President Trump put his life in grave danger by committing this brave act in front of a famous Washington, D.C. church


The media and Hollywood elite are doing everything in their power to throw President Trump under the bus during the COVID-19 and rioting crisis.

But Trump just did something so brave that he’s caused them to shut up.

In doing so, the President put his life in real danger by committing this brave act in front of a famous Washington, D.C. church that will leave you breathless.

The media and nearly every celebrity in Hollywood is attempting to create ways to blame Donald Trump for George Floyd’s tragic death.

They even managed to stir up a threatening and violent riot outside the White House that put the First Family and White House staff all in danger.

It has been reported over 50 Secret Service members were injured defending the White House from the violent rioters.

Which is why President Trump’s recent speech in front of the St. John’s Church in Washington D.C. was so brave and even shocking.

Donald Trump walked straight out from the White House front doors to the church.

He was not driven to the church nor did he fly . . . he decided to walk outside in the middle of all of the rioting, looting, and threats to his life.

The Church was sadly made a victim to the rioters and the basement had been lit on fire the night before.

The so-called “protesters” also burned the American flag on the church’s property.

President Trump delivered a speech to the press while holding a Bible telling the nation he would restore order.

“First we are ending the riots and lawlessness that has spread throughout our country. We will end it now,” Trump told reporters. “Today I have strongly recommended to every governor to deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers that we dominate the streets . . .”

While the media and every celebrity on social media is sabotaging Trump and attempting to turn everyone against him, the President has made it clear he is determined to restore order and honor George Floyd’s life.

What do you think?

Has President Trump handled the rioting and looting crisis well?

Share your thoughts with Culture Watch News in the comments below.


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  2. Trump says he supports peaceful protest, and not violence and looting. But Trump’s men used force against a peaceful protest near the White House for the photo-op in front of St. John’s Church.

    Trump threatened to use military force against protesters. This is unacceptable. We can’t ignore this.

  3. Why are the protesters still protesting when the murderer cop has already been arrested and charged, along with the 3 other officers? What is the point of the protests now. What is Trump supposed to do about it?
    Does Trump control the police? Of course not. These protests aren’t about justice.
    The protesters are misguided idiots, and the rioters are anarchist thugs.

  4. Ironic. The more frequent and vicious the attacks against President Trump (Russian collusion, Wuhan Virus, impeachment, riots, Twitter censorship, fake media), the more I am impressed and admire his indomitable spirit and love for America. Trump is EXCELLENT.

  5. Wow!! Are you really trying to get away with saying Trump put his life in danger and committed a brave act.

    How idiotic. Just look at the troops and police firing tear gas, rubber bullets, etc. to move out peaceful protesters. The most cowardly act I have seen this guy you call your President do. And to hold up a bible in front of a church for a photo op. You have to be kidding.

  6. “But Trump just did something so brave that he’s caused them to shut up.

    In doing so, the President put his life in real danger by committing this brave act in front of a famous Washington, D.C. church that will leave you breathless.”


    “Which is why President Trump’s recent speech in front of the St. John’s Church in Washington D.C. was so brave and even shocking.

    Donald Trump walked straight out from the White House front doors to the church.”

    Who writes these lies? President Trump did not ‘put his life in danger”, he had his security remove all of the Americans who were exercising their Constitutional right to peacefully protest in front of the White House.

    There wasn’t another American within about a thousand yards of his photo op, and that is exactly what it was, a campaign photo op.

  7. Robert F – it is quite clear that you don’t like President Trump – my question to you is this – who would you rather see as your President? Why? Are your proud to be an American? If not, leave the country and find some other place to live where you think you would be treated better than in this country. It is very easy to spit venom abut the President – and in any other country you would be shot on the spot, or put in jail with no food to rot! I don’t know how old you are, nor do I care; but you should have more respect for the man who was elected to the presidency by the people – whether you like him or not – he is doing an excellent job – if you think you can do better – go for it!

  8. Vasu, if those protesters hadn’t been forcefully retreated and had been allowed to stay in that particular area they may have tried to go after Pres Trump, AG Barr and others!! That is how extreme their vitriolic mindsets are toward Pres Trump and his WH Administration!

  9. Hey, renata. A CHIMPANZEE IN A MONKEY SUIT Would Make A Better President Than That Oval Office Blond Haired & Brain Damaged ORANGUTAN APE!

  10. @Dodger, she is in her office in the Capitol, trying to pass legislation that Moscow Mitch will ignore.

