Pope Francis stepped in it with this one tweet about immigration


Pope Francis doesn’t shy away from pushing his leftist political views.

He regularly twists The Bible to promote socialist causes and attack President Trump.

But he stooped to a new low with a tweet he sent out this week.

Pope Francis used the hashtag #internationalmigrantsday to compare Jesus to the global immigration crisis.

He tried to equate Mary and Joseph being unable to find any “room at the inn” as an excuse to peddle open borders.

There are several major problems with this.

Mary and Joseph weren’t immigrants. They were traveling back for an ordered Roman census.

And the Vatican is surrounded by walls and the Swiss Guard.

Not to mention the fact that to get into heaven, one must pass through the pearly gates.

Pope Francis is cementing his legacy as the Social Justice Warrior Pope.

He has signed an “urgent appeal” demanding radical changes to stop global warming.

He has pointed fingers at President Trump for the crisis on our Southern Border.

And as we reported, the Pope even met secretly with leftwing activist and filmmaker Michael Moore.

Do you think Pope Francis should resign? Let us know in the comments section below!


    • Amen! My thoughts exactly! He was another plant, just like BO. Read a long history on how and where he came from. Who was behind either one? My guess is NWO and thugs! Both men have shady pasts. I’m a catholic, and he is NOT my pope! John Paul was a REAL POPE!

      • He should clean up his church with all the child molesters in it. Who does he thing he is he has driven hundred of thousand of people from the Catholic Church he should just shut his lousy mouth and mind his own business. If he thinks illegals are so great let him open his castle doors And let them in he can sell some of his gold door knobs to support them what a dumb a— he is. That’s the reasonI no longer go to a Catholic Church. My advise put up or shut up.

    • These comments by members of the Catholic Church seem to sum up most everyone’s opinion of this Pope as well as mine, he needs to keep his mouth shut and to STOP making comments about President Trump. What everyone needs to tell Pope Francis is “Tear Down the Wall Around the Vatican”

      • The Pope is supposed to be Concerned & ACTIVE in the Affairs of the Roman Catholic Church-> NOT telling Western Civilization that they are Supposed to ADMIT less advanced “cultures” into OUR communities, where WE can SUPPORT them & Put up with an INCREASE in crime & Hatred!

    • hes a fake pope.Have you ever heard of a pope retiring?well our last pope retired.never before.I think he was forced to retire by the world order so this fake pope could replace him and try to influence the world to their agenda.

    • And why did God instruct Israel to build a “wall” around it? To protect it…so that only good…and not an enemy would not get through those doors. Even God knows who the prince of the earth is going about seeking whom he may devour. There are “enemies” looking to destroy Gods people and the world in general. And the adversary doesn’t give a hoot about anyone and never will except to try to destroy Gods creation. This pope has little understanding of Biblical teaching.

    • He is just another communist toad, using all the Roman Catholics for his own benefit. They have been infiltrated worse than politics in the US.

    • Ditto. I believe that he is in that position only because of a left wing conspiracy. No one ever heard of a sitting pope “retiring.” This pope see,s like an avowed communist, to be sure, he is not for the right. The open borders push is to do away with national ideals and to make the whole world subservient to the idiots that run the UN. If you want to be put on the same plane as the weakest or smallest countries, and have one of their citizens as your leader, open borders is for you. If you believe in sovereign nations and you love America, with all its faults, pay no attention to that left wing pope. I was raised as a Roman Catholic.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I am Catholic and he does not speak for me. He is way too liberal. Why is the Vatican all walled in supposedly to protect the pope. He should stick to the bible and leave the politics to us. He is by far the worst pope we have ever had. Time for him to resign and let a biblical pope take over.

    • Here is all he has to do just open up his gates let all these people in with him after all he is getting paid and don’t think he is not to help everyone so let him start with the caravan people he has all the moneys that any one could have so spend some bring them all to be with him

    • Eleanor you are exactly right. I’m not a Catholic and never will be, I’m Protestant and proud of it, I do believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, though and believe what the pope is saying is absolutely wrong and influenced by money and the world order. If he feels so strongly about no borders, then tear that fence down around the Vatican and allow these illegal immigrants to come in so he can feed them and see that they have medical care, he can afford it. As an American, I RESENT that he is trying to run America and tell us what to do from behind his WALLS in another country!!

