President Trump’s Department of Education outraged radical Leftists with this announcement


Radical Leftists won many victories at the state and local level during Obama’s administration.

They got so used to winning, in fact, they started to overplay their hands.

And this announcement from President Trump’s administration outraged radical Leftists as they sensed a major defeat could be coming.

The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has agreed to launch an investigation into the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference’s (CIAC’s) decision to allow boys – who dress and act like girls – to compete in girls’ athletics.

LifeSiteNews reports:

Thanks to the CIAC policy, biologically male competitors have consistently outperformed actual females, according to a complaint filed by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) on behalf of three track athletes. This in turn deprives girls not only of opportunities to advance in competition, but of recognition that impacts their academic future via lost college recruitment consideration and scholarship opportunities.

“Because of the basic physiological differences and resulting strongly statistically significant differences in athletic capability and performance between boys and girls after puberty,” the complaint argues, “no one could credibly claim that a school satisfies its obligation to provide equal opportunities for girls for participation in athletics by providing, e.g., only co-ed track or wrestling teams and competitions, with sex-blind try-outs and qualification based strictly upon performance.”

Last week, the DOE’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) notified ADF that it will be investigating the matter as a potential violation of federal laws barring sex discrimination in federally-funded athletic programs.

In June, the Journal of Medical Ethics published a paper by researchers in New Zealand finding that “healthy young men [do] not lose significant muscle mass (or power) when their circulating testosterone levels were reduced to (below International Olympic Committee guidelines) for 20 weeks,” and “indirect effects of testosterone” on factors such as bone structure, lung volume, and heart size “will not be altered by hormone therapy”; therefore “the advantage to transwomen [men] afforded by the [International Olympic Committee] guidelines is an intolerable unfairness.”

We previously reported on LifeSiteNews launching a petition in support of the ADF complaint and it has so far gathered over 16,000 signatures.

Selina Soule, one of the first athletes to file a complaint said no one in her state was happy about the situation, “but no one has enough courage to speak up.”

What are your thoughts?

Should boys – who think they are girls – be allowed to compete against female athletes?

Let us know in the comments below.


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  2. Transgender males should NOT BE ALLOWED to compete against the FEMALE gender. It is totally UNFAIR. If there must be a way for these (pussies) to compete then make a seperate class, which I believe is totally insane. Just because they think they are female does not change anything in their physical strength. THAT IS A FACT! Better yet, DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO COMPETE IN ANY SPORT OR ANY CLASSIFICATION, LET THEM STAY IN A LIMBO STATE SINCE THEY DO NOT FEEL THEY BELONG TO ONE OF THE ONLY 2 GENDERS. Anyone who believes that there are more than 2 genders is a fool and an idiot.

  3. This is such a stupid question it doesn’t even deserve an answer. The answer is obvious and I won’t tell you what I would do with said “confused” individuals

  4. Transgender persons should compete with people of the gender they were born with! It’s unfair to women athletes to have people who are actually males competing with them!

  5. Unless they are a full post op trans, they should not be allowed to compete. I know a trans who is a champion bicyclist that is the nicest person you could ever meet a former Marine Captain. And they are appalled by the number who claim to be trans but do not go through with everything just for the competitive advantage. This self ID was Obama’s folly and and needs to be halted by an act of our spineless congress. These self Identified are discriminating against the natural born females , if they want to move forward with this then the NFL should be recruiting trans women that claim to be men just because the are otherwise they are discriminating against them.

  6. Transgender females are MALES. Granted, screwed up males, but males just the same. They should NOT be allowed to complete against females. Period.

  7. I think it’s doubtful that a transgender female would want to or be able to compete with men on the football field, but there is no reason there cannot be a separate class competition for those who have medically changed their gender. For example, men’s, women’s, trans male, and trans female competition both for individual competition and team competition.

  8. All true Jim,
    What a shame for Ms Soule that no one who could intervene on her behalf
    were so intimidated by the ACTIVISTS that they just went mute and left
    her with no possible way to display her courage and talents as an athlete.
    This Country MUST rearrange it’s beliefs and priorities and get back to reality where these very strange abnormalities are recognized for exactly what they are.

  9. If a boy thinks he is a girl, does that change any thing?? He is still a male and needs to participate in any and all athletic events with other males. His thoughts cannot change who he is.

  10. Looks like women’s rights, which should also include girls, is taking a back seat. Where are ALL the feminist who have SOOOOO much to say in regards to women’s rights???? Time to get back to basics, you are either MALE OR FEMALE whichever way you were BORN. Not happy with that then start a new club that caters to your choice but DO NOT take from others what YOU CANNOT earn in with your own group – either male or female.

  11. God created them male and female..there are no other genders..the DNA will never be altered..they are boy and girl..

  12. Girls should compete with other girls, and boys should compete with other boys. And if anyone is “confused” as to what gender they are, have a ready made DNA test ready. That should clear up all the confusion (unless, of course, you are a Left Wing Radical – You don’t know anything anyway). Then cart the “confused” individual to a certified proper school or to an Insane Asylum (The Left Wing Radical is suffering from the TERMINAL STUPIDS and THIS is PERMANENT) . . . team Trump and his allies 2020.

  13. No competition with females unless they are female. Reality is trump, no pun intended, but it’s true. Men don’t belong competing with women, PERIOD……..

