Pope Francis just teamed up with the UN on a far-Left scheme that will shock you


Many Catholics are extremely disappointed by Pope Francis.

He continues to parrot Left-wing talking points.

And Pope Francis just teamed up with the UN on a far-Left scheme that will shock you.

As the largest segment of the Christian population in the world, the Catholic Church has a lot of power to stand up against the Left-wing voices at the United Nations.

But Pope Francis is doing the opposite and egging them on.

He just sent a letter to the participants of the latest UN climate conference.

In it, Pope Francis urged them to spend more money to fight back against “climate change,” in order to help “the poorest and most vulnerable populations.”

Fighting climate change is all about growing government, and does nothing to help the neediest around the world.

But Pope Francis doesn’t seem to care about that.

The Pope would rather have world leaders focus on promoting “clean energy” than helping raise these people out of poverty.

LifeSiteNews reports:

Not only is Pope Francis continuing to push Left-wing politics, he is actively decrying those in the Catholic Church who support conservative positions.

In 2013, he told Catholics they need to stop focusing on issues like abortion and gay marriage.

Yet, he continues to interject his opinions on Left-wing issues like climate change.

Do you think Pope Francis should stop pushing Left-wing politics?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. Making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who deserves IMPEACHMENT? I vote for Pope Francis! Hands down. Or hands up, as this MF should be arrested for corruption to the core.

  3. Pope Francis isn’t just part of the liberal left Globalist beliefs.
    Pope Francis has gone much, much farther. There is a spirit of the AntiChrist about him. No he isn’t wild eyed, but what he speaks isn’t biblical.

    I believe he is the False Prophet spoken of in Revelations. The Pope is already teaching false doctrine. He is leading ppl away from salvation.

    Catholics have a choice, follow a man or follow God by following “Only” the Word of God.

  4. The Pope needs to concentrate on cleaning up the pedophile climate that is rampant in the Catholic Church and stop pushing his leftist agenda on the members of his large church. I’ve heard enough stupidity from this guy to last a lifetime and it’s time he stopped and cleans up his own backyard.

  5. Climate change is about social -ism.
    The Green New Deal is about social -ism.
    Climate change is about putting the state in charge of everything and every one’s life.

  6. If the population of the catholic church wanted this low life fool out they could do it over night. They don’t because they are brainwashed. They are in an area where the only information they receive is what the popes media want them to hear and see. The uninformed are much easer to control than ones with real knowledge. I’m talking about the ones in and around Vatican city. The rest of them around the world are just flat out insane! They all support evil and like it.

  7. The Pope has no scientific knowledge but relies on some ‘advisors’ who
    also have little scientific training and no economic understanding.
    It’s no wonder then that we get nothing but non-factual, leftist crap
    from the Vatican.
    I’m sure the Pope means well, but unfortunately he has been sold
    the climate change scam, which is nothing but a power grab by the
    One World U.N. elites. We need to remove our Country (and our tax dollars)
    from that bunch of would-be tyrants.

  8. The Pope just said what the overwhelming majority of scientists have said – that human activity is contributing to global warming. The Pope is concerned – as it will affect most severely many of the poorest people in the world. The Pope is taking seriously Jesus’s teachings of love and compassion. Did Jesus not say Blessed are the poor and meek at heart for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”? The Pope’s statements are a call for action, as opposed to rhetoric or hiding one’s head in the sand and denying climate change due to human activity.

  9. WOE to those who believe he is a “man of God!” He is a SATANIC PEDOPHILE! HE SACRIFICED HIS FIRST BORN SON on the same altar where Mass is celebrated. WAKE UP, PEOPLE! He has been trying to shove HERESIES down our throats, said Jesus Death meant nothing, etc. HE is the one who should have been MURDERED when the evil SATAN is sung to and celebrated in the VATICAN. YES, I SAID IN THE VATICAN! If you are in doubt, take the time to go to TRUTH UNSEALED and you will learn what has been and is still going on in ROME.

    FYI: Climate Change is a FARCE!

  10. The “overwhelming majority…” is pure fiction put out by the warmers.
    The data they cite consists of fudged temp. reports, totally inaccurate
    computer models and just bare-faced lies.
    You need to do some research instead of being taken in by lying groups
    with $ulterior$ motives and power grabs.
    By accurate measurements using ice cores and collected data it can be
    shown that, since the industrial revolution, we have added about .01F to
    the average worldly temperature.
    Do some digging on your own. BTW: the man who first said that 90% of
    climate scientists say “we done it!” was based on his hand-picked numbers –
    omitting most scientific objections and proven facts that it wasn’t true.
    The U.N. protocols are a naked power grab and would help none of the
    ‘blessed’ poor – but would, in fact create vast bankruptcies around the world.
    The polar bears are doing fine, the ice is expanding almost everywhere and
    the forecast from several NASA scientist is that it’s entirely possible that the
    Earth is close to a cooling period, not a warming one. But of course, the
    totally scientifically stupid, gullible Pope can’t be wrong eh?

