President Biden just did China a big favor by scrapping this Trump policy


All eyes have been on Biden’s plans for China.

After his family got caught red-handed making big bucks from Chinese billionaires, everyone is curious to see if China gets special treatment from the new administration.

Well, President Biden just did China a big favor by scrapping this Trump policy.

China is the main adversary of the United States across the world.

And over the decades, the Communist Chinese Party has become more aggressive against our nation and the western world.

But that hasn’t stopped Biden from being buddy-buddy with China.

Ever since Joe Biden was Vice President one of his biggest foreign allies has been Chinese President Xi Jinping.

In fact, there seem to be more pictures of Biden with Xi Jingping than his supporters throughout 2020. 

And as Biden was Xi Jingping’s and China’s buddy, President Trump became their worst nightmare over his presidency. 

From trading regulations to rightfully pinning the coronavirus pandemic in China, Trump was a real thorn in China’s side.

One policy change by the Trump administration would have been a real blow to the Communist state.

In the last weeks of his administration, President Trump signed an executive order to force colleges and universities to disclose all agreements they had with China over their “Establishing Requirement for Student and Exchange Visitor Program” and with “Confucius Institutes.”

Many believe that universities across the nation are getting millions from China in exchange for them to turn a blind eye to China’s horrific past and ongoing human rights violations while teaching Chinese-affirming curriculum in the classrooms.

But Biden was having none of it.

In one of his first actions in dealing with China, President Biden’s administration withdrew the disclosure rule, which allows China and universities free rein to hide their deals to teach Chinese propaganda. 

Only time will tell to see just how much Biden sucks up to his old pal Xi Jingping.