Pro-life Christians could end up in jail after a federal judge issued this horrifying ruling


The anti-Christian Left’s biggest battlefield is in the courts.

They work to get into the judicial process in order to block Christian policies.

And pro-life Christians could end up in jail after a federal judge issued this horrifying ruling.

President Donald Trump is a true ally to pro-life Americans.

He has forced Planned Parenthood to stop taking federal funding, and he is laying the groundwork for Roe v. Wade to be overturned.

Trump also created a rule that allows healthcare workers to refuse to participate in abortion.

But U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer just declared that rule unconstitutional, stating the Trump administration cannot enforce it.

LifeSiteNews reports:

U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration cannot enforce a rule protecting healthcare workers from being forced to participate in abortions, claiming it was “unconstitutional.”

In May, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) finalized the rule, which “ensures that HHS implements the full set of tools appropriate for enforcing” laws that exempt healthcare workers from “having to provide, participate in, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for, services such as abortion, sterilization, or assisted suicide.” It also “clarifies what covered entities need to do to comply with applicable conscience provisions,” “requires applicants for HHS federal financial assistance to provide assurances and certifications of compliance,” and “specifies compliance obligations for covered entities.”

Twenty-three states and municipalities sued, leading to the latest ruling, Reuters reports. In his ruling, Engelmayer did not affirm every pro-abortion claim against the rule, but ultimately invalidated it by agreeing with contentions that it impermissibly “attaches retroactive and ambiguous conditions to their receipt of federal funds” and is “impermissibly coercive” toward state and local governments that would be tasked with enforcing it as a condition of federal funds.”

This means that if a healthcare worker chooses to refuse to participate in an abortion, they could face punishment, which could eventually result in jail time.

And this is what the Left ultimately wants.

Do you think doctors should be forced to provide abortions?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. The constitution is a living document now don’t ya know?
    We can make it say whatever we want it to say.

  3. America is gonna burn in Hellfire. Only a relative few will survive it and then only those who openly allow GOD into their hearts and minds will be able to be saved when the wrath of destruction occurs. GOD may be loving to those who believe in Him but we all should know that He has a temper. He allows much and many chances to repent but for those who would snub Him, he can be very brutal and merciless in many different ways. These Democrats, Leftists, Atheists, baby-murderers and those who support it, whether secretly or openly, will be very sorry in time to come. For anyone who believes I am a Christian, stop presuming. I believe with all my strength in GOD but I am not a Christian.

  4. God can hate as much as he can love. One day He will reveal that hate to all the people who have disobeyed Him and mocked His Holy Name. He will laugh at their calamity and will not answer when they cry out for Him: Proverbs chapter 1. Hell was created for the disobedient.

  5. Well if you dont accept Christ and his message then you be in the Lake of ???? with all those mentioned

  6. Well I again say What kind of people will try so hard to make sure innocent babies are killed in a horrible way while these same people fight just as hard to try to stop the execution of the worst of the worst ! If anyone supports (God Forbid) the murder of innocent chileren they better be willing for those who commit the worst crimes get executed or th3ey will not only be Godless people but are accessories to the fact in the murder of these babies !

  7. Christopher: You don’t have to be a Christian to have morals. All those mocking GOD and destroying his creations, will indeed face harsh consequences.

  8. Bill; There is no IF anyone supports the murder of innocent babies, because they already do. The Demon party and some of their Presidential candidates supports this abomination whole heartedly . I will NEVER vote Democratic . I also agree with you on the stance about the death penalty.

  9. This judge has no idea about our Constitution. What Pres. Trump did is not unconstitutional. But libs hate the Constitution and want nothing to do with it. They need to be banned from this country.

  10. bj: have you noticed something wonderful has happened? We’ve had 6 new stories posted by Culture Watch and “he who will not be named” has not shown up?? I truly hope Culture Watch has finally honored our wishes and we can finally have room to post without his nonsense!!!

  11. Any “Judge” who believes (and has a DEMONSTRATED HISTORY OF) “he” has the “right” to re-write the Constitution to suit HIS own opinions, should IMMEDIATELY be removed from his/her position. The ONLY duty a judge has, is to ENFORCE the laws of the land. If the law is wrong, then THAT issue is one for the Supreme Court of the State or Country to determine. The opinion of a low-level judge is NOT worth the paper it’s printed on!!!

  12. The federal funds belongs to the people and should not be used to kill babies, that is MURDER any way you look at it.
    The only time abortion should be legal is in a case of rape. Anyone getting pregnant because they are to lazy to take precautions it should not be allowed. And the men that become dads should be in jail if they don’t take care of their offspring.

  13. God exists only in the imagination of people who have surrendered their faculties to the manipulators and con artists. Who wangle quite luxurious lifestyles out of them. ’tis truly dangerous times when people lose their way and fall prey to the lowest of the low. Unable to comprehend the reality that orders their very existence.

