Prince Harry could make one huge move that has Meghan Markle upset


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been at the center of a festering controversy.

The couple stunned the world when they announced they would be stepping away from the Royal Family.

But Harry could make one huge move that has Markle upset.

The media storm surrounding Megxit continues to swirl as the couple remains at odds with other members of the UK’s Royal Family.

There was tension between the couple and Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, during a weekend ceremony where Harry was officially ending his military service and royal duties.

But that could change as a result of the Chinese coronavirus.

Queen Elizabeth and her son Prince Charles, next in the line of succession, are being isolated as a precautionary measure.  People over 70-years-old are being told by UK officials to self-quarantine even if they don’t exhibit any symptoms.

This emergency situation could call for Harry to resume his royal duties.

According to reports, Harry would be willing to come back into the fold if need be.

Nigel Cawthorne, author of Call Me Diana: Princess Diana on Herself, spoke on the issue and said: “It is entirely sensible for Prince William to act as placeholder for the Queen . . . I am sure [Harry] would come back and be delighted to help out, too, and do anything to protect his father and grandmother.”

This would be a stark reversal of the Megxit drama that has played out over the past year.

While such a realignment could act as a détente for brothers William and Harry, it could strain plans that Harry had with Markle.

Reports say Markle was relieved to return to Canada and get away from the “weird” Royal Family, particularly the “uptight” Kate.

Canada became the destination for Harry and Markle because they refused to move to the United States until Donald Trump is no longer present.

This could interfere with the couple’s plans of producing reality television and Markle’s hopes of resuming her acting career, as reports indicated she was looking to land a supporting role in a blockbuster franchise film.

Harry being pulled back to his family for an indefinite amount of time could change the entire dynamic.

Could Harry returning to Royal Family duties disrupt the Megxit plans?

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  2. In my opinion, Prince Harry made a terrible mistake, which Canada has to pay for. Thank God that it’s not America.

  3. Who cares about this irrelevant couple? He’s always been a bad seed, and she is plain obnoxious.

  4. He should go back, she should never be offered another acting job and they can stay out of the US forever. If you’re going to live life, live it. It shouldn’t matter who’s President. Grow up and realize you’re never going to like some people in the world and you need to learn to get along to get things done. If you have pet projects you want to put your celebrity behind, those you put in your circle to help the cause is for the cause, not whether or not you like them or they like you. Children have to have everything their way. Grow up. Be an adult and get something accomplished. Learn to work with different kinds of people. The rest of us do it every single day.

  5. It isn’t like Megan did not know who she was marrying. William and Kate have big shoes to fill and the roles they will be assuming is serious business. After everything that has happened I tend to think Megan knew exactly what she was doing. She received a big wedding, lots of clothes, remodeled living guarters, got to return to Canada, sit has her foot in the door of Hollywood and has her husband buffloed. This will certainly move her career along. I think Harry is a spoiled brat. He isn’t the only one who lost a mother at a young age. For people who want to live a normal life and pay their own way it didn’t take them long to buy a house which isn’t normal. Get real people they are going to maintain the kind of life they always had; the difference is they are riding on someone else’s coattails. They are riding on Canada and America’s and the taxpayer will feel the burn.

  6. The question is: How long will this last? Harry might “wake up” some day! Maybe sooner, or maybe later.

  7. When one marries a husband, which the husband is the head of the household and the breadwinner
    If Megan has any issues in who is the head of the household, she should not have been marriage material besides baby popping
    Harry was entrapped in this due to the pregnancy…nothing else
    Isn’t Hollywood a very dysfunctional family structure?
    Look at all those divorces and remarriages, does that paint a picture?
    Megan might walk away loaded !? Who is being fooled ?

  8. There are two losers on this planet that deserve each other, it’s AOC & Markle. AOC must be recalled by her district for doing an astonishingly terrible job being a Congressional Representative. Markle thinks the World revolves around her & she’s the most ‘woke’ & deserves another acting gig.
    Maybe AOC can teach Markle how to Bartend?

  9. England doesn’t need the little weasel – don’t let him back as long as he is with the little tramp. He will never be seen as a “prince” again. and we in America don’t need the “social climber” in America–she is anathema-persona non grata! Stay in Canada and you know where you can stick an ice sickle.

  10. Doesn’t matter for the near future since Meghan and Harry won’t come to the U.S. while President Trump s in the White House. Relax true Americans, they won’t be back in the U.S. for four more years since Trump will be reelected. Folks, that will be at least 2024 if then. Hooray!!!

  11. I really like Kate Middleton and I don’t want this woman causing her any upset. Meghan doesn’t need to be anywhere near Duchess Kate. I am concerned in more ways than just one. Looking back over all the years, I must say that never did I speak out of turn about the family I married into. To do so is classless in my opinion. When married to a prominent family it is doubly import, because you cannot even “speak” to a closest friend. Did Meghan think she could change the order of things in Great Britain? Surely not.

  12. She is going to find out that bloods thicker than water and if she raises a stink she will be on the outside looking in. The skankwatch is on.

  13. I said from the beginning that their marriage wouldn’t last 5 years. Let’s see if I am right. He dated others that would have been a better pick for his wife.


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