Pro-lifers just made a massive announcement that left Planned Parenthood executives stunned


The recent success of the pro-life movie “Unplanned” has turned the tide in the pro-life movement’s favor.

And Planned Parenthood has been dealing with a reputation nightmare, including dozens of employees quitting after they saw the movie.

But these pro-lifers are pushing the pedal to the metal with what they just announced and Planned Parenthood executives are sweating it.

With just a $6 million budget, “Unplanned” has nearly doubled its return on investment with sales approaching $18 million.

The movie that tells the story of a former Planned Parenthood director turned pro-lifer, Abby Johnson, has clearly been powerful.

In fact, its been so powerful, pro-lifers in Washington, D.C. are planning to screen the movie right outside Planned Parenthood facilities in their area.

They also have plans to screen the movie in front of Planned Parenthoods nationwide.

Christian Headlines writes:

Box office success for “Unplanned” continues to grow after total sales hit $17.2 million this weekend. With only a $6 million budget, Pureflix’s pro-life movie started making a profit on its opening weekend, after debuting with $6.1 million.

But box office success isn’t the only goal for the film’s supporters. It’s about changing hearts and lives. So one group is even planning to air the film on the public sidewalk right in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Washington, DC at 1225 4th St. NE.

“Our hope is to launch a nationwide campaign to eventually show ‘Unplanned’ in front of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics across America,” explained Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition which is sponsoring this special viewing.

This move is a punch in the gut of Planned Parenthood and a PR nightmare.

Planned Parenthood’s favorability is already at an all time low – three times less than just two decades ago, according to Gallup polls.

And the truth being shared on their own turf is going to cause countless more Americans to question their filthy business practices.

This is also another example of how pro-lifers are ramping up their efforts to change the hearts and minds of Americans.

As Culture Watch News reported, the pro-life organization Focus on the Family will be broadcasting a live 4-D ultrasound right in Times Square, NYC.

Supreme Court Justices often stick their fingers in the air to feel where the cultural winds are blowing before they make rulings, especially on abortion.

And these events are exactly what it’s going to take to build a pro-life base the Supreme Court won’t be able to ignore.

Do you think pro-lifers need to put on more events like these? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. Hell yeah!!!! And word has it that if asked, the White House may wish to show it there as well! FYI.
    Great work and God is with you…

  3. Amen! The Church Militant and Christians united in spirit is what our country needs. We as Americans need to be reminded that it is a baby that is being aborted and not a clump of random cells. God help us!

  4. Praise God for brave Christians striking a blow against evil baby slaughterers.
    We must stand and be counted for such a time as this.
    Jesus will be returning at any moment. It is what we do for Him that will matter.
    He will ask us on judgement day if we have helped save the innocents.
    He will ask us if we have set the captives (women conned into having abortions) free.
    Please, dear God save mothers and their babies, Thank you Lord, in Jesus’ name.

  5. “All Democrats are baby killers! This is the message all Christians should convey to the public.” THE MOST UN-CHRISTIAN THING SOMEONE COULD SAY. Can we say HYPOCRIT. The TRUTH that will set you free is for you to realize you are a moronic republican you should shut you trap because people are seeing how stupid you really are.

  6. I’m pro life with exceptions. I don’t want to expand the genes of a rapist, or other criminal actor that forces mom to support an unwanted child that reminds her of that crime. There must be some thought about survival of the fittest and not proliferation of the defective. Mothers choice after education of all long term possibilities. Terminations must be done early. When is above my pay grade. Each child will cost more than $500,000 to raise properly. I don’t want to pay a for sick muslim terrorist raping their koran dictates as a take-over plan.

  7. What a shame that Planned Parenthood has never been about planning or preventing unwanted pregnancies, all along it was about profit and terminating a life. The thought of sanctioned lawful killing of full term babies by bills passed in some states is unbelievable. Our society provides more protection to defenseless animals than defenseless babies.

  8. Anna McGuire
    It is murder to abort a human being at any time in their development, from the moment of conception, through their gestational time in the womb, at the time of birth and beyond. The person seeking to abort a baby and the abortionist(s) willing to do this are immoral criminals. Close down the abortion industry.

