutely. Get this anti-Semetic UnAmerican individual out of Congress. To say all that she did and be photographed with the scum she was with, tine to impeach here. There is no tolerance in these United States to have this Muslim woman in OUR government. I am a Veteran and I fought to have the United States to be the country it was founded upon. We are NOT a Muslim country. We do not have Sharia law here AND Israel is our friend. Go to the Middle East and do your terrorists acts and words there. Not in the USA. Impeach her now. She is an enemy of the state.

  33. She should have been outsed from her new position. She is anti-sementic and should not be allowed into congress. So is Cortez. Both should be removed from office. God clearly says those who are for Israel he will bless and those are not will be cursed. Just look at the countries.who are against Israel and you understand why you want to be on God’a side.

  34. These people with their attitudes against our beliefs shouldn’t be allowed in our Congress. They don’t use the quran as just a religious book it is for a way of governing too. With those thoughts that is so far from our laws and beliefs as Americans that we should not have any in the gov’t. There was a law passed before to not allow any muslims in our country at all. They all say Jefferson was for them but that is so wrong,he read a quran to understand what they do and then wouldn’t even allow one in the WH.

  35. And the democrats call the republicans racist. Hate to tell you luslims this but Israel WILL overthrow Damascus and we will back Israel. So you might as well give up. God says if you turn your back on Israel he will turn his back on you. Israel is an important part of Bible prophesy and you can’t do anything about it.

  36. betcha if you did some digging you would see they stuffed the ballot box…she needs to be removed from office NOW before she does some real damage to our constitution

  37. There’s three of them that need to be impeached!!! How do we do this, someone smarter that me needs to get I’d rolling bi. More than willing to help

  38. There r three representatives that need to be impeached. I’m not smart enough to know how to accomplish that, but I’m willing to help get rid of them. Then a law needs to be passed. NO Muslims in House of Representatives orthe senate ir any government job!!

  39. Democrats are Democrats, Über Alles.
    Lying, misleading, deceiving, obfuscating, Provocateurs, prevaricators , perjurers, Communists, all Democrat résumé enhancements.

  40. Jim Forsyth is on the money! This fool is white trash. Go back to Palestine and smoke your camel sh—. She doesn’t represent any Congress person Democrat or republican. What a total waste of a congressional seat. Does she have a green card. She isn’t worthy of cleaning a real congressman’s boots.

  41. The commiecrats have descended to a new low with this Tlaib and the Somali, Omar and the muslim Ellison. Top it all with big mouthed ignoramus Ocasio-Cortez and …

  42. Yes impeach this sharia law loving low life and take the rag head in Minneapolis out too and send them back to isis where they belong.

  43. Didn’t She take a oath of office to protect our constition. Doesn’t sharia law go against the constitution in many way. How can she be in office if she believes in that. It’s just idiotic.

  44. W. Bryan Arrington: Actually she should along w/the foul mouthed Cortez crapola, should be taken before the Town square & put before a firing squad so that would be (perhaps) a side journey for all those who follow their example, what they would have to look forward too! No MUSLIMS SHOULD BE ALLOWED THIS FREEDOM TO SERVE OUR NATION !!!!!! WITH A MOUTH LIKE THE NEW JERK FROM MN. SHE BELONGS IN THE OUT-HOUSE,SO SHE COULD ENJOY THE SMELL OF HER OWN MOUTH! BUT then, I pity her when she stands before GOD on Judgement Day! She’ll be thrown in the pit of hell!!! I wonder if her mom/dad are proud of her foul mouth? Hmm?

  45. Rashida ran un-opposed – and take into account all the voter fraud in Detroit, and she unfortunately got elected. But….there is a petition to get
    her expelled as she lied about her residency in Detroit, which disqualifies her. Last count there were over 150,000 signatures!! Why she was allowed to be sworn in using the evil Koran is beyond
    my comprehension? She is disgusting and her foul language is truly
    deplorable!! Plus she has questionable alliances with Isis groups and
    hates Israel ! Her remarks toward a sitting President should get her expelled. Could you imagine her fate if she directed it to her boss in a privately held corporation?? She’s be long gone!
    Trump 2020 ????????????????????????????????