  11. Its a good thing I’m not in charge. I would order every violent protester shot dead . I also think that when a town learns a bus load of so called protesters are approaching their town the people should meet it fully armed. Not allow a single person off that bus under penalty of death! If even one protester stepped out the townspeople then open fire and kill every one one that bus!!!! As I said it’s a good thing I’m not in charge!

  12. Hey, e. Who Needs You In Charge With DING A LING,DERANGED donald & DUMB trump In Charge? Of Seeing Just How Fast He Can Flus This Country Down HISTORY’S TOLIET” Just Like The CONCEITED, STUPID SICKO HE IS!

  13. Give me a break ! This was no “act of courage ” and Trump’s life was never in danger for second . This was nothing but a disgustingly cynical hypocritical attempt for Trump to portray himself as a “devout Christian ” despite the fact that his entire life has make a mockery of everything Jesus stood for and he was holding the Bible upside down !
    You also failed to mention that the clergy members in charge of this church condemned him of this blatant hypocrisy and didn’t even give him permission to have this photo taken of him on their property .
    His henchmen also tear gassed peaceful protesters to get rid of them before Trump staged this despicable stunt . Members the Christian clergy all over America have condemned Trump in no uncertain terms .
    What Trump has done was beneath contempt and nothing but a lame attempt to distract from his incompetence, stupidity and callousness . Trump is fiddling while America burns . This loathsome stunt make me sick to my stomach – and countless other Americans feel the same as I do .

  14. Vasu Murti, You are incorrect. The city and park police responded with smoke grenades to disperse a rioting crowd that was breaking the curfew put in place by the DC mayor. There was no violence used by the police. The violence was all on the side of the looters who threw bottles at the cops. The false story you put out was carried in the mainstream media for the sole purpose to make the president look bad. That is the fault of the democrat lackies in the MSM to pour gasoline on the fire. It is not Trump stirring the boiling pot. He is calling for calmness and reason, but that isn’t what is being reported.

  15. she is in her office in the Capitol, trying to pass legislation that Moscow Mitch will ignore.

    NO, more like Miss Piggy Piglosi who likes to continuously PORK UP stimulus bills!

  16. You are kidding, right? He gave his little speech in the rose garden, then walked to the church only after having his path cleared through PEACEFUL protesters by gassing and flash bombing them and only to have his photo taken holding a bible. He gave no remarks at the church.. no words of calm, no inspirational words… he had his photo taken, period. He does not attend that, or any church; he clearly does not read or follow the bible’s teachings. This was not an “heroic act,” it was a propaganda photo op and nothing more.


  18. I didn’t see V.P. Pence in that historic walk. They must have known there was a risk during that time and didn’t want the President and V.P. at risk at the same time. Makes the decision to walk there a calculated risk…took courage on everyone’s part. No one was wearing a mask either…another show of solidarity. They know the efficacy of masks, and they are asking us to get back to real normal asap. That’s my take and I’m glad they did it.

  19. Vasu-You do know what country you live in, don’t you? And you do know that no one attacks the WH not even protesters. As for the Military-Yes to keep the peace-yes. Lighting fires and looting are not peaceful protests. Killing police officers with cars, shooting them, throwing motov cocktails to set them on fire is not peaceful protests. But since you are so brave-why don’t you join the police in keeping the protesters from looting and burning. You can have an in life episode of what these officers are tasked with doing. How many have been killed or injured in Your-so-called peaceful protests. My bet-you’ll sit on the sidelines and spout off like most libs do.


  21. @Eric, The Obama’s never had law enforcement clear out peaceful Americans exercising their Constitutional rights for a photo op like your Dad just did. If I’m wrong, then please post some ACCURATE information.

  22. Vasu equates violence and looting with Trump’s men using force to remove peaceful protesters. Only a liberal could make such a comparison since no logic was applied.

  23. The most insidious part of this whole deal is that he’s likely never read a word in the bible (when asked in an interview about his favorite verse he couldn’t even name one); and he has exhibited nothing but anti-christian behavior, except for you people who are so easily fooled.

  24. @Joe, obviously you and other Libs just do NOT get it that the protesters were cleared away because if they had been allowed to stay in that particular area, with their extreme hate for Pres Trump and his WH administration they could have very well tried to go after the President, AG Barr and others in that group!

  25. Trump made a photo op !!!! He was never in danger, if he had gone to the park with protester in it that would be a different story. Socially Trump is the most dimwitted President we have ever had. Total fukin idiot. I am not sure that I can vote for him this time around, but definitely dont want Dopey Joe either.

  26. @ Eric, they were cleared while exercising their Constitutional right because Trump wanted a photo op in front of a church with a bible, (that was upside down), nothing more.