  14. Exactly. The sick perverted democrat party has taught that there are multiple genders, but there are only two.

  15. There’s no argument here. Just outlaw the practice of having biological men compete with girls and get it over with. It is grossly unfair to women and runs counter to Federal Law under Title IX. That law offered women equal opportunity to enjoy sports the same as men. What’s equal or enjoyable about men stealing what was provided to women under Federal Law. It’s so unjust, any 12-year old would understand it.

  16. Being transgender is a mental illness. So says Dr. Michele Cretella, head of the American Pediatric Association. She says that this is a “fixed false belief.” She also says that there is name for this disorder: Body Identity Integrity Disorder. She also says that no one has a right to a mental illness. You can see her entire interview on YouTube. What the transgender movement ignores is that your DNA is hardwired in your brain. If your DNA shows that you are a boy, then you are a male and the same is true for female DNA. One of the many characteristics of the DNA is that it is very resistant to change. Feelings are not hardwired and will change over time. That means wanting to go back to where your original gender will happen and it is happening now. many transgenders are wishing to change back. Any teacher, politician, leader of any sort that advocates changing boys into girls and vice versa, are children of hell and need to repent because you are destroying the youth of our country by your evil, wicked and pernicious ideas.

  17. Get the males out of the women’s locker rooms. If they want to compete they compete with other males and the females can compete with females. Two genders. Male and female. Now I understand they are letting transgenders dressed in drag into the class rooms to teach our very young children. This society, under the guise of liberal thinking is being brainwashed. It is starting with the very young. This is a boat load of crap that needs to stop. Let the DNA be the determining factor as I understand you can’t “think” it on and off.

  18. First we have the problem of boys wanting to be girls and vice versa. A sick problem that no one wants to tackle because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We need to address those parents who buy into it and promote it, particularly the movie industry parents who give it legitimacy. Compassion overwhelms reason and Truth. A bigger problem is the people who buy into it like the American Psychological Association or whatever it is called and the medical community. They are liberals so they are setting standards that must be challenged by those who think reasonably and scientifically. Then we need to deal with the State and local sports organizations that let this issue get out of hand because they fear the wrath of the LGBTQ community. It needs to be tackled on all those fronts. I doubt if just one court case and the Dept of Education are going to resolve it.

  19. Transgender athletes males claiming to be female should not be allowed to compete in women’s sporting events. They are only doing this because they know they cannot win in a competition against an equal male peer, they are depriving women of their right to represent their skills and abilities against their equal female peers. This is so ridiculous that we are evening having to explaining this.

  20. There is no such thing as a transgender female.
    A boy who dresses and acts like a female is a transgender person
    until the time he has the surgery necessary to qualify to be called a transsexual.

  21. Do not allow them to compete with young women .. let them compete with males…not many women can beat males in competition like this…its just not fair at all

  22. The most important thing you said is an absolute truth: All of this can be contributed to: Obamas’ Folly. Much of what this nation is suffering at the present time is a result of this despicable excuse for a President.

  23. It’s so sad that just because “mr.’O'” couldn’t determine just who he was..(partly due to his “wife” being a male).. So we all should be confused!!eh? So let’s get it straight, now so that all the puss’s can understand. YOU ARE WHAT YOU WERE WHEN YOU WERE BORN!!!!! live with it and leave the rest of our population
    alone!!! We don’t need MORE screwed up people festering our society! GOD gave you an identification be thankful and honor his decision (he is wiser than you are – which I think is obvious!!!) thanx……. rich

  24. Males need to compete with males per chromosomes, and female against female per chromosomes! If a male dressing as female insists on competing with birthright females, it is because trans male/female can’t compete and win against birthright males! It is their only chance to be a winner which is showing them to be weak pansies! Be a real man, for the love of God!

  25. This situation about wanting some sex you are not is foolish and untenable. You are what you have between
    you legs, no matter what you were born as, unless you have a COMPLETE sex change, you are what you
    were born with, whether you want to or not. The entire content of the arguments are stupid at best and
    has basis in reality. Fish or cut bait.

  26. End this argument very quickly. Women are the ones to stop this. If all women refuse to participate with transgender there will be no “event” TV deals and sponsorship money gone!! How long do you really think it will take to end this? As always follow the money rings true every time.

  27. No. And another thought I had is, if these men think they are really girls, I would think they would have a feminine side that they wouldn’t be that interested in competing in sports.

  28. Boys should compete with boys. Girls should compete with girls. If you can get enough transgenders together to compete against each other. Other wise transgender should NOT COMPETE AT ALL.

  29. How many girls that think they’re guys, go out for football? They would get creamed, so they don’t. Their bodies will never be equal in strength to a male. So why should guys who think they’re girls be allowed to compete with girls. It is pure liberal insanity.

  30. No . Just because you may think you are something different from your chromosomes, chromosomes tell the story and provide body types and muscle strength accordingly.

  31. Your right it is not fair for transgendered men to be allowed to compete against. Let there be games just for them same as we do for children with Downs Syndrome; so they compete against other transgenders.

  32. If they were born as a male, that makes them a MALE. Even if they have lost their minds and THINK they are female, they are STILL a male!! Even if they become so deranged as to have their privates lopped off, they are STILL a male!!! This whole idea of allowing the reprobates to compete in women’s or girl’s sports is LUNACY!!! This was a smart move, and should be enforced. Go back in your closet and take your psychotic drugs, trannies!!