  9. Actually YOU are the hypocrite, spewing your liberal garbage. Every one in this country, Christian or otherwise, should be SCREAMING at the top of their lungs to protect our children! You leftist cretins are constantly harping on a woman’s right to control her own body and you are absolutely correct in that assessment, but that unborn child is NOT her body! It is a completely separate human being with its OWN rights to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!!! You should thank your lucky, liberal stars that Planned Parenthood didn’t get a hold on your mother before you were born…

  10. WOW! That’s the way to do it. Go right on Planned Parenthood’s turf to expose their dirty business using the movie UNPLANNED. Democrats don’t care about human life only themselves. They do not represent our country.

    With all the sin going on in America namely killing unborn children, no wonder why some people believe God abandoned America.

    May the Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary(new Adam and Eve) use the movie UNPLANNED to save more unborn babies.

  11. First of all, that’s not for YOU to decide! Secondly, there are thousands of couples incapable of having children of their own, who would be more than willing to adopt…

  12. Heck yeah I would. Every life, beginning at conception is a precious gift from God and our Heavenly Father has a specific purpose for that gift. Which was NOT an accident. That child, gift from God, could be the child that could change this whole country for the better. Solve the problems the aborting mother would like to see solved.
    Another thing. If a drunk driver kills a pregnant woman, He gets charged with double murder, mother and fetus, so if a mother aborts her baby, why is it not murder, or a conspiracy to commit to include the Dr’s and Nurses who also swore oaths to do everything possible to save and protect lives.

  13. I am a Trumper since he declared. Democrats are traitors either knowingly or not. How would everyone feel if if it became law that all girls should have their next child be by insemination of Trumps sperm so as to create a healthy, smart, energetic population of leaders. I wish I had his genes – how about you? Would you abort?

  14. awesome comment..and so very takes a very sick,evil, demented, and barbaric person to kill a precious innocent defenseless baby..who cannot speak up for itself..tho it has been shown where these poor babies have fought against the abortionists(murderers) in the womb..the one and ONLY time that abortion should be legal and or allowed is when it is endangering the mother’s life..and even then, I was unable to do this myself personally..even tho my doctor said that I needed an abortion for medical reasons.. I refused..I could not fathom killing my own child to save my own life..btw, we both are doing just son just had his 34th birthday!!!!!!!

  15. Only an idiot would want to expand the gene pool of criminals make up! You have the right to be a fool, but don’t make taxes higher for me for that purpose.

  16. so very true. there will be a lot of people standing before God one day with blood on their hands..and I feel that there is a very special place in hell(will be much hotter) for these murderers of these precious innocent defenseless little ones!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. and you are not the one to play God!!.. u cannot decide how lives or dies..u sound like Hitler..pushing for his perfect I said b4, the one and ONLY time that abortion should be legal and allowed is when it is endangering the mother’s life..and even then, if it is in the 3rd trimester, the baby can be safely C-Section or induced labor and does not need to be murdered and pulled apart limb by limb!!!!!!!!..

  18. I tell you all again, Pregnancy by a criminal act does not belong to stay unless the mother chooses it and can afford the approximate half million dollars to educate it and risk the results of criminal tendencies blooming. Have a wanted child. And if a the choice can’t be made by the 5th month then terminate because the mothers lack of emotional control is another thing to not add to the gene pool.

  19. I’m not playing God, It is the Mother choice to consider the facts. A criminal pregnancy I will not believe is an act of God, but is against God and is a duty to correct!

  20. Justin…The dem party is pro-baby murder, so YES, if you are a dem you are for killing babies. You know nothing at all about Christianity if you don’t know that Jesus is all about TRUTH. There is nothing at all stupid about telling the truth. And I am not a republican. You, however, are very brainwashed by the dems.

  21. Rape behavior is not genetically passed on. It’s created by environment and upbringing. Children who are products of rape are no more likely to be rapists and criminals than anyone else.

  22. Justin…It seems that you are desperate that the truth not come out. You know that abortion is murder but you want it to continue.

  23. GOD gives all life and ALL life is precious to Him. Have you not heard of Saul of Tarsus who was converted and became the Apostle Paul??? If God can change his life, then why are you questioning the child in the womb? ALL children are wanted children to God. He loves each and every one of us. It is OUR choice to accept Jesus and we all have that choice to make.

  24. Murder must be ok with you, Earl, since you insist an innocent baby must be murdered in its mother’s womb. You must be Muslim.

