Pro-Sharia Congresswoman Ilhan Omar just attacked Donald Trump in the worst way


Newly elected Rep. Ilhan Omar stepped in it again.

She recently made headlines for pushing to remove a century-old headwear rule so she can wear her hijab in Congress in accordance with Sharia Law.

But now she’s blaming Donald Trump for the unthinkable.

Omar just claimed Trump is responsible for an increased number of hate crimes in America.

But there are several major holes.

First, Donald Trump has never committed a so-called “hate crime.”

Second, Leftists have expanded the definition so that almost everything can be construed as a “hate crime” now.

Finally, many high-profile “hate crime” incidents that have been circulated by the media have turn out to be nothing more than fake news.

In her Op-Ed for the Minnesota Star Tribune she said:

The culture of intolerance spread by President Donald Trump has clearly emboldened racist individuals to acts of violence.

One statistic from the report stands out: Attacks against Jewish people accounted for an astonishing 58.1 percent of anti-religious bias crimes, a drastic 37 percent jump. In fact, anti-Jewish crimes have composed the majority of religion-based acts ever since the FBI began publishing national figures.

But even without formal statistics laid out before us, we know that our world can be dangerous and divisive. That fact was painfully illustrated just last month when a far-right shooter opened fire inside a Pittsburgh synagogue, murdering 11 Jewish worshipers.

Acts of hate like that have no place in America. We cannot allow those who seek to divide us to intimidate or demoralize our society. I believe that, as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said, the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. I know that with action and effort, love will prevail and hate will be defeated.

She essentially labels Donald Trump anti-semitic.

But President Trump’s own daughter married Jared Kushner and converted to Judaism.

Meanwhile, Ilhan Omar condemned Israel for “evil doings.”

In the same tweet she showed support for Gaza and Palestine, two notoriously anti-Jewish territories in the Middle East.

And at the same time she supports some of the most hateful organizations in existence.

What do you think about Ilhan Omar’s attack on President Trump? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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  2. She’s sucking up attention while adding more sh-t to the fast building pile of problems, Trump haters whacked out DEMS and far lefts, deep state, lgbtq, screwed up schools and, churches. Are we missing anything????

  3. She should removed from office, especially if she (like Keith Ellison) was sworn into office on an unconstitutional Koran. It has no equality under the law and calls for extra-judicial killings based on one’s beliefs.

  4. Sadly those who voted for her have pushed a disaster about to happen. Luckily she is overconfident and who she really is has bounced to the surface in a way that will be her destruction in the political area…not our country as a whole!!

  5. SHE represents a Hate Crime. You were to assimilate if you became a citizen of this country, you are violating our laws and should be DEPORTED. Shame on Minnesota for elected this woman who is a liar in many ways!!!

  6. I am tired of hearing from Muslims telling us what is wrong with OUR Country!! Since they were so anxious to come to OUR Country, then why are they trying to change what was put in place by OUR Founders over two hundred years ago? They either need to assimilate to OUR laws and OUR culture or go back to whatever hellhole they came from!!

  7. Pro Sharia? This woman is NOT fit for office. Sharia is not allowed here in AMERICA. If she wants Sharia she need to go back to her own country NOW.

  8. Muslims do not believe in the same God we do. Their God is the Persian moon god. God and Allah are not the same. They deny God and Jesus as divine. They want Shariah law not our law. Our whole country was founded on the Holy Scriptures and the Christian/Judaeo law principles. How can a woman who believes so differently be a stateswoman in our law making house. I think the people who voted her in should have been more careful who they put in to sit for them. Please everyone, this will become more prevalent if you do not review who is running and what they believe.

  9. This Representative new the rules regarding, no head gear………..Please do not change the rules, she should not have run for office if she cannot go without wearing head gear. Once again she thought we would be weak……..PLEASE STAND UP FOR OUR COUNTRY and respect our country the way every American has always done.

  10. Nancy Pelosi wears a cross of a Rabbi on her necklace, Christianity is the second d Judaism, this Catholic piece of crap says nothing. Piece of womwns crap.

  11. All of these ‘muslims’ need to be ” taken care of ” very fast before things go from bad to worse !

  12. I believe she and her ilk are the ones promoting hate, racism and anti-Semitic rhetoric in this country and blaming it all on the President and his supporters. The radical Muslims, Leftists and Deep State hate this country and want to tear her down to be like all the other downtrodden third-world countries. They hate God and do the Devil’s bidding. I don’t think that her or anyone like her should be allowed in any office of the government where they can do even more to disrupt our laws and Constitution.

  13. It appears she got into office by lying. I do not see that there are enough Muslims in Minnesota to vote her into office.

  14. Maybe Minnesota should be part of Canada… I believe they support the idea of Sharia Law to allow muslims to feel at home.

  15. She’s a bug on the windshield of America; an intolerant simian who practices intolerance in the name of tolerance and middle America is being squeezed by these insects into a corner by this politically incorrect BS…most of us either ignore this nonsense or fight back by not electing such worms to office but there are sufficient numbers of left wing morons in this nation, especially among the under-educated young who elect such to office-eventually it will come back to bite them on the ass.

  16. I stand amazed that anyone could vote for someone like this. She stands against America and will do everything she can to destroy what we stand for. People, we must stand for what our fore-fathers fought for. They bought our freedom with their blood and we are trampling on that blood by voting someone in like this. She stands for everything that we should stand against. Oh Lord, open the eyes of the American people and show them how they are throwing away what was fought for. Lord, please protect our country by protecting our president and opening the eyes of voters. Please, bring our country back to the values that blood was spilled to protect. God open our eyes, please, and change our hearts to love our country and protect its values.

  17. This is the beginning of Muslims infiltrating our government and our country. Michigan has become a mini Middle Eastern culture. Other countries have had experience with their invasions and there are sections of Australia that it isn’t safe to go. Their culture and laws are firmly in place. You will be hurt or killed if you defy them. The police are ordered to stand down. A woman journalistic did a piece on this very subject. The police practically begged her not to go in that area. She was not treated well. That is what will happen in America if we cave to this woman’s attempt to change our government. She is already demanding to change the rules that no one wears a head covering. She knew that was the rule when she ran for the position. If she can’t comply, then she needs to be removed. Ironically in her culture she would never be allowed to hold a position in government. She has already made anti Semitic comments about Israel, yet she is accusing our president of dividing our country with hate. She is a hypocrite and a hate monger and should never have been elected. That’s what happens when too many immigrants take over an area and refuse to assimilate into our culture. Then they try to replace our culture with theirs. I have to wonder, if they want to live in their old ways, why don’t they just stay where they are? The truth is, they are invaders not immigrants. They have nothing invested in our country. They come here to skim the cream. My family began at Jamestown. My ancestors built this country with their blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices. They fought in every engagement defending this country. It makes me sick to see liberals wanting to open the borders and let anyone in. A lot of them are recent immigrants themselves. First off, it’s not THEIR country to give away. We need to stop this insanity or we won’t recognize our country.

