President Trump was infuriated with this Ivy League school after they did the unthinkable


American universities are doing everything they can to silence conservatives on campus.

It’s been so bad, President Trump even had to sign an Executive Order to protect Freedom of Speech for conservative students.

But what this Ivy League school did crossed the line and will make President Trump furious.

Jannique Stewart, a black, pro-life Christian with the Life Training Institute, was recently invited to participate in a debate at Cornell University on the topic of abortion.

But when Cornell administrators found out she believes in the Biblical definition of marriage, they banned her from speaking.

And according to Stewart, administrators told her that having someone on campus who believed in traditional marriage was “tantamount to allowing a racist to speak who held pro-slavery and pro-holocaust views.”

The Christian Post writes:

Jannique Stewart, who is African American and a pro-life speaker with Life Training Institute was invited earlier this year to participate in a debate next month at Cornell University’s Political Union, “regarding the fact that abortion is a moral wrong,” she noted in a Saturday Facebook post.

The group withdrew the invitation upon finding out that she was an outspoken defender of marriage as between one man and one woman and biblical sexuality. Her presence and participation had been officially approved and was on track to proceed until she was asked to submit a bio and those who invited her started researching her background.

“It was explained to me that having someone on campus who believed the way I did was tantamount to allowing a racist to speak who held pro-slavery and pro-holocaust views!” Stewart explained, outraged.
“I was also told that their concern was that many of the students would be offended by my beliefs and would not be able to focus or listen to my speech.”

Cornell University’s Political Union is wrong on two fronts.

First, maintaining a Christian worldview of marriage is not “tantamount” to slavery and the Holocaust.

To argue such is to ostracize an entire group of people from being “accepted” in the eyes of the university.

Second, in the school’s attempt to maintain a politically correct nature, they broke one of the major PC rules.

The university’s political union “whitesplained” to Jannique Stewart – an African American woman herself.

This comes right after President Trump signed an Executive Order to promote free speech on college universities.

Cornell will want to be careful or they could find themselves losing federal funding if they keep up these antics.

In a Facebook post, Jannique Stewart set the record straight, saying “The First Amendment supports Freedom of Speech not Freedom From Speech.”

Do you think colleges try to censor conservatives? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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  2. This move by the university is the first challenge to Trump’s exec. order.
    The DOJ should now get involved and Trump should announce a hold on
    any further money until Cornell straightens up its act!
    Cornell should also receive a storm of protests from all over the Country.
    BTW: where are the student protests? Are they protesting? If not, they should be!

  3. These schools of higher education are nothing more than Leftist Indoctrination camps, terrible, stay away young folks, learn a trade.

  4. Don’t wait. Remove all federal funding including student loans. Do this once and watch every other college in the country toe the line.

  5. The entire school system is corrupt and full of leftism from the NEA all the way down to elementary school. That’s something that doesn’t look good for them. Every part of that department should be gutted and the people that runs the joint should be replaced.

  6. Calling any ideas that differ from yours “racist” should also be called something.. how about manipulating and attempting to subvert the rights of others.

  7. Cornell has been a 3rd world country type of school for many years. Every bit of their federal funding and any grants should have been taken away by now.

  8. The time has come to revamp education. Close the department of education. Kill the federal student loan program. Stop all federal money for college education including for scholarships. Continue to support technical and trade schools. Enact a federal right to work law to defund the NEA of conscripted union dues. If you want to attend college find the money in the private sector. This should help refocus education into a value calculation where all the left leaning bs now being taken will not have a payback and will stop being offered.

  9. These so called institutions of higher learning are instead putrid cesspools of suppression. Stop all federal funding of any kind to them. Subverting the rights of others has to be called out and stopped wherever it shows its ugly face.

  10. These “Leftist Indoctrination camps” start in public education from the kindergarten level through to the twelfth grade, LONG before any lifetime decisions are made by the student(s). Teachers unions and CommonCore education are the primary institutions to blame…..