  46. Craig Vandertie: I’m not sure I make ‘heads or tails’ out of your post! It appears to me that you have never read the Holy Bible! If you had & you knew anything about GOD, then you would know what land GOD gave the Israelites when they came out (rather GOD brought them out) of Egypt. GOD split the Red sea so the thousands of Jewish people could walk on dry land, but when the Egyptian army came after them & rode their chariots into the dry ground after the Israelites, GOD closed up the sea, & they were drowned. GOD even helped them fight armies of the Amorites, Hittites, Cannanites, Jebusites, & told HIS people (the Jewish people) that he was giving them a land. The only reason they eventually lost their land was because the started serving idol gods, like their enemies, which GOD told them not to intermarry w/them or worship their idol gods. So, GOD allowed them to lose their land, HE even allowed their enemies to fight against them, & when the Israelites got into trouble & cried out to GOD & turned from their wicked ways, HE always helped them. GOD promised them the land, so over the decades it’s been given (“land for peace”)away. You probably don’t remember that former P.M. Sharon gave away Gaza for peace!

  47. While I am against Muslims in state and federal government, I support her feelings about the uncouth, egotistical, lying, a traitor and his nasty behavior as the POTUS. Americans can do better and should demand more than have that #45 idiot in the White House. This #45 have divided the citizens of the US, and have alienated foreign nations.

  48. Betty: Do you know what you need?? You need to ask JESUS to come into your heart, forgive you of your many sins, & change your life that you might be a child of GOD! Otherwise, continuing on like you are, you will end up being sent to hell! IF you have any doubts, I’d suggest you READ the last book of the BIBLE, it’s called “THE BOOK OF REVELATION” that would give you an insight of what you have to look forward too, if you choose to continue on in your usual lifestyle! JESUS loves you now, HE just doesn’t love your ways or your ‘mindset’, especially your attitude toward the “Apple of HIS Eye”. (which is the Jewish people). GOD allowed Donald Trump to win that election! (By HIS Grace). GOD heard his Believers groans the eight yrs we had to tolerate obama. And GOD knew we would just go down hill even worse if hillary got elected! In case you don’t know this, let me be the first to inform you, GOD hears ”his childrens cries/prayers! IF you were to read that Book, it might scare you enough, into wanting JESUS in your life!

  49. Don’t understand why these women are here if they
    Want sharia law or hate Jewish people. America is a
    Country of freedom. Just wait until they try to-tell young
    Girls they have to cover their beautiful hair with burkas
    Or no bikinis, no dancing, no singing. I think we’d have
    A revolution. If they are so intent to change America
    Why don’t they just go where people practice what
    These people believe in. What’s even more unbelievable
    Is that people voted for them.

  50. Ahh Betty….Betty….Betty
    Poor Betty…try pulling your head
    Out of your ass..don’t think you’ve
    Seen the light for a long time

  51. A disgrace to see Tlaib using the American flag as a backdrop. Next she’ll be standing on it. It is a sad day for America to see these hateful, antiAmericans in our Congress. They have no love for this country just contempt but they will use our system to further their own abhorrent means.


  53. Hey Leon, Where in the hell were living when that street hustler, pot head muslim from Chicago or Kenya was destroying our Country. Trump is the only person who could ever correct that bum did to our Country. Get out of your parents basement and get a job. Why are the Democrat allowing these two muslims congresswomen to isolate separation of religion and state. Where they always are their heads up their you know what.

  54. Not only impeached but banished from America as a terrorist or jailed, i don’t care which. she is a hater of us, our values and her goal, along with her cohorts, are only here to destroy us, Obuma started this, and.funded it, and now these dangerous terrorists, the same ones that created 911 are here on our soil blatanly vowing to destroy us and the liberats are so pc, they are backing this insanity.

  55. Rashida Tlaib represents the anti-Semitic rabble of today’s Democrat Party. Disgusting! How can any self-respecting Jew vote for a Democrat?

