Prince Harry might be questioning his life choices right about now


It’s been an eventful year for Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle.

The couple has made waves worldwide with a series of controversial moves.

And now Prince Harry might be questioning his life choices right about now.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle made a splash when they chose to leave the Royal Family in an attempt to be “independent.”

The couple first moved to Canada, and there was speculation they wouldn’t move to the United States so long as Donald Trump was president.

That quickly went out the window, and they now reside in Markle’s native Los Angeles.

However, the Prince Harry is quickly learning adjusting to the move isn’t as easy as he thought it was going to be.

According to reports, Harry has been slow to adapt to life in Los Angeles.

A source told Vanity Fair, “He has a lot of friends in the military community in the UK, and of course he misses them. This is a very strange time for us all, but I think Harry is missing having a structure to his life right now . . . So at the moment he’s a bit rudderless.”

Prince Harry recently sold his custom-made hunting rifles and missed out on a family hunting expedition, so it’s understandable he’s feeling isolated from the family.

Going from British royalty to an aspiring entertainment power couple in Los Angeles has to be a huge culture shock.

The transition away from the Royal Family has been rocky on other fronts as well.

Queen Elizabeth told the couple they would be stripped of their official titles and cut off from the royal found.

As a result, both Canada and the United States said the couple would have to pay for their own around-the-clock security.

They’ve also faced the challenge of altering social media branding material that was tied to “Sussex Royal,” which the Queen requested they no longer use.

As Vanity Fair reported, Harry is “rudderless,” but his wife is eager to resume her acting career.

She reportedly told her manager that she wanted to be part of an ensemble in a blockbuster superhero film.

It’s no wonder Harry misses the Royal Family.

It gave him a sense of purpose and belonging.

Trying to carve out a niche in reality television just doesn’t have the same effect.

Will Prince Harry be able to adjust to life in Los Angeles?

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  2. Oh, boo-hoo. As the saying goes, “You may your bed, now you lay on it.” I don’t care about this golden-spoon fed immature young man nor his immature wife. While the rest of the country is out of jobs, can’t pay their rent, or feed their families, this imbecile couple can learn to work like the rest of the “common” American people.

  3. Two buffoons. They will be divorced in a couple of years. She’s slick and calculating, and Harry’s rather gutless. I doubt he will be happy so far from his comfort zone.

  4. Meghan is selfish self centered, who only married Harry, the gutless wonder, for his money and title that she thought would bring her fame. Well, guess what, she miscalculated her plans, now she has ruined herself and Harry. I expect they will become the most hated couple in the world, especially since she is controlling the whole issue. The real world isn”t what it seem, is it baby, gutless wonder?

  5. Julio, then they just don’t get security. Who cares anyway? I don’t feel a bit sorry for them

  6. That SLUT is milking him like a fat cow. He needs to kick her off and out. Take your son and go home under England protection and leave this piss poor excuse for a female. When your home with your son that SLUT would never be able to touch you. If she came to England, the people would gut her like a fish.

  7. She is very selfish but he is a knucklehead for agreeing to go along with her one sided wishes or demands. What will she want next? We know it won’t be anything for Harry. He needs to grow a pair before it’s too late.

  8. Accept your mistake, learn from it, dump the thing and flee as fast as you can from Hollywood and the self-destructing demonrats.

  9. WAH WAH WAH!! That’s what Harry gets for letting his wife be the boss and bowing down to everything she says! I know he loves her and she’s a beautiful woman but is it worth all this? That’s the question he has to ask himself! Sometimes our decisions in life don’t have the consequences that we wish they would! Welcome to adulthood Harry!

  10. And Harry is a weak excuse for a man. She only married him for his name and money, and knew she could control him. HARRY your mother would NEVER have accepted her, she would have known what trash she is.

  11. After all is said and done harry will still get his cut, amounting to millions, from the highest paid welfare recipients in the world.

  12. It’s only a matter of time. Harry; grow a backbone & tell the Witch how you really feel & especially her political views. How can Harry be ‘rudderless’ when the Witch has estranged her own Father, barely speaks to her Mom where she got her B*tchiness from, & has no real friends. The Witch has such a huge self-righteous ego that she’s not seeing the forest through the tree. She’s lost & doesn’t know it. But Harry does & that is the beginning of the end for this marriage. Harry must take his Son back to England because the Witch probably would place him second to her narcissistic career, make amends, get his life back on track, be the Man he should be & find a real Woman, one he can Marry for Life. Markle the Witch was a fling & that’s all life means to a Leftie.

  13. I don’t know why any one is surprised. Harry has been strange since his adult years.
    He is a man with out b–ls.

  14. Harry’s biggest mistake, since the wedding, was his choice to sell-off his two custom make Purdy’s hunting rifles.He is definitely PW. What a big dissapontment……….

  15. It time for him to Divorce her and go home to England. #1 she is just using him and when gets bank in show and the movies he will be the baby sitter and she will do what ever she wants to. #2 Harry, will be push aside like a trash can. #3 Time for him to take baby and go home to a better life.