    • Totally agree with you???????????????????? 100%!,! He needs to spend more time praying to heal his hatred for America and OUR duly elected President. Shame on him ????????????????

      • You’re so right Christel. I agree completely. This Pope is a menace to the Catholic Church (I’m Episcopal). I can’t stand His Emptiness!!! His hate should never come into the picture. God will set him straight and also, perhaps in the direction of hell, for being such a spitfire and interpreting Catholic “ways” to suit his Lefty Leanings!!!! He DOES NOT pray sincerely for God to remove his hate!!!!

  1. Pope Francis, Keep your ideas in the Vatican. We don’t want them here. You have a walled city, Jerusealum has a wall, we have immigration laws and we want a wall. This is none of your business.

  2. If I ever had the urge to be a catholic, this pope took it out of me. When are they going to raise the Hammer & Sickle over the Vatican??? That’s what happens when you let a bunch of senile old men decide who gets to speak for God. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  3. The Hypocrite Pope needs to clean his own closet before attacking our right to border protection…or he should tear down the walls around his Vatican…In Fascists Croatia of 1945 at the end of WWII, I remind this Pope that 970 Croatian Catholic priests fled through the “Vatican Ratline” for Argentina where they escaped WAR CRIMES for personally liquidating 700,000 Serbians, 60,000 Jews and 35,000 Roma Gypsies at the infamous Croatian Concentration Camp called JASENOVAC. Historians call it the Auschwitz of the Balkans. Therefore, in addition to Catholic priests molesting millions of children across the globe and getting away with their hideous crimes they are quite skilled at killing their Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters and destroying more than a 200 of their ancient churches in Croatia. A sick aggression that saw the destruction of another 250 Christian Serbian churches in Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s Civil Wars.

    In this century, in which the word genocide was coined in 1944, in those awful months after the Jasenovac Concentration camp was liberated with only 87 survivors, these are the chilling words spoken in testimony by Antun Miletich, a Croatian writer.

    “…There is not a pen capable of describing the horror and terror of the atmosphere at Jasenovac. It surpasses any human fantasy. Imagine Hell, the Inquisition, a terror more dreadful than any that ever before existed anywhere, run by bloodthirsty wild animals whose most hidden and disgusting instincts had come to the surface in a way never before seen in human beings—and still you have not said enough.”

    Jasenovac screamed out at the world and nobody heard that Serbs were the victims of “the greatest genocide, in proportion to a nation’s population” in WWII, as Jasenovac became the “Yugoslav Dachau.”

    To learn more about these hideous crimes by Catholic priests read my best selling book…Jasenovac Then & Now: A Conspiracy of Silence, currently in its 3rd edition… http://www.gmbooks.com

  4. satan’s emissary is really starting to spout his rhetoric to the world . WAKE up people ,this is satan in the flesh. This world will not last much longer! Please give your heart and soul to Jesus Christ today , before it is everlasting too late !

    • In the past, I have heard that the Pope could possibly be the anti-Christ…I’m beginning to believe it with all the things I’ve been reading about. I have never heard of Jasenovac so I must read up on that. The pope’s emissaries weren’t so “compassionate” when they molested young men and got away with it for years. Like the Democrats who aren’t compassionate about Americans, the Pope is showing his colors also by aligning himself with the Dems policies, by favoring “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” over our LEGAL IMMIGRATION LAWS. It’s sad to see what is happening to our beloved country today. Without Trump, no America.

      • There will be many anti-christs in the world as the Bible stated in the new statement, This pope is one of many but puts him at the top of the list due to his position.

  5. He should invite displaced refugees to live at the Vatican. Must be nice to pontificate from behind your own border wall and your on personal ICE border guards. Then he should pay more attention to the repository of pedophiles he continues to protect and make excuses for. Like a “Forgiveness Mass”

    • Alan…you nailed it…when are the walls at the Vatican going to be torn down and refugees come in…and the Pope can take care of all of them and provide for them…practice what you preach. Remember Heaven has walls (the pearly gates) but hell doesn’t…everyone can come in! Never before in all my 80 years of being a practicing Catholic have I ever witnessed a Pope saying the things this one has spouted. Go back to S. American where communism is acceptable and preach to them…take your pals Obama and Moore along with you. Stay out of our politics…you don’t know what you are talking about and its really none of your business.

