Prince Harry lobbed this jaw-dropping accusation against President Trump


The Royal Family of Great Britain has been hit with recent controversy.

One of the figures in the midst of the media firestorm is Prince Harry.

And now Prince Harry lobbed this jaw-dropping accusation against Donald Trump.

The Royal Family has had to deal with Prince Andrew’s dubious – at best – connection to deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

It has also endured the messy Megxit ordeal involving Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle.

The couple shirked their royal responsibilities in favor of pursuing careers as social influencers and film and television producers.

Now Prince Harry is back in the news after he made a startling accusation against Donald Trump.

Prince Harry fell for a prank call from Russian tricksters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov.

The duo has called political figures pretending to be climate change mascot Greta Thunberg.

This time Prince Harry was the gullible subject.

During the call, Harry said of Trump:

“The mere fact that Donald Trump is pushing the coal industry is so big in America, he has blood on his hands. But Trump will want to meet you to make him look better but he won’t want to have a discussion about climate change with you because you will outsmart him.”

Saying Trump has “blood on his hands” is preposterous.

Trump didn’t want to regulate coal miners out of business the way Hillary Clinton vowed to do.

Meanwhile, America has reduced its carbon footprint more than any other developed country despite the hysterics from climate change radicals.

The prank callers also highlighted Prince Harry’s hypocrisy on carbon emissions when they brought up the issue of private jets.

Harry’s inadequate response was:

“Unfortunately there is very few alternatives. We have to fly on commercial planes all over the world. Nowhere near as much as most people who do it for a night or weekends.”

That’s a convenient excuse.

Everyone else is supposed to drop emissions to zero while elites jet set around the globe on private planes.

Per usual, elites are hypocrites, and environmentalism is one of their worst issues.

Harry also mentions that there are “very few alternatives,” but doesn’t make that same calculation when it comes to energy.

If he wants to talk about having blood on one’s hands, getting rid of carbon emissions could kill untold millions around the globe, particularly in developing countries, i.e. the main culprits of fossil fuel use.

Will Prince Harry get called out for his hypocritical attack on Trump?

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  2. Does it not seem strange to you that the English prince, who lives in Canada and has nothing to do with America, accuses our President – saying that Trump has “blood on his hands” – the president, for whom most of our country voted! It would not be bad if this hypocritical prince thought at first that insulting the President of the Country, he was insulting the people of this country.

  3. Harry has no ties to this country and nothing he says means anything to us. Nothing he says about Pres. Trump is true and he is making a fool of himself with his attacks

  4. If the Prince is not careful, his wife will talk him into doing or saying something that will cause him much pain and sorrow. Past tense, I’m sure.

  5. Ex Rrince Harry and his wife are complete fools !! They do not have a brain in their heads !! To think I once use to think highly of him ! He has proven how spoiled a brat he and his wife are !!

  6. Gee Harry , the vast majority of the people in this world do not fly anywhere nor can they afford to fly for vacations . Some can’t afford vacations as they are to busy making a living . Of course you wouldn’t know much about that having had your way paid by the work of the subjects of the England .
    As for your alternatives to travel forget the car and airplanes . Ride one of your horses take a boat . Hell King George III sent an entire Army to America to attempt to keep its people subjects . Better yet , stay home , play with Megan and try worrying about what Justin Dodo does to your new home land .

  7. Out of the mouth of a total fool. Shame on you Harry. Don’t believe your Mum would be proud of you.

  8. To our respectful neighbours to the south, please except our apologies for Harry and the B#$%# (oops sorry she is an American). It was not Canada’s wish for them to move here but rather a globalist Prime Minister; who is not actually mine I reject him and bobblehead and the rest of his lackies, yes even a wood pile has more intelligence, but that’s what happens when you open your borders all his new friends vote for him.
    The Prime Minister has definitely succeeded in putting wedge between provinces and Federal government and don’t be surprised to see a Wexit coming shortly after we get rid of this Coronavirus, he is only in because of a minority (unfortunately only the Conservatives have cajones or a non confidence would have been filed long ago) Hopefully some of our wealthier provinces can become states when it happens. Again, please accept our apologies for the p#$$% whipped English kid, maybe they’ll relocate there and his wife can try acting again.

  9. Harry & wife sound like they want to be Obamas which they could possibly be their likeness. Total idiot falling for such scams and then making their beliefs against our President. They should have been concerned about their country not ours.

  10. Who cares what that little twit has to say? No one I know of. He and his “half Breed” can go screw themselves!

  11. Oh, how I would love to turn Harry over my knee. Despotic Megan has brainwashed Harry. What a manipulating witch she is!

  12. He should shut his pie hole when it comes to our president. He should worry about Canada and Great Britain. He gets to fly around cause he’s impotent. Oops typo. The rest of us poor fools get to watch his plane fly overhead as we toil for our families. Out of the mouth of a true elitist and once they change the world we’ll shoot him out of the sky, along with the rest of them.