  25. Just trying to tell you that genetics matter and the Mother to be must have a choice when a crime has forced her into this position. Or, you pay for it!

  26. How is supporting the life of an innocent child, regardless of its conception, being ok with rape? Rape is a horrible act and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but if a child is conceived during that act, as rare as it is, the child had nothing to do with its conception and therefore should not be murdered for the very fact it was conceived under horrible circumstances.

  27. You don’t murder a child simply because you don’t think the mother is fit to raise it. Period.

  28. The situation of killing an unborn baby or a born alive is barbaric and should be criminal. With so many safe sex products available that not using them is a clear example of woman being responsible in having a child. Mother’s life only exemption.

  29. Earl Ellison, you are so strong in your opinion, ( 11 replies to date). I wonder if it would change if you could see the desperate attempt of the fetus to avoid the instruments being inserted to tear it apart! . Also except a fact that there is no such thing as a gene pool of raped children.

  30. One word. Adoption. It’s free for the victim of a heinous crime and there are many couples who would love to adopt who aren’t able to have children of their own.

  31. If a criminal pregnancy is not wanted by the mother to be, or is not adopted by the 5th month, then the murder is the rapist and should be legally charged as such. That is where all the guilt must be placed. A child not planned or started with love has many odds stacked against it. The koran instructs muslims to destroy none muslims any way they can —- rape is part of that plan — rapist are missing a part of the brain similar to sociopaths and we don’t need more of that in the gene pool. Just watch the news.

  32. You’re delusional. The mere fact that a man commits a crime, doesn’t mean his children will. I sincerely hope you aren’t in a position of authority or one where you have an influence over young minds…

  33. Learn about genetics! It isn’t a guarantee but the odds shift! You have no right to force others to take the increased risk!

  34. You should look in the miror if you are looking for evil. Have you even seen the movie “Unplanned”? Your remarks are affirming that it is OK to tear a baby apart, limb by limb and often crushing the skull, or injecting the baby with digoxin to kill it, all while that precious child is still in the womb. How cruel can you be???

  35. To Justin Sayin: You should look in the miror if you are looking for evil. Have you even seen the movie “Unplanned”? Your remarks are affirming that it is OK to tear a baby apart, limb by limb and often crushing the skull, or injecting the baby with digoxin to kill it, all while that precious child is still in the womb. How cruel can you be???

  36. There are exceptions, Mothers life, emotional long term stability, financials, & what is brought into the gene pool. A criminal act is not an act of God, but of the devil. Some of you want to test and beat the devil and some will. But you better be very very strong to handle the unexpected. Just don’t force everyone to play that dangerous game. A child from a rapist comes from a sociopath (a defective brain). Genetics matter! That has been my point all along.

  37. What about the baby’s right??? Doesn’t the baby get the chance to live it’s life??? It isn’t the baby’s fault as to how it was formed. The unborn should have a choice too.

  38. But as I said earlier, the baby deserves to live, no matter how it was conceived. There is always people looking to adopt them. Instead of murdering them adopt them!

  39. I had a person try to tell me that a baby was nothing but a parasite. When I asked him if that what he was before he was born, I heard no more out of him. lol Life begins at conception. I totally agree with you.

  40. And once again I ask you; how do you know that the baby would turn out to be a criminal?!? You DON’T!!

  41. Out of curiosity I asked my husband if I were to get pregnant by getting raped would he want me to get an abortion and you know what he told me?? That he would love and raise the baby as his own.
    So now, how do you like them apples?!?

  42. Your choice, Just be prepared. What I’m saying is don’t force others to think like you or take that chance.

  43. Earl, you are very sick. Read the Bible and know what God says about life and babies. YOU don’t get to tell God what is right or wrong. God loves everyone and Jesus died for the sins of all. ALL have the same chance to come to Him and be saved

  44. Karen K. … the only thing I can figure is that Earl must have a family member that was raped. He is very hate-filled and angry about something.

  45. NO, I am NOT okay with rape and it is YOU who is very sick and twisted. The BABY has NOTHING at all to do with it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is NOT the baby’s fault!!!!!!! And, NO, it is NOT in the genes. How you turn out is how you are raised. We all belong to God, who forbids ALL murder.