  11. The entire education system for our young is corrupted with the leftist speech staring, for example, with getting kids confused about gender, if they want to be boys or girls. The lessons they learn from watching others who want to express conservative views being slapped down, ridiculed and excluded from opportunities is a huge obstacle from being able to express themselves. The examples they live with of adults unable to hear and express conflicting views without some sane discussion of those differences is another factor damaging. The turmoil they observe over young adults openly advocating hate positions over issues they will not and cannot engage in rational debate and some level of civil discourse. Our education system has a critical responsibility in encouraging free speech where all are allowed to express themselves, conservative or liberal.
    se and compromise.

  12. If you want to keep a wrong going, you stop the people from hearing the other side of the story. The next thing we will see in the streets is, (BURNING OF BOOKS) remember that view from the past ? Now what was the name of that group of peoples, what was it got it (Nazis aka Communists). Thing about it, look back to the past can you see them there. Hitler said the easiest way to take over a country is to take away their means to defend them selfies, look right now what New York is doing with gun control, now look forward to today can you see it, look hard and make up your own MIND, STOP letting someone else (Democrats aka Communists) do your thinking for you. Look further than the end of your (NOSE) and for once (SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE) !

  13. Congress spent hours and hours debating the loss of free speech in colleges and universities during the summer of 2017. They pretty much all agreed that free speech is being discouraged and administratively curtailed. A recommendation was made to remove federal funding. So what happened? NOTHING! Once again our Committee on Oversight & Government Reform, after spending God-knows-how-much time and money have taken no action. WTF, Folks? Who did we elect?

  14. Just let that roll around in your head for a minute!
    What an outrageous position….
    This nation is sickened by a disease that’s infected our core bloodstream. That University should be held accountable and called out

  15. John Flynn-I worked for one of those “Leftist Indoctrination Camps” for 31 years while living here in Texas and I couldn’t agree more. Being a conservative christian I often confronted this put up or shut up philosophy while teaching my students. Nevertheless, I attempted to influence my students logical thought processes from time to time. I always enjoyed interjecting History, the Bible and logic into the discussion. One of my favorite quotes is “He who does not work, neither shall he eat” is a New Testament aphorism originally by Paul the Apostle, later cited by John Smith in Jamestown, Virginia, and by Lenin during the Russian Revolution. Then I add in the story about the fisherman and the beggar, who surmise it is far wiser to teach someone to fish than leave them in their poverty and just give them a fish.
    Next I ask them to compare these theories to our welfare system. Ooh, you should hear the names parents and teachers have called me for suggesting that I have simply asked their children to think for themselves.

  16. Trump can dish out all the Executive Orders in the world. But if no one follows up and enforces them, all we’ve done is listen to more Trump rhetoric. Rules are only rules when they’re enforced. There are these kinds of stories all over the place. Yet the only thing being done is us throwing our objections out there on this website. You said it — DOJ and stop their money!

  17. All of which proves that PhD does not guarantee that the holder is not also a moron. These neo-fascist liberals are actually very frightening.

  18. You are right calling them demons since the universities and our liberal government are all possessed by the devil and his DEMONS.

  19. Have a backbone and enforce your executive orders Trump. Make them understand you mean what yoy say. Punish all who refuse to abide by them. They are for everyone.

  20. My daughter and I are teacher candidates applying for teaching positions here in Texas. We live in a fairly conservative area. We are conservatives. The problem is, schools want teachers with college degrees. Texas got rid of common core, thank God. Not all professions can go to trade schools like doctors, nurses , attornies, accountants, engineers, and more. So parents, check out the colleges you pay for your students to go to. Have moral and political conversations when they’re old enough before they get brainwashed. If more conservatives people went into education or journalism that would help.

  21. Try this one: The United States will not offer student loans to students who attend offending colleges. Want to see them change their tunes in light speed?

  22. Hell yes they get money from pro-liberal interests and Soros probably donates and others probably do the same thing. Cut off the government aid now Don’t hesitate, DO IT.

  23. If these colleges keep it up Conservatives will be extinct.. Better do something Now of course enforce executive order.. Fight !!!!