  27. Obummer was the absolute WORST President we’ve ever had! A lot of fools who voted for that Muslim fool for 2 terms!

  28. @Joe, you and other Libs never happy unless you’re beotching daily about the President and his administration!

  29. The First Lady of The United States of America is as brave a soldier on the front lines as there is. My respect for her is immeasurable.

  30. @Eric, not so much beotching about your Dad, just pointing out the stupid, illegal, and anti-American things that he does. A big difference.

  31. The left’s fake MSM says trump is hiding in a bunker.he came on streets and stood in front of an important church that the black mop burned down and shows he is no coward and what did the sorry MSM say.they spun it to fit their agenda..take down Trump at any cost ,even if it means to burn down cities in america. MSM been fueling racism to get the black vote.Now Trump is going to have to bring in the military to stop them.

  32. Eric, your post about protesters had to be cleared because they may have gone after him, due to their “hatred..” So, it was even more hateful for him to have them cleared that way so he could use a bible and the church as props for a campaign ad. I mean, really, how much distain does he have for American citizens? He hates them, including you, unless you lick his boots. Secondly, true to form, you can not seem to have a conversation without invoking the “but…but…. but…” argument about Obama. He hasn’t been president for nearly 4 years.

  33. Pepper bullets and gas canisters on peaceful protesters thirty minutes before curfew, for Trump’s photo op with a nearby church. This wasn’t a show of force against rioters or looters.

  34. From the well respected publication “The Onion”……………

    WASHINGTON—In an effort to placate the protesters gathered outside, President Donald Trump reportedly screamed, “Let them have Eric!” Monday as he pushed his son through the door of a White House bunker. “Please, you can take Eric, just leave me alone,” said the commander in chief, shoving his third-born son through the bulletproof, double-reinforced door of the White House panic room, repeatedly smashing Eric Trump’s fingers with a large wrench to loosen their grip on the frame. “Tear him apart, do whatever you want with him. I’m sorry, son, but this sacrifice is for the greater good!” After learning that the protesters remained a quarter mile away and were completely separated from the structure by hundreds of Secret Service agents, Trump then threw out Don Jr. as well.

  35. A “wonderfully historic” walk indeed. He first had the way cleared by pepper bombs, and tear gas. He is the most cowardly President we have ever had in office. Baxck in our youth. while I was serving during the Viet Nam war, He was nursing his bone spurs. This very “brave: man is a cowards. Otherwise, his secret service agents would not have been injured. He is very pleased to allow others to risk their lives for him.

  36. More Lies, I served back then also, and bonespurs or not President Trump is now your Commander-In-Chief whether you like it or not, amazing how he has disrupted your Leftist world.


  38. Trump’s good fruits show a lot of positive and good things he does, no thanks from the left. They have shown pure hate, lies, and so much more. Where can they get off saying trash about Trump when they have done nothing constructive since he has been President? They need to apologize for the things they have done and said about him and his family.

  39. If there is a fire in your house would you not use a fire extinguisher? Right now AMERICA has a fire in it’s house and it needs to be extinguished.

  40. The prosecutor just bumped the charge to 2nd degree murder for the killer cop which is a mistake, IMO.
    There is no way they can prove the cop intended to kill George F. That will never fly with a jury.
    I myself don’t even believe it was deliberate on behalf of the cop.
    What this means is the cop will be acquitted, and he will walk.
    What are the rioters, and protesters going to do after the cop is acquitted?

  41. If the president doesn’t do anything or does “too little”, he is criticized for ignoring the situation. If he takes a positive action to deal with the situation, he is criticized as being dictatorial and uncaring. No matter what he does or doesn’t do, he is wrong. I suppose his critics would be all smiles if he just got down on his knees and begged the terrorists for forgiveness. Of course, they wouldn’t actually be happy until he tendered his resignation. The bottom line is he’s in a no-win position as long as he’s president.

  42. Astonishing! President Trump’s unexpected courageous walk, amid hostile rioters, reminded us all, that our great nation rests upon God. All else, distractions. The emblem on every American currency: “In God We Trust.” Trump walks the walk, not just the talk.

  43. That’s the biggest lie ever told. They shot peaceful civilians with tear gas and pellets to move them even spraying priests for his stupid photo op.
    He’s reckless and a danger to the free world.
    Vote him out

  44. And all you Trump haters (President Trump is the best ever), you don’t think the same thing would have been done to protect Obama? Trump is our President whether you like it or not. Secret Service ALWAYS PROTECTS THE PRESIDENT, no matter what. So get off your high horses and do something constructive to KAG. You can hate Trump all you want (I did not like Obama, but did not hate), but he IS trying to keep us all safe even with all the barriers and landmines put in his way.