  6. How is this $75,000,000,000 (that’s billion) dollar wall going to keep people out any better than they are kept out today? If you can’t explain it, then we shouldn’t waste the money.

    • First of all it will not cost 75 billion dollars. They are not even asking close to that amount of money. Secondly every wall put up in Israel has worked beautifully. And Israel was not trying to keep out only terrorists. They were having a problem with illegal immigrants walking into their country. They put up a wall, they put up several walls to stop this. The first year the wall was put up they had a handful of illegals cross over. The second year the wall was up… The number of illegals crossing over was 0.

    • Ask Border patrol agents 90% of them are in favor of a barrier.
      Walls have worked around the world since the great Wall of China to Israel. The barrier will enable agents to concentrate their efforts in more critical areas. The barrier will pay for itself over the years. Less need for Agents, better control of drugs, human trafficking, MS13, cost of illegals to tax payers up to $70k per illegal. A barrier that difficult to penetrate is far better than current ineffective fences. It will probably stop waves of illegals. I could go on.

    • Where in heavens name did you get that figure? 5 bil is what I’ve been reading. Furthermore if the Vatican has a wall and the jews built one to protect their citizens which is working as the suicide attacks that use to occur daily in the city have stopped.

      • And according to the Bible …God told Israel (the only nation that came into being at the instruction of the creator…wow!) But he told them to build a wall. There is God and and as well, there is a adversary who goes about seeking whom he may devour. (Bible) I think the Pope is not THE anti-c but is most definitely a prelude and of same mind as the one who will play the role eventually. Whomever THE anti-c would be will pretty much dupe the whole world for a while. The pope is not fooling a lot of people. The anti-c will be loved for a bit…and will even fool Gods chosen for a time. I am guessing the character will come out of no-where from an insignificant place. It is my opinion…he was getting ready to surface somewhere and then God allowed a special kind of President to the USA to really mess up the plans for the NWO, to slow it way down…which is what the adversary seeks. Yes God is still on the throne.

    • Read about the technology applied by so many countries with a wall. Ex Jordania and some in Africa amongst many.

  7. How is the Pope’s sense of History? I don’t think he has one, Liberals usually don’t. A thousand years ago, the World was assaulted by Islam and many Christian Countries were enslaved. Who does the Pope think is holding back the Barbarians at the Gate? Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, and all the other Muslim Countries would be parking their assets right on the Vatican door without the United States defending not only it borders but in many cases the Worlds.

  8. The pope should be ashamed of all the sexual abuse over all these years, behind “their” WALLS, and concentrate on the mess in his own back yard!!!! Remember, you are NOT God, just another human being on this earth. Even your affiliation with Michael Moore is questionable regarding your true character.

  9. The minute the Pope tears down the WALL at Vatican City, THEN he can start bad-mouthing Trump about building a wall. Until he does that, then he needs to keep his mouth shut! Time for the Catholic church to disband and quit ruining people’s lives with their sexual misconduct priests, anyway. And, speaking of that, WHERE WAS HIS OUTRAGE over all his priest sexually abusing boys for eons?! GO AWAY!!! And, stay out of my country and my life!

  10. Because he is the false profhet.
    Keep his thoughts to himself and repent for pedophile and child traffiking.
    REPENT POPE. I am a catholic but nothing to do with this priest
    I trust no one but JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.

  11. This Pope is not of common sense for the free world and shows with his walled “home” he is just another democrat that wants their way but you cannot have it your way. The free world has the right to choose whom they decide may or may not enter their country. He is like the democrat politicians that go around with ARMED SECURITY but want to disarm the lawful citizens of the world.
    I am catholic and this is not MY pope by any means and the catholic church hierarchy should remove him from his slanted take on the real world.

  12. Practice what ye preach ye preachers. Stay out of the U.S. business as we can do just fine without a pope telling us what to do. You, as pope run your church and U.S. citizens will take care of running the U.S.

