Pope Francis left Christians scratching their heads with these eight words


Pope Francis continues to be a controversial figure among Christians.

He’s taken several positions that put him at odds with church orthodoxy.

And Pope Francis left Christians scratching their heads with these eight words.

There are certain precepts that all Popes follow.  But there other issues where individual Popes have moved the Catholic Church in different directions.

Pope John Paul II was instrumental in lifting the pall of communism from the eastern bloc.

But Pope Francis is a devotee of liberation theology, which has its roots in socialism.

That’s why Pope Francis frequently issues statements that ingratiate him with the political Left when they otherwise would be hostile toward religious Christians.

Pope Francis repeatedly bashed President Trump on issues like open borders and wealth redistribution.

And now he’s tackling an issue that left many Christians confused by saying Christians shouldn’t spread the gospel.

Breitbart reports:

“The last thing I should do is to try to convince an unbeliever. Never,” he said. “The last thing I should do is speak. I should live my faith with consistency. And it will be my witness that will awaken the curiosity of the other who may then ask: ‘But why do you do this?’ And yes, then I can speak.”

“But listen, the gospel is never, ever advanced through proselytism,” he continued. “If someone says he is a disciple of Jesus and comes to you with proselytism, he is not a disciple of Jesus. Proselytism is not the way; the Church does not grow by proselytism.”

Ignoring the Great Commission recorded in the gospels of Matthew and Mark, Pope Francis declared, “The gospel is never, ever advanced through proselytism . . .”

Pope Francis’s comments were certainly alienating to evangelicals and other denominations who feel compelled to spread the word of God.

But Pope Francis will likely continue to be a controversial figure in the Church.

Leftists like to promote him when he talks about unfettered immigration and strained countries taking in more refugees.  But they ignore him when he makes stern pro-life statements.

This could likely be another statement irreligious liberals use to beat Christians over the head.

Do you think the Pope should’ve contradicted the scriptures by issuing his statement condemning those who seek to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations?

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  2. As a Catholic I agree! Not sure what he is up too or how the Conclave of Cardinals voted him in to lead the church in the first place!

  3. I can not believe this man is still the pope! Was this the best choice the Conclave of Cardinals had to pick from?? This man is truly insane and not only needs to be excommunicated, but he needs an exorcism as well !! Then send him back to Argentina . He is truly evil.. And if he thinks we true Christians will stop spreading GOD’s word, he is sorely mistaken …..

  4. This guy started out as a Bar Bouncer, a Lab Gofer, a priest and then got kicked up to the Vatican because they needed a Liberal. The old pope was told to hit the highway for being an old stodgy Conservative. Supposedly he had a ‘bad heart’ and ‘retired’.

    Those Catholic powers that be wanted a new image for the church. Times are a’changin’ and the Catholic Church was losing members. Other Christian sects were picking up numbers by caving in to immorality declaring abortion OK, Gay lifestyles OK, Gay Marriages OK, Gay ministers OK…….so along comes Pope Franky to declare “Who am I to judge anyone, eh?”. Yer the damned Pope, fer crissake, you boob!

    The Catholic Church has caved. It’s business, folks. Just business. So don’t panic, OK?

  5. Jesus commands that we tell others about Him. This Pope is truly clueless about who Jesus is and what He teaches. He is no Christian

  6. John: I am not a practicing Catholic, but please don’t tell people not t panic because it’s ” just business”. We are all painfully aware that it’s all about money now and treating religion as a business. But they have strayed as to WHAT kind of business that all churches and etc. SHOULD be about. Not about making money but about spreading GOD’s word and people’s salvation. That IS their business. Especially now with what the demon party has been promoting and trying to get rid of every Christian. They have already thrown out GOD, haven’t they? satan ,as prophesized by the bible, is trying to gather up as many souls as he can before our final judgment. And what you have stated about what other Christian sects have accepted ( just to appear PC. and not honoring GOD ) is quite right. So we should panic. Only GOD knows when the exact time when Jesus will come again and this world will no longer exist. But GOD also gave us clues, as it were, to watch for. And as far as I’m concerned, our time is very short.
    I can only pray for our country and hope GOD will have mercy on us, and allow us to have more time to do what’s right.
    I also know Catholics that have walked away from their life long faith because of Pope Francis and his radical views. And to speak frankly, because of all the scandal in correction with the conduct of priests and nuns. So if that very evil Soros is funding the church, they will lose money eventually…. Thank you.

  7. He talks about wealth distribution while sitting on the Church’s untold wealth. Put your money where your mouth is Frankie!

  8. What a strange man to lead the Catholic Church. What were the religious leaders who put their stamp of approval on him to be raised to papal authority thinking? This falls, not only on him but on the overall hierarchy. With all the world is seeing in the failings of the Catholic Church, especially in priestly sexual sin, one would think that messing around with the Bible and its’ teachings would be the last thing to stir up additional controversy. This does not bode well for the future, yet seems to play into prophesy quite accurately. Very sad and dangerous.

  9. Pope Francis is a hero to non-Catholics as well with his outspoken denunciation of greed and oppression. Proselytizing is just another example of oppression.
    Now, if we can just get rid of celibacy for priests, misogyny in the pulpit, and the whole forced procreation thing, we’ll all be better off.

  10. I believe this Pope is a detriment to the Catholic Church. He is too radical and too far left in his thinking and in his actions.
    However, God has a plan for everything so we have to believe he was put in that position for a reason. We have to trust is God.

  11. Although I do not always agree with Pope Francis’ policies or choice of words, I abhor the nasty and despicable comments made about this good man. In the quote that is being analyzed, The Pope is obviously explaining that the best way to bring people to Christ, is through example. Let them observe the Christian virtues shine forth in your life, and then they will be curious to know what motivates you to be like that. A wonderful opportunity to then introduce him or her to our Lord and Savor, Jesus Christ, Those of us who are Catholics should be praying for the Pope. As for those who love to criticize the Catholic Church, include them also in your prayers for in the words of our Blessed Lord, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

  12. The spirit of Antichrist is spreading like a wildfire in the earth.
    The Spirit of Jehovah is greater still.
    When sin is full, then the wicked will be ended.
    We must each judge the “fruit, the actions and the words” since the words we speak come from the heart. And the actions are the result of the thoughts and intentions of the heart.
    If judging another’s words and actions are wrong, then we are not keeping guard over ourselves; we then will follow anything or anyone mindlessly.

    Each religion, philosophy, tradition and such, have their own tenants. But we should realize where, in whom or what our faith, belief and trust rests upon.

    As for me, I believe Jehovah. The only true and living God. HE Is The Creator of heaven and earth. He placed the stars in space. He set boundaries for the seas and causes seed to sprout and grow. HE has store houses for the rain and snow.

    I could go on for a long while….

    JESUS is HIS Christ, Jehovah’s Salvation to us. The Blood of His Holy sacrifice ratifies the Covenant that Redeems.

    Truly, what is Christianity?, so many cannot tell you.