  18. She is a witch! So tell me what hole she came out of…all Muslim slime pit in her state! This is what Obama was up to for eight years. Trying his best to subvert America with this crap!

  19. The US Constitution is the law of the United States’

    Will Ilhan Omar adhere to the US Constitution.
    Better resign or face charges of treason.

  20. 2 Peter 2 Describes these people its says these people agree not afraid to speak evil of dignitaries and those in positions of authority. It further says these people don’t know what they are talking about because their system is founded on a bunch of lies hogwash not the solid foundation the sure foundation the rock of ages Jesus Christ. It futher states that the destiny that awaits them is the abyss of darkness. They are wells without water speaking about things they don’t know? How in hell do they get elected to represent Minnesota? Because I’ll tell you they are not representing the citizens of Minnesota? They are representing another system it is not the Americans system. It is in direct opposition to the American system and our people way of life! These people are bold faced liars and cannot be trusted! They lie about everything they cannot be trusted! Period

  21. Who would be stupid enough to vote for someone like her???? Send her back to whatever whole in the wall country she is from or supporting.

    I am quite sure that Obama is supporting her. He nearly ruined this country and now President Trump is working his tail off to try and fix everything that Mr. Dummy did.

  22. Who are the idiots that elected this Anti-American, Anti-Jewish and Anti-Everything that she does not understand or agree with? Until she and Keith Ellison take their oath of office with their hand laid upon the King James Bible they are not legitimate officials in any Office of the United States of America Government. We do not recognize the Koran because it does not represent our Religious Beliefs and Teachings. Call your representatives and demand that this mistake be corrected immediately if they want to continue receiving tax payer dollars. I am certain that Omar and Ellison do not, for obvious reasons, pay into our tax system because they do not support our American Constitution and Laws. That makes them nothing more than leeches on our society and hypocrites to their own perspective religious teachings.

  23. Why do you think obama opened the doors for these scum — to “fundamentally transform” America to islam. They are here to take over NOT assimilate.

  24. This c*** and the other dirtbag from Michigan need to be thrown out before they take office. She needs to dress like the rules say NOT the way she wants. They will do absolutely NOTHING for this country.


  26. If our Government would follow US LAW she woulddn’t even be This womanshould not be in Congress, much less a free US Citizen. The McCarran-Walters act, passed in 1952 and reaffirmed in 1965 states that the practice of Islam is NOT ALLOWED in the Uniited States. This woman must be either deported or else be given accommodations in Leavenworth, or some other Federal prison. She can share a cell with almost any other democrat, who under existing Federal Laws are not allowed to walk our streets as free men or women.

  27. In Michigan they refer to Dearborn as “Dearbornistan”. The Federal Government has re-located so many to that city that if you drive through it you’d swear that you were in another country.

  28. Just as the Roman Empire fell so will the Catholic Empire, their true Identity keeps coming closer to the light, many have already left the cult many more will surely follow, as more of its ungodliness is exposed.

  29. This woman is a hate crime! She’s a walking, talking hate crime! She needs to be sent back to what ever country she hails from, along with all the rest of the transplanted mudslims who were allowed to migrate here!

  30. In order for a Muslim person to be VOTED into CONGRESS? You need a majority of VOTER’S. That means that Minnesota is Over Populated with Muslim Voter’s. That is how she got VOTED into Congress. If this Alarm’s you? Google Dearborn, Michigan the Capital of Islam in America. Three States that are Over-Populated so far are: Michigan, Massachusetts, Minnesota. THEY ARE ALL USING THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY to get into office. If you are a concerned American??? Maybe, you should stop VOTiNG for DEMOCRATS/LIBERALS??? Be sure you are ONLY VOTING for CONSTITUTIONAL/REPUBLICAN’S. Otherwise, you can expect people like her to get voted into office to change American Law into Sharia Law.

  31. RGHEAD.. This POS has nothing good planned for the USA..whoever elected her you will deserve whatever it is you get coming to you from this POS!

  32. Trust me, Pelosi is no Catholic, she believes in abortion and she is the opposite of a good Christian! Neither is Biden or any Catholics who still vote D because the one thing all Christians should be against, and in droves, not just a few here and there, is abortion.
    All religions, not just Catholics, are going to be exposed, and people will start worshipping in their homes. There have been plenty of Evangelist, and ministers that have committed crimes and live in posh mansions while their “flock” is brainwashed into giving them money. There are many “false prophets.” My Methodist minister in my small town growing up sexually assaulted my sister’s best friend while taking her home from babysitting his 6 kids. Of course, back then no one spoke of such things, nor would anyone believe it, so she only shared the news with my sister, her best friend, who she knew she could trust. It isn’t the Catholics, they are good people, it is the Vatican and the Pope! This Pope is the evil Pope, many Catholics do not like him, knowing he is evil, but it has been prophesied in the Bible that he would be the last Pope, the Evil Pope.
    As far as this Muslim goes. She and Keith Ellison have no place in American government. She believes in female mutilation and Ellison beats his girl friend to a pulp! Both only follow Sharia Law, the Law of Islam, they do not abide by the Constitution, the law of our land. The Constitution and Sharia Law are complete opposites, there no way you will ever convert a hard core Muslim into following the Constitution. They cannot, and will not be Westernized, therefore, Muslims should not be in Congress or even in state governments!

  33. Amen!!! Yes it is, Israel and America are God’s countries, he is protecting President Trump, and nothing will harm him. With all these scandals concocted against him, the man just keeps going like the energizer bunny! He has kept every promise he has made to the American people, all the while, knowing he is innocent of the charges of the Deep State, and he will expose them, it is going to be a glorious day for all good people, American Patriotic Christians, when our leader exposes the evil web they wove for years.