  14. Know God,s judgement cause he gave us an example of his justice. Those people who vote Democrat with their leftist ways to put into office and congress will face the courts of heaven as guilty of murder, support of homosexuals, many more of the immoral things against God. For those supporting abortion Example: King David sent Uriah to the front of battle to be killed so David could hid his adultery. But God exposed him as the murderer even thou he did not kill Uriah himself. So those today who vote and place people to open the abortion mills again are murders before God Almighty even they didn’t rip apart that child from the mothers womb. God’s judgment is coming to the Democrats and they wish they hadn’t been born. Praise Jesus and thank you God for always showing us your truth to those indenile.

  15. The first thing we God fearing folks must do, is have SCOTUS overturn Roe vs Wade and that will the beginning of the of end the rampant murder of babies across the USA.

  16. The judge’s ruling is in direct contradiction with the first amendment right of freedom of religion. Perhaps he needs to retake his constitutional course from college law school.

  17. The Constitution and the bible have in common that they are both “living” documents. The definition of that term is very different from being a pliable instrument. “living” in this case means an unaltered truth that applies at anytime throughout history. Both documents are always alive in their messages of consistent truth, something Americans have chosen to ignore.

  18. How wrong you are; anything you worship or hold in high regard can become a ‘god’ and most people are actually worshiping human relativism. Those who hold no value for an unborn baby are worshiping a death cult, some to the point of becoming zealots for their belief. There are people who hold certain athletes up as personal idols, and waste countless millions on products with that ‘idol’s’ name upon it. Don’t be fooled, everyone worships something, even if it is their own selves!
    While I am not a Christian, I do recognize that everything that exists; down to the very dust of the universe, had to be created. NOTHING CAN BRING ITSELF INTO EXISTENCE!!! All things have had to be created.

  19. Well, the judge is ignorant. There isn’t a thing in the law that says they have to participate in murder thus making the judges ruling an attempt at aiding and abetting criminals.

  20. God does not hate but He will judge those who refused to accept the Son Jesus Christ when the time comes. For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son that who so ever believed in him should not perish but have ever lasting life. Those who refuse to believe shall have there place in the lake of fire that was prepared for Satan and his fallen angels.

  21. no one should be forced by threat of law to do that which is immoral… how can the unfinished law regarding abortion be both duplicitous and unequal to the parties involved as well be force by threat of incarceration compliance with that law to the risk of judgement before God ? we are a nation under God sez so everywhere you look money courthouse in our pledge of allegiance. the abortion law is unequal because it grants the rights to only one of the two people responsible for the pregnancy and duplicitous in that if you murder a pregnant woman you are charged with the murder of two individuals furthermore to force anyone to go against their religious beliefs is truely and affront to the practice of religion an enumerated constitutional right this judge needs to face judicial review and impeachment

  22. Abortion is murder and comes with a forever sentence to fire and brimstone in hell, where Satan rules.

  23. Isn’t there something in our constitution that says something about freedom of religion. That would mean this ruling would be unconstitutional. If they want to talk constitution they need to read and understand that document.

  24. That is absolutely insane. What right does the government have to tell any business what they can and can’t do. This is obviously a Judge appointed by a liberal. He should be removed from the bench immediately before he does any more damage.

  25. Since this judge in name only is so obsessed with death. It’s high time the people of this nation take up arms and go to his place and stick them in his face and ask him if he feels lucky. And send a message to the rest of the death loving communists.

  26. Don’t I have the right to refuse to participate in a crime? If it is against my personal beliefs and I’m forced to participate, it’s a crime!!

  27. Even if a person is a non christian and not a politically inclined, he should not be forced to kill if he does not want to. It is as simple as that. It would be the same as forcing a person to take up a weapon and killing another person. How can that be made to be a law by a judge sitting on a bench and legislating what is law. he is suppose to define the law and not make it. What happen to a person”s right to make his/her own decision to address what is right or wrong?

  28. BitinDawg; I truly pity you. I have never been fooled by con artists and I KNOW GOD exists. I hope, for your sake, you well believe GOD exists and accept Jesus as your savior. If not, your eternity will be everlasting torment for your foolish choice……

  29. What is so sad about our society is their inability to recognize how precious it is to hold a new born baby. Without reproduction, replenishment of human beings upon this earth, this planet earth could become void of human life. 2.) how in the world can a person hold their newborn grandchild in their arms, and recognize the joy that this child has bought into their lives, and turn around and support abortion. This is a human life that we are talking about. A helpless child that does not the right to live because some lame person decided to have sex outside of marriage, now wants to cover up their responsibility to abort the baby, and turn around to satisfy their sexual hunger. these are adult that we’re talking about. why can’t they take preventive measures. Go figure.