  11. To Robert Armstrong. The vast majority of scientists confirm that human activity has added to global warming. The scientists are not all US based – most of them are from other western developed countries – and their scientific findings are subject to skeptical reviews by other experts. The facts are irrefutable. Exceptions do not negate the overwhelming scientific data. The lies being peddled by climate-change deniers remind me of the tobacco industry’s statements in the 1960s that there was no causal link between smoking and cancer. One needs to pay attention to professional scientists. For example, next time you have a medical problem go to a qualifies medical doctor and not some quack who pretends to have the answers. The same here – most international and very credible scientists are telling us that we need to act before we reach the tipping point and the damage to the planet and many of its people will become massive and irreversible. The Pope is voicing those concerns, especially as they may affect the poorest people in many undeveloped countries. You should note that the Pope is not saying that the US alone is the cause of the global warming – but that all countries are contributing to it and need to address this issue very seriously. It is a global responsibility for humanity.

  12. If you wish to believe the propaganda put out by the climate bunch of
    liars – in the face of the objective facts, that’s your prerogative.
    And; “most” credible scientists is a blatant lie.
    The Pope, no matter how kindly motivated is scientifically ignorant and
    gullible. The fact is we have added practically nothing to the world’s
    average temperature since the industrial revolution.
    If there comes a “tipping point” it will be as a result of the natural forces
    that have affected Earth for billions of years. It will not be because of us.
    “End of the World” has been a popular rant for millennia – and we are
    still here and the forces of nature are still doing their thing!

  13. Robert Armstrong: The climate change deniers are actually the ones who are propagating lies and propaganda in the face of objective facts – melting of glaciers, melting of Arctic ocean ice, rising world temperatures. etc. The deniers are the ones that try to confuse and sow doubt in the minds of uneducated and gullible people. The world now contains some 7.6 billion people, of which about half have industrialized their economies and are spewing out enormous amounts of greenhouse gases. The climate change deniers are full of conspiracy theories and call objective scientists, from numerous western countries, who use the scientific methodology to prove objective facts. Many of the greenhouse gas polluting industries are the ones that have tried to undermine the scientific findings – just in order to make even greater profits. As you know, some people are greedy and just want immediate economic profits and do not want to take responsibility for their behaviour and the impact it may have on future generations. The point is that yes global warming is the result, in part, due to human activity and the international community needs to address it in a serious manner. By the international community, I mean each and every country in the world. The Pope has voiced this very legitimate concern and has encouraged human responsibility in this matter.

  14. Carol: It is your mind that has been infected by Satan. You are spewing out venom and hatred – and are a victim of Satan’s propaganda. Go and ask God for forgiveness and ask a priest to perform an exorcism of the devil within you – so that you no longer fall victim to Satan’s lies. Afterwards, go back to the true Church, the one established by Saint Peter – and pray to God that you no longer be infected by the evil thoughts of Satan.

  15. Your entire screed is full of total crap.
    The glaciers are advancing again
    The ice sheets are recovering
    The world temperatures are NOT warming
    Polar bears are recovering their numbers just fine
    The world sea levels are rising a few centimeters per year – as they
    have been doing for hundreds of years
    YOU are the one propagating lies. The people you rely on for facts have
    brainwashed you.
    You write of “objective facts”; the actual data prove you a liar.
    You can obtain the actual readings through some simple research – but I doubt
    you’ll do any of that. You will continue to spout easily disproved lies ad nauseam.
    It’s all about grants and investments – nothing to do with actual proven climate data
    but you fall for all the hype instead. I hope you are simply a naïve believer and not
    an active, money motivated propagandist like the people whose lies you swallow.

  16. Therese Lang: About 98% of all the world’s scientists do believe that a contributing factor to global warming is human activity. I go with the 98% – and, if you want, go with the 2%.

  17. Again you are perpetuating a lie.
    It’s about time you did a little research and quit parroting the
    grant seekers and the fake scientists.
    98% of climate scientists DO NOT push human caused global
    Therese Lang is right and you are full of the stuff you don’t want
    to step in.

  18. How much money is the Pope giving up for the idea of climate change. Has the climate change been taking place for millions of years? I think I can state it has. And this took place before man…….

  19. This jerk is getting to be a little like Vasu – only not quite as wordy!
    We are correct, but I think I’ll stop answering his lying rants. He is
    totally convinced that all those lies the globalists put out are really
    the “true” word and will probably never change -even in the face of
    proven facts.
    Pathetic when you think that a little research shows how wrong he is.

  20. You are to timid about that! Climate change has been going on
    ever since the Earth was formed – some 4 1/2 billion years ago.
    And good data shows that we have contributed practically nothing
    to world temperatures.
    And don’t swallow that CO2 crap either – world temps are way more
    influenced by water vapor than by CO2. The most productive growth
    era in history, in both plants and animals, was during a time when
    the CO2 concentration was many times what it is now! Plants flourished
    and therefore herbivores, and of course, therefore, predators!
    Life exploded for millions of years. Dragonflies with two-foot wingspans,
    30 foot crocodiles (YIKES), The oxygen level increased dramatically.
    Then, the Earth went through another climate change.
    Not you Ken. Just the Globies.