  34. She is from MN, a state full of Muslims, and a Democratic State for years. My husband was from MN, graduated from U of MN Dental School, he was a Conservative as am I. His brother and wife were staunch Demoncraps. A few years ago, my nephew from that marriage asked to be friends on FB so I accepted. I don’t use FB any longer, it is a trap! But I was on FB to discuss politics and belonged to a lot of Conservative sites where trolls used to come in and agitate daily. I never used my FB page to discuss politics, I felt it was no one else business. One of my friends on FB posted something against BO and pro Conservative on my site. Just like that, my nephew unfriended me, and never spoke to me again. My youngest son is a liberal, he and his cousin meet in Minneapolis and have dinner. They have a great relationship. Yet, I the guy unfriended me when he found out I was Conservative. This is what we are dealing with these days with the far left lunatics. They will not tolerate any one else’s opinion unless they are the same as theirs. Pathetic!

  35. the people of MN need to recall her. She has NOT assimilated, proof one, she already wants to change laws to support her sharia hating religion.

  36. Her wanting to wear the Hijab which represents her religion (not Sharia Law which most Muslims do NOT support) is comparable to a Catholic wanting to wear a Cross to represent her belief in Catholicism. But in as much as I KNOW all religion is false, we should get rid of it all. The World would be a MUCH BETTER PLACE.

  37. Why the hell are people like this allowed to serve in our congress ? Clearly, she is anti American and supports some of the most hateful organizations and discriminatory beliefs in existance. Anyone who supports sharia law has no business serving in the United States congress. Muslims in general haven’t assimilated to the American way of life and therefore should be banned from serving in any public office.

  38. Omar has nothing but hatred for America and what it stands for if she wants to be one of us then she needs to assimilate like a true American and not try to force her country’s laws on us.I still find it hard to believe that people actually voted for this woman ,she is a clear and present danger to the United States of America

  39. When a person goes to live in another country, the gracious thing to do is to respect the governance and customs of that country. Sharia Law is not a law of the United States, (nor many other countries) and has not place in the governance or customs of the US.

  40. Tell me, how in the hell did we get a Muslim in our Congress? If you aren’t a U.S. born citizen you should not be allowed to hold or vote in our country. Foreigners do not have Americas best interest at heart. I see trouble ahead.

  41. This garbage needs removed from our government the idiots that voted for her need to move over there a live Not here and that scarf needs off you cover your head to go to church or temple but not out in public some jobs are very dangerous and can’t even wear wedding rings there is no reason for this germ caring garbage to be allowed Islam is against the law here in America it is known for there vile way of life not acceptable here you came here to become an American then act like it but she has proven she is here to change and destroy America so throw her out and deport her and her family

  42. Why do these people get elected to congress where they are suppose to be making laws according to the constitution and not the Sharia Islamic law. Sharia Law is contradictive to the constitution. Anyone who practices Sharia Law in the United States is not a patriot….

  43. The goal of Islam is to take over the Western world as we know it in 100 years. They are in about year 65-70 now. This is being done by radical Islamic thinking people working their way into public office….beginning at local school boards, townships, counties, City government, state and now Federal. It’s not their fault that WE (WE) are voting them into office. THINK, PEOPLE! They are elected! Who elects them? WE DO! (Not me particularly, but the residents of their communities; because of their ignorance to the ultimate goal of Islam.)

    We are ignorant to this history and it’s time we woke up or our children and grandchildren will be destroyed. Simply picture Dearborn, Michigan…which was once a beautiful middle-class then affluent city outside of Detroit. Now it is a third-world looking devastated area supporting the largest Muslim population in the country with Minneapolis’ Somalian (where this woman is from) a close second. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! WAKE UP CHRISTIANS!!!! WAKE UP PARENTS!!!

  44. So England doesn’t like the US recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel!!!!! Imagine that!

    I thought this might give U a better understanding of the insidiousness of Hijrah; that’s the takeover of a Nation without going to war. Don’t think for a moment that America & Canada R not a target or that there are NO American Cities where Islamic & Sharia victories & takeovers have already occurred. It’s time for Border Control, or start planning for a very big goodbye to the American & Canadian way of life!

    Here’s what has already happened to England within a few yrs of opening their Borders without any entry control:

    How the British have passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion:

    Mayor of London .. MUSLIM

    Mayor of Birmingham …. MUSLIM

    Mayor of Leeds … MUSLIM

    Mayor of Blackburn …. MUSLIM

    Mayor of Sheffield … MUSLIM

    Mayor of Oxford … MUSLIM

    Mayor of Luton …. MUSLIM

    Mayor of Oldham … MUSLIM

    Mayor of Rochdale … MUSLIM

    All the following achieved by just 4 Million Muslims out of the 66 Million population:

    Over 3,000 Muslim Mosques

    Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts

    Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils

    Muslims Only No-Go Areas Across The UK

    Muslim Women…78% don’t work & R on FREE benefits/housing

    Muslim Men…63% don’t work & R on FREE benefits/housing

    Muslim Families…6-8 children planning to go on FREE benefits/housing & now all UK schools R ONLY serving HALAL MEAT!

    An we (the USA) & (CANADA) can’t decide on an Immigration Policy???

    One of the ways to combat this is to keep circulating information such as this e-mail around our United States & Canada to inform the uninformed who mainly only listen & read the left leaning US & Canadian radio/TV/papers. I have not seen this in the US or Canadian media, have U?
    Trump has been trying to end this in our Country. Support him.

  45. I don’t understand how someone can be naturalized when they try to use our laws against us. She obviously doesn’t support the position of the USA


  47. We are a good and accepting country for people that are suffering from wars and have been made refugees and need to survive, but common sense which our congress lacks says you do not try to assimilate a population in your society that is diametrically opposed to your agenda. Muslim refugees should be taken care of by Muslim countries , then if Muslims were to actually invade the US we could respond with overwhelming force with the intent on neutralizing the threat then and for the future. The best defense is an overwhelming offense, this is why the former Soviet Union and the US stayed in detente for so many years . Neither side was willing to risk annihilation, I am sure the Chinese feel the same way. The Muslims however think they will receive some heavenly reward from their false god, fundamentalists as they are should not and cannot be trusted.

  48. This woman wants to bring Sharia Law into our country. I find it hard to believe any Jewish person, or Christian would have voted for a Muslim. They are trying to take over America!

  49. Yes it is you delusional fool, because the bible is derived from the Torah and other Hebrew texts written by the Hebrews, if it does not go to promote their interests they are not going to push such beliefs on others.

