Pope Francis just launched a disgusting attack on Trump supporters


Pope Francis is unlike any Pope in recent history.

He lets his liberal political views known to the world, oftentimes enraging conservative Catholics.

But he just took things even further and launched a disgusting attack directly on Trump supporters.

There is no country in the world that has done more good in the modern age than the United States of America.

But the only reason it has been able to do that is its virtuous Christian roots and secure borders.

Opening up the borders puts all of that at risk, and weakens the country as a whole, ultimately hurting everybody.

But Pope Francis doesn’t see it that way, and wants the borders to be as open as possible, especially with no wall.

During a recent interview, he took that even further by claiming Trump’s proposed wall is akin to the Berlin Wall that divided communist East Germany from the freedom in the West.

LifeSiteNews reports:

In a wide-ranging television interview, Pope Francis compared President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall to the Berlin Wall that divided communist East Germany from freedom in the West.

Among a series of questions posed by correspondent Valentina Alazraki of the Mexican Televisa network, the Pope touched on a range of issues, including President Trump, migration and border security, violence against women, clerical sex abuse, and drug trafficking.

Alazraki reminded Pope Francis of the Mass he celebrated in 2015 at the border between the U.S. and Mexico, adding that little had changed since then as witnessed by “heartbreaking images of children separated from their families.” In response, the Pope said that he does not understand “this new culture of defending territory by building a wall.”

He went on to say, “We knew of one, of Berlin, and the many headaches and suffering it caused us….But it appears that man does what animals don’t, right? Man is the only animal that falls twice into the same hole, right? We are returning to the same thing, right? Building walls as if it were a defense, right?

As Culture Watch News previously reported, not all high-ranking Catholics believe the same.

Cardinal Raymond Burke believes the opposite, stating that limiting immigration, especially from Muslim countries considering that Islamic values often contradict those held by Christians, is a good move for politicians in historically Christian countries.

Do you agree with Cardinal Burke, or Pope Francis?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  2. This man needs to mind his own business. I do not care what he thinks. He has walls around his residence doesnt he!

  3. This pope is a fake pope. He lives behind walls. He needs to set an example remove those walls so the public knows what you have been doing behind them for years. Pedophiles . This pope will burn in hell

  4. OMG! What is wrong with this Pope??? How did he ever get elected??I stand behind Cardinal Burke.God help all that follow this Pope and his beliefs……

  5. Message to Pope Francis:
    Take down your wall which surrounds the Vatican.
    God will take you down Francis when you meet him. I pray for you.

  6. Here’s an idea pope: open up your cathedral & let the “illegal” I migrants live in your home

  7. The pope is a Communist that was placed in the Vatican to replace the real pope who “retired”. No one has ever heard of a pope retiring before their time. Francis is part of the one world government conspiracy who calls for open borders everywhere except theVatican that has forty foot walls. He is as much a fake as Obama was to the presidency of America. Beware, it has been prophecized that he may be the last pope.

  8. amazing one of the biggest scam artists who represents the other so holy ones , has more money than the world , what ever happened to serving god and people , not become richer than anyone , and religion , in the name of god has tortured , raped , taken what ever they plz , think about it , yikes so , if there really is one , think of the way he is going tp be dealt with , I heard its really hot there

  9. He also has his own army and police protecting the Vatican. This pope is a communist and has always been against Americans.

  10. F the pope , he’s bought and paid for by the globalist. Self righteous piece of garbage. Hope the musslem hoard rips his walls down first!

  11. Good take all of the illegals in America and dump them off on the Catholic Church and every major Democrat sanctuary city if not depart them all to the Vatican they can take down their wall and open their borders first before they tell other countries what the hell to do

  12. What do you expect from a Left Wing Commie who is ALSO a HYPOCRITE? Why doesn’t HE pull his walls down at the Vatican? As a famous president once said, “Tear these walls DOWN!” Lead by example, not RHETORIC. QUIT BEING A HYPOCRITE! Stick with being a leader of HIS flock AND being a good example (which obviously he isn’t).

  13. I completely agree with Cardinal Burke. There are other countries in Europe and Asia where walls have been built and they work very well keeping illegals out. Especially the illegals who have a history of gangs, killing, rapes, creating mass destruction. Canada, when individuals want to move there permanently, is based on their skills, what they can do to be productive citizens, not just to enter and create mayhem! We need the wall!!! I have no problems with those from other countries who get Visas along with Passport and enter legally.

  14. Typical of the open borders/one world order crowd, the Pope does not address breaking the law by illegally entering a country. Jesus did not tell us to break the law; render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and that means to be obedient to laws. If the law is immoral, fight to change it as we do with abortion, etc. The Pope does not look at the corruption, pain and suffering, and even death that is happening with human trafficking, rape of young girls, the renting of children from their parents, drug smuggling, gun running, the widespread of disease, etc. For these reasons alone Jesus would understand why a wall is necessary. Sparing even one human life used to be the basis of honorable behavior. No more. Pope Francis, forget US politics and global warming and get back to the basic tenets of the faith.

  15. Good grief! If I’m the pope, I don’t believe I’d be making ANY reference whatsoever that invoked the image of “a man going into a hole.” Does this dude think at ALL before he speaks?

  16. This guy is a liberal jerk. If he wants to aid these illegals, then he needs to tear down his big walls and invite them all into his kingdom. He doesn’t need to stick his nose into our business with illegals unless he wants to help. I’m a Christian and I’m sick of this supposedly Christian jerk belittling our president and our citizens. This is our country! Stay out!! I would like for someone to let this jerk know how we feel.

  17. Heather you’re right ! He’s just a hypocrite and nut job in the Popes clothing . I think Many Catholics Reject him , as they should . It’s funny , Popes are Not supposed to retire , as the previous one did . I’d Bet that was done Purposely to vote this Bum in ! He’s Not my Pope . He’s as much a Pope as obama was a President . They are Nothing more than commie community organizers , and Dangerous !!

  18. This so-called “pope” is preaching the same NWO criminal agenda as soros ! This unholy street guy sucks up to islam – complete opposite of a real Pope Urban II that started the crusades AGAINST ISLAM ! Anyone that that listens to this “pope” will get raped , tortured & murdered by muslims !

  19. Doesn’t this pope have a huge wall around his Vatican? He’s out of his mind to think he should tell anyone how to live within their own country! Keep in mind , mr. pope, You are only pope to your own flock – not the world!

  20. Cardinal Burke is one of the few good Cardinals or bishops left in this country. A lot of the bishops are also left-wing, and want more illegals let into the country. The present bishop in Tucson is like that, and he replaced a bishop who had the same attitude. They like to go to the border, which is only 65 miles away, make a fuss, and want the illegals to come in.

  21. Pope Francis needs to be reminded of the 10 commandments that he is to live his life by. I am the Lord they God thou shalt have no Gods before me. He also needs to remember the crusades. Talk about an animal repeating himself.

  22. I am not a Catholic and therefore do not find it mandatory to respond as the Popes wishes.

  23. Well said! He is a hypocrite who sides with all America haters who protect child sexual abusers among his priests. Hey Pope, open your gates and welcome criminals to your city. Plenty of room in Vatican.

  24. If the pope is that concerned for the displaced poor people of the world, why doesn’t he open up the vast coffers of the church, like Anthony Quinn in “The Shoes of the Fisherman”?

  25. this pope loklike a politexs he shold wach all the prist wath they do to innocent keeds and nuns he must stay out of political issiu, for shore he does not lock like a pope he wants to run usa all the borders must be all closed to protek all their sirizens of any country i thind god does not likeyour way ov thinging just do your job or get out. frank.from italy……………..

  26. Building walls IS a defense and President Trump IS defending our freedom and rights, by doing so. THANK YOU, PRES. TRUMP!

  27. This old goat has done more to destroy the catholic church then all of the others before him. Start taxing the church at 50% to pay for the stupidity that this jagoff is pushing.

  28. roman catholic church is a cult run by 80 percent pedophiles
    who are following pure idol worship, there cathecisim takes
    out in exodus 20-2 on idol worship they change the commandements
    to suit there cult . hell awaits this whore of babylon rev 17
    reoent roman catholics i once was part of this cult
    till the lord jesus christ saved my soul from hell
    ye must be born again john3-3 , john14-6, acts 4-12
    religion or salvation which have you?

  29. The pope of the Catholic Church is a phony bastard, a pure hypocrite, and it makes one wonder how anyone would follow him down a rathole. I wonder what that goofball thinks of the Israeli walls?

  30. He need to mind his own business & remember he is NOT God, regardless of what he wants to think!!!

  31. he cant even run his own , church with all his preasts, with sex abouises, so don’t tell us how to run our country, and president, try putting your brain in gear before mouth in motion.

  32. This MAN has no right to be the “spiritual leader” of anyone! He constantly disobeys his Lord and savior, of whom he is “supposed” to be the earthly representative, by attacking people. A few years ago he had the audacity to say that Donald Trump is “not a Christian.” He obviously has ignored the rule Jesus stated to “judge not lest ye be judged.” He is a FAKE Pope and should be replaced! Anyone could do his job better and more in the spirit of Christianity than he does. I’d volunteer for the job, except that I don’t want to leave my home in Hawaii. Someone tell this fake Christian to SHUT UP!

