Pope Francis’ plan to collude with Dr. Fauci could come crashing down after what just happened


Pope Francis is the most far-left Pope in history.

He is almost constantly pushing the Left’s agenda in the Catholic Church.

But his new plan to collude with Dr. Fauci could come crashing down after what just happened.

While Pope Francis leads the Catholic Church, Dr. Anthony Fauci seems to be the leader to the Left in America.

They look to Fauci as a God, taking every word that comes out of his mouth as Gospel, even when he contradicts himself, which he has done countless times in the past year.

So it isn’t surprising that the Vatican, under the leadership of Pope Francis, is now working directly with Dr. Fauci.

The Vatican recently announced a “health” conference, which is headlined by Dr. Fauci, Chelsea Clinton, and Albert Bourla, who is the CEO of Pfizer, who produces abortion pills.

This conference, themed “Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul”, is occurring virtually from May 6 to 8, with the website featuring a spoof of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, which shows the hands of God and Adam wearing plastic gloves.

Vatican-run Vatican News describes the event as bringing “together physicians, scientists, ethicists, religious leaders, patient rights advocates, policymakers, philanthropists and commentators to discuss the status quo in medical research and technology, and how these are implemented at a global level.”

The opening conversation on “shaping the future of healthcare for a healthier world” will feature Dr. Fauci peddling the COVID-19 vaccine.

But the conference is causing an intense uproar from traditional Catholics.

They point to the fact that Fauci has previously promoted Joe Biden’s pro-abortion agenda at the World Health Organization.

LifeSiteNews is running a petition to oppose the conference, which has gathered nearly 30,000 petitions at time of publication.

The aforementioned speakers are far from the only pro-abortion speakers on the agenda, which has raised alarms from pro-life Catholics.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò spoke out harshly against the conference, stating that the Vatican is “making itself the servant of the new world order.”

“The fact that the deep church has managed to elect its own member so as to carry out this infernal plan in agreement with the deep state is no longer a mere suspicion, but a phenomenon which it is now essential to ask questions about and shed light on,” Viganò expressed in a letter published by LifeSiteNews. “The submission of the Cathedra veritatis to the interests of the Masonic elite is manifesting itself in all its evidence, in the deafening silence of the Sacred Pastors and in the bewilderment of the People of God, who have been abandoned to themselves.”