  50. Pardonne moi, I meant yes it is written in your bible that we are suppose to support the Jews and with all the charity we have provided them since 1947 we have provided far more support than they are deserving of.

  51. The Bible says in the last days seducing spirits will enter in deceiving the very elect. Liars bringing in heresies Satan’s Demons disguised as fakes of light but we must resist them. Their woman are hookers and prostitues.

  52. She’d have to be a citizen….but how can that happen when you have to pledge your allegiance to the U.S. Constitution to become one???? And her oath of office in congress is a pledge to support the Constitution of the United States, not the Quran (Koran). And, if she took the oath with her hand on the Koran……it doesn’t ALLOW her to pledge to another law…it’s in total conflict.

    However, the Muslim practice of Tagiyah allows them to lie and not sin, as long as they are lying in a way that will promote Islam. Obama practiced Tagiyah daily for 8 years.

  53. Why is she Evan in congress, she doesn’t believe in our constitution! How was she allowed to run?, I thought you had to abide by the constitution!
    Why is she trying to push SHRIA LAW on Americans, I don’t believe in it!

  54. That’s a very good question and we need to start complaining to our elected representatives before it gets totally out of hand, because the next step will be civil unrest

  55. The U.S. is in a very precarious and dangerous situation. ab55 above dated Dec. 3, 2018 shows us what has already happened in England. The groundwork was made long ago and the results are becoming more evident. There are Muslims in Congress, some of State Governors and Representatives, Local Government and key positions in the Education System. This should be enough to open the eyes of many who care about the future of our Country. Do read the contents of the post above by ab55. Google how women are treated under Sharia Law and what rights “they don’t have”. Americans know what they must do without delay.

  56. The Demonazis use every enemy of America to gain Power in our government. All these uppity Commies want America destroyed because, we don’t allow for Dictators to Rule here.

  57. This is America and Sharia Law is not the law of the land. People who come here should be good Americans and follow the laws of America. If you follow other laws, then go to the countries that have those laws.

  58. joan…Allah is just the Arabic word for God. But Muhammad turned Him into something He is not. Islam is satanic

  59. Remember the Trojan horse and the snake that President Trump talked about over and over in his campaign? Well, all you fools in Minnesota that elected this Muslim, you will reap the wrath of these F’ers that you let in. What does it take to make people see and understand that oil and water just don’t mix. Muslims and Christians can’t live side by side. We need to deport all these F’ers back to camel country. They will impose their sharia law on us. It’s already starting. Wake up American fools before it’s too late.

  60. How in hell does Minnesota a state that once had Jesse the body Ventura as Governor an ex Navy seal an honorable veteran? Elect this woman to represent their interests? Because I’ll tell you she is not going to represent the interests of the people of Minnesota. No way Hosea! She is a mouthpiece for Islam.

  61. Yep. Look at the South American countries. Cath. ruling for centuries and look at the corruption there. 98 % dirt poor and 2 % very rich. Until the last decade and a half if you were a protestant preacher, your life was in danger and the “Church” did nothing to stop it. Murderous crime is the rule of law. Evidently the ten commandments was NOT taught there.

  62. I agree with some of the comments already made. A question came to mind. Is she an American citizen? If so, she probably didn’t know or under stand what she was doing when taking the oath of allegiance to the United States. What I understand is these people have found away to destroy our country, by getting into our government, because they can’t beat us militarily.

  63. I agree with most of the comments regarding Rep. Ilhan Omar s outrageous “push to remove a century-old headwear rule so she can wear her hijab in Congress in accordance with Sharia Law”. Also, her blaming our President Trump for an increased number of hate crimes in America.

    But while we comment on the above, why disparage Catholics & the Church? The Catholic Church teaches the 10 Commandments & respect & love of country & its laws. We pray for the Catholic Church (we, Catholic people are the Church) & its foibles, as well as for the Country (USA) & its foibles.

  64. Marilyn,
    They are already here.The Brain dead American people vote for these terrorists into our government.They say so their intention is to infiltrate our gov’t and take over.Wake up America before its to late. They destroy everything they touch, look what they did to Germany France Sweden Belgium.ANd the stupid people keep voting for these muslim extremists .They don’t even hide it they stick it into our faces.
    Wake up America.

  65. Craig,
    Charity. Israel keeps you safe you jerk.Do you know how many terriost attacks were stopped because of Israeli intelligence all around the world.Do you know the medicine tecnology argriculture and many many other things thT come out of Israel to help mankind.I bet you don’t.Google it you will be shocked.Charity is what we call giving money to the muslim countries that bring destruction to which ever country they go to.Don’t forget something their goal is to destroy Israel (which they never could) and 5hen their intentions are to come after you.

  66. Cherie,
    What chutzpah does this woman have to say whats going on in America when her woman are being mutilated (little girls). The woman are abused , cannot drive leave the house etc. People are mostly poor dictators are rich.Oh and if your gay they will throw you off a building. How dare she say anything against our president if she would do that in her fake Palestinian made up people she would be dead by now.
    These people are dangerous we need to throw them out of our country.

  67. Mohammad was a gangster , murderer.And he married a 6 year old girl.What do you call that P————.i think so. They love death, we americans love life. Very very dangerous people.For them to be in our government is a abomination.

  68. Judith,
    They will never respect our country.They were born with hate in their heart.Their goal is to take over the world. This woman makes me sick everytime i see her face.To think American people would even vote for her.Just found out her area is full of muslims thats why she was elected. Let her go back to her fake muslim country and help all the abused and tortured people there.How dare her talk against our President who the majority voted for.She would have been stoned to death if she spoke about her terrorist president.It makes me so mad that this nothing of a woman could have a voice in our government.Wake up America.

  69. Bob,
    She would be killed if she spoke against her terrorist president.She comes here and the stupid people from Minnesota vote for her.Oh G-D please watch over us.
    Throw her out for commiting treason.

  70. Please G-D help us to rid these evil extremist Muslims from America.
    And watch over Israel because if you know it or not the Israelis are the best suited to help with an intelligence that knows how to deal with these evil people.
    Omar get the hell out of America.

  71. This Douchbag along with most of the incoming freshmen are going to totally F up this country. We are on the demise of the United States of America as we know it. God help us all.