  33. I am a Practing Roman Catholic and I do not support the Pope in this issue. I think we need to open the border to Italy and let them have all the illegals.

  34. I really don’t care what he thinks while he supports BABY KILLINGS and Pedophiles as his advisor and church supporters. Hillary is just one of them.

  35. Dear Pope, we are not protecting territory. We are protecting the people of USA. And those children that are not related to the people who are bringing them into this country for God knows what vile purpose. Please get informed or are you already and just supporting what’s wrong?

  36. How could attacking trump supporters be disgusting in Any Way? Considering How Disgusting d. trump is in Every Way Possible!

  37. Pope Francis is not Pope to the World – only Catholics. He should keep his opinions about politics and other religions to himself. He needs to clean up his own house before he starts criticizing America and Donald Trump. His statements about the wall are two-faced. The Vatican has a wall, its own police force and an Army! He makes sure he is protected but the rest of us don’t deserve that privilege? Fortunately we have God to protect us and he is Omnipotent!

  38. By the way, until he takes down the wall around the Vatican and takes in and feeds, medical care, mental care and all support he expects the USA to do HE IS NOTHING BUT A WHITE ROBED HIPOCRITE. I think they use to call them the KKK.

  39. he is a village idiot he has embraced islamists the very killers of Chrsitians he has a very distorted view of himself a sad has been go back to your vatican and keep your mouth shut

  40. there are other countries who have walls, and he dont say anything about them, He gave half million for the illegals migrants so they they can come here, invasion of te tUS, Italy have strict immigration laws, and they dont let anybody come in, these migrants are catholics he is protecting them, regardless; invade this country sponge off the welfare system, take the jobs lower than american citizens, then us citizens be out of work, there are thousands of migrants trying to cross over into Europe, why dont he help them. these people are coming because they feels this country is prosperous and will help them out of poverty, that is no basis for people to invade a country.. let the pope speak on he other countries and have them migrants cross there borders and see what happens

  41. This Pope is a fraud and does not represent the catholic religion as a whole, never has. He is treated as a king, everything is at his beckon or demand. Although he is the Pope he is laughed at all the time because of his decisions which are not of the catholic belief, so sad. This Pope not a believer of GOD as a catholic or any other religion. I think he is of a Cult or worse. GOD help us for he is not of GOD OUR SAVIOR in many ways.
    God forgive me if I am wrong.

  42. Sorry pope, our wall is not to be confused with the Berlin Wall which was erected to keep people in. Our wall still allows entry, but at authorized check points. Huge difference!!!

  43. I was raised Catholic in the 40s and 50s. I encountered some priests with unseemly attitudes, and therefore left the Catholic Church. My faith is with God, and not an elected official, (Pope). If I were still a Catholic today, looking at the actions of this Pope, I would leave once again. This Pope is pot in left field, and too radical for the position he holds.

  44. The POPE is a DOPE! He thinks he is GOD and he is not even close to being anything like GOD! He is a reprobate and two faced about all that is says about anything. SO HOW BOUT SHUTTING YOUR PIE-HOLE AND RETIRE BUBBA!!!

  45. Exactly! He is such a hypocrite posing as a ‘religious’ man. A Jesuit Marxist to the core.

  46. Our wall is necessary ! Pope Francis needs to clean up his own house or resign. He is an embarrassment. Deal with your priest, bishops and cardinals that have been abusing children and seminarians ! Get with the program !

  47. This man is such a hypocrite!! Why on earth doesn’t HE take all these people into the Vatican, house them, clothe them, feed them and pay all their bills?? I am so sick of his phony, self-righteous speeches that I could vomit!! Why doesn’t he explain the wall around his “residence” and all of the guards he has at his disposal? He needs to mind his own damn business and start working on all the problems in his own religion, i.e. the pedophiles supposedly serving the Lord and the Church!!! He doesn’t belong in the political arena….

  48. This isn’t a true Pope, he’s a mole put in place by a South-american communist organization. If you recall, the previous Pope was forced to step down, and all of a sudden we have a traitor in place calling the shots.

  49. The Berlin Wall was meant to keep people IN E Germany who wanted to flee. The Trump Wall is meant to do just the opposite, keep unwanteds OUT. No comparison, whatsoever….

  50. The RC church was the only one founded by Christ as evidence from as early as at least the first century AD and Christ’s words to St. Peter. Why would God have founded more than one??? Look it up in your own bible. Other christian churches were founded by proud men, 15 centuries later who thought they could do a better job of running the show. Now the RC church has another proud man, not humble as he claims, running the RC church who thinks he knows better. As Christ said; He wondered if their would be any faith left at all in the last days, as the list of heretical churches grows and grows and grows – now well over 30,000.

  51. I agree with Cardinal Burke. I think the Pope needs to concern himself with the deplorable problem the Catholic Church is having with Pedophilia in its ranks. Not only that the Catholic Church has many serious problems of its on that it should be concerned with and not those of the USA a sovereign nation. Remember the Berlin Wall was built to keep the East Germans in and not to keep illegal aliens from crossing into a sovereign nation illegally. I understand the Popes humanitarianism however our first concern and last concern is the safety and care of our citizens not everybody that wishes to crash our borders illegally.

  52. This is what happens when you elect a Pope from the SLUMS of Buenos Aries. He thinks like a commie and probably is one.

  53. I’ve said it before and I will a say it again THIS POPE HAS TO GO. He didn’t want to be Pope So let’s make him history.!!!!!!

  54. I am a practicing Catholic and am telling you that 50% of Catholics do not agree with 50 % of what the Fake Pope Francis spews out his mouth. I personally do not agree with about 90% of what he says. I feel he is the anti Christ and am preparing accordingly.

  55. I agree..He should mind his own business …He also could clean up the problem his priest seem to have with young children. I doubt GOD is happy with Him !!!

  56. I continue to be dismayed at the Vatican for trying to cover up world-wide child sex abuse by Catholic priests. How anyone can hide such behavior from law enforcement, and protect those that managed those priests!!
    Why would I care what his opinion is about anything!

  57. This Pope is surely SATAN. He has no business telling America what to do. I am truly disgusted in him. He is no leader.

  58. The only time Catholics are obliged to obey the Pope is when he speaks on matters of Faith and Morals Ex Cathedra (from the Chair….that is from the Chair of Peter). Otherwise he is just a man.

  59. Regarding Pope Francis’s interview with Mexican Television Network, He did not mention Abortion and the killing of babies, therefore, He should definitely mind his own business when it comes to another Country’s well being. I definitely agree with Cardinal Burke.

  60. Animals have territories and many of them attack and kill those that invade their territories. Is the Pope proposing that instead of the wall we treat those invading our territories like animals do?

  61. Seems like the vast majority of comments are anti Pope and I join them. I am not a practicing Catholic for several reasons. The main one, of course, is that hundreds of his staff of priests are part of a child abusing cult. Also, I had a renter who was a strong catholic lady who talked of suicide. The church, St Pius X in Beaverton, Oregon, would do nothing and not even return a phone call after repeated requests for assistance. I ran into an ex-priest at a coffee shop and told him my dilemma and he told me to call the church and tell them I was including the church in my financial end of life plan. I told him that the church would most likely not call me back, but the ex-priest, Neil, said that they smelled money and would call. He was correct in that I receive three calls from the church the next week. I never went back to that place that puts money in a higher level that assisting a serious threat of life.

  62. Inkow that many mistakenly think the pope is a manifestation of God. A prophet and God are 100% correct the pope isn’t. He says animals don’t fall into the same hole twice. A dog with porcupine quills pulled from his snout will go back after the porcupine again. I suggest if the pope regards walls as a bad thing he remove the he remove the forty foot wall from the Vatican. A wall only purpose ist to either keep people in or out.

  63. I am Roman Catholic, all my life, and I have one question: WTF does he think he is ? He does not speak for me. He is not MY “Holy” Father. He is a Socialist Argentinian who should have NEVER been elected to that office. For him to even remark on our country’s policies should have him removed…at the very least, he should keep his big nose in Italy, or back in Argentina where it belongs…and he will NEVER dictate to me what party I should be supporting. Nobody is more hypocritical than the Catholic Church – with their support of the sanctity of life, and, at the same time, preaching Catholics from the pulpit to support the abortion-infested democrats. With all the scandals that have disgraced the church from the homosexual pedophile priests, one would think the church would low-key everything and stop drawing world-wide attention to itself. and the only way they can begin to do that is by removing this South American from the papacy. Martin Luther split over 400 years ago over issues far less than this. Keep Francis in that position and you can be sure that another major split will soon happen…and this one will mark the end of Catholicism on the world stage.

  64. He ain’t a Pope. He’s a pot head just like the other heathen. Mascarading as a Pope he is a liberal piece of scum.
    He lives in his own gold filled little country with high walls and guards and has the audacity to lecture America about illegal immigrants. Take a long walk on a short pier.