  56. The FOUNDING FATHERS would if they could come flying out of their graves if they knew the likes of Islam was in the halls of Congress. Jefferson and Adams fought them and knowing they stand for HAMAS, should send chills up your spines.
    These are not even humans, these are BUTCHERS, barbaric camel riding, stone throwing, bomb making, bomb blowing up radicals and they because of Carer, Bush H, Clinton, Bush W and that Camel Riger islamic creeping thing Obama have tried their best to bring America to her knees and make her subject to Islam and the Illegals. Just pick one, because that’s what is winning, just look at the names on the Rolls of Congress

  57. The FOUNDING FATHERS would if they could come flying out of their graves if they knew the likes of Islam was in the halls of Congress. Jefferson and Adams fought them and knowing they stand for HAMAS, should send chills up your spines.
    These are not even humans, these are BUTCHERS, barbaric camel riding, stone throwing, bomb making, bomb blowing up radicals and they because of Carter, Bush H, Clinton, Bush W and that Camel Riger islamic creeping thing Obama have tried their best to bring America to her knees and make her subject to Islam and the Illegals. Just pick one, because that’s what is winning, just look at the names on the Rolls of Congress

  58. You are confusing ISIS with the Israel haters. The leader of ISIS is/was a Mossad agent and they do NOT target Israelis. However, ISIS frequently targeted Palestine refugee camps. At least you should be clear who does what.

  59. There will be sharia law if people don’t pay more attention to what’s happening. Look where the two Muslims are at now.

  60. You can leave any time you like! This is America, and OUR President, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! Another killery loser!

  61. Yes, impeach all those congressional idiots that are anti-Israel, for the terrorists, and associate with Louis Farrakkan. Too bad President Obama didn’t get impeached and removed from office, as he was all these things! Wake up America and NEVER let a Muslim become President or we are doomed! Remember that we are a Judeo and Christian nation! (see the Constitution). All these reasons are exactly why we need President Trump to defend us! And all those fools that want to impeach President Trump just because you hate him (he has NOT committed any crime), remember that removal from office will never happen since it takes 67 senators to remove him—the senate has 53 REPUBLICANS (the rational part of Congress)! What high crimes and misdemenors has he committed???

  62. you’re probably an illegal terrorist living off welfare because your only skill is spreading, hate, ignorance and tyranny. Move to the ME where your ideology is acceptable.

  63. Michigan is chock-full of Muslims, and they made SURE they sent one of their own evil Muslims to represent them!! I thought Muslims were banned from holding any official office in the United States?? Need to research this – maybe she and the others aren’t even legal!! I don’t think they should be allowed to swear an oath to OUR Constitution while using a Quran!! That’s just plain EVIL right there!! They’d just call it taqqiyya!!

  64. Say what? Al-Baghdadi is Mossad agent? ISIS doesn’t target Israelis? Put down the Jägermeister and the heroin needles and allow reality to seep in for a change. I don’t think anyone reading posts here can fathom your vivid imagination.

  65. I cannot believe WHY these horrible people can even stand themselves. How did they get into this country, Time to check them all out and get rid of them.
    These are Demons running around loose, check their behaviour! Time for them to be tried for treason in a good court.

  66. WHAT, pray tell, does this woman think that Jesus Christ Himself WAS??? HE WAS A JEWISH RABBI WHO PROPHECY STATED WOULD COME TO REDEEM THE ENTIRE CREATION. Would the dear congresswoman have the chutzpah to curse Him to His face??? The man she SUPPOSEDLY FOLLOWS (Mohammed) WOULD PROBABLY SMACK HER UPSIDE HER FAT HEAD FOR DARING TO INSULT THE ONE WHO WAS, IS AND SHALL BE THE SAVIOR OFTHE ENTIRE CREATION. What will she do when the eastern skies open and the entire world SEES HIM RETURNING WITH HIS HOLY ANGELS TO CLAIM HIS RIGHTEOUS BRIDE??? HMMM??? What good will all of that hatred-filled vitriol do her at that time? Or anyone else, for that matter.

  67. These women that have won seats in Congress and speaking against our ally, Israel, need to be removed from their seats. They are NOT representing America who has an Embassy in Israel. They are still attached to their Muslim beliefs, so there’s no way they can serve a “free America”. Are these the “SNAKES” that have slithered in and added to the rest of the “Swamp Creatures”. What VULGARITY comes from their mouth who is suppose to be examples! How can we war against countries that have “subjects” inside congress. How are the Democrats going to handle that? Just saying…..

  68. She needs to take her husband Ahab the Arab, any little Ahab’s and Rashida’s and her lover, the camel Clyde and head back over to the Middle East and join the rest of the Muslim trash.

  69. Islam has been a scourge on Planet Earth since Moe Hammered realized there was a Drachma $$Buck] to be made in Religion!