  13. the satanic pope, why dont he let all those in his walled environment…. he has a wall all the way around to keep people out… 2 faced ass hole

  14. Pedophile Pope Is Not Infallible… by Bill Dorich

    A nightclub bouncer before beginning seminary studies this Pope comes from the dark side of society—drugs, drinking and fornicating, including criminal gang activity and violence. Argentina was rife in the 1950 and 60’s with Fascists corruption, and activities in a culture that praised President Juan Peron’s wife, a Trollop, known as Evita Peron.

    This pope was ordained in 1969 and became Archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1998 and Cardinal in 2001…He became Pope in 2013.

    After WWII ended in 1945, Nazi President of Croatia, Ante Pavelich, fled for Argentina through the infamous “Vatican Ratline,” the same Ratline in which countless Nazi war criminals were provided passage including Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele and the rich like actress Zsa Zsa Gabor.

    According to Mark Aarons and John Loftus in their Best Selling book Unholy Trinity, Hudal was the first Catholic priest to dedicate himself to establishing escape routes. The ‘Ratline’ initially focused on aiding members of the Croatian Ustaše including its leader Ante Pavelić who became “Security Advisor” to President Juan Peron who immediately issued “34,000 Visas to Croatia War Criminals” including 970 Croatian Fascists priests all of whom escaped justice.

    The operation of Croatian Catholic priest Fr. Krunoslav Draganović ratline was an open secret among the intelligence and diplomatic communities in Rome. As early as August 1945, Allied commanders in Rome were asking questions about the use of San Girolamo as a “haven” for Ustaše, the most brutal police force in WWII Interior Minister Andrija Artukovich escaped to Ireland, he immigrated to the U.S. dressed as a Catholic priest under the name of Alois Anic. He remained in the U.S. as an Illegal Alien until his extradition trial in 1986.

    Artukovich in his capacity as Interior Minister signed the documents that put over 700,000 Serbs, 60,000 Jews and 35,000 Roma to death and his son Radoslav Artukovic of Seal Beach, California acknowledged his signature on those documents were “genuine and incriminating.” Artukovich was not tried in Croatia for his Genocide but for a single war crime, the murder of his driver. He was found guilty and died a few months later in jail. I was in that courtroom when Cardinal Manning of Los Angeles was a character witness at his extradition trial and called Artukovich “A Great Good Man.”

    When this Pope was ordained in 1969 just seven years later in 1976 some 45,000 citizens simply disappeared in Argentina and this Pope remained silent, as silent as he has been about the homosexual proclivities of the priesthood considering he was well aware of these thousands of crimes for several decades. About 30,000 that disappeared in Argentina were children during the regime of the military junta in the late 70s and early 80s, according to the human rights group Madres de Plaza de Mayo. Hundreds of babies of parents killed by Argentina’s military dictatorship were given new families and identities, their true origins kept a secret.

    The Catholic church and the hands of their hundreds of thousands of priests are covered in the blood of these victims including this Pope…the sex scandals in Pennsylvania are just the tip of a sexual iceberg and this Pope needs to step down along with thousands of bishops and cardinals throughout the “Catholic” world who have molested children for the past century…imagine if you will as a practicing Catholic of taking ‘Holy Communion’ from the hands that just hours earlier fondled a child in his office?

    To discover more about Catholic war crimes read my best selling book, Jasenovac Then & Now: A Conspiracy of Silence in its 3rd edition at http://www.gmbooks.com

  15. I don’t think he should be allowed to resign — he should be thrown out of the Vatican with the rest of the trash. He has stuck his nose where it doesn’t belong way too many times. This article suggests he will be remembered as the “social justice warrior pope” — I need to add a word to that title — “Ignorant social justice warrior” !!!! Anyone who meets secretly with the likes of moore isn’t worth the time of day. He needs to take care of his WALLED-IN, HEAVILY GUARDED Vatican and stay out of our politics.

  16. This pope needs to take care of his own house and keep his commie suggestions to himself. These aren’t even fit for his congregants.

  17. Immigration into MY country and global warming are not his issue to address but he should be spending his time addressing issues that are his such as priests and their misconduct and the treatment of Christians around the world. As a Roman Catholic I have not appreciated His attacking My country as people from HIS country are some of those people trying to illegally enter this country.

  18. This Pope was placed in his position by yet to discover sinister sources and removal is unlikely unless by means that we usually find in our daily newspapers.