  21. And the pope says this with a straight face while sitting on untold wealth. Put your money where your mouth is!

  22. You are right. The so called global is based on measurement of temperature increase over time by two different methods.
    Scientific experimental technique dictated that for the conclusion to be valid, it has to be measured by the same method

  23. You are right. The so called global warming is based on measurement of temperature increase over time by two different methods.
    Scientific experimental technique dictated that for the conclusion to be valid, it has to be measured by the same method

  24. You need to repent and go back and read the scriptures. That so called pope should be speaking out about the shedding of innocent blood and the not the support of a life style that God call an abomination to His creation.

  25. Stick to the Bible Poppy Baby, Oh, Wait he’s rewriting it just like the fer left want’s to do with OUR CONSTITUTION.

  26. I agree Sandra , and truely believe he is the Anti Christ ! It’s another reason I do Not believe that any of the Catholic Churches are legit unless they are the Traditional . I guess that’s why they are not recognized by the Vatican .

  27. CFrom the beginning, I thought and spoke out that the Cardinals who chose this pope should repent to Almighty God and all Catholics that they did not hear from God in choosing a Marxist, anti-free market capitalism, a hypocrite who is against all walls delineating sovereign country borders while living in the Vatican City surrounded by a massive wall of defense erected to defend against the invading barbarian Muslims by Pope Leo.

  28. the Roman Catholic Church as been/continues to be an Abomination for 2000 years and the Pope is merely the Anti-Christ on Earth and a Marxist in Drag[giving away everyone else’s resources but none of the church’s]Let the Vatican take in all the illegals entering/trying to enter America.Too bad Martin Luther’s followers weren’t ale to eradicate the Vatican and its minions.

  29. This Pope is a disgrace and he should resign. His flock is sick of him. He has lost the faith of most of his followers. It is time for him to step down and vacate the seat. I have always loved, respected and supported all the Popes. I can not say the same for this clown. I believe he is a Rogue in Sheep’s. clothing. Like Al Sharpton is a Reverend. If you want to believe that nonsense.

  30. Oh, right. LOL. 98% of the scientists on the government payroll and/or working at Liberal Universities will claim that nonsense or else! Or else they lose their grants and other funding. You, sir, are thoroughly Brainwashed. There is NO reliable data to back up this climate change BS. What it all comes down to is a scheme to implement Big Government Control and thus Climate CHAINS.

    By the way, those Polar Bears fleeing the Arctic because of warming? LOL. They’re expanding their territory because there are so many of them – overcrowding! They’re being forced to move further south into Hudson Bay and Canada. But, yeah, they’re drowning in the Arctic Ocean, eh?

  31. This “Vicar”, the replacement for Christ on earth, is simply demonstrating his loyalty to Globalist/Communism. I wouldn’t doubt that he will soon anoint the new Saint Greta of Thunberg. Everyone bow to Saint Greta!

    The Catholic Church destroyed itself after they rammed this guy up everyone’s tailpipe. Their credibility is now at exactly ZERO.

    As I’ve said before, Frankie wants to rule the world as its new god!

  32. Here’s a NEWS FLASH! The Pope is the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church. Donald Trump is the president of the United States. Two different jobs. The Pope really ought to stick to church matters. There are enough problems in the church that he should be working on full time.

  33. The Climate, the earth. the atmosphere. the very nature of this world is the creation of God that should be preserved and not changed by people who think they can alter the plan pf the almighty. We can adapt, change our lifestyle, innovate science, improve and create technological advances, move to higher grounds, even build another Noah’s arc, but to stop the planetary cycle is going against nature and against God’s words. That is another forbidden fruit that they want to eat!!! And will the Pope be siding with and helping the snake?

  34. The Climate, the earth. the atmosphere. the very nature of this world is the creation of God that should be preserved and not changed by people who think they can alter the plan pf the almighty. We can adapt, change our lifestyle, innovate science, improve and create technological advances, move to higher grounds, even build another Noah’s arc, but stop the planetary cycle is going against nature and God’s words. That is another forbidden fruit that they want to eat!!! And will the Pope be siding with and helping the snake?

  35. The Bible says that God says “if you love the world and what’s in the world, then you hate me”.
    We’re supposed to be focused on God and doing right to get into Heaven, not taking care of the physical world, God can and will do that for us, He sees all, controls all, He is the Alpha and Omega. The Pope is a phony spouting off his opinions, he’s more than likely gay since he defends the lifestyle God warns against, definitely a liberal, and has way too much power for anyones good!!!

  36. Everyone talking about Climate Change, but NO SOLUTION given! I believe that it’s in the HAND OF THE ALMIGHTY WHO CREATED THE EARTH and also I believe that Human can help!