  33. Trannies are still male no matter what they think they are. It is grossly unfair for a male pretending to be female to compete against real females in sports. Wait until this issue hits the Olympics.

  34. Transgender who originally were men should ever compete with women ever. They do not change their structure because they have a few fleshy parts like a women. This is an illegal act against God and his female child. Transgenders still have a male attitude and brain which feels superior to women and have the bone structure to always win against women. We have rules of law which need to be obeyed law keepers to do their to protect women’s rights.

  35. The whole article is a sham because the Democrats didn’t take over state legislatures and governorships. The racist backlash of Obama winning the Presidency cost the Democrats thousands of state seats and the Republicans held about 34 of the governorships when he left. Those changes and crooked gerrymandering has cost the Democrats many U.S. congressional seats, in some states the Democrats took more votes for the Congress people but lost 12-4 in the seats, that is how evil the Republican party has become with Putin-Trump and Moscow Mitch

  36. “Leftists,” the political left, more accurately reflected by Democrats, Canada, or New Zealand, rather than Marxists or Maoists, are more outraged by Trump’s choice of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. It seems she was only given the position as her family contributed millions to the Republican Party. Trump has packed his cabinet with billionaires representing corporate interests.

    Betsy DeVos has FAILED as America’s Secretary of Education:

    — She never attended a public school in her life
    — She tried to SLASH federal funding for public schools
    — And she wants to put GUNS in our schools — NO!!

    As Secretary of Education she has:

    → Allowed schools to use federal money to buy guns
    → Rolled back protections for children of color and LGBT students
    → Gutted Title IX protections for student survivors of assault and harassment
    → And much more…

    Trump’s cabinet is an absolute dumpster fire. Some of his appointments have been forced to resign due to corruption (Tom Price, Ryan Zinke) or were fired for daring to disagree with the president (Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, Kirstjen Nielsen, etc.) — but one of his most terrifying cabinet members has held on: Betsy DeVos.

    Though she has the dubious honor of the narrowest confirmation vote in cabinet history (Mike Pence provided the swing vote to make it 51-50), as befits someone unqualified for the job, she’s lasted long enough in the Trump administration to wreak incredible havoc on our public schools.

    While refusing to visit “underperforming schools” and consistently demonstrating her lack of comprehension on how federal dollars are used to prevent discrimination and help students with disabilities succeed in the classroom, she’s made it her mission to underfund public schools, rescind protections for students who are sexual assault survivors, support predatory lenders and for-profit colleges over students, and allow federal funds to be spent arming teachers and making our classrooms even less safe.

    Betsy DeVos has been quietly doing all she can to destroy the public school system.

    Instead of protecting students and strengthening education, DeVos:

    * Advocates for guns in schools,
    * Dismantled protections for students of color
    * And advocated to REPLACE public schools with for profit schools — NO!!

    An entire generation of students will continue to suffer if DeVos doesn’t resign.

    She doesn’t care about students — she would rather replace public schooling with for-profit, private schools!

    We have a duty to protect the most precious resource we have: Our students.

    Unlike private and religious institutions, public schools accept all students. It doesn’t matter what religion, if any, a child has. It doesn’t matter if the student’s family is rich, poor or middle class. It doesn’t matter if the student is a member of the LGBTQ community. It doesn’t matter if the child has special needs or speaks English as a second language.

    Educating millions of youngsters is a mammoth undertaking, and our public schools must have support to do it right. Unfortunately, the Trump-Pence administration isn’t interested in helping public schools. Backed by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, a longtime voucher booster, this administration wants to siphon money away from public schools and into the coffers of private institutions.

    Today, teachers earn nearly 20% less than comparable workers. Not only has this contributed to record lows of teacher satisfaction — but has also resulted in severe teacher shortages in forty states.

    The obvious solution to this problem is to raise wages for our teachers. When you pay people more, they become more productive and happier. But, as we know, Republicans will do almost anything to avoid increasing paychecks for working Americans. In fact, they’d rather arm teachers with guns than with good pay.

    Yep, that’s right — Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, thinks it would be a good use of federal funds to arm teachers with guns. Welcome back to school, everyone!

    I mean, c’mon. What can you say in response to this silliness? DeVos’ idea is a terrible misallocation of funding that, we believe, should be put towards fixing a massive national problem: low teachers’ wages.

    Today, teachers on average take home $30 less per week (after inflation) than they did twenty years ago. This reality has forced teachers to take part time jobs, and teach nights and summer classes to survive. Even though this garbage can of an administration knows this, DeVos and Republicans still think it’s better to waste money on guns rather than give teachers a raise.

    DeVos and the rest of the GOP need to get their priorities straight.

    The only populist causes the right seems to support are those of religious fanatics who want to censor the airwaves and put prayer in the public schools! Political observers nearly a decade ago, during the reign of “Sarah Palin’s Tea Party,” said the Republican Party had veered so far to the right, Ronald Reagan couldn’t even be elected as a Republican today! In 2010, Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle favored a return to alcohol Prohibition, whereas her opponent, Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada), a Mormon, did not. Guess which candidate was the rational, freethinking individual, quite capable of distancing himself or herself from his or her personal religious beliefs?

    I don’t deny that in 2016 Trump tapped into a populist sentiment, as did Bernie Sanders, but Trump took it in the wrong direction! Bernie Sanders advocates policies aimed at strengthening the middle class (raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, free college tuition and college education, single payer health care, etc.), whereas Trump packs his cabinet with billionaires and wealthy Republican donors with no real experience, like Betsy DeVos having never attended a public school.