  65. Pope is the AntiChrist as well as a pedophile associate …he already sold his soul to the Devil

  66. Another Pope with overvalued self worth, Get on with the message of Jesus Christ! Not your narcissistic revenge of your lost communistic state .

  67. I am a Catholic and beliefe strongly in our churches teaching. I am also a fan of his Holiness. But in this case Pope Frances is misguided and does not understand the situation. He does not understand the situation. Why not tare down the wall around the Vatican. If securing our borders from illegal entre of none US legal residencies is unchristian, why must you have a border to stop legal and illegals from entering the Vatican.

  68. Doesn’t VATICAN have GREAT WALLS? Let’s start by taking down that wall 1st. Pope Francis may well be the false prophet.

  69. Poop Francis is a two-faced hypocrite who lives behind a very secure WALL.
    If “good fences make good neighbors”, then good borders make better countries.
    Why doesn’t Poop Francis let all these Third World creatures into the Vatican?
    You little Marxist midget. You’re about as “holy” and stupid as a side pocket on a hog.

  70. I totally agree, he is the false prophet predicted to be here along with the anti christ before Jesus returns. The anti christ will come out of the European nations very soon.


  72. Excellent comment. As a new convert I’m having a huge problem having any respect whatsoever for this Pope. I’m asked to pray for his intentions daily but now find myself unable to do that. A few conversations with my priest (a wonderful, caring man who suffered under the Russians before they were driven out of his slavic homeland) is certainly no fan either but has to remain true to the church heirarchy because of his position. I sincerely hope this Pope either does a 180 with his thinking (highly doubtful) or the Cardinals realize the mistake they’ve made and find a way to replace him. Unfortunately, his rhetoric and actions are seriously demeaning the church.

  73. As a practicing Catholic I am often offended by this Pope’s outlandish views. Who gives him such poor advise?

  74. I believe that I try to practice my Christian values -attend Church weekly and other days -help people wherever I can etc. I am no Saint but have been extremely disappointed in Pope Francis. He is not infallible when he utters his opinions. His ridiculous opinions do not deter me to keep my Faith sacred but I question his abilityto function as ” the rock of Peter”

  75. you are right Dorothy!!! The POPE spits out his opinions which he would be wise to tape his mouth. He did know about the defrocked pervert Cardinal and denied having knowledge yet POPE Benedict removed this Cardinal and the Pope brought him on to ?????serve???

  76. The Pope should mind his own business – that of being a religious Pope.
    It is these interferences by the Pope that is causing me to question my Catholic Faith. At the present time we are being invaded by people who have no allegiance to this Country, are carrying contagious diseases, are milking this country of benefits they are not entitled to, and are responsible for bringing in drugs that are killing our young people. I would be happy if the entire border were closed and there was only two entrances to bring in products from Mexico. This would enable our agents at these borders to really check them out for drugs and illegals.
    This is a mess and the Democrats are responsible for not even trying to meet the President to solve this crisis.

  77. Pope Francis is NOT the Pope for the Catholics. he was put in power by the Anti-Christian Globalist Rothschild Mafia.

  78. May seem a little harsh, but why do people attend a church and give their earnings in the way of offerings and tithes, so the priesthood may return the favor, by violating their children? Why is that?

  79. If thats the way the Pope feels, he can start by taking down the 40 ft. wall around Vatican City. Otherwise stick to your religious duties and shut the hell up

  80. Yes he has walls to protect him against us! LOL Berlin is not a good analogy because the Berlin Wall separated it’s own country. DUH

  81. So the pope doesn’t like walls. OK. He can start by taking down that monstrous wall around the Vatican.

  82. What does the Pope have to say about Saint Peter & the GATES of HEAVEN? As i remember how it goes after you die your soul goes up to Ste. Peter and he says whether you will enter or go the other way. No ifs end or buts.

  83. Butt out pope. Focus on the sex abuse scandals which have plagued the Catholic Church for decades. He is a sorry excuse for a man/pope/human.

  84. Yes this pope is a communist, moremuslim than Christian, he is an Antichrist and I hope the Catholic will get rid of him

  85. I really have to wonder how many Catholics really support this false prophet, for one. Second, I really have to wonder how he got appointed to lead the church. I know all Christians are sinners but he takes it to the limit. First, his arrogant opinions mean nothing to most Christians because they do not fit a Christian agenda, but rather dumps on those who work hard to support their families and government who’s job it is to protect their own. Any horde that illegally enters a country IS an invasion and, as we’ve seen, not interested in assimilating at all and in the majority committing crimes of illegal activities OR of theft by stupid laws like being parasites on the system because they’re too lazy to actually work which is a four letter word to the left. I suggest the church find someone other than this senile narcissist to get back to Christianity where the rule is render unto Caesar that which is Caesars which means follow the laws of the land.

  86. I once heard some wise words: “any strategy designed to anger the majority of its targets has a serious FLAW in it.

    In Pope Franicis’s case, he is facing a GROWING rebellion among the parishioners and, more importantly, among the Bishops that made the mistake of electing him Pope! His words have become predictable and readily forgettable and readily DISMISSED!

  87. Maybe the Vatican should open it’s walls and let millions of people move in.
    They can then take care of all the poor, downtrodden and sinners in the world.

  88. Pope Francis is from Argentina which has gone through many political upheavals and from a German background. There has been and is a great deal of crime, murder, government/political death squads, …. in Argentina. Many of these problems cause by corrupt people in high office. I believe he is terribly uninformed on democracy being raised in a country that has been against our type of capitalism. He has been taught that U.S. capitalism is bad and unions are great for the poor. The type of capitalism he has seen has been anti poor and keeping families down almost like slaves with no chance of rising in the economical status. Unfortunately, some of the bishops and cardinals that he receives his information from have their own agenda and are not informing him properly. He needs to get better people around him that will be honest and inform him what is really going on in the world, the various countries and their cultures. All these clerics, just because they put on a priest collar, can not but help reflect the cultures, education, and countries they were raised and spent their lives in, regardless their religious calling.

  89. I am a Catholic. But this pope would be in a class of his own as far as popes go. If he was as concerned about immigrants as he says, then why have migrant children or any children for that mattrr ride with him in the popemobile. They could have been shot, or watched the pope get shot and been traumatized for life. Is this the kind of thinking we can expect from this pope? God forgive me but i think there may be something not quite right with Pope Francis. Even cardinals, other religious denominations and church members in general are questioning his decision making, and grasp of issues of the day. Maybe God put him in that position to show that. even a pope can put his heart where his head should be sometimes.

  90. People who live behind 40′ high wall should refrain from commenting on others wanting and having the same safety……!

  91. I would refer Pope Francis to St Thomas Acquinas …I believe he has heard of him.In his masterpiece, the Summa Theologica, in the first part of the second part, question 105, article 3 (I-II, Q. 105, Art. 3). There one finds his analysis based on biblical insights that can add to the national debate.
    He was a learned man and a Saint….and I for one felt relieved to hear his deep thoughts.

  92. I have no respect for Pope France’s. I pray for Cardinal Burke. I don’t care if he is next in line or not I pray Cardinal Burket becomes Pope soon.

  93. I am a 79 yr. old Catholic Born and Bred. I am sorry to say that I loved Pope Francis at the start. He came across as being very friendly, people friendly and seemed to be more versed in the strife of the middle class people of the United States. I cannot however, agree with him on the wall. If our country is to continue being the hope of the world, then we better build that wall. The migration that is trying to come in today are doing so Illegally. Too many of these people are not of the best character nor do they have any intention of becoming Americans. Our country cannot withstand this influx of thousands that will over extend all of our resource’s and by doing so will put all of us at risk of not being able to feed and care for our crowded land. We are not looking to live like the people of China. Our country gives millions to foreign countries every year and we are neglecting our own poor and our Veterans because of it. I could go on and on but I am disappointed in Pope Francis. He is not looking at the whole picture and his thinking on the subject matter, in my opinion is flawed. Better he just worry about his flock and their religious matters. We as a country already are caring for the entire world but our resources are being spread much to thin. It’s time we took care of America as our President says. If we can’t adequately care for ourselves we will be of NO help to anyone else.

  94. Betty,I have no idea why you are on these websites.Can’t any Democrat control their lies, hatred and stop spewing their nonsense? You have NEVER posted a reason why you hate President Trump so much and I know from several posts you have been asked… Perhaps because Clinton was not elected president?? Thank god for that miracle.
    And if you want to post a hateful remark to me, I don’t care. I’ll just take it from the source it’s coming from, which is just another ill informed Democrat throwing a temper tantrum…

  95. The Pope is digging himself into a hole that will start filling up with too many Catholics and Christians who will be leaving their Church because of the Pope’s too open opinionated comments that are turning faithful people away from the Church.

  96. Very well stated Patricia.I abhor how vocal he is about our country and our president and condoning abortions.Yet, look at the state the Catholic church is in.He has no control of anything that promotes the bible and its teachings. As many others have stated ,let the Pope tear down the walls around the Vatican and have the influx of Muslims live there. Let’s see how pompous he will be then…I know how painful this must be for you being a Catholic all these years and now seeing whats been happening to the highest leader of the church.But I can tell you are a very lovely lady with a loving heart.God still loves you….