  70. When Obama was in office, he had thousands of Muslims flown in to places like Minnesota, Michigan, New York, California, Illinois and probably more. Remember the NBC series “American Muslims”? It was to make them seem like they would assimilate. That will never happen. Read what sharia law and the Koran says. They believe that the end of the world is coming and the 12th. Imam will come. They will cut off the heads of anyone who is Jewish or Christian.
    They have big plans for America now that these women have a foothold in our government and it will be horrific!
    Impeach these women before they go any farther and wake up the stupid braying democrats! May our dear Lord Jesus Christ protect us from them. He sent President TRUMP and Vice President Pence to help us so that’s a good sign.

  71. I’m aware that Steve King did nothing and the Republicans are taking him off committees and told to quit because of accused racism but I haven’t heard anyone trying to get Rashida Tlaib or the other racist muslims elected to Congress to be impeached and removed for their obvious racism. I see America being destroyed from the inside as well as the outside. Abe Lincoln had it right.

  72. Send all the muslims in the US back where they belong and let them try to wipe out Isreal. Let Isreal wipe them off face of earth. Muslim nations tried to wipe out Isreal before and were sent home with their tails between their 1967 Isreal was attacked by 7 muslim nations all at one time. In 7 little days they kicked their tails and sent them all home running.

  73. God gave the land currently called Israel to the people currently called Jews. After many wars and border changes a relatively new “religion” conquered the land and drove the Jews out. After some world wars during which the Ottoman Empire was defeated, a group of nations that were on the winning side gave the land back to the Jews.

    There is no difference between that chain of events and the historical invasion of the Ukraine by the Russians. which the Russians used as excuse to reconquer the land because Russians still lived there EXCEPT that no one has yet returned Ukrainian land to the Ukrainians

    Their never was any such a thing as the Palestinian people. Palestine was the name the Romans gave to the land formerly known as Israel and now known as Israel once again.

  74. I fear for this country, people here have become so complacent and gullible that let the liberals and anti-americans completely pull the wool over their eyes. We as a nation have strayed so far from God that we believe lies. GOD SAID IN HIS WORD, NOT TO BE LIKE WARM, THAT YOU SHOULD BE HOT OR COLD, BECAUSE YOU ARE LUKE WARM THAT HE WOULD SPEW YOU OUT OF HIS MOUTH. America has gotten so complacent lazy that swallow all the lies of the enemy. We try to be mr &mrs. Nice guy and are letting our values and freedoms be taken away. Please stand for the word of God and the freedoms given us by God. We have a constitution and a bill of rights, these are our laws and liberty we better guard them with our lives and stop being politically correct so we don’t hurt anybody’s feelings. So in so doing we are allowing our freedoms to be eroded right out from under us. If these people want to live under their laws, they need to go home and be happy. Their whole agenda is to take over the entire world and kill or transform the infidels. Please pray about this and ask God to show you how to proceed from here. The Bible is very clear. That’s why God gave us His word so we would know how to proceed and live our lives correctly. God bless you and God bless America.

  75. They are here to destroy America from within. Sarsour is here to lead young women astray with her women’s march. Incouraging them to kill their babies. Do you think if she was really for women’s ddrights she would not be killed by Muslim men?
    Women are chattel in sharia law. They’re to be beaten by their husbands. Children, even babies and women can be raped at will. Just think what they would do to women of the “me too” movement. There is NO FREEDOM for women in sharia law. Wake up women before it’s too late.

  76. How is it that ANY muslim is allowed any where near OUR government offices? YES, by all means, remove her, and any other muslim,l from their positions within the government of We the People!! They said they would take this country without any violence, and they are doing so! To let them continue to do so, should be considered a crime of treason!! We the People still own this country, and should retaliate NOW, instead of waiting until it is too late!

  77. Am I to understand that you think “Philistines” and “Palestinians” are two names for the same group of people?

  78. WHAT do we need these PRIMITIVES in OUR Government for…???? WHY do we IGNORE the immigration LAW from 1952 on BANNING these CREATURES from even being HERE, and now they are ENCROACH our Government more and more….Wasn’t that FOREIGN ISLAMIST so-called ex president ENOUGH already…????

    The BEGINNING of the END…..I suppose…..!!!!

  79. Civil war is on the horizon, and moving ever closer! No one has ever seen We the People when they really get pissed off, these muslim a-holes may be the first!