    Betsy DeVos has zero experience with public schools. Do you think she was a good choice for Secretary of Education? Betsy DeVos wants to slash funding for public schools in America. Do you approve or disapprove of this decision? Did you know that Betsy DeVos wants to scale back civil rights investigations on college campuses? Do you believe that all children, including LGBTQ children, deserve the right to feel safe at school? Do you think that minority students, including LGBTQ students, are less safe with DeVos running the Department of Education? In your opinion, should we be doing everything in our power to stop DeVos and this Administration from endangering minority kids?

    Bernie Sanders wants to expand Medicaid into health care for all. Medicare and Medicaid have saved countless lives and given millions of Americans access to affordable healthcare. Did you know that Medicare contains guidelines that prohibit discrimination based on race, disability, sexuality, and income? Do you think critical programs like Medicare should be gutted and destroyed?

    Have you studied Donald Trump’s tax plan? Trump’s plan is a massive tax cut for the wealthy, cutting taxes for the wealthy few by an average of $40,000 a year. Trump would cut corporate taxes in half, and cut taxes on overseas profits to zero – rewarding companies that send jobs overseas. His plan also includes a brand new tax loophole for high-flying non-corporate businesses like law firms, investment funds, and Donald Trump’s own real estate empire. Trump would eliminate the estate tax, a huge personal benefit to his children – and millionaire heirs like them. (Remember, only estates over $11 million pay any estate tax.) For middle-class families of four (or more), the elimination of the standard deduction means a big tax increase. They’re even raising the tax rate on the poorest Americans – those making less than $9000 a year – from 10% to 12%.

    Bottom line? This isn’t a tax reform plan. As Trump said, it’s a “giant, beautiful, massive, the biggest ever in our country, tax cut.” It’s giant. It’s massive. But it’s only beautiful to Donald Trump, his children, his billionaire friends, multinational corporations, wealthy special interests, and their high-priced lobbyists. For working Americans and for middle-class families, this tax plan is a disaster.

    “Leftists” are outraged at Trump’s Department of Education, yes! But not really for the reasons given in this article.

  37. You failed to consider one thing: Obummer was not for the U.S.A. UNLESS EVERYONE converted to Muslim. He only wanted to destroy our country and let his “buddies” take over our country. He really figured that allowing many genders, even thought people are born either male or female, would put us totally fighting with each other and his buddies would win. Later, they could eliminate everyone they did not want here (AKA non-believers).

  38. Norway should boys be allowed to be in any girls sport , it was a stupid idea to begin with , it’s not fair and sickens me to even think about it .

  39. Do they share locker rooms and showers with the other real girls? Just a question because that would make my wife very uncomfortable and me mad.

  40. Great reply Mary. Satan is really working in America to destroy us. The Dem. party has become Satan’s Party by making murder by abortion Legal and making homo-sexuality, in all it’s varied forms legally acceptable, when God said He abhored homosexualtiy.
    We need to get the country back to ‘One Nation, Under God’ as the founders started us.
    That’s MyNickelsWorth!

  41. because they are who they are! The fact of the matter is if one of these little girls get hurt maybe the mothers and fathers will sue the school district and the government for letting this chaotic mess go on

  42. because they are who they are! The fact of the matter is if one of these little girls get hurt maybe the mothers and fathers will sue the school district and the government for letting this chaotic mess go on

  43. if I dress like the presidents plane pilot can I fly his plane.i have never been on an airplane.if I dress like law enforce sheriff can I draw his pay and arrest someone.sickoes that is what we are dealing with. looking for sick minded people well we have them. do not give them a gun they might shoot themselves and blame president TRUMP! MY MY MY HOW SICK CAN YOU GET.

  44. The democrats are mostly communists just trying desperately to destroy this great country. Do not vote for any of these dam fools AKA commies.

  45. Actually there are THREE Genders, Male, Female and FREAKS (or whatever else you want to call them), eh ?

  46. Athletic contests should be separated by NATURAL Females and Natural males … males that want to compete against females are cowards that can’t not compete against males .

  47. XY- feminized male with all the male strength
    XX – masculinized female without the male strength

    Confusion reigns supreme until those who are sane grow spines and stand up to this FBS.

  48. William – trumpsky is the one who has us fighting with one another. And you mean converting to “Islam”, not Muslim!!

  49. I agree that would make more sense. They might have a change of heart if that was done..

    God Bless


  50. The dem party lives on hate and lies, and YES, their goal is to totally take over our government. Pres. Trump has nothing to do with it. It is the hatred of the left that has us fighting one another. The dem party has thrown God out and satan controls it. Hate and lies what satan is best at.

  51. Vasu, as usual you have no clue at all of what you are talking about. NOTHING you say is true. Please go and look for your brain. It is missing.

  52. God created male and female and when we stand before Jesus to be judged it will be as the gender we are born as. God calls what is going on an abomination and He will have the last word

  53. I agree. GOD created MALE and FEMALE. Everyone competing in athletics should be competing within their birth sex.

  54. Amen! I agree with you. If a girl decided that she was a boy, do you think the schools would let her/him go in boys locker room? No they wouldn’t. It’s a shame that feminists everywhere arent shouting from the rooftops about boys being able to compete against girls in high school. This is so unfair to young women trying to get scholarships and we all need to stand up for what’s right.