  13. Remember your world history/church history when in then in 1450 to 1520 there was a period called the “Babylon Captive” in which there was a ” Anti-Pope “sitting in a cathedral in France act as the “Pope “and tell Catholics not take orders from the ” False Pope” in Rome ( the dates may be off) but it caused problems inside the church at the same have to deal with the raising of National Churches like the Church of England, Methodist Church, the Lutheran church and the Anabaptist church So if the Catholic church did it once to force it change then today’s Catholic can do the same


  15. All I can say is who are we going to listen to a mortal man regardless of who he is and how self righteous he is or are we going to listen to the Lord Jesus Christ remember one thing the Pope is a mortal man HE is not a god beware of false prophets preachers and teachers especially the end days read and study the word of God and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free

  16. The Catholic Church should have never appointed a COMMUNIST as head of the church………GET HIM OUT! Look how he “hit” a woman, on New Years Day, simply because she was so excited to be shaking his hand. And too bad for him if he doesn’t like Trump, the pope is NOT GOD, and Christians don’t like him. BUT, WE LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  17. I am not enthralled with this pope! If he wants open borders and distribution of wealth then let him open up the Vatican to the poor and homeless! I don’t see the church doing much to help in these situation yet they are sitting on a fortune!

  18. Sorry but i beg to differ. This crackpot does not deserve to be followed. He’s off the rails..or is the new style Popey? He said what he said…so don’t try to whitewash it ! Of course lead by example like i did in the Army–BUT, to say don’t witness by words to unbelievers is imho..blasphemy..

  19. Pope Francis is actually following the NT with what he says. The best way to “spread the gospel” is by one’s example … NOT in trying to force others into like beliefs … or entrap then … or lie and deceive them. The best verse against proselytizing others is at 1 Peter 3:15. “… always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have. But do so with meekness and respect”. So the first thing is that giving an answer assumes that someone had asked a question … and with meekness and respect which proselytizing is NOT either one.

  20. I am what they call a “Cradle Catholic” but this man in Rome made my skin crawl right from the beginning. There is something about him that I cannot explain, I just know it is not from GOD.

  21. Discovering and sharing with a cancer patient the cancer cure you discovered is not proselytizing but offering a troubled soul hope and a future. Sin and its consequences is cancer on our society and its cure is in receiving Jesus Christ who offers the sure cure and an escape from its consequences. It is compassionate love that causes me to share this sure cure and its wonderful hope in a future in heaven for all who will repent, confess and receive the greatest gift to all mankind. Have a New Year blessed with an assurance of a wonderful future with me in heaven.

  22. I am no saint in fact I’m probably pretty close to John by I sure would NOT want to stand in front of JESUS CHRIST & be in popey boys boots . Cause not only he does he have to answer for his sins, he’s gonna answer for the sins of the people who blindly follow him

  23. If anyone has read the scriptures from front to back hopefully several times, God will have revealed himself and what he expects. Anyone then would know the Catholic Church is going to send more people to hell by following their doctrines. This pope spews poison which alines the Catholic Church to join the anti Christ at some point in time. Read the bible yourself and enlighten your gift from God YOUR BRAIN

  24. It seems that the church is positioning itself to be part of the NWO also. Shades of the time Emperor Theodosius made them the state religion of Rome after which they became more of a political power.

  25. Pope Francis has shown himself to be a man being deceived by Satan to use his leadership position to sway Catholics into confusion and misinterpretations of God’s truth given to and written down by our Lord’s chosen disciples as told in the Holy Bible.

  26. Fortunately for us this is not the 1500’s when a Pope could have us burned at stake for when we disagreed with the Pope’s word. He is not our spokes person. We can go directly to God thru our Lord Jesus who said in Matthew 28:19 go into the world and make disciples. Jesus never had to ask forgiveness for slapping a hand of love.

  27. Words alone will not help spread the Christian faith. Words and action are both necessary. What good do you do if you profess to be a Christian because you go to Church on Sunday but you act like a piece of crap to those around you the other 6 days of the week? Of course the Pope is not quite right in what he said. While behaving like a good Godly person is fine one must first bring the message of Christ to unbelievers by means of the word. While I disagree with the tenants of the Jehova’s Witness’s I do admire their courage to go out into the world in an attempt to spread their faith.

  28. AS you would expect from the False Prophet of the Antichrist, Pope Francis directly defies the authority of Scripture with his rebellion and lies. He is the very worst Pope IN ALL of Church history since the very beginning of the Body of Christ in the 1st century. He is debased and disgusting and should be treated with contempt and rejected as an evil reprobate. Jesus said to share the Gospel and make disciples. This filthy rebel says not to.

  29. What’s Pope Francis up to..? Why is he speaking against Jesus’ mandate, the great commission..?

    Simple… Pope Francis is NOT a Christian. Pope Francis pronouncements are more in line with the “False Prophet” of Revelations. That may offend Catholics but it’s still true. Because, neither the Pope or any other man can change God’s Word. Also, If or When they do, they are anathema.. cursed, by God – that’s God’s mandate, & it’s because God’s Word is true.

  30. Not a dan of the Pope but what I think he is saying is to spread the gospel by your actions and not by your words. If you are truly living the way of Jesus you should not have to speak. Anyone can speak the word but it’s much harder to walk the walk.

  31. HCB, you truly have no clue at all what you are talking about. You have no concept of who God is or why Jesus came here.

  32. Mannie – The comments being made about Pope Francis are just & fair.

    This is not Pope Francis’ first unBiblical, Anti-Christian faith statement.
    Look, Pope Francis doesn’t even know allah isn’t the Judeao-Christian God!
    And his acts of so called “mercy” toward Muslims, while he totally ignores the “Genocide “ of Christians is Vile!

    Pope Francis is NOT allowed to change God’s Word – No Man Is allowed that right! You & many Catholics are defending a man who is more aligned with the “False Prophet” in Revelations! Defend & Stand On the Word of God, not a man.

  33. Jesus clearly calls us to go out and tell others about Him. No one is forcing or entrapping anyone to do anything. We are to tell others who Jesus is and His wonderful love and sacrifice for us. Jesus does not force Himself on anyone. WE must choose to follow Jesus to Heaven or satan to Hell. It is our choice to make. The Pope is NOT helping any. He is going against what Jesus teaches

  34. Sandra , that’s So True . If anyone is a True Catholic they need to attend Only the Traditional Latin Masses . There’s a reason Only the Traditional Churches are Not recognized by the Vatican . They are a Threat to this Communist Pope and Church !

  35. HCB – Proselytizing “IS” the mandated “Great Commission” of Jesus the Messiah.
    Therefore, Pope Francis is not a Christian! If that makes you happy so be it, but witnessing is “Biblical”; & NO Pope or man can change that.

    Also, God is not interested in debating His Word.

  36. The Pope should stay with Spirituality. He is a libertarian but does not know that left wing liberals are the exact opposite of libertarian. This is why he should do what he was asked to do by God and I am pretty sure it’s not politics. He’s, I suspect, just not smart enough.

  37. Unfortunately the pope, the Vatican could buy and sell George soros. You know the old saying having more money than god. Well the Vatican prints its own money so they will never run out. Over the years they have accumulated vast gold and riches through their Crusades. There have been times that the Catholic church was worse than all. at this time they lay claim to be followers of Jesus. I do believe there are many, many good followers in Christianity but there are Leaders that have gone astray. They cannot lead its flock astray too quickly because that would Raise red flags through out the congregation. So its done slowly as you see this pope slapping a woman for pulling him close to her and siding with LGBTQ+. Watch closely and Keep the Faith as was written in the Original Bible. Love the Family cherish the Bonds we agree to and never sway. The Non Hetero, Non Christian way of life has spread its ugly head through out Our Gov’t, Media to proclaim its the correct way. It is Not and Never will be.Keep the Faith as the original Bible has taught us and Love thy Family. Keep Jesus Close he Will save you contrary to what is being preached. Remember even the Catholic church has gone Rogue through out History. Over all it has its good but plenty of bad also as we currently see with its priests, bishops falling short on their Oaths by molesting raping its young followers. Each individual Has to look in themselves for the Virtue of Right and Wrong. We All know deep down inside what is Right from Wrong. We need Not to be Weak in these times.