  19. pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! now, it is all about his take on our immigration, not pedo priests, and the fact that this liberal pope has yet to correct his own house. he will have to confess as well.

  20. This priest was one of those Latin American Liberal theologians that slipped the noose 40 years ago and slithered all the way to Rome. Couple this with the ongoing ‘Lavender Mafia’ crisis and you understand the Vatican’s current conundrum. The intrigue and corruption infecting the RCC today would make the Borgia and Medici families blush and green with envy.

  21. So sick of what the catholic religion has to say about anything. They went thru most of the world preaching to have many children ignoring the fact as to whether those people to even begin to feed them. They should be made to pay for all the destructive preaching they have done. Still can’t figure out how an admitted communist was elected as pope, were they all drunk.

  22. It doesn’t surprise me that the pope takes scripture out of context. He should go back to school on the Bible and ask God to open his eyes to the word.

  23. The pope should be more concerned about his church than world affairs.hes way left on everything and that’s not good for the church or other nations.

  24. This Pope needs to read Pope Gregory’s encyclical about the need for the church to focus on the peoples spiritual needs more than their earthly concerns.

  25. Jerry
    Last year the US reduced its atmospheric pollution by 0.5% while rejecting the Paris Climate Accord. Europe, who warmly embraced the Paris Climate Accord, increased their atmospheric pollution by 1.5%. The Pope is part of that group of countries who never holds up their end of agreements but is critical of everything the US does. He rules over an organization that has abused thousands of young people and never seems to want to clean up his organization. He has little claim to be a spokesman for what is right and what is wrong.

  26. I am and will remain a Catholic and yet I am deeply disturbed by my Pope’s actions and words. The only man born without sin was Jesus. All others are prone to transgress no matter what their elevation of life had become. I’ll continue to place my faith in Catholic belief and pray that God will be just in our final analysis.

  27. Let me put it this way the Pope is a Dope, he does the will of his god the Anti-Christ, trouble with THEM is they LOSE y read the good book the Bible it said it all right to the END!

  28. Maybe it is time for the US Roman Catholics to break away from the Vatican, if the pope continues with all the political crap and Trump bashing they could have their tax exempt status revoked. I have disagreed for years granting of diplomatic status, they are supposed to be a religion not a country , no better than Iran or Cuba.

  29. First of all, there is no authority for a POPE. Nobody can sit in the place of Jesus. NOBODY. This guy, Francis, is leading millions of Catholics to lose their souls. I was raised Catholic. We heard terrible stories about priests and nuns when I was a kid. I am 66 today. If these things haven’t been stopped by now, their is definitely a big problem. I believe the last pope was told to step down so that Pope Francis could lead the people away from God. Just as the left is doing. They are all in it together. They are trying to break the people. Destroy the family, patriotism, Christmas, prayer…anything that makes us feel good and gives us hope. People, this is NOT a conspiracy theory. We are being attacked from all sides. We need to pray fervently to our one and only God. Then we must fight for our lives. Fight every rule or law that is against us. And push for laws that are for us. These evil men are powerful, but we have God on our side. Let’s do it!!!

  30. I’m 65 years old, raised in the Catholic Church, schools, graduating from Catholic high school, and having nothin but positive memories of all the years being a Roman Catholic. Since the Clinton years I’ve noticed so many so called Catholics being pro-choice, that is being OK with abortion, how can murdering the holy innocent be OK? Now the Catholic church is OK with same sex marriage, transgenderism, and all kinds of perversion, and now this new pope being so involved in liberal politics and policies that would so adversely affect the security of our Nation? Yes! I question the authenticity, the intent, and true origin of this pope. Could we be experiencing the end times? I don’t know, but I would not be surprised.

    • The times definitely add up according to some of the scriptural content in the bible. But it also says repeatedly and many many times to “fear not”. In spite of what looks like chaos…God is still on the throne. If we have the Lord in our hearts…that, they can never destroy and we cannot be plucked from His hand.

  31. The longer the Catholic Church leaves this Leftist Fascist Pedo protector in charge the more they will loose members to a more conservative Catholic Church off chute churches popping up all over the country. All the Catholic Church seems to be doing is to drive away their followers but what the behind the scenes people better do is rein their Pope in before they stop being the wealthiest organization on this planet. I mean how many times over the years the church has praised abortion backers like Joe “get my shotgun” Biden, or the retired Barbra “Where is My Hat” Mikulski & only once in a great while will a American Catholic Church Hierarchy issue out a slap on the wrist but never anything substantial. The Church better get rid of the make believe Pope get out of the Political business & get back to the business of Religion.