  55. I find it interesting at all this started after Trump won, it’s like the left put the pedal all the way down causing so much crazy chaos with such crazy out of urology and having everybody in each other’s throat I think this is nothing more than a distraction and what’s going on. Globalist elite run by George Soros I believe is behind all this so they can take over our country while we’re all distracted with all this b*******.

  56. The Founding Fathers would be even more sickened by the MANY INSANE ACTIONS of a certain presidential PISS ASS PIG!

  57. Of course, this all started with d trump. Why shouldn’t some republican RETARDS & Other Americans act like MONKEYS following the example of an Brain Dead ORANGUTAN APE In The Oval Office?

  58. These so-called transgender males may wish they were females but they DO NOT think they are, that is a bunch of baloney. They may have a depraved mind and, are a bunch of sissies, but they DO NOT think they are female. GOD made them male and female, no half and have stuff.

  59. any one who thinks God is happy with the homo’s. Just read the Bible where he tells job to take his family and leave. Job begged him to let him try and find just one person that he could save and he could not. He and his family walked ou of the city od Soddom and Gamora and was told not to look back. His wife didn’t listen and looked back and became a pillar of salt. I am sorry for any one who thinks God doesn’t care.

  60. @ Betty our forefathers would be sickened at a political party that supports a “piss ass pig” who was President of the United States and had sex in the Oval Office ! But you close your eyes to that one ! And your obama who put this country in a worst economy it has ever seen and blame President Bush the whole 8 yrs! Health care that is a fricking joke to the working class. Oh and let’s not forget Benghazi! And the only thing congress has done is fight the President with no solutions other then wanting to impeach! They and you don’t even try to respect or see what he could accomplish! And even with all the blatant harassment he’s doing a great job!

  61. Vasu, it’s obvious somebody pays you to post! You post such drivel and made up information! Do you even think for yourself?

  62. Very long ago, about 1972, my high school did not have a girl’s track team. The coach of the boys team told me I could come to tryouts, but would be given NO special considerations. I was 4’10” and weighed 68 pounds. I earned a spot on both the high jumping crew and the high hurdles crew by having better performances than many of the males. The coach wanted me on the pole vault crew, but my mom said it was too dangerous. But I was a complete tomboy from a neighborhood of boys, NOT your typical female at all! I do NOT think pretend girls (transgenders) should be allowed on the girls teams! Let them compete against the guys like I did or don’t compete!

  63. I disagree! Even post op, a six foot 275 pound transgender STILL has substantial advantages over most natural females! Longer reach, longer legs, different muscle structures, heavier muscle structure, different competition experiences. It’s not fair and shouldn’t be allowed! Fair is fair and THAT ISN’T!

  64. Agreed! If these fools insist on these surgeries, they should only be allowed to compete with others like them! Not look for unfair advantages to feel superior. It’s cheating!

  65. There is no such thing as a transgender girl or boy!! They are all a bunch of homosexual crossing dressing drag queens, or bull dikes !! I don’t care how many gallons of hormones they take daily!! The creep is not going to turn into a girl or a boy !!! EVER!! What everyone needs to realize is this transgender garbage had a sub-plan or sub-motive all along of using this rouse of transgender freaks. to break into what started out as legitimate girls and women’s sports programs. Now these freaks and creeps can be in the locker room with normal people that are using the proper locker room for there sex, while these cross dressing creeps are allowed to use the opposite sexes facility and gets a chance to be naked with all the girls or boys they’d love to get there hands on!!SICK!! then of course when one of these creeps put his or her hands on a normal person and the normal person start screaming get your damn hand off me, clown. they (non homosexual) will be called a homophobic a sexist!! or maybe viewed as two fags having a squabble. by other people and those in power. (corrupt cops, coach,etc.) this view is the worst because now a sex crime against a normal person is being covered up with a political correct view that a transgender is allowed to commit a sex crime. if the victim resists he/she is some kind of nut or hater!! or sex creep. Isn’t this how women were treated a 100 years back when they were raped. all cause they do not want some sex perverts hands on them. that’s just another way for the lefties scum to justify these sex perverts committing sex crimes!! Which was their end game all along!!!!! Hollywood spent a 100 years justifying homosexuals now they want to legitimize transgender sex perverts and pedophilia rapist, molesters as a legitimate life style!!!! all this craziness must be stopped!!!! next time one of these pervert creeps put his or her hands on you improperly or sexually (normal person) that’s sex battery. hit the creep so hard they won’t wake up for a week and won’t know what century it is for another week after that. Time these sex creeps learned to keep their creepy hands off other people !!! Rape and molestation of kids or adults is a crime!!!! start arresting these criminals NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEFENDING YOUR SELF is not a CRIME, IT’S A RIGHT!!!!!!

  66. NO 3 year old is capable of making life decisions, ESPECIALLY surgical decisions! NO kid under a minimum of 18 should have access to hormones of any description! Human brains are STILL developing into the early 20s! So are their bodies. There should be NO classes or ‘education’ on this crap in our schools! Parents can opt out of “regular” sex education classes, but NOT the twisted classes?! Bull Crap! Sex education is the right of the parent alone, not schools, churches or any other entity! Parents who do not believe in or support “alternative choices” are having their rights stolen from them! Society does NOT have the rights to put those ideas into the minds of children!