  37. The Pope is a Jesuit. Jesuits have long been known to be left leaning. Therefore no one should be surprised that the Pope supports leftist causes such as “climate change”. I don’t think anyone with a brain will deny the fact of climate change, but those of us with a bit more common sense than most will question just how much effect human activity has on overall climate change. Climatologists have numerous ways to study climate and all agree there have been several climate changes since the earth came into existence. When overlaying these changes since the dawn of humanity it is shown that advances in human activity are greatest during warming periods while cooling periods normally result in a decline in human progress. These studies also show that the current warm period is not as warm as any of the prior warming periods in human history.
    There is probably very little that we humans can do about climate change as it is simply a fact of nature. What we should be more concerned about is the pollution of our air and water that is almost 100% caused by human activity. But we must address the problems of pollution in a way that does not force us to return to a 19th century manner of living. I doubt that any of us would relish having to make long distance trips by ox cart. We must develop alternative renewable sources of energy and increase our use of nuclear power. But we are not in a position as yet to give up our use of natural gas, oil, or coal nor will we be in such a position within the next 10 to 12 years.

  38. Pope Francis needs to shut the hell up. He needs to clean up his organization with the pedophiles and forget about the so called climate change. If he would just take care of the business he is suppose to he would not have time to meddle in anything else. He needs to clean his own back yard just like Pelosi and them.

  39. Roman, please listen with an open mind and try to seek out the TRUTH. The data used in computer models is flawed. IF climate change was the greatest threat to humanity as the “Pants on Fire” democrats say then they would be willing to work with all scientists. But, if you are not of their political persuasion you cannot have input into their data! Your computer models have been wrong 100% of the time in climate disaster kpredictions and no one of your ilk cares about that miserable track record. Instead you promote these ideologues at Stamford. If you are not a liberal scientist you cannot get funding; the libs have a lock on the whole industry. Is that in the best interest of mankind who has 12 years left on earth or is that self-serving?
    When the ship is sinking why would you bother to discriminate against people who oppose you politically— wouldn’t all input be welcome to help ‘save the planet”? But, those private plane flyers and people like Al Gore will continue to tell us what to do and that they are allowed to plant a tree in the amazon and erase their carbon footprint. Here’s an idea: let’s plant billions of trees and erase the world’s carbon footprint so we can bring back toilets that actually flush completely the first time. But this is NOT and should NOT be something the Pope should insert himself into….
    Why isn’t the Pope thoroughly disgusted by his Vatican officials who ripped off the Peter’s Pence collection which is a world wide effort to help the poor? Some of the fund was used to help pay for Elton John’s pro-gay movie. That is a sin. Before you assume and tell us that Jesus would align efforts with Pope Francis, learn the truth. Human life, not faux climate change warnings should be his focus and he needs to stay entrenched with his flock, forming good true Catholics instructionally and removing those infiltrators into the Clergy who are criminals and sociopaths. Face the saddest of truths: Pope Francis will always align with communism and the goal of climate change is communism.

  40. Michael,
    OUCH! How self righteous and judgmental of you to attack Carol in that way. Who are you to tell her she is wrong and needs an exorcism? Seriously? The fact you think any priest can perform one on demand shows how much you need to still learn.
    “We will know them by their fruits”….look at the fruit within the Catholic Church since Pope Francis was elected. Confusion, hopelessness, financial corruption, refusal to clarify doctrine- even to Cardinals who ask in writing; insulting the faithful and calling American laity names…..WHERE IS THE GOOD FRUIT? Where are conversions and expansion of the Church because it is following the teachings and directives of Christ? Not during this pontificate. So don’t shoot Carol; she’s only telling you in strong terms that which you will not see.

  41. I can’t believe this pope. He is so far left and us conservatives were not told in our early years in Catholic schools that politics and religion are separate. Pope Francis needs to only keep quiet on politics but take care of his own house. No wonder Catholics are leaving the church. He should resign immediately.

  42. The Pope should step down. He is destorying the Catholic faith. He should try reading the reports from true scientist, we are not in trouble. The earth changes, like do you see any dinosaurs, the earth was covered with water, and then came the Grand Canyon. It is called evolving. How about worrying what is happening to the Catholic churches. That is the job you accepted. To spread the words of God. You are more interested in being a politician then a Pope. You are the sadest excuse for the leader of the Catholic faith. Jesus cared for the faith, you are self centered.

  43. Read “Pope Francis: the Last Pope?” He was a mass murderer when he was in south America, and he is not officially the Pope. Read the book.

  44. The pope has shown who and what he is ever sense becoming the pope. This latest move promoting the movie about elton john about gay sex. Disgusting. He needs to be thrown out. Catholics need to get their faith back.

  45. Roman, God created this earth and He is in charge of the climate. The climate has been changing ever since he formed this earth. It is natural. There is nothing we can do about it. We are not causing it to change. Just go along and enjoy the ride

  46. Uncle Hoppy…Climate change is natural. We have nothing to do with it. You are correct. The dem party wants total control of the government and every aspect of our lives and they will do it any way they can. They have convinced their brainwashed followers that we are causing the climate to change so they can have the power over us that they want.

