President Trump scored a major victory when these numbers were released


Donald Trump’s 2016 victory was fueled in large part by Americans who wanted a president who would be tough on illegal immigration.

The Left knows if President Trump’s policies succeed, their 2020 election hopes are doomed.

Now, President Trump just scored a major victory when U.S. Customs and Border Protection released these numbers.

Trump has refused to back down when Democrats have tried to stymie his efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

In addition to finding funding to build the wall, Trump was forced to play hardball with Latin American countries to get them to do something to stop migrant caravans from flooding into the U.S.

And a new report from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) shows it’s working.

Fox News reports:

The number of migrants encountered by U.S. authorities at the border with Mexico has dropped below 100,000 for the first time in five months amid increased collaboration by Mexico and Guatemala to crack down on the flow of humanity, according to government data released Thursday.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) encountered 82,049 people in July, down 21 percent from June when there were 104,344 people and down 43 percent from May. The number of families and minors crossing the border also dropped.

To avoid punishing tariffs threatened by the Trump administration, Mexico agreed in June to dramatically expand its border enforcement efforts. The country has employed a variety of tools — including a giant X-ray and Mexican National Guard troops — to uphold its end of the bargain and catch hundreds of migrants.

Guatemalan officials have also played a role, recently agreeing to what’s known as a “safe third country” pact with the U.S., meaning anyone coming through that country from El Salvador or Honduras would not be able to claim asylum in the U.S. The agreement was made even as Guatemalan courts blocked the effort. U.S. officials believe it will be in effect by the end of the month.

While the Left throws a fit over President Trump’s immigration enforcement, the numbers show the policy is successful.

And, in the end, that’s what most Americans care about.

What are your thoughts on President Trump’s efforts to uphold America’s sovereign borders?

Let us know in the comments below!


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  2. President Trump is doing a GREAT JOB. If the Democrats/Left would just help him things would be even better. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  3. President Trump is doing a fantastic job and he has my vote without hesitation in 2020!!! MAGA!!!

  4. President Trump is the “Greatest President” we have seen in ages! God Bless him for all he is doing and all he has done already. He is the Best-of-the-Best!! Go Trump for 2020!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Trump got elected not because people loved him, but because they hated Hillary and the whole Democrat agenda. Since he was elected, Trump has made at least some progress on stopping the flow of illegal immigration, but the Democrats have galloped even further into their unloved agenda. What do you want to bet, when the Dems lose the 2020 election, they’ll blame anything but themselves for their failure.

  6. I thought President Reagan was the best president ever, but now I am positive that President Trump has surpassed even Reagan’s greatness……… and against unbelieveable obstruction by the democrats.

  7. Despite opposition from just about everyone on the Left and analysts on the FAKE NEWS channels, despite Congress’ inaction and fighting the President every step of the way, despite constant criticism of WHATEVER Pres. Trump has tried to do to secure our border and protect America and Americans, he has proven again that his common sense is much wiser that the “wisdom” of the so-called experts! GO, Pres. Trump! Continue to make America great again, because not many people in a position to do so seem to WANT to! All the way in 2020!!!

  8. If & when the dumbocrats get the WH again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I’m going to surrender my citizenship for mexico.. I have relatives in the state department and it want take but a week to start getting free stuff.

  9. It is about time we had a President who is not afraid to lead this country the way it should be led.,,,,,Trump 2020…way to go

  10. Fully support the presidents securing the southern border, and showing the courage and strength to withstand the slings and arrows of hate-filled democrats seeking to undermine his efforts.

  11. that is why we the people love and support president trump because he kept America SAFE and STRONG
    unlike the democrats they want vote and power from the illegal alien while president trump wants peace/
    law and order in America and not only that he support the U.S. troops and the police force and that why
    we love and support president trump. VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP/PENCE IN 2020

  12. Thank God for President Trump. He is doing everything in his power to honor his campaign promises. No thanks to the RINOs, the democrats and the liberal media. Trump 2020.