  67. It’s a shame that a person has to attack the President for an action that he didn’t cause. Remember, it is the Congress, House and Senate, that makes the laws with the President to only sign the bill into Law. The discussion is about male and female, not the President.

  68. Betty, it is very obvious that you know nothing at all about our founding fathers. You have only sick hate. Pres. Trump has done a LOT of good for this country, but your hatred will not let you see the truth. You are a very sad creature.

  69. nutty, your ignorance reigns. You have no clue at all what you are talking about. The backlash against Obama had NOTHING to do with race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an ignorant fool if you can’t see what Obama is. He hates this country, our Constitution, and our freedom. He is a muslim traitor that sides with islam, which is our enemy. His goal was to have everyone dependent on government for everything. There is no freedom in islam. He brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims knowing full well that the goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. Open your eyes and dare to see the truth. And Pres. Trump had NOTHING to do with Russian collusion. But just live on your sick hate. You are a very sad creature.

  70. lib hatred is a mental disorder and they should all be rounded up and put away somewhere. Pres. Trump is far better than Obama was but they can’t see the truth through their sick hate.

  71. One of the comments above got me to thinking. If the DNA can’t be changed, it’s either male or female, then give all athletes a DNA test and put them in the correct category. Simple – no arguments.
    God says He knew you before you were in the womb. You “think” you are a boy? or “think” you are a girl? What did God say you are? Do you “think” you are smarter than God? There’s the old saying “God will get you for it”. He doesn’t like being second guessed. Please, please, read the Bible. Also, for those so called parents that are abusing their small children by deciding that because your sweet little girl likes to play with toy cars and trucks or enjoys dressing in boy clothes, that she should be a boy – stop immediately. You are doing irreparable harm to that child. Let her play dress up. Let her play with cars and trucks. She may just be imitating dad or big brother or the boy down the street. Let her play. Boys can also play with dolls, what’s wrong with that. It teaches them how to nurture and love. Tea parties for boys, may grow into strong boys and even stronger dads that love their children. All because he was loved and learned how to love. I used to dress in pants and go fishing with my big brother. I climbed trees and played with boys and also with girls. We all had fun. Our parents let us be kids. They were smart!

  72. As the president of the Women’s Recreation Association at the University of Iowa, I worked hard to enable women to compete against other women in the Big Ten Conference in the sixties. We finally were able to do this and women students now are eligible for funds for the education and use their college experience to qualify for our national teams in a variety of sports. If trans men are allowed on any athletic team, it would be disastrous for all competitive teams….
    We just watched the National Women’s Team win the world soccer tournament. If men are on these teams, what will they look like in 10 years? half men /half women, ,maybe no women????

  73. Nancy, You are terribly confused. First, Obama and the Democrats are to blame for these Godless LBGTQ issues. Transgenders do NOT get to compete in female sports period.

    Obama also started the divide nearly a month into his first term by denouncing a Police Officer for doing his job while responding to a 911 call by a neighbor assuming an African Studies Professor and his driver were burglars. The men pushed through the front door to gain entry. As the professor became uncooperative and police could not verify he belonged there both men were arrested.

    Obama jumped into that situation and every “racial” incident that followed. throughout the country.

    Obama NOT Trump got that!!? Get your facts straight prior to spreading Right-Wing Rhetoric.

  74. I feel that male and female should have a separate competition period. Be respectful of our gender. There are many sickos there now that we have to protect either gender. Otherwise, we will just be like lower forms of animals. Imagine, I can just declare I feel like a girl and therefore I should be allowed to go in the ladies bathroom and compete with the ladies and a man structure will always have the edge. Yes, some ladies can say they are better but it takes away the fun watching a sport when you know the competitor has the man’s structure. Sad.

  75. Guess who believes there are more than two genders? Each and every Democrat plus a dozen blue states. MI for example, instituted X as a choice when filling out questionnaires. CA is mandating all teachers affirm LGBTQ sex “education” in addition to what they call standard sex “education.” Further, the state is incorporating all aspects of LGBTQ in every academic class. So far these states are not including pedophilia – trust me, it’s coming. See: Epstein and all his Democrat visitors to his sex homes (brothels).
    BTW: Joe Biden, when asked by a reporter how many genders there are, said, “There are three genders.” When the reporter asked him to name them he grabbed her arm and angrily replied, “Don’t mess with me, kid!”

    America, speak up or your next surgery will be performed by one of these ignoramuses!

  76. Yes Tony, I was hoping someone would mention title 9 here. When it was initiated, most sports were self-sustaining. The schools offered sports programs that attracted the most participants, fans & generated the most revenue that resulted in most of the programs self-supportive. Title 9 cancelled some popular boys programs to spend the money on less popular girls programs. Now though, it’s as if title 9 never existed with the mindset of squashing hard-fought women’s rights for the cause of confused gender rights. Those in-between gender people should be in in-between programs, whatever that might be.

  77. This is what happens when you reject God and His laws. satan takes over and he is gaining more and more of a foothold.

  78. I was a tomboy when I was a kid and played with the neighborhood boys and played with cars and trucks and climbed trees. But I always knew I was a girl. I also had dolls. It does not matter what a kid plays with. Do not mess with their minds. They know what gender they are until ADULTS start to confuse them.