  46. And, YOU, Earl have NO RIGHT to decide who lives or dies. GOD created and LOVES all of us and ALL have the chance to come to Him and be saved, even you

  47. Earl, you just refuse to get it. Try reading the Bible and finding the great love that God has for all of us and the great sacrifice of Jesus when He died for the sins of ALL. He commands that we love and forgive everyone and HE will be the judge, NOT YOU

  48. It is becoming very clear that someone in your family must have been raped, as you are so full of hate as to condemn an innocent baby to death

  49. My issue has NOTHING to do with agreeing with abortions. The issue is people who make blanket statements that are tunnel versioned propaganda. As a Democrat I take offence in being called a baby killer. You all make judgements but know nothing about my views or religious beliefs. Might I suggest you all take a break from condemning others and take a look at Matthew 7

  50. “With just a $6 million budget, “Unplanned” has nearly doubled its return on investment with sales approaching $18 million.”

    The author of this article is either a leftist abortion supporter (saying 18 million is almost doubling the 6 million cost) or just doesn’t know proper math!!

    The last I remember from my math classes from the 50’s and 60’s (back when the public schools TAUGHT instead of INDOCTRINATED), almost DOUBLING 6 would be 12!!

    Almost TRIPLING 6 would be 18!!

    Other than that, I’m very happy this movie is having a GREAT NEGATIVE impact on the abortion industry

  51. I keep saying this: Scott Peterson was, rightly, convicted of a double murder, when he murdered his pregnant wife. Why, then, is it considered birth control, when a doctor murders an unborn child?
    For years, infant rights have been ignored, simply because the Leftists demand a woman should have the right to murder an unborn baby. Then, Bill Clinton sighed a law, permitting “Partial Birth” abortions, which mean they doctors will destroy a live baby right before the entire child is out of the mother’s birth canal.

    Lastly, I have to wonder if these murderers are happy THEIR moms didn’t murder THEM!!

  52. But you think that ALMOST doubling 6 is 17? If it was 17.9, most would round up to 18.

    You missed my point!

    3X6=18, NOT almost 12!! Almost 12 would be 11.

    My point is the author was WRONG in stating that almost 18 was only doubling 6, when almost 18 is almost TRIPLING 6!!

    My 2nd point is that the author made the amount sound LESS than the movie grossed only crediting an almost DOUBLING instead of almost TRIPLING the movie’s budget!

  53. Yet one Doctor involved with 2000 complicated births stated he never lost a woman or child.. the meme ‘to save the life of a wonan’ is inherently a false meme.
    Sure, maybe years ago this was a case where in complicated deliveries a woman might die but medicine has advanced to the point it is almost non-existence today.

  54. The child is NEVER a mistake, no matter how it was conceived. The mistake is what is done previous to conception (rape, premarital sex, etc…….) but that child has EVERY right to life as well as we did. Thank God I didn’t listen to Planned Parenthood when I was 19 and pregnant! I have a 40 year old son (who would have been another abortion statistic) and his wife and two beautiful grandchildren that Planned Parenthood so selfishly wanted to take from me for the love of money!!! I am willing to show the movie “Unplanned” outside Planned Parenthood in my area. People need to know the evil behind this organization! Thank you to all who fight for the innocent unborn!! Keep up the good work! God is and will bless you and our country!!!

  55. I disagree because children are expensive. If you want to pay, that is your choice but don’t force me.


  57. Liberals are all agog to kill our own unborn and at the same time obsessed with importing foreigners. WHY? Because the illegals getting in are ready made democrat communist votes !! The government should offer a “bounty” to citizens to report/turn in potential illegals. It would be cheaper than providing all of the benefits they are applying for with the help of the liberal traitors in this country.

  58. That’s a good idea! Maybe a go fund me account to reward those who turn in illegals.

  59. Are we forgetting that in a 7, 8, or 9 month pregnancy, the woman has ALREADY made the CHOICE to carry full term. And once the baby is born, the mothers body is off the table. Her body is no longer involved. The baby can survive without her.

  60. Justin, Your speech is demented! Is murder of innocents in any way related to the health of the mother? I understand biology well, and that is not a credible argument.
    Attempt to think rationally and not with bias. You could be surprised at your mental capacity!

  61. Earl, how do you know it is the genes that cause a criminal and not the environment? It takes both you know, well maybe you don’t. I wouldn’t condemn a baby for hid father’s action. That baby in the right environment may grow up to be a good Christian.