  47. Roman, that is false. Dare to find the truth that you deny. It is not nearly 98%. Guess you missed the science lesson that says climate change is natural.

  48. Roman, it does not matter what you believe. God is in charge of the universe and all of HIs creation, including climate. You can deny Him all you want, but that in no way changed the truth.

  49. Don’t you believe a word of that. The pope is supposed to be God’s representative here on earth according to Catholic docturine. But how could he be sold a bill of goods (climate change) which is nothing but evil, so it must be from Satan. Yeah, mr. pope knows EXACTLY what he is doing, holding hands with the UN and playing their game. This mr. pope guy needs to be trying to lead his flock to Jesus, rather than hiding his pedophile groupies, shuffling them around so they can continue their evil deeds.
    Wake up people, there is only one mediator for God here on Earth, and He is Jesus the Christ.

  50. PEG
    Isn’t it kinda strange that nobody talks about the letter sent to Congress and signed by many, many, many pages worth of climatologists who KNOW what they are talking about – saying that there is NO difference in the climate; it has been doing the same old things (well, they didn’t quite say it that way but that’s what they meant) for millions of years.

  51. You sir have swallowed the BS of climate change hook line and sinker as they say. You are the fish that didn’t get away.

  52. I believe pope francis is a Jesuit pope taking orders from The black Pope. Money talks and the poor people don’t count or he would direct his attention to them instead of climate issues !!!!!

  53. Climate change is natural. The earth has tilted 2 degrees more to cause climate change. Brought on by earth quakes, volcanoes erupting. And as the ice melts it sets the earth to become off balanced. And the earth wobble gets worst.
    But to cure C02 is different from climate change. Cutting trees and polluting our oceans kill algae that gives us oxygen to live. Oxygen has been steadily being depleted over the centuries.
    C02 caused the ozone hole to get larger. Causes earth to become a microwave oven. It’s like you go into a microwave oven and it gets turned on. Be very dead.
    To go green helps to stop this C02. But cars is secondary to cows. When cows burp its burp is C02. Cows burp non stop. There are enough cows in this world to out do car emotions Co2.
    To go green means no cows and gas powered cars.

  54. Ask the UN to feed the poor. All these countries can get together and cut off the starvation in the globe instead of arguing on climate change. Only GOD can change the climate. The rest of your ideology is rubbish. FEED MY SHEEP said Christ. OBEY HIM Pope or you will be in big trouble — well, I think you are already deep to your throat.

  55. The greatest cult leader in the world today and we are surprised!!! The BIBLE says that the WORLD (lost) will worship the creation instead of the CREATOR!! AND that is what the left and cults do!!!!

  56. Your comment is right on point! I’ve posted pretty much the same things but I’m starting to think our rational (and true) information goes in one ear and out the other of the gullible people who have been firmly captured by the climate scammers. Factual, verified data mean nothing to them.
    Just read the comments of Roman to see what I mean. That 98% has been debunked several times and is pure fantasy – but not to the converted!
    I stopped even communicating with Roman. It’s not worth the effort.
    Thank you for your posting – maybe at least a few people will find it enlightening.

  57. You are so full of crap and junk science it’s almost comical!
    Where in the world did you come up with all this science fiction?
    Oxygen % has declined very little over the millennia.
    Cows burping? Is that a joke line you want to sell to a TV comic?
    The ozone hole is smaller than it was a few years ago…….and by the way,
    CO2 did not cause it in the first place.
    Do some accurate research or don’t waste our time with your stupid

  58. You hit the proverbial nail dead center!
    The ‘money’ is in the government grants and investments in such unreliable
    energy sources as wind that the ‘changers’ hope to enrich themselves with.
    (Premier in that is lying ol’ Al Gore!)
    The U.N. is full tilt into the scam with the goal of replacing sovereign nations with
    U.N. ‘Globalists’.
    If you’ll pardon my somewhat coarse language – Screw them all!

  59. Hi Armstead!
    My ancestors went from England, for religious reasons. to the Low Countries and, over time
    became Armstadt. When they left, somewhere around 1600 something, and came to America
    they changed it back to Armistead. I hear that northern England has a lot of Armisteads.
    Your comment is right on, BTW!

  60. I cannot believe you are all real. I’ve always been taught to not dismiss others beliefs, ideas before knowing the whole story. Recently I have come to believe in the fact that “things are not always what they seem”.
    I am appalled by what I am reading here for the most part. I am saying ‘for the most part” because I realize I do not know you and have not had the opportunity to get to know you, to talk with you regarding your comments here.
    To not take climate change seriously is true folly and foolish from my perspective. As with other things this is something we need to pray about and I trust that you do. Only then will we come to know God’s “thoughts” and the truth of what is happening. Be well and blessed.

  61. He is a radical Communist fool and is a disgrace as a Religious leader. His friend, UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres are two of the most radical Communists that can be found. To total hell with both of these anti American Communist buffoons.