  80. The “new” America…America the STUPID, now….How SAD…..THIS land used to be the “Beacon of HOPE”, to RESCUE the OPPRESSED – the HOPE-LESS….NOW we let the OPPRESSED -the hope-LESS take OVER to TURN this country into the “same” SH*THOLES they once ran AWAY from…..mind-BLOWING, to say the LEAST….!!!

  81. It angers and nullifies their existence if we all just use their initials, like BT and AOC!! They do all this awful stuff for attention. BT has a protest lined up for opening day at the International Auto Show in Detroit, MI. She’s importing borderline humans in from Canada and other places, plus has said that there could be violence. A radio commentator said that if there is any violence, BT owns the events! Whomever voted for BT and AOC, should have their voting rights pulled!! To know that there are those so imbedded in these crazed ideologies must have their heads so far into a “dark” place that terrorists can pull the wool over their eyes!! Scary and unAmerican!!

  82. That’s what Obama used to do. Get his lawyers to go after the signatures of his opponents list required to get on the ballot after people had died or moved out of the district so he could run unopposed!

  83. Her “true colors” as it were was revealed the second she started spouting that the FOREIGN AUTHORED RELIGION IMPOSING laws known of as Sharia law be imposed upon the Citizens of the US in violation of the US constitutions restrictions on governmental authority.

    The exercise of nearly every single one of our CONSTITUTIONAL rights is a violation of SHARIA LAW RESTRICTIONS on religious beliefs, Speech, and behavior including what people do in the privacy of their own homes.

    Just read the FOREIGN PAPERS from sharia law nations pay attention to the CRIMES and PUNISHMENTS the GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED news reports.

    It was not that long ago they were looking for the tourist WOMEN in the UK who DARED to wear bikinis at the beech like they did EVERY YEAR without any problem prior to SHARIA law being imposed suddenly making it a crime.

  84. They are getting smarter. Instead of flying into big buildings to destroy America, they now fly themselves into the seats of congress.

  85. W. Brian Arrington………’constituants’what makes you think they were thinking, they only know how to emot, that doesnt take any common sense thinking as they are incapable of thinking..emotions emotions emotions.

  86. My question has been answered by all of the comments I have just read…the government is in rapid free-fall! How are these people able to come into this country and shortly thereafter enter politics? How did Obama become president? Do we not learn from our mistakes? Obama and his kind are still walking around free as birds on the wing. The Dems are at fault for all this garbage happening. Look at their record…read the facts and learn from doing that! I love America the Free and home of the Brave!!!! Watch out Muslims…we have had enough of your garbage and your bad mouthed talk…lhis is OUR COUNTRY. Only those born here have the right to serve in our country. Go back to where you belong. We have had it with your kind. NO MORE!!!

  87. Betty. You are pathetic. You’re free to leave this country anytime. The people spoke, and finally elected someone that loves this country and is willing to serve without pay to undo the mess the FRAUD left us with.

  88. Yo Leon in the US one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Since Trump hasn’t been charged with ANYTHING and been taken to court and found guilty all that lying hearsay and innuendo aren’t permissible in a court of law.

  89. Parduc put down that Neo Nazi propaganda manual you are using and go bury your reptilian head back into the slime you came from.

  90. Parduc of course they are. Palestinians on the other hand aren’t in the Bible, the Torah of the Jews, the Old Testament.

  91. Betty your an IDIOT!!! Why dont you hook up with these two B**ches, so when they get impeached we will make sure your with them when they get booted out of this country!!!!!

  92. Her “ true colors “ were shown when held that Quran.
    One Connor serve Allah and the Fight for America’s Freedoms at the same time.

  93. CultureWatch.,.. Don’t turn a blind eye to the motives of Muslims and their Qur’an!

    USAF (RET)

  94. Betty you’re a stupid low life worthless piece of sh*t, What are you just another wetback scumbag that floated in our country????

  95. I don’t know why so many Minnesotans were stupid enough to vote for this woman but should be kicked out of office and tried for treason.

  96. Well you need to be set a drift with your friend and then you both will be gone. We should never let foreigner run for political positions both are trouble makers. They are not fit to walk our grounds.