  38. Ira Zimmer,

    Do you know why Pope Benedict resigned?

    I have heard a couple of reasons but not convinced.
    I am also a Roman Catholic.

    Thank you,

  39. I disagree. Christ said “Go forth and make disciples of all nations.” That means we are to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. We should not force others to accept the Gospel, however.

  40. Sandra, actually Allah is just the Arabic name for God. It is Muhammad who turned Him into something He is not. He was very evil and wrote the Quran to control all those he hated. He said that he was the last great prophet and put Jesus as just a prophet because he would not have anyone greater than him. Islam is satanic

  41. The Cardinals who said, “God chose him to be pope..” lied and should repent to God and to all Catholics for lying to them and picking this man, who hates free market capitalism, and yet embraces communism, condemns sovereign borders and border walls, while he lives behind one of the oldest border walls in the world.

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  43. I had a friend who was agnostic and another who was atheist. During our friendships they both became believers. They said that they began to believe by watching me and they appreciated that I didn’t endeavor to push my faith on them. When they’d ask questions I’d answer them to the best of my knowledge. If I didn’t know the answer I’d tell them so and point them in the direction of a pastor who did.
    I don’t know what to think of this pope. I don’t follow him enough to make a comment though a couple of things I’ve seen in the news about him are specious.
    But after many years of interacting with folks, I’m Leary of anyone who finds it necessary to announce that thier Christian as soon as you meet them. My personal experience with folks like that; they gossip, use good folks, and are not always honest.
    To give you one of many examples: a friend who still lived st home, cried that there was no food at her house. I knew that her sister had a baby there too. She was always talking about being a Christian and God. So was her mother. I’d just gone shopping and we always had big a freezer full so I sent four bags of canned goods, meat, etc to her home. No One knew. When you do from heart you don’t talk about it.
    Well, her mother called me up and asked me who did I think I was sending the food. They didn’t need anything. She didn’t appreciate it. I told her that no one needs to know, it’s no ones business that I helped. She continued to opine that she didn’t need the food and was rude about it. I told her to send it back! I grew tired of her fussing at me. I didn’t really want it back. She said NO. She had a friend who needs it. Well the next day the friend visited and I asked her if her mother gave the food to her friend. My friend said that her mother gave some of the food to her friend but kept some too. Never did I hear thank you. I never talked to her about it again.
    If you are Christian you don’t have to say it when you first meet folks. It will become obvious through your actions and how you treat people. Your actions wil bring folks to you and have them to want what you have unless they’re Satans spawn.

  44. I would just as soon kill a person attempting to convince me to embrace their beliefs than look at them, I am with Francis on this one, keep hour faith to yourself.

  45. Funny you should mention robes. I may be wrong but didn’t Christ not even own the robe he wore? Now these so called “Vicars of Christ” have to have magnificent churches, vestments, gold vessels, priceless art, extensive real estate and the list goes on and on. But everyone else should give away what they have worked hard to get and give it to the poor. Does this sound like hypocrisy to you?

  46. Proselytism to me implies some form of indoctrination. True believers are only brought to belief through love given freely and sacrificially in Christ’s name. These 8 words may well be taken out of context. St. Francis shows the love of Christ at every turn.

  47. This individual (pope pompous) will say and do what ever it takes to protect his own hide and deceive the masses.
    As an example:
    Straight from the mouth of a beleaguered faith minion and dissident to the one and only Father God.
    CONCERN: “Pope Francis repeatedly bashed President Trump on issues like open borders and wealth redistribution.”
    SOLUTION: Insist Mr. pope pompous open his doors and distribute the accumulated wealth from the people back to the people.

    As an example:
    CONCERN: “And now he’s tackling an issue that left many Christians confused by saying Christians shouldn’t spread the gospel.”
    SOLUTION: Confused, who’s confused, true Christians know in their hearts and are awake to the “Evil” that lives among them and dresses in many forms.

    The blatant hypocrisy and deceit is enough to gag a maggot.
    Oh did I say maggot.

    Just saying ,,,,

  48. I am sorry folks.

    The absolute best thing that I did for my spiritual growth is leave the Catholic Church after many many years and join a Christian church

    It’s amazing the spread of the word and the message I receive. At 54 years old I have never been this strong spiritually and I know I am doing the right thing ( for me )

    The Pope is a disgrace and I am embarrassed to have traveled to Rome to watch his mass at the Vatican with over 100,000 people to honor John Paul’s life

    His liberal anti America ideology is sickening and I will put my life in President Trump’s hands, not the Pope’s

    The Catholic Church leadership is a deep rooted pedophile and Gay priest organization. And all of these priests and clergy that engage in this must be terminated and executed

    My college roommate is still totally messed up because this occurred to him from age 9-14

    How can anyone be Catholic and be ok with this. Since I knew the Pope is much more interested in covering this up and damaging the youth – then stepping down and doing something about it – I knew I had to go

    There are so many great people in the catholic community – my father a near selfless saint – I do understand and do not diminish the value and works of community

    It saddens me what the Pope has done to the sacred position. I have no respect for his lies and preaching about how bad the USA is

    Keep fighting Trump – be better than the Pope and keep leading our conservative movement and economic prosperity

    God Bless and Happy New Year everyone !

  49. I have never liked this man. He is not of God. There is just something that I saw in him from the start, that repulsed me. I am actually a lapsed Catholic, since I divorced my cheating, drunken, druggie ex husband. The priest said that I could no longer take communion, unless I got an annulment, and I could also never get remarried. If I got an annulment, I was never married, in the eyes of the church and God. Well, I was pretty sure that God knew I had been married. I really didn’t give a damn what the church thought. Whatever! So I don’t buy into a lot of the church’s bs. But this guy, he is trying to normalize things that Have always been taboo, like homosexuality, transgender, and other deviant behavior. He is lecturing on open borders while he lives behind a heavily guarded walled city. He was just caught slapping a woman on the arm-and he looked very angry! Granted, she shouldn’t have grabbed him, but his reaction was very telling! His mask came off! He’s a NWO Pope, and he needs to go!

  50. The Pope should take some time to check and see how many Catholic Churches are closing. Due to money problem no, but, many Catholics are turning away from the church. Not because they do not believe I have n God’s word, but, the liberal Pope, who makes up his version of the Bible. Hopefully the Church shall correct having appointed him as Pope.

  51. For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  52. I think he is the false prophet who is to occupy the seat of Peter and act to change the Church into his own image and prepare the church to become incorporated into the One World Religion under the Antichrist. But remember, the Lord is still in control. He is separating the sheep from the goats. The poorly catechized will not be able to resist. They will become part of the “Great Apostasy” while the truly faithful and well catechized will become the “Faitful Remnant”. At least now we can tell the good guys from the bad.

  53. Our Parish is very faithful and traditional. Our priest faces east to lead us in the Mass. We have an altar rail. Parts of the Mass are sung in Latin but it is not the “Latin Mass” per se. We always have someone in the convent and seminary and we are bursting at the seams, needing a bigger church building. The only parishes that are thriving are the more traditional ones. The rest are dying but the the clergy who have gone over to the modernist heresy refuse to acknowledge this.