  30. The Constitution was never meant to be a living document that could be changed just by the ruling of one judge. There is a process for making changes to our Constitution and it does not include any single persons whims or social bias thinking. This country is a Federation of States, there by changes to the Constitution takes 2/3rd of the States to Ratify anything. Interpretation of the Constition and our Rights are the responsibility of the Supreme Court, not some hand picked bias political activist on either side of the Political isle. If we as citizens, religious or not do not have the rights to decide what we feel is right or wrong and be able to act upon it as long as it does not affect or danger someone else, what rights do we have in this Political bias world?

  31. Yeah…so check w/ the constitution website to view the latest listings of what the tolerant loving Left ‘Feels’ it should be protecting today. Don’t worry, you’re not supposed to be able to follow all the changes; you weren’t meant too. As a friendly reminder, make sure all your food & clothing tickets are up-to-date. Also, keep your housing & heating vouchers current. Lastly, to keep our one-payer healthcare system viable, all citizens celebrating their 40th birthday, please keep your revelry short as you are due in the gas chambers before days end. As always, thank you for being an obedient, responsible & compliant citizen. The good for the whole starts w/ the few. We value you as a person, but there’s a limit silly!

  32. [Trump also created a rule that allows healthcare workers to refuse to participate in abortion. But U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer just declared that rule unconstitutional, stating the Trump administration cannot enforce it.]

    A Federal Judge ruled that American citizens have no right to choose to obey their religious beliefs, and can be forced to do something they consider evil and don’t want to do, through penalty (fines), punishment (incarceration), or/and the lost of their job. The state (government) now has the right to force Americans to do what they don’t want to do, and which violates their religious beliefs, and then that same government still pathetically puts out propaganda of the false fantasy that the American people are really a “free people”.

    The only person that wants the American people to be a “free people” again is President Trump. President Trump is attempting to fulfill his campaign promise of “Making America Great Again”, by giving the American people back their choice to do what they think is best for themselves. President Trump is trying to do this, instead of an elitist government bureaucrat, or a usurping legislative Federal Judge that makes-up laws from his bench through his rulings, forcing the American people to accept the choices of elitist bureaucrats and law making judges, instead of that of the individual person deciding what is best for themselves.

    The Right from the Declaration of Independence of “Pursuit of Happiness”, is that of the individual making their own decisions of what is best for themselves, instead of being forced to accept another’s decision of what is best for them, but instead being allowed to live by their own decisions of what is best for them.

  33. No woman wants an abortion, I have known some women who have had one. I am a man and most women carry that pain much of their lives, not constant but occasionally for most. However, most women do not regret having an abortion, knowing that getting pregnant was a mistake, for whatever reason, and they were terrified of giving birth at that point in their lives, maybe you can guess some of those reasons. Every miscarriage is a potential person, anytime a man has sex with a fertile woman there is potential for a baby to be produced. The right wing not only wants to turn back Roe v Wade, they have passed hundreds of laws in our 50 states that make it much more difficult for a woman to have an abortion. If you follow the news you know some of those crazy laws. Not only that Republicans are so self-righteous that many want contraception like birth control pills to be mandatory on insurance plans. They also have stopped foreign aid to countries that only have abortion rights but also birth control such as pills. They don’t like government except to interfere with a woman’s right to control the course of her life and her body’s health, and also stopping women for equal rights in the workplace, they won’t pass the E.R.A. and the law that mandates equal pay for equal work. That is the side you are on, and also the side that America’s Hitler is on and all the white supremacist hate groups.

  34. His erection was just as prolific as her moist receptiveness such that following ejaculent discharge, fluids intermingled with some bleeding to birth upon us half breeds with a new covenant. Peace be upon them in the name of our lord Mohammed Amen.

  35. U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmayer is Jewish. Why is it that so many anti-Trump activists are Jews, who are only 1.6% of the population?

  36. Ok BJ come ban me from the country that my family helped found. One more thing this cold civil war we are in is not Left/Right nor conservative/progress but is urban suburban vs rural.

  37. Currently, there is a razor-thin line between our constitutionally run country and an authoritarian run country that it is scary. If the wrong liberal and his/her supporting liberals should be elected, wide-spread persecution of all non-liberals would begin to happen over-night. Total loss of liberties would follow within days. Wake up America.