  97. The Pope is way out of his wheelhouse. I am Catholic not because of the humans that run the church but because of its spiritual teachings I learned growing up. My parents taught us that a member of the clergy didn’t earn respect because of what was worn but by who wore it. Judge and give respect only to those that earns it. I say impeach the Pope, he needs the to be gone

  98. Maybe the real reason for allowing illegals into our country is to supply them with fresh young children who do not speak English and can be threatened with deportation if they try to tell

  99. I disagree with the Pope. We have to obey laws in a civilized country. These people are not only breaking laws but they are putting our country in danger and putting a strain on the taxpayers. We are forced to provide medical aassistance, education, housing and food. Opening our borders we create chaos.we can’t allow lawbreakers to destroy our democracy.

  100. The darn Vatican has walls all around it. I f the Anti-Christ shows up soon, no doubt this Pope will be his religious leader.

  101. Does not the Pope live in a safe community, city/state surrounded with walls and security? He needs to lead the world’s Catholics and leave the governing to the world governments and quit his political bullying; and keep his opinions to himself.

  102. I am shocked, SHOCKED to think there would be jihadi training camps across America; SHOCKED, I tell you … shocked! No, I believe these are nothing more than children’s summer camps with children sitting around campfires, singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” while roasting marshmallows. Yeah, that’s it because we ALL know islam is the religion of peace and tolerance. … shocked …

  103. Jesus hung out with the sick. He sought to bring people together who traditionally hated each other. He would never support a wall. How would a wall stop human trafficking. It may keep it out of the U.S., but then Mexico would have to deal with it. I think God wants us all to get along with each other, not some people trying to keep others out. The Pope may live behind a wall, but that is, unfortunately, because, as a high profile figure he may be targeted by those who mean him harm. I just don’t see a wall as a cost effective way to deal with problems around immigration. I do believe that a wall along the Mexican border represents the same mentality as the Berlin Wall does. We need to stop being paranoid about immigrants. I have been down to the Mexican border many times. I have never seen human smugglers. The only contact I ever had with immigrants, in my recent trips down to the border, were three young persons from Central America who asked the group that I was with to contact the Border Patrol, so that they could turn themselves in, and apply for asylum. The reality is that there are a lot of more dangerous places in this country than the U.S. side of the international border with Mexico.

  104. Says the man behind a huge protective wall !! The Vatican has more money than all of us put together why not take them all in there ?

  105. Steve, your thinking is very dangerous. I see you as a greater threat to this country that the Pope, or immigrants. I am glad that the Pope speaks up for justice. I worship God, not Donald Trump, or any other leader of any country.

  106. The Pope has had showers installed not too far from the Pope’s residence, for homeless people to use. When he was a Bishop in Argentina he would snuck out in the middle of the night to minister to people living in the street. He would also ride public transportation when he was a Bishop. He is not someone who has spent his life living in fear, but understands that as Pope, just like the leaders of other countries, that a certain amount of security is in order.

  107. I am tired of people slamming Muslims, because some of them, just like some Christians, and some people of other faiths, engage in immoral behavior. Would you like to be judged by the worst person in your religious denomination?

  108. I don’t want a wall. It is a waste of the taxes that I pay. I will do everything possible, next election, to make sure that Donald Trump is not reelected President of the United States. He was an incompetent businessman, and has no clue as to how to lead a pluralistic society.

  109. Pope John Paul II was not afraid to criticize President Reagan, when He disagreed with Reagan’s military policies. As much as I disagreed with President Reagan, he asked Mr. Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, and he signed immigration reform into law, so that people in this country illegally had a means to regularize their status.

  110. People are considered illegal aliens because the United States has chosen to limit immigration. I am not arguing that the U.S. should not limit immigration, but just because someone sneaks into the country to work, does not make that person a bad person. Also, keep in mind, when you make it illegal to do something, then the most unsavory people end up assisting the people who want to engage in the illegal activity. This is why we have human smugglers.

  111. You obviously can not fit all of the people in such a small space. Vatican City is only a few acres, but as I stated earlier the Pope has had showers installed on Vatican property, which are meant for use by the homeless.

  112. As a devout Catholic, I am totally appalled at this Pope’s getting into politics. He obviously holds contempt for our Constitution,our country, and Americans. To single out Trump supporters and put them on his obvious list of “sinners” is an egregious act of bias. He has no business meddling in anyone’s politics.Makes me wonder how pro-abortion he really is.

  113. The Roman Catholic Church has a long history of getting into politics from its very foundation . This Church actually ruled the government before the reformation .

  114. Mr Longon, Jr.
    You are correct in pointing out every person from all religious denominations have some that engage in immoral behavior.But they are not forming a mass to totally destroy our country.You seem like an intelligent man. But please remove your rose colored glasses and see. Please look at our own government right now. Omar can not open her mouth without spewing hatred and contempt for our Constitution our country and our values. Are we as a nation supposed to turn a blind eye to what drives and promotes such hatred? Muslims are taught to hate anyone not of their teachings and religion. Our country has reached its capacity to support all that are already here.And on a personal note, I lost friends and family on 911. So its very hard for me to greet the Islamic immigration with open arms.
    You praised the Pope for having showers installed for the homeless. A very kind gesture indeed. But is he taking down his 40 foot walls and welcoming them all to live in the Vatican and supporting them??? This country has given a free ride to many without them giving anything back and quite frankly I’m sick of it..Plus, I am sick of others trying to make me feel ashamed of being a Christian.Little by little others are trying to remove God and our beliefs from this country…..

  115. Amen.John and felixusa80. It’s hard to believe this is supposed to be a man of God, he is so hypocritical. God will Bless our Great President.

  116. I can’t understand how he was given this position. I’m a Catholic and all the Popes have been intelligent. This one is always saying things and the Church has to correct what he says. I think an investigation should be done regarding his election.

  117. This clown is NO pope — he is as big a joke as the demoRAT party. He is no better than the lowlife scum libtard PsOS. This clown likes illegals so much why doesn’t he invite them all to the Vatican, take down the walls and let them in. He as big a hypocrite as the demoRATS — let them all in — as long as they don’t have to deal with them. GFY !!!!!!

  118. the idea of the wall must go, it is indeed like the berlin wall, for such a modern country we still think like the stone ages!!

  119. Yes….I have often wondered about the anti-Christ being in the Vatican….there might be some Cardinals who would like to see him gone…..and I don’t mean the St. Louis Cardinals either!!

  120. The pope only had showers installed so he could watch people bath and get off. It came out he covered up child molesters also so he is no better than the scum he protects

  121. that is wonderful waht the Pope did in argentia with the showers- I hope they had walls! He should stay out of his political opinions and guide the Church- not what he is doing. Will never give up my Faith but have difficulty being silent when the Pope utters his ridiculous opinions which are not the church’s opinions. He has been a disappointment to me and many others for a long time. I question what he is doing to divide us? and why?

  122. This is an anti pope. and the Vatican 2 church is not the traditional catholic church .Read revelation in the bible ch 17 -18. Also look up Vatican catholic.com.much is explained there,And please pass this on.

  123. Yes Hugh you’re right ,but the Vatican 2 church is not the traditional catholic and Francis is an anti pope. read Revelation ch 17-18 . The whore of Babylon come out of her.Check out vaticancatholic.com.

  124. You people just don’t understand Francis is not a real pope he is an anti pope he is evil .Much is explained at vaticancatholic.com.

  125. If the rest of the Clergy does not stop this power hungry Pope then the Catholic Church will go down to historic ruination. This Pope has nonsense on his brain and only wants power and does not care about his parishoners. They best hurry or they will have nothing left as the Catholics leave and the donations fade and the protection of the sick, perverted clergy will not be protected. He has been protecting the few and foresaking the many. God will not welcome him and he does not seem to care. Plus he certainly does not care about the people he has promised to oversee. It is disgusting.

  126. I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or you are just stupid. If you have seen the uTube videos of the training camps you would not have the idiocy to say what you did. They sing “Cut off their heads” about Americans. You must be delusional or in total denial of what is going on. If you believe what you said, you are not a real person, just a liberal idiot.

  127. This Pope is terrible.
    He should worry about the State of the Roman Catholic Church, especially in the USA, than He does about his political views.
    A strong USA is good for the world.
    The politics of the liberal left is not good for the common people. And it definitely weakens the USA if allowed to fester.
    I would like to be proud of the The Roman Catholic Church in the USA, but, this Pope has done nothing to make that possible.
    He seems to more interested in expressing his politics than he is his faith.

  128. Hey pope, I was brought up by catholics and your not a pope. Your a disgusting Imitation of a real pope. Stick to your catholic propaganda and stay out of poltics, we have enough Hypocrits talking politics. Before you start disrespecting trump supporters for wanting to build a border wall, take down that 40 foot high wall you have around Vatican City ! Untill you do tthat keep your mouth shut !