  72. California Idiots keep putting her back into office, Corruption runs in her veins she has become a multimillionaire by steering Government contracts to her husband company.
    Anyway, Nancy helped Obama pass his Common Core Program onto our K12 school system. Government now controls what every State must teach and Thats Obama’s Common Core Program. It teaches our children that’s its brave to come out of the closet, and its very ok to change your sex through surgery if they (a boy ect.) think they may want to be a girl. On the other hand Islamic courses are being taught using the Holy Quran! Since they have banned the Christian Holy Bible. Common Core teaches our kids the 5 Pillars of Islam and that its better to be a Muslim than to be a Christian or Jewish. Obama wants to do away with Islamophobia using his Common Core Program. The Democrats want to keep this going for some reason?

  73. You’d have to be brain dead, or a rabid Trump supporter (might be a bit redundant there), to not recognize so called President Trump’s strong link to increased hate crimes in this Country.

  74. This evil scum Muslim should not have this position in a Nation that is and always has been a Jewdao/Christian Nation for the past242 years. The Islamic religion and its people when they come to America they refuse to assimilate into the American culture and are extremely Anti-Christian and Anti-Jewish that they always have killed Christians and Jews for a thousand years. So why was she put into our Congress? Just like Obama was put into our White House and for the same reason, I will bet. They are all Terrorists that want to take control of our Nation.

  75. Rep. Ilhan Omar can join with AOC to shoot their pie holes off about nothing in particular to make a lot of nonsense and prove that according to th proverb, “An empty vessel makes much noise”!



  77. This so called Congresswoman really doesn’t under stand our rules, and Laws of our country. And mainly doesn’t realize that we are a Sovlin Nation. People that that are coming into our country illegally crossing our borders are breaking our immigration Laws. We have a Constitution that is our Nations Laws that we follow, No other types of foreign Laws are allowed such as Shara in our Courts, Etc. President Trump os following the books that are on our Law books already.

  78. Greenie – How in the world did such a woman get elected to Congress? There are many here that want to take over our country, and if we don’t get to the polls and vote for those that have our country at heart, we’re in for some disastrous times. Imagine, a Muslim Woman in Congress and she doesn’t like our Constitution. What’s up with that? Prov. 17 – The Lord hates arrogance in the mouth of a fool & a lying tongue in the mouth of a ruler. Remember also: No matter how many times a snake sheds its skin, it’s still a snake. Remember that before allowing people like her in our country and, much less, in Congress. GOD HELP US!

  79. Jane, I agree and so should every TRUE American!!! She should go back to her Muslim Country and take all of her Muslim buddies with her…ALL OF THEM!! Muslims do NOT want to assimilate when they come to the United States…They only want to change our Country, the USA, into their laws and way of life.!! But if I were a woman, I would be afraid of them,..because Sharia Law believes that women are 2nd Class citizens, and are always controlled by Muslim men!!! Men who have no remorse in killing their females…wives, daughters, Mothers, Aunts, ANY females IF that woman does something that is “forbidden” by the Muslim religion!!

  80. Islam/Sharia Law is NOT compatible with any western culture…should be banned !
    Let all Americans call their Senators/Representatives and demand action(202) 224-3121; do it now !

  81. Judith, you are absolutely correct. The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have tens of thousands of Somalian Muslims and these are the people who voted her into office, not the American people in that area. The same thing happened in Dearborn, Michigan which is now totally run by Muslims. This was Obama’s dream to bring into this country as many Muslims as he could to ultimately change this country from within. Driving through Dearborn, Michigan is like driving through a middle eastern country.

  82. The onlything I can say is that no muslim has any bussines in the congress of this nation specially and mainly because they are haters of christians culture, it is unvilivable to see how some.of us have decided to put our customs and traditions in danger by electing a muslim and giving power to decide the future of christians in this country, this is crazily wrong.

  83. Is this brain dead slave aware she took an oath to uphold the US Constitution? Wait, what am I saying?! She’s a Muslim, that means she believes it is OK to lie to non-believers. Holding such beliefs, she has NO place anywhere in the government of this country. I, for one, would be MORE than happy to put that hijab in a place she will take EVERYWHERE.

  84. Judith Lentz, You said exactly what I have been thinking! Why did she even run for office in our Country? To get a foot in the door and once they are “in” you can be sure the men will then take over and America will have been burned to death or STONED to death as the Muslims do when one of their own go against their “laws”!!

  85. This “freedom of religion” thing was started when it was thought that all religions were christian.They didn’t think of religions that condone murder and destruction.We must notify Muslims that they cannot violate the law in the name of their religion.

  86. I don’t know what this person’s qualifications are or why she is in our congress ,or the other one in Michigan, but I hope the FBI and law enforcement keep very close tabs on these invaders

  87. Praying for this Great Nation of America…. Return to God Almighty ‘s loving arms… Repent and accept the Only One True God……. God Bless America!

  88. Actually I pretty sure muslims are on the ban list or were at one point in history, I’m sure trash like obama was behind this ,right along with his ilk

  89. I couldn’t agree more! I sometimes question what voters are thinking when thus kind if trash is allowed into our government, including law enforcement, school boards, local, county and state governments. They should never be given those kind of platforms, never!

  90. Yes, we are going down the path of craziness! How did this little darling get into Congress…it definitely had to take a significant number of folks in her area who believe in her thinking liabilities!! Yikes!!!

  91. Call it what it is. It’s not “Common Core” its straight up crap. And I don’t blame Obamanation for it, but George W for signing this piece of garbage (No Child Left Behind) directing teachers not to teach any longer, but pass the child off to the next grade. Obamanation just put his twist to an already bad law to dumb down the children even further.

  92. Fact, islam is a terminal pandemic that needs to be completely eradicated before it is responsible for eliminating 99% of the world population, it has already been determined that if the current spread of the disease is not seriously slowed down at it’s current rate it will still lead to Islam and wing the #1 ideology of the world by 2040 at the current rate make that 2025.

  93. With the election of that Muslim in Minnesota, u r seeing what Obuma (the secret Muslim) left us. There is no way in hell that would have come about if Trump had been in office those 8 yrs. Too many people think voting is an inconvenience and then this is what u end up with. A s—-faced turban headed sharia loving a—hole with a say in our country.

  94. Yes, I am well aware of their blessed tradition of taqiyya deception of the infidels to lull them into a false sense of security just before you slit their throats making you exalted among Moonie Muslimes, the more infidels you kill the more blessed you are.

  95. The Islamists even have a name for lying(and condoning it) in the furtherance of Islam. I guess we just saw it in this article.

