Pope Francis really doesn’t want you to hear what this Bishop said about COVID-19


Pope Francis is the most left-wing Pope in history.

He has even cozied up to far-left figures like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

That’s why Pope Francis really doesn’t want you to hear what this Bishop said about COVID-19.

Earlier this year, Pope Francis showed just how far-left he is when he hosted a Vatican conference to push the COVID-19 vaccine, with headlining speakers like Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the CEO’s of Pfizer and Moderna.

He has further promoted the vaccine, stating that taking it is “an act of love,” insinuating that those who don’t take it are somehow hateful.

But while Pope Francis may be joining in on the Left’s hip new trend, a number of major officials in the Catholic Church aren’t, and are loudly speaking up to make their voices heard.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider has come out with a blistering statement against left-wing COVID-19 restrictions, stating that they may be “a kind of prefiguration” of the “mark of the beast.”

LifeSiteNews spoke to him about coronavirus restrictions, specifically talking about a new law in France, which forces citizens to obtain a “vaccine passport” to enter most public places in the country.

“I do not say this is the direct sign of Beast, to be clear, but it could be already in part a prefiguration of this sign,” Bishop Schneider said.

“If the government has absolute power to force you, and to say how your body should be, then you have lost you last privacy because your body belongs to you,” he added.

Schneider is well-known for his anti-authoritarian statements, considering that he himself grew up in Soviet Russia, seeing the brutality of such systems in person.

“We have already now to seek all the practical possibilities to avoid this new forced dictatorship over our body and our freedom. If we do not do this, there will be a totalitarianism that will be complete, and this will be the end of every human society,” he further said.

Bishop Schneider is one of a growing number of Catholic leaders refusing to buy into the left-wing agenda Pope Francis is pushing.

On every issue, from economics, LGBT issues, immigration, climate, and even abortion at times, he is more likely to side with the Left than with the historic teachings of the Catholic Church.