  97. Copy/past of §2385:
    “”Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State, Territory, District or Possession thereof, or the government of any political subdivision therein, by force or violence, or by the assassination of any officer of any such government; or
    Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; or
    Whoever organizes or helps or attempts to organize any society, group, or assembly of persons who teach, advocate, or encourage the overthrow or destruction of any such government by force or violence; or becomes or is a member of, or affiliates with, any such society, group, or assembly of persons, knowing the purposes thereof

    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.
    If two or more persons conspire to commit any offense named in this section, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.
    No individual possesses the awesome force of elected, appointed, or employed office of the USA and Constitution, or any thing thereunder. It’s what allegiance is all bout… the same allegiance being betrayed to overthrow government and not defend against those enemies!

  98. FYI: This woman represents this:
    “If a woman gets raped walking in public alone, then she, herself, is at fault. She is only seducing men by her presence. She should have stayed home like a Muslim woman.” Dr. Abd Al-Aziz Fawzan, Al-Fawzan, Professor of Islam law, Saudi Ariba.

    If you voted for Hillary then you must approve of this. Shria law is for them not us. And I guess a lot of people from Minnesota agree with this professor. Eh??

  99. You must be on a suicide mission on yourself fool bcoz you support this iffin Muslim terrorist CLITlesswoman in Congress…..these are the very people that wants to delete you from the face of the earth. Idiot. Learn their history. Educate yourself fool. Jesus spoke the truth and they crucified him……Trump speaks the truth, fulfilling all campaign promises for the betterment of the country and it’s people and he is flogged daily by people like you. I don’t know which is worse, the former or the latter. I’m not trying to equate Jesus to Trump but you get idea. Or maybe not bcoz you’re just a dumbass idiot. You gotta be a Muslim terrorist. Busy making bombs nowadays Ahole!!!

  100. Renae, AMEN! She truly is an Enemy of the State. She must leave this country, or go to prison. Gitmo!

  101. THAT FAT SWEAT HOG. ???????????????????????? needs to mind her own business and RESIGN and go back to land of HATE and DISCONTENT. She needs to go
    BACK to her own Country where they ABUSE, BEAT , SEXUAL HARNESS ,
    and SEXUAL ABUSE their Wife’s.

  102. where in the world did those two idiots get here. tell them to go back where
    they came from. Maybe OSAMA BIN LADEN or Obama which are the same
    They are all terrorist Obama is the head of the ISIS snake, a friend of MS-13,
    and the Taliban, born in Africa, not in Hawaii, he poisoned his Grandmother
    in Hawaii so she could not say he was born Africa, if she did he could get
    elected as President. Obama is the one that should be impeached. He still
    flies all over the world running Pres Trump down,

  103. Any muslim, no matter to what office they aspire or hold, must be dismissed IMMEDIATELY! If Sharia ANYTHING is allowed to worm it’s way into OUR government, civil war is a certainty! I would rather die in a fire fight, than to give in to that bull****! FIRE THESE WOMEN NOW!! They are a danger, and so is anyone willing to listen to them!

  104. I recommend everyone read the book “No Go Zones” How Sharia Law is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You. Written by Raheem Kassam who is warning us about No Go Zones. One of these No Go Zones are outside of Dearborn, MI

  105. Which god might that be?
    There are SO many to choose from.
    My personal choice is the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  106. Poor Betty Boo Boo, got some sand in your vagina Betty? And some air in your head too evidently.
    “Betty Boo Boo goes bananas”….this is a suggestion as a name of your auto biography?

  107. “While I am against Muslims in state and federal government…”
    You needs to have someone sit you down and read you Article VI of the Constitution and 1A of the Bill of Rights.
    If you don’t know what they say, get someone to explain them to you very S-L-O-W-L-Y so you get it.

  108. Her constituents are all Muslims. This is what they do. Multiply like rabbits run for all kinds of local political offices up to Congress and slowly take over the Govt…This is what they did in India, doing in Eur/UK and have started doing in the US…thanks to George Soros and his pet monkey Barry Sotero

  109. Hi! I agree with your statement! I’ve read dozens of replies like yours , and I too would like to see them removed from office and quartered in time square for their vulgar offenses against the American people, let alone the President of the USA! My question is how many followers does she have in her district? I can’t believe that there are enough evil Muslims like her in her district to get her elected. I’m not referring to all Muslims as being evil, but enough to give her the support that she needs. What scares me is that there is/was a possibility to remove a Republican from office by voting for anybody else on the ballot without researching the candidate . Now we’re ashamed of who/what we voted into office. Again, just trying to figure this mess out ! Not trying to pick on anybody!