  129. Most animals defend their territory. It is that simple. Since they don’t have opposable thumbs that can be used to build things, though, their means of defense are often considerably more drastic than what we do at our border.

  130. and he is a Heretic who should have stayed in Argentina…the hypocrisy of the Church to start with is astounding. advocating anti-abortion, but backing the American democrats – truly hypocritical.

  131. How dare you criticize our president. We are taught to love our fellow man and you are not showing the love that Jesus demands of you. You do not deserve to be the Pope because you are not in his image

  132. Good fences make for good neighbors- Besides, if walls that secure the sovereignty of a country and its legal citizens are immoral, unnecessary and do not work, then why in the hell is the Vatican surrounded and protected by a wall- You shall know them by the fruits they bear- The fruit from the Vatican is spoiled rotten- Perhaps it should be done away, since it does not practice what it preaches- We shall all be judged by one standard only and that is the Standard of our Creator, Savior and Redeemer.

  133. Please concern your efforts with the pedophiles in your church, that you refuse to excommunicate! Open the Vatican walls and treasury to those that you claim belong in the USA. Try that first, before you speak of others, God definitely didn’t tell you to say that


  135. The Dope should spend a little more time looking over his hen house and a lot less time looking at our house.

  136. First of all, conservatives tend to be pretty religious, Conservatives tend to support strong borders and a strong defense. Conservatives tend to oppose abortion. Conservatives donate by a vast difference much more to charity than do liberals. And yet, this pope attacks everything conservatives hold dear. I don’t think this pope is a Catholic. I think this pope is an athiest and is lying to everyone, most particularly, lying to God.


    PS: Why do I have to scroll to the end of these comments to post a comment?

  138. Hey, patrice. At least, he’s not a INSANE IDIOT posing as a “Real Human Being” which is more than anybody can say about d trump, mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM Himself.

  139. I have been a Catholic my whole life and will remain one until I die but I am becoming more disgusted with this pope every day. Makes you wonder who is behind all of this!

  140. The Pope has no business taking sides or demanding anything having to do with the United States. NONE OF HIS BUSINESS. The Pope should be worried about his own back yard. Priests and nuns have been and are molesting, physically & sexually children. Ruining their lives. Cleanup your own home and leave our’s alone.

  141. Difficult question to easily solve. Fire it’s political and about how a country sees its safety. Why even have a country if you are not allowed to control who enters and leaves ? Then by the Pope’s statements NO Country should have Borders. Doesn’t the Vatican have a border ? Of course they control who enters and leaves because it has a special circumstance – tourist = money. But what if every tourists came in and just stole from the Vatican – took money, resources, demanded social services, and wanted all the rights of a citizen of the Vatican ? How long could that last ? And what if these tourists were bringing drugs in, crime in, and gangs into the Vatican ? And what if these tourists came to stay requiring services from the Vatican ? And on top of that – talk is cheap – just like that of the Liberals – because I don’t see the Vatican sending help for
    these people on either side of the border. If it’s such a great concern then the Vatican should take some of it’s wealth to help the people – not just horde it in secret vaults they call a “museum”. Sell some of this of
    and help the people ILLEGALLY crossing the US Border ! I bet I won’t get a response from the Pope on this !

  142. Pope Francis tear down the Vatican Wall if walls bother you. How come you never mention why it is necessary to have a wall around the Vatican. Isn’t that to define the sovereign state of the Vatican? I have heard the Vatican is not governed by Italy authorities. Why is Italy not the governing body of the Vatican?

  143. Really??? No mention of the democrats that support abortion up to birth??? No mention of the parents that sell or “rent” their children out to these people who come here illegally? No mention of the drugs that pour through our southern border? Take down your own walls and clean up your own house before you start bashing American’s who support the only president who has cared about OUR country in decades.

  144. As a practicing Catholic I resent the Pope getting involved in our issues, which are none of his or any other world leaders business, period! The Pope’s should be busy solving the issues facing the catholic Church, end of discussion. He needs to mind his own business, period. America’s problems are none of his concern and more and more Catholics are feeling this way. Really, the Pope needs to mind his own business and stick to catholic Church issues.

  145. when Francis first became Pope I experienced him as humble, loving, and clear of mind and Christ’s intentions. I no longer feel this way. I wonder if, as he’s aged, he has lost some of himself and his good judgement. He seems to allow homosexuality even in the Vatican—he’s way too political. Even with Trump in charge our country is less stupid and immoral than the Vatican. SHAME ON THE POPE!

  146. It’s more like MABA, Make America BROKE Again, if d trump has His Deranged, Insane & Sick Minded, Crappy Way concerning a possible future trade war with Mexico. Many US citizens will have to live in other cheaper countries, certainly not being able to afford living here, Thanks entirely to that Oval Office Piss Ass PIG!

  147. You poor little Idiot!! You use this disgusting Pope commentary to slam Trump? He is not a “religious” figure getting involved in detrimental ways for the American people. The Pope is pandering to the Catholics South of the Borders and we are sick of his interference!

  148. The Nazi “Checkerboard” symbol flies today over Croatia…by Wm. Dorich

    Croatia became a Nazi Puppet state in 1941 …their mentality of hate and personal vendetta was encouraged by their Catholic priests right from their pulpits…that is why today rewriting history continues to be what remnants of WWII in Croatia, A NAZI PUPPET STATE OF THE THIRD REICHT AS IT IS TO THIS VERY DAY…where the Checkerboard logo adorns their flag…Ignorant Croatians will insist that checkerboard symbol is an “Ancient Logo”…so is the Swastika, it comes from the Bronze Age, but it’s not when a symbol of hate originated, it’s what they represent…an ugly history of “Man’s Inhumanity to Man.” The Pope reveals that even this alleged “Man of God” can get away with Murder…

    Tourists today go to Medjugorje where it is alleged the “Virgin Mary” appears to these local Croatian war criminals every day, right on time at 4:00 p.m… RIGHT! Medjugorje is a place in history in which Serbian women and children were loaded in boxcars and taken to the mountain top and thrown alive off of its cliffs, it’s also a place in Croatia where you can buy Swastikas and Nazi memorabilia on street corners. Medjugorje is also an area that contains 12 Bottomless Pits.

    In 1989, before the war started in Croatia, a team of researchers from Belgrade University wanted to investigate the claim that thousands of Serbs were thrown alive into the Medjugorje pits…for most of my adult life Croatians insisted that “only a few dozen people were ever killed by this ugly method” …The Research team only went down into 3 of the 12 pits and they brought up thousands of skulls, many of children under the age of 5 years.

    Yes, today Croatians can lie, deceive, fabricate and pretend historical ignorance but they will never be able to bury this history as it effected millions of Serbians and their relatives…I lost 17 members of my family who were burned to death in the Serbian church in Vojnic, Croatia in the village where my father was born. In 1942…97 Serbs were forced to come to the church to convert to Catholicism to save their lives…but that too was a lie…the door was nailed shut and the church was burned to the ground…17 of those victims were my relatives…In 1995, During “Operation Storm” when 230,000 Serbs were ethnically cleansed from Croatia…the single largest ethnic cleansing during the entire 1990’s Civil Wars in the Balkans, the last 5 relatives of my name were too old and too sick to flee…the Red Cross notified me a month later that they were found with their throats slit.

    Today in Croatia the few thousand remaining Serbs are considered “second class citizens” and the president of Croatia declares they are not entitled to equal human rights.

    But the media totally ignores this Pope’s ugly history. He entered the priesthood in the late 1950s after President Juan Peron issued 34,000 visas to Croatian War Criminals, including 970 Croatian Catholic priests who personally murdered 700,000 Serbs, 60,000 Jews and 35,000 Roma with their own hands then fled through the “Vatican Ratline” for Argentina where they all escaped justice. Croatian priest yelled from their pulpits “Kill All the Serbs, but kill the seeds of the beasts first.” This is the same Catholic priest who became a Bishop in Argentina when Juan Peron made 45,000 citizens disappear…a crime against humanity that remains unsolved…This is the same Pope whose entire priesthood is made up of sexual perverts who have molested children throughout the world.

  149. I think the pope should mind what is in his own house . Doesn,t he ha e enough of problems ? In stead of picking on our great president. Keep your mouth shut man o God that you are NOT ! Take down the wall around your place !

  150. All Popes have had the problem of Child Abuse. Open the Vatican to all and find all the cures to the problems on medical. But, of course the Devil doesn’t want these cures to be known. Instead, they keep them from everyone. That’s your Catholic religion huh? What a bunch of pigs and untrustworthy Demons. Cowards to watch people die. All wo believe in Christ will win in the end. Wake up people and put your trust in the true savior: JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone of you is without Sin you may cast the first stone. No man or woman goes to the Father except through Jesus.

  151. He was forced to “retire” through a Globalist conspiracy led by Obama, the other FAKE Christian. Several cardinals spoke out about it. They needed this anti Christ as pope to lead the assault on Christianity as they bolster the magog, muslims.