  62. Pope Francis is a member of the Jesuit order and a Liberation theologian, that mixes Marxist ideology in with Christian doctrine. He is the only pope that has been associated with the Jesuit order. Jesuits have meddled in the politics of countries for decades and centuries, to the degree that the order has been banned at times from countries,, i.e Switzerland.
    Faithful Catholics should simply ignore his leftist political views and practice the core doctrines of the church.

  63. Amen! We are free to disagree with the Pope in all matters except doctrine and if he starts to change doctrine he must be removed as Pope. He did try to change the Lord’s Prayer but that has pretty much been ignored by the vast majority of Catholics

  64. Nothing surprises Me about this anti Christian weirdo person. Be very careful about what you hear about him. He is anti anything Christian.

  65. This criminal “pope” preaches the same NWO criminal agenda as g. soros ! Just as bad too since so many profoundly stupid libtards listen to this scum !

  66. Anita climate change and weather are not the same. Climate change takes place over many years. Guess you flunked science. But you are right about following the money. Climate change is natural and God is in charge. We can do nothing to change it. But the dems/libs want total control over us and will do anything they can to get it. They are very dangerous

  67. Scientifically climate change has to do with the earth’s rotation around the sun. Every couple of hundred years or so, the earth will move closer to the sun causing a warm up trend that isn’t man-made. It has happened before.
    What is unique today is that we should have a thick ozone layer that keeps us from getting too much direct heat. There is scientific evidence that there are now holes in the ozone around Brazil, China and India that seem to be allowing more heat in with less oxygen being created. The USA and western countries have lowered air pollution dramatically but China especially and Brazil and India still pollute too much but you won’t see Pope Francis the globalist leftist or leftists protesting against China especially which is the worst polluter and most corrupt in what it is doing! Instead the leftists want to send the Free World peoples into caves so that China especially can continue to pollute instead in the name of free trade agreements as international corporations and banks like the way business is done in China more than in the Free World or western countries!
    Pope Francis is definitely in league with the George Soros-ian globalist banking clique and I believe that is why he replaced his predecessor Pope, Benedict XVI who was a more spiritual Pastor and Orthodox in his traditional Christian beliefs! The Jesuits of Pope Francis are in league with the globalists and have been so for quite some time! Traditional Orthodox Catholics should check out http://orthodoxinfo.com/inquirers/guettee_thepapacy.pdf and see the truth as it can be proven of why the Papacy has grown more corrupt over time! Orthodox Church in America or Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia have resources for greater investigation! Blessed Holiday Season!

  68. I believe that the Holy Spirit guides the Church; and therefore this pope is what the Church and the rest of the world needs at this particular moment in history. The fact that I do not understand what the Holy Spirit is doing goes not mean that I am right and He is wrong! Have faith.

  69. How many times do I have to point this out: there’s nothing “Christian” about the RCC. Never has been, never will be. It is Satanic to its very core. It has deceived it’s followers from the beginning.

  70. So sorry you have to be from South Amwrica. Sorry Freancis, ytou do not represent uys, YOU juyst represent the Argentianian Montoneros

  71. Conceived by a few greedy, power-mad individuals, climate “control” is a fallacy contrived to spark fear among nations, while taking their money. It is nothing but a global hoax and involves unbelievable fraud. For as many scientists who support the fallacy, there are many more scientists who reject the idea as being preposterous.

  72. Question to both Mr. Armistead and Mr. Roman.

    What are both your backgrounds in global warming theory on earths warming by hands of humans or any other creatures God created here on earth and that of natural occurrences caused by mother nature?

    Where did each one of you get your documentation from on global warming as we know it today?

    Mr. Armistead you state to Mr. Roman do your research from where are you getting your research documentation and to you Mr. Roman where has your research documentation on the earths warming patterns causing us to self destruct in next 12 years according to on scientific community known as AOC and her political and non political followers state?

    I’m not taking sides here just want to know what both your backgrounds are professionally if any in this field or where you researched your documentation on the subject being discussed.

    Yes, I am catholic a practicing one, but do not put my faith in an earthly figure elected to direct/guide the church who lives in a walled country within a country and has to much to say regarding world politics without being asked for his opinion by world leaders in first place.

    The Pope elect, is elected not by the people but by others in his vocation within the Catholic Church, The College of Cardinals. Their duties when a pope resigns or dies is just that, to decide and vote on a number of candidates they feel are the qualified ones to lead the Roman Catholic church into future.

    My opinion mine only, Popes now and in future, should focus on church needs that are set before them now and those pertaining to future of the church not deal in the political arena nor offer their thoughts unless it’s truly in best interest of the church and relates to church matters.

    As I mentioned, the Pompous and his staff of many and Swiss Guards, live behind massive high walls to keep out now and in the pass unwanted for numerous reasons. No different now then back then. As someone living behind walls, until he has those walls protecting him and his taken down he shouldn’t be committing on a wall between the United States and other nationalities looking to illegally enter our border.