  13. Trump has been investigated and smeared 24/7 for 2.5 years over Russia collusion that didn’t happen if Trump has problems sleeping it is because he’s so anxious to put his foot up the asses of Leftists every morning. GOD BLESS MR> TRUMP, from a DEMOCRAT and LATINO
    Sergio Pastor

  14. he is the only president in the united states of America besides Reagan that will be in history books that
    alter the whole world because president TRUMP/REAGAN are simply the best president ever in the U.S.
    history and that is why the Asian countries said when you hate somebody like this 2 president it means
    he is doing something GOOD/STRONG/GREAT for his country and those countries who opposed this 2
    president will lost their mind because this 2 president are GOOD/STRONG/GREAT and that is why they
    hate them so much because they can not win on this 2 STRONG PRESIDENT TRUMP/REAGAN.

  15. Sergio Pastor
    Thank you so much for your comment!! I truly believe there are many democrats that see what the liberal leaders are up to, & thankfully there are more asking….what are these leaders doing for the American people, all they have done since President Trump was elected is try to get him impeached & what for? This President has done nothing wrong!

  16. Outstanding job! Finally, a take charge President looking out for best interests of the American people! Yet continues to help others around the world as/when warranted and justified!

  17. One reason the democrats hate him is because he is such a success. He’s accomplished everything despite enormouns resistance and been more successful than anyone else. God bless him. Trump has done a great job and let’s re elect him.

  18. Please keep up the tough stance on our border, we DO NOT need more people living off the US TAXPAYERS

  19. Do you thank God also for all the lies he continues to tell, or all the crimes he has committed?
    Do you thank God for all the suffering the children at the border went through, or is that Obama’s fault.
    I could go on and on and I do not understand your enthusiasm about a president who is a criminal – but I suppose you do not believe that.

  20. If our President did not have to put up with the idiotic fighting and obstruction, so many more important issues could have been completed.
    Hang in there Mr President, soon you will have another 4 years to complete making America Great again. Trump 2020!

  21. For all those idiots on the LEFT/ the DUMBOCRAPS/ and the HOLLYWEIRDOS that said he is not their President… they can all pack their bags and move to any other country other then the US. He is MY PRESIDENT and will continue to be MY PRESIDENT until it comes the time he no longer legally can be. God bless President Trump and his family for all they are doing for this country. God bless America!!!!! MAGA!!!!! KAG!!!!

  22. Democrats are the party of killing babies by abortion, lack of Christian ideals, and a tax and spend philosophy. With their open border desires and claim that humans, rather than God, are responsible for global warming, it is no wonder that Hillary lost.

  23. I absolutely agree… He has accomplished so much, imagine if he had some cooperation!!!!
    Frightening the thought , where would be if he had not become President???

  24. I will answer you on the “suffering” of children at the border. 1. No one in the United States including President Trump dragged the children across dangerous countryside on foot or by any other means. That suffering is on the adults who were with them.
    2. Once they broke our immigration laws by refusing to come through one of the legal points of entry they were put in a detention center. The same detention centers used by Obama. They were inside out of the weather, fed,had a safe place to sleep.
    3. As more and moe continued to arrive, the centers began to run out of supplies. Asking for mire money to get these supplies, the democrats in congress REFUSED TO VOTE FOR THE FUNDING. It was brought up for a vote iver 6 times and they refused to vote yes to money. Finally when they decided this was a real event and not a ” manufactored crisis” some voted yes to more funds LAST MONTH. Democrats in Congress are responsible for any suffering now.

  25. I believed the same way as you until President Trump came out in support of the Communist Red Flag Policy. It’s a Communist plot to take guns away from law abiding American citizens without due process. I can’t support anyone who supports these Communist left wing ways. I’m really disappointed in Trump that he would not support our 2nd Adm Right.