  38. justice…Abortion is the MURDER of a helpless innocent baby. PERIOD. NO WOMAN has the right to KILL a baby!!!! A baby IS NOT part of a woman’s body. It is its OWN individual body with its own DNA. Life begins at conception. Read a biology book!!!!!! You can deny truth, but that makes you a fool. And Pres. Trump is NOTHING at al like you say he is. YOU are a LIAR!!!! YOU are on the side of hate and lies, as is the whole dem party. Open your eyes. It is the DEMS who endorse Hitler. And it is the DEMS who created and have been proud leaders of the KKK. Most conservatives are Christians and God forbids your sick hatred. God created and loves all races. Christians follow Jesus and His teachings…love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and helping others. You need lots of lessons from Him

  39. Justice, YOU are a sick liar!!!!!!! That is FALSE!!!! Take a good look at your own dem party…THEY are the Nazis. You are the slow one. That is obvious. NOTHING you say about Pres. Trump is true.

  40. justice, Larry is right on. You can deny truth, but that makes you a fool. The goal of the dem party is total control of our government and us. NO FREEDOM. But that is fine with you.

  41. Mike, that is EXACTLY what the dem party is all about. They want total control. They hate everything our founding fathers gave us, esp. our freedom. They are very dangerous

  42. Robert, it’ s not that he needs to retake it. Like all dems, he hates our Constitution and will do as he wants. Liberals are very dangerous to our freedom.

  43. jack, if you hate what this country stands for, that makes you a traitor. You would be a terrible disappointment to your ancestors who helped found this country. Our founders were Christians who left us a nation with their Christian principles, one of which is your freedom. But the dems hate everything this country stands for. They are very dangerous to our freedom. If you do not like this country, you are free to move elsewhere. Try NK or a muslim country. You will very soon appreciate what freedom is

  44. mangy dog…YOU ARE A FOOL!!!!! satan has you very brainwashed. You can deny the truth, but that in no way changes it. God is very real. FACT. There is evidence for Him everywhere, but you have chosen to ignore it. HISTORY records Jesus being here. But since you are a fool, guess you don’t believe in history either. ALL who come to Jesus and accept Him as the Lord of their life know He is there for them. But you have rejected Him, so have no concept at all of who He is or His great sacrifice and love for you. I pity you. satan is your master.

  45. mangy dog…you must like coming here and making a fool of yourself. This is a Christian site and we know the truth that you deny

  46. bj; I think if we point out his comments are obscene perhaps they will ban him too. He is truly disturbed and he thinks he’s funny. His mother must be so proud….

  47. JfT: Oh Justice, I’ve tried to help you on many occasions. But you just won’t listen to me. Do you like being insulted? I think not. But yet you persist to come on to this Conservative site and call our sitting president a Nazi. And question others that accept Trump as a good president. Do you think your comments would be welcomed? Again I say, I think not. So why do you keep doing it? I know, through many of our discussions, you are not an unintelligent man. Or an evil one. Oh well, I have tried…
    Oh and FYI, you are quite wrong on your stance about abortion. In the mean time, please rethink about your choices in the political arena. You’re backing a very evil party, on all points…..

  48. Lolz. Oh, that’s right, I almost forgot. I’m still trying to figure out why the men who drafted that document, for all of the details and protections they were so careful to add, forgot to add that statement. Too many crybabies in this country these days who think temper tantrums about everything they don’t like are okay….. until someone who disagrees with them gets angry. ????

  49. Last night I watched a documentary on Amazon Prime called “One Child Nation” about Chinas one-child policy from the 80s-2015 when they finally ended it (now they are allowed two children- that they have decided is the perfect number) and the horrifying consequences of this policy. Forced abortions and sterilizations, a woman being kidnapped by govt officials for this, houses being torn down becuase someone had a second child, one “family planning” official spoke of having performed upwards of 60+ thousand abortions but couldn’t be sure it could be lots more. Propaganda brainwashing, children/babies being stolen from families to be given to orphanages for profit then placed for international adoption. Families abandoning female babies and allowing them to die so they can try again for a boy. (I read another article that spoke of entire villages with 98% males under age 30 and no females for them to marry.) China now sees they do not have enough young people to care for their elderly. They showed pictures of dumps with yellow bags each with a dead baby – they referred to as a fetus- even though most of them were 6-9 months along.

    I challenge anyone who says this is just a fetus or group of cells to look at these images and maintain that conviction…but liberals probably will never watch this show as they do not want to see where they are heading. I am actually not fully against abortion- there are times it is sadly needed, but it should be restricted to before viability around 20 weeks (if you cannot do it by then and still don’t want it, there are hundreds of thousands of loving parents waiting to adopt) or medical necessity and only if a min. of two doctors agree.

    I know leftist and feminist will get mad (yes I am a woman so I do have a dog in this fight) but you all or nothing stance, your my way or the highway, we know better then everyone else is not fair or reasonable and I don’t care if I trigger you.

    One last fact that is and has been True since the beginning of Time- Dead things do not Grow!
    Think on that.