    It’s comical how those now living behind walls in their own little worlds are some of the first to Question a wall to protect those of use not financially capable of living behind our own private walls with gates.

    And not to forget they are normally protected by men and women carrying weapons but state we shouldn’t be allowed to own our own firearms for sporting reasons or home defense if the situation should arise.

    Here again we have a double standard for those that can financially afford such and many of those in politically elected positions having protect them, private security guards or police force member’s paid for by, yours truly and company.

    I agree that numerous scientific reports are generated by universities that are granted research grants to advise us as a people. And yes, grant monies do dry up after the end of research project, they just do not go on for ever. When applied for there is a timeframe in place on how long research project is and how much the grant is written for.

    That’s not saying, grant writers cannot request additional grant monies to extend the grant by same grantee or others with grant monies earmarked for such research.

    yes In cases such grants can generate in these areas of research, universities colleges false documentation as from any research facility privately or none privately owned. Then who do we turn to for the truth?

  73. I am a Conservative Catholic . I am not happy with Pope Francis [God forgive me] He needs to stay out of the politics & the USA business & concentrate on the problems with in the Church that is appointed job. I think he needs to be impeached. [GOD forgive me again } I rule with my heart & what I think is right.

  74. Patricia, quit asking God to forgive you because the Holy Spirit has opened your eyes to the truth about this pope. He is evil.

  75. This guy is a know-it-all busy body, a meddler, and easily the worst “Vatican King” in modern history. He should be policing the Church and it’s endless stream of deviants. He should absolutely stay away from politics. He lives in a glass house and it ain’t pretty.

  76. This guy is a know-it-all busy body, a full-time meddler, and easily the worst “Vatican King” in modern history. He should be policing the Church and it’s endless stream of deviants. He should absolutely stay away from politics. He lives in a glass house and it ain’t pretty inside.

  77. Any who follow man are lost only Jesus can save you not religion.

    Pope francis is the 112th pope and the final pope who will become the False prophet. The end is near.

  78. The end of what?
    The “end times” have been in prophecy for hundreds of years but
    incase you hadn’t noticed, we are still here and life goes on
    in spite of your doomsday attitude.
    So simply try to make things a little better and can that dreary

  79. Nothing was or can be effectively done. Natural forces that have been creating climate
    change for billions of years did it!
    (And will continue doing it.)
    Several NASA climate scientists feel that the Earth may be actually close to
    entering a cooling phase, not a continuing warm phase.

  80. Since you are so privy to the Earth’s future, I suggest buying
    long johns, a parka and snowshoes before they’re all sold out.
    Very smart scientists with access to the latest technology say
    “…we might be close to a cooling period.” I don’t see any (except
    you) say “We are entering a mini ice age”.
    Where did you get your information?
    A “cooling period” doesn’t necessarily mean a mini ice age.

  81. That’s been my point all along Robert. These fools are so vain to think we “people” are capable of destroying a planet the size of earth. As for this pope, I’m Catholic and this pope is the biggest JACKASS POS I’ve seen in my 66 years. He may not have gotten his sister knocked up or dug his dead predecessor up and put him on trial but he’s just as bad as his historic “BAD” popes.

  82. I have worked with DOD, NASA, Air Force and Naval people on various projects, including classified
    ones. I also worked with several independent companies and universities on satellite programs.
    I still retain many contacts in the field – but as I am now 85, many of those contacts have retired –
    as you can imagine!
    I still keep up as best I can with current technology and particularly climate science. I attend seminars
    or meetings whenever possible and review literature and climate “releases”.
    I review raw climate data whenever I can and read books on ongoing research.
    I am sorry to say that my health doesn’t allow as much involvement as previously.
    BTW: When I first entered the space field, I worked on the Apollo program. I still have -somewhere! –
    one of the brassboard models of the voice-activated recorder used by the Astronauts. You can see a
    bulge on the hip of their suits on some pics from NASA. That’s the recorder. After the company laft
    the business they had an auction and I spied the shoebox with the parts so I got it for $10.00!
    I don’t what Roman will write but believe me, he is drenched in misinformation and in total
    disregard of any objective facts!

  83. Great that someone on this board has the background to actually know what is going on. My father worked for NOAA and while I can not claim a scientific background I have always had an interest in weather and climate because of my father. Any study of the various scientific and non-scientific papers and articles about climate change shows that even the climate alarmists agree that if the United States were to follow all that the Green New Deal supporters demand the overall effect on world temperatures would be less than 1/2 of 1 degree. If all nations bought into their demands the total effect would be less than 2 degrees.
    As I said in an earlier post we should be more concerned about pollution which we can do something about rather than climate which is entirely a force of nature. Of course when it comes to pollution we must point the finger at those nations which are the main culprits. Over 90% of the pollution in our oceans comes from Asian, South American and African countries as does at least 70% of air pollutants.

  84. “there is the political will to allocate with honesty, responsibility and courage, more human, financial and technological resources to mitigate the negative effects of climate change,”
    Climate change, if by that you mean warmer temperatures, would be beneficial to the poor as it would mean a longer growing season. When accompanied by higher CO2 levels, it would lead to higher crop yields and lower food prices which should benefit the poor.