  54. Francis is not evil…he’s merely a simpleton who has no business in a position of leadership.

  55. Pope Francis was elected through a conspiracy of the Sankt Galen mafia. Pope Francis is clearly a freemason. They were infiltrated into the seminaries in the 1930’s- 1960’s along with the homosexuals and KGB agents. As a matter of fact the KGB playbook of how to destroy the Catholic Church from within listed many of the things foisted on us already such as communion standing and in the hand to dimish the sacredness in the eyes of the faithful, the removal of tabernacles from front and center to the side or even out of the Lord’s sanctuary entirely. These people rose through the ranks and promoted their own along the way. Now the Vatican is run by them. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, folks. I think we have dipped our toes into the “Great tribulation”.

  56. In 2019, in addition to him saying Catholics should not proselytize Christianity around the world (bye-bye missionaries!) but remain quiet until someone expresses curiosity, Pope Francis blessed the pagan goddess Pachamama in a ceremony held inside the Vatican wall. Enough said about his “Christian” faith!”

  57. Consider who tends to actually accept Leftist notions….it’s generally poor people who don’t understand the big picture, or affluent youngsters and women who feel guilty over their perceived advantages….Virtually never a man in Francis’ stage of life, and even less often a man in a position of leadership. Any man who can live 70+ years and not be aware that Leftism is the enemy of the Church he purports to lead…I cannot fathom such an eventuality. Some of you could be right….maybe he IS a diabolical schemer who has acted from an orchestrated agenda….but he strikes me as more of a man who is simply not big enough for the position to which he has been entrusted. Not smart enough, not wise enough, and not strong enough.

  58. Mary my reply to that is if the Pope should stay out of politics then so should Franklin Graham, Pat and Gordon Robinson and on and on.

    One more thing many if not most of the Evangelical White Christians believe the Catholic Chruch is pagan anyway. You

  59. Marrilyn; First of all let me state, I am so sorry for your failed marriage and the abuse you took. But you did the right thing by divorcing him. And secondly, this pope is truly representing satan and not GOD. His radical vieww, his absurd comments clearly show he is priming the Catholic church to be part of the NWO. That is why is has been appointed head of the church. I know Catholics that have walked away from their life long religious beliefs because of this false leader and his radical views. And quite frankly, he should take care of his own flock properly and stay out of our nation’s business. But this is all part of the master plan to establish a NWO.
    I wish you well and you did the right thing. GOD bless and pray to GOD and Jesus . They will never lead you down the wrong path.

  60. Peaceful – that’s great! But that’s not what Jesus said to do.

    The great commission of Jesus is “Go into all the world, & PREACH the gospel”. Preaching/teaching, is telling the truth of the Word of God!

    Pope Francis is the head of a large Christian body of believers & he should know the truth of the gospel!

  61. Craig Michael Vandertie; Your statement is both hostile and does not belong on the site. If you are an atheist so be it. That’s your loss. But for you to state you would rather KILL someone for trying to help you find Jesus and save your soul than leave you alone. I would advise you to seek help for your severe anger issues…
    You told us to keep out faith to ourselves. Then please keep your hostility to yourself as well……..

  62. John – I agree, “Don’t panic” but don’t stay either!
    Catholic’s should flee, the papacy is not biblical & the Pope is NOT the Vicar of Christ. That’s not a heretical statement, on the contrary it’s a true statement, backed by the Bible.

    There is not a Catholic salvation or heaven. God makes the rules & Catholic’s needs to listen only to Him.

    The Catholic Church does need a reformation though! It needs a return to the Word of God & to the only name under which salvation is attainable…. Jesus!

  63. And St. Francis of Assisi said, “Do all you can to preach the gospel and if necessary use words!” Jesus never pushed His agenda on anyone. He loved them into the kingdom.

  64. You know folks;
    While reading the posts and the “Popes” words, he is spreading confoundment with truth…and I feel that he is being “used” by the “deceiver” to spread miss content within the Christian Community. We are instructed to “spread and preach the Gospel”. But we are also instructed to be a witness. I think what he’s trying to convey is that our “actions speak louder than our words”. Reflect on how many “preachers” have spoken, and have acted the opposite of their word…and have been exposed!
    “The accuser of the brethren” is INSTANTLY jumping to expose our weaknesses, therefore defeating our “messages of salvation” by our own actions and the media is “right there to criticize”.
    The Pope is both right…and in error. We should NEVER stop spreading the word, but we NEED to inter-reflect on ourselves & our actions ( especially when we think no one’s looking).
    After years involved in ministry, I have observed that many a preacher tend to forget that there are two sides to the coin of people’s existence. Sometimes they create a sort of “tunnel vision”, overlooking the common man. In all thee years of Jesus’s ministry, he never forgot anyone…on “both sides of the coin”…Just Thinkin’

  65. Joan, someone is pulling your leg. They are using your dislike of the Catholic Faith to make fun of you. The pagan goddess never existed, therefore, they cannot be blessed. You should avoid the person who told you that story. They think you are stupid.

  66. TEAR DOWN YOUR WALLS. Let anyone come in who wants. You are rich, rich, rich so share with all. Leave us alone who have laws and a wall to keep the riff-raff out!!! OPEN YOUR DOORS, USE NO LOCKS

  67. There appear to be many men in the hierarchy who are not actual believers. I have heard that Communists deliberately infiltrated the Church last century for PRECISELY this purpose….And while it has been a gradual process, they appear to be succeeding.

  68. He IS a Communist…and unworthy to be a Pope. I can’t understand how the Cardinals voted him in. He has TOO much to say about our country…and politically. He should worry about his own house. Lives a very high Elite life in the Vatican. I have NO respect for him or his ideaology…and he should shut his mouth about our president and country. As a Catholic…i don’t respect him at all.

  69. As this Posting has degraded into a Catholic and Pope bashing feast ~ while I do not always agree with what he has said or how he says it, he is the Pope ~ and yes he was chosen by God as all Popes have ~ after prayer and reflection, I understand what he is saying ~ while God’s Word is Truth, and we as Christians are called to bring the Word to the World, true conversion is not witnessed solely by a profession of Faith, but a living response through acts of mercy; taking care of those in need, not speaking I’ll of our neighbors or enemies, etc. does witness to true conversion… and I believe is his point.

  70. Craig Michael Vandertie – “Kill someone” because they share the “Gospel”..? You must be a liberal lefty!
    I’m presuming you live in the U.S. & have a smattering of intellect.. know We the Ppl have a Constitution that gives us the right to “Freedom of Speech” which can mean the right to offend.
    You kill someone that’s murder & they hopefully put you in prison for life – If they don’t give to the death sentence!

  71. The present Pope is, in this order, A communist first, A liberal egotist second and a fool who has made the choice to deny God’s word in favor of celebrity status. He clearly, when one takes the time to closely listen to his words, is closer to being the anti-Christ than one who believes God’s Word and teaches followers to follow God’s path to heaven. I prefer to follow God’s word such as 1 Timothy 2:5, “There is one God and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. The Pope has NO power to forgive sins, only God through our prayer to Jesus Christ has that power.

  72. Dvorah Yaffah B daCosta – No! Pope Francis is not following the NT. And I haven’t heard him make a Biblically sound statement yet!

    It’s Jesus who gave the great commission to go into all the world & spread the gospel! Pope Francis is wrong to say differently! Biblically Wrong!

    No one is forcing anyone to listen to the gospel being preached! And anyone who did that in the past was wrong & unBiblical.