  13. Harry is not an American and he should keep his mouth shut…period
    He does not live here, does not pay our taxes…nada
    Just wants his 15 min of fame as he and his wife escape their real duties to England
    In fact there is a definite connect to the families there and Clinton’s with Weinstein
    So just keep your mouth sealed plus Megan as well
    You are the welfare label living of the England’s tax money of their people
    Butt out of the USA…you have nothing to show for

  14. Harry , We really don’t need your input. You stay with England problems. We will deal with U.S. problems. You are not a king here or a prince. Stay in your lane.

  15. Harry, you’re an irrelevant, insignificant, mental midget. Go back to England and take Markle with you. Both of you are not likable. You’re just a commoner of little importance. You’re a joke! Trump is the best POTUS in the history of the U.S.A. while you’re a failure to your country. Shut the hell up you arrogant fool.

  16. Why are you calling him Prince Harry, he was outstripped of his title by the Queen of England. He is now a mere mortal.

  17. Harry says whatever his biracial wife instructs him to say! Poor little Prince is being used and does not even know it since he has been so sheltered all of his life. Meghan will eventually drop Harry, and I hope that William is King by then and refuses to take the little red-haired loser back into England! Meghan will toss him to the curb when she has gotten everything she wants from him which was fame and fortune which she did not have before she trapped Harry! Whatever happens to him in the future is his own fault! And it has already begun with her discussing his out-of-dates looks! I believe she said that she would get George Clooney to teach him how to dress, how to wear his hair, and how to be more California! How sad!

  18. Harry wants to sound like some thing he is not Smart if he had been he would have did what William said and not jumped in to marriage

  19. Harry wants to sound like some thing he is not Smart if he had been he would have did what William said and not jumped in to marriage

  20. He’s NOT a Prince anymore!!!!! And besides his thoughts and views don’t matter anymore than the REST of the Worlds Elitests, celebrities and recording artists, Democrats and Liberals. They have ALL sold their souls for fame power and $$$$$. May they all rot in HELL 🔥😈🔥💯👎👎👎👎

  21. The good Lord (religiously speaking) and not Lord of Commons I guess gives what is greatly mustered for one nd all . It is although hoped that at least the greater ratio who were blessed into the life of wealth would at least share common sense and not lose the just respect which is a blessing and not a right of nobility . Young (former Price) may you be blessed with the logic which was purportedly issued you upon your upbringing.

  22. I am pretty sure Harry is no Prince in Canada…or the US….you bring shame on your family…guess what the US does not care what an Obama lover has to say …stay in Canada and shut your non Prince mouth…we do not care at all about you…you are just a absolutely spoiled brat …wife leading her little hubby around like a pet… may think ur powerful but you lost your power when you left your family….and they r done with you and your new wifey also…you better mind cause she is jerking your chain…grow up and be a man!!!!SHUTUP about our country and about our President…you r not welcome here

  23. He has never done anything such as what Trump has done. He is more of a leach judging by what he was talking about vs what he knew of said topic. They should have asked questions of “Pedo Island”! Sorry, Queen, you have a “doinker” in your midst…

  24. Harry and that film floozy should both keep their mouths shut. They have nothing to say that we want to hear anyway!

  25. 1. MOST of this country did not vote for Trump. How soon you forget that Hillary won the Popular vote!
    2. Trump is as much part of “the Elite” as Prince Harry. He and his children fly all over, and not on America’s business, either, but rather for their own benefit. But they sure charge it to us.
    3. Why do you care if his wife is “biracial”? Maybe you’re a racist???
    4. Harry is FAR better educated than Trump was ever even CAPABLE of being, so naturally his opinion weighs more with people than does the Orange Baboon’s.
    5. How does it feel, all y’all, to be Putin’s Minions?

  26. Anyone can accuse anyone of anything.

    Accuser Harry is a hypocrite — an elitist who has never achieved success on his own accord.

    In the alternative, President Trump exponentially succeeded financially, and now unselfishly, seeks to translate his personal economic prowess to prosper America.

    Harry is just a self–entitled spoiled brat who reaps from nepotism.

    Pathetic impotency.

    Thank God for President Trump. In God We Trust.

  27. Who even gives a rat’s rear-end what this little hypocrite has to say! He’s just a typical liberal … preaching ‘don’t do as I do, do as I say!’ Di was great and so is Will, but this little idiot needs to stay in Canada (sorry to our Conservative friends in the north), but we don’t want him here. He flies all over whenever the whim takes him and spews out carbon emissions but shakes his finger at anyone else doing likewise – even though we share an airplane with a couple of hundred people and he has his own! I detest hypocrisy and we have more than we can handle in our country with the lying liberals, so Harry, shut up, grow up, and stay in Canada! We don’t care what you think of President Trump – we love him!


    TO: “NOT FOOLED” — HILLARY IS A POOR LOSER. SHE AND HER MINIONS HAVE ORCHESTRATED THE SHAM IMPEACHMENT AND SLANDERED TRUMP WITH THE FALSE RUSSIAN COLLUSION. They continue to subvert Trump and his legitimate election after 3+ years by holding the nation hostage to illegal machinations and proceedings. Disgusting.