  110. There you are Betty. You’re pitiful & definitely anti-American! You only make stupid remarks & then you vanish.

  111. SHE AND HER MUSS PALS are slithering out of Mich and Minn. They’re spreading like cancer
    I’m in San Diego, we have our share of problems with them right here
    IF !… Americans don’t rally up and dump political correctness…you’re gonna see fighting in the streets
    Do you really wanna see women being stoned to death ??? Female genital mutilatiion ?
    “I know many friendly musses” REALLY? lying to infidels” is a part of their quran
    YOU ! are an infidel
    Don’t delude yourselves…. islam is America’s enemy
    .and it’spreading like the black plague disease

  112. Exactly right on target, Genevieve, this woman is NOT pro-American! The problem is that there are so many on the left that are not, they out-number us. Seeing so many former Dem’s changing sides, of late! They are…
    BEGINNING TO SEE THE LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. The witch that wears the rag on her head and the Palestinian scarf around her neck represents the Palestinian Hezbollah terrorist group. She should be thrown out of congress for her traitorous deeds. What’s wrong with the Republicans, don’t they have the backbone to get rid of these traitorous women.

  114. Someone intelligent please inforn the American people why this disgusting anti American ‘mooslime’ (missspelling intended) hasn’t been sanctirom these disgusting savages and nothing is being doen to rid America of this festering boil and pimple on our ass. Wake up America, for God’s sake wake,up, smell the coffee, get with the program before it’s too late. Dearborn and Detroit MI as well an Minneapolis MN might be lost causes but we need to ban together and get rid of all these anti American traitors to our way of life . ‘Mooslime’ politicians nds their sharia law is incompatible with the American way of life! Do this now before it’s too late!

  115. Someone intelligent please inforn the American people why this disgusting anti American ‘mooslime’ (missspelling intended) hasn’t been sanctioned. These are nothing more than disgusting anti American savages and nothing is being done to rid America of this festering boil and pimple on our ass. Wake up America, for God’s sake wake,up, smell the coffee, get with the program before it’s too late. Dearborn and Detroit MI as well an Minneapolis MN might be lost causes but we need to ban together and get rid of all these anti American traitors to our way of life . ‘Mooslime’ politicians nds their sharia law is incompatible with the American way of life! Do this now before it’s too late!

    An addendum to my posting above, just in case the original gets lost: the ‘mooslimwes’ and their cult of islam have no place in America, period, end of discussion! Look what they’ve done to Western Europe. i need not illustrate as the news has done a fine job of this. In London and Paris, there are neighborhoods that’ve been taken over by these dsigusting excuses for DNA and turned into little arabias. Sad to see a grat nation, England go the way of the devil. What were the Brits thinking electing this mooslime as mayor of London and destroyer of one of the great empires the world has knoen, sad, really sad!

  116. Such hatred on the left. For eight years we put up with that trash that had cops getting killed and business getting burned down. The violence against Republicans has been unprecedented by the so called tolerant left. Billions of tax $$$ went missing and most sent to a terrorist Country (Iran) under the last regime. On top of that our Health care system has been destroyed. I wish the idiots out there would look at the number of people working now vs what the unemployment was under the last incompetent so called President.

  117. Don’t you get it????????????? Democrats are doing this to our country………Never, Never, Never vote for a Democrat again…………..and stop all their craziness destroying our great country.
    We were on our way by electing President Trump after that awful Obumma character Dems elected…..he took our country down to its knees…………..we are moving up again thanks to our great President Trump………………We Stand with American Freedoms and our Flag, and We stand with our Great President.

  118. Actually # 44 divided America into many parts. Black/white,American/mexican/Afghanis/Iraqi’s/Syrians/Israelis and so on, Christians/Muslims/Jews and so on. And you have the Gaul to accuse President Trump of division in this country. You need to do your math research because what you say does not add up. You. are probably a Muslim supporter who knows the lying ways of Islam to so called Infidels which most Americans would be classified as. You also know they Multiply at a greater rate than western civilized citizens. So now we come down to the Minus part of this equation, Where all civilized Nations would be better of by having zero Immigration/refugees from any Muslim controlled country. We as Americans were LIED to by # 44 who you know as Obama or what ever other name he chooses to use and we know why. Because Muslims can lie to so called Infidels. All non American born Muslims should be sent back to a Muslim country such as Turkey or any other not controlled by ISIS.There is a law within this the USA that bans Muslims from entry into this country. Yet we now have plenty of bleeding hearts that allow them in and also allow them to become part of the system that teaches, makes laws. Run States and cities. Once they get a big enough foot hold not only will we have bleeding hearts here, Their will be bleeding bodies from stonings, beheadings and female mutilations. WAKE UP AMERICA insist the DOJ and IMMIGRATION uphold our laws. Contact your local Representative, your State Senator and your Congressional Representative about these problems.