    Yes we are to study to show ourselves approved & to be able to give everyone who asks (questions) an answer, but all the 1st Christians preached the gospel to unbelievers.

    You need to stop blindly following a near man & follow the Word of God. You need to be born again into the family of God, by the new birth, that Jesus said was necessary to be a child of God.
    Right now, you are following a man, an apostate!

  73. I can certainly appreciate your ideology as far as, “Showing our love of all based on our beliefs,” but whenever I have spoken to most Catholics, it always ends the same, that they believe the Priest’s teachings. They then are amazed that I respond that the belief on what the Priest says may be fine but as the Apostle Paul said, “Search the Scriptures to see if these things be true.” Clearly the Pope does not believe that he should follow the biblical instructions.

  74. Mannie – No, the Pope is not a good man, & he’s not explaining the Bible mandate to anyone. That’s because the Bible mandate (given by Jesus), needs no explaining & the Pope is changing the mandate from the Son of God.

    Look, Pope Francis is the False Prophet of Revelations. Francis is an apostate or a Communist or both!

    The papacy itself is NOT biblical. The papacy is/was a political ploy. It was a tool to form a political government.

    No one holds the title of “Vicar of Christ” it’s unbiblical – & there’s no verse you can point to in the Bible that supports this biblical heresy!

  75. Jack – Basically Franklin Graham does stay out of politics. He speaks to Christians. But Graham doesn’t hold the same title as the Pope. And Graham would never accept that title, because it’s unbiblical.

    Franklin Graham exhorts Christians in in following biblical truth. He stands not on his words but in the Word of God.

    Also, as an American he has a right to speak freely!

    The Pope makes a mockery of the Christian Faith with everything he does & says. He is leading what few true Christians that are in the Catholic Church astray.

    If you wish to follow a man to hell, so be it that’s your choice, but it won’t be a Pope on the throne of God & heaven is t divided up into sections of Catholics & non-Catholics.

  76. Sandra, you need a little education and read the Holy Scriptures with eyes that look to the spirit. You don’t know what you are talking about. You are not a Bible scholar or student. Your mind is closed.

  77. Sandra, Jesus is the man I follow. Am I going to hell? Don’t think so, but I’ll wave to you on your way down..

  78. They can’t trump the Roman Catholic Church since the Spirit of the Lord guides and directs what it teaches. Unfortunately, there is that human element, but still can’t get past the Holy Spirit. After all it is the Church of Jesus Christ who founded it on the Apostles. Read it in Scriptures.

  79. Sandra, it always happens. Some one who doesn’t know what is what because they only know what theyknow to be true. By the way, you know that the Catholic Church put the Bible together? Right? Stayed that way until Luther decided that the Holy Spirit couldn’t inspire in Greek.

  80. bj – Look I’ve studied Islam, I own & have read the Quran, you’re ultimately wrong.

    The Arabic word “allah” is a word used as both a title & a personal name. In the Bible the word “god” is used that way also. And if you study the Greek & Hebrew you find that Adoni, Elohim & Christ have deep meanings also.

    The word “allah” is “al lah” or the god. In Islam allah IS the personal name of the god of Islam/Muslims.
    Arabic speaking Christians are using the word “allah” as the title god. And when they referr to allah they are referring to the Judeao Christian God.

  81. Joel – You’re a Catholic, but Hesus did not found the Catholic Church & neither did the Apostles!

    The papacy is an unBiblical instution, founded for political & power reasons. While there have been some godly Popes’ a Pope is just a man.

    There are many churches, with both men & women who are lead by the Holy Spirit. In the prostestan church “No Man” is lifted up to be followed blindly!

    And just because you’re a Catholic doesn’t mean you’re saved.

    You need to read the Bible and find a personal relationship with the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit!
    I do read my Bible daily – & I own a Catholic Bible.

  82. Joel – No you won’t be waving to me in hell or going to hell!

    I base my salvation on Jesus my Savior. I am a born again (just like Jesus said), Holy Spirit Filled child of the King of Kings.

    Good ppl don’t go to heaven – that’s according to the Bible (what Jesus said)! You can’t work your way into heaven (or pay your way).
    Salvation is a free gift from God, through belief in Jesus. Therefore, I’m a Blood by the blood of Jesus.. Redeemed person. I don’t follow a Pope Dope, because no wher in the Bible is the “Papacy” established.

    By the way… I won’t wave to you, but you’re on the wrong path.

  83. Well I wonder what all of the Catholic missionaries around the world are engaged in then?

    This man is a heritic and the sooner is is gone, the better it will be for the entire Catholic Church!!! I am a cradle Catholic and I destest him and all that he stands for. Since Benedict is still alive, I consider him to be an illigitamate Pope and an imposter.

  84. Joel – You’re pathetic! You don’t know the Bible & you’re following a man.. the Pope!

    You’ve said your following Jesus, but Pope Francis isn’t! So you supporting & defending him, saying the Holy Spirit is leading him is so blasphemous !
    The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth! Pope Francis is speaking unBiblical lies! And you sir are a blind man lead by the blind!

  85. This NWO has been in the works since at least the 1940s when the Communists sent their men to the seminary to destroy the Catholic Church from within b/c they are are the larget relegion. If you get rid of them, the others will fall. Rev. Hagee has said that. You need to get rid of relgion in order to establish a Communistic aethistic society. Look up the second half of the third secret of Fatima. The Popes have refused to tell the flock what it said. ” Unless the world turns from sin and repents, SATAN will inhabit the Vatican at the highest levels”. That is what we are now seeing.

    Go to YouTube and watch ” A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” produced for EWTN by Jesuit priest Fr. Mich Pacaw. It names names of those involved in moving us to toward the NWO. It will make your hair stand on end. Fr. Hessberger of Notre Dame was heavily involved in establishing the “Campaign for Human Development” which was funneling money to Alinsky!!! And that is just ONE of the many revelations in this YouTube.

  86. I am a divorced Catholic who was in a violent marriage.
    I had the full support of my pastor when leaving him, and I was NEVER denied Communion. Ten years later, I did get an annulmnet, and that is proper b/c when you partner had no intentions of fulfilling the vows when taken, and it does not sound like your husband ever did, that makes the contract null and void.
    I never did remarry, and he has been dead for many years. During all of this time, I have never been denied anything by the Church and I would do it again. The annulment does not deny the LEGAL validity of the marriage, but annuls the the vows b/c one partner was not sincere and honest when taking them, and this leaves you free to marry someone who intends to fullfill thier vows in the Catholic Church.

  87. I don’t think this communist NWO proponet is fooling too many Americans. Well, maybe the the idiots in the main stream press b/c he is saying what they want to hear, but not many others.

  88. Their dupe, Francis, has singlehandedly lowered morale among the faithful, and sadly misled those who might have benefitted from strong leadership and sound teaching. From what I understand, many of the cardinals are now men of similar Leftist leanings. Short of the Second Coming, itself, I do not see matters improving all that much. Western ‘Christians’ are more concerned with peer acceptance than legitimate reverence.