  45. This is what leadership looks like! Incidentally, for all the barely literate and vicious ad hominem attacks on my President for holding up a Bible and giving a speech in front of St. John’s Church…check your memory, unless you have smoked or ‘vaped’ it away. When William Jefferson Clinton held up a Bible for a speech to announce a council of “spiritual leaders” convened, presumably, in helping him deal with his apparent need to use his cigars as dildos for the pleasure.. . really?. . of the nubile Ms. Lewinsky in the Oval Orifice, (pardon me) Office. [Official Presidential photo, unless he’s managed to shred or Bleach-Bit all copies.]

  46. Dr. Witt, just roughly, how many American Citizens did former President Clinton have attacked so he could stage that ‘photo op’?

  47. Vasu Murdi, try preaching your B.S. to the innocent people in these cities who lost the stores and restaurants they depend on so much! You have TDS and everything that comes out of your mouth is nothing more than the democrat filth you believe in.

  48. When the liberal media lies about tear gas being used, other unthinking liberals repeat the lie so often others begin to believe and repeat it as if true.

  49. Chuck-what don’t you like about Trump’s economy, more jobs, better paying jobs, better trade deals, takes countries to task who have played past Presidents for funding and then fail to follow thru with deal provisions, a good stock market and holding so far thru the pandemic nonsense. So what is your problem with all those things? Please explain.

  50. President Donald Trump’s decision to walk to a church near the White House Monday evening and wave a Bible – an act that led Attorney General William Barr to authorize the use of tear gas and rubber bullets to clear peaceful protesters from the area – might have been popular with his Christian nationalist base, but other U.S. faith leaders are appalled.

    Here’s a sampling of some of the comments that have come to light since Trump’s stunt:

    The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign:

    “Trump’s policies and actions are both religious hypocrisy and political insanity. His policies violate the theology of the church to care for the sick, the poor, immigrants. As Christians read in Matthew 23:23, Jesus says hypocrites ‘have neglected the more important matters of the law – justice mercy and faithfulness.’”

    The Right Rev. Bishop V. Gene Robinson, the IX bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire:

    “The third of the Ten Commandments is: Do not take the name of Lord your God in vain. It’s about using God’s name for a profane purpose. And that is precisely what the president did yesterday with the Bible and with the church – taking something dedicated to God and using it for a profane purpose. To engage in this misuse of the Bible and the church would be bad enough, but it is worse that peaceful demonstrators were brutally treated to accomplish it.”

    (The Center for American Progress has compiled more reactions from religious leaders.)

    Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington, D.C. (reacting to news that Trump would visit a Catholic shrine within Gregory’s diocese on Tuesday):

    “I find it baffling and reprehensible that any Catholic facility would allow itself to be so egregiously misused and manipulated in a fashion that violates our religious principles, which call us to defend the rights of all people, even those with whom we might disagree. Saint Pope John Paul II was an ardent defender of the rights and dignity of human beings. His legacy bears vivid witness to that truth,” Gregory said. “He certainly would not condone the use of tear gas and other deterrents to silence, scatter or intimidate them for a photo opportunity in front of a place of worship and peace.”

    Rabbi Jonah Pesner, director, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism:

    “POTUS using a house of worship to shut down the voices of people of color is an affront to people of faith.”

    The Rev. James Martin, Jesuit priest and author:

    “Let me be clear. This is revolting. The Bible is not a prop. A church is not a photo op. Religion is not a political tool. And God is not a plaything.”

    Stan J.R. Zerkowski, director of Lexington, Ky., United Interfaith Encounters :

    “It certainly appears that a man who has little regard for this sacred text is using it simply as a prop.”

    Rabbi Jack Moline, president of The Interfaith Alliance:

    “Seeing President Trump stand in front of St. John’s Episcopal Church while holding a Bible in response to calls for racial justice – right after using military force to clear peaceful protesters out of the area – is one of the most flagrant misuses of religion I have ever seen. This only underscores the president’s complete lack of compassion for Black Americans and the lethal consequences of racism.”

    The Rev. George C. Gilbert Jr., Holy Trinity United Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.:

    “And Mr. President, I know you stood right here and held the Bible in your hand, but it is clear that you don’t have the Bible in your heart. I must warn you, Mr. President, that the Bible you held upside down in your tiny hands teaches us that God is always on the side of the oppressed.”

  51. And these few represent who? They are representing themselves and their opinions. Because they are being being extremely judgemental which they CONSTANTLY preach in their sermoons is a SIN. They are not representing the core of their religious teaching which is God and all are welcome.


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