  152. This Pope can’t or won’t clean his own house, lives in a totally secure and sequestered enclave and has the gall to tell us we should open the gates to hoards of people who are slowly but surely driving us to bankruptcy. Shame on the Catholic Church!

  153. when this pos “pope” removes ALL walls around his enclave, dispenses with his security guards…What a disgusting person to represent a church.
    MAGA/KAG †

  154. Pope Francis prefers to forget that the purpose of the Berlin Wall was to keep people in, not out.
    But I’m assuming that would make no difference to the Pope since he’s determined to discredit
    President Trump & conservative Americans.

  155. The Pope is out of line. He has enough problems with his flock of Clergy and does not have the guts to face the issue. When is he going to get rid of the many abusers that surround him. He whose house is full of sin has no reason to cast stones. He better solve his on issues before he pontificates about others. The hope was that he would bring change to the Church but it looks like he and the Church are going to Hell in a hand-basket.

  156. I think Pope Francis never heard of the first law of Nature.
    It is Self Preservation!!!
    Which means one can protect one’s self against any harm from anyone else!!!

  157. First things first,I brand this pope a heretic and a traitor to the Christian faith!!! This maggot with be roasting in hell at the end of his life! The beast choose his minion well!????

  158. He does not technically carry the title of “Pope”. If you want to find out what this hypocrite is really about, read, “Pope Francis: The Last Pope?” by Leo Lyon Zagami. He also meets with Mulsims in an attempt to bring evangelicals under the covering of the Vatican.

  159. The sentence “There is no country in the world that has done more good in the modern age than the United States of America.” is correct up to a point. The truthful statement should have been “There is no country in the world that has done more good in the modern age than the United States of America up to the start of the Trump presidency. Since then the US has neither lead nor participated in any good world project.” Trumps ‘actions’ include 1) dropping out of Paris climate accord despite almost 100% of participating countries supporting it; 2) dropping out of Iran treat despite all our allies supporting the existing treaty 3) Raising Putin and Kim up as great leaders while at the same time criticizing McCain.

  160. Or also pay No Attention to a White House WORTHLESS WORM who once actually said on public TV that’s it’s OK to GRAP Women’s Private Body Parts Without Their CONSENT. WHY, Isn’t His Current Legalized White House WORTHLESS WHORE Enough for Him?

  161. THANK YOU, Philip! The Pope, in direct lineage of Christ’s presence on earth, speaks from a higher Truth. I would put more credence in him than a lying, cheating, egocentric twit.

  162. absolutely correct…and if he doesn’t think we need a wall, he’d better tear his down first! I think the pope has some monumental problems within his own flock. You are so spot on,…..pope…stick to you own business and problems!

  163. Another South American so jealous of the United States! He has no right to tell us what to do from his highly guarded compound!! It is just ridiculous that he makes these statement!! Where are the statements against China, Middle East, etc??? Just ludicrous!!!

  164. Pope Francis should be opening his country to immigrants take care of his ow Italians in poverty you want united states to share their wealth then Pope Francis should share all the wealtj of the Vatican I do believe he is anti any us person that doesn’t agree with him Remember the POpe is just a man does not have the POwer to get into my soul only God does
    where were are all the spiritual popes and leaders when priests were molesting children hiding behind closed doors lost respect for the Pope and all those who knew children were being molested Christ should come back again and throw every temple down

  165. Well, Linda, Let me tell you why I hate d trump, Mainly because he is Nothing But a Piss Ass Pig. To give two examples as proof, during his pre election campaign visit to Albuquerque, New Mexico, Insulting New Mexico’s governor, S. Martinez,saying she was doing a Lousy job, boasting that maybe he should run for our state’s next governor. What Ever Made That CONCEITED, SICK MINDED PILE OF WALKING, TALKING PILE OF CRAP IN “HUMAN? FORM” ACTUALLY THINK WE NEW MEXICANS WANTED HIM AS OUR NEXT GOVERNOR, PERIOD? Not to mention, his promise to make Mexico 100 percent foot the costs of building a border wall, did that IDIOT Really Think That Given A Post Border Wall Bill, Mexico Would Just Lamely Roll Over & “Say “SI, SENOR MANIC”? Amazing How Quickly mr, White House WORM Backed Down Upon Realizing Mexico Refused to Submit to His BULLYING and That Just Been The Tip Of The Iceberg Since then concerning His INSANITY!

  166. Being a devoted Catholic, I think the Pope should find a way to get Catholics back to church. We lost a lot of parishioners since the priest scandals. The Pope needs to leave the politics to the politicians!!!

  167. Hey, philip, just image how much more good the USA could have done in the world IF CLASSY Hilary (The LADY) instead of CRAZY donald (The LUNATIC) was charge of “Running” instead of “Ruining” this country.

  168. Your an idiot. You would give up your rights and America to stand with illegals, babies killers. You are a disgrace to humanity. Grow up.

  169. Yes he does!! There are walls all around Vatican City. The Pope is too liberal & you should not mix religion & politics. He doesn’t practice what he preaches. He is suppose to preach religion, that is it. What about all the muslin countries that hate Christians. I never see the Pope condemning them. What is his problem, besides being a liberal with all their insane ideas??

  170. Yes what happened to seperation of church and state. And yes many catholics r leaving. Some because they r afraid of sending there children to an unsafe envirment. Sad

  171. This has probably been said but it bares repeating … The difference between the Berlin wall and The US southern Boarder wall is that the Berlin wall was to keep People in Slaved … The American Border is to Keep FK’n Free Loaders, Criminals and others that want to destroy the USA or suck the American Taxpayer dry.

  172. Betty: You come on these websites and NEVER post anything about the topic matter. You just rant on and on about your hatred for president Trump. We all get it. You hate him. You question HIS sanity. But have you ever read ANY of your comments?Most would question just how sane YOU are.I would like to read one post, just one from you that you are not cursing.Most of us could carry on about our dislike for Obama and the Clintons, and how worthless they are.But we don’t.We may point out facts and truths about them that you Democrats don’t want to hear.Or willing to see.Trump has been swimming upstream ever since he took office because the Democrats have tried to block him at every turn.
    Just get over it. Clinton didn’t win. Thank God..

  173. Hey, forrest, change these words into these words, the “president of the USA”, instead of the “Pope of the Catholic Church” in your above message & you certainly got it right 100 percent.

  174. Hey Linda. Did you read the FACTS I provided above about d trump? TRUTH HURTS” Doesn’t It? So try this time to “see the forest despite the trees” if you not too much of a Two Faced, Blind Phony?

  175. The Pope isn’t perfect, no man is, but he is smart enough and worldly enough to see the evil in Trump. He is a serial sexual assaulter, lusts after his own daughter, helped Russia fix the election and even asked for their help, his campaign colluded with the Russians, and although it didn’t rise to conspiracy, yes collusion it was. He obstructed justice according to what he openly said and did and what Mueller found out, he has cheated people his whole life. Trump U students, employees, and despite inheriting 225 million which is close to a billions dollars in today’s money from his Daddy, he still managed to go bankrupt 6 times, and not pay much in taxes. He won’t show his taxes, money launders from Russian oligarchs, and he is an egomaniac, always looking for adulation, insulting, threatening, acting on vengeance, insulting even John McCain while the draft dodger Trump couldn’t kiss any other leader’s feet but he sure knows how to kiss Putin’s butt for fixing the election. He is a mobster and you idiots helped put his there, and instead of being ashamed you don’t care, or don’t believe the truth.

  176. ANYONE THAT THINKS OLD biatch Clinton, is a lady has lost it, if she ever had it .President Trump talking about pinching a womans private parts & the old Clintons molesting women& children is a real devil !old hillary defended him, she’s a pile of CRAP!

  177. Betty:I was warned by MANY just to ignore you.For obvious reasons. You didn’t post true facts. But if that gives you comfort in your little Democratic world, so be it.. You call me a two faced, blind phony?Well Betty, I have more class in my little finger than you will ever have and more honest than you are capable of. .TRUTH HURTS doesn’t it??? I will give you credit though. Even though you did stoop to name calling once again, at least you posted SOMETHING without cursing…..

  178. He is a hypocrite, but at least he can spell! Oh, reply to the Italian web, if you can’t spell in English properly!!

  179. mu thoughts exactly…he needs to police his own representatives and pedophiles in the church……..

  180. Argentina didn’t want him….they have enough problems down there without this nut job,,,,,,,,,,,,

  181. The Pope needs to keep his nose out of our politics and get on all the pedophile and gay priest.
    What a total ****!!

  182. i say deport all the illegals in this country & drop them all off at the vatican! #buildthewallnow

  183. spirit of antichrist spirt of sodomy, spirit of corrupt church from the formation
    repent roman catholics and come to the real jesus christ of the bible before
    hell awaits you. you must be born again john3-3, acts 4-12, john14-6
    the 7 sacraments do not save jesus christ saves lost people

  184. Bob, at least he can spell. It’s “priests”, “abuses”. Try putting brain in gear before typing! Yes he is a hypocrite. He does have walls protecting him, so open your walls around the Vatican!

