President Trump just gave NFL fans something to look forward to


The coronavirus continues to monopolize the country’s attention.

Uncertainty is high and people are in search of reasons for optimism.

But President Trump just gave NFL fans something to look forward to.

There are now over 1.3 million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world, and roughly 25% of those reported are in the United States.

In order to slow the spread of the illness, extreme social distancing measures were enacted and major sporting events are disrupted around the globe.

For the first time in 81 years, the NCAA basketball tournament affectionately known as “March Madness” was canceled.

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan were postponed to 2021.

Wimbledon was canceled, and the French Open was postponed until September.

In golf, the British Open was canceled.

The NBA and NHL seasons were shut down with no word on when or if the playoffs would take place.

And to top it all off the MLB season opening is delayed.

These are just some of the major disruptions that occurred, leaving sports fans across the world itching for their favorite events.

But Donald Trump just gave NFL fans some exciting news.

Trump told NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell he believes the NFL season will begin on time in the fall.

NFL reporter Adam Schefter tweeted:

This is welcomed news for football fans.

The NFL is America’s most popular sport, and the country will likely need the distraction after being forced inside for so long.

Not to mention the NFL is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and the economy will need the shot in the arm after being ground to a halt.

Prior to the season in the fall, the NFL is still planning on holding their annual draft at the end of the month.

The big difference is that the draft won’t be held at a singular location.  Instead, teams will be drafting players remotely.

It’s still unclear when off-season activities will be allowed to take place, but optimism over the season’s regular fall opening is a good sign.

If things go off without a hitch, the NFL will have dodged a major bullet because their season concluded before the quarantine, and will recommence after it’s over.

Do you think the NFL will start on time?

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  2. Nothing dtrump says is true and he has nothing to do with the NFL…so just more meaningless garbage we all laugh at from a very pathetic and damaged fool….

  3. All you Anti Trump complete knuckleheads

    Best President ever and that’s why it was a LANDSLIDE HUGE WIN IN 2016
    and even bigger this year

    He represents optimism and hope you IDIOTS

    He represents the American dream. Think big, dream big and take massive action

    / something the corrupt media and democrats never preach. So sad

    Trump will win huge again because America loves what he stands for.

    The corrupt democrats are evil and corrupt dishonest to the core.

    They are a joke plain and simple

    America – what a great country ! You get to vote – and so do I

    Instead they want to stage a coup, impeach him for being the a President

    Go to the booth – if you win I will and never say a word. If you lose again , then shut the f up !

  4. Wow, way to drink that MSDNC-CNN Kool Aid, Cheryl & Gene!
    President Trump said ‘I think’ the NFL season will be ok. Since you don’t understand, what he’s trying to do is to give many fans some hope, something to look forward to. The main stream media does lie to support their respective editors agenda. Please try and vary your sources of news, you’re being hoodwinked!

  5. Cheryl and Gene you are the misguided and misinformed (by the monopolized media and their owners). Do your homework, follow the paper trail to see who owns the media. 6 corporations now own all of the media and those corporations are essentially in collusion. We are all being “told what they want us to believe”. It’s a steady, repetitive, “conditioning diet” and proven phsycological fact, used to “direct, manipulate and control the masses, without them ever knowing it. Because the masses will think that it was “their own choice and decision” which further cements it into our beliefs. All so subtly accomplished without ever lifting a gun or a finger or even raising the volume in their voice. This is a scientific and proven reality of how human beings can be influenced and actually change their perspective and their feelings about literally anything, over time.

  6. To all the anti-President Trumpers, Hillary lost get over it, we had to put up with your President Obama for eight years now your going to have to but up with our President Trump for eight years. If we did to former President Obama’s supporters what your are doing to President Trump’s you would have been screaming holy hell.

  7. Cheryl and Gene, Which pathetic, damaged, incompetent fool would you like? Joe Biden? Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, AOC, etc, etc, ad nauseum, HAhahahahaha

  8. While OUR President has done an outstanding job, just imagine what he could have accomplished had the DUMBocrats done anything to help instead of lobbing lies at him and his administration on a daily basis. Pretty hard to do any job while having to dodge incoming bombardments on a daily basis. I remember a saying I’ve heard many times that goes like this: When swimming across the river it’s kind of hard to remember that swimming the straightest line is the fastest way when you are being chased by an alligator. President Trump has had a slew of alligators chasing him. They all have names, some being, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer and many more. Wonder if alligators can get COVID-19?

  9. If there was ever a President that would do even more for the American public if he had a third term , it’s President Trump.
    Obama was smoking bad dope when he thought he could pull that one off.
    Food for thought.
    Keep America and President Trump GREAT!

  10. Hey Gene your comment “The sooner we are rid of this incompetent fool the better”…I agree but which one are you talking about…Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer? Please be more specific, there is so many Dems to choose from.

  11. My comment reminding the public to the Kaepernik affair has been deleted. What is the reason, censors??

  12. Yo Matt……………. “Best President ever and that’s why it was a LANDSLIDE HUGE WIN IN 2016
    and even bigger this year ”

    Figuring that your math is a bit off, Hillary Clinton beat Trump by a bit over 3 million votes in the popular election, and, all of his complaining about illegals voting, and other irregularities has been debunked, even by his own people.

    However, he did legally win the Electoral Collage, so there is no dispute that he is the duly elected President.

  13. Open up the country. But for the those who do not wish that to happen. Stay home. Don’t go to the foodstore because if Trump would do what you want-there wouldn’t be any food for you to buy at the store. But you can still buy your liquor and pot-maybe that will kill the hunger. I know in democratic mind this stuff just magically appears without people having to work to make it so. And right now the World Health Organization is saying 5 years. Hmmm-if Trump wins the next election when would that term end? Oh convenient.


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