  89. Sandra, you know what I think your problem is? You think you know what Jesus said and the fact is you don’t have a clue. When Jesus was alive what you calk “the gospel” did not exist. Those scriptures were written (we think, for no one actually knows) by people that never even met Jesus and no one is certain that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were even the actual names of those men. You’re free to believe whatever you choose, but it’s my guess that Francis (the Pope) knows a lot more about “truth” than any come-lately so called evangelical, none of whom even existed until less than 500 years ago. Evangelicalism is not even a “religion”. It is a movement (whithin Protestantism) founded in America by Whitfield, Edwards and Wesley in the early 18th century around the “born again” concept, literal interpretation of the Bible and the so-called Rapture. Do whatever you want, or nothing at all and as long as you say you have “faith” you’re born again and shall be saved. Good luck with that, but please don’t preach it to me. I’ll stick with the Pope’s concept of truth.
    I wish you a Happy New Year!

  90. There are some basic premises we must consider. Jesus gave us clear guidance as to religion – it is Gods’ through Jesus Christ. Mankind has perverted all the leadings of God throughout our history due to God granting us free will – choice. We have a predilection toward sin. God knew that and gave guidance and instructions through the Jewish nation, prophets and Kings. When it became clear our sacrifices were habitual rather than heart felt, it became a stench to Him. The only worthy solution was His Son – Jesus Christ, our Savior. Jesus became the only worthy sacrifice, but again we were operating with free will – choice. This is where the Great Commission was provided by Jesus’ instruction. That is Authority! Jesus also provided us an example and pattern for living – that is practical life. He also promised the Comforter, the Holy Spirit to fill our lives with the fullness of God. Jesus’ greatest anger was directed toward formalized religion – the Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes and those that perverted the Temple and worship. He called it a whitened tomb, a den of snakes. Religions, denominations and churches should be people as described in Acts, providing help, guidance and instruction to help us grow and mature in our faith. Mankind has corrupted things every step of the way. the Bible tells us to be wise as serpents, innocent as doves – not as weak fools but as people seeking to grow in faith. We are made holy through His grace and mercy and what we have is a precious gift – the hope of eternal life. These are the basics of what the church should be. It is up to us to be honest, vigilant and guardians – not paranoid but with discernment. This obviously was simplified but I trust it offers non-angry input into what is troubling to us all.

  91. Joel – No… I don’t think I know what Jesus & or the Bible say, I KNOW WHAT JESUS HAS SAID, ITS WRITTEN IN THE BIBLE – Which I read daily!

    I don’t rely on a Pope Dope, to tell me the truth…
    The Word of God contains the truth & Jesus has already told me His Word would never pass away!

    The Pope didn’t die for my sins, Jesus did! The Pope isn’t the comforter the Holy Spirit is! And it’s the Holy Spirit that brings all truth, & that’s what Jesus said!

    You go follow a man who…

    Equates the Judeao/Christian God with allah the god of Islam!…

    Signs peace papers with a religion of death & destruction “Islam” that has declared to conquer & destroy everyone who will not bend the knee to Allah. That group I might add, has murdered over 270-million men, women & children since its beginning; & has brought presentday Christians in the Middle East, to extinction levels from that murderius group!…

    Lives behind a 40 foot wall but chastises ppl who want safety behind a border wall!

    Is a man who decries other ppl’s wealth but rules the wealthiest religious body on earth, & doesn’t give a dime of it.

    Who is bowing to the LGBT agenda & the Pedophelia of this world.
    Pope Francis gives mercy to the perpetrators & kicks the victims to the curb!

    You follow the evil, ungodly Francis all the way to hell – Me.. I’m following Jesus & His Word!

  92. Thank God for most of these testimonies
    We are to worship only our Lord and Saviour Jesus Chrst and him only should we bow down too. I am not Catholic most Catholics think the Pope is their God.
    I believe the Bible is the true word of God
    and our guide to Salvation

  93. Marco, I agree with your observation of a baboon making comments. I think this pope is senile. He is inconsistent and he does make statements that we all know is against Church dogma. I also don’t believe that “Don” is in a position to name sins. Obvious, no?

  94. The hierarchy has been infiltrated over the decades by Left-leaning Cardinals. Now, Francis has had the opportunity to entrench many such men in positions of greater power, so that such men will most likely choose his successor. So as poor of a choice as Francis has been, in a few years, we may be looking back on these as the good old days. The next guy is liable to be much worse.

  95. This man is certainly not “the vicar of Christ.” Pope John Paul predicted that this guy would come to power, and he called him the ‘Anti-Pope.” He is simply another form of the “Anti-Christ.”

  96. The curtain to the temple was rent open at the time of Jesus crucifixion. God was saying very clearly that we no longer have to go through a priest to reach our Father in Heaven. We have an advocate and His Name is Jesus!!!! Why would anyone want to continue to go through a man to reach God with your petitions. Always pray in the name of Jesus and your prayers will be heard! Don’t take my word for it, try it.

  97. Robert gagliardi; You speak the truth. Especially the part about leading the flock astray too quickly. To conform the church, our great nation and the world to the NWO these steps must been done slowly. And like it or not, this is what is happening right now.
    Posters like a man named Joel is defending, blindly, this pope. He is taken a personal offense to others pointing out the truth about this wolf in sheep’s clothing. To put it bluntly. But all this was predicted in the bible. Of course there are many decent, good Catholics. But we must honor and follow Jesus, the bible and GOD. Not a man who thinks he is GOD.
    We are in very dangerous times Robert. Our choices and decisions about our spiritual salvation is very important right now. There are many that do great works for others. But we will not be judged by our works. But what is truly in our hearts and soul. Jesus is the ONLY way to our eternal salvation.
    Keep praying Robert. Thank you.

  98. It’s not just this pope. The whole Catholic religion is false Christianity.
    Catholicism is a cult, man made religion based on works, and false idols, and repetitious prayer.
    I seriously doubt you have any idea what you’re talking about texanna.

  99. Catholicism is a fake form of Christianity. They teach a different gospel based on works, and worshipping statues, and praying to saints, and praying people out of purgatory, and repetitive prayer, which the bible refers to as “vain prayer”. There are no cardinals, or bishops, or popes in the scripture.
    The fact that the pope says something unbiblical should surprise no one. Catholicism is a false religion, no different than Islam.

  100. Uncle Hoppy – The central tenet of the Catholic Church is, salvation through faith alone in Jesus. But… & it’s a big BUT, the central truth of salvation by faith alone is muddled, ground under, by a salvation through works, reputitious prayers, & novenas (petitions), to the Saints.

    I’ve known Catholics who are “for real” born again, Holy Spirit Filled Christians – & yes I checked. Why they stay in the Catholic Church is a mystery to me. But, if I know their heart is right & that they are saved, it’s not my job to change what’s wrong. God has away of changing His children that’s better than ours. Myjib is to pray for them & support them whenever & however I can.

    As to the papacy “the Pope” the institution is unbiblical. There is NO way Biblically, anyone can validate the lie of the church that, the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. No where in the Bible is that found.

    The papacy “Popedome” is a man made institution, formed for political & power reasons. It was formed by power hungry men to control the masses. The masses being ppl who were illerate, poor & these ppl needed to control. Remember, excommunication & damnation equal Hell.
    The church & its officials grew large, powerful & ruled.

    There have been some Pope’s who were Christian, but the core belief in the central figure of a Pope, is unBiblical.

  101. Joan Sibbald – The Papacy is not found in the Bible. So mocking a Christianity is wrong.

    A true Christian is one who is born again, Holy Spirit Filled, who leads their life according to the Word of God. Jesus wanted us to have a relationship with the Father, through salvation in Him.

  102. Dvorah Yaffah B daCosta, you are horribly mistaken. I suggest you go read the entire New Testament and get educated. Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs to visit each town to share His message.