  85. “To not take climate change seriously is true folly and foolish from my perspective.”
    What do you think you can do about climate change if it were indeed happening? In order to do something about it, you would have to know what causes it and we do not.

  86. “I doubt that any of us would relish having to make long-distance trips by ox cart.”
    Yeah, that methane exhaust from the ox would be pretty hard to take. Methane does make a good fuel, however, and the main component is H2O when burned.

  87. Very true.
    And who are the worst air polluters? I’m sure you know it’s China and India.
    I saw a vid about a ship (barge actually, I think) built to scoop up flotsam, grind it up
    and store it like a trash truck until it can be offloaded to a disposal facility.
    The world’s ocean needs a lot of them!

  88. Why would the Pope stay out of politics? The persons holding the office of Pope had always been a political figures, and the churches of Catholicism spread across the world have always been embassies of Vatican City. Hell, the Pope used to be commander-in-chief of the Knights Templar, for the purposes of warding off the combatant forces of Islam, and probably could resume being that if necessary.

  89. There may have been some recent Popes who would have called for a crusade against Islam if needed. This Pope, however, is more likely to surrender the Vatican to them.

  90. Sorry to have taken so long to answer you but some info from Japanese climate scientists has not some back yet. My nephew works in Japan.
    So far the only comments I have from NASA is their repeated statement that we “may” be entering a “cooling phase”. Note: “may”.
    If you got your information that we are “in” an Ice Age; from some reliable source, please let me know so I can check it out and verify their bona fides.
    It could really kill the “warming” bunch!

  91. I was in the high tech biz for many years, starting with the Apollo program – we made the recorders for the command modules and the voice activated recorder that you can see as a small budge on the Astronaut’s hip. I have, somewhere in all the clutter, a brassboard model of that recorder. I got it in an auction when the local site closed. None of the bidders knew what that shoebox of parts was so I got it for 10 bucks.
    I was then involved with satellite recorders for another company. Those were mostly for purposes we weren’t supposed to talk about – but I’m sure we suspected they were for spy satellites!
    My last job was in the development of CD mastering equipment. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m retired now – at 85 I should be!
    BTW; your “lll” doesn’t overwhelm me. I’m the Third also. And there’s a iV too.

  92. Well, Lat -Tee-Da! So what? Does that mean you have some kind of expertise in weather and climate change? I think NOT.
    As to your being a III as well, another La-Tee-Da! So what if you worked on the Apollo program. I have 40 yrs in law enforcement. That makes me no more an “expert” in weather or climate change than you.
    We have a saying, “Weathermen can make all the mistakes they want and never get fired.”
    So much for “climate change.”

  93. Poor baby! Now you claim you think that Climate change is a fraud?
    Your degree means jack when it comes to climate change or the weather. Your’s is just another opinion.
    PS: I have said for years that Climate Change and “global warming” is baloney. But do yourself a big favor? Don’d use an unrelated degree to bolster your position. It makes you look foolish at best. Use that thing we refer to as common sense. it’s more valuable than a sheep skin.

  94. Armistead, you are just a stuck up guy with a sheep skin and little common sense. But then, I’ve found very few people with a degree that have any common sense.

  95. Where did I say climate change wasn’t natural? It’s been going on for billions of years and will certainly continue to do so.
    What I said was that Global Warming was a fraud – and it is.
    Please get your facts straight before you tee off with your sarcastic screeds.

  96. Gentlemen, you two are never going to agree. Climate change is real and always has been. The Earth goes through warming and cooling periods that can last for hundreds of years with fluctuations with in each cycle. What is bogus are most of the computer models that the climate alarmists use to make the more gullible think the world is about to end unless we return to an 18th or 19th century mode of living. I spent the bulk of my working career developing computer simulations and believe me I can make up models that will prove either that we are in the midst of a cycle that will burn everything or that we are about to enter a new ice age. everything depends on start dates for the data and a few tweaks and/or omissions of key elements.
    By the way I too am a 3rd or as my friends from India say, “Turd”.

  97. Exactdumundo, current Pope is way too left, should be directing his flock to obey the 10 commandments, not what the U.N. wants, Pope Francis, stick with getting your own house in order, i.e. get rid of the Father Mcfeelies and take a hardcore stand on the abortionists. As for climate change yes it will always, no matter what humans do, betcha one large volcano eruption would create more co 2 than humanity could create in a decade or more. Some of us look at climate change in the minuscule time period of what man has reported on radio and TV, yes ,not trying to deny icebergs are melting etc. What we are witnessing has been happening for millennia and will continue after us and all our progeny come and go. The left would have us waste away our economies to fight what is inevitable. T

  98. I can say I did not get a good feeling about Pope Francis on his first address to the people. I believe in god and do not want you to tell me who to believe in. You need to go away then you can believe in what you want. Get out of our church now. If you don’t believe in God you are the new Judus.


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