  16. She is a spoiled, rude little brat.
    Unattractive in looks as well as personality
    Watch them try and vote in our election
    that’s the only reason they’re here

  17. They seem like very selfish people. First, Meghan was asked to fit into Harry’s world. She found that a bridge too far and now is asking Harry to fit into her world. Asking your spouse to fit into your world rarely works.
    They don’t seem to have thought that they need to work together as a couple and a family.

  18. He’s going to be extremely upset when the two of them get divorced at some point over this new situation not working for Harry. Didn’t the Queen expel them from the family…….. not sure if he would be welcomed back. He will be out in the cold if they divorce and the Queen won’t allow him back. This is what he gets for jumping so fast into a relationship with a wannabe actress. While he was abroad, life here sounded fascinating…….. I think he jumped the gun. He let Meghan pull him by around by his collar. Now he has to grow up and grow some big ones.

  19. Meghan is like most of Holly Wood which is selfish an shallow. It didn’t take this woman to show her true colors. I don’t think his mother would have liked her very much. It’s all about her

  20. If the roles were reversed and a husband separated a wife from her family, friends, and hobbies, we would say that he was a controlling and abusive husband. People would be urging the woman to leave him. I think this is exactly what’s going on with this couple, just reversed. She should be ashamed of herself.

  21. He has lost his identity & meaning for life like so many others. One can hope he won’t turn to drugs or other destructive means to find it. Maybe he needs to take a leap of faith and to find out that life is not about “me”, “myself”, or “I”.

  22. He needs to man up and teach Meghan her place which is beside him in England. I hope she finds no audience in her acting endeavors. I know I won’t be watching.

  23. Princess Diana would have never accepted Megan. I never watched Suites, but did see her in a network movie, and I can’t remember when I’ve seen a worse actress. Now, to Harry, he was severely affected by the death of his Mother. I’ll never forget seeing that small bouquet with the white envelope with Mummy printed on it, and William and Harry walking behind the flag-draped coffin of their Mother. He needs lots of psychiatric help. He should have dumped Megan without marrying her and stood with his brother and sister-in-law, and he would have found a suitable wife in Great Britain.

  24. If this couple were Trump supporters instead of Trump haters you all would not be posting like this.
    You all would be fawning over this couple. You are all hypocrites.

  25. Well that was a stupid statement from another IDIOT TrumptyDumpty. Stick to reality this is not political. These are choices people make every day.

  26. How dare you call us hypocrits,when you are fawning over the communist party of America, AKA Democrats

  27. Harry is just like his mom who wanted to dance with movie stars rather than be an English Princess. She was superficial and shallow. Another interesting idea is that Megan looks like a copy of Princess Kate. Neither prince could have married a blonde — too much like their mom in looks. But, Megan and Dianna’s personalities are alike I just bet. Superficial and shallow! Dianna wanted the British to stop the great traditional fox and hounds hunts and Megan wanted her husband to give up his guns. Too bad! Both mom and wife wanted to be seen at all times — Narcissists Both!

  28. She married Harry to boost her own popularity, but it backfired. Very selfish of her to take him away from his family. I hope Harry finally wakes up.

  29. I too hope Harry finally wakes up and realizes what a skank he married, and why she married him.

  30. 100% P-Whipped! She put that ‘reverse cowgirl’ on Harry and he was hooked. Poor bloke is doomed to a miserable life on the fringesdlmof pop culture. This will end up an expensive mistake. She hardly rates as a C level actress.

  31. She is a low life, low class narcissist. Hopefully, Harry will get out soon. However, he gets what he deserves if he stays with that skank.

  32. I agree he should take his son and dump her and go back to his home in England that is where his home is , he doesn’t fit in with that whole holly weird crap. She is a low life loser and just used him for fame , she doesn’t care about what is good for her husband and son , only cares about going back to acting which she is not good at . She thinks the name will name her a great actress . She should be fine with being a mother to her son and a wife to Harry , but she is selfish , PERIOD . Harry go home with your son , and be happy again .

  33. Meghan is a bad person. All men that she screwed, got screwed. Harry is a low IQ man with no cojones. British citizens are foolish for forcibly paying dues to keep a worthless monarchy from disappearing.

  34. Dear Harry, Welcome to the real world of hard knocks and not getting everything you want or always getting your way. Now you are a man without a country. Just remember, it was your choice.

    TO: TrumptyDumpty — No, if they were President Trump supporters, I would feel the same way about them. Because you see, I feel the same way about Don, Jr. He left his wife, the mother of HIS children, to play house and traverse the country with another selfish, self-centered, actress want-to-be, who is only using him to become first lady. Don Jr. should be at home, when he is not working, helping raise HIS children. I bet if the truth were known, the mother of his children felt like she could not traverse the country and still be a good mother. Thus he ditch her when what-is-her-face came along.

    TO: Emer, I agree with you about Dianna. Harry definitely married his mother.

  35. Where is the all day rerun of the video from Dallas of the white kid killed by the animals?? How about the fat black lady who double slapped the cop when she got free of a restraining hold. The media is having a field day w this. They only pander to the negro and foster civil unrest. Clovis is over…. oh, let’s light up the race card


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