  79. Betsy DeVos is doing a great job. But of course a lib nit wit like you wouldn’t know that. She is passionate about quality education and knows that public schools have become lib indoctrination centers. Public schools don’t teach English, math, etc. anymore. They just teach kids to hate anything to do with conservatives and Christians. YOU are a prime example.

  80. So Vasu, you want the government to control your healthcare?? That is what the dem party wants, but it is FAR from a good idea. But you would not know that, being a good little lib robot.

  81. nutty, it is very obvious that you have no concept at all of the truth. What I said is TRUTH. But just keep living in fantasyland and deny reality. And we are ALL sinners. YES, YOU are a sinner. ALL need to be forgiven by Jesus to join Him in Heaven. I have done that. I know that I will be with Him for eternity. You can know that, too, but you have rejected Him. YOU get to choose to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. It is obvious that you have chosen satan.

  82. Don, satan will reign for a period of time and he has the dems, atheists, muslims, communists, etc. in his army. But he cannot win. When Jesus returns He will send satan and all of his followers to Hell and we will never have to deal with them again.

  83. Psychiatrists, long ago, recognized and treated these abnormalities (gender dysphoria) and treated them. That is until LGBT and now Q reared its head. Feminists aligned with LGBT and now Q in order to advance their individual and collective agenda. Today, anyone who speaks biological fact is labeled a hater – subject to re-education, not being hired, not promoted, or fired!
    Here we are, Gene, 2019 “Let It ALL Hang Out!” aka hedonism.

  84. Yes, joan satan is doing what he does best…causing hate and confusion. He has the dems believing his lies. But since they have thrown God out they will fall for any evil satan throws at them. They have lost their conscience and have no morals. They have been given over to depravity.

  85. Nancy, so it is fine with you that Obama hates this country and sides with our enemy Islam. It is fine with you that Obama brought in hundreds of thousands of muslims knowing full well that the goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. It is fine with you that Obama hates whites and set race relations back decades. It is fine with you that Obama’s goal was to totally destroy this country and have everyone dependent on government for everything. Well, that makes YOU a traitor. So if you hate this country and our freedom that much, you should move to the muslim country of your choice. Thanks to our Christian founding fathers you have the freedom to choose where to live. It is OBAMA who divided this country and he did it on purpose to achieve his sick agenda. Pres. Trump is doing his best to undo the evil Obama caused. But you have no clue. sad.

  86. You are correct. A male can NEVER become a female. That is a fact, but dems don’t care about facts. They just have hate and lies.

  87. When we leave God and His word out of our lives we are subject to all types of ungodly teaching. God made one man and one woman to be together for life. May God have mercy on all who do otherwise.

  88. Thanks for your comments on “bj”. She/he owns this website and feels free to put down and call all others names when she/he doesn’t agree with them, which is every other post!! At least there are a few more calling her/him out for all her/his hatefulness.

  89. It is good to know that you believe that “one man and one woman are to be together for life”. I don’t believe in divorce either – now please tell trumpsky that as he is the “leader” of this country. He’s been divorced twice and is on his third “marriage”. Look out Melania – you’re next!!

  90. I think I am a millionaire. By this standard I should be able to go out and buy myself several very, very expensive automobiles. Unfortunately, reality sets in and I realize I am just a small fish in a large pond and the banks won’t actually let me do that (and rightly so). Same way with these kids. Just because those born male think they are girls means nothing. Somebody in government needs to have the balls to tell them they are wrong and leave it at that. We have too damn many people in this country kowtowing to these lamebrains and trying to screw everything up for normal people. We need people in government spending more time looking after those who are considered normal and little or no time for those living in a fantasy world.

  91. One thing you failed to mention because it would have knocked your theory all to hell is that Obama was a lousy president. You may fall down to your knees, bow to Mecca and praise Obama but most of us will not because we had to suffer through eight years of his crap.

  92. You know nothing about me bj, but I know from your words you are either brainwashed or evil, there are no other possibilities. You think you have a pipeline to heaven yet you throw your hatred on these sites to virtually everyone who doesn’t agree with your insanity. I pick and choose what people are think are misguided but might change because you have a weak enough mind to be one to turn away from Trump, a truly evil mobster, and you know it.

  93. Obama was the best President in your lifetime, unquestionably Bill. You say Mecca, he is a Christian and like Christians 99% of the Muslims are good anyway. The economy was heading to a Great Depression, don’t you remember. 91 historians from various political backgrounds rank him 14th best President, they all rank Trump already at the bottom. The best known, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Douglas Brinkley, Michael Beschloss, and John Meacham are almost at a loss of words in describing the abomination of Trump and how he has hurt the country and the Presidency with his racist attacks, insults to nearly every group, the chaos, his financial records and sexual assaults. Smarten up Billy

  94. Stephanie, YES, Pres. Trump is doing all that he can to overcome Obama’s destruction. Obama did his best to destroy this country and Hillary would have continued what he started. Thank God that did not happen.

  95. Nancy, NO, Betty is absolutely WRONG!!! But you do not know anything about our founding fathers either. Try reading history

  96. David, Obama was many things, all of them evil. He tried to bring down this country. Thank God he failed, but there are many others who won’t give up until they have complete control of us and our government. There is a lot of evil out there since satan took over the dem party.