  62. My own experience with pro-life Christians is they adhere to a double-standard. They’re willing to cite secular arguments and/or secular figures when it comes to protecting the unborn:

    The federal government imposing a fine upon anyone destroying a fertilized bald eagle egg

    It would be a crime to administer a drug to toddlers which prevents them from actualizing their higher learning potential

    Dr. J.C. Willke, former head of National Right to Life (who looked a lot like the character of Les Nessman from WKRP in Cincinnati!)

    John Morrow, a pro-life student at Rutgers University, debating pro-choice liberals on USENET in the late ’80s

    …but secular arguments to protect animals are met with the cry “MOVE” !

    Can pro-choice Christians do likewise? Can pro-choice Christians cite biblical sound bites like “three times…” and “so much garbage” to exempt themselves from having to protect the unborn? Or do secular arguments overrule the religious?

    Can pro-choice Christians say, “Les, Les, Les…” or “So much Les….” ?
    Can pro-choice Christians say, “Morrow, Morrow, Morrow…” or “So much Morrow…” ?
    Can pro-choice Christians say, “Bald eagle eggs, Bald eagle eggs, Bald eagle eggs…” or “So much Bald eagle eggs…” ?

    Or do secular arguments to protect the unborn overrule unprovable religious beliefs in favor of killing?

    If secular arguments overrule the religious when it comes to protecting the unborn, why isn’t it the case when it comes to protecting animals?

    Why is it when it comes to protecting animals, pro-life Christians think they’re exempt from social progress?

    Aren’t pro-choice Christians similarly exempt from having to protect the unborn if they don’t want to?

    Or do secular arguments overrule the religious?

  63. Many great people have come from horrible conditions & handicaps. Right? Hurting others is part of ones make up that does not need to be expanded.

  64. Adolph Hitler made the exact same comments. Satan’s guidance makes them self-delude and believe they are right. That’s the danger. Eventually they find another warped thinker.

  65. Earl, earlier you said this: “Many great people have come from horrible conditions & handicaps. Right?” Well I can tell you of at least one great person like that. His name is Nick Vujicic (VOy-chitch) He is an Australian Evangelist and also a motivational speaker. He was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of arms and legs. According to his autobiography, his mother refused to see him or hold him when the nurse held him in front of her, but she and her husband eventually accepted the condition and understood it as “God’s plan for their son.” So yes there are many great people like that and this is just one of the many.

  66. If the baby is adopted into a Christian family he/she would be raised in an loving environment. Just because the child is born from a rape or something like that doesn’t mean he/she will follow in the same footprints.

  67. If Planned Parenthood stood for what their name states, it would be fine! Helping people to plan their family is cool . . . but they have become a haven for death! All they really desire to do is have abortions . . . when was the last time they counseled a woman to have the baby? Did they EVER counsel a woman to have the baby? Do they even counsel mothers on how to plan for a well rounded family . . . or is their every counsel only about aborting the unborn child?

    “Planned Parenthood” is a misnomer! “Planned Abortion in the Hood” is a much more appropriate name . . . considering the main locations one finds them!!! Wasn’t the founder of Planned Parenthood a supporter of eugenics . . . and centered her attentions around eliminating the Blacks?


  68. Planned parenthood is the same as the Nazis Party of WW2 infamy that killed/murdered millions including babies. The Democratic Party is, I believe, becoming more and more like a modern day Nazis Party also. They support/condone the killing/murder of innocent babies as the Nazis’s did. Nothing among the human race is more innocent than a baby, unborn or born. In fact I believe there are now some Democrats that have said we need abortion laws that allow the killing/murder of babies/children after they are born and could be done for any reason. Recently a Republican Senator put forth a bill that would have required any baby that survived an abortion be cared for as any baby is cared for after a normal birth. All Democrats except one, I think, voted against it. I’m sorry to say I think three Republican Senators, of which one was senator Susan Collins, also voted against it. Needless to say, it was voted down. There was even a lady there during the hearings on the bill that had survived a saline abortion at birth. She only survived it because after the abortion doctor threw her into a metal tray to die a nurse violated the clinic rules and grabbed her and took from the clinic to get care for her. The lady said that a saline abortion burns the baby causing extreme pain until it dies. The Saline solution is like putting acid on the body of an unborn child. The lady was later adopted by a loving family.


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