  103. Uncle Hoppy,
    Seems you are very ignorant when it comes to church history. You have no concept of what it means to be Catholic. Ignatius of Antioch, a convert of The Apostle John called the church Catholic in the first century and all the church fathers recognized that the bishops were the successors to the apostles. There was no other church until the Orthodox Church broke away long down the historical road of the church. Then,Martin Luther, a Catholic priest, with no authority to do so started his own church and even changed scripture. Now we have 50,000 Protestant denominations who all have their own man made traditions. Which one is right? Let me take a wild guess that its yours. God waited 2000 years in history for you to come along and set everybody straight. That’s a lot of ego for one guy my man. If you wanna argue about the Catholic Church go to a Catholic apologetic website. There you can express your dumb views and be corrected in totality. Another keyboard Catholic trasher. The conversation was on the pope And not the papacy or the Catholic Church.

  104. If the Catholic church put the bible together then why do they deviate from it so much? Most of the Catholic doctrine is not even in the New Testament.
    Last time I check, the Catholics use the same New Testament scripture as the Protestants do.

  105. Uncle Hoppy – I agree with you. Actually Allah & Ba’al Are one & the same. The Kaba was once called both the House of allah & the House of Ba’al.
    Ba’al was the pagan god of the Canaanites that the God of the Bible told the Israelites to wipe out because of their gross immortality.

    All throughout Arabia Ba’al & Allah we’re worshipped, with their name being interchangeable.

  106. Richard D. – We do know who wrote the gospels & their approximate date.
    So sorry your priest never told you that!

    Martin Luther DID believe in the Bible was written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit – I know that because I was born, baptized & confirmed in the Lutheran church. God himself has drawn me into the fullness of the Holy Spirit & I go to non-Denominational churches – But I studied the Catholic Church extensively! I might just know Catholicism better than YOU!

    Your attempt at the history of the Reformation is sadly deficient! Luther was a monk & scribe. He knew Latin, Greek & Hebrew. Luther’s split came over salvation through faith in Jesus, that it was a gift of God not of works, lest any man should boast. That’s a biblical truth by the way!

    So you see Richard I don’t think I know I really DO KNOW – I actually study the Bible. It’s not on a bookshelf collecting dust (like with you), It’s on my night stand & I read it nightly!

    On the subject of OT & Jesus’ teaching, the Hewish Bible doesn’t contain the books the Catholic “Doyd Day” Bible does. Oh & I own a Catholic Bible & I’ve read It – you needvto read your Bible & stop following a man. Jesus the Son of God died for you NOT any Pope!
    And it will not be a Pope on the throne of God – neither will there be a Catholic or non-denominational heaven. Heaven is heaven & good ppl don’t go there. Only saved, Redeemed, bought by the Blood of the Lamb ppl go to heaven – No One deserves heaven.. ever! Also, there is only 1 mediator between God & man, Jesus! And there is no other name under heaven whereby which you can be saved. Salvation is found in Jesus only! Not a church, a saint, a formula & definitely not in a Pope.

  107. Uncle Hoppy – Joel &/or Richard D. Are staunch Catholics. They are following the Pope to hell… Sad!
    They are not aware of the teaching of Jesus & they blind!

  108. Marilyn – I’m sorry your 1st marriage was abusive & I’m sorry the priest treated you so badly. I’m not Catholic, I was raise Lutheran & Lutheran’s believe in divorce only in cases of adultery. My husband and as extremely abusive.

    The truth is, God the Father doesn’t want us abused. When a man abuses a woman he has broken his covenant with God, & you the victim can leave.

    I hope you find true salvation in Hesus, HE died for you & loves you.

  109. The pope SHOULD weigh in heavily on Western politics…but on the side of decency, as Graham always does. When the pope does not accept Church teachings, then we have much more to worry about than whether he’s overtly political…more like, whether he should even HAVE THE JOB, or for that matter, whether he is an actual Catholic…Devout Catholics are some of the finest human beings on Earth, and this man has brought their morale to an all-time low.

  110. Don, I can read scripture and I see the Catholic church in no way, shape, or form, conforms to the New Testament. I am not a member of any church body or denomination but I do study the bible. The catholic church as it exists today is about as far away from true biblical scripture as it could possibly be.
    If you want to debate me we can go that route. We can start with purgatory.

  111. The catholic church preaches a false doctrine based on works.
    Nowhere in the New Testament will you find anything backing up Catholicism.
    I dare you to try. Show us the verses. Show us how Catholicism conforms to the New Testament. I double dare you Joel.

  112. Did not Jesus and the Disciples travel around the known world spreading the Gospel?

    Sure are a lot of people posting who seem to be able to read God’s mind and know what is right and wrong in Heaven and Earth. People who appear to be deciding who will enter Heaven and who will not according to their own beliefs, not Jesus’ or God’s.

  113. David – A person doesn’t need to read God’s mind to know how & who, God says will enter heaven. All you need to do is “Read God’s Word “.
    Have you ever read the Bible..? Cause your post implies you are ignorant on Biblical matters.

    And, Jesus & the Disciples didn’t travel around the world. The Disciples did travel spreading the gospel, they did so because Jesus commanded them to go spread the gospel. But Jesus himself, didn’t travel outside of Israel.

  114. He was not picked by God. He was chosen by the Cardinals whom were eligible to vote. God does not infringe on free will. His guarantee of the Holy Spirit guides the church from official acts of teaching. His comment on the matter of trying to win converts to the faith is his opinion and not church teaching. The church is not protected from making bad management decisions.

  115. Sandra, you know what I think your problem is? You think you know what Jesus said and the fact is you don’t have a clue. When Jesus was alive what you calk “the gospel” did not exist. Those scriptures were written (we think, for no one actually knows) by people that never even met Jesus and no one is certain that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were even the actual names of those men. You’re free to believe whatever you choose, but it’s my guess that Francis (the Pope) knows a lot more about “truth” than any come-lately so called evangelical, none of whom even existed until less than 500 years ago. Evangelicalism is not even a “religion”. It is a movement (whithin Protestantism) founded in America by Whitfield, Edwards and Wesley in the early 18th century around the “born again” concept, literal interpretation of the Bible and the so-called Rapture. Do whatever you want, or nothing at all and as long as you say you have “faith” you’re born again and shall be saved. Good luck with that, but please don’t preach it to me. I’ll stick with the Pope’s concept of truth.
    I wish you a Happy New Year!

  116. Betty, the only “apostacy” around is so- called evangelicalism – a collection of scam artists that use the cloak of fake christianity to make themselves rich by swiping money from folks that are easily hoodwinked; folks like you. Jesus called them “a generation of vipers”. Unfortunately they’re still around and there are tons of suckers around just waiting to be bilked. Pity.

  117. Richard D – And the Catholic Church sells “Indulgences “ – a get out of hell free card! The Catholic Church has cheapened the death & Resurrection of Jesus!
    No where in the Bible does it say you can save yourself, or pay for your sins!
    Then there’s the rosary, a set of repetitious prayers to Mary; like Mary could or can save anyone. And Mary herself states she was a sinner & needed a Savior.

    Mary was indeed a honorable women, who should be remembered, but she is not the Savior.

    You Catholic’s have at best an apostate Pope.