  97. nutty, this is a conservative Christian site and it is very obvious that you know nothing at all about either one. You are the one who is truly brainwashed by satan, your master. You know nothing at all about who God is or His great love for you. I hate no one. I follow Jesus and His teachings. You have rejected Him. I am very certain that I will be in Heaven. You can be, too. When are YOU going to come to Jesus and accept Him as the Lord of your life???
    And you attack Pres. Trump for being evil??????? Yet you support the Clintons who have been extremely corrupt for many years and Obama, who is a muslim traitor. You can deny truth, but that just makes you a fool. Pres. Trump is very fortunate that Jesus will be his judge and not you. Jesus is loving and forgiving. You are just full of hate for anyone who does not agree with you

  98. Nancy, no one forced you to come here. I hate no one. What I said is the truth. But you have denied the truth. That is your problem. I have called no one names. Please don’t confuse me with Betty, whose name-calling you endorse.

  99. NO, Obama was by far the worst president we’ve had. A Christian??????? Obama is no Christian. He himself said he is muslim. A Christian follows Jesus and His teachings. Jesus FORBIDS abortion and homosexuality, which Obama embraces. Try actually reading the New Testament and find out who Jesus is and what He teaches. He forbids all sin. All sin must be forgiven to enter into Heaven. It is YOU who needs to smarten up. Obama hates this country and sides with our enemies. The goal of islam is total world control. Do some research on who Muhamad was and his evil plan. Racist attacks?? Obama hates whites but that is fine with you. Sexual attacks???? Really??? But Bill Clinton’s sexual attacks and child rape is fine with you. You have no concept of the truth. sad.

  100. Salina is right on with her complaint. It’s about time something is done about this. No way is it anywhere near fair for boys to compete as girls. How sick this world has become.

  101. Nancy, you would be laughable if not so pathetic. Betty comes on here and spews her hatred with every post, but you approve of her. But you attack me. You are truly confused and need help.

  102. Gunless Nuts: Your Brown Baboon and his trannie Michael economically destroyed the USA. He is the 2nd worst president after Wilson.

  103. bj, go do your name, I noticed often you have to do your spiel on people twice, once isn’t enough to spit out your hate, ignorance and insanity. Go to some liberal sites, bother them and see their comments about your stupidity.

  104. The differences between men and women is night and day. Whoever came up with this scam should be displaced from their job. The physical advantages between men and women are vast making competition for a male -vs- female competition an utter mismatch for the woman competitor. This is pure and basic common sense for most of us. For those men wanting to compete against a woman, how could you celebrate such a hollow victory?

  105. The only area where d. trump beats Obama is d. trump proving on an almost daily basis what an INSANE IDIOT & a STUPID SICKO He Is!

  106. They have to be tested for drugs, shouldn’t there be a peter and puss check, too? By the way when a man has a sex change operation it is referred to as a transgender surgery. When a woman has a sex change operation it is called an adadictomy

  107. We need to get the government and planned baby killers completely out of our schools and libraries. Plus if christians cant pray then neither can muslem pigs.

  108. Why are we even having this discussion? The trans-gender boys can’t make it with the big “regular” guys so they look into a mirror and askes it why can’t I beat some little girl and come out looking like a big man on campus? The mirror looks the gent over and says to him, “take a few different medications and act like a wimp, and you’ll win because you’re made differently, much stronger in physical attributes, they can’t win, and remember, they’re just girls.” Yes, I know that this is all B___ S___, but that’s what’s happening. Where are boy’s family? Well, they say “go for it, I’ll back you, and if you win, you’ll get a scholarship and I won’t have to pay for you education, even though I may make more than the entire team’s families and they’re just girls.” The bottom line to this whole mess comes down to money!!

  109. Nope, I do not agree. But, since the males that think they are females will be in girls sports, now the girls can pull the #Me too on those males and teach them a lesson, and I hope it all gets recorded!

  110. Betty, I am Pro life and anti abortion but your mother, a female, did the world a huge disservice by giving birth to you !

  111. This shows a piece of why your side is so wrong. You are a name-calling juvenile with NO evidence to rest your claims on.

    Democrats are the party of
    RACISM-the KKK were Democrats,
    MURDER-you kill unborn babies, and
    PERVERSION-Transgender fantasies and rampant pedophiles and homosexual sickos.


  112. On this, I agree with President Trump and Betsy DeVos! It’s not fair that these individuals who were born male get to compete in girls track because they have an unfair advantage over biological females!
    Moreover, gender reassignment should NOT be allowed for anyone under 18! Ironically, the left has successfully pushed to ban conversion therapy for those under 18 because of the “irreparable harm” it supposedly does to the young one! If conversion therapy is banned for those under 18, then gender reassignment should also be banned for those under 18 and biological males should only compete in boys events!

  113. DOE’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR).
    OCR=”Optical Character Recognition” might be more apt, if they look for an Adam’s Apple, yes?
    Cue the “All in the Family” title song, and bring back Archie Bunker, please.
    Those were the days, yes?

  114. Hell no ! Boys are boys and girls are girls That is so stupid and very sick . Screw the Government and schools because that is wrong . No Tinkerbells in girls sports .

  115. Keep up the good work Betty. Don’t listen to those who criticize you. They only want to shut you up, and stop you from posting. You have the same right to be here as everyone else. Carry on!!!!

  116. Betty, you are absolutely dumber than a box of rocks. You never make sense of any subject that you post and it only proves just how deranged you really are.

  117. Ole Nancy and Betty must be competing to see which one is the most stupid. As of right now, you two ding bats are tied. Keep posting your insane comments to see who will win out.


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