  185. Betty, you ignorant slut, your post shows how stupid you really are! Go back to school, learn to spell and write proper sentences, then come back and talk with the adults.

  186. No wonder the Catholic religion is loosing members with leaders like this man. He needs to clean his own house before he comment about other countries. The Catholic has it’s own problems and he should open his residence to any and all, and stop riding in the Pope mobile.

  187. Cy, your comment makes NO sense! I quote, “Yes he doles.” ” there 40 feet high. ” Did you mean to say, “Yes he does, they’re 40 feet high.” Now that your post makes sense, I agree with you.

  188. Look, it’s CRAZY BETTY, batty as a $h*t house rat! Betty, you are a moron, do yourself, and all of us a favor, grow up! Go back to grade school, jr. high, and high school, graduate, then come back and see if you can keep up with the adults!

  189. Hypocrite, he is a hypocrite. Not whatever you are trying to spell. Doesn’t your “gadget” have spell check? Edit yourself before hitting reply!

  190. He’s really very confused. The Berlin Wall was built to keep people IN. That is an entirely different issue. Our Wall will keep people from bringing drugs into this country; from running sex traffic scams and from generally causing chaos in a country that is not their own. They left their country and now want our country to be the same as theirs. Makes no sense.

  191. I am 72 years old and a lifetime Catholic. I have never seen anything like this!!!!! I haven’t liked this pope from day 1!!!!! I’m SURE GOD will deal with him in His own way!!! As for soros, he will get his due also!!! GOD will not tolerate these, whatever they are, much longer!!! How dare they do the things they are doing and say they serve GOD!!! Their god is satan!!!! As Christians we KNOW satan has been and will again be defeated…PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!
    My recent problems have been they way they are changing the words of GOD in the BIBLE!!! Of all things…”THE LORD’S PRAYER!!!!!! No one can just change the words of GOD!!!!!! BLASPHEMY!!!!!
    I look forward to JESUS coming back and cleaning up this world!!!!

  192. If you state your case about the wall then why don’t you take down the Vatican wall and le everyone inside?
    Are you afraid of the people? What have you got to hide?

  193. You are right… he in in no position to be telling the US anything about borders…..what the heck does he call the wall that surrounds him….??? He is already in deep with satan and his pedo self……..Wake up people who follow his lead, start believing in GOD and not the pedo……. Pray that our nation will get back to the way our forefathers started, In GOD we trust, and respect…..

  194. why doesn’t the pope put his phone number/address out there so all the ILLEGALS in europe could come and live with him in the vatican, great idea right ? He loves all the ILLEGALS and wants them to have EVERYTHING so, break out ALL that MONEY in the vatican bank and give it to the ILLEGALS ok, problem solved. Now they have a great place to live while they do NOTHING and a whole lot of money to do it with

  195. The Vatican has a really first class wall around it. So tear it down you dopy pope and use the land for low cost housing for immigrants of whom NONE have been allowed to settle in the Vatican.

  196. I was born and raised a Catholic . . . when I reached an age of independence and reason, I questioned my local priest and received unacceptable and vacuous answers to the simplest of questions. Using REASON and deep in prayer, I left that institution for an evangelical approach to my faith. A relationship, rather than a religion. Just a little background.
    This pontiff, like all others chosen before him, is merely a man. He was selected by a group of other men. He is treated as an extension of God, himself, here on Earth. Man is fallible ! The choosing of this politically engulfed egotist, with no valid standing as an expert on sovereignty issues of the world’s nations, is an acute example of such of man’s fallibility. His anti-America rantings are stomach-churning at least, and revolting in every way expressed. Hey . . . Francis . . . run your church like the business that it has become, over the years. Maybe you should read a really compelling book . . . “The Art of the Deal”. I think you heard of its author ! We are yearning for the times of Pope Benedict . . . a true and intellectual man of God !

  197. Oh Katei what a wonder Idea. He should be willing to take the needy…the ill…the hungry. I say President Trump should start putting all the illegals on a plane to Italy…straight to Vatican City…with them all wearing MAGA Hats…that would be fooking AWESOME

  198. The Antichrist will rise up out of the religion of Islam. Read Joel Richardson’s books — one that is excellent is “the Islamic Antichrist.” That does not mean, however, that this “pope” is not and will not be working on the side of the Antichrist.

  199. This “pope’s ” agenda is exactly the same as the NAZI / NWO criminal soros & the 3rd world U.N. criminals , SO that makes him a total criminal too . Since he also sucks up to islam , anybody stupid enough to follow his “words of wisdom ” will get them raped , tortured & murdered by muslims .

  200. The present Pope Francis is Argentinian! The former Pope Benedict XVI is from Germany. They differ like day and night.
    Pope Benedict apparently was a gentleman before he became a cleric. He was well formed for public life. Pope Francis is honest, head strong, and an arrogant Jesuit teaching priest before being elected a POPE! So be it! He truly rocks the boat often!

  201. Look’s like being a pope has gone to his head. I don’t ever remember a pope sticking his nose in where it does not belong. Time he retire and go back where he came from.

  202. This so-called Pope – is disgusting —- period !!!!!! He is the poorest excuse of a Vatican leader in their history. He needs to keep his big mouth shut — I don’t know of anyone who gives a flying **** what he thinks. He needs to take his libtard leftist agenda and his illegals and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine. Holy man — my a** — he is nothing but a leftist puppet mouth piece.

  203. Yes he does have WALLS around his residence.
    More than that, he is HEAVILY GUARDED whenever he goes out.
    As you & many other have suggested, he should speak with a circumspect tongue when discussing the POLITICS of different Nations.
    The HRCC is already under fire for the actions of it’s Priests and Bishops, indeed it is believable that this type of behavior is prevalent throughout the Hierarchy of the entire ‘Holy Roman Catholic Church’ HRCC.
    Even to the extent that NUN’S are implicated having committed Sins against Children in their ‘care’.

  204. KIRO, you are absolutely right about GEORGE SOROS, he is a VERY BAD person and has supported many bad things for America and other countries. His money was behind the Obama election, and Obama was probably our WORST President. He tried to turn America into a Muslim country, and it looks like the Democratic party is still pushing that agenda

  205. Sorry but I don’t see it the way Pope Francis does. USA has always helped the poor people in other countries. This won’t be true if we let illegals into the country. Because this will weaken our country by having to supply benefits to the illegals, and there are multitudes of illegals coming in. We are having problems right now by having to support the many needy right here in America! The Pope has no business getting into our affairs. He needs to address the real issues starting with the crime of ABORTION!

  206. Cardinal Burke should be the Pope! He follows Biblical teachings more closely than does Pope Francis. Pope Francis is being manipulated by the devil himself. May God open his eyes before it’s too late.

  207. Richard:That IS a very funny image!But I must add, we have Obama for the Muslims being here, in such large numbers.Maybe President Trump send some to move in with Obama and his family too.Just a thought…

  208. It was only a matter of time before someone like him would wind up sitting in St. Peter’s chair. The Church that Christ gave us falls victim to man’s corrupt humanity from time to time. Pope Francis is an aberration who will be replaced someday in the near future. A political miscalculation brought him to the position he now occupies, but nothing lasts forever. Let us pray for his enlightenment and his reign to be short.

  209. William Dorich: Your post is truly upsetting and I am very sorry for your personal loss.I am no longer a practicing Catholic and haven’t been for a very long time .But at least more and more Catholics are hearing the truth and do not honor this Pope.

  210. Thank you!! Tear down his wall and accept as many illegal immigrants that can fit into the Vatican!!! The pope needs to stay out of politics!! I’ve been a catholic all of my life and I’m so disappointed in my church!!!

  211. I don’t know if anyone caught this but pope said he visited Mexico/USA border wall in 2015! Yes 2015 — OBUMA YEARS! When KIDS WERE BEING SEPARATED FROM THEIR FAMILIES!!!!!! 2015 BEFORE PRESIDENT TRUMP!! Everyone was saying it’s Trump that started it and I kept saying NO OBUMA WAS PUTTING KIDS IN CAGES THEN!!! Thank you Pope Francis for that clarification. Pope said how “barbaric” that was separating families but OBUMA EVERYTHING WAS BARBARIC EVIL TREASONOUS UNACCEPTABLE AND ON AND ON BECAUSE OBUMA IS EVIL

  212. Oh I forgot to add that Pope Francis is Trying to CHANGE THE LORDS PRAYER!!! Not going to happen! That will be the end of him!!!! NOONE ADDS OR TAKES AWAY WORDS FROM THE HOLY BUBLE!! Last paragraph in REVELATIONS TELLS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO TRY!!!! BAD MOVE POPE. YOU ARE NOT GOD! Sorry I see I misspelled BIBLE????

  213. Seems to me the pope that was heading the Catholic Church during WW II was on the side of Hitler. President Trump must be doing something right.

  214. This old Poop Pope red socks & red underwear wearing Communist needs to be removed.

    He’s Horrible. Left leaning Poop Pope.