  118. Hey Sandra, Joel & Richard D are not the same person. BTW, I never said that I was a Catholic but I will tell you that if I had to choose between you and Francis you would not emerge as the chosen one. I’m over joyed to learn that you read the bible (every day) and what’s more you own a “catholic bible” no less. I’m impressed! Tell me, is it in Latin? Then you also own a Qur’an, which you’ve read (no doubt in the original Arabic). I can’t help put note that you also appear to read Scripture in both Hebrew AND Greek. On top of all that, you claim to have personal relationships with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, plus you know The Word of God. You are truly SPECIAL Sandra! Remind me to “light a candle and call you Holy”!
    Lady, I sure hope that the Christ comes back soon for you appear to need someone to caste out your demons and I’ve read He was quite good at that.
    You appear to be well versed at vilifying the Pope. Have you thought of maybe writing a “How-To” book on that subject? I’m sure it would be an instant best seller among the hate mongers for you sure seem to be an expert at spreading vitriol.
    Better yet, maybe you should just write to Pope Francis and tell him to step down. Who knows, you might get lucky. I’ve heard he’s very sympathetic towards crackpots.

  119. Richard D. – Your remarks are indicative of the state of your soul.. you’re an atheist or an agnostic; which means you know NOTHING!

    So you would not “Choose me”” over Francis as the chosen one… GOOD!
    Jesus the Anointed One of God IS the “ONLY ONE” anyone should be listening to or choose as the “Chosen One”.

    Yes I do own a Douday Bible just as I own many different bibles. And yes again, I do study the scripture in Greek & Hebrew; I have also studied the Quran in Arabic.

    Look ignorant one, Judaism, Christianity & Islam ALL have linguistic scholars. I know this must come as a shock to you, but we DO have ppl.. scholars, who know the ancient languages! EDUCATE YOURSELF… YOUR STUPIDITY IS THE ONLY OUTSTANDING THINGS ABOUT YOU!
    I have also studied the Septuagint – I’ll now let YOU go fish.
    As to Latin vulgate, it wasn’t the 1st translated source of the Bible (just in case you are that dumb)!

    Yes I do have a personal relationship with the Living God through Jesus the Son of God – I am filled with the Holy Spirit; As Jesus promised His believers they would receive… John 14: 16 through 21.
    And if you don’t have a personal relationship you will never see the Kingdom of God without that relationship.
    Jesus HIMSELF, commanded His believersbto be “Born Again” in the Spirit?- try reading even the Catholic Bible in John chapter 3. Then go do what Jesus commanded you must do!
    AND…. I know that I’m saved – read 1John chapter 5… especially, 1John 5: 13. Anyone.. even YOU, can have this assurance of eternal salvation, it’s found in Jesus the Son of God; who died for sins & fulfilled the law of sin & death, & the rise again on the 3rd day! – Which was the Father’s Approval Of Jesus’ sacrifice!

    Yes I know the Popedom & the teachings of the Catholic Church! As I stated I studied Catholicism.

    As to lighting candles to anyone “Forget It” – & especially to me.
    Why.? Because I am a sinner saved by the grace of God.
    No one deserves heaven.. No one can remove even a tiniest portion of their sin – therefore, “Good ppl” don’t go to heaven.
    So who goes to heaven..? Those who are “Redeemed, Saved, bought by the Blood of the Lamb of God Jesus!

    You need to lay down your arrogance & ignorance – you need to ask Jesus for forgiveness of your sins.. to be washed in His blood.. to make Him who died for you “Lord of your life”.

    No man.. Pope, can save you! Because there is salvation in no other than Jesus the Anointed One of God, Who is the Son of God!

  120. Richard D. – And one other thing… I don’t “Think” I know the Bible or what Jesus said – I “DO” know the Bible & what Jesus said!
    YOU on the other hand don’t know either the Bible or Jesus; & sadly, you don’t seem to care. Therefore, I don’t take advice from ppl as ignorant as you!

    I base my salvation “ON” Jesus the Son of God & the Bible! I base my eternity.. my salvation on the ONE who DID die for me & WHO can & does SAVE.
    I will not put my trust in a mear man.. men fail.. men are themselves SINNERS, in need of a Savior & salvation; that includes the Pope. The Pope is but a mear man, a sinner, he can’t save himself & he can’t save anyone.


    Salvation is a gift from God lest anyone boast!

  121. Jesus said to a Pharisee, Nicodemus, “You can not see the Kingdom of God unless you are born again by the Spirit of God.” We are all born of the flesh by our parents. As such we see the world through physical eyes. We must be born again by the Spirit of God to see the world through the supernatural eyes of Jesus Christ. This takes place in all who hear and believe His Words of truth- the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation. For God loved the world this way: He sent His only begotten Son to die for our sins so that anyone who believes that Jesus is the Savior of the world and makes Him Lord of their lives shall not perish but have eternal life with Him. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God! If you believe that Jesus is the Savior of the world, is it asking too much for you to share with everyone this Good News that you know can bring them eternal life with God and the Joy of His salvation while they live a new life on earth? Yes, there are good deeds that come second nature to all who believe. But to administer the good deeds rather than the Gospel which never fails is to give only part of the message that the world needs for salvation. Take every excuse you have for not telling everyone about your faith in Jesus and weigh them against the thought that unless you make it crystal clear, many will miss heaven due to your timidity! Pray and ask the Lord to place in your path those with whom you are to share your faith. If you don’t have a testimony, go back to your salvation experience and keep it ever fresh so you can easily and succinctly give an account for your own faith. While you are going alone your life path, be always ready to share the joy of your salvation with whoever you encounter. There will be persecution, but Jesus will be with you, even to the end of this age. May the God of our salvation be with you in all that you do until you see Him.

  122. All this is why I left the Roman Church and became Episcopalian. We read and follow the Bible the word of God.

  123. If the Pope feels strongly that walls and borders should not be used to keep others out and that the wealth of the world should be redistributed, he should lead by example. Tear down the Vatican walks and invite the pour of the world to move in to Vatican City. Open the church coffers and share its wealth.

  124. Poe Francis is starting to sound more like the False Prophet. Maybe Jesus’ second coming is close. Just a thought

  125. As a Catholic, I am EMBARASSED by this fool. He MUST be suffering from dementia and I do not understand why he is allowed to continue with crazy diatribes.

  126. Joan, don’t pay any attention to this sandra person. It is blatant that it believes it know everything about both Catholicism and Christianity. ll Pappa has dementia and while he is Pope, the Bishops can do exactly whatever they wish.

  127. You are not reading the whole statement. What he said is true. We should live our lives and our faith in such a way that others want to learn about Jesus. Then we should companion them in their search. Running up to a stranger Bible in hand, screaming “Are you going to help when you die? Do you know Jesus?” Rarely results in a positive reaction of longtime love of Jesus. Don’t SAY it, LIVE it.

  128. You are not reading the whole statement. What he said is true. We should live our lives and our faith in such a way that others want to learn about Jesus. Then we should companion them in their search. Running up to a stranger Bible in hand, screaming “Are you going to help when you die? Do you know Jesus?” Rarely results in a positive reaction of longtime love of Jesus. Don’t SAY it, LIVE it.

  129. Yeah we saw how “Silent” Francis is, ON the issue of homosexual pedophile priests..
    Pope Francis is an apostate Christian (& that’s assuming he ever was a Christian).
    He just announced that “Jesus was not resurrected”. My only question is, when are Catholics going to flee this

  130. Pope tear down the Vatican walls! Open borders. Hand out the billions you have in assets. Redistribute that wealth.

    Oooh pope! Are you being a hypocrite? Is it only america that you think should follow your screechings: oops I mean teachings


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