  96. Those in charge of the FBI will utilize Suckdick Khan tactics scrutinizing those who see muslims for the components of the deadly viral plague that they are and expressing their opinions, because speaking the truth is a crime.

  97. Even if every last genuinely cognizant patriot voted it would not counteract all the illegal votes cast for those who are the enemy of the true law abiding patriots our government needs to be cleaned of corruption pronto, what has Donald been waiting for, as slow as the wheels of justice turned before wait until the Demons take over the House in January.

  98. Muslim’s represent hate, complete division, followed by domination, and or extermination! Muslim’s, do not belong in a Christian Jewish country, period! There is no common ground, laws, goals, belief structure, or any religious foundation between Muslim’s, Mohammedanism, or Moslem theology, and our Christian, Jewish foundation of Christianity, based on the One and only True God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Our for-fathers would be turning over in their graves, if they knew we would one day place a Muslim officially into a United States office, that would be deciding for, or ruling over it’s own citizens of the United States. They should all be sent back from where they came from, with very few exceptions, and replaced by the many persecuted Christians and Jews, from around the world, in war torn countries, that the liberal left are conveniently ignoring, over Muslim’s, they want here, and have already brought into America already. The United Nations, is to blame for much of this chaos, at which they don’t belong, or should even be allowed in our politics, or our constitutional laws, let alone having any kind of voice in our own unique, sovereign independence. Our constitution, because of the separation of church and state, Article VI, clause 3, states that no federal or state employ, has to divulge their religious beliefs, in order to hold a federal or state job. However, it is immediately followed by a clause, requiring all federal or state officers, to take an oath or affirmation, to support, the constitution of the United States. I for one have never seen any evidence of Muslim’s supporting anything, or anyone, except their own Muslim ideology. There is nothing American about Islam, I say send them all back where they belong, because it is not here in America.

  99. Yes, the Vatican will fall, but it is not just the Catholic Church it is Protestant churches as well. There has been plenty of Evangelicals, and ministers that have committed adultery. The Methodist Minister in my small town in Iowa attacked my sister’s best friend when he took her home from a babysitting job. You hear about Catholic Churches because millions belong to that religion. We know this Pope is evil, and the last Pope as prophecy predicts. Also there will be a cleansing of all churches. The 501C3 is a way for our government to control our churches. The government tells the church leaders what they can preach when it comes to politics and right from wrong. There was a time, before the church were committed to the 501C3, the tax write off, that the men of cloth guided their flock. Now, our Spiritual leaders don’t dare guide anyone when it comes to politics.
    Our young priest sure did, in front of hundreds of people. He told us that the election was coming up in a couple weeks and we better think very carefully about our choice between the two candidates, because if one is elected, it will be the end of churches and God in our nation. The Dems left in a huff, most of us congratulated Father Andrew for his bravery and for speaking the truth.
    You cannot be a Christian and vote for abortion, that’s just not possible.

  100. LOL, so sorry, looks like I commented on this very article on Dec. 3rd! I apologize, was looking for the delete button but couldn’t find one.

  101. Obama wanted to make America a muslim nation ! Soon after he became President, at least a half a dozen members of the muslim brotherhood started working in the White House basement and paid by the Tax Payers !Don’t know what they did ! They were not VETTED by the Senate Not many people knew about it ! Everything was a Hush-Hush ! I bet the Press knew about it ,but NO ONE raised any questions about it ! What a SHAME !

  102. Moslem is married to her brother. See, they made that legal for the Moslems. She will be impeaching Trump if she can. Time for her to be off the BIG GOV.

  103. As much as democrats are against Trump and the GOP, the House must vote not to seat this person, which Constitutionally they have the authority to do.
    No matter how much the democrats oppose anything, they must not sacrifice America to prove their point, that is unless their point is to destroy America, then what will they have? Sharia law is not compatible with any form of democracy, especially a Constitution Republic form of government as America’s….
    Sharia Law and all muslims must be deported, even American citizens who have converted, it is not American.

  104. May that Lying Muzzie dwell in Hell with Allah and the crazy, perverted, murderer Mohammed. If she won’t abide by our Constitution send her back to her country of birth.

  105. As long as the Welfare checks and food stamps keep coming Pelosi, Waters, Frankenstein and Harris will have job security.

  106. This says it all:

    They can lie about their religion and being a citizen. By their teachings it is perfectly fine to lie to infidels.

    The Koran, in a variety of verses (2:225, 3:28, 3:54, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28, and 66:2), establishes the religious legitimacy of breaking oaths, lying, unilaterally violating treaties, and generally scheming against
    non-Muslims. Allah himself is described as “the best of schemers” (3:54, 8:30, 10:21).

  107. allah is not the one true GOD
    He that spoke to Moses on the Mountain is who we call GOD, but who told Moses he was the Creator and Heavenly Father. Do you know His Name?

  108. I think that while she was campaigning she supported Jews,
    then as soon as she was elected started bashing them.

  109. Yes Judith I have a real problem with that rag on her head too! I thought it was illegal for foreigners to be in office!!

  110. This says it all:

    They can lie about their religion and being a citizen. By their teachings it is perfectly fine to lie to infidels.

    The Koran, in a variety of verses (2:225, 3:28, 3:54, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28, and 66:2), establishes the religious legitimacy of breaking oaths, lying, unilaterally violating treaties, and generally scheming against
    non-Muslims. Allah himself is described as “the best of schemers” (3:54, 8:30, 10:21).

  111. these muslims that are trying to take over america from within by being in our elected congress or senate are going to find out just how much 150 million real americans are going to get rid of them and the rest of the muslims in america when the time is right. the majority of americans do not like the muslims and really don’t like them in america. there end will come being in america

  112. This muslim should not be in our government. She is pushing sharia and that goes aagainst all Americans.

  113. Kick these Muslims out of our congress now, they have know business there, there evil people. Pass a law know MUSLIMS in congress or Pres Trump sign an executive order to address this NOW. Before they take us over!!!