  32. Papa, did you read the Gospels? Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Israel. His parents, Jews, where there on the order of Rome. A census demanded that people returned to the place of their birth. They were not migrants.

  33. While the Catholic Church is imploding, this Pope wants to try to get into the ring with our POTUS and duke it out over open borders. He should be doing penance for the sins of his Priests. He should be spending his every woke moment praying while a detail of unsullied Priests should be dedicated to hunting down evil Priests and ensuring they pay for their sins. The sins of the Catholic Church are enormous. This Pope has no business thinking about anything else.

  34. Deep State traitors are everywhere!The evil liberal demoncrat Commie Nazi party at work here!FAKE NEWS!GOP House of RINOs!Don’t forget the RINOs(Gowdy,Ryan, Rubio,Romney,Sessions,Flakes, Roberts, etc) to name a few!Drain the rat infested Swamp, Pres Trump!

  35. tHE cATHOLIC cHURCH MADE A DEAL WITH THE dEVIL aka OBAMA. 1.) To take in as many illegal immigrents as possible. The government agreed to give them 1500.00 per person. They only had to agree to keep the immigrants for 60 days. Long enough to get on welfare, foo-stamps, which OBAMA changed to law to allow many generations and multi- wives to live together and clam food-stamps on one foo card I have seen them with 2,000. to 3,000. dollars on one food card folks! And don’t forget free or subsidized housing. The Catholic Church helped OBAMA Administration Sneak in Millions. Add it up that is one HUGE PAYDAY for the CHURCH!

  36. The Inns were full of travelers for the Passover. He was welcomed by those in the field, three guys with gifts and a host of angels that lighted up the way. Mary and Joseph went to register according to the law.

    • There is still much debate as to the birth of Jesus and what was going on at the time, consider Christmas is celebrated on a pagan holiday and that the Roman citizenry still practiced their pagan traditions for decades after Constantine I legalized Christianity.

  37. He and the Cardinals who elected him should all resign as if they did not realize they were appointing a Communist pope.

  38. Just hang him for disgracing Jesus name by linking Him with these idiot immigrants. He does not know anything about Jesus anyway. There was no room at the lnn due to the Roman demand for everyone to get taxed.

  39. Like all Popes, especially the best of the them (such as Saint John Paul the Second) Pope Francis is being attacked and in his case, by what I call the Catholic Infallible Brigade (CIB) because they are usually Catholics who think they know better then the Pope, who IS infallible.
    The CIB get up in arms if Pope Francis does not do what THEY want or does what they do NOT want.
    They are modern day Pharisees.
    On the other hand Pope Francis is being very Christ-like, reaching out for sinners, the marginalized, the poor – all those in need – especially Catholics who have been terribly damaged, in mind and soul, by the modernist infiltration into The Church and the world.
    Pope Francis, like Christ, is a person full of mercy and HE HAS THE POWER AND AUTHORITY to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    BUT everything he does, or does not do, is seen as a crime against humanity by the CIB and they bleat and whine and threaten and do everything they can to undermine this Vicar of Christ. The names some of them call him are quite disgraceful and out-of-hand.
    What fascinates me is the fact that these CIB are supposed to believe that the Pope is infallible but they point the finger at Pope Francis as if he was acting against Church Doctrine which means, as anyone can understand, that they are saying that he is actually fallible. ??!!
    What Catholics are SUPPOSED to do is to support the Pope and to pray for him.
    Pope Francis has inherited one hell of a mess in The Church due to modernism and he should be getting EVERY help and assistance from Catholics.
    But what does he get from the CIB? Nothing but blind insurgency.
    My compliments

  40. The Catholic Church does nothing to protect the children of the Catholic faith and I think the Pope needs to step down and needs to keep his nose out of our business he’s not my Pope and he will never be my Pope he’s destroying the Catholic faith a lot of those Priests get away with taking advantage of children and he does nothing about it he needs to go