  215. Dear Pope,
    God is a god of order. The way to enter USA is thru legal means, not by storming our borders with kids who are either kidnapped or sold by their parents to end up in sex trafficking or by drug mules coming to USA with illegal drugs. Hello what are you thinking?
    You should concentrate more on what you can do for the countries these people are leaving Offer some help.
    America helps every country around the world.



  218. I agree with Cardinal Burke, who sounds like a intelligent man and one who is in touch with reality, sorry Pope Francis, but I too am in favor of the wall blocking entrance into our country. As a supporter of President Trump, I can’t imagine what state this country would be in if Hillary had won. (Heaven forbid)! Congress and all its Leftists are delaying the construction by fabricating all sorts of lies. Wake up!! And please help him win in 2020, so he can continue to clean the swamp in Washington.

  219. Marie: Bravo for your comment.Also, Cardinal Burke has his own website,if anyone is interested.Keep praying for Trump so he can led our country…

  220. No surprise for what the Pope said. He has been a long time communist supporter during his days in Argentina. Read books on his resume.

  221. judge ye not, lest ye be judged. America has it’s own rules, of which president Trump is trying to start using again. ignore the third world countries trying to bring us down, KEEP AMERICA GREAT !!

  222. The church doesn’t have enough trouble, he has to give it more. Keep talking and you will go the way of all democrats….extinction.

  223. Beverly:This frustrating issue has happened to me as well”. Sometimes” you have to go back to your email because they will ask you to confirm your comment.I hope this helps…

  224. I was literally typing up the same comment when I saw yours! I wish I could leave a kudos or something.

  225. Moses, I seem to run your screen-name all the time on right wing web sources. I’m starting to think you sorta like us conservatives for how often you hang around us. If you keep reading, you might just get converted.

  226. If the Pope doesn’t think God approves of walls for protection, let him read the Book of Nehemiah. Not only did God approve of a wall to protect Jerusalem, He arranged for the King of Persia to pay for it and supply the resources for it to be built

  227. Easy to say when you live behind walls with guards and all the money in the world. Sad to say I do not go to church anymore nor do I donate money to the church so they can pay off people for being molested. Do not get me wrong, they deserve to be paid for what happened to them but not by us parishioners. This pope needs to go back to Pope School. All he is doing is mucking things up. And I do not like him and just turn him off.

  228. The church has a long history of getting involved in Government issues. The church want to control how people think. I feel so sad when I hear comments against immigrant people. I thought we were supposed to care for all people since we are Christians. The Pope is only trying to do God work

  229. I’m Catholic but I do NOT side with this POPE. He needs to worry about what is happening to our Church and stop with is LIBERAL ways. He needs to be voted out, seriously.

  230. I pay no attention to anything the POPE has to say. I pay attention to what the Bible & my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ has to say.

  231. I am not catholic and I feel great. This Pope is well known as a person who makes the most “strange” comments related with catholic priests sexual life, politics and as we just seen, about President Trump and America. First the Pope doesn’t understand that we are not living the time when Frederick Barbarossa had to go to Canossa and beg the POPE for forgiveness! In our times, the POPE is not a political decision maker. He is a religious head for Catholic Church (not the best, in my opinion) and asking American people to fight their president decisions is absolutely crazy. Second, why he doesn’t take all of the illegals emigrants and give them housing, health insurance, jobs, education etc, right near him, at Vatican. Would be totally justified, because the emigrants generally belong to Catholic Church. Third in my opinion he doesn’t deserve to be POPE!

  232. Everybody who could give President Trump a huge headache is good for Pelosi and democrats. So simple.

  233. Pope Francis is a senile old man going into dementia. Sorry to see it but his rantings are irrelevant to life. While I’m at it I have to raise the question about the Vatican and the amount of monies they have amassed and why IT isn’t all being used to help people around the world while the church elitists live in such an expensive compound with high walls and obviously well cared for.

  234. This ass will be known as the caretaker as to when the catholic church fell apart. Time to tax the church to help pay for the idiot’s idea that liberals are pushing.

  235. My, my, my what a dirty little mouth you have miss Betty! It’s quite obvious that you don’t play well with others. If by chance you would put an intelligent statement somewhere within your childish name calling rant, someone might, although the chances are slim & none, take you seriously

  236. to miss Betty boop until now i have not seen that that the President has revoked obama phones taken away welfare so you can continue to be a parasite. judging by your statement. only an unAmerican slug would write such a thing as you have written our President has made it possible for anyone who is really looking for work to find it

  237. I, too, am in my 7th decade. Was a church goer most of my life, but reflecting on all that has happened over the years, I am grateful Martin Luther nailed his proclamation on the door of the church! The Lutherans, Methodists, and Baptists have much more cordial churches. I never felt that way in a Catholic church. The Catholic church does build great universities and hospitals, but the core of the hierarchy is secretive and can be very destructive as we have learned in the past 20 years.

  238. I support Pope Francis 100 percent and condemn trump who is a complete disgrace to the country. Trump is also a weak, shallow, lazy, bigoted, misogynistic, narcissistic, cheating, draft-dodging ignoramus.

  239. Stick to the problems in the Church and leave the politics to those who know what they’re talking about. By the way, how tall is the wall around your house? How many guards?

  240. the founders of this country wanted nothing to do with the godless pope!! they were right and still are right!! the pope has no business in this country and should shut his devil filled mouth of hate.
    What we do and how we do it is none of this devil fulled hate mongering popes business, ever!!!!

  241. I find it difficult to lend any kind of credence do any organization who talks the talk but does not walk the walk. I have been told that whatever the person speaking the religion should not be judged by what the preacher does. it should not diminish the word of God. I submit at the Catholic Church has had priests molesting and raping Altar Boys and other parishioners for decades. now the Catholic Church says that it is a sin and they punish the priests were caught. but what they do more often than not is ship a pedophile priest to another Parish in a third world country so they can continue their perversion with impunity. it’s hard to defend that under any circumstances. Yet these parishioners continue to remain loyal.

  242. if Francis ends up being the last Pope, that just means that Catholics will be able to keep more of their money. Not only that but whatever business the parishioners have, they won’t have to give freebies to the Catholic Church to prove that they are loyal to God. Not to mention their children will be able to grow up and not be sexually assaulted by the clergy.

  243. what I find interesting about the Catholic Church is that the conclave of cardinals are the ones that elect the next Pope. talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house. this Cardinal Burke is in a world of s*** because he contradicted the almighty Pope Francis. now I am not a religious man. there is a God but he just sitting back watching people be stupid. that being said, as far as I’m concerned there is only one Holy Father and he sure as hell does not live at the Vatican.

  244. I am a Christian and an American patriot I believe we need to secure our southern border. And why we have a humanitarian crisis is that there have been more immigrants coming to our border than ever before we can not process them or hold them correctly families have to seperated because you can not put so much men with children or women there could be rapists if children among them and the Dems and their liberal friends in the media promote that trump is a racist that he is deliberately separating the families because he is evil which is lies and the pope and other anybody else can not tell us how our country has to be especially the pope and his church allowed child rape to occur for years or decades or pretty much centuries he does not have a moral standing to tell my country anything.

  245. it amazes me that a guy still believes the popular vote wins there are more idiots voting in CA and NY
    than most other smaller states that is why please dont be concerned pres Trump wont take away your obama phone amazing how these whining parasites come out of the woodwork
    thank G-D for pres Trump as we would nicholas madura for president
    when these whiners stop believing they are “owed everything” and get off their lazy butts they then stand a chance of a decent honest life. obama and hid his merry men of thieves have produced the squad of 4 omar would not survive 5 minutes in somalia as would the other 3
    i suggest youy visit somalia and other moslem countries with your bible in hand and see what happens? so put on your big boy pants and show gratitude. i am sure free everything wont help you

  246. You said it ! It’s not any of his business, there’s more then enough problems in his Church! The wall is none of his business, go away !

  247. this idiot is a false prophet how the Catholic church even elected him is the eigth wonder of the world
    he has done more to harm the church than anyone ever send him back to the slums where he belongs

  248. you are one very sick puppy you need help in the worst way
    i am sure there are programs to help people like you dont worry they dont put them to sleep …….. though the thought of it ……………….

  249. Hey Betty, check out the history of your “Classy Hilary” and you will find out that’s no lady but many other things which are disgraceful. I thank God she is not president. To think at one time I was behind her until I was educated on her thinking and past actions. You should do the same.

  250. I am a Christian and believe in our Constitution and core values. The Pope is acting against his flock and if he keeps going will find himself outside the highly protected wall and armed guards that protect the Vatican and this will come about by his own people and council.
    He is doing great damage to the church and the Holy Bible of Christians and so many others around the world.

  251. The Dope is an IDIOT, he does not understand the difference between a Country split in two and finally coming together after getting rid of the Evil communism And the difference between two different Nations being separated by a Border Wall! Until he gets an education he should keep his trap shut!

  252. This man is not capable of running the US, nor is his opinion appreciated. He needs to tend to his own flock!

  253. We have heard that the anti-Christ is coming. I believe he arrived and his name is Pope Francis. What better place for the devil to hide than in the cloak of a pope.


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