  50. It be racist white folk that love abortion ’cause they can exterminate those black babies before they grow up to wear hoodies and rob gas stations ahahahahaha

  51. Justice for Trump- No woman regrets it? Well as a woman I can tell you I know several women who had an abortion and did Regret it, even years later and 3 out of 5 of them usually got pregnant and had a baby within the next year. So you may want to talk to some more women before telling us how sure you are of how ALL women think!

    “Not only that Republicans are so self-righteous that many want contraception like birth control pills to be mandatory on insurance plans.”

    And you call Republicans Self-Righteous lol. Dear, as a woman and a Republican I do agree there are times a woman needs an abortion. Most women are saddened and heartsick over this choice a few other then these feminazis on the left celebrate this choice or wear T-shirts announcing it- but I also feel there should be restrictions on it. Saying my body my choice- well there is also personal responsibility – ok accidents happen as do rapes and other unfortunate situations- then abortion, if needed, should be done before the fetus/baby is viable safe to say around 20 weeks, if you cannot make that responsible choice by that point then you can have it and give it up for adoption – thousands of families are waiting.

    Life has responsibilities so each of us. If the woman makes the choice to have unprotected sex or even protected but not effective (which is rare) then there are consequences to that choice.

    Please liberals top telling Women they do not have Responsibility for their own actions and that Yes they have a Choice from the start (yes except in the case of rape) most abortions are done for no other reason then the girl was not being responsible and using abortion as her form of birth control.

    As to the US paying for other countries’ abortions – Why should we be paying for that? They need to take responsibility too!

    Oh, btw all those things you listed that you say Trump is not passing and is blocking- Why did Obama not pass them then? He was on your Team and had 8 yrs to do it- So why did he not do so?
    Dems are hypocryts.

  52. By “living” we mean “evolving”. Democrats believe in evolution, and believe the constitution is evolving.

  53. Legally, a nurse or doctor cannot leave a patient in the middle of a procedure or refuse to care for them after agreeing to do so. They are in risk of losing not only their jobs but their licenses to practice.

    THAT BEING SAID, these same professionals should already know in advance what kind of care is being required and be able to refuse that care PRIOR to establishing a healthcare relationship with a patient. In other words, any nurse or doctor with a moral compass guiding them should not engage in any form of “care” that harms or murders the patient.

    “First do no harm” is the guiding principle here regarding the Hippocratic Oath that is taken by both doctors and nurses; , it needs to be taken very seriously by the nurses and doctors who even CONSIDER performing abortions in the first place! Law or no law, abortion in 99.999999999999% of these cases is morally and ethically wrong — I have been an RN for almost 34 years, and I have always made the choice to not work anywhere where abortions-on-demand are performed. I’ve also never abandoned a patient while giving care, and I never would.

    My point is this: Anyone who chooses to participate in this practice to begin with knows what they are doing, and there are no excuses otherwise. HOWEVER, as long as a health-care professional gives adequate notice, they should never be forced to give care that goes against their religious, ethical, and moral beliefs.

  54. It is hardly advanced science that the cosmos could not have sprung into existence from nothing. Neither is it difficult to understand that it could not have always existed, since it would by now be nothing but burned out embers. Then there is the idea of life springing from non-life and developing finally into humanity. That is just silly, as innumerable scientific and statistical impossibilities have to be overlooked. Many very intelligent people may disagree with me, but they can’t intelligently disagree. Naturalism is a belief system just as much as supernaturalism. But naturalism is foolishness unsupported by the facts.

  55. The RedMan: Hey dummy, stop harassing Linda M. Just because she called you out on your childish charade of pretending to be black/Native American you think you have a right to come on here and act the fool. And be obscene.
    You’re sick man. I told you before, grow up and act like a man. If you’re capable .

  56. Chuck, don’t confuse intelligence with education. Every person who denies the creator lacks intelligence. Some of the most educated people are in fact very stupid.

  57. Actually, it takes three quarters of the States to ratify a proposed amendment to the Constitution, and they can only ratify what has first been proposed by either Congress or a Convention of the States. In order for Congress to propose an amendment, two thirds of the House, and also two thirds of the Senate, have to support doing so. In order for a Convention of the States to convene, two thirds of the States have to request so.

  58. Maybe so, but every adjudicating party and every court still has an obligation to cite which the part of the constitution is being violated by a particular statute, treaty, executive order or court decision violates, when claiming that such a particular thing is “unconstitutional”. Arguments are supposed to be left up to the adjudicating parties, whereas the courts are supposed to arrive at decisions as to which of at least two parties is most correct, assuming any of them are.

    In the particular case reviewed by Paul Engelmayer, he probably found that the executive branch of the federal government does not have the authority to create exemptions to federal statutes in ways that no existing federal law actually permits, as the third section of the second article of the Constitution requires that the President “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States.” Now, if we look carefully at our history, we can see that many Presidents of the United States have had problems in this regard, as to whenever they tried to control the nation via executive fiat. Think of DAPA and DACA, for instances in recent history. Donald Trump was not even office back then.