  41. It has been prophesied that the last pope elected of the Roman Catholic Church will be assassinated, and as much as I hate to say this, I feel it is time that Pope Francis meet his doom, because he will never resign from the Papacy. He Is much too liberal as a pope, as most Jesuits are. The Jesuits feel they own the Church! I am 80 years old and have attended Roman Catholic grammar school and high school, and all of the popes during my lifetime, have always been conservative. The words that come out of his mouth are extremely blasphemous, and I recently read that he is going to change the Latin version of the Our Father. The Our Father, in its present context, has been THE prayer for Catholics to pray for almost 2000 years, and all of a sudden Pope Francis wants to change it. That is absurd!! Pope Francis is not MY pope, and never will be! He is Satan in disguise, who was elected pope to destroy the Roman Catholic Church! We people MUST get rid of him! He is the Black Pope!!!

  42. He may try to change the Our Father but I can pretty much guarantee that there won’t be many people saying his way! Me for one!
    He needs to be gone the man isn’t worthy to be the pope! He doesn’t care for anyone but illegals!

  43. Who cares what this fake Pope authoritarian thinks he is not Catholic or religious as far as I can see. I believe this so-called pope is the beast spoken of in the Bible go and kiss my ass fake Argentinean.

    The pope has bigger problems and needs to stay out of our business Christian are persecuted today around the world…..asshole pope……I am a Latino but TRUMP is good for the USA

  44. The Pope met with that whack job Michael Moore? I’m an old man and a life long Catholic. My wife would go into the super market and see women buying stuff with food stamps that we can’t afford. Parasites! We are in the dark days of the Catholic Church.

  45. No one should believe anything this hypocrite says about anything given the Popes and the catholic churches record on human rights,talk about twisting the Bible to its own advantage,the catholic church reins surpreme in this respect,most of the false doctrine in todays religious world come straight from their false theologians,they are the ones Daniel said would change times and laws,want to know where the pretribulation rapture came from, look no further than Francisco Ribera a catholic Jesuit theologian from the 15th century,and how about that trinity doctrine that most of the Churches embrace today,it is one of their most cherished doctrines and the one they most use to determine whether we are real Christians or false Christians,I have to laugh when I say that,because there is very little in the bible about Christians,and no scripture that references the word Christianity,and nothing is said at all about the Catholic Church or a Pope,it is purely man made and violates everything that Yeshua came to do and stands for,he came to renew his Covenant with house of Israel and invite us Gentile’s into Israel’s Covenant,people need to study the scriptures for them selves and change their Christian mindset to a Hebrew mindset,then you just might be able to understand scripture as it was intended with the aid of the Spirit of Yahweh,who is our true teacher and instructor.

  46. A pope in name only. Sadly he is a product of his tyrant upbringing. The church would be better suited to put this one in those special sanctuaries for their rogue priest. He is the proverbial hypocrite and I hope the faithful can see through his obtuse arguments. He is tainted and I would say by marxist tyrant leaders who are to be associated with the DEVIL not the savior.

  47. This pope Lucifer was put there after pope Benedict was forced out as part of the plan to destroy Christianity. He even changed the wording in the mass to Lucifer. Catholism is being killed before our eyes. This unbelievable obsession to influx all Christian western world and civilization with Islamic afroasian migrants that are coming in to replace us and using our tax money to fund their housing and welfare while these economic migrants rape terrorize and commit crimes the western world has never experienced before. They bring under age wives or even four wives, and their sharia laws and hatred for Christianity and Jews and this evil pope wants us to get all Muslim world in the west while he lives a lavish life in an over protected walled and well guarded environment while we are forced to suffer!??? Same time now…. wants us to pay even more taxes like in France for this climate change that is a farce …. and is an excuse to torment the western survival and make citizens suffer even more … when all scientists will vouch that cows produce more mitheyn in the atmosphere than all transport combined !
    This pope is no pope! He’s an evil conspirator placed there by ROTHCHILDS Rockefeller and Soros that’s why he loved Muslim Obama and hates Christian Trump. He must be destroyed or step down NOW

  48. Pope Dope is not my Holy Father . . . He is in heaven. According to the
    Catholic church the pope is infallable ONLY when he speaks on faith and
    morals and he is too busy with evil & left wing causes for that!


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