  119. he self hating jews who support these three Nazi congresswomen of color when its referring to the jews, its okay, we are used to this, it is nothing, it is not realistic, do not worry. Okay, the day will come when you self hating jews are taken out on the streets and start pleading not to be killed, these three women will say, big deal, you will still die, but we spoke your speak, silenced, shot down like the SS execution squads, remember them.

  120. These idiots should be thrown out of office run out of town on a rail, or they could be treated to the violence they preach, stone em, hang em, burn em, shoot em , or their favorite, behead them! Yes this sounds harder but they’ll do it to you or me!

  121. We need to get rid of all Muslims who are speaking against Israel. They are our allies. These women are here for one purpose and that’s to destroy the Constitution and America. When are Americans going to wake up….we have let the SNAKE IN and now we have to rid ourselves of such evil.

  122. Leon…our Pres. has not divided anything. The division has been made by the Dems. who constantly cry “racists” no matter what policy or agenda comes up. The only division our Pres. is guilty of is showing the American people who are working for them and who are working for the Party. The answer is obvious. The Dems have not agreed on anything our Pres. has proposed and, yet, he is accomplishing much while they keep opposing. The Dems will be defeated within their own party, because they are all looking to be the “powerhouse” of liberal change. Pelosi & Schumer cannot compete with the younger “troops” that have come into office. Maybe Osario-Cortez will build her mansion with a wall, and we’ll know then who “footed” the construction. MAGA Go Trump

  123. SICK!!!! These people need to be removed from our government offices and returned to the countries they worship. Islam does NOT belong in the USA. It is incompatible with our Constitution.

  124. We already have laws in place. Look up President Roosevelt, what he said about Moslems and what laws were enacted. The DOJ just needs to uphold those laws.

  125. Betty all you need to know about this woman is she is for sharia law and female genital mutilation. How in the world could Michigan voters vote for this woman; not only that, what kind of a mother uses that foul language in front of her young child?

  126. She is nothing more than a rag headed Muslin and she need to be sent packing back to where she came from. We need to get all Muslins out of our government. They have no sense about this government works. She has a vial attitude and that cannot stand. Deport her and all her friends and family and things can get better. See Chuck and Nancy if you let them in you cannot control them, they are not good for this country and as the DEMS can see they are a poison pill for the DEMS. which really doesn’t surprise me.

  127. Betty – I thought there were just the three democrat stooges including Tlaib , Omar and space cadet Cortez!
    But after your vulgar comment, we will have you make room for a fourth! You, Betty, should be embarrassed by your vulgar language and your
    lack of intelligence !
    God Bless America & Pres Trump ????????????????????????????????????????

  128. unreal that we should allow her to take a seat in the congress because they do not believe in Christianity or the constitution, so taking the oath to defend the constitution and our way of life, is pure garbage.
    should be impeached.

  129. It seems shameful that so much time & energy is being given to this anti-American congress person & her beliefs. How did our society get here?

  130. Is Tlaib promoting genocide against a whole group of people that do not subscribe to her philosophy of life? This sounds familiar. It brings to mind Hitler and what he did to the people that he deemed unworthy to exist. Is this someone who should have a prominent seat in our government? A person who promotes hatred and genocide? I believe a person like Tlaib has no place at all in civil society. She has a degraded and debased mind and is not even fit to run her own household. She also has a filthy mouth which is not fitting to be heard in the public square, especially not by children. It would be wise of the people in her district to vote her out of office and to elect someone in her place that can respect and represent all people’s. Vote someone into her office that can speak to others with honor and respect even if she doesn’t agree with them. We need government officials that don’t cause more devision but rather those who are willing to work together to create productive solutions for the betterment of the lives of all their constituents. Genocide is anti-American. Tlaib, by her own words, has proven that she is pro-genocidal, and therefore she is anti-American. I for one condemn her hate speech.


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