  59. Wait. What? You could just as easily ask, “Why is it that so many pro-Trump activists are Jews, who are only 1.6% of the population?” What do such questions even mean? Such questions, at least prefaced in such a manner, do not serve to illustrate anything at all, do they? Wouldn’t we care more about what percentage of a particular demographic is pro-Trump, anti-Trump, undecided or neutral? Wouldn’t wondering about that be monumentally superior to asking loaded questions predicated upon fallacious reasoning?

  60. Every person employed as United States judge has plenty idea about the Constitution of the United States. Some of them simply willfully engage in connivance or sophistry.

  61. No judge would ever admit to re-writing the Constitution, be it to suit his own opinions or otherwise. They will all always claim to be enforcing the laws of the land. Maybe there is a proper place to lodge accusations of exceeded authority against judges, though.

  62. You’re implying that atheists do not have the right disobey their oaths of public office in the pursuit of protecting the lives of the unborn, but that religious people do. That is wrongful, or at the very least, problematic. Religious exemptions are bullcrap. The first amendment refers to freedom of worship, and freedom of faith, in its use of “freedom of religion”, since such freedoms are not the freedom to violate the law just because a “religion” requires of its subscribers to perform rituals that present a public safety hazard or contradict laws duly ratified in the jurisdiction in which they physically reside.

  63. Yeah, well, that is why there is a program for “conscientious objection” for persons drafted into the armed forces, but the program is limited. If push comes to shove, the “authorities” will have a person tossed into the Brig for “objection” that goes a bit too far. For occupations that are voluntary, the employer expects a the volunteer to tender his or her resignation if he or she will not conform to the policies of the organization.

  64. That “freedom of religion” clause prohibits the government from tossing you into jail or sentencing you to death solely on account of your faith or lack thereof, as tied to “freedom of speech” and everybody’s right to peaceably assemble or petition the government for redress of grievances. This does not protect you from being fired from your job for refusing to do your damned job. If you do not like what your job requires you to do, then you are supposed to resign, or petition for a rule change while faithfully carrying out the job functions until such time as those functions are amended.

  65. For well over a century, the Congress of the United States has ratified programs that the Constitution of the United States does not actually permit it the ratify, per the tenth amendment. Congress gets away with it because of people’s failure to adequately challenge the federal government, and that includes failures on the parts of the Presidents, the governors, the legislatures, the media, the judiciaries, the justices and the voters. However, in a republic, sometimes the people genuinely believe that the benefits of particular acts of the legislature outweigh the costs. Unfortunately, descendants of those people wind up being indoctrinated into believing the same thing despite wondering why there is not always a concise alignment between the bold letter of the constitution and what would be known as “constitutional law” along with all inferior laws. To put some of this into context, we should acknowledge there are a whole bunch of federal agencies, even entire federal executive departments, having absolutely nothing to do with the mission of the United States as outlined in the eighth section of the first article of the Constitution. Americans nitpick about particular things regarding federal programs that were never have supposed to have been created in the first place without the Constitution having previously been duly amended accordingly.

  66. Hilarious, but you can be assured that Paul Engelmayer does not believe himself to be god. In fact, he will most certainly claim that he was simply doing his job. Nearly all state actors make such a claim. Only once in a while will you ever encounter a bureaucrat, a cop, a prosecutor, a defender, a judge, a warden or an executioner who says, “I was just doing what I felt was the right thing to do.” That’s usually what untrained people who are not even employed by a government say.

  67. Right, and that is the nitty gritty of it. But whensoever we get into making use of emotional arguments, we sometimes just throw the concept of contractual obligations out the window. Leave it to blogs like this to try to rile people up every single time, whether the matter is big or small.

  68. So until then the activist judges on the courts will just make the constitution say whatever they want it to say. No need for ratification.

  69. The individual mandate of Obamacare was a clear violation of the constitution’s Commerce Clause.
    Obama said in 2009 the individual mandate was not a tax.
    But the SCOTUS ruled 5 to 4 that the mandate was a tax.
    The SCOTUS also ruled that congress exceeded it’s power with the ACA by expanding Medicaid because it would force states to accept the expansion or lose existing Medicaid funding which is unconstitutional.

  70. A better question is why do democrats embrace Islam as a valid religion and even call it a “religion of peace” when Islam clearly speaks out against homosexuality, and we all know what happens to homosexuals in the middle east? Not to mention the mutilation of young woman.
    I have never heard an answer to this question anywhere.