  26. You are right i the democrats would stop bucking him at every turn maybe things he promised while campaigning 2016 would get done. God bless President Trump we have your back.

  27. Code blue, your not getting The wholeness of this “red flag” thing.
    There is due process, quick due process.
    President Trump is neither trying to mar the 2nd Amendment or cowtowing the communist ideal of an unarmed people.

  28. On the Fox 5 news, they had two political analysts talking about their views on several topics. One made a remark I found very alarming. He stated Trump was very low on the list of most admired Presidents. Now supposedly these analysts had no particular party they sided with. Which I find so not true. But my point being, I was never polled and so were any of my friends or relatives. So how could they make such a statement? On every site I’ve been on almost everyone, including myself, love and stand behind President Trump. Of course you will have a radical Leftists or Troll coming on and making ridiculous statements against Trump. But again, most truly admire Trump for what he has been doing for this country. I just wish people like that one analyst would stop inferring he is speaking for all Americans… Especially if this was a very random polling of a few……

  29. Thank you President Trump for working every day to help all America in spite of the entire DNC working so hard to try to sink the ship upon which we are all sailing. It has to be hard with all that negitivity. Thank you.

  30. Of course they will. And I can guarantee you that us Trump supporters will be included in that blame. If the Demonrats would just do their jobs like they are supposed to do instead of focusing on getting our great President impeached, a lot would get done. I believe it’s time to clean house and get rid of all the anti-Trumpers.

  31. Colleen; I can not find the story you posted under, so I’m responded here. So Epstein( I think this is how his spells his name ) is dead? Gee, another death by Clinton” suicide” huh?? Well, let’s hope they recovered pertinent info. on some of our favorite people( UGH! ) before that commits “suicide” too!!!
    ” Talk” to you later, my friend!

  32. Yes, yet another suicide by clinton. The thing I find a bit weird is he “commited suicide ” at the same time names were being released of the visitors to his child raping island….

  33. Very well put Marla. Our country is having its own problems with those in need. Our streets are not lined with GOLD. We have our own poverty problems that need to be addressed. We cannot save the WORLD on our own.

  34. The Left thinks they can influence us by talking “dirt” about our President. By calling him disgusting names such as “Racist” or Misogynist. Or accusing him of doing un-American things, like scheming against the USA with the Russians.
    All this is a big waste of time and energy because they are all untrue. BIG LIES.
    President Trump is no Angel, he never claimed he was. But he is the best President for the time we are living in. I hope and pray he stays healthy and well. And I can’t wait to vote for him again.

  35. Codeblue I don’t know where you got your information from but it is dead WRONG! Trump in FOR GUNS and not AGAINST THEM! So get it right and correct your comments.

  36. DavidJoe I agree with you that the Trump is doing a fantastic job and more than Obama ever did in his eight yrs. in office. Obama accomplished 0! Go TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I will if & when he backs away from the Red Flag Laws. They are a first step in taking our guns away even if President Trump’s intentions are not that but the Communist left only need a foot in the door to bust it down.
    Don’t get me wrong, I support President Trump in everything that he has done & planned to continue to support him in the next election. But he crossed the line when he started supporting Red Flag Laws. I would like to see the statistics from all the liberal states that have Red Flag Laws that have actually returned confiscated guns. Guns that were confiscated without due process from American gun owners. I do know of at least one American gun owner who was shot dead by armored SWAT police when they entered his home by busting down the front door. He of course was taken by complete surprise & had the gall to try to protect his family by reaching for a firearm. He was shot immediately by the heavily armed police force who entered his home as if he was a criminal listed on the FBI’s number one most wanted list. Why did they have to enter his home like this & end up killing him? That’s an example of the Red Flag Laws confiscating guns from law abiding American gun owners. No, I’m definitely not in favor of RFLs.

    No, I won’t vote for the liberal communist democrat candidate. I will end up voting for President Trump but I pray he backs away from pushing these unconstitutional RFLs.

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