  114. The area of MN she comes from has, unfortunately, become primarily Muslim.
    They voted themselves in. There was also video online last year showing Muslim “refugees” driving and walking through non-muslim suburban areas throwing rocks at houses and yelling and screaming about how they are now the majority, and will introduce Sharia law to “The former America” and they will kill any American that refuses to convert. And there is Nothing we can do about it. There is nothing we can do yo stop them. Allah will protect them, and guarantee they win. But THAT’s how she got in, and other muslims are in the state government. They cluster, win an area, then take over the next area. One district at a time. And with their birth rate, almost 4 times te aerage American’s birth rate, eventually, they’ll succeed. Another video from Jersey City NJ, they wanted a Muslim holiday added to the school holiday list. 2 weeks before the holiday. The school board said no, too soon. Petition for next year. They went nuts, screaming about how soon, they will be the majority, and control Jersey City, and eventually the country. Get ready to defend OUR country, with arms as necessary.

  115. Ilhan Omar, who is running in Minnesota’s liberal 5th District, continues to be dogged by conservatives who have raised questions about her past. As the election approaches, the attacks are intensifying: Last week, Minnesota Republicans in the 5th District began a digital billboard campaign and launched a website that highlights the allegations, many of which were first raised by conservative media outlets in 2016 as Omar was running for her seat in the Minnesota Legislature.
    Omar broadly denied the allegations in a statement to The Associated Press, but declined to provide documents or answer specific questions when pressed.
    “We choose not to further the narrative of those who oppose us,” Omar’s statement said, adding that she believes the claims are being made by people who want to stop a black, female Muslim from sitting in Congress.
    She faces Republican opponent Jennifer Zielinski, a virtually unknown first-time candidate, in a congressional district that includes all of Minneapolis and hasn’t been represented by a Republican since 1962. The seat is being vacated by U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, who is running for Minnesota attorney general.
    Here’s what we know about the allegations and Omar’s responses:
    Conservative bloggers alleged in 2016 that Omar was married to two men at the same time. Polygamy — having more than one wife or husband at once — is illegal in the U.S.
    A timeline provided by Omar, and detailed marriage and divorce records, suggest she was not married to two men at once.
    According to marriage records in Minnesota’s Hennepin County, Omar applied for a license in 2002 to marry her current husband, Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi, who Omar says went by Ahmed Abdisalan Aden at the time. Records show a marriage certificate wasn’t issued and Omar has said they didn’t pursue a civil marriage but instead married in their Muslim “faith tradition.”
    Details about Omar’s faith wedding haven’t been made public, but traditional Muslim and Somali marriages typically involve a process that includes approval by elders and a ceremony conducted by an imam.
    Omar and Hirsi had two children, but ended their relationship in 2008, she has said.
    Omar then married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, whom she said is a British citizen, on Feb. 12, 2009, according to a marriage certificate issued in Hennepin County. Omar said that relationship ended in 2011 and the two divorced in their faith tradition, but Omar didn’t take legal action to divorce him until 2017.
    The divorce records say that Omar and Hirsi reunited and had a third child together in June 2012. Omar legally married Hirsi in early 2018, a month after her divorce from Elmi was finalized.

  116. Barrack Obama must have been the one that, elected this broad to Congress, behind the American people’s backs..Now, we know why he lied about not being a Muslim..

  117. Rep. Ilhan Omar has learned her mud-slinging lessons well. Here is a hateful Muslim, supporting killing of gays, supporting killing of Jews and Israel, and supporting female genital mutilation, who wants to blame Trump for hate crimes. How extremely hypocritical!

  118. Crappy new, wet behind the ears Congresswoman ilhan should be deported. our America is a
    Judea-Christian Country. No room for Moslems. All hostile Moslems should go back to wherever
    they came from.

  119. They are not even supposed to be here according to LAW…A law that was imposed in 1952 by President Harry Truman…..This LAW has been IGNORED for the longest of time now……Pres. Truman knew exactly WHO and WHAT they really are……

  120. They were SEND here…And obama was NEVER elected, he was PLACED in the White House by America’s ENEMIES and he brought in the muslim brotherhood to work with him….A total BETRAYAL to and onto America…..

  121. If she is pro sharia, then she should be home , barefoot, pregnant and walking behind her husband with her husbands other wives. NO TO SHARIA.

  122. Eric Granberg, or, you left one out; you could just be a complete Whack Job. I am just curious as to why you all have such a hatred for this man. How has your life gotten so much more difficult since he took office. No one to date has responded to that question.
    Let’s see what you do.

  123. Eric The only strong link to violence so far is mostly the left running their punk ass mouths antifa is by far the biggest group of loser’s to hit the Street’s that I’ve seen in a very long time and they are primarily mob mentality throw urine and crap on people spitting and what ever they want while the cops stand by and watch ,how ever this to shall come to a head and it will be bad news for the libtards ,just goes to show you the kind of people they vote for ,just like themselves, total loser’s

  124. Sharia law is PROHIBITED by the US constitution.

    1) It is FOREIGN authored not a product of the legislative branch of our government (congress copying foreign laws does not make them authored by congress)

    2) It imposes punishments that are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. (mutilations, tourture etc. stated everyday in papers from Islamic nations as punishments order by sharia courts)

    3) It imposes a SPECIFIC RELIGION thus establishing a STATE IMPOSED RELIGION as prohibited by the Constitution.

    4) It abolishes many if not all constitutional rights such as free speech, freedom OF religion, search warrants, etc.

    5) It abolishes EQUAL TREATMENT under the law as required by the US constitution.

    The list can go on but all one needs to do is look to the PUNISHMENTS ISLAMIC NATIONS have handed out to see how blatantly incompatible it is with the FREEDOMS guaranteed to each CITIZEN of this nation under the CONSTITUTION of the United States of America.

    The move to prohibit use of SHARIA law in the courts of this nation began after judges ALLOWED it to be used to set free DOMESTIC ABUSERS even MURDERERS because their actions while in VIOLATION of the laws of the UNITED STATES were ACCEPTABLE under sharia law and the JUDGES felt that HONORING THEIR CULTURE was more important than even the lives of US CITIZENS.

    Remember the same ones who now push for the ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS BASED FOREIGN AUTHORED SHARIA LAW to be used in our courts are the same ones who opposed even public display of the CHRISTIAN based laws known as the ten commandments as the judge sated his fear “children might see them and feel inclined to obey them”. Guess these judges have no such fear of the much more strict religious laws of Islam as they have even allowed the ten pillars of Islam to be displayed on school walls.(The Islamic equivalent of the ten commandments)

  125. Kenneth BottomleyI they need to send this trash back to the hole it crawled out from this is America keep your bull to yourself

  126. Kenny I’m with you on that what we need here is another bout with the crusades and put all these slim balls buried back in the sands of those sh*t hole countries they came from.