  29. How dare you, Harry, accuse our President of having blood on his hands? You are such an ignorant, obnoxious piece of crap. You should have listened to your brother and your father, but instead you married that insignificant misfit who only wanted your title. Now that she has you by the scrape of your neck, she has you doing cartwheels for her. You are not only a fool, but you have given up your family for this excuse for a woman. When she is ready to throw you overboard she will and where will you be then? Without a home and without a country. In case you don’t know, the Canadians aren’t too thrilled with you being in their country. And by the way, we don’t want you in ours either.

  30. A true “harry dick!” The US has reduced our carbon emissions more that any other country on this planet!!

  31. Not fooled. You are a fool. I shudder to think what life would be like with Hillary in office. She’d probably be too tired to deal with wuflu and we’d all get it. Look how they handled their swine flu pandemic.

  32. Harry is best to keep your opinion to yourself,you are in no position to delegate or make comments about president Trump I am sure you don’t even know him personally, much less have capability to understand what it takes to be the one in charge of the whole nation and keep it safe, his carácter is so strong that after all that his been put through he still has the strain to continue with his promise to make America Great and to continue to do everything in his power to do so. So Harry do not repeat after your wife you are not a wanna be you were brought up different, do not disgrace your family turn around and go serve your country they need your help now if you wife love you she will follow you and respect the rules and regulations of your country other wise you will regret not listening to your conciencia I know you have, we all do

  33. when Harry becomes a US citizen then he can complain about our president, until then he needs to keep his mouth shut and quit saying what his wife tells him to say, after all she is a democRAT and democRATS hate Trump because he won the presidency in 2016 and darling hillery was left in the dust, you know what the symbol of the democRATS is, it is a jackass and that is what most democRATS are

  34. 1. Prince Harry will not outsmart Donald Trump
    2. Mankind is NOT causing climate change by releasing CO2.
    3. Donald Trump does not need Prince Harry to look good.
    4. Donald Trump is not a globalist.
    5. Prince Harry should keep his globalist ambitions to himself

  35. Sorry to say Harry is spouting off a bunch of garbage that I’m sure his left wing wife has told him. It’s sad for me to see him change so much since he married her. I used to think he was a decent young man, but obviously she has so much influence over him, I don’t think he would have ever treated the Queen the way they did without Megan’s influence. I think he needs to keep his mouth shut about our President, especially since he isn’t living here or paying taxes. Shame on you Harry!!

  36. Harry’s a typical example of what happens when some beaver trap blows your brains out. Now he’s dumb enough to think he can impress people with Hollywood bullsh*t!

  37. Now we know for sure why they’re together. He’s as dumb as she is. Gullible and hypocritical go together well.

  38. We don’t want Harry and Meghan Markle in AMERICA. Good riders to both of you. I hope grandma doesn’t take either of you back. I would like for her to take Archie and let you two idiots survive on your own. Your both spoiled brats

  39. Gee Harry, why is it you don’t look like your father or brother??? That red hair is pointing to another person. Can you guess who? Or maybe you already know.
    Ps: we don’t want you here, nor your spoiled wife. Stay out of our country you red headed moochman

  40. Lyudmila Loeva your ignorance is showing. Donald Trump was not elected by most of the people in the United States, Hillary did win the popular vote by just under 3 million votes. Trump was selected by the electoral college. Therefore your statement that “the president, for whom most of the country voted.” is either totally ignorant or an out right lie on your part.

  41. I think Harry should ditch Megan and go back home. He should worry about England and The empire and stay out of our politics. We were happy to get rid of Megan and really dont want her back

  42. We don’t give a damn what you have to say. Why are you even here. Did Canada refuse you/or to cover your protection expense. Truth be told only idiots would give a crap what you do. Do people really think by brushing up to you or your wife will somehow make them a better person, put food on their table, take care of their loved ones in any way.

  43. I am an American born and bred and yes with all the people we have dying from this raging virus that he sat on for almost 2 months before revealing it lied lied lied when he did say something about it~~it was a hoax that the Democrats cooked up to keep him from getting re-elected and like a miracle it would disappear in a couple of weeks~~ he is more interested in the damn stock market than he is America and it’s people period~~he is a worthless piece of $hit period~~he does have blood on his hands~~

  44. Is Harry an illegal alien who sneaked into the USA or does being married to Meghan Markle him legally an American?

  45. They should find an island and move to it. They said they would NEVER move to the U.S. as long as President Trump is in office so why did they come here. We don’t want or need the likes of them trashing our President. Go somewhere else.

  46. Harry why don’t you get your balls out of your wife’s pocket book and go back to London. That’s right you are kicked out cause of your phony wife, you and her need to get out of America you both are stinking it up. You have no balls seems like your wife has them people like you are such phony people it’s sad

  47. What happened to all their bold talk about how they wouldn’t move to the USA till Pres.Trump was no longer President??? more of their delusional bs. Diana must be rolling in her grave with this. IF she were alive Miss Meghan wouldn’t be leading Harry around like she is.

  48. What let see England and Canada don’t want them they will fit in to Hollywood great most of them can’t act or care what they say CAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE JOBS

  49. harry is pissed off because he wanted to live in hollywood, and try to get his wife a movie deal and he wanted the usa to pay for his security people trump said no!!!


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