  24. Call Cornell’s Office of the President and express your disgust with this violation of Jannique Stewart’s freedom of speech. Also let him know you will not support this or any other school that promotes their agenda and silences the student’s freedom of speech. 607-255-5201. Let’s fight together for righteousness!

  25. Cornell University has declared themselves to be part of the swamp. As a tax payer I do not want to support this institution. Drain the Swamp!!!

  26. Call the Office of the President– 607-255-5201 and voice your disgust and that you won’t be supporting them. Let’s flood the phones!!!!

  27. Cornell University’s Federal Funding must be stopped immediately! Tax payers do not deserve to be discriminated against because the Federal Funding is provided by the Tax payers! All Federal Funding must be stopped for any and all colleges and universities that do not allow Freedow of Speech as President Trump has now signed a bill to stop the funding!

  28. The assumption being made h ere is that the only reason she was banned was her Biblical positions. No attempt to look at the entire bio and see if in fact she disclosed racist comments consistent with the teachings of Paul in Galations. Is slavery and racism something you folks here are defending?

  29. I have not already said that about this post. This is the first and only time I have commented on this post . When people make assumptions not backed by the facts, they lead others astray.

  30. ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  31. Cornell University is promoting perversion! I would certainly not want a child of mine to attend this “school” and be indoctrinated with the school’s perverted view of the world. Cut off all funds from this indoctrination camp.

  32. Is anyone truly shocked by this action???? I mean these are the same people who clapped for the passing of a MURDER of the UNBORN Bill that allows that MURDER up till the instant of BIRTH. So NO KNE who knows the WILLFUL IGNORANCE of LIBERALISM is at all shocked. What would be shocking is if they had allowed her to speak and do so freely.

  33. Those in charge at Cornell are dumber than the students who would feign offense by someone supporting traditional marriage. It is called Traditional Marriage because it has been the practice of most of the world for CENTURIES. If this is America, and the last time I looked it still was, then freedom to believe as one feels BETTER be accepted by ALL or disaster will prevail. Those traditional marriage believers who said nothing offensive and accepted gay and transgender people who arrived on the scene, allowing them to do as they believe. deserve to receive the same acceptance as they gave. Now, if you don’t want things to get crazy with groups calling Gays and Transgenders queer and they being called other nasty names in return and getting violent, then these universities better solve the problem that the new folks have with the old groups before total chaos descends upon all universities and institutions. This would be more destructive to the fabric of America than the Civil War ever was. These Yo-Yos running these schools get big bucks to run them and if they can’t control the students, it’s time to get rid of the Administrators and close up all those Ivy halls.

  34. I agree with your sentiments……..but; the big shots are not elected so they can’t be
    thrown out by the voters. The schools can be shut down only by a lack of funds.
    That’s a really tough go! The lib profs are tenured, the alumni groups usually come
    through with money and I think only a huge, wide-spread protest, coupled with any
    federal funds being withheld (as Trump has warned), would make a dent in the school’s
    left-wing stance.
    Another problem is the awareness of HS grads that without a degree, their chances of
    a good job are almost nil. That pressure will keep them coming to those indoctrination
    centers we call “Schools of higher learning” these days. The problem is one of the most
    important issues facing this Country and so far there seems to be no sure cure.

  35. Pull the plug on all federal ie taxpayer monies for every institution of higher learning that has pulled stunts like this. Money talks. It’s the only way to rattle them back into reality.

  36. The president must cut off any Federal Funding to any American Universities prohibiting free speech on campus to Conservatives effective immediately! This behavior is a direct affront to our Bill of Rights and the Constitution! Furthermore, I would advise America not to send your children to these American Universities because your just throwing away your money! A traditional education to earn a livelihood they are not receiving! Why waste your money on these universities who fill the minds of our young with propaganda, dumbocrap racist garbage. AMERICA send your children to trade schools! Its much faster, cheaper, and results oriented!

  37. It seems liberals want to make sure all people who feel they are minorities be raised up. This is fine but the are in turn stomping on a majority of peoples rights.


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