  127. I would like to see them coming through my hood throwing rocks, I have a fully loaded shot gun waiting for them and if I have to go to jail for it, so be it.

  128. Gee, THINK that maybe the RISE in crimes against Jews, Just Might Be Related to the HIGH Numbers of poorly educated Muslim “Refugees” that were admitted under Obama’s “reign”?

  129. WTF! What kind of Americans voted this kind of American patriot into the hallowed halls of American history, I can see where she has a real grip on America, assimilation, the concepts of freedom, separation of church and state, and I am so sure she loves America more than her ancestral homeland. Is our country in the last throes of a struggling Nation because of liberalism, have democrats, progressives or whatever they’re calling themselves these days really succeeded in destroying their homeland because of their arrogance and stupidity? How did this happen? Were we as conservatives too honorable, did we not fight them hard enough, were we not as dirty, did we not have a Schumer, a Pelosi, or a Clinton?

  130. I believe anyone who believes in sharia law is capable of anything including murder. They are all CRAZY.

  131. That is very true, I am a “AMERICAN INFIDEL”, & proud to display IT, & will ALWAYS show my dislikes, toward the “MILLENNIALS” whom have created this attempt to CHANGE our COUNTRY into an ISLAMIC state, those GROUPS “can’t walk & chew Gum at the SAME time!, then also, they’ll never admit that they are the SHEEP of those “WOLVES “ in Our ELECTED , Government!. As it a proven “FACT”, that the KORAN & CONSTITUTION, CAN NOT exist together. God Bless America.

  132. She actually needs to be removed for sedation as well as that other Muslim POS. No doubt they were legally elected to off by their district as their Districts consist of enclaves of Muslims. Still, they CANNOT make their own laws like this barbaric Sharia Law. They need to be thrown out of Congress for Sedation.

  133. Absolutely, this needs to stop and these commies need to go , we need a very strategic and surgical removal of these people from our country

  134. No Muslim should be in our government, talking about this ugly & evil person like Rashida, who the hell is she calling President Trump a M..f, if you where in Palestine & you would talk like that to your LEADER,
    he cut your head off, we don’t need people like her, Ant-America & Ant- Israel, she is a RACISM
    & would like to change our Government, but we have enough crooked Democrats there, we don’t need the Muslim world, to tell us what to do.

  135. because we have no spine and no response like we saw with democrats getting into face of republicans in public places… respond instead of tweets

  136. We are on the way of becoming the land of the oppressed and the home of the cowards. What America really needs is to get back on it’s knees and ask the real and almighty God for forgiveness and mercy. Down with the two party system and up with a Christian party where Truth, Justice, and the American way is our objective.

  137. she should be impeached and sent back to he muslims. we do not need muslims in our govt. the demwits put her in, make them take her out.

    this not a duplicate are you trying to block me?

  138. Islam is a medieval gutter Religion and this POS along with the one that called Trump a MFer have no business being in our County let alone in our Congress.
    The Left loves having Trump haters on their team, however once they have enough power they will turn on their Liberal masters, as they are first and foremost Muslims not Democrats or Americans and eventually will force the filthy Sharia Law down our throats and liberal heads will be lopped off along with the rest of us Infidels.

  139. There should by no Muslims in our government period. WAKE UP AMERICA or you will be living under sharia law. If you are still living and not killed.

  140. I think there should be a law of sorts that prevents these foreigners from getting into congress ,she didn’t even swear in on a bible ,they swore her in on a koran ,and there should also be a law that all the people voting for these foreigners should have a job and pay taxes ,no welfare foreigners period these people will kill our society and care less

  141. How the HELL are these people being elected to our government ? Apparently , people are not paying attention & these people are not being vetted thoroughly .
    They are pro sharia which is NOT compatible with our constitution . Once they get into office they show their true colors .

  142. Thank you for your powerful and true words. I am so shocked at how many of these evils ones have already infiltrated our once free America. We must pray fervently for our country and be aware of what we can do to stop the left in their attempts to make us a third world country!

  143. From my understanding of Sharia Law is nothing is above it if you are a practitioner of that belief and she claims to be observant to it hence the head dress so she had to have out and out lied when taking the oath of office. She should be immediately terminated! The people in our Government should know this this is not rocket science and Sharia Law and our Constitution are completely incompatible Period there is no wiggle room!

  144. She is preaching her ways. She is wrong to be here starting problems and trying to change our ways. We our America. We are the people here she needs to go away. Begone with her . These Redicals need to leave our lands and country. Go back to where they are wanted

  145. You are so right! What has he really done , for the good of our people? I really think he and Killary are a great mate. I notice more minorities in our government after Obama was elected. What a big mess . They are trying to dictate we are on to them.

  146. Omar….America was founded on the Christian religion. That’s why you will see on buildings and inside Government courts and other facilities. I have no problem you wearing the hijab, but, don’t try to take over our country by changing our laws or you will be voted out of Congress. I believe you are from Michigan where most of the Muslims live….that’s why you were elected into Congress. I wonder if all that voted for you are citizens….Democrats may have changed the voting laws there (or turned their heads!)

  147. Yes so true. Obama brought dismay and dishonor of our American ways. He and HThe Clintons wanted to form their own army against we the people. They are only fooling them selves. Commmon sense says.! Look , listen and know !

  148. send her immediately to Somalia with the whole clan. No return, if she comes back-death penalty that is for her and the whole clan

  149. Every time these people open up their mouths it makes me sick to my stomach!!! Nothing that they have been saying is making any sense!! If anyone votes for any democrat after this go around all I can say is be carful of what you wish for!!! You may just get it !! With everything they want to change your rights and freedoms will be gone by the next 25 years !!!!! And if you think it’s not true- as I was growing up we didn’t wear seatbelts,booster seats, helmets ect: You could ride in the back of a pickup truck! only because we had a choice! Those FREEDOMS have been taken away like many others and you MUST pay a FINE if you are caught today !! All I can say to the younger generation is good luck !! You WILL need it

  150. How did this non-american obtain a seat in the government of America – She must be aborted at ONCE- cant congress see the destruction these two women are trying to force on America – if any person is purposing to destroy The Constitution of The United States of America should immediately be held for treason! Ms Ploise is the supporter of these hate President Trump Evil people.
    God states in His word :those who hate Israel -He will destroy – those who bless Israel He will bless – remember what happened to Sodom and Gamora –May Father God have Mercy on His people in America!!


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