Pro-life students were attacked in a way that will make you sick


Leftists have become unbelievably radical on the issue of abortion.

People who are against abortion are facing increasing hostility.

And a group of pro-life students was attacked in a way that will make you sick.

Pro-life students in the state of Washington were praying outside of an abortion clinic when they were met with an unbelievable wave of vitriol.

They were participating in the annual 40 Days for Life event where pro-lifers around the country pray in their communities.

Autumn Lindsey, a student representative for Students for Life at Whatcom Community College, detailed the horrific attacks they experienced.

According to Lindsey, people drove by shouting obscenities, a group of people confronted pro-life students and threatened them, and one man on a bike threw a vial of mysterious liquid at them.

Police and firefighters had to be deployed to the scene to make sure the liquid wasn’t hazardous.

Another man made lewd sexual gestures toward the students, but perhaps the most disturbing was a woman who shouted at the pro-life students that “Satan is the one true Lord!”

The students said they would pray for the woman, and she said “Hail Satan” before driving off.

The extremism of the abortion industry and its followers is chilling.

They’re increasingly callous toward the unborn, and have no compunction about the act of abortion.

The Left used to stand behind the so-called moderate position of “safe, legal, and rare.”

However, that has been discovered in favor of outright celebration of abortion.

Celebrities and abortion activists encourage women to “shout your abortion.”

One group on Twitter was even trying to promote the idea of abortion humor in order to destigmatize it.

The radicalism of the abortion movement is reflected in the Democrat Party.

Prominent figures inside the party, including DNC chair Tom Perez and former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, have said that pro-life women no longer have a place in the party.

New York legislators celebrated the passage of a bill that permitted abortion up until the point of birth by lighting up the World Trade Center and other New York landmarks pink.

And it’s seeping into culture.

An exposé showed that the social media site Pinterest was labeling pro-life messages as pornography.

Pro-life films are suppressed by advertisers, presenters, and critics.

An upcoming film about the landmark Roe v. Wade case told from a conservative perspective incited walkouts by liberal crew members.

Even former Planned Parenthood president Dr. Leana Wen wasn’t radical enough for the Left on the issue of abortion, and was forced out of the organization.

The pro-life cause is slowly gaining steam, and the pro-abortion Left is lashing out in violent and radical ways.

Will more people join the pro-life movement as the Left continues to go insane?

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  2. Incidents such as these do occur in other states well. The “drive-by” media do not report them. As a citizenry, we must remember this on election day. Unfortunately, abortion is a plank of the Democrat party platform. If you vote for any Democrat, this mentality is what you’ll get. As bj states, God wins. He will not be mocked.

  3. The left is showing their true colors. Abortion, to the left, has become a form of religious sacrifice to their god, Satan. They proclaim it to the heavens. Don’t forget the Democratic National Convention where they booed 3 seperate times when some in the leadership wanted to add God to their written platform.

  4. I agree with bj and D., the best hope is to live your faith. There are so many who live their beliefs but many of those “beliefs” are as the waves on the sea shore. Their beliefs are not firm and stable and rely upon ones thoughts instead of faith in the Living God who gives life.
    These don’t know that the breath and life and blood is required by the ONE Who gave it.

  5. why not spay stupid and lazy to take the pill or use a condom…just murder the child..IF THEY ARE SO SET ON KILLING A CHILD, AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE then they should pay the price for murder..

  6. I am appalled by the actions of these people if their mothers decided to abort them they would not be here speaking their mind. Our good Lord grants us free will but that doesn’t mean for the bad. We are taught to pray for those who need prayer, so we will. The devil never sleeps!

  7. I consider myself the most right-wing person on the planet. Yet, I not only support, I encourage all Liberals, Democrats, and Leftists to get an abortion and/or marry someone of the same gender. I approve anything that will remove their evolved monkey DNA from the true American gene pool. I support government subsidies for abortion and, of course, since we shouldn’t pay for the same mistake twice, forced sterilization of anyone who accepts tax dollars for an abortion.

    Despite this, the pro-abortion side doesn’t appreciate my support. There is simply no pleasing these creatures.

    As to the pro-life people: I understand your error. You think that because these creatures appear human, that they are equal to you. However, they are simply not fully human. They view their fetuses as not fully human. I agree because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Simply put, they have the form, but not the substance.

  8. One day a pro-lifer will be faced with a threat and will have no alternative but to protect themselves anyway possible; that may well be a licensed concealed permit holder. And although it would be justified guess who will bear the blame?

  9. Many pro-abortionist are Satan worshipers. They use abortion as a sacrifice to Baal! The are truly SICK! Time to stop abortion!!! It is MURDER!

  10. Hard to believe, that so many people didn’t appreciate that their mothers didn’t abort THEM!

  11. Evil begets Evil, these people need an experience with Jesus Christ, so that they would realize that life is precious and is a gift from God.


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