  71. That was a “violation” on Congress’s part, so to speak. Barack Obama had even made a campaign promise of not supporting an individual mandate, but he was no match for Karen Ignani and the full force of the health insurance industry, so he relented, eager to carve out a legacy for himself, as purportedly succeeding where FDR and LBJ failed. Ha! How is that for ego-tripping Democrats? Obama likes to take credit for the whole bill, but he was kind of a stooge. Max Baucus, Ted Kennedy and even “laboratories of democracy” Mitt Romney were interwoven into the whole thing. Most of the provisions of the bill were of Senate origin, but the sneaky politicians knew that it had to officially be proposed in the House of Representatives, because of all the revenue-generating clauses in it. The Supreme Court did not want to question any of that, claiming not to be police over the way legislatures may operate.

    There is a reason why the minimum essential coverage provision, the “individual mandate”, is considered a tax. The nuances of the way it is implemented reveal that it is only a prorated denial of tax deductions upon individuals who would otherwise be entitled to the deductions, for them having gone uninsured for some period of time. People who have no tax liability do not suddenly gain a tax liability simply for being uninsured for too long. Instead, whensoever they do owe federal income taxes, the “individual mandate” fee amount of sorts is siphoned out of whatever amount money they would be ordinarily be able to deduct or receive as a credit. Donald Trump via executive fiat has waived the penalizing, but the statute is still in place, so if a Democrat or McCain-type Republican becomes President and reverses it, then tax payers who have gone uninsured, even while Trump’s wavier was in effect, will have the statutorily-defined fee amount siphoned out of their tax deductions or tax credits.

    It’s a mess. The federal government really has no business offering any of these insurance plans. Often times, lobbyists pull the strings, and not necessarily to defend their own god-given freedoms or rightfully-acquired wealth but out of malice toward fellow market entities, whether bigger or smaller. As some late-twentieth-century Republican politicians have stated, a government big enough to provide you with everything you need is also big enough to take everything you have. We should all be able to clearly see where we have been headed for a long time. Of course, people can only tolerate so much crap, so may only be a matter of time before war breaks out. In theory, the constitutionalists of the United States would win, but the victory may be Pyrrhic.

  72. Well, that is the thing. Islam is, in a sense, indeed about peace, as in peace through the tyranny of an extremely-draconian police state supplemented by a Kafkaesque judiciary and backup plans to prevent police mutinies; indoctrination to forward the ways to the future generations. In other words, if ordinary people are censored, required to display faith, discouraged from questioning things, disarmed, spied upon, required to serve the hierarchy, denied due process of law, required to obey “the prophet”, denied public “authority” representation and subjected to cruel creative punishments, how can they be brave enough to viably wage war against the powers that be? There would be no war. Yet because so many Islamic militaristic factions, be them Sunni, Shia, Wahhabist or whatever, have not actually been powerful enough to have it this way, they wage war in the hopes of achieving such a vision. The denominations may have to assimilate each other first. The wars will not be over until the Islamic fundamentalists absolutely win or absolutely lose. Outside of fiery extremist fundamentalism, maybe it is not so “black and white”, but otherwise it is quite so stark: “all or nothing”, “if you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy”, like that. Honestly, just as it is not possible to rid the world of peace, it is not possible to rid the world of war.

  73. Culper: Ok, let see your long list of Jewish pro-Trump activists.
    Also, let me rephrase my comment: Trump is more supportive of Israel than any of the other recent US presidents, but the Jews in the US and worldwide are extremely anti-Trump. It just doesn’t make any sense.

  74. You would suggest that Mark Levin is the odd man out then? We could suppose that “Jewish politics” is enigmatic. The point was that the figure “1.6%” does not actually tell us anything about how what percentage of Jewish people endorse or condemn Trump, but only what percentage of the population is Jewish. The polls probably do not track the politics of the particular demographic very well. There are many things hidden from the public in this regard. For instance, the percentage of Jewish people who work for CNN at high-discretion ranks, or high-influence ranks, is quite high, possibly higher than many other news companies. You can actually get banned from many sites just for pointing this out, especially if you individually identify persons and their respective involvements in CNN. The political correctness stuff can be difficult at times. One of the reasons that rebels against “political correctness” are reluctant to criticize Jewish people is the fact that, per the Jewish Defense League and other “forces”, the Jewish people are more than capable of fighting back, so to speak, whereas people of other demographics would be perceived as weak, unarmed, gullible, servile, petty, shallow, disorderly and self-effacing. Arguably, it took incidents like the Holocaust and the Rape of Nanking to change the world. Just as individuals who have been severely persecuted and battered in the past often buff up and become extremely powerful and tough, nations may do it as well.

  75. This judge is playing with fire he thinks this is a good thing by messing with God’s things? We don’t own this planet neither do any of these judges or politicans keep messing with God’s things and he won’t be to happy. When doing the devil’s work will only make it worse for that person it will eat you alive inside out, so keep messing with things and you will feel it. Karma always catches up to those who do the wrong things

  76. There IS a Supreme Being and Jesus is His begotten Son. If you take time to smell the roses, so to speak, you can see Him in everything.
    If you chose not to believe, so be it. Don’t bother to endeavor to rain on the faith of others. You are wasting your time. You can’t change the faith of a true believer.
    There are fakers out there who preach for material gain. I’d hate to be in their shoes when they learn that the Supreme Being is real and they have to account for their actions.
    But there are many who preach from the heart because they know God and Jesus are REAL! How you can know, when you meet them you can feel that there’s something special about them.
    And if you try Him, give Jesus a chance, He’ll show you that He is there and He cares. Even for you.

  77. Does this mean that we can take the 2 politically biased that Trump put on the SCOTUS off and send them home? I sure hope so.

  78. I’m sure you understand correctly that there is no constitutional limitation on content of amendments to be proposed and ratified. If the several States want to ratify a measure proposed by the appropriate body requiring the removal of any particular person from the employ of the United States, then the several States have the authority to do so. To prevent that particular person’s name from being enshrined in the record, most likely the hypothetical amendment would be worded in such a way as to give some particular civil authority, or even military authority, the power to discharge anybody holding the targeted office.

  79. “the Jews in the US and worldwide are extremely anti-Trump”
    I don’t think you can say that about Mark Levin and there are plenty more like him. Is it any surprise that there are Jewish useful idiots? Wasn’t Karl Marx Jewish?

  80. “The Supreme Court did not want to question any of that, claiming not to be police over the way legislatures may operate.”
    But they are. The laws passed by Congress must pass constitutional muster

  81. “God exists only in the imagination of people who have surrendered their faculties to the manipulators and con artists. Who wangle quite luxurious lifestyles out of them.”

    Sounds like you are describing politicians. Power corrupts. Total power corrupts absolutely. Isn’t Karl Marx one of the best-known con artists and manipulators? Did not Lenin have a cadre of useful idiots?

  82. Well Redman, Margaret Sanger was certainly a “white folk” and yes, she was in favor of abortion for the reasons you gave but she hardly represents the values of all “white folk’ even if she represents the values of the Democrat party.

  83. used to be a liberal: Maybe you are still a liberal. Maybe the people who claim to be liberal today are not liberal at all. How liberal was Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin? The rule of law under the constitution is important whether you are liberal or conservative. It protects your right to express your opinion. You are right about this.

  84. Americans “belonging” some ethnicities probably have to be very careful about going on public display about their support for the presidency of Donald Trump. This may also especially apply to people in certain professions or at high economic achievement levels. Not that endorsement is necessarily dangerous, but it may put the endorser at risk of disenfranchisement. Ever notice how owners of massive businesses tend to be tight-lipped about their political views?

  85. Laws are one thing, but legislative body rules are another thing. The House of Representatives does not make rules for the Senate, and the Senate does not make rules for the House of Representatives. Together, and only together, they can ratify statutes subject to challenge by entities adversely affected by the statutes.

    In regards to the first sentence of the seventh section of the first article of the Constitution, “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other Bills”; the Supreme Court seems to prefer not to interpret this in a way that would allow anybody but the Congress in general to admonish House bills ghostwritten effectively by the Senate; not to mention that the courts do not care about what is wrong with a bill until it has been actually either signed into law by the President or made into law by two thirds of both houses of Congress.

  86. I do not care what anybody thinks, those people are still murderers and always will be no matter how you look at it. Maybe THEY need to be murdered!

  87. That murderous judge would never make me kill a person like that. Not ever. i would rather see that baby terrorist tortured and pulled apart without painkillers just like he want that to happen to babies. I hope he doesnt have any kids.

  88. Maybe many are confused about what an abortion really is? It is a MEDICAL procedure. It is NOT a birth control method. It should only occur in a hospital surgery and only when medically necessary. Sometimes babies because of infection or accident die in the womb. If the dead infant is not aborted, the mother can become septic and die also. Thus the need for medical intervention. Abortion is NOT birth control.


  90. Removal of a dead fetus from the womb is not abortion. Abortion is both death and discharge. It’s not even necessarily a medical procedure. When the death is natural, this spontaneous abortion is better known as miscarriage or stillbirth. When the death is homicide, society may have a problem on its hands. Deliberately taking the life of the unborn out of pure convenience of the mother, her family or her friends is immoral. Unintentional deaths of the unborn as also uncool, particularly when the cause of the accident itself was an illegal behavior. Should or shouldn’t the same laws that mitigate murder, manslaughter and wrongful death of adults, teenagers, children, toddlers and newborns also apply